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March 2013

JR Hokkaido Mail Magazine

Visit the cherry blossoms in southern
1. Observation point for cherry blossoms in southern Hokkaido 2. Hanami(cherry blossom viewing) Train&Twinkle Bus 3. Let s enjoy spring skiing by using the Ski Trip Ticket Tebura Skip ! 4. Yet another station for buying/exchanging a Hokkaido Rail Pass! 5. JR Hokkaido - Doraemon Stamp Rally 2013

Observation point for cherry blossoms in southern Hokkaido
Long winter is drawing to a close and the pale pink of cherry blossoms ( sakura ) lets us know that by the end of April spring will be visiting our northern island. Flower viewing on Hokkaido comes rather later than on Honshu to the south. The front line for cherry blossoms arrives first at Hakodate in southern Hokkaido and then spreads gradually to the north and east, brightening the landscape with pink blossoms. On occasion you can actually enjoy a view of the stunning bossoms against a backdrop of lingering snow on the mountains Scattered around warmer southern Hokkaido are numerous places to view cherry blossoms: Matsumae Park, Goryokaku Park and others. Let s go out to find spring colors in the countryside by taking a train! Goryokaku Park
Early May-Mid May

Hakodate Park

Early May-Mid May

This is a very popular cherry blossom viewing spot among citizens. You can see approx. 1,600 cherry trees, mostly Yoshino cherry. The view from the Goryokaku Tower is fabulous, including the star, shaped by lines of cherry blossoms. Address: 44 Goryokaku-cho, Hakodate Access: Approx. 15 minute on foot from the Goryokaku Koen(park) mae streetcar stop

Opened in 1879. Cherry tree saplings from Mt. Yoshino in the Nara prefecture were transplanted; now there are about 700 cherry trees, including Yoshino cherry and double-flowered cherry, all calling a spring visit. Address: 17 Aoyagi-cho, Hakodate Access: Close to the Aoyagi-cho streetcar stop

Matsumae Castle

Late Apr-Late May

Its 10,000 cherry trees, of 250 varieties, bloom for almost a month all around Matsumae Castle, Hokkaido s only Japanese-style fortification. Because the many varieties of cherry trees bloom at slightly different times the flower viewing season is exceptionally long.

Matsumae 松前

Address Matsumae Cho Aza Matsushiro : Access 1h 30 min from Kikonai Station : to Matsumae by Hakodate Bus. 7 min on foot from Matsushiro bus stop.

Hanami(cherry blossom viewing) Train&Twinkle Bus
※When you have the Japan Rail Pass or Hokkaido Rail Pass, please make a seat reservation at our statio㎱ beforehand. (№ surcharges.)

Donan Sakura Express

SL Hakodate-Onuma Train

Donan(southern Hokkaido) Sakura(cherry blossom) Express will operate only in the cherry blossom season.With wide windows for a better view and with a larger lounge space, your trip is sure to be a pleasant one.
Route / Sapporo ∼ Hakodate Dates of operation/ Operates daily: 3May- 6 May,2013 Schedule/ Dep.Sapporo 8:04>Arr. Hakodate12:12      Dep.Hakodate14:44> Arr. Sapporo 18:59 Tra㏌: 5 cars (4 reserved seat cars and 1 non-reserved seat car)

The train staff, dressed in retro style, enlivens the SL journey atmosphere by offering information about what s located along the line, original goods for sale, and events.
Route/ Hakodate ∼ Mori(Entire train is reserved seating) Dates of operation:Operates daily:27 April ‒ 6 May,2013 (It is also planned to operate in July and August.) Schedule/ Dep. Hakodate 9:00> Dep. Onuma Park 10:12 > Arr.Mori 10:46     Dep. Mori 13:31 > Dep. Onuma Park 14:39> Arr. Hakodate 15:25

Advance reservations

Please reserve at JR Hokkaido stations up to 3 days prior. Tickets are available at long-distance ticket windows (Midori no Madoguchi) or Twinkle Plaza counters. Please show your JR ticket at the time of purchase, or purchase both of them together. Holders of the Hokkaido Rail Pass or the Japan Rail Pass will have to pay the fare separately .

Matsumae Yozakura Bus It connects from the Donan Sakura Express, and it is suitable for view㏌g cherry blosso㎳ at night
by bus and enables you to stay ㏌ Hakodate for a night.
Matsumae-clan House
16 00 :

Matsumae-clan House
A theme park with an Edo period reconstructed townscape. (Entrance fee is not included.)

Dates of operation/ Operates daily: 3May - 12May,2013 Route:
Hakodate Sta.
13 00 :

Fare/ Round-trip 2000Yen (Ages6-11 are the same price)
Free time Matsumae
19 30 :

Trappist monastery

Kikonai Sta.
14 40 :

Hakodate Sta.
21 45 :

Matsumae Sakura Bus

This bus operates ㏌ the blossom season.

Dates of operation/ Operates daily: 29April - 19May,2013 Fare/ One-way 1,500Yen (Ages6-11 are the same price). Round-trip 2,000 Yen (Ages6-11 are the same price) Route:
Yunokawa Onsen
9 50∼10 10 : :

Hakodate Sta.
10 25 :

Trappist monastery

Kikonai Sta.
11 50 :

13 10Ar./16 10Lv. : :


Kikonai Sta.
17 20 :

Yunokawa Onsen
18 30-50 :

Hakodate Sta.
19 10 :

Hokuto Sakura Bus It tours a new scenic place ㏌ the north ㏌ the spr㏌g, the cherry blossom corridor.
Dates of operation/ Operates daily: 3May - 12May,2013 Fare/1000Yen (Ages6-11 are the same price) Route:
Yunokawa Onsen
7 50-8 10 : :

Hakodate Sta.
8 30 :

A row of cherry trees blossoming along the Ono River (view from a train)

Houki Temple 10mins.

Site of Matusmae-clan Hekirichi Jinya

Kiyokawa Senbon-zakura (a thousand cherry trees) [viewed from the bus]

Trappist monastery

Hakodate Sta.
11 55 :

Model Course
Day1 From Sapporo

Sapporo Sta.

Donan Sakura Express

8 04 :

12 12 :

Hakodate Sta.

Matsumae Yozakura Bus

: 13 00 16 00 :


Matsumae Yozakura Bus

: 19 30 21 45 :

Hakodate Sta. Stay

Day2 Hakodate Koen(park), Miharashi Koen, cherry blossom viewing in Goryokaku Koen, overnight Day3

Hakodate Sta.

SL Hakodate-Onuma Train

9 00 :

10 12 :

Onumakoen Sta.


Onumakoen Sta.

Ltd. Exp. Hokuto No.11

14 21 :

17 29 :

Sapporo Sta.

Day1 From Tokyo

Tokyo Sta.

Hayabusa No.9

9 36 :

12 35 :

Shi Aomori Sta.

Super Hakucho No.19

: 12 45 14 19 :

Kikonai Sta.

Matsumae Yozakura Bus

: 14 40 16 00 :


Matsumae Yozakura Bus

: 19 30 21 45 :

Hakodate Sta. Stay

Day2 Hakodate Koen(park), Miharashi Koen, cherry blossom viewing in Goryokaku Koen, overnight Day3

Hakodate Sta.

Super Hokuto No.9

12 30 :

13 05 :

Mori Sta.

SL Hakodate-Onuma Train

13 31 15 25 : :

Hakodate Sta.

Super Hakucho No.40

15 55 :

17 56 :

Shi Aomori Sta.

Hayabusa No.18

18 24 21 23 : :

Tokyo Sta.

Let s enjoy spring skiing by using the Ski Trip Ticket Tebura Skip !
In Hokkaido, the spring comes much later and you can still enjoy the skiing in March. People in Hokkaido enjoy the extended season, and call the skiing on powdery snow under warm sunlight spring skiing. It has a distinctive pleasure all its own. There s nothing more exhilarating than taking off a jacket and skiing with just a sweater. If you try spring skiing just once, the freedom of it will keep calling you back for more. Please come experience it in Hokkaido! Ski Trip Ticket Tebura Skip offered by JR Hokkaido is a set of discount tickets that include a roundtrip for the train and bus, and that cover the ski lift and the rental of ski equipment.There s no need to pack your ski equipment or rent a car. From first timers to repeaters, everyone can enjoy the skiing and avoid the hassles of planning and carting equipment. Detial:

Yet another station for buying/exchanging a Hokkaido Rail Pass!
Starting April 1, then Hokkaido Rail Pass can be exchanged or purchased at Noboribetsu Station. Already available at Hakodate, New Chitose Airport, Sapporo, Asahikawa, Obihiro, Kushiro, and Abashiri stations, this additional site for the pass will make your travel in Hokkaido more convenient.

Asahikawa Station (Twinkle Plaza) ( 9:30 ∼ 17:30 )

Abashiri Station ( 5:50 ∼ 22:30) Abashiri Station(Twinkle Plaza) ( 9:30 ∼ 17:00 Closed Sat., Sun., and Hol)
Asahikawa Memanbetsu Airport Airport Kushiro Airport New Chitose Airport Obihiro Airport

Sapporo Station JR Information Desk (8:30 ∼ 19:00 )

New Chitose Airport Station JR Information Desk ( 8:30 ∼ 19:00 ) Hakodate Station (Twinkle Plaza) (10:00 ∼ 18:00 )

Kushiro Station(Twinkle Plaza) ( 10:00 ∼ 18:00 )

Obihiro Station(Twinkle Plaza) ( 9:00 ∼ 17:00 )

Hakodate Airport

Noboribetsu Station
( 7:10 ∼ 19:30 )

JR Hokkaido - Doraemon Stamp Rally 2013
Doraemon Stamp Rally 2013 will be held at stations around Sapporo. Again this year, by collecting 18 stamps (one placed at each of 16 Sapporo area stations and two found at DORAEMON WAKUWAKU SKY PARK in the New Chitose Ariport Terminal), you can get original goods and other presents. Why don t you ride and enjoy the train while collecting stamps of Doraemon! Event period: Mar.26- Apr.7,2013 (No participation fee) Stamping hours: 9:30 ∼ 15:30  Stamping places: Stamps for the following 16 stations and 2 stamps at DORAEMON WAKUWAKU SKY PARK in New Chitose Ariport, for a total of 18 stamps.
Ishikari-Tobetsu Ainosato-Kyoikudai Shi-Kotoni

Otaru Otaruchikko Teine

Iwamizawa Ebetsu

Nopporo ShinSapporo KitaHiroshima Eniwa Chitose

How to participate in the stamp rally:
1.Receive a leaflet/stamp sheet (only in Japanese) at JR Hokkaido station in Sapporo area. 2.Collect 4 stamps at the stamping places. 3.Go to the Sapporo Station (the goal) with your 4 collected stamps and get a participation prize (first 1,700 people). <Participation Prize> Original plastic sheet and Doraemon movie sticker <Place and hours for exchange> Sapporo Station west concourse 10:00 ∼ 16:00  4.When you collect all 18 stamps from 16 stations and DORAEMON WAKUWAKU SKY PARK, you will receive Certification for acquisition of all stamps and a Doraemon towel handkerchief at the goal, Sapporo Station (first 470 people).


Goal !





New Chitose Airport

A model course to get 4 stamps :
Rapid Airport No.104 Rapid Airport No.106 Rapid Airport No.141

*There are 2 stamps at DORAEMON WAKUWAKU SKY PARK in the New Chitose Airport Terminal. No fee is required to get the stamps. There is an adimission fee, however for playing in the Sky Park. * Because Sapporo Station is the goal, no stamp is placed there.


New Chitose Airport


A model course to get all stamps:

︼ ︻

Economical Tickets One-Day Round Tour Ticket (Central Hokkaido)
Detail: Available everyday from March 26 to April 7, during the stamp rally period.

Publisher: Inbound Tourism Sales & Marketing Railway Operation Headquarters Hokkaido Railway Company Copyright © Hokkaido Railway Company ALL Rights Reserved.



10:40 Lv.  11:09 Ar.


11:24 Lv.     11:31Ar.

14 04 Lv. :


3 4

14 40   : Ar.

Let s get a participation prize! Let s get a participation prize!

Local Train 8 42Lv.   :  9 32Ar. :

Ishikari Liner Rapid Train 10 05Lv.  :  10 22Ar. :

Ishikari Liner Rapid Train 10 44Lv. :   10 48Ar. :

Local Train 11 18 Lv. :   11 30Ar. :

Local Train 12 08Lv. :   12 14Ar. :

Rapid Airport No.122 12 33Lv. :   13 01Ar. :

Rapid Airport No.143 14 19 Lv. :   14 26 Ar. :

Rapid Airport No.145 14 41Lv. :   14 46 Ar. :

Rapid Airport No.147 15 02Lv. :  15 09Ar. :

Rapid Airport No.151 15 24Lv.   :  15 40Ar. :



New Chitose Airport




Sapporo Sapporo






Day1 Day2







7 8




Local Train 9 28Lv.   :   10:07 Ar.

Local Train 1 0 37Lv. :

Local Train 11: 10Lv.        11: 22Ar.

Local Train

Lunch Time Rapid Airport No.121

Rapid Airport No.140 1 3 34 Lv.   :   1 3 40Ar. :

Rapid Airport No.144 1 4 10 Lv.   :   1 4 26 Ar. :

Ishikari Liner Rapid Train 14 40 Lv.   :  14 46 Ar. : Local Train 14 57Lv.   :  15 04Ar. :










1 0 50Ar. :

11: 43Lv.   11: 55Ar.

1 2 44Lv.   :   1 3 6Ar. :1








Let s get a prize for acquiring all of the stamps!

(Sat., Sun., and Hol. Free pass)