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The activities performed for network clients by a Windows Server 2008 are known as __________.


The roles provided by the Add Roles Wizard fall into three basic categories. Which of the following is NOT one of them?

Network Services

Distributing server roles among several computers has several distinct advantages, including which of the following?

all of the above

What capability of the File Services role consists of two role services that allow administrators to create a virtual directory tree consisting of folders stored on different servers and to maintain duplicate copies of that information?

Distributed File System

What Windows Server 2008 role implements Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 as its core?

Web Server

What role is essentially a superset of the Web Server (IIS) role that enables IIS to host Web services developed using environments such as Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and .NET Framework 3.0?

Application Server

What role service of the Print Services role installs the Print Management snap-in for MMC, which provides centralized printer management for an entire enterprise network?

Print Server

What role enables an application server to provide digital audio and video content to network clients in real time by using HTTP or the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)?

Streaming Media Services

Which of these roles is supported in Windows Server 2008 Server Core?

Print Services

A __________ is a complete installation of an operating system that runs in a software environment emulating a physical computer.

virtual server

What role is included with Windows Server 2008 and enables you to perform unattended installations of Windows Server 2008 and other operating systems on remote computer by using network-based boot and installation media?

Windows Deployment Services

When deploying a server using a WDS installation, the client downloads a boot image that loads __________.

Windows PE

The Windows Server 2008 installation DVD includes a boot image file, located in the \sources folder, that loads Windows PE 2.1 on the client computer. What is the name of this image file?


To create unattend files, Microsoft recommends using what tool in the Windows Automated Installation Kit?

Windows System Image Manager

What is Microsoft s program for automating and managing the activation of products obtained using volume licenses?

Volume Activation 2.0

What enables Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista computers to activate themselves using a host on the local network?

Key Management Services

Windows Server 2008 computers can NOT perform multiple roles at the same time.


a Terminal Services connection uses relatively little network bandwidth because the applications are running on the server computer. True . False To use ImageX.exe. True Web servers receiving large amounts of traffic will not need higher-end network adapters or multiple adapters to connect to different subnets.Unlike virtual private network (VPN) or direct dial-up connections. you must boot the target computer to Windows PE and run the tool from the command line.

there is no Start menu. no MMC console. and virtually no graphical applications. no desktop Explorer shell.NET Framework 3. Application In Windows Server __________. Core .__________ clients are minimal computers used in terminal server environments designed only for server communication.0. Thin The __________ Server role is essentially a superset of the Web Server (IIS) role that enables IIS to host Web services developed using environments such as Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and .

Windows __________ Services is a role included with Windows Server 2008 that enables you to perform unattended installations of Windows Server 2008 and other operating systems on remote computers by using network-based boot and installation media. volume __________ Manager is an MMC console that provides a selection of the most commonly used Windows Server 2008 management tools. Deployment Corporate customers must now activate all Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 computers using __________ license keys. Server .

and services? Web Edition . applications.What technology enables users working at another computer on the company network or on the Internet to establish a connection to a server and open an application or desktop session there? Terminal Services What provides the basic Web server functionality that enables you to publish a standard Website on the Internet or on a private network? Internet Information Services What edition of Windows Server 2008 is designed for computers that will be dedicated solely to hosting Websites.

resource allocation. and update management What is Terminal Services? Terminal Services is a technology that enables users working at another computer on the company network or on the Internet to establish a connection to a server and open an application or desktop session there. security. scalability. fault tolerance. Name them.What enables individual computers to activate themselves by contacting Microsoft hosts or using a proxy? Multiple Activation Keys Distributing server roles among several computers has seven distinct advantages. network traffic. . availability.

5 What is the name of a group of servers that all perform the same function. dividing the client load among them? cluster What type of dynamic disk consists of an identical amount of space on two physical disks? .What is the maximum basic volume size in Windows Server 2008? 2 TB The paging file on a Windows Server 2008 computer is how times the amount of memory installed in the computer by default? 1.

mirrored volume What is a mechanism that individual users can employ to maintain access to their server files. even in the event of a network service failure? Offline Files Newly installed disks always appear first as what type of disk? basic disk What Windows Server 2008 feature enables you to maintain previous versions of files on a server? Shadow Copies .

What type of permissions control access to folders over a network? share permissions What consists of a security principal and the specific permissions assigned to that security principal? access control entry NTFS permissions are located on what tab of a file or folder s properties? Security Standard permissions are actually combinations of what other type of permissions. which provide the most granular control over the element? special permissions .

exe . inherited. or received through a group membership? effective permissions What mechanism enables administrators to store elements of user profiles on a server share instead of the local drives on individual workstations? folder redirection What command-line utility along with the Use parameter can be used to map drive letters to folders in logon scripts? Net. whether explicitly assigned.What is the name of the combination of Allow permissions and Deny permissions that a security principal receives for a given system element.

and format disks? Disk Management Windows Server 2008 supports two hard disk partition types: MBR and __________. GPT Drive letters can be mapped with logon scripts or with __________.What is the primary interface you use to initialize. partition. Group Policy The process of granting users access to file server shares by reading their permissions is called .

authorization The hardware you select for a file server should be based primarily on the amount of storage your users need and their performance and availability requirements. a computer with hard drives stored inside it. True A basic file server uses remotely attached storage. False Offline files is the only backup needed in most cases. False . that is.

You cannot convert removable media to dynamic disks. storage __________ folders makes them accessible to network users. and optical jukeboxes. False A(n) __________ area network is a separate network dedicated solely to storage devices such as drive arrays. magnetic tape autochangers. . True The majority of Windows installations today use the FAT32 file system as opposed to NTFS.

Deny Folder __________ asks users to click what appears to be a local folder. such as Documents.Sharing __________ permissions control access to the files and folders stored on disk volumes formatted with the NTFS file system. redirection . and access their files that are actually stored on a server. it overrides any Allow permissions that the element might have inherited from its parent objects. NTFS When you assign a __________ permission to a system element.

the missing data can be recreated using the parity information on the other disks? RAID 5 Drives can be mapped through Group Policy or though what other method? logon scripts .What type of devices are essentially dedicated file servers that provide file-based storage services directly to clients on the network? network attached storage In what volume type does the system stripe data and parity information across all of the disks so that if one physical disk fails.

This feature is designed to prevent administrators from having to load backup media to restore individual files for users.What is the difference between a storage area network and network attached storage? A SAN is a separate network dedicated solely to storage devices such as drive arrays. What are Shadow Copies. NAS devices are essentially dedicated file servers that provide filebased storage services directly to clients on the network. magnetic tape autochangers. they can access the shadow copies to restore earlier versions. and how do they work? Shadow Copies is a Windows Server 2008 mechanism that automatically retains copies of files on a server volume in multiple versions from specific points in time. When users accidentally overwrite or delete files. What would be typed into a command-line interface to map the drive letter X: to a share named Data on a server named DC01? net use X: \\DC01\Data . and optical jukeboxes.

The File Services node provides access to which of the following elements? All of the above Which system simplifies the process of locating files and folders on network servers? Distributed File System Which of the following items allows administrators to monitor and regulate the storage consumed by network users? File Server Resource Manager What will the Window s Server 2008 Deploying a File Server default allow you to manage on the server? .

thus preventing any one server from shouldering the entire traffic load? load balancing Replication groups use which topology to limit the replication traffic to specific pairs of members? hub/spoke topology .all of the above Which Windows operating system protocol is used for file sharing? Server Message Blocks (SMB) DFS can distribute access requests by using what feature.

Which role service selection allows you to install the Share and Storage Management console for Microsoft Management Console (MMC)? File Server Which system can warn administrators of excessive storage utilization trends or apply hard restrictions to user accounts? quotas What protocol conserves network bandwidth by detecting changes in files and transmitting only the modified data to the destination? Remote Differential Compressions What is an MMC console that provides a selection of the most commonly used Windows Server 2008 management tools? .

no matter which copy changes? multimaster replication Which UNIX operating system protocol is used for file sharing? Network File System (NFS) .Server Manager Which option allows clients to revert to a previously unavailable target when it becomes available again at a lower cost than the present target? Client Failback What technique duplicates copies of a file that are all updated on a regular basis.

Which console includes several predefined quota templates that can be used to create your own quota template? File Server Resource Manager Windows Server 2008 computers must run which protocol service to send email messages? Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) For organizations utilizing Windows and UNIX computers. Windows Server 2008 includes which role service? Services for Network File System .

and data collection? DFS Replication What lookup service maintains a list of UNIX accounts by using their UID and GID values as well as their equivalent Windows or Active Directory accounts? User Name Mapping You must install the File Services role to use the Distributed File System. . True Configuring role services as you install them saves time and effort later.What works in tandem with DFS Namespaces to provide unified services such as data distribution. load balancing.

creating workgroups is the recommended method for managing quota assignments on a large scale.True To raise the domain functional level of a domain. use the Active Directory Domains and Trusts console. True For enterprise networks. False Windows Server 2008 supports the UNIX and Linux file server clients with Server Message Blocks (SMB). False .

and Startup Type of each service. the Status. you must use __________ Manager.The Distributed File System (DFS) implemented in the Windows Server 2008 File Services role includes two technologies: DFS __________ and DFS Replication. Namespaces __________ Services displays the system services associated with the File Services role. Server . System To install Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

__________ can warn administrators of excessive storage utilization trends or apply hard restrictions to user accounts. WAN What is limited in Windows Server 2008 by using a quota? disk space What is multimaster replication? . Quotas __________ links that are connected to remote sites are usually owned by third-party providers.

)The need to provide users at remote sites with local access to their files. (2. smaller servers rather than one large server? (1. What is a file screen used for? Administrators typically use file screening to keep large audio and video files off of server drives because they consume a lot of space and users frequently obtain them illegally.) Provide individual departments or workgroups with control over their own servers.) To provide fault tolerance by using redundant servers. What are four reasons that network administrators might prefer to install multiple.Multimaster replication is a technique in which duplicate copies of a file are all updated on a regular basis. What problem does an administrator face when using a large number of file servers on large enterprise network deployments? . no matter which copy has changed. (3. (4.) Desire to improve network performance and reduce internetwork bandwidth by keeping traffic local.

What is the actual hardware that produces hard copy documents on paper or other print media? print device What tool do printing administrators on large enterprise networks use to keep track of print devices? Print Management console .The size of the network often makes it difficult for users to locate their files.

you must activate __________. spooler To browse for print servers on the network. the Network Discovery Setting .How is a local print device attached to a computer? through computer ports After the printer processes a print job. it stores the job in a print queue that is known as a __________.

Desktop Experience How many fax job queues can be on a single system? 1 .Windows Fax and Scan is packaged as part of a single feature called __________.

Users accessing the fax server must have an account created on what console? Fax Manager What role must be installed before or with the Fax Server role? Print Services Before you can share a printer on a Windows Server 2008 computer. you must enable what setting in the Network and Sharing Center? Printer Sharing .

their desktops A printer is the hardware interface through which a computer communicates with a print device. False .Windows Server 2008 includes a Fax Server role that allows users to send faxes from __________.

True Printer security permissions can be displayed by going to the __________ tab on that printers property sheet. print jobs can often be much larger than the document files from which they were generated. Security . True In their final PCL format.LPD Services allows UNIX clients running the LPR program to send their print jobs to Windows printers.

spooler The highly portable print job format that is the default format used by Windows 2000.The printer processes a print job and stores the job in a print queue or __________. and Windows Server 2003 print subsystems is __________ Metafile. Windows XP. Enhanced .

What are the six basic steps involved in setting up a fax server? . or sent to a printer. stored in a folder.What is the new platform-independent document format included with Windows 2008 and Windows Vista that allows print job files to use a single format for their entire journey to the print device? XML Paper Specification (XPS) What three ways can a fax server route incoming faxes? They can be routed through e-mail.

share the fax printer. configure incoming fax routing. and designate fax users. What version of IIS is included in Windows Server 2008? 7 Which box should you leave checked to make a site active as soon as it is created? Start Web site immediately . add the Desktop Experience feature. configure the fax device.Add the Fax Server role.

what server setting is automatically inherited? . File Transfer Protocol (FTP) When you create additional Websites on an IIS7 server. perform rudimentary file management tasks. and copy files in either direction between the two computers.Which service enables IIS to respond to a variety of incoming message types and not just HTTP? Windows Process Activation Service (WPAS) What application layer protocol enables a client to connect to a remote server.

Default Server Setting What type of interface is provided in the modular architecture of IIS7 that can be used to configure a Website s many properties? icon-based interface What determines how listeners will identify requests on a Website? binding .

How many different Websites can be configured in IIS? unlimited IIS7 supports which HTTP binding options? all of the above What type of interface that is integrated into most browser applications is used most often by FTP clients? .

graphical interface On IIS7. what reduces the application s attack surface. and simplifies the configuration and maintenance processes? modular installation What allows a company to host the same documents on several different Websites without copying the documents to each content folder? virtual directory . minimizes the amount of memory and other system resources it needs to run.

exe. True You can create additional bindings and rules as needed by using the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager console when creating an FTP site. which can perform virtually any IIS configuration task from the command line.The Virtual Basic administration scripts that IIS6 used for command-line management have been replaced by a comprehensive application called AppCmd. True .

Error FTP7 uses __________ to encrypt its authentication traffic before transmission.__________ handling in IIS7 captures information about failed requests and provides Failed Request Tracing capabilities. providing protection for sensitive passwords as well as the file data itself. Secure Sockets Layer What method enables the Web server to host multiple Websites using a single IP address and port number without requiring any special information from clients? . SSL.

port number. and host header .0 What are the three types of site bindings used in IIS? IP address.virtual hosting Internet Information Services is now in what version? 7.

What is a virtual directory? A virtual directory is an alias that points to a folder in another physical location. such as a password or certificate? authentication . What is the process of confirming a user s identity. enabling you to publish content found on different drives or different computers without copying or moving it. usually by requiring the user to supply some sort of token.

What type of IIS authentication is best used for intranet Web servers with clients that are members of the same Active Directory domain and are separated by a firewall or proxy server? Digest Authentication What authentication protocol is ticket-based and is used by Windows computers that are members of an Active Directory domain? Kerberos What is a way to configure an ASP.NET application to run in a security context different from the application s default context? .

NET Impersonation What is it that specifies what clients are able to do on a Website after they have been authenticated by the server? authorization rules What module enables you to limit client access to specific file types in several different ways? Handler Mappings .ASP.

which is __________. one public and one private? public key SSL for FTP7 eliminates one of the major shortcomings of FTP. .What security protocol allows you to encrypt data exchanged by clients and IIS servers? Secure Sockets Layer Participants in what type of infrastructure are issued two keys.

which is called __________. Is Exactly. the filter will show all of the printers currently reporting a(n) __________ condition.transmission of passwords in clear text Permissions tend to run down through a hierarchy. highly portable print job format is the default format used by the Windows 2000. Error . Service The __________ Printers list shows all of the printers deployed with Group Policy using the console. Deployed If you create a filter with the settings Queue Status. and Windows Server 2003 print subsystems? Enhanced Metafile (EMF) Fax Server creates a Fax printer and installs the Fax __________ Manager console. Windows XP. permission inheritance What increases the production capability of a single printer by connecting it to multiple print devices? Printer pool What snap-in for MMC is an administrative tool that consolidates the controls for the printing components throughout the enterprise into a single console? Print management What standardized. and Error.

software __________ print devices are attached to computer ports. What is this process called? Mounting . Client The Services for NFS implementation in Windows Server 2008 is substantially __________ than its predecessor Windows server 2003. Namespace An NFS server exports part of its file system and the NFS client integrates the exported information into its own file system. Local The Network __________ setting allows you to browse for print servers on the network.A printer is the __________ interface through which a computer communicates with a print device. Simpler A(n) __________ server functions just like a file server except when a user requests access to a file in the DFS directory tree. you must use what program? Windows Fax and Scan Which role creates a Website that enables users on the Internet to send print jobs to shared Windows printers? Internet Printing Network File System (NFS) places the bulk of the file-sharing process on the __________. Directory What can you create to connect a single printer to multiple print devices? printer pool What is the simplest print architecture that consists of one print device connected to one computer? locally attached print device To send and view faxes.