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My Journey, My Faith and My Belief System Who is ANN Yahu?--YAHUAH's Daughter and servant.

ALL ESTEEM UNTO YAHUAH! My Eternal Journey, My Walk, My Fellowship, My Relationship, My Intimacy, My arm In The Arm Of YAHUAH and Oneness With YAHUAH HE YAHUAH HAS SET ME APART UNTO HIMSELF!- HALA YAHUAH! Has Nothing to Do with Doctrines of satan/demons- man's Doctrines,Traditions of man, Religions of men or Denominations of men-THE WORLD. I ANN Yahu ---So LONG For YAHUAH As The Dear Longs For The Water Tahalym/Psalms 42:1 As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O YAHUAH. I Fast and Pray To YAHUAH-(My Creator/My Father(AB) THE MOST HIGH With Hands Lifted Up To The Shamayim(Heavens) To YAHU In Praise and Worship Fasting No Food No Water To Hear From YAHUAH I (ANN Yahu) I Eat No Meat as our Creator Began our lives In Perfection B-r'ashyth/Genesis 1:27 So Alahym/YAHUAH created man in His own image, in the image of ALAHYM/YAHUAH HE Created him; male and female HE created them. Genesis/B-r'ashyth 1:29-And Alahym said, Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food: People ask what Religion are you ? I Answer Profoundly -I Have No Religion= I Have A Fellowship/ Relationship/ Closeness/ My hand in the HAND of YAHUAH-Oneness, A Pure True Dedication and Faithfulness to be Obedient -to do YAHUAH's Will To Be Done not My Own Selfish Desires or Selfish Will - A Pure Love (Ahabah) With and For YAHUAH and No Religion(way of life) (Based on the world's standard). This would be my FAITH=YAHUAH-I Serve HIM with my LIFE My Life is Dedicated to YOU YAHUAH I No longer live for self, only For YAHUAH!!

I Follow No- Preachers-False Teachers (YAHUSHA Is The Only True Rabbi= Teacher=YAHUAH /YAHUSHA Is My Shepard) I Follow No- Churchanity/ Judaism/ Islam- ANY OF THE SO-CALLED RELIGIONS (no desire to be Jewish(I'm of the Tribe of YAHUDAH) I'm of Abrym(Abraham=Hebrew Seed) of YASHAR'AL/YAHSRA'L I Follow No- Groups-Priests-Popes-Rabbi's Cults-Ideologies/Religions/Denominations . I Follow Only YAHUAH where You go I go=Again YAHUAH Is my Shepard I Follow the Teachings and The Living Toruh Words of YAHUAH-through Scriptures only! I follow YAHUAH-and His Instructions(TORUH)and ALL HIS Set-Apart WRITINGS/WORDS OF YAHUAH/Scriptures to the best I can.

My Walk Has Nothing Any longer to do with--Pagan Holidays(Christmas/Easter/Halloween/Valentine Day/ BIRTHDAYS ( To name a few) ONLY CELEBRATE THE FEAST OF YAHUAH IN THE WORD OF YAHUAH WRITINGS/SCRIPTURES THE TRUTH IN REVELATION WAS REVEALED BY YAHUAH WHEN ASKED FOR IN PRAYER FOR HIS PRECIOUS SET-APART NAME YAHUAH --HOW EXCELLENT IS HIS NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES! No Longer Celebrate my Birthday (It Is Not about me Only YAHUAH!) I PRAY FOR HIS-(YAHUAH'S) TRUTH-I do not want my own Truth or the World's truth/family/friends truth- IT MATTERS NOT What the WORLD (People/Family) May Even Think Of me. AGAIN IT DOES NOT MATTER!-- I'M BORN TO SERVE TO WORSHIP ONLY YAHUAH -I Shall Serve YAHUAH with my Life My Creator/My Father YAHUAH=(AB) The One Who Brought The Dirt Alive=THE MOST HIGH Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; (Matthew/MathathYAHu 10:37) I Was Not Born To Worship/Serve man (Only To Worship/Serve YAHUAH the Only True and LivingAlahym(Mighty One) of YAshara'l-The Nations.(The One Who Brought The Dirt Alive!) Trash Your idols- People and idols are Not Just made of Wood, Metal,Stone, but Flesh and Blood=Family/children/people we look up too,So-call superstars/musians /sports people/lottery/jobs/ self idolatry Money,Possession Material --Things- Habits/Addictions- anything you put more time into then

with YAHUAH or putting YAHUAH Second.(Facebook/twitter social sites when not used probably/television shows-the list goes on!! THIS USE TO ME (ANN Yahu) IDOL WORSHIP---MICHAEL JACKSON/President BARACK OBAMA -NO MORE TRUST ME--SO SORRY YAHUAH- FORGIVE ME!! We must Trash our idols people! I Was of the World No longer!! Will not be the Dog that returns to the vomit! (Proverbs/Mashly 26:11-As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly. I ANN Yahu SHALL FOREVER LIFT UP AND Esteem HIS TRUE NAME-(YAHUAH) NO TITLESGREEK/LATIN/MADE-UP/FAKE NAMES ANYMORE/Names that cause HIS Precious Name to Ruin- Naugh-t Vain =LORD-(BAAL)/GOD JESUS/ yahushua-yeshua/Adonia) HOW EXCELLENT IS YOUR NAME- tahalym/Psalms 8 .-The Truth Shall Set Us All FREE! I AGAIN DO NOT CONCERN MYSELF WITH OFFENDING MEN-PEOPLE/Religions/Denominations/ONLY OFFENDING FATHER(AB) YAHUAH--MY FATHER=AB=My Creator/THE MOST HIGH=The One Who Brought The Dirt Alive! The Alahym (Mighty One of YASHara'l and the Nations) I ANN Yahu will meet people where they are at, SHOW/Present YAHUAH's -TRUTH IN THE ANCIENT Paleo HEBREW is Where the Truth Is Revealed. (I ANN Yahu have No Truth-I only Present YAHUAH's TRUTH YAHUAH will Call and Reveal HIMSELF TO THEM-- FOR I ALSO USE TO BE THEM BEFORE I LEARNEDThe Beauty of HIS (YAHUAH's) TRUTH Revealed-THE BLINDERS REMOVED I'm a Fishers of men for YAHUAH!! I PRAYED FOR YAHUAH'S TRUTH (I CAME OUT OF THE WORLD) Greater then he that is in Me- (YAHUAH)- then he that is In the World 1 JOHN/YAHuchanan 4:4

THIS is who I am and My Walk/ My Journey- HalaluYAHuah and All Praises and Honor Go To The Only True and Living Alahym(Mighty ONE) of YAshar'al-- HE WHO Brought The Dirt Alive! YAHUAH!!! Your Servant/Daughter/Bride/ Call Out One/Chosen/ ElectTo Whom Whatever You YAHUAH Would Have me be Unto YOU You Have Created Me Just For Yourself YAHUAH I Shall Dedicate my Life To You YAHUAH as CH'anah/ANN=Hannah(Favor) Dedicated /SHAMUAL/Samuel to YOU

1 Samuel/Shamu'al 1:21-23 I Shall Forevermore Serve YOU with my Life!!

I Beg YAHUAH for HIS True Discernment HIS TRUTH, I Beg for YAHUAH not to allow satan the World too decieved me any longer. I Don't Even Want My Own (ANN Yahu) Truth! I Have No Truth I Present YAHU's TRUTH Please YAHUAH take the blinders off Please! HE HAS! Please YAHUAH remove the blinders of-DECEPTION Breathe INTO ME YOUR TRUTH , Into my DNA. HE HAS! Please YAHUAH do not allow me to receive the delusion to believe the truth for the lie and lie for the truth! For this reason Alahym sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie. 2 Thessalonians 2:11

I Beg for HIM YAHUAH to Hide HIS Beautiful Face From my Sin and Create In me a Clean Heart, Circumcised my heart and Transform me to do Your SET-APART Will YAHUAH. I Only Follow YAHUAH ONLY!! I am a Perculiar Treasure Unto You YAHUAH!!Exodus/Shamuth 19:5 Now therefore, if you will obey my voice indeed, and keep My Covenant, then you shall be a Peculiar Treasure unto Me above all people: for all the earth is mine: (My Way Of Life Is)-- I Live The Life of YAHUAH's -Set-Apart-(Kadosh)- Word- HIS Inspired Scriptures/Toruh/Tannak/ReNewed Covenant.(YAHUSHA came to fulfill the Toruh (Instruction) Not To AbolishHe YAHUSHA is the Living-Word/ Toruh.

I Follow His Truth YaHUAH's Truth Only through His True Revelation/ His -Set-Apart Days/ His Set-Apart Feasts Only/ His YaHUAH's- ShabatH=THE SEVENTH DAY-Wear my Tassels( Tizit (tassles).on the four corners of my garment I Desire and Will Walk with Him (YAHUAH) as Chanukh(Enoch)- Noah-(Abrym)Abraham-Moshe and be as Obedient as Them Be HIS-(YAHUAH's) Friend/Faithful Servant as Abraham/Moshe was. I Shall Dance/Play the Harp for Him as King David(Dud) and also be after YAHUAH's Heart like King David(Dud)-HalaluYAH!. Speak as Ruth, Where You Go- YAHUAH I Shall Follow-Your People are my People. RUTH 1:16 But Ruth replied, "Don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your ALAHYM my ALAHYM. To Be As Ayub(Job)- Have Patience-The Patience to endure any and all Troubles, Persecution, Sorrow, Afflictions and Give No Excuses and not Curse YAHUAH when things are not going-(My Way) truly I would never intentionally do ( But stretch out your hand and strike everything he has, and he will surely curse you to your face."(/Job/ Ayub 1:11) Have a Humble Willing RUAKH like Miryam (Mary) You See The Child (YAHUSHA) she delivered (YAHUSHA=Salvation-deliverance) will deliver her(Miryam(Mary) and our Salvation-- HE the (Child) YAHUSHA also Delivered her as well HalaluYAH!! And Finally Be a Fisher of Men-to bring HIS people to YAHUAH THEY SHALL ESTEEM HIM AND HIS NAME Pour YOUR RUAKH HaKodosh on me YAHUAH

Serve and Love HIM-(YAH) Only with your Whole-Heart-Mind-Soul-Spirit-He answered: "'Love(AHBAH YAHUAH your Alahym(Might One) with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind. Live the She'ma(the HEARING) (Deuteronomy/Dabarym 6:5 This Is My Eternal Journey- My Walk- The Journey of ANN Yahu Love(AHABAH to You YAHUAH-- Until Forever- Your Humble servant --Your Daughter ANN Yahu