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Tyson Foods ............................................................................
THE SOLUTION Altiris® Client Management Suite™ including:
Inventory Solution® Deployment Solution™ Application Metering™ Patch Management Solution™ Software Delivery Solution™

THE CHALLENGE > The IT department had to manage twice the number of PCs with the same size staff
> Manual inventory checking was time-consuming

and imprecise
> During Windows migrations, data was sometimes

lost due to human error
> An unorganized patch management system

ABOUT TYSON FOODS Tyson Foods, Inc., founded in 1935 with headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas, is the world's largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef and pork, and the second largest food company in the Fortune 500. Tyson Foods produces a wide variety of brand name protein-based and prepared food products marketed in the United States and more than 80 countries around the world. Tyson Foods is the recognized market leader in the retail and foodservice markets it serves.The Company has approximately 120,000 team members and 450 facilities and offices in 29 states and 22 countries. In fiscal year 2003,Tyson Foods posted operating revenues of $25.3 billion.

increased the risk of virus infection

Tyson technicians often traveled several hours to spend fifteen minutes fixing a problem, and employees sometimes sat for several days without their machines. "If a user had to ship his PC to us for reimaging or repair," noted Stewart, "he would be idle the entire time. Also, it took four to six hours to rebuild a machine. Now thanks to Altiris, we can schedule automatic rebuilds of any PC on our network, which only takes about two hours.There are no shipping costs, no user downtime, no humanerror, or lost data.We save time and money on each rebuild. It's just the solution we were looking for."

THE BUSINESS VALUES > Automates many tasks allowing the IT staff to manage twice the number of PCs and freeing them to work on more important projects
> Inventories thousands of PCs in a matter of hours > Ensures error-free data transfer during PC and

OS migrations
> Automatically deploys patches within 24 hours

IBP ACQUISITION STRAINS IT RESOURCES When Tyson Foods purchased IBP Corporation, it nearly doubled-from 6,000 to 11,000-the number of PCs its information technology (IT) department had to manage. "The additional workstations strained our resources," said Jack Stewart, information technology administrator. "Our desktop management system was primarily manual.We spent thousands of man-hours each year sending technicians on site to take care of routine issues as well as emergencies. With the addition of 5,000 PCs, we had to find a new solution fast, one that would help us right away and continue to save us time and money into the future."

INVENTORY SOLUTION™ SAVES $10,000 A YEAR Tyson's IT group had to assess, inventory, update, and/or rebuild the 5,000 IBP PCs to meet the company's software and licensing standards. According to Stewart, "If we had to send technicians onsite to do the work, we never would have met our timeline.With Altiris Inventory Solution™, we can discover applications on each workstation, including identity numbers and everything, in a matter of hours versus days or even weeks.We generate Altiris Web Reports™ to help management make better budget and planning decisions. In addition, with CMS we are currently rebuilding 20 machines at a time.We've doubled the number of clients we support without increasing headcount, and have more free time to devote to important projects and advanced planning."

Because Tyson could not create a precise list of the hardware and software on its network, it was difficult to manage the company's PC leases, contracts, licenses and other assets. Inventory Solution™ has put them back in control. "Now I can produce a detailed, comprehensive, real-time inventory list in no time at all," continue Stewart. "That feature CMS PAYS FOR ITSELF IN ONE YEAR alone saves us $10,000 a year because it allows me "We were spending too much time on basic tasks, so to remove retired PCs from the tax roles." we decided to purchase a fully automated management tool," explained Stewart. "After three months PATCHES AUTOMATICALLY DEPLOY IN 24 HOURS of researching vendors and testing products, we With the increased number of viruses and worms chose Altiris Client Management Suite (CMS).Altiris spreading around the Internet, installing service offered a one-company, one-solution approach. No packs and patches is a number one priority at other vendor offered everything we needed in a sin- Tyson. But because technicians had to install these gle package, from imaging to remote control. Best of updates manually, they were unable to react quickly all, our return on investment (ROI) analysis showed to PC and network security risks. "With Patch that CMS would pay for itself in one year." Management Solution™, everything has changed,"


said Stewart. "For example, when we were hit by

000. "But he was reluctant to let us do it... and Altiris let us do just that. Client Management Suite..Without the use of technology in general..The training department is extremely pleased with the service we now deliver and they are more productive. an executive asked to have his workstation rebuilt... which sometimes causes corruption issues and other trouble.Tyson had difficulty establishing a standard software image and its manual software rollouts were time-consuming and expensive.. Inc." ABOUT ALTIRIS Altiris. In fact.. But by using Altiris. and in other countries. Carbon Copy and Inventory Solution are registered trademarks of Altiris.We've also been able to take a total-cost-of-ownership approach to systems management. He claimed that during previous rebuilds. we would have had to double our staff. Patch Management Solution.. "Recently... which could have cost us hours of user downtime and consumed many IT man-hours." said Stewart. notebooks.. the IT department rarely performed system or software upgrades in a timely fashion.. we use CMS to automatically re-image the training workstations every weekend..000 machines. For more information. As a result.altiris. he lost data and access to some applications.. "we had an IT staff that supported 6. which has allowed us to save $676.. Now. Not only did that set a record for upgrading software... we did not have an organized patch management system in place... It's not uncommon for data to get lost during manual transfers. server. complete systems management solutions for client and mobile." explained Stewart. it took time and the class usually started late. which allows it to upgrade operating systems... "we were ERROR-FREE DATA TRANSFERS Altiris PC Transplant® (PCT) further simplifies Tyson's PC migrations and rollouts by automating the transfer of PC personalities including user data. Using Altiris.." said Stewart. . and settings for key applications.. so each Monday. "Managing the training workstations used to be a real nightmare. the PCs are in perfect working condition. and asset management.SUCCESS STORY SUCCESS STORY the Blaster virus... in the U..." ALTIRIS SAVES TYSON $676..Tyson has established a standard software image for its desktops and laptops. migrate settings and rollout software in a fraction of the time it used to take. we deployed the new software to thousands of users in four days.. Deployment Solution. Stewart's department also performs system and software upgrades on a timely and even proactive basis. "A year ago...." given one week's notice to install the latest version of two of our most-used applications... we would have to pull people off other projects to do the work.. I can use CMS to drag and drop the software onto all of the PCs in ten minutes.altiris. and reduce the cost and complexity of IT lifecycle management with a rapid return on investment..We had to take back control of our environment. I don't know how we would do it.. only two are required for the Altiris administration team..000 by automating everything we used to do manually. and now we have 11.... "Recently..We feel very secure knowing we can respond immediately to any emergency Software Delivery Solution™ and Deployment Solution™ have solved those problems by allowing a technician to make many repairs without leaving the office. but we saved thousands of dollars in man-hours.. handhelds and Windows. software applications are constantly being installed and uninstalled.We don't see that type of enthusiasm about our services very often.000 ANNUALLY Of Tyson's 30-person computer-support team. in Tyson's training facility. but PCT eliminates the risk. and we patched all of the vulnerable systems in five days. and Altiris specifically. After doing a remote rebuild using Altiris. And if trainers call at the last minute. Linux and UNIX servers throughout the IT lifecycle.000 in reduced desktop support costs and $476. "If a trainer waited until the last minute to ask us to install an application. Software Delivery Solution and Application Metering Solution are trademarks of Altiris..... instead of sending down a group of technicians. we established a process with Patch Management Solution™ that allows us to automatically deploy patches in less than 24 hours. the executive actually sent an email around the office saying how fast and reliable the process 0604 . www... Altiris' vision is to automate..." DEPLOYS NEW SOFTWARE IN RECORD TIME Now. After that close call. Inc. He didn't lose any data and wanted everyone to know... Inc.. At a minimum.. For example..." Altiris is a registered trademark of Altiris. we were able to install small emergency patches to all the machines on our network within 48 hours. visit www..S.The other company names or products mentioned are or may be trademarks of their respective owners.. Inc.Altiris protected us from the Sasser worm. offers a full line of Web-enabled solutions that empower organizations to easily manage desktops.. Altiris provides fully integrated. users experienced zero downtime. I expect Altiris will save us millions of dollars in the coming years..." said Stewart.000 a year: $200. simplify. PREVENT DOWNTIME Before Altiris.. but that still wouldn't address the underlying problems.. and we did it without sending a single technician on a desk-side visit.. Even with several technicians installing software. Windows OS and network settings...