Practice Predicting Key Meanings Each of the four answer choices contains key words.

Quickly underline the repeated words and synonyms that appear in the four answer choices. Then use the key words to predict the topic. Write your prediction on the line beneath each set of answer. 1. A Jane is at the library studying for the test. B. Jane thinks the library is a good place to study. C. Jane took the exam in the library. D. We should go to the library to find Jane. Probable topic: Jane studying at the library. 2. A. I didn’t have time to eat. B. I needed some dinner. C. I couldn’t eat all of my dinner. D. Please let me eat the rest of my dinner. Probable topic: ______________________________ 3. A. We attempted the ascent. B. We tried to solve the crime. C. The climb was easy for us. D. We tried to climb over the wall. Probable topic: _______________________________ 4. A. Clarence just got some gifts that are cheap. B. Clarence gave Judy a costly present. C. Judy’s gift for Clarence was expensive. D. Judy doesn’t like expensive present. Probable topic: _______________________________ 5. A. Jim knows a talented painter. B. Jim gave his painting to the gallery. C. Jim is a gifted artist. D. Jim has many paintings. Probable topic: _______________________________ 6. A. She moved her purse. B. She needed some change. C. I paid her for the purse. D. The money is in her bag. Probable topic: ________________________________ Practice Predicting Questions Read the four answer choices. Write a possible spoken question for these answer choices. 1. A. Artist B. Writer C. Lawyer D. Teacher ___________________________________ 2. A. Have dinner after they take a walk. B. Take a walk later. C. Talk about repairing their walk. D. Learn to tie knots. ___________________________________

3. A. Excited B. Angry C. Tired D. Frustrated ___________________________________ 4. A. Carpenter B. Housekeeper C. Mover D. Truck driver ___________________________________ 5. A. The plot of the book is quite good. B. The plot of the book is quite bad. C. The pictures in the book are quite good. D. The book is very poetic. ___________________________________ 6. A. He would like her to give him her pin. B. He thinks she should stop spinning around. C. He wants her to take him with her when she goes. D. He thinks she should try driving the car. ___________________________________ 7. A. Eating B. Writing C. Reading D. Walking away from the man. ___________________________________ 8. A. In a department store. B. At the beach C. In a beauty salon D. In a restaurant ___________________________________ 9. A. The food doesn’t have enough seasoning in it. B. She doesn’t like the main course. C. She likes the food. D. The food is too spicy. Practice with Sound-Alikes Listen to each dialogue and the corresponding question. Circle the letter that best answers the question you hear. 1. A. They took a seat by the door. B. They look for it on the floor. C. They have seen that concert before. D. They sat down on the floor. 2. A. They tried very hard to leave that place. B. They hid the rest in another place. C. They tried very hard to win the competition. D. They did the rest before the race. 3. A. Larry and Dave aren’t going. B. The days are getting along. C. Larry has been gone for days. D. Larry and Dave are incompatible. 4. A. The preacher was shocked when he opened the door. B. The teacher found the chalk when she opened the drawer. C. Each of her talks was behind the closed door.


A. C. C. She troubled her aunt for tea a lot before she returned. She had a lot of trouble with her aunt when she was fourteen. A. When was this house built? D. D. D. Circle the letter that best answers the question you hear. aren’t you? C. Anne is with the neighbor at the lake. D. Her eighty-year-old cousin gets up every day at 6. Bill got a good buy at the store. D. She isn’t sure whether or not Peter likes classical music. C. The basketball coach certainly is tall. D. If the woman is going to borrow his notes. This has been quite a day. A. C. C. This house certainly is well-constructed. A. 5. A. She doesn’t like the motion here. 10. She’ll soon hear about her promotion. A. A. You’re going to look for a job again. Peter doesn’t like classical music. A. C. D. C. We filled the safe by the door. B. A.m. This has been a wonderful vacation. D. D. What the doctor said about Carolyn’s niece. 1. he sees her walking in the garden. She wants advancement. Tomorrow Anne is going to the neighbor’s to bake. She doesn’t like Peter very much. C. C. Circle the letter that best answers the question you hear. How long have you been working at your new job? 6. A. 8. She can borrow his book on Thursday. He’ll send his story about the thirsty man. Anne has gone to the neighbor’s to borrow a garden tool. D. She traveled a lot with her aunt before she was fourteen. D. On Sundays. Bill bid us farewell at the entrance. Peter is enjoying his music class. How can she be tired? 2. How long it took to drive to Boston. D. Her eighteen-year-old cousin nicely gets up each day at 6.m. Anne is going to her neighbor’s lake tomorrow. When shall we take our vacation? 4. How are you today? 2 . B.m. Practice with Exclamations 3. B. B. 1. D. but she can’t keep it. She recognizes the man. The basketball coach finally called. B. B. B. Who took Carolyn’s niece to the doctor. She wants to know if the man received the package. A. Did the basketball coach call? C. but he must have it back. Listen carefully to each dialogue and the corresponding question. C. A.15 a. Her young cousin gets up each day at exactly 6. He’s very excited about seeing her. B. She can borrow his story. C. 9. she works in the garden. 2. A. D. D. 4. Who built this house? B.m. She looks very tired. C. She works for the Gardiners some days. C.50 a. What books he needs for the course. On Sundays. B. He won’t be able to wait until she arrives. 3. If the three of them can drive to Boston together. She’ll have to wait to see him. 5. She would like the man to deliver the package. B. If Glen lent the woman his books. The teacher was shocked when she opened the drawer. C. B. He’ll wait for her at the airport. 7. If the doctor is talking to Carolyn’s niece. What day is this? B. B. Is this house well-built? C. She has an elderly cousin who gets up precisely at 6. A. A. What do you want to do today? D. A. She lives by the ocean near here.15 a. Have you had a good vacation? C. B. She and her aunt took a lot of trips together before she was forty. Whether or not it will take three hours to get to Boston. Someone else delivered the package. She can borrow his book. B. A. 6. 11. C. Won’t you be starting your new job next week? B. B. Practice with Question Intonation Listen carefully to each dialogue and the corresponding question. If someone took Carolyn’s niece to the doctor. A. A. If Glen borrowed the woman’s books. She’s looking for a tire. How tall is the basketball coach? D. If Boston is still quite far away.50 a. She needs to change the tire. B. D. D. I’d like to take a vacation. 6. Some days he sees her walking in the garden. Bill gets by at the store.5. What are you going to do at your new job? D.

field of study B. In a movie theater B. imitate B. perceive D. course A. B. She thinks the man’s luggage will arrive soon. D. Dentist B. boulevard 4. forge D. clear A. 4. D. In an airport C. The woman’s best friend 5. Topic: 10. In a library B. stripe B. Topic: going to a movie. Topic: 5. elegance D. approve D. Topic: 4. In a classroom C. A teacher C. playground C. leave in a place D. important C. Nurse C. meet B. A student D. She is too short to see what’s in the bag. Her house doesn’t need another coat of paint. Topic: Practice with Situations Listen carefully to each dialogue and the corresponding question. C. 2. obvious C. C. orchestra C. B. Topic: 9. A.Practice with Words with Many Meanings Listen to the sentences containing the key words given. major A. park A. show A. prairie D. see A. route B. In a car D. replica C. Weather reporter D. intelligible 2. Then circle the letter of the word or phrase that has the same meaning as the key word you heard in the sentence. admirers 5. A librarian B. manuscript 7. cloudless B. She wants to turn at the next street. 1. inspect 9. audience B. 1. gather D. A. following A. expedition B. Circle the letter that best answers the question you hear. garden B. In a lawyer’s office 3. plain A. flow D. Topic: 11. B. according to C. Topic: 3. 3 . class 10. In a bookstore D. Teacher 2. urgent 6. stumble C. understand C. Identify the topic. D. class A. sequence C. Topic: 6. She would like to have her coat back. after D. She will pick up the man’s groceries for him. 12. school group 8. Topic: 7. unattractive 11. In Chicago 6. category B. Topic: 8. assembly 3. A. A. obvious C. copy A. modest B. band A. course C. 1. A. officer D. activate blunder exhibition performance reveal to explain to Practice with Topics Listen to each mini-dialogue. trip A. A.

Where: ____________________ Key words: ___________________ 4. Where: ____________________ Key words: ___________________ 11. Who is accepting a suggestion? A.C. Where: ____________________ Key words: ___________________ Practice with Language Functions 1. C. cloudless obvious approve intelligible 4 . Who is requesting an opinion? A. 1. the man 4. the woman B. the man 8. On the first line. Where: ___________________ Key words: __________________ 2. She would like to buy the coat she has on. Where: ____________________ Key words: ___________________ 9. Where: ____________________ Key words: ___________________ 5. Practice Identifying Where a Dialogue Takes Place Listen to the sentence. the man 15. the man 11. the man 9. the man 10. the woman B. the man 7. the woman B. the woman B. the woman B. D. Who is slightly surprised? A. Then circle the letter of the word or phrase that has the same meaning as the key word you hear in the sentence. Where: ____________________ Key words: ___________________ 6. the woman B. the man Practice with Words with Many Meanings Listen to the sentences containing the key words given. the man 3. the woman B. Use the places listed below: airport hospital classroom bank restaurant grocery store gas station apartment post office It may be necessary to use some of the locations more than one. Where: ____________________ Key words: ___________________ 8. the woman B. Who is exaggerating? A. the woman B. 1. Who is emphasizing? A. the man 13. Who is giving a compliment? A. Who is agreeing? A. identify where the sentence probably takes place. the man 2. B. the man 6. the man 14. the woman B. She wants the man to pay her now. the man 16. Who is rejecting a suggestion? A. the woman B. the woman B. Who is requesting that someone do something? A. the man 12. the woman B. D. the woman B. write the key words that help you understand where the sentence takes place. the woman B. Where: ____________________ Key words: ___________________ 10. Who is disagreeing? A. Where: ____________________ Key words: ___________________ 7. the woman B. the man 5. Where: ____________________ Key words: ___________________ 3. On the second line. Who is disagreeing complaining? A. Who is giving advice? A. Who is exaggerating? A. clear A. Who is requesting permission? A. Who is showing concern or worry? A. Who is surprised? A.

D. B. Most of us are waiting in the bus. D. A. course A. C. 7. let’s go out to a movie. C. B. The scientist hasn’t had time to analyze the results of his experiment. C. The results of the experiment were incorrectly analyzed. She didn’t think Andrew was feeling well. 11. D. Practice with Time Circle the letter of the sentence that is closest in meaning to the sentence you hear on the tape. Carl had a great job. show A. admirers 5. B. C. C. Carl said he would improve his grade B. according to C. C. B. D. This is a game that we don’t like. B. The scientist accurately interpreted the result of his experiment. He visits his parents often. D. Now that Nancy is married. D. A. B. Visits from his parents are rare. 12. I think we should go to a movie after you finish writing. 5 . 2. Why is the news so surprising? 4. B. B. C. class A. D. B. D. band A. A. A. A. meet understand perceive inspect route sequence flow class modest obvious flow class expedition stumble activate blunder exhibition performance reveal to explain to field of study important officer urgent imitate replica forge manuscript category course elegance school group 9. 3. She doesn’t understand why Andrew isn’t feeling very well. 6. Practice with Negatives stripe orchestra gather assembly garden playground leave in a place boulevard Listen carefully to each dialogue and the corresponding question. Nancy will get married after she finds a job. D. C. D. The scientist needs to re-analyze the result of his experiment. C. 8. 10. D. park A. D. We are still waiting for the bus. We aren’t likely to win the game. A. B. D. 5. B. Carl’s grade wasn’t very good. you can start doing your paper. C. 3. A. C. audience B. C. This news is surprising. C.2. A. We don’t really like losing the game. We will probably win the game. 1. After the movie. B. C. after D. Nothing is surprising. C. She is surprised by these views. 6. 4. Circle the letter that best answers the question you hear. C. Before you finish your paper. she no longer works. 1. following A. B. Nancy plans to quit working once she is married. D. A. D. B. B. B. D. B. I didn’t see any good movies advertised in the paper. C. 3. see A. plain A. major A. He doesn’t see his parents very often. C. Carl wasn’t unhappy about his grade. copy A. 2. D. The bus will be here in an hour. She thought that Andrew was feeling much better. B. The bus was an hour late. Andrew isn’t very well thought of. C. trip A. His parents live near here. D.

Circle the letter that best answers the question you hear. 3. Jane thinks that stress is the cause of her ill health. Who gave the ring? Peter This ring was given to Mary by Peter. She didn’t find her watch. He always does his homework after he eats. B. The man made the woman finish the job on time. B. but she also sells real estate. A. B. D. D. A. They were lost for an hour. She has called everyone at home. B. For her part. A. Irene inherited the professor’s estate. C. A. He’s sorry that John didn’t come to the party. B. C. B. Irene is still a professor. let. 9. A. I’ve never seen that movie. She does not have a phone. Practice with Who Does What Peter gave Mary a ring. He can’t seem to get rid of his cold. We asked them to take our pictures at the party. he can eat. She can be reached at home. 10. It was a book that John lent Susan. They arrived an hour ago. 11. C. 8. Marsha will get her class schedule in a few days. John has come with them to the party. A. D. A. (Causative construction) Who gave the ring? Joe NOTE: Be careful of questions of who does what in passive sentences and in causative constructions using have. Jane’s heart problem makes her very anxious. D. Joan does her laundry every weekend. C. C. D. Wishes. D. She didn’t want to wear her watch today. Marsha doesn’t know which classes she wants to take. B. A. She and Joan are looking for a place to do their laundry. John didn’t like the party. Who repaired the car? 2. Marsha only has a few classes left to schedule. She goes to Joan’s once a week to wash clothes. 1. They responded promptly to my request. I mailed them the information as soon as they asked for it. B. Who had to finish the job on time? Circle the letter of the sentence that is closest in meaning to the sentence you hear on the tape. B. D.D. Practice with Conditions. 6 . D. 5. B. B. C. D. A. B. 6. 5. A Greg got a cake for Nancy. She wore her watch today. and Causes and Results Listen carefully to each dialogue and the corresponding question. She had her car repaired in Tom’s yesterday. make. C. Nancy used to work with Mary. John must leave the party soon. D. A. Jane probably feels she is not working enough. 2. C. They used someone I know in that movie. B. He doesn’t eat much while he’s studying. C. 4. A. 7. Marsha recently received her schedule of courses. D. 1. They should leave an about an hour. When his homework is done. I don’t remember everything about that movie anymore. He wishes it weren’t so cold. C. C. C. A. She will not be home today. 1. Who lent the book? 3. 4. He often eats while he’s studying. She will move at the beginning of the month. D. She is at Joan’s doing her laundry right now. C. D. and get. It took them a long time to answer my inquiry. They should try to find their way out of here. A. Her watch is worn out. She has lived in the dormitory since the first of the month. Irene has changed professions. (Passive sentence) Who gave the ring? Peter Peter got Joe to give Mary a ring. She’s making her first move into a dormitory. We took our pictures to last week’s party. B. Jane is not distressed. C. 6. Last week we took a lot of pictures. They asked for the information after I sent it. He’s sorry he sold it. D. She moved into the dormitory on the fourth. I’m not used to seeing movies. We are supposed to bring our photos with us to the party. Irene teaches courses on real estate sales. He wishes he were younger. A.

A. She and Bob never agree with one another. C. (B) She agrees with the man. 7 . B. Janet is holding a meeting this week. He carried her from her house to the hospital. B. B. Circle the letter that best answers the question you hear. D. 11. 7. Marsha is learning how to make ropes where she works. She has been unable to contact Janet. Greg and Nancy took the truck to the lake. B. 3. Karen said that she started feeling weak at work. The house needs to be put in order. C. Harry asked about the condition of his new car. I’m in terrible fix for money. B. D. C. A. D. I saw her when I was shopping. (A) Receptionist (B) Teacher (C) Doctor (D) Librarian 2. C. She saw me chopping wood. B. They weren’t through skiing when it started to rain. He stopped to buy this in the afternoon. The house really stands straight up. Harry delivered the car on Tuesday. He drove to the hospital in his truck. She was chopping wood when I saw her. D. The hiker dedicated the park to the employees. Harry arranged for the delivery of his car on Tuesday.2. C. D. D. I’m going to work on my car as soon as I can. He chose her to work with him at the hospital. D. 5. A. C. I’ll have someone repair my car as soon as I can afford it. Marsha is learning what to do at her new job. (A) She doesn’t know the house. Greg will take the truck later. He came for her at her house and took her to the hospital. Mini Dialogues Checkpoint Test 1. All of Marsha’s work is tied up. 8. A. C. Her saw works well for chopping woods. Write this information down. B. They can’t make anything to take to the dinner. B. They fear they will be late to tonight’s dinner. They might not be able to go to the dinner. A. They slipped and fell through the ice when it started to melt in the rain. D. B. C. She and Bob haven’t been together for a long time. Marsha feels uncomfortable where she works. D. D. 5. 6. D. D. They planned to take their ski trip in spite of the rain. Practice with Idioms Listen carefully to each dialogue and the corresponding question. C. He didn’t like looking at the diamond necklace. C. A. Give this information to him. He wants to move out of the house. 1. Nancy went and got the cake. A. A. D. C. A. She is having trouble holding on Janet. B. C. She thinks he will visit her today. She doesn’t really like her new bike very much. A. B. The hiker helped the park employees. The employees parked the hiker’s car. It hurt his eyes to look at the diamond necklace. D. C. That diamond necklace really attracted his attention 6. D. 3. It doesn’t bother her if you borrow her new bike. A. Harry wanted to see his new car today. D. I have to find a new car as quickly as possible. She will stop waiting for him. He needs to straighten the structure of the house. She and Bob never look at each other. He scratched his eye on the necklace. 2. Karen will begin her new job next week. B. 9. Her new bike doesn’t need much maintenance. Janet is getting four weeks vacation. A. A. They were unable to do what they had planned because it started to rain. B. She doesn’t take care of her new bike. They are afraid of going to the dinner. B. B. Karen told her to start her new job next week. 4. B. A. A. D. Neither she nor Bob sees very well. 4. A. C. C. B. Karen has several forms to fill out before she begins work next week. C. C. Many park employees helped the hiker. He is hoping to stop before the end of the day. Not give anyone else this information. Forget this information. 10.

(A) Anxiety about exams is keeping the man awake. history. (B) Larry hadn’t read the book yet. • Quickly determine the situation and the topic of the passage. (B) She loves living in the desert. what. (A) He doesn’t want to proofread the woman’s paper. (C) The man thinks Janet should buy a car. 7. (D) Larry found the book he had lost. (A) A coach (B) An athlete (C) A close friend of the woman’s (D) A teacher 15. which. (C) She’s finally going to take her exam next week. (D) The man must be careful not to fall asleep during exams.3. psychology. (C) Larry had lost the book. (B) The man wants to borrow Jane’s car. why. 9. (B) She saw Peter after she left. (A) She has never had such s delicious dessert before. Pay full attention to such information. • Three short talks • Frequently discuss classroom procedures and assignments or short lectures in a general academic area. (2) who will give the talk. (D) She can’t purchase bike until she earns some money. (A) Larry didn’t want to borrow the book. (C) They should also tell Bob about their plans. • Listen carefully for facts and details such as places. (C) he will be back in two days. (A) She didn’t want to see Peter. 12. • Questions about facts and details occur in the same order that you hear them in the passage. (B) He doesn’t see very well. (D) He got it from Frank. (C) She will be able to ride her bike to work. such as “Questions 38 to 42. 8 . (A) Has everyone been invited to the wedding? (B) Should she invite her family? (C) Did the man take her family to the wedding? (D) Is her family included in the people counted. (A) She will try to help the man find a good job. names. • Two longer dialogues • About college life • Often involves two students talking about a class. Part C • Consists of short lectures or talks given by one person. (D) he doesn’t want Bob to know about their plans. such as science. Part B (Longer Conversations) and Part C (Short Talks) Part B • Consists of longer dialogues between two people. 10. 6. 11. (D) It helps him think. (A) In a bank (B) In an attorney’s office (C) In a math class (D) In an art class. (D) Jane will find the man a used car after all. (B) Final exams are nothing to worry about. 4. (A) It is very frank. (D) She doesn’t know what to say. What are the frequently-asked questions? • • • • • Who. (C) He wants to think about it. (D) She will miss Peter. This information is often at the beginning of the passage. (B) Bob is feeling too weak to go to anywhere. or anthropology Note: Each passage in Part B and Part C begins with a short spoken introduction. Read along with the answer choices while listening to the passage. where. (D) He isn’t there. 13. (B) The volume is high. how Inference question and fact questions What is the main idea of the talk? What is the main topic of the conversation? What is the purpose of the talk? Strategies • Listen carefully to the short introductory statement given before each passage. (C) It is the wrong type. a professor.” Notice that in this introductory material you find out (1) that there will be five questions about the talk. (C) She arrived after Peter left. (A) The man thinks buying a used car is a bad idea. (C) She is quite sure there are better desserts available. (B) Frank typed it. (C) She likes the house very much. 8. when. Listen to a talk given by a tennis coach at a college. (B) The descent is too steep for her bike. 14. times etc. (3) where the talk will take place. (A) Bob and Judy shouldn’t go away for so long. (D) She can’t understand why the man likes the desert so much. or some aspect of college life. dates. (A) It is violent. 5.

Clean his house D. D. C. How to keep your pipes from freezing 2. Ticket vendor 3. She knows he doesn’t like to fish. A. To get as far away as possible. Buying a machine C. C. Having a back which curves down in the middle. Superstitions B. Ask the woman if she’d like to join him. B. Watch television and relax. 5. The effects of hard water C. D. A. They are in a class together. Having a highly arched back. C. He always drives more slowly on Friday the thirteenth. 22. 15. Go fishing B. D. Buying some water-softening powder C. 4. Relaxing at the student center 2. A. D. B. Difficult D. A. A. He won’t be able to borrow his father’s van. Fact about elephants C. Moving to a new apartment B. Heating his home better 4. A. A teacher B. A. A. Wait for a little while C. 3. Homes heated with water from caves. Places to go on vacation. D. C. B. A. A. Exercise Part B: Longer Conversations 1. D. 10. His father might need it to help a friend move. A. Washing clothes B. D. Go back to the bookstore. 6. The size of elephants 2. He wants to go back to the bookstore again. A. She doesn’t think he has time for a vacation now. B. Go home and pack C. A. An exhibit of rocks brought back from the moon. The textbook she needs is not available in the bookstore 4. To spend time fishing and sightseeing. Frozen C. Circus performer B. Two kinds of elephants D. D. She didn’t think he was leaving. A. She can’t understand her chemistry assignment. He will be driving his father’s van instead of his car. That he’s a fair teacher. A. D. Transportation arrangement C. Having a very flexible back. Elephant trainer C. B. The have both been to the bookstore today. B. To look for a new job. Choose the answer that sounds the MOST like the passage. D. Containing minerals B. Fishing. D. He would rather take his own car. 7. Practice with Part C: Short Talks 1. He’s going so far away. A. She does not know how to read very well. To find out about a new heating method for his home. 8.000 pounds C. Moving rhythmically back and forth C. The site of a dead volcano. Impressive zoo exhibit B. Caves with ice that never melts. Enter the zoo 9 . Help the man review the chemistry lesson. He doesn’t like Professor Jenkins.• Guess. C. C. Turn up the heat. A. C. That he will want to review the chapters in the next class. Features of the moon. How to buy a water softener D. A. They both know a lot about chemistry. 7. 6. Things to do and see in Idaho. They are both teachers. C. He’ll be in Chicago that evening C. Moving to anew home. Using a powder D. Wash some clothes B. 11. C. B. B. He doesn’t get worried easily. Soapy 3. B. A. B. A text book D. D.000 pounds 5. Borrowing a van. B. He will be flying in from Chicago earlier that evening. A. That they can find him at the student center. She doesn’t have time to study right now. A. A. D. 8. A. C. Reviewing chemistry concepts C. A. D. He doesn’t know if it is big enough to hold all of Amanda’s things. Tour guide D. D. 9. Practice with Part B: Longer Conversations 1. He’s having dinner with some friends that evening. That he will find them some books to use.000 pounds B. He won’t be able to get there on time. Review her assignment. He knows very little about chemistry. He is quite sure it won’t be a problem. He might be superstitious B. 200 pounds D. B. C. 11. Look for baby elephant B. Call the man who tested his water 5.

The top of the fire B. A student B. 10. Tree roots that grow close to the surface D. C. C. D. A. History C. D. The usually fall down 10. 5. A famous playwright 14. D. They have a high resistance to all types of fire. C. On Wednesday night B. He doesn’t think he’ll have enough time.D. B. 10 . Jamestown C. A. 15. A. She thinks he’s the best actor on campus. D. A. 12. A professor D. To demonstrate how virtual reality and other computer techniques can be used effectively and effortlessly. A. A very hot fire C. He wants to be free on Friday nights. On Friday nights. He found his baggage. Because the colonists were able to settle in Roanoke. Political science. Someone picked him up. Answer all questions on the basis of what is stated or implied in the talk or conversation. He needs some experience acting. A. They returned to England. Look for the man’s ticket. To document the first contact between native peoples of the Americas and Europeans. Every day D. A. The drama club needs some male actors. He doesn’t like comedies. He didn’t think it would help. 8. A. They have deep roots B. He walked. D. D. Ground Fires and Crown Fires 7. They were never found. Because the Indians learned from it. Roanoke 9. A. They left for Croatoan. Marine life in the Chesapeake Bay area. Whenever they have time. B.30. 40 degrees centigrade D. Buy a ticket B. A. The Lost Colony B. Go to the airport. The Voyages of John White D. They are more likely to have large leaves. 4. Because future colonists learned from it. The woman C. B. C. C. you will hear several questions. A. 16. 3. The settlement of Jamestown D. After each of them. He drove. Preventing Forest Fires B. 20 degrees centigrade C. A. 1. B. C. Buying luggage C. The highest flame in a fire 11. B. A. C. Her baggage has been lost. C. Plymouth Rock. She has taken the man to the airport. A. C. 6. A. Wait a week and then decide what to do. He took a taxi. She has taken a taxi. D. To explain how to work a video recorder to tape a desired program on the television. D. B. A. On Thursday night. A. B. 120 degrees centigrade 8. Factors Affecting a Tree’s Resistance to Fire C. She wants him to meet the playwright. As you hear a question. Because the colonists arrived in England safely. Environmental studies B. A. Croatoan Island 7. A. Travel by train 2. On Thursday morning C. Other mysteries B. D. 17. A. B. The man’s trip B. you will hear several short talks and longer conversations. They grow close together. To cover the rise and the fall of native civilizations in Western North America and Central America before contact with Europeans. Then circle the letter that corresponds to the answer you have chosen. C. The Redwood’s Ability to Withstand Fire D. They have thick bark. He doesn’t enjoy acting. A. The talks and the conversations and the questions will not be repeated. B. A. A. D. D. C. B. He forgot. D. Geography. John White’s family Longer Conversations and Short Talks Checkpoint Test Directions: In this checkpoint test. They moved farther north. read the four possible answers in your book and choose the best answer. They have few leaves. That it was written and produced by Kevin Costner. He was too tired. D. C. The Colonists at Jamestown C. Leave the lion’s den 6. C. She has been delayed. 13. Chesapeake Bay D. Get some rest. 9. On Wednesday morning D. How to file a baggage claim D. 11. C. 100 degrees centigrade B. B. They are susceptible to ground fire. Find a part that is perfect for him. 18. A. One or two times a week B. Meet the woman at 6. Write a play as soon as possible.

Have another student tape the program for those who cannot watch it. Take notes on the program and distribute tem to those who are not able to watch it. Ask a friend to tape it. D. That is discusses in depth the key cities of the empires. Discuss it with someone who watched it D. Read about it instead. B. 20. Go t the video store and rent the program for viewing in class. Notify the instructor. C. 11 .B. B. A. C. C. D. That is uses computer animation and virtual reality. A. That it uses authentic musical instruments and songs. Loan his copy of the program to students who want to watch it. 19.

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