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Presents Atlantic Stone

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Atlantic Stone
The discovery and establishment of Atlantic Stone as a superior Stone finish is an exciting new development from within the Natural Stone distribution industry. Atlantic stone has all of the aesthetic qualities of Marble coupled with the wear and durability of the hardest of natures Granites. Its porosity at <0.5% is ranked amongst the lowest available from the Natural stone industry today. It is vitreous in nature and interestingly by definition meets the Ceramic industries established porosity requirement for vitrified porcelain. Atlantic Stone rates 7-8 on the widely quoted Mohs scale of hardness (Mineral Hardness). This makes it as hard as some highly regarded and commonly referred to manufactured products such as reconstituted Quartz stone.
The Mohs scale is a rating system from 1-10. 1 having the lowest degree of hardness, and would for example be applied to talc and chalk. 10 being the highest degree of hardness on the Moh scale and is applied to describe the hardness of diamond.

This combination of all of the key physical attributes desirable in stone: durability, aesthetic value, low porosity and extreme hardness is a very rare find within the Natural stone industry and clearly sets Atlantic Stone apart from many of its peers. In design it is highly desirable to be able to bring the indoor rooms, outdoors and vice versa. Due to Atlantics outstanding characteristics it has the ability to transition seamlessly from use as a contemporary interior finish to that of a safe yet luxurious non slip exterior floor/paving and landscape finish.

Atlantic stone is suitable for use as a high end commercial and domestic hard floor and wall finish. It is perfectly suited to high foot traffic areas, i.e. Airports, train stations, Shopping Malls, Streetscapes, Residential homes. It is ideally suited for use as Kitchen bench tops, pool copings, landscapes, paving/tiling, building facades and many other public access areas. Note: Atlantic Stone is both Salt & Frost resistant.

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A stone with such low porosity and high density determines the following important factors: Maintenance:
Due to the stone being vitreous (little to no absorption) this will eliminate the need for harsh cleaners and chemical detergents. With Atlantics high degree of hardness, the surface will maintain its appearance and show minimal wear even over an extended period of time.

All Porcelain and natural stone products require sealing at production or post production. Due to the density & hardness of Atlantic stone minimal maintenance and maximal life of the finished sealed surface is to be expected, thus lowering the cost of overall maintenance when compared to other products. A sealing recommendation is to be found on page 8 and 9 of this document.

Using Atlantic or any stone finish will yield a sophisticated yet natural look to any project. Stone and its use within the built environment has become a constant underlying feature of luxury and solidity. Local and International Museums, Convention Centres, Universities, Art Galleries in attest to this as in nearly all cases they utilise and promote the use of Natural stone for its timeless and classic aesthetic appeal.

An important factor when using Atlantic stone is its environmental features. The Stone is completely natural and has no chemicals or petroleum by-product ingredients to produce the stone. It is totally recyclable and at the end of its useful life can be crushed down into a small chip or powder that can be re used in concrete floors. If it ends up being dumped it is classified as clean fill and will not release any toxic chemicals or pose an ongoing environmental risk to the environment.

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Colour Variation:
Atlantic Stone has a wonderful movement which is shown in the six samples below. Note: Photos alone do not do this material justice. Please contact agent directly for your samples.

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Polished Finish

Flamed Finish (non slip)

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Finishes (continued):

Cobbles Natural Finish

Honed finish is available but not pictured Split faced stone walling is under development 6|P a ge

Sanded Velvet finish is about to be released (nonslip)

Stone Specification:

ASTM test report of Atlantic Stone

Absorption by weight Bulk specific gravity 0.46% 2610kg/m3

Compressive strength(dry condition) 234.6Mpa Compressive strength(wet condition) Abrasion resistance Flexural strength(dry condition) 169.2MPa 60.8 22.8MPa 20.5MPa 24.1MPa 22.9MPa Class A

Flexural strength(wet condition) Modulus of rupture(dry condition) Modulus of rupture(wet condition) Radionuclides

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Specification for Tiling and sealing of internal and external Atlantic Stone
Manufacturers documents: all documents referring to materials specified are on file and available from Protective Surfaces NZ All adhesives specified in this document have documented and guaranteed compatibility with all waterproofing membranes specified in this project document.

Substrate Cement based screeds from 10-100mm in thickness where required shall be manufactured from washed No3 sand - gap7 sand aggregate admixed with TECHNOKOLLA KRONOS to form rapidly setting screeds with final hardness of 30N/mm. Holes and divots can be filled utilizing TECHNOKOLLA GAP.R trowel applied levelling compound for 2-30mm applications. Substrate deviations, up to tiling areas if applicable, to be levelled using TECHNOKOLLA PLAN 10 self-levelling compound. Waterproofing if applicable Liquid waterproofing membrane shall be Branz Approved TECHNOKOLLA RASOGUM for internal walls areas. TECHNOKOLLA RASOLASTIK two-part waterproofing membrane system with proprietary RL 80 S bond-breaking strip and GLASS FIBER MESH shall be used for all shower bases and floors on all bathrooms if applicable. Adhesives and grouts We recommend the Tile adhesive to all tiled internal and external areas shall be Technokolla TECHNORAP-2 Bianco to both concrete floor / tile underlay areas. Please take into consideration that different types of natural stone are moisture sensitive. Note: It is important that the tiler does an insitu test to determine this. In some cases Stone may require a pre-seal prior to the installation. (See below) Grout shall be from the TECHNOCOLORS GROUT range for joints from 0-8mm in width. Test grout colour prior to installation. A tilers test is necessary. Expansion joints shall be Preformed Joints or Polyurethane, Neusil neutral cure, or similar appraised Stone silicone, to be used on all areas for Movement control. For floors generally at no greater than 4.5meter intervals exposed to sunlight and no greater than 6 meter intervals in shaded areas

All very absorbent concrete/cement sheet floors must be treated with TECHNOKOLLA PRIMER T prior to application of levelling compounds and tile adhesives.

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Clean Stone prior to sealing using FILA cleaner at a 1-30 mix ratio to remove building residues etc if required. Please take into consideration that different types of natural stone are water sensitive and may require a pre-seal prior to the installation of the stone. We recommend that the tiler does a test under site conditions to determine this.

Internal - Atlantic Stone If a pre installation treatment is not required we recommend a pre grout coat of 1 coat of Fila MP90 as per specification. After grouting and cleaning, apply a final coat after 12-24 hours of MP90. External - Atlantic Stone If a pre installation treatment is not required, we recommend a pre grout coat of FILA W68 again after Grout and clean, a finishing Fila W68 as per specification. Notes: Do not use Acids or Alkalines on stone before testing first A water bead test should be carried out on absorbent stones to see if extra coats of FILA product are required prior to the application of the final systems. Ensure stone is clean and dry prior to applying sealers. Do not walk on the surface for 24 hours as product dries. The above products should not alter the colour of the stone, however we recommend a test tile or area must be conducted prior to application in case of alteration of appearance within the stone. You may want to have this project, cleaned and sealed professionally as it is an integral part of the final look.

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General Maintenance Tile and Natural Stone cleaner

Designed by FILA in Italy, specifically for surface care Fila Cleaner is a PH neutral, highly biodegradable floor and wall detergent


As required from 1:30 to 1:200

1. General Maintenance: dilute FILA CLEANER to 1:200 and clean the surface with a cloth/mop or an electric floor cleaner. Does not require rinsing. 2. For very dirty floors, dilute to 1:30-1:50, and then clean the surface with a cloth and scrubbing brush. Remove dirt and rinse.

3. For after installation cleaning, dilute 1:30 and spread with a single-disc professional cleaner with a soft disc (white or beige) or a floor scrubbing brush. Remove the residue with a wet vac or cloths 4. Rinse thoroughly.


Cleans without damaging the surface. When highly diluted (1:200) it leaves no residues and does not require rinsing. Highly concentrated: can be diluted according to use. Highly biodegradable. Ideal for the maintenance of waxed surfaces. Ideal for laminated surfaces. A gentle detergent for all floors. Safe for pretreated and sensitive surfaces. Essential for after installation cleaning of acid sensitive material such as polished natural stone or polished agglomerates.

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Contact Europica for cleaning systems.

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