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n Arm/c nati_i Coalition for Colorado's Clean Energy Future V CC A K ^N l S r V E N E RPG T I I D C F U T U R 3 6 l LEA K IY 15E S DW n v e r0, ° P eVnk CO t8 0# 5 C 202 September 20, 2012 Dear Ms. Vicki Marble, We are writing to respectfully request your endorsement of our Path to a Clean Energy Future. Over the last decade, Colorado has built a powerful clean energy infrastructure. In 2011, fueled by growth in renewable energy, Colorado businesses supported 21,000 cleantech jobs. Cleantech venture capital investment in Colorado has exceeded $800 billion. This a great start, but there is much more we must do if we are going to effectively tackle climate change, clean our air, and reestablish Colorado as a national clean energy and jobs leader. While our largest utility has a 30% renewable energy target, most rural and municipal energy providers have only made a 10% commitment that is below the national average. Coal-fired power plants and vehicles are contributing to the smog and dirty air in the Denver metro area, and Coloradans statewide continue to be exposed to harmful mercury and other particulate emissions. Many of our homes and offices are not as efficient in their use of energy as they could be, costing Colorado families and businesses tens of thousands of dollars every month. Additionally, high gas prices are hurting our families; we need to break our dependence on expensive and volatile oil and gasoline prices. We know that Coloradans support a path forward on clean energy. The bi-partisan, 2012 State of the Rockies poll, found that two-thirds of Colorado voters want to reduce America's need for coal, oil and gas by expanding the use of clean, renewable energy. Now is the time to work together to build a better, clean energy future. Colorado's Path to a Clean Energy Future will put our state back on track to building a secure, clean, affordable future for our children. First, we should clean up our air by reducing air pollution from Colorado power plants, including decreasing the emissions that cause climate change by at least 2% per year. Second, Colorado should lead the nation by ensuring over a third of its electricity statewide comes from renewable technologies. Third, all of Colorado's utilities should offer energy efficiency programs that will help our families and businesses save energy and money. Finally, Colorado needs to take a leadership role by opening its doors to the electric vehicle market, focusing first on creating opportunities for charging vehicles at home and at work. A diverse coalition of interests ranging from businesses, public health organizations and faith-based groups has come together around the unifying vision: we can make Colorado a leader again in clean energy while cleaning up our air, protecting our climate, and strengthening our economy. We ask that you endorse Colorado's Path to a Clean Energy Future by October 15 and we look forward to working with you to help make this vision become a reality. For questions and returning your pledge, please contact Faith Winter at or 303-333-7846. Sincerely,

Elise Jones Executive Director Colorado Environmental Coalition

Pete Maysmith Executive Director Colorado Conservation Voters