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Russel Davidson and the Dinosaur Problem

Statement of the Problem

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What would be the correct action/s that can be done by the management (Russel Davidson,VP) to maintain fairness and to protect the interest of both parties involve on the issue. What sort of coaching would Russel Davidson might give Bob on managing his team. What message did Russ need to send Bob and others like him on the issue of age On the other hand, what message did he want to send Charlie and others like him. What would be the best for the firm for the long run

Objectives 1. To identify the courses of action of Russel Davidson for the benefit of the firm 2. To compare the distinctive potentials between younger generation worker and older workers. 3. To determine the ways on how to properly address the problem based on facts and clear logic.

Areas of Consideration The contents of the recommendation of Bob Wantross to terminate Charlie Schuman:   He was a lot older than the others, and wasn’t at the cutting edge” He wasn’t a fast learner and seemed uncooperative and “crothchery”

Characteristics of every person on the case: Russel Davidson     Effective and active leader Was able to establish a good relationship to the employees. Open-minded Future-oriented


perspective and sense of responsibility. he was concern on how to handle the situation takes place among his employees. Competent and skilled employees Charlie Shuman      Experienced staff designer Skilled and Hardworking employee Perform his responsibilities with enthusiasm A good role model to his co-workers People-oriented Russel Davidson’s concerns on the situation: As a vice-president of the Touch and Go. young professionals from different top colleges. can brought experience. his thought that older workers could make good role models. Incorporated. and the fact that both employees are the key players of the company. considering some relevant factors such as fairness to the employees.Bob Wantross     Aggressive and skillful software designer A cool and respected team leader Perfectionist on the performance of his team Inflexible as regards to the environment Product team:   Lead by bob. 2 . He was trying to cope up with the right decisions to be made.

To conduct open forum to the Biases will be avoided and Personal conflicts may arise to parties involved there be clarification to the the parties directly involved. It promotes justice motivated to work because and will be beneficial to all. Younger actions of the workers to the given set of regulations and exercise fairness especially those in younger generation will not inspired or generation. Rules and regulations that It will provide guidance to the Violent reactions from those would strictly govern the workers to act accordingly to who is not in favor to the rules regulations. they might consider new regulations as a limitation. It will give rise to the validity of the concerns of Bob. concerns of the parties 3 .Alternative Courses of Action Alternative Action Courses of ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES identify clearly the intentions of the recommendation of Bob Wantross to be addressed properly It will give guidance to the management of what possible action must take place.

at the same time it will hold the company responsible to all the activities inside. What causes the problem/ situation? It was due to the letter of complaint. 4 . in viewing another department to build a company’s employment to its external environment. Charlie experience adopting Shuman might in new from older difficulties to a environment and workplace. and It will help the management for a quality decision to be weaknesses of the younger made. The employee may take advantage of the chance or protection from the CSR. good rapport towards his coIt will only be fair for both of workers and be able to sustain the parties since Bob’s only concern is to take Charlie his skills and good morale. containing request to the Vice President for the termination from the grounds mentioned in the case by Bob Wantross.Company’s employee CSR towards It will encourage fairness. Shuman out of his team and at the same time without having to lose one valuable employee of the company. And will provide strong relationship among individuals within the company It will make the company a better work place. Identify the strengths generation generation To transfer Charlie Shuman to It will give a good reputation to the company.

How: The forum should takes place to discuss what happen and inform Charlie about his transfer to another division.Recommendation The group would recommend the last alternative from the alternative courses of action which is to transfer Charlie Shuman to another division where he can still exercise his skills to its full potential and at the same time giving Bob Wantross his want of taking out Charlie Shuman in his exceptional team of young programmers for we suspect that it might be true to Bob Wantross that Charlie Shuman is having a hard time keeping up with the young. 5 . Plan of Action What: To transfer Charlie Shuman to another division. Who: The Top management When: After the forum of the company regarding the issue happened. energetic group of programmers.