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Unit 1 Simulations and Explorations Media Chap 1 Doing Simple Statistics Med Assignment: Explore: Correlations do not show

causation Med Assign: Simulate Critical thinking Med Assign: Simulate: Distinguishing Independent and Dependent variables Media Assign: Simulate Ethics of psychological research Media Assign: Explore: How to be a critical thinker Chap 7 Erikson’s first four stages… Erikson’s Last four stages… Baumrind’s parenting styles Kohlberg’s stages of moral reasoning Major changes in important domains of adult functioning Attachment classifications Teratogens and their effects Chap 10 Closer look: personality Psychological therapies Defense mechanisms Med assign: defense mechanisms Key components of psychoanalytic humanistic, behavioral, and cognitive theories Multiple selves Chap 11 Social psychology Helping a stranger Social facilitation Bystander intervention Cognitive dissonance and attitude change Cognitive dissonance Unit 2 Simulations and Explorations Media Chap 2 Media assign: explore: structure of neurons The autonomic nervous system Media assign: Explore: the autonomic nervous system Media Assign: Explore: the limbic system Media Assign: Explore: the visual cortex Neurotransmitters: communication between neurons Physiological bases of behavioral problems Media Assign: Explore: split brain experiments Chap 3 Normal Vision: Near sightedness and far sightedness Media Assign: Explore: five well-known illusions Gestalt: Laws of perception

Chap 8 Are dreams meaningful? Basics: Rhythms of consciousness Special topics: Sleep disorders

Unit 3 Simulations and Explorations Media Chap 4 Media Assign: Explore: Three stages of classical conditioning Schedules of reinforcement Media violence and societal aggression Media Assign: Explore: the shaping process Chap 5 Media Assign: Explore: encoding, storage, and retrieval in memory quiz Media Assign: simulate the experiment digit span Media Assign: simulate: recall Watch: Alzheimer’s and Dementia Key processes in stages of memory Chap 6 Sternberg’s triarchic theory of intelligence Gardner’s multiple intelligences Chapter 6 media assignment: how good is your cognitive map The minds organization of conceptual knowledge Media assign: heuristics Media assign: the normal curve Unit 4 Simulations and Explorations Media Chapter 9 Media assign: simulate: emotion and motivation Media assign: explore: evolutionary drive, arousal, cognitive and humanistic theories of motivation Media assign: simulate: recognizing facial expressions of emotions Watch: basic emotions Chap 14 Media assign: closer look: stress Media Assign: coping strategies and their effects Media assign: how stressed are you? Survey on happiness Media Assign: the effects of cognitive appraisal on responses to stressors Media assign: Selye’s general adaptation syndrome Chap 12 Media assign: the axes of the DSM The Obsessive-compulsive test Schizophrenia overview Chap 13 Media assign: explore: drugs commonly used to treat psychiatric disorders Ineffective therapies Media assign: simulate: ineffective therapies Psychotherapy practitioners and their activities Overview of clinical assessment methods Biomedical therapies