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Semester I Code Subject HSS101 English for technical communication I MAT101 Mathematics I PHY101 CHY105 MEC101/ CSE102 CIV101/ EEE101/ MEC181 CHY181 Physics I Chemistry Engineering Drawing /Programming Languages Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering/ Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Work Shop Chemistry Laboratory

L 2 3 3 3 1

T 0 0 0 0 0

P 0 0 0 0 3

C 2 3 3 3 2

4 0 0 16 L 2 3 3 4

0 0 0 – T 0 0 0 0

0 3 3 9 P 0 0 0 0

4 1 1 19 C 2 3 3 4 2

Total Semester II Code Subject English for technical HSS102 communication II MAT102 PHY104 EEE101/ CIV101 CHY101 CSE102/ MEC101 MEC103 PHY181 CSE181 Mathematics II Physics II Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering/ Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering Environmental Sciences Programming Languages/Engineering Drawing Engineering Mechanics Physics Laboratory Programming Languages Laboratory Total

2 2 3 0 0 19

0 0 0 0 0 –

0 0 0 3 3 6

2 3 1 1 21






Semester III Code MAT201 Subject Mathematics III L 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 0 18 T 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 4 P 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 6 C 3 3 4 4 4 4 2 2 26

HSSXXX Humanities Elective I EEE201 Electromagnetic theory EEE202 EEE203 ECE256 EEE281 ECE296 DC Machines and Transformers Electric Circuit Analysis Electronic Devices and circuits Machines Laboratory I Electronic devices and Circuits Laboratory Total

Semester IV Code MAT211 EEE204 EEE205 EEE206 ECE266 CSE206 EEE282 CSE285 Subject Numerical Methods Control Systems AC Machines Measurements and Instrumentation Digital Electronics Object Oriented Programming Machines Laboratory II Object Oriented Programming Laboratory Total L 3 3 3 4 3 3 0 0 T 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 P 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 C 3 4 4 4 4 4 2 2







B.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Semester V Code Subject EEEXXX Major Elective I EEE301 EEE302 EEE303 Circuits EEE304 EEE381 EEE382 Minor Elective I Power Electronics Transmission and Distribution Linear Integrated Circuits Design of Electrical Apparatus Power Electronics Laboratory Instrumentation and control Laboratory Total L 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 0 18 T 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 4 P 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 6 C 3 3 4 4 4 4 2 2 26 Semester VI Code Subject HSSXXX Humanities Elective II EEEXXX Major Elective II Free Elective I EEE305 EEE306 EEE383 Minor Elective II Power System Analysis Microprocessor and Microcontroller Digital Circuits and Integrated Circuits Laboratory Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory Total L 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 T 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 P 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 C 3 3 3 3 4 4 2 EEE384 0 0 3 2 18 2 6 24 KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 4 .

B.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Semester VII Code HSSXXX Subject Humanities Elective III Free Elective II Major Elective III Major Elective IV Protection and Switch gear Solid State Drives Power System Operation and Control Power System Simulation Laboratory Total L 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 21 T 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 P 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 C 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 2 24 EEEXXX EEEXXX EEE401 EEE415 EEE403 EEE481 Semester VIII Code EEE499 Subject Self study Elective Project work Total Total number of Credits =178 MAJOR ELECTIVES Code Subject EEE307 High voltage engineering EEE309 Control system design EEE310 EEE311 EEE312 Non-conventional energy sources Network analysis and synthesis Special electrical machines L 3 0 3 T 0 0 0 P 0 24 24 C 3 8 11 L 3 3 3 3 3 T 0 0 0 0 0 P 0 0 0 0 0 C 3 3 3 3 3 KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 5 .

Utilization and conservation Modern control theory Industrial automation Neural network and fuzzy logic Digital Protection Virtual Instrumentation SCADA and DCS 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 EEE408 EEE409 EEE410 EEE411 EEE412 EEE413 MINOR ELECTIVES Code Subject Digital signal ECE301 processing CSE210 Computer architecture and organization ECE356 Communication engineering CSE366 Visual languages and applications CSE306 Data communication and networks CSE207 Operating systems EIE420 MEC403 EIE409 VLSI Design Mechatronics Bio–medical instrumentation L 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 P 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 6 .B.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 EEE313 EEE402 EEE404 EEE405 EEE406 EEE407 Energy Management and Energy Audit Electric Drives HVDC and FACTS Power system dynamics Power system optimization Electric energy generation.

B.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 ECE431 EIE412 ECE366 EIE415 CSE 404 EEE414 Wireless communication Optimal and adaptive control Embedded systems Micro controller based system design Data Mining and Ware Housing Advanced Java Programming 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 3 3 3 3 HUMANITIES ELECTIVES Code HSS001 HSS002 HSS004 HSS006 HSS014 HSS015 HSS016 HSS017 HSS018 HSS019 HSS020 HSS023 Subject Total Quality Management Engineering Management Industrial Psychology Professional Ethics Marketing Management Management Concepts and Techniques Organizational Psychology International Economics Communication Skills Operations research Human Resource Management Entrepreneurship Development L 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 P 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 7 .

familiarity to varied types of spoken English and accents . SPEAKING SKILLS Oral practice .active listening in discussions and to lectures .gerund .British versus American.predicting the content.reading and comprehending technical materials .concord . radio news broadcasts.participating in short and longer conversation . collocation and word combinations .developing confidence .learning professional/conversational etiquette.B.reading articles in English newspapers.abbreviation and acronym .sentence pattern . LISTENING SKILLS Comprehension practice . use of stress and intonation . KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 8 .participative learning .picking out specific information .editing strategies .speaking practice .articles .taking notes while listening . correction of intonation.vocabulary development . replay.conjunction.acquiring proficiency.guessing meaning from content .intensive reading .rewriting infinitive into gerund .reported speech .idioms and phrases .verb preposition and relative . READING SKILLS Vocabulary extension .extracting information from listening. pronunciation and flow of speech . rhythm.rewriting the sentences in impersonal/abbreviated passive grammatical structures .varieties of English . sports magazines.adjective numerical.sentence level verb noun agreement .extempore speech . cause and effect .writing formal definition . intonation . stress.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 SEMESTER I HSS101 ENGLISH FOR TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION I (Common to all branches) L 2 T 0 P 0 C 2 FOCUS ON LANGUAGE Parts of speech . TV news telecasts .interplay .reading strategies identifying topic sentence .transcoding visual into oral . number prefix.varied grammatical function of the same word .developing ability to understand audio and video media aiming at overcoming barriers to listening .connectives. consonants. critical and analytical reading .reading aloud.imperative rewriting imperative into recommendation using should . expressions of purpose and function. negative prefix .phonemes . noun phrases .prefix and suffix. no possibility.nominal compounds. fluency.affixes .listening to discussion . encyclopedias .adjectives . comparison and contrast.relative pronoun .role play .voice .professional reading .tenses . zero condition .word formation .improving vocabulary . unreal.conditional structures .seminar . accuracy in oral communication .cloze reading.reading practice .voice record.

2.Addition.How to Write Clearly and Communicate Better. avoiding common grammatical errors in academic writing . Geoffrey Leech. Tata McGraw-Hill.Hamilton theorem . Universal Book Stall. 2000. 2005.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 WRITING SKILLS Discourse cohesion . sequence words . New Delhi. transpose.Cayley . MAT101 MATHEMATICS I (Common to all Branches) L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 MATRICES Review of linear algebra . Govi Publications. 17th Edition.technical reports.Orthogonal transformation of a real symmetric matrix to KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 9 . events reports writing recommendations . Skew-symmetric. transition words.formal and informal letters . English for Engineers . Manivannan G. REFERENCES 1.Reduced echelon form EIGEN VALUE PROBLEMS Eigen value and eigen vector of real matrix . business correspondence letters. Skew-Hermitian. Oxford University Press. Hermitian.extending the hints . industry visit reports. lodging complaint.B. Martin Cutts. calling for quotation. use of imperatives .Rank . Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English. Fan Svartvik.Matrix operations .A Book on Scientific and Technical Writing. Daniel Jones.job application and resume. Pearson Education Asia. persuasive letters . problems and solutions. identity. multiplication. scalar multiplication. TEXT BOOK of eigen values and eigen vectors .punctuation dialogue writing . 7th Edition.Special types of matrices . 2005.writing instructions. OUP. adjoint and their properties .Null. 2005. symmetric. achieving coherence.Consistency of a system of linear equations Solution of the matrix equation Ax = b – Row .improving writing skills.writing shorter sentences . normal . diagonal.letter writing . orthogonal. 4.transferring of information from text to pictorial/graphical representation and vice versa. 1994. 3. AS. Effective Technical Communication. permission for in-plant training.jumbled sentences into sequential paragraph using linguistic clues .essays of descriptive and argumentative . English Pronouncing Dictionary. 1999. triangular. A Communicative Grammar of English. Plain English Guide . writing .assignment writing mini-project .transcoding . placing order. unitary.paragraph writing. Rizvi M Ashraf.

Ltd. 2nd Edn.Maxima and Minima for functions of two variables . J.Cartesian and Parametric co-ordinates . New Delhi. Chennai. 8th Edn. K.Partial differentiation . Chennai.. signature and nature of quadratic form DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS Review of limits .Sphere Tangent plane .Method of Lagrangian multiplier .Index.Euler’s theorem for homogeneous functions -Total differential . Higher Engineering Mathematics.S.Evolutes . Kreyszig.B. Venkataraman.Cauchy’s and Legendre’s linear equations .Reduction of quadratic form to canonical form by orthogonal transformation . 2001 2. John Wiley and Sons (Asia) Limited.Continuity and differentiability .Circle of curvature . Engineering Mathematics Volume I. A. S..Equations of a plane . Singapore . Engineering Mathematics First Year.Plane section of a sphere . M. Arumugam.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 diagonal form . Grewal.Orthogonal spheres ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Solutions of second and higher order linear ODE with constant coefficients .Angle between two lines .. Reprint 2001.S. Advanced Engineering Mathematics.Centre and radius of curvature . The National Publishing Company..Method of variation of parameters TEXT BOOKS 1.Simultaneous first order linear equations with constant coefficients . Thangapandi Isaac.. A.Taylor’s expansion (two variables) ... E.Jacobians THREE DIMENSIONAL ANALYTICAL GEOMETRY Direction cosines and ratios . 2000 PHY111 PHYSICS I (common to all branches) L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 ACOUSTICS AND STRUCTURE OF SOLIDS Classification of sound – reverberation – Sabine’s formula – common acoustical defects and remedies – classification of solids – crystal structures – X-ray diffraction – crystal growth – crystal defects KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 10 ..Involutes Envelopes .Coplanar lines . 5th Reprint 2004.Curvature .. Khanna Publishers. Reprint 2000. B.. 1999 REFERENCES 1.Shortest distance between two skew lines ..Equations of straight line . Scitech Publications (India) Pvt. 37th Edition. 2003 2. Somasundaram. 2nd Edition. Grewal .

New Delhi. and Murthy G. New Age International Publication. S. 3. Engineering Physics. 2003. New York. 2001. 3rd Edition. Rajput B.L. 6.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 LASER AND FIBRE OPTICS Interaction of radiation with matter – quantum mechanical view – three and four Level laser system – Holography – construction and reconstruction of hologram – Engineering and medical applications – introduction of fibre optics – classification of fibre – Engineering and medical applications QUANTUM PHYSICS Inadequacy of classical mechanics – Black body radiation – Planck’s law – Photo electric effect – Compton effect – Einstein’s photoelectric equation – Schrödinger wave equation – particle in one – three dimensional box. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 11 2.P. Meerut. Smith. Ali Omar. A text book of Engineering Physics. Structures and Properties of Engineering Materials.S.S. New Market.K. . Tata McGraw – Hill Publishing Company Limited. Jena AK.R. Pillai and D. P. 2008. New Market.O. New Delhi. Hand book of Electronics. M. New Delhi. Pvt Ltd. “Engineering Physics”. New Delhi.B.. Pearson Education (Singapore). Begum Bridge. TEXT BOOKS 1. Sankar. Gupta K..S Pragati Prakashan. 2. Meerut. Palanisamy. Foundations of materials science and Engineering. Murthy V. Advanced Quantum Mechanics.K.L. Gupta S. William F. 2003. Scitech Publications (India). Elementary Solid State Physics. Gaur R.N. Indian Branch. Begum Bridge. 5. NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING Liquid penetrant – magnetic particle and eddy current methods – X-ray radiography – fluoroscopy – Gamma ray radiography – ultrasonic scanning methods – ultrasonic flaw detector – thermography. Dhanpat Rai publications (P) Ltd... Kumar V Pragati Prakashan. & Gupta S. Chennai. 4.. 2009. REFERENCES 1. RELATIVITY Frame of reference – Newtonian relativity – Galilean Transformation equations – Ether hypothesis – Michelson-Morley experiment – special theory of relativity – Lorentz transformation equations – length contraction – time dilation – relativity of simultaneity – addition of velocities – variation of mass with velocity – mass-energy equivalence – Minkowski’s four dimensional space – time continuum. Tata McGraw-Hill.

Free energy and work function.Application to one component systems. theory. Arthur Beiser.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 7. relaxation methods and flash photolysis Thermodynamic formulation of reaction rates .Determination of single electrode potential by using reference electrodes . New Delhi. WATER TECHNOLOGY Water quality parameters . fuel cells.Problems-Entropy of phase transitions-Problems. Gas Chromatography (GC).Demineralisation (Ionexchangers) and desalination – Boiler feed water-Domestic water treatment.Phase equilibria. 2000.Applications of first law (relation between Cp and Cv only) . solar cellChemical structure.Principles of chemical and electrochemical corrosion . two component systems (eutectic and compound formation). Gibbs-Helmholtz equation. Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA).Tata McGraw – Hill Publishing Company Limited.Water softening (zeolite) . instrumentation and applications of UV-Visible spectroscopy. DYNAMICS OF CHEMICAL PROCESSES Basic concepts. Concepts of Modern Physics .Corrosion control (Sacrificial anode and impressed current methods). 5th Edition. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).Kinetics of parallel.problems.Nernst equation-ProblemsElectrochemical energy systems: primary and secondary batteries. flow techniques.Entropy changes for reversible and isothermal processes .Definition and expression .B.Mathematical form of First law and its limitationsEnthalpy. Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA).Applications-Problems-Van’t Hoff isotherm and isochore-Applications-Problems.Enzyme kinetics (Michaelis-Menten equation). electronic behaviours and applications of conducting polymers. opposing and consecutive reactions with examplesTemperature dependence of rate of reactions-Problems -Techniques and methods for fast reactions.EMF measurements and its applications. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 12 .Second law of thermodynamics (Clausius and Kelvin statement) . INSTRUMENTAL METHODS OF ANALYSIS Fundamental principles. CHEMISTRY L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 CHY 105 MACROSCOPIC PROPERTIES OF SYSTEMS IN EQUILIBRIUM Basic concepts of thermodynamics. ELECTRODICS Electrochemical series and its applications -Reference electrodes (H2 and calomel electrodes).Importance and determination of Dissolved oxygen (DO) content in water-Estimation of hardness (EDTA method)Problems-Determination of alkalinity.

. 7.. Vogel A.. 1996. F.I. and Settle. 3. Sharma L. and Pathania M. Edition. V. Chand and Company. Goel publishing House. I and II. Kund and Jain. “Principles of Physical 2. 14th Edition 2002. 4. Willard. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 13 . and Rajaram J. Sixth Edition. TEXT BOOKS 1.. Dean J. 1998. W. 1986. 2. Refractometry and Nephelometry. located in all quadrants .C. 1999. 3.(P) Ltd. 12th 2001. determination of true lengths and true inclinations. Delhi. WileyPublishers. Tata McGraw-Hill Publications Co. 1989. Merritt. analysis".B. Sixth Edition. STRAIGHT LINES AND PLANES Projection of points.. H.I..K.orthographic principles – missing view . PROJECTION OF POINTS. Tranmission Electron Microscopy (TEM).free hand sketching in first angle projection from pictorial views. Puri B. New Delhi. CBS publishers.A.A.. 5. Vishal Publishing Co. ENGINEERING DRAWING (Common to all Branches) L 1 T 0 P 3 C 2 MEC101 INTRODUCTION Importance of graphics – use of drafting instruments – BIS conventions and specifications – size. Oxford University Press.S. Physical Chemistry. REFERENCE BOOKS 1.Barrow. " Physical Chemistry ". Sharma. Rouessac. R. B. " Instrumental Methods of Analysis ". " Quantitative Inorganic Chemical Analysis ". Kuriakose. " Physical Chemistry ". Atkins P.projection of straight lines located in the first quadrant. S. " Chemical Analysis-Modern instrumental methods and techniques ".Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).1996. and Monica J... F. New Delhi . R. location of traces projection of polygonal surface and circular lamina located in first quadrant inclined to one or both reference planes. Tata McGraw Hill. Jain P. Dhanpat Rai Publications Co.. I. J.H.C. " Engineering Chemistry ". 2008. layout and folding of drawing sheets – lettering dimensioning and scales .Ltd. Vol.. 1998... Chemistry”.. " Chemistry in Engineering and Technology ". Gordon M. "Instrumental methods of 6. Sixth Edition...

Chennai. Nataraajan. cylinder and cone when the axis is inclined to one reference plane by change of position method – types of section – full section and half section -conventional section lines . obtaining true shape of section DEVELOPMENT OF SURFACES Development of lateral surfaces of simple and truncated solids – prisms. Engineering Graphics. pyramids.Simple Computational problems. B.? : operator . Basant Aggarwal and C.Header Files . TEXT BOOKS 1.development of lateral surfaces of combined solids. K. symbolic constants. 5. cylinder and cone in vertical position by cutting planes inclined to any one of the reference planes. keywords. 4. cylinders and cones .V.. Nested control statements. ISOMETRIC AND PERSPECTIVE PROJECTION Principles of isometric projection – isometric view and projections of simple solids.B. cylinders and cones .New Delhi . A text book of Engineering Graphics.goto statement – Problems using Control Structures. pyramids. Decision Making: if statement .C. truncated prisms. and Rana. data types. Operators and Expressions-Operator precedence and associativity of operators -Input and Output Functions-Library Functions . New Delhi.Still more looping-For statement.switch statement – the break statement . Venugopal. Prentice Hall of India Pvt Ltd.. Engineering Drawing. pyramids. M. Bhatt. Dhanalakshmi Publishers.. New Age International (P) Limited.. statements. Engineering Drawing.else-if ladder –Looping statements –While –dowhile. declarations. New Delhi.D. constants. 2003.Orthographic to isometric view – Introduction to perspective projection. 2006. Pearson Education. Aggarwal. 2. PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES (Common to all Branches) L 2 T 0 P 0 C 2 CSE102 BASIC ELEMENTS OF C & CONTROL STATMENTS Introduction to C programming – C character set – Identifiers. 2001. Tata McGraw-Hill publishing company. 2005. New Delhi. 3. 2008 REFERENCES 1.if-else statement . KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 14 . 46th Edition. Shah.. Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing. Engineering Drawing. pyramids. N.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 PROJECTION OF SOLIDS AND SECTION OF SOLIDS Projection of solids like prisms. Charotar publishing House. XI Edition.B. 2002.Continue statement .section of simple solids like prisms. Luzadder and Duff. expressions. K. variable.

3.and Kalin M.Problems on functions & recursion functions.Pointers and Multidimensional Arrays . Third Edition.Self Referential Structures. UNIX Shell Programming.Pointer Declarations .Nesting of functions –Recursion. Pointer Fundaments .”The C Programming language”.Arrays and Strings .Richie.Pointers and One-Dimensional Arrays .B.Arrays and Pointers .Function CallsFunction declaration-Category of functions. 2. DYNAMIC MEMORY MANAGEMENT.Arrays and & Structures Union. Processing and Updating of Data Files .Creating a Data File – Reading & writing a data file.Operations on Pointers-Programs using Pointers with Functions. Programming with C. Johnsonbaugh R. STRUCTURES & UNIONS Dynamic Memory Allocation –Allocating a Block of memory. Storage Classes -Automatic Variables -External Variables – Static and Register Variables. Kerninghan and Dennis M.Return values and their Types. 5. Third Edition. a multifunction program. Pearson Education.Directory commands-Miscellaneous commands TEXT BOOKS 1. Shell fundamentals.Enumerated data types-Programs using commands – File commands. ARRAYS AND POINTERS Defining and Processing an Array .2005. releaseing used space. Second Edition.Structures and Pointers Passing Structures to Functions . Gottfried.Multidimensional Arrays .Passing Pointers to Functions .Rajaraman “Computer Basics and C Programming” PHI 2008 Stephen Kochan and Patrick Wood. Pearson education 2003 1. searching and merging of arrays. – Defining a Structure .Unformatted Data Files . multiple blocks.Passing Arrays to Functions . Balagurusamy “ Programming in ANSI C” fourth edition TMH 2008 V. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 15 . 6. searching of data file contents.Definition of Functions. altering the size of block. DATA FILES AND UNIX OS Opening and Closing a Data File . Byron S. E.Processing a Structure – User defined Data Types – Nested structure . Introduction to Operating System.Elements of user defined functions. 2003.Programs using merging. 7. “Applications Programming in ANSI C”. 4. 2006 REFERENCES Brian W. Tata McGraw Hill.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 USER DEFINED FUNCTION FUNCTIONS & STORAGE CLASSES Need for User defined functions.Pearson Education.

Components of Culverts – Causeways. Bridges .B.single stage impulse turbine. casting – forging – rolling – extrusion – drawing .. tidal. bituminous and cement concrete roads –. Chain surveying. wind. 1996. nuclear.Purpose of a foundation – Bearing capacity of soils – types of foundations. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. milling machine. ocean thermal energy conversion. Beams – Lintels – Columns – Flooring – Damp proof course – surface finishes – Doors and windows – Roofing. TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING Principles and Classification of surveying. Babcock and Wilcox boiler. gas welding. T-beam and slab bridge. New Delhi.. shaping machine.boiler mountings and accessories – Cochran boiler. cement.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 CIV 101 BASIC CIVIL AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING L T P C 4 0 0 4 CIVIL ENGINEERING BUILDINGS Characteristics of good building materials such as stones.Importance of railways – Gauges – Components of a permanent way. fire and water tube boilers . brazing and soldering . difference between impulse and reaction turbines. working of four and two stroke petrol and diesel engines. diesel and hydro power plants . Compass surveying and leveling .Importance of roads – Classification of Highways –water bound macadam. M.Metal machining – lathe.Basic functions of buildings – Major components of buildings – Foundations .S. Proper methods of construction of Brick masonry – Stone masonry – Hollow Block masonry.Metal joining process . and Palanichamy. drilling G. planing machine. aggregates and concrete . Locomotive boiler.welding – arc welding. melting of cast iron. Railways . plywood and ceramic tiles. Slab Bridge. timber..Steam turbine . Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering. PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY Metal casting and forming process –patterns. TEXT BOOK 1. introduction to Computer Numerical Control machining. geothermal. bricks. Parson’s reaction turbine.Alternate sources of energy .components. moulding. Shanmugam. Suspension bridge MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BOILERS AND TURBINES Boilers . KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 16 . – IC engine . POWER PLANTS AND INTERNAL COMBUSTION (IC) ENGINE Classification of power plants – steam.

ELECTRICAL MACHINES Construction and principle of operation of DC machines .simple problems. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 17 .amplifier .diode clampers and clippers . Kumbakonam. Shanmugam G. V. 2001. Basic Mechanical Engineering. Justo C E G. ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS Half wave and full wave rectifier .dynamometer type wattmeter . Highway Engineering. Building Construction. UJT .fluorescent tube circuits simple layout .photoelectric devices. 2001 2. ELECTRONIC DEVICES Basic concepts of PN junction diodes . 3.FET.capacitors .Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 REFERENCES 1.earthing. Arora S. New Delhi 1997.staircase wiring .schmitt trigger. nodal .. TEXT BOOKS 1.multivibrators .Kirchoff’s Laws series and parallel circuits .form and peak factors . Mehta.oscillator .RC integrator and differentiator circuits .power and power factor .RLC circuits .K. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. MOSFET.Ohm’s Law . MEASURING INSTRUMENTS AND WIRING CIRCUITS Moving coil and moving iron instruments .uni polar devices .simple problems. Anuradha Publications.analysis of 3 phase AC circuits . “Principles of Electrical Engineering and Electronics”. Khanna Publishers.analysis of DC circuits .three phase and single phase induction motors. 2008.generator. EEE101 BASIC ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING L 4 T 0 P 0 C 4 DC CIRCUITS AND AC CIRCUITS Electrical quantities . Chand & Company Ltd. K.. Planning Techniques and Method of Construction. Basic Mechanical Engineering.accessories .single phase transformers .alternators .B. motor . Sinusoidal functions .zener diode . Domestic wiring .bipolar junction transistor .. and Bindra S.resistors ..thyristor . Khanna.inductors .RMS Effective values . Roorkee. 1.phasor representation .New Delhi. S.P.types .induction type energy meter. Venugopal K.P. Dhanpat Rai and Sons.2000.mesh..

Determination of alkalinity of given water sample KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 18 .B.. Electronic Devices & Circuits. Muthususbramanian R and Salivahanan S. "Basic Electrical Engineering".) Pvt. 2. 6.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 2. Tata McGraw Hill. To determine the velocity of ultrasonic waves in the given medium using ultrasonic Interferometer. To Determine the thickness of a given material using Air wedge method 11. SciTech publications (Ind. 3. To determine the particle Size Using Laser 8. To determine the acceleration due to gravity using Compound Pendulum 2. Kothari D P and Nagrath I J. To determine the Rigidity Modulus of wire using Torsional Pendulum 3. Ltd. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. 1991. “Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics Engineering”. 4. To find thickness of the given two glass plates using single optic lever. Khanna Publications. T. Thyagarajan. Electronics and Computer Engineering" Tata McGraw Hill 1999. To determine the thermal conductivity of a bad conductor 5. Estimation of hardness of water sample by EDTA method 2. To determine the refractive index of the material of the prism. PHY 181 PHYSICS LAB (Common to all Branches) L 0 P 0 T C 3 1 1. 7. CHY 182 CHEMISTRY LABORATORY L 0 T 0 P 3 C 1 Name of the Experiments 1. To determine the focal length of a biconvex lens using Newton’s Rings method 12. "Basic Electrical. To determine the young’s modulus of given material using Uniform Bending 10. Muraleedharan K. 1997. To determine the coefficient of viscosity of the liquid by Poiseuille’s method 9. October 2000.A. To find the number of rulings per cm length of the given transmission grating. 3rd Edition. Mithal G K.

8. 7. Powerpoint 4. Determination of strength of mixture of acids using strong base by conductometric titration 11. Estimation of fluoride ion by spectrophotometry 12. Database Management C PROGRAMMING 5.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 3. Estimation of hydrochloric acid by pH titration 6. Word Processing 2. Arrays KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 19 . Estimation of ferrous ion by potentiometric method 9. Determination of dissolved oxygen in a water sample 4. Estimation of iron by spectrophotometry using 1. Determination of sodium and potassium by flame photometry 8. 6.10-phenanthroline 10. Basics Operators and Expressions I/O formatting Control Statements ARRAYS AND FUNCTIONS 9.B. Estimation of chloride ion in a given water sample 7. Determination of rate constant of a reaction (Ester hydrolysis) 5. Conductometric titration of strong acid with strong base PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES LABORATORY (Common to all Branches) L 0 T 0 P 3 C 1 CSE181 APPLICATION PACKAGES 1. Spreadsheet 3.

DRILLING Drilling and tapping in drilling machines Demonstration on: Welding operations like butt joint and lap joints in Arc welding Foundry operations like mould preparation for split pattern Smithy operations like the production of hexagonal bolt Preparation of plumbing line sketches – basic pipe connections involving the fittings like valves. String Manipulation 11. Basic Shell Programming MEC181 WORK SHOP L 0 T 0 P 3 C 1 CARPENTRY Carpentry tools . Functions POINTERS. STRUCTURES AND FILES 12. taps. articles. hacksawing . KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 20 . dovetail. elbows and other components used in household fittings.Introduction to grammatical models .Proper use of tenses. unions.practice in marking.fitting to size and drilling . sawing. planing and chiseling – making simple joints: lap joint. punctuation. filing. Pointers 13.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 10. half round joints. SEMESTER II ENGLISH FOR TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION II (Common to all branches) L T P 2 0 0 C 2 HSS102 GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY Grammar and Vocabulary . punching.development of lateral surfaces -simple exercises: blanking. dovetail joint. die and tools . square. SHEET METAL Study of press.practice in marking.sheet metal layout .B. reducers. bending and flanging. T-joint. Structures and Unions 14. voice. File Handling UNIX PROGRAMMING 15. forming. FITTING Fitting tools . and modal auxiliaries.making of simple mating profiles: V. mortise and tenon joint. concord. Basic Unix Commands 16. couplings.

REFERENCES 1. Sarah Freeman.Comprehending the given passages.B. 2005.A Book on Scientific and Technical Writing.Independent and effective communication. Cambridge University Press.Physical and psychological barriers to listening .Reference skills . social and cultural surroundings .Formal and public speaking practice .Comprehend classroom lectures.Principles and Forms. 4.Vocabulary extension methods . Rutherfoord Andrea J. Margaret D Bickle. objectivity and simplicity . 2.comprehension practice .Speed reading practice technical and non-technical materials .Effective writing techniques .Conversation in a given milieu. Tata McGraw-Hill. pre-recorded talks.Avoiding and correcting common errors . 3. clarity. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION Basic grammatical structures . 2000. Effective Technical Communication. Written Communication in English. 1987. technical information. Pearson Education.brevity.using dictionary better.Improving self-expression Developing confidence and fluency in oral communication . 1986. Technical reports . instruction .Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 RECEPTION SKILLS Listening and Language Development . simple technically oriented passages Listening to news bulletins. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 21 . Orient Longman.Speech process .Extemporary talk practice .Improving listening skills . Technical Writing . 2.Paragraph writing Expressing the idea in writing . Macmillan. OUP. Deborah C Andrews. description.Practice in giving small talks on local topics for a minute or two Goal oriented group discussion . Basic Communication Skills for Technology. comprehending the essential meaning .Discourse writing definition. 1978. Tom Hutchinson. SPEAKING TECHNIQUES Speaking practice . English for Engineers . 4th Edition.Participating in seminars . 2005.Mechanics of writing Writing formal. Rizvi M Ashraf. different speech styles.Improving conversing skills . informal letters.Proof reading .Practice in various reading techniques skimming.Note-making . 2002. A Practical English Grammar. 5.Steps to overcome the barriers .Alphabet of other languages . English for Specific Purpose.fluency and accuracy in speech Developing persuasive speaking skills .Looking for specific information . READING STRATEGIES Reading comprehension . TEXT BOOKS 1. Thomson A J & AV Martinet. Govi Publications. Manivannan G. eye reading . Alan Waters.Steps to overcome the barriers .Physical and psychological barriers to speaking . scanning.Practice in note-taking while listening.

Cauchy’s residue theorem Contour integration over unit circle and semicircular contours (excluding poles on boundaries). Ltd. A. 2003 KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 22 . az.evaluation of real integrals using contour integration MULTIPLE INTEGRALS Review of Riemann integrals .Double integration – Cartesian and polar coordinates – change of order of integration – change of variable between Cartesian and polar – Area as double integral – Triple integration in Cartesian.. Raabe’s and Cauchy’s root tests – Convergence of alternating series – Leibnitz’s test ( proof of theorems and tests not included) – elementary notions of absolute and conditional convergence . sin z.. cos z and bilinear transformation – fixed points – cross ratio COMPLEX INTEGRATION Statement and application of Cauchy’s integral theorem and integral formula – Taylor and Laurent expansions – Isolated singularities – Residues . Advanced Engineering Mathematics.B. 37th Edition.. Grewal. Somasundaram.w = z+a. Chennai.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 MAT102 MATHEMATICS II (Common to all Branches) L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 SEQUENCES AND SERIES Convergence and divergence of infinite series – series of positive terms – comparison. New Delhi. 1/z. 1st Edition. D’Alembert’s ratio. e . Reprint 2000. Engineering Mathematics Volume II. John Wiley and Sons (Asia) Limited.S. S.S. 8th Edition. 1999 REFERENCES 1. Singapore. Divergence and Curl – Directional derivative – Irrotational and solenoidal vector fields – Vector integration – Green’s theorem in a plane. 2001 2. B. Grewal . J..Conformal z mapping .Power series – Taylor’s theorem(one variable) ANALYTIC FUNCTION AND CONFORMAL MAPPING Function of a complex variable – Analytic function – Necessary conditions – Cauchy – Riemann equations – Sufficient conditions (excluding proof) – Properties of analytic function – Harmonic conjugate – Construction of Analytic functions . Arumugam.. Khanna Publishers. 5th Reprint 2004. Higher Engineering Mathematics. E.. cylindrical and spherical polar coordinates – volume as triple integral VECTOR CALCULUS Gradient.. Kreyszig.. Gauss divergence theorem and Stoke’s theorem (excluding proof) – Simple applications TEXT BOOKS 1. A. Thangapandi Isaac. Scitech Publications (India) Pvt.

.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 2. DIELECTRIC MATERIALS AND OPTICAL MATERIALS Electronic. Chennai. Pvt Ltd. Arumugam. MAGNETIC MATERIALS Classical theory of magnetism – quantum theory of paramagnetism – ferromagnetism – ferrites – applications of magnetic materials. Ltd. 2. Aswani K. 2000 3.. Material Science. 2nd Edition. Palanisamy. P. REFERENCES 1. A Text book of Material Science. ceramics) – non-linear materials – second harmonic generation – optical mixing .. ionic. The National Publishing Company. 3rd Edition. Scitech Publications (India).K.optical phase Conjugation – solitons and IC packaging materials. orientational and space charge polarization – internal field and deduction of Clausius-Mosotti relation – properties of dielectric materials – classification of insulating materials – optical properties of semiconductor – imperfection of crystals – luminescence – fluorescence – phosphorescence – light emitting diode (LED) – liquid crystal displays (LCD). 2nd Edition. TEXT BOOKS 1. 2001. NEW ENGINEERING MATERIALS Metallic glasses as transformer core material – nanophase materials – shape memory alloys – Bio materials (metals & alloys.. K. SEMICONDUCTING AND SUPERCONDUCTING MATERIALS Introduction semi conducting materials – types of semiconducting materials – carrier concentration – Hall effect – determination of Hall coefficient – superconducting phenomena – properties of superconductors – Type I and Type II superconductors – high Tc superconductors – application of super conductors. Reprint 2002. Chennai.. Venkataraman. Chennai.Chand & Co. The National Publishing Company. 2003. Venkataraman. 11th Edition. “Material Science”.. Engineering Mathematics –III A. 1998 PHYSICS II (common to all branches) L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 PHY112 CONDUCTING MATERIALS Conduction in metals – mobility and conductivity – classical free electron theory electrical conductivity – thermal conductivity – Wiedemann-Franz law – Lorentz number – drawbacks of classical theory. Kumbakonam. Reprint 2001. Anuradha Agencies. S..G. 2009. K. M. Engineering Mathematics First Year.. M..B. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 23 . M. New Delhi.

Indian Branch. Gupta K. New York.Role of an individual in prevention of pollution.Sources.. Foundations of Materials Science and Engineering.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 2. and Murthy G.Threats to biodiversity -· Endangered and endemic species of India .Biodiversity – Definition. William F.R.Energy flow in the ecosystem . Material Science and engineering. tropospheric chemistry of ozone. Raghavan.P. Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials..O.Smith. Mineral resources. Pearson Education (Singapore) Pvt. Soil pollution. 3rd Edition.. Pillai S. V. consequences and control measures of water pollution. Ltd. India.Climate change.. New Delhi. and Land resources . Noise pollution.Conservation of biodiversity: In-situ and Ex-situ conservation of biodiversity. sources. Energy resources.Biodiversity at global.Structure and function of an ecosystem . Food resources. New Age International Publication.. Jena AK. MANAGEMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 24 . food webs and ecological pyramids .Hot spots of biodiversity . 3. Solid State Physics..S. 4. New Delhi. 6. national and local levels .A. Elementary Solid State Physics. global warming. ozone layer depletion. and importance of environmental sciences -Need for public awarenessNatural resources: Forest resources.S. 2003.Ecological succession . ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION Types. 7. scope. 5th edition. Solid State Physics. Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd. nuclear accidents and holocaust. 2002. New Delhi.Food chains. L T P C CHY 101 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 2 0 0 2 NATURE OF ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES AND NATURAL RESOURCES Definition. Ali Omar. 1999.. Thermal pollution and Nuclear pollution . Water resources. Wahab M. Prentice-Hall of India Pvt. value of biodiversity. 5. McGraw-Hill. Marine pollution. acid rain. effects and control measures of Air pollution. Murthy V.M.India as a mega diversity nation .Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources. ecological and biochemical aspects of water pollution . 2003. 2003.B. New Delhi. ECOSYSTEM AND BIODIVERSITY Concept of an ecosystem . Narosa Publishing House. Ltd.

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method of joints and method of sections. typical roof and bridge truss . Irving .Equations of motions– Rectilinear motions . Vector Mechanics for Engineers – Statics and Dynamics. F.mass moment of inertia.Axle friction. Shames.Sliding block. TEXT BOOK 1.static equilibrium of particles and rigid body in 2-D and 3-D. Wiley International.Area moment of Inertia . their relationship . and Johnson.Analysis of frames and machines. free body diagram. H. 2007. disk friction Examples PROPERTIES OF SURFACES AND SOLIDS Centroids of lines . Space trusses . Engineering Mechanics. and completely constrained.L. and Volume – II.. wedges. composite bodies. velocity and acceleration. Beer. 2004. J. concurrent and non-concurrent coplanar forces . external and internal forces. volumes.P. TRUSSES AND FRAMES Trusses . REFERENCES 1. Ltd.. Centre of gravity.rolling resistance .laws of dry friction. Engineering Mechanics. DYNAMICS OF PARTICLES Introduction – Kinematics of particles – Displacements. ladder friction .relative motion – Curvilinear motion –Kinetics of particles .Types.B.vector algebra.simple plane trusses Analysis – Assumptions . supports and reactions Problem formulation concept in 2-D and 3-D ..R. Tata McGraw Hill.principal moment of inertia. FRICTION Frictional forces.areas.simple contact friction .resultant and resolution Moment about point and about axis . Prentice Hall of India of mass . IT and CSE) L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 STATICS OF PARTICLES Six Fundamental principles and concepts . rigid..types. Statics and Dynamics.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 MEC103 ENGINEERING MECHANICS (Expect BT. Volume I – Statics. 1998.Newton’s second law – Equations of motion – rectangular components – Work Energy equation of particles – impulse and momentum – impact of elastic bodies – Applications. Merriam. E. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 26 .Varignon’s theorem . Dynamics 2/e.belt friction ..basics.compound trusses-statically determinate. 2.

Higher Engineering Mathematics. Engineering Mathematics Volume II. Scaling.. EEE..Linearity property . Scitech Publications (India) Pvt. 8th Edition. Grewal. Chennai.. A..Periodic functions Evaluation of integrals by Laplace transform .odd and even functions .Fourier Transform .. J.B..S.Convolution theorem .Parseval’s identity . 1999 REFERENCES 1.Differentiation and integration of transforms .Fourier sine and cosine transforms Linearity.complex form of Fourier series .Linear PDE of second and higher order with constant coefficients FOURIER SERIES Dirichlet’s conditions . CSE. A..Unit step functions .Half range sine and cosine series . E.Convolution theorem .Solution of difference equation using Z-transform.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 SEMESTER III MATHEMATICS III MAT201 (Common to Bio-Technology. Reprint 2000.S.Solution of boundary value problems PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Formation of PDE . frequency shifting and time shifting properties . Ltd. John Wiley and Sons (Asia) Limited. Advanced Engineering Mathematics.Convolution theorem formation of difference equation . New Delhi.Self reciprocity of Fourier Transform .elementary properties . 1st Edn. Kreyszig.Inverse Z-transform .condition for existence of Laplace transform . Singapore.Laplace transform of derivatives and integrals .Lagrange’s linear equation . Civil Engineering. ICE and Mechanical Engineering) L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 LAPLACE TRANSFORM Definition of Laplace transform . 2003 KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 27 .General Fourier series .Diarc delta-function . Thangapandi Isaac. Arumugam. Grewal. Somasundaram. Khanna Publishers.Harmonic analysis Z – TRANSFORM Z-transform . 5th Reprint 2004. 2001 2.Application to boundary value problems TEXT BOOKS 1. S.Solution of std types of first order PDE .First and second shifting properties . B.Inversion ... FOURIER TRANSFORM Fourier Integral formula . 37th Edition.

method of images .boundary condition .field due to different types of charges .B. 1998 3. Venkataraman. The National Publishing Company. depth .Poynting theorem. intrinsic impedance. William.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 2.numerical methods finite difference method . MAXWELLS EQUATIONS AND ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES Faraday’s laws.wave parameters . M.. M.Electromagnetic wave equations .magnetization and permeability magnetic boundary conditions.Biot-savart law and application .conformal transformation . K.Gauss’s law and application .continuity of current . DIELECTRICS AND CAPACITANCE Current and current density .magnetic flux density . 13th Edition. K. Reprint 1999.Ampere’s circuital law and application .Faraday’s law . CONDUCTORS. Tata McGraw Hill.force on a moving charge.2001. H.different types of capacitances . “Engineering Electromagnetics”.charge simulation method.. Venkataraman.III B.electric field intensity .potential system . 11th Edition. MAGNETOSTATICS Magnetic field . Chennai.Coulomb’s law .variables separable methods . FIELD MODELLING AND COMPUTATION Problem formulation .. differential current element.rectangular.scalar and vector magnetic potentials .electric flux density density in electric field Poisson’s and Laplace’s equations. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 28 .potential field due to different types of charges . torque on a closed circuit .finite element method .displacement current .the nature of dielectric materials ..inductance . 1998 EEE201 ELECTROMAGNETIC THEORY L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 GENERAL PRINCIPLES AND ELECTROSTATICS Review of vector algebra . propagation constant .divergence theorem . lossy and lossless dielectric.conductor properties and boundary conditions .Maxwell’s equations in differential and integral forms .Stoke’s theorem .boundary conditions for perfect dielectric materials -capacitance . cylindrical and spherical curl.Hayt. Engineering Mathematics –III A.waves in free space. Reprint 2002. divergence and gradient .solutions Analytical methods .Lenz’s law . TEXT BOOK 1.nature of magnetic materials .electric potential . Engineering Mathematics .magnetic flux . conductors .velocity. The National Publishing Company.

J. Schaum Series. EMF equation. Sadiku. TEXT BOOK 1. and Nagrath. cross magnetizing AT per pole commutation .necessity of starter .P.torque in round rotor machine DC GENERATORS DC generator .D.armature windings .Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 REFERENCE BOOKS 1.armature reaction .transformer with losses but no magnetic leakage .demagnetizing . Hopkinson’s test. 2nd edition. “Elements of Electromagnetics”.. 4th Edition. EEE202 DC MACHINES AND TRANSFORMERS L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 TRANSFORMERS Transformers . Tata McGraw Hill. I. construction. principle and operation. regulation.generated voltage . 1991.significance of the back EMF . Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd. 2002.equivalent circuit. John.rotating magnetic field .. Joseph.. Sumpner’s test. load test. Swinburne’s test. DC MOTORS DC motors .speed control of dc motor .condition for maximum efficiency . TataMcGraw Hill Book Co.single.losses in a DC generator . D.Kraus.condition for maximum efficiency .three phase transformer connections. characteristics . retardation test.three point starter. transformer .working principle.load sharing.parallel operation of single phase transformer . types.losses and efficiency .1995.working principle.power stages.single and multiple excited systems MMF of distributed AC windings . EMF equation -elementary theory of ideal transformer .. A. Oxford University Press. Kothari.brake test.. “Electromagnetics”. polarity test. 3. cross magnetizing conductors..parallel operation of generators .Edminister. 2nd edition. field test Transformer . BASIC CONCEPTS OF ROTATING MACHINES Principles of electromechanical energy conversion .open and short circuit tests. “Theory and Problems of Electromagnetics”. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 29 . TESTING OF DC MACHINES AND TRANSFORMERS DC machines . EMF equation . demagnetizing AT per pole. Electric Machines. double layer windings . New York. characteristics.voltage transformation ratio .transformer on no load and on load . four point starter. efficiency all day efficiency .

.class A amplifier with resistive and transformer coupled load . Theraja .types of feedback configurations .K. S. FET .J.Darlington amplifier. Wienbridge. triangular wave generator.N type. SMALL SIGNAL AMPLIFIERS Biasing circuits of BJT.harmonic distortion .Chand Company & Ltd. CD. UJT .D.PN junction diode. Volume-II. P type . Theory and Performance of Electrical Machines..clipping and clamping circuits . zener diode. bi-stable .B.thermal runaway in BJT circuits. CE and CB configurations . KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 30 .working principle and overview of semiconductor devices . FEEDBACK AMPLIFIERS AND OSCILLATOR Properties of negative feedback . C and AB .multivibrators .A text book on Electrical technology.B. BJT.MOSFET power amplifiers . Fitzgerald A. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd. Theraja.class A. B.push pull amplifiers class A. Gupta. Crystal oscillators . Charles Kingsley.S.E.saw tooth.Umans. ECE256 ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUITS L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES Conduction in semiconductors . Sinusoidal oscillator .. full wave .rectifiers .complementary symmetry amplifiers .cascode amplifier .Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 REFERENCE BOOKS 1.astable. 2003.schmitt trigger...transistor as amplifier . Colpit. and CG configurations multistage RC coupled amplifiers . Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Limited. APPLICATIONS OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES Regulated power supplies .analysis and design of CC.non-sinusoidal oscillators . Jacob. Stephen. voltage series.Kataria and Sons 2002. Clapp. 3. Electric Machinery. 2003. TEXT BOOKS 1. current series and current shunt.K.analysis and design of CS. 2.types of semiconductors . class B . Christos of filters . series .operation and characteristics. New Delhi.2005.RC oscillators.voltage regulators . Hartley. FET.shunt. “Electronic Devices and Circuits”. monostable. A.half wave.L.voltage shunt. POWER AMPLIFIERS Power amplifiers .Halkias.B.tuned amplifier . Millman.

phasor diagram . maximum power transfer theorem.source transformation .voltage division . superposition theorem. Bell. STEADY STATE ANALYSIS OF AC CIRCUITS Solution of RLC circuits.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 2. 1994.formation of matrix equations and analysis of complex circuits using mesh-current and nodal-voltage methods.. Norton's theorem.concept of duality .linear relation between voltage and current of network elements . Sureshkumar.dependent and independent sources Inductance . KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 31 .S. TRANSIENT ANALYSIS Concept of complex frequency .. S. Donald A.Q factor . 2. 2008.. New rule . Tellegen's theorem .RLC circuits with DC and sinusoidal excitation.Salivahanan.three phase power measurement using wattmeters. substitution theorem.. 5th Edition. application to AC and DC circuits.Neaman. reciprocity and delta transformation . COUPLED CIRCUITS AND THREE PHASE CIRCUITS Self inductance . 2nd edition. parallel resonance . Millman's theorem. “Semiconductor Physics and Devices”.representation of network elements in time domain and frequency domain . N. EEE203 ELECTRIC CIRCUIT ANALYSIS L 4 T 0 P 0 C 4 DC CIRCUIT ANALYSIS Ideal sources .ideal transformer . illustration. power factor and energy relations .statement. Ltd.current division .Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. 2008 REFERENCE BOOKS 1.. A.B. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company.series reduction . NETWORK THEOREMS Thevenin's theorem.dual networks . TEXT BOOKS 1. Shyam Mohan . 3rd edition.2002. Circuits and Network Analysis and and forced responses of RL . “Electronic Devices and Circuits”.. Tata McGraw Hill . power. Sudhakar..types of networks . A.bandwidth .locus diagram.RC .effective inductance of coupled coils in series and in parallel ... 2.coefficient of coupling .P.analysis of coupled circuits . David A. Three phase star delta connections characteristic equations .solution of three phase balanced circuits and unbalanced circuits .single tuned and double tuned circuits. “Electronic Devices and Circuits” Oxford University Press. Vallavaraj.

O. 13.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 2. 12. 2. Delhi.. Edminister.Alexander. Khanna Publishers. 2003. 6. 5. MACHINES LABORATORY I L 0 T 0 P 3 C 2 Open circuit and load characteristics of DC separately and shunt generator Open circuit and load characteristics of DC self excited shunt generator Load characteristics of differential DC compound generator Load characteristics of DC shunt motor Load characteristics of DC series motor Speed control of DC shunt motor Swinburne’s test Load test on single-phase transformer Load test on three phase transformer Open circuit and short circuit tests on single phase transformer Sumpner’s test on transformers Separation of no-load losses in single phase transformer Parallel operation of single phase transformers. 4. 2002. Input and Output characteristics of Transistor Transistor as amplifier.Y. 1. TataMcGraw Hill. Arumugam & Premkumar. . 'Electric Circuit Analysis'. ECE296 1. J. 9. Performance characteristics of DC shunt motor using MATLAB/SIMULINK.B. Mathew N.R. REFERENCE BOOKS 1.. Performance characteristics of DC series motor using MATLAB/SIMULINK. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 2. Fundamentals of Electric Circuit. 8. 2. New York. Paranjothi S.. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 32 . New Age International Ltd.. "Electric Circuit Theory". 3. 10. 1983. Dorf R. 15. 4. 2nd Edition. Sadiku. Introduction to Electric Circuits. ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUITS LABORATORY L 0 T 0 P 3 C 2 Characteristics of PN junction diode and Zener diode Transistor biasing Methods.A. 11. 7.C. 2000. EEE281 1. 14. 3. N. Schaum's outline series McGraw Hill Book Company. 2nd Edition. FET characteristics and evaluation of its parameters. 'Theory and Problems of Electric Circuits'. Second Edition. Charles K. 2. 5. 2003.

Raphson method for single variable and for simultaneous equations with two variable . Gauss . 14. INITIAL VALUE PROBLEMS Single step methods . Application of semiconductor devices –Clipper. Jacobain and Gauss .Newton’s divided difference formulae. Runge-Kutta method of order four for first and second order differential equations . explicit).the intermediate theorem (excluding proof) .solutions of a linear system by Gaussian. MOSFET characteristics.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 6.Two.Jordan. Simpson’s (1/3rd and 3/8th) rules .numerical integration by Trapezoidal.iterative method .Seidel methods .finite difference solution for one dimensional heat equation (implicit.Taylor Series. NUMERICAL DIFFERENTIATION AND INTEGRATION Numerical differentiation with interpolation polynomials . Three point Gaussian quadrature formula . Multivibrators. 12.double integrals using Trapezoidal and Simpson’s rule.frequency response.Milne’s predictor and corrector methods. INTERPOLATION Newton forward and backward difference formulae . Clamper.Eigen value of a matrix by power method. 8 BJT and FET as a switch. 9.Newton .Stirling’s Central difference formulae. 7. FET biasing methods.B. RC coupled amplifier . BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS Finite difference solution for the second order ordinary differential equations . TEXT BOOKS KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 33 . Euler and Modified Euler.multistep methods . 13. Lagrange’s polynomials . Class B complementary symmetry power amplifier 10 Half and full wave rectifiers. 11 Phase shift oscillator using BJT/FET.bracketed end methods . one dimensional wave equation . SEMESTER IV MAT211 NUMERICAL METHODS L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 SOLUTION OF EQUATIONS AND EIGEN VALUE PROBLEMS Review of open end methods . lab assignments for numerical methods using matlab / c / c++.two-dimensional Laplace and Poisson equations.

K. et. and Narayana Iyengar.translational. and Jain R.hydraulic and pneumatic systems .2005. rotational electrical systems .solution of state equation by classical and laplace transformation method Controllability and observability. TIME DOMAIN ANALYSIS Time response .. STATE SPACE ANALYSIS Concepts of state . New Delhi.. 4th Edition .tachogenerator . KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY International 34 . Numerical Methods for Scientific and Engineering Computation. FREQUENCY DOMAIN ANALYSIS Frequency domain specifications of second order systems . Scitech Publications (India) (P) Ltd. Iyengar S.state equation .basic components of control systems ..K.R.analysis and stability using Bode plots.K.mechanical systems . Engineering Mathematics.. Polar plot. M.K. signal flow graph .Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 1.. Nagrath and Gopal.B. 6th edition. Laxmi Publishers (p) Ltd . Jain M.P.Nyquist stability criterion.P.root contours .Routh Hurwitz stability .DC. ROOT LOCUS AND COMPENSATORS Root locus concept . New Age Publishers.transfer functions .type and order of a system .force voltage and force current analogy .steady state error .step response of first order and second order systems .potentiometer synchros .time domain specification . Chennai. PI and PID controllers.state transition matrix . Numerical Methods in Science and Engineering. TEXT BOOK 1. New Delhi EEE204 CONTROL SYSTEMS L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 SYSTEM MODELLING Open loop and closed loop systems .state variable and state models ..servo motor AC. Chennai..Ch. 2. The National Publishing Company.N. Numerical Methods.rules for constructing root loci . Venkataraman. S. Nichols chart . New Age International (P) Ltd Publishers.. REFERENCE BOOKS 1.. 2. Bali N.block diagram. Control Systems Engineering.static error and generalized error coefficient – concepts of stability .design of lag. lead and lag lead compensators using Bode plots.mathematical representation ..

7th Edition. reluctance motor. repulsion motor. condition for maximum starting torque.capability curves . ZPF methods .A.constructional features. Benjamin C Kuo. Modern Control Engineering. Automatic Control Systems.slip characteristics . capacitor start induction run motor . Ogata K.split phase induction motor.operating characteristics .circle diagram .equivalent circuit ... SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR Synchronous motor . working principle. principle of operation of synchronous motor . torque under running condition.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 REFERENCE BOOKS.equivalent circuit of asynchronous motor .relation between torque and slip .synchronizing to infinite bus bars . EMF equation. 2003.universal motor. hysteresis motor and AC series motor STARTING AND SPEED CONTROL OF INDUCTION MOTORS KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 35 .principle of operation .no load and blocked rotor test . Prentice Hall. Prentice Hall. 1995 EEE205 AC MACHINES L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 SYNCHRONOUS GENERATOR Synchronous generator . constructional details -constant flux operation.principle of operation .synchronous machine model .special machines .power balance equation maximum power output . effect of changing excitation constant load .capacitor start capacitor run motor.effect of increased load with constant excitation. torque .determination of synchronous reactance armature reaction . rotor EMF & reactance under running conditions.A. 1. stepper motor.regulation methods .methods of starting .B. 4th Edition.torque equation . THREE PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR Three phase induction motors .hunting.losses and efficiency . U. 2.power developed by a synchronous motor .hunting. shaded pole induction motor.induction generator SINGLE PHASE INDUCTION MOTORS AND SPECIAL MACHINES Single phase induction motors .S.equivalent circuit (without and with core loss) .double revolving field theory .power stages in an induction motor . condition for maximum torque under running condition .EMF. armature windings .two reaction theory parallel operation of synchronous generators .V curve and inverted V curve .synchronous motor with different excitations . U. linear induction motor . torque.

and Nagrath. 2005. ferrodynamic .double cage rotor synchronous induction motor TEXT BOOK 1.measurement of power . Kelvin’s bridge. 1992.measurement of energy .polyphase energy meters .P. Tata McGraw Hill publishing Company Ltd. Chand company & Ltd.power factor meters .J. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd. Gupta. average and peak reading instruments. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 36 .. Kothari.instrument transformer .electronic voltmeters .pole changing .standards and calibration MEASURING INSTRUMENTS Permanent Magnet Moving Coil instrument (PMMC) . J.Schering bridge . A. London. Anderson’ recovery scheme . “Alternating Current Machines”. Theraja.maximum demand indicators .B.frequency control .synchroscopes .systematic and random errors.. Fitzgerald. “Electric Machines”.starting methods of three phase induction motor cogging & crawling .buffer amplifier . REFERENCE BOOKS 1.differential voltmeters .Moving Iron instruments electrodynamic instruments .analog indicating instruments. potential transformer . error analysis.A. VolumeII.types of starters .ELBS & Pitman.electronic multimeters BRIDGES AND SIGNAL CONDITIONING DEVICES Measurement of resistance .. 2005. “A text book on Electrical technology”.static and dynamic characteristics .current to voltage and voltage to current converter .speed control . 3.K.E.”Theory and Performance of Electrical Machines”.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Need for starter .watt-hour meters . Say. errors in measurement .components of signal conditioning devices . mega ohm bridge measurement of self inductance .G.Wheatstone bridge.slip .L.5th edition.induction type .electrodynamic. 2. S. D. I.rotor resistance control . EEE206 MEASUREMENTS AND INSTRUMENTATION L 4 T 0 P 0 C 4 FUNDAMENTALS AND CHARACTERISTICS OF INSTRUMENTS Functional elements of an instrument . S.voltage control .rms.B. Theraja. “Electric Machinery”..analog to digital converters components of data acquisition systems..statistical evaluation of measurement data . to analog converters .frequency meters ..K.errors ..current transformer. et.differential amplifier instrumentation amplifier .Hay’ hall effect instruments . 2002. M. Owen’s bridges measurement of capacitance .Kataria and Sons.

.postulates and theorems of KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 37 . octal.. Tata McGraw Hill.piezoelectric.resistive. ECE266 DIGITAL ELECTRONICS L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 NUMBER SYSTEMS & BOOLEAN ALGEBRA Review of binary.. E. Tata McGraw Hill publishing company. 2nd edition. level flows. Golding. & Widdies. sir Issar Pitman & sons (p) Ltd. Doebelin. torque.pH electrodes transducers for measurements – measurement of displacement.K..Bell.Helfrick.excess 3 codes . pressure. Modern Electronic Instrumentation & measurement techniques. Measurement Systems . Sawhney.A. A.floating point number representation .O. 2006. J. capacitive and inductive transducers .. E.recorders. hexadecimal number systems . “Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements”. Prentice Hall of India 2003.Application and Design. Digital Instrumentation. viscosity and moisture TEXT BOOKS 1. William D. digital plotters and printers. 2004. electrostatic deflection. 5. Dhanpat Rai and Co. 2.1998.. Albert frequency meter -digital voltmeters . Electronic Instrumentation. 3.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 STORAGE AND DISPLAY DEVICES Magnetic disk and tape .representation of signed numbers .block diagram. optical and digital transducers .. digital oscilloscope . David.Boolean Algebra.S.W.B. oscilloscope techniques. 2005.selection of transducers . Measurements & measuring instruments. 2002. post deflection acceleration.cathode ray oscilloscopes ..Cooper.W. Kalsi. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. acceleration. velocity. F. A Course in Electrical & Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation. digital LED. correcting codes . LCD and dot matrix display . Tata McGraw Hill. 2007. temperature. H. CRT circuits. 2. screens for CRTs. speed.FM recorders TRANSDUCERS Classification of transducers . Bouwens.BCD -ASCII-EBCDIC . special oscilloscopes.gray code -error detecting. 4.magnetic tape recorders . Oxford University Press.

fundamental.PAL . pulse mode . shift register. Prentice Hall of India. DTL. PLS 100/101 .counters . Digital Design.Principles & Applications. JK and T . CSE206 OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 INTRODUCTION Introduction to OOP . Morris Mano. 2.SR. ASYNCHRONOUS SEQUENTIAL LOGIC DESIGN Design of asynchronous sequential circuits .architecture of PLD’s . Johnson counter .analysis and design of synchronous sequential circuits state diagram. An Engineering Approach to Digital Design. hazards.I. full adder parallel adder .applications of OOP .cycles.. Digital Systems . New Delhi. Emitter Coupled (ECL). Fletcher.Logic Families ..parity generator/checker -implementation of logical functions using multiplexers SYNCHRONOUS SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS Flip flops . Schottky .modulus counters.J.encoders & decoders multiplexers & demultiplexers .PLA . 1. MOS inverters. Digital Fundamentals. Prentice Hall of India (P) Ltd. D. R. 2002.canonical forms . Integrated Injection Logic (IIL). races. 1999 REFERENCE BOOKS 1. 1994. Floyd.B.ROM . CMOS inverters. TTL families.half adder. MEMORY DEVICES Semi custom design . 2003. comparison of performance of various logic families TEXT BOOK 1.binary adder .introduction to PLD’s .comparator . Prentice Hall of India.code converters .. W.creating new data types in KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 38 .Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Boolean Algebra .introduction to C++ .implementation of digital functions .basic Concepts of OOP ..RTL.declarations in C++ .PAL 22V10.clamped TTL.simplification of logic functions using karnaugh map and Quine Mcclausky method COMBINATIONAL LOGIC DESIGN Logic gates .implementation of combinational logic functions .introduction to C++ stream i/o . M. ring counter. Tocci.problems in asynchronous circuits . Prentice Hall of India. state reduction and state assignment .




C++ - function prototypes - inline functions - reference parameters - const qualifier dynamic memory allocation - default arguments - unary scope resolution operator linkage specifications. CLASSES, CONSTRUCTORS AND FRIEND CLASS Introduction - comparing class with structure - class scope - accessing members of a class - constructor - destructor - const objects - const member functions - friend class - friend function - this pointer - data abstraction and information hiding - container classes and iterators. OVERLOADING & INHERITANCE Operator overloading - fundamentals - restrictions - overloading stream - insertion and stream extraction operators - overloading unary & binary operators - converting between types - overloading ++ and --. Inheritance - introduction - protected members - casting base _class pointers to derived _class pointers - overloading base class members in a derived class - public, protocols and private inheritance - direct base classes and indirect base classes - using constructors and destructors in derived classes - implicit derived class object to base class object conversion. VIRTUAL FUNCTIONS, STREAMS AND FILES Introduction - type fields and switch statements - virtual functions - abstract base classes and concrete classes - polymorphism - dynamic binding - virtual destructors. C++ Stream I/O: Streams - stream input - stream output - unformatted i/o - stream manipulators - stream format states - stream error - states. Files: file operations, file pointers, error handling during file operations. TEMPLATES & EXCEPTION HANDLING Templates - function templates - class templates - overloading template functions - class template and non type parameters -templates with multiple parameters. Exception handling - when exception handling, basic of C++ exception, catching an exception, re throwing an exception, exception specifications. TEXT BOOK 1. Goran Svenk , Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ for Engineering and Technology, Thomson Delmer Learning, 2003 REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Bjarne Struoustrup, The C++ Programming Language, Addison Wesley, 2000. 2. John R.Hubbard, Programming with C++, Schaums outline series, TMH 2003. 3. Deitel H.M., and Deitel P.J., How to program C++, PHI 2003.








L 0

T 0

P 3

C 2

Regulation of three phase alternator by emf and mmf methods Regulation of three phase alternator by ZPF and ASA methods Slip test on three phase salient pole alternator Measurements of negative sequence and zero sequence impedance of alternators. V and inverted V curves of three phase synchronous motor. Load test on three-phase induction motor. Speed control of three-phase induction motors Load test on synchronous induction motor Load test on three phase induction generators Measurement of transient and sub-transient reactance in direct and quadrature axis 11. Predetermination of performance characteristics of three-phase induction motor using computer. 12. Parallel operation of two alternators. 13. Load test on single-phase induction motor (capacitor-start and run motor). 14. Performance characteristics of Transformer using MATLAB/SIMULINK. 15. Performance characteristics of alternator using MATLAB/SIMULINK. CSE285 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING LABORATORY Simple C++ programs. Programs using Functions. Function Overloading Operator Overloading Simple & Multiple Inheritance Multilevel & Hybrid Inheritance Virtual Functions Polymorphism File Handling Templates Exception Handling SEMESTER V POWER ELECTRONICS L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 L 0 T 0 P 3 C 2

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.








Structure, operation and characteristics of SCR, TRIAC, power transistor, MOSFET, IGBT and GTO- turn on and turn off characteristics – protection schemes and switching losses-power diode. PHASE–CONTROLLED CONVERTERS 2- pulse, 3-pulse, 6-pulse and dual converters- inverter operation of fully controlled converter – effect of source inductance – distortion and displacement factor – ripple factor – triggering circuits. CHOPPERS Step-down and step-up choppers – time ratio and current limit control – switching mode regulators – buck, boost, buck-boost and cuk converter – multiphase choppers –series and parallel resonant converters – chopper firing circuit – chopper control of DC motors. INVERTERS Classification of inverters – single phase, three phase (both 1200 mode and 1800 mode) inverters – series inverter – parallel inverter –voltage control of single phase, three phase inverters – Mcmurray inverter, modified Mcmurray inverter – harmonic reduction in inverters – current source inverters. AC TO AC CONVERTERS Single phase AC regulators – sequence control of AC regulators –three phase AC regulators – single phase to single phase cycloconverter – three phase half wave cycloconverter – control circuit output voltage equation. TEXT BOOK 1. Muhammad H. Rashid., Power Electronics: Circuits, Devices and Applications, Prentice Hall of India, Pearson education, 3rd edition, 2004 REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Singh, M.D.,Power Electronics, Tata McGraw Hill publications, 1st Edition, 2002. 2. Ramamoorthy ,M., An Introduction to thyristor and their application, affiliated East west press (P) Ltd, 2nd edition, 1991 3. Ned Mohan.,, Power Electronics: Converters, Applications and Design, John Wiley and sons, 3rd edition, 2003



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C 4


Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Structure of electric power system – types of transmission systems – AC systems. SUBSTATION. stranded and bundled conductors – symmetrical and unsymmetrical spacing and transposition – application of self and mutual GMD – skin and proximity effect – interference with neighboring communication circuits. 1. medium line and long line – equivalent circuits. ring bus. grounding grids – design principles of substation grounding system – neutral grounding. Isolators resistance of grounding systems – resistance of driven rods. 2006. advantages. limitations – comparison of EHVAC and HVDC transmission. resistance of grounding point electrode.. S. load ability limits based on thermal loading. Prentice Hall of India (P) Ltd.. New Delhi. TEXT BOOKS 1. Radial and ring-main distributors – interconnectors – AC distribution –AC distributor with concentrated load – three-phase. methods of increasing string efficiency –testing of insulators – cables – comparison of underground and overhead cables– construction. main and transfer bus.N. Electric Power Generation. inductance and capacitance of solid. DC systems – requirements of good distribution system – types of distribution system – Extra High Voltage AC (EHVAC) Transmission – need. attenuation constant. MODELLING AND PERFORMANCE OF TRANSMISSION LINES Classification of lines – short line.Chand Publiactions. thermal characteristics. Singh. B.B. 2005. Ferranti effect and corona loss – sag and tension calculation . KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 42 . S. INSULATORS AND CABLES Properties of an insulator – insulator materials – types of insulators – insulator string – voltage distribution. surge impedance transmission efficiency and voltage regulation – real and reactive power flow in lines – power angle diagram –surge impedance loading. breaker – half with two main buses. angle and voltage stability considerations – compensation in transmission lines. types. double bus-bar with bypass.R. limitations –High Voltage Direct current Transmission (HVDC) – classifications. sag template . GROUNDING SYSTEM AND DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM Types of substations – bus-bar arrangements – substation bus schemes – single bus scheme. Gupta. grading. Power System Analysis and Design. dielectric stress. double bus with single breaker. double bus with double breaker. New Delhi. phase constant. TRANSMISSION LINE PARAMETERS Parameters of single and three phase transmission lines with single and double circuits – resistance. four-wire distribution system – sub-mains – stepped and tapered mains. Transmission and Distribution. advantages. insulating materials. string efficiency. stringing chart – effect of atmospheric conditions on transmission lines – vibration of conductors and dampers.

7909 and 7912) – series op amp regulator. 7905. A.C Characteristics of ideal op-amp. Electrical Power Distribution and Transmission. ADC AND DAC APPLICATION ICs PLL – basic block diagram. monostable multivibrator. Hadi Saadat. pin configuration of 741 op-amp. Walter Coffer. IC voltage regulator. 7812. 2005 EEE303 LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUITS L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 INTEGRATED CIRCUIT TECHNOLOGY Monolithic integrated circuit technology – planar process – bipolar junction transistor fabrication – fabrication of FET’s – CMOS Technology – monolithic diodes – metal – semiconductor contact – integrated circuit resistors – integrated circuit capacitors – integrated circuit packaging – characteristics of integrated circuit components – microelectronic circuit layout. monolithic DAC. input output characteristics. Chand(S. India.. Luces M. differentiator and integrator. 7809. Chebychev filters. inverting and non-inverting summers.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 REFERENCE BOOKS 1. band pass and band reject. drift. V. and conversion times of typical ADC – voltage regulator(7805 .K.C characteristics – slew rate. operation. Power System Analysis. triangular wave generators. CHARACTERISTICS AND APPLICATIONS OF OP–AMP D. dual slope ADC. ACTIVE FILTERS. 1996. multiplier and divider. ADC and DAC – weighted resistor DAC.Fualkenberry. Flash ADC. frequency compensation. RC-phase shift oscillator. log and antilog amplifiers. R-2R and inverted R-2R DAC.. 2.) & Co Ltd. COMPARATORS AND SIGNAL GENERATORS Comparators – regenerative comparators. PLL.B. monostable and astable operation – multiplier – application. counter type ADC. first and second order filters – switched capacitor filters – 555 timer functional diagram. Wein bridge oscillator. FM detection and FSK demodulation. successive approximation ADC. bandwidth. offsets. 2. Applications – inverting and non-inverting amplifiers. Principles of Power System. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company. Mehta. IC 723 general purpose regulator. 2005. difference amplifier. high pass. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 43 . capture range and lock range – simple applications of PLL – AM detection. Butterworth. Pearson education. Signal generators – astable multivibrator.. bias. analog computers. TIMERS AND MULTIPLIERS Filters – low pass.

Franco.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 switching regulator and LM 324 IC. TEXT BOOKS 1. choice of specific loadings.. induction and synchronous machine – thermal rating –continuous.main dimensions. New Age International. Op–amps and Linear Integrated Circuits. PSPICE based simulation. 4th edition. 2. EEE304 DESIGN OF ELECTRICAL APPARATUS L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 MAGNETIC CIRCUITS AND COOLING OF ELECTICAL MACHINES Concept of magnetic circuit – MMF calculation for various types of electrical machines – real and apparent flux density of rotating machines – leakage reactance calculation for transformers.Jani.B. Sheil B. Fredrick F. main dimensions. Pearson Education. Linear Integrated Circuits.. cooling of turbo alternators DESIGN OF DC MACHINES Constructional details. Tata McGraw Hill publishing company. Ramakant A. D.. Gayakward. design of commutator and brushes – losses and efficiency calculations DESIGN OF TRANSFORMERS Constructional details of core and shell type transformers – output rating of single phase and three phase transformers – optimum design of transformers – design of core. short circuit ratio –design of KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 44 .output equation .2003.Driscoll.Coughlin. 2005 2. Pearson Education. 2005. 2nd edition. Op–amp and Linear ICs. Robert F.choice of specific loadings – stator. 2005.. Design with Operational Amplifier and Analog Integrated Circuits. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. yoke and windings for core and shell type transformers – equivalent circuit parameter from designed data – losses and efficiency calculations – design of tank and cooling tubes of transformers DESIGN OF THREE PHASE INDUCTION MOTORS Squirrel cage and slip ring motors – constructional details. squirrel cage and slip ring rotor design – equivalent circuit parameters from designed data – losses and efficiency calculations DESIGN OF SYNCHRONOUS MACHINES Alternators – constructional details of cylindrical pole and salient pole alternators. Roy Choudhary. output equation. short time and intermittent short time rating of electrical machines –cooling – direct and indirect cooling methods.. choice of specific loadings. output equation. 6th edition. main dimensions . choice of number of poles – armature design – design of field poles and field coil.

Balbir Singh. Single phase AC voltage controller 11. Three phase half controlled converters 6. V. Principles of Electrical Machine Design. 9.. Single phase cyclo converters.K. Delhi. Standard Publications and Distributors.N. R. S. Single phase fully controlled converters 5. Principles of Electrical Machine Design with Computer Programmes.(P) Ltd. 2.. 2002. Sawhney. Static characteristics of MOSFET and IGBT 2. Single phase half controlled converters 4. Resonant dc-dc converters. Design of Electrical Machines. Step up and step down MOSFET based choppers. Dhanpat Rai and Sons. Agarwal. reverse and Break Operation. New Delhi. design of field coil – performance calculation from designed data – computer aided design TEXT BOOKS 1.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 stator and rotor of cylindrical pole and salient pole machines. Transient characteristics of SCR and MOSFET 3.K. and Mittle. 2006.S. EEE382 INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY L T P 45 C . 3. 2002. Single phase IGBT based PWM inverters 8. A. Sen. Oxford and IBH Publishing Co.. A Course in Electrical Machine Design..B. Mittle. Electrical Machine Design. 2.. Three phase fully controlled converters 7. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Additional Experiments 1. New Delhi. 2004. Delhi. 10.. Three phase AC voltage controller 12.K.K. Brite Students Publications. PWM Motor Control with forward. A..Kataria and Sons. POWER ELECTRONICS LABORATORY L 0 T 0 P 3 C 2 EEE381 1.

PI and PID controllers. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 46 . Digital simulation of linear & non–linear systems.Measurement of three phase real.Simulation of transients using RLC circuits.Calibration of single–phase and three . 4.B. 8. 2.phase energy meter. Time response of open loop & closed loop control system. 2.Improvement of Power factor by VAR measurement with capacitor. Additional Experiments 1.Study of displacement and pressure transducers 2. 6. 5. 5. 2. 6. 4. To design different compensation network for the given cutoff frequency and to plot frequency response characteristics.DC bridges. To study stepper motor and control its direction of speed and number of steps. 3. Design of P. Plot the speed torque characteristics of DC & AC servo motor. 7. Additional Experiments 1. Study of synchros.Instrumentation amplifiers. Analog simulation of type–0 and type–1 system. 3. reactive and apparent power and power factor using electronic tri-vector meter. pH meter circuit Single Chip high frequency voltage-to-frequency converter(VFC) Fan Control circuit using LM56 IC Pt 100 RTD current loop transmitter using XTR 105 (b) CONTROL SYSTEM 1..Wheatstone and Kelvin double bridge 4.AC bridges – Anderson and Schering bridge 3.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 LABORATORY 0 0 3 2 INSTRUMENTATION SYSTEM 1.

LLG short circuits – development of interconnection of sequence networks for LG. LL. D.J. LL and LLG faults. bus admittance matrix formation – inspection method. singularity transformation method – bus impedance – π equivalent circuit of transformer with off nominal – tap ratio – phase shifting transformer. Modern Power System Analysis. Nagrath.B. losses and slack bus power – Newton-Raphson (N-R) method (polar form)– flowchart – numerical problems – development of Fast Decoupled Power Flow (FDPF) model. Tata McGraw KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 47 . SEMESTER VI EEE305 POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 POWER SYSTEM MODELLING Overview of power system analysis – importance of system planning and operational analysis – matrix formation by building algorithm – per phase analysis of symmetrical three phase system – modelling of power system components – representation. per unit representation – network topology – primitive network and its matrices. TEXT BOOK 1.P. POWER FLOW ANALYSIS Importance of power flow analysis– power flow problem – classification of buses – development of power flow model in Gauss-seidel power flow – numerical problems – computation of transmission line flows. Kothari.. UNSYMMETRICAL FAULT ANALYSIS Unsymmetrical short circuits – short circuit analysis – symmetrical components method – derivation of fault current – LG. STABILITY ANALYSIS Importance of stability analysis – classification of power system stability – single Machine Infinite Bus (SMIB) system – development of swing equation – synchronous machine representation by classical model – power – angle equation– equal area criterion – determination of critical clearing angle and time – algorithm for numerical solution of swing equation using modified Euler method – plotting of swing curves. I.. flowchart. single line diagram.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 3. Temperature control system. SYMMETRIC FAULT ANALYSIS Need for fault analysis – common approximations made in fault analysis – symmetrical short circuits – Thevenin’s equivalent circuit and its applications – short circuit capacity – circuit breaker selections – fault analysis using Z bus matrix. numerical problems – comparison of the three methods of load flow.

reduced instruction set computer properties.. RISC PROCESSOR Instruction set – data formats – instruction formats – addressing modes – memory hierarchy – reduced instruction set – computer principles – reduced instruction set computer versus complex instruction set computer. W. 2005. New Delhi. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. PIC MICROCONTROLLER Central processing unit architecture – instruction set – interrupts – timers – memory – I/O port expansion – advanced risc machine organization and implementation– advanced risc machine instruction set – thumb instruction set – basic advanced risc machine – KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 48 . Grainger. synchronous – 8251A programmable communication interface – memory interface –keyboard/display interfacing – interfacing – ADC . Stevenson Jr. 2. Power System Analysis. MICROPROCESSOR INTERFACING AND APPLICATIONS Data transfer – programmable parallel ports – 8255 PPI – serial communication – asynchronous. EEE306 MICROPROCESSOR AND MICRO CONTROLLER L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 8085 AND 8086 MICROPROCESSOR Organisation of 8085 microprocessor – instruction set – addressing modes – assembly language programming – machine cycles – read. 2005. Power System Analysis. Hadi Saadat.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Hill Publishing Company.. 8051 MICROCONTROLLER Organization of 8051 microcontroller – I/O Ports – external memory – counters and timers – serial data input and output – interrupts – instruction set – addressing modes – assembly language programming – simple applications. Applications – temperature controller – stepper motor controller – servo motor controller – traffic light controller. 2005. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company. New Delhi. reduced instruction set computer evaluation – inter integrated circuit bus for peripheral chip access – A/D converter – universal asynchronous receiver transmitter – advanced risc machine architecture. DAC. write – bus cycles – states – wait state – HALT and HOLD state – Organisation of 8086 microprocessor – memory segmentation – addressing bytes and words – address formation – address modes in 8086.B. John J. Tata McGraw Hill International Book Company.D.

2002. 8086/8088 Family. Gray to Binary) Realisation of Ring counter Encoder and Decoder Multiplexer and De-multiplexer (4:1. 1995.PIPO) Additional Experiments 1. 8. John B. 3. Analog to digital converters Digital to analog converters Astable and monostable operation using 555 timers KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 49 .Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 assembly language program – advanced risc machine central processing unit cores.Graw Hill... Hall. 2. Microcomputer System. R.PISO. 5. Microprocessor Theory and Application – Intel and Motorola. 2003. Wiley Eastern Ltd. Simple Transistor tester using 555 IC.1:8 De–Mux) Shift registers(SISO.. 9. BCD to Gray. Gaonkar. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Daniel Tabak. 6. Mc. Digital Circuits Implementation of combinational circuits(Adder/Subtractor) Code converters( Gray to Excess 3. Pearson Education. Prentice Hall of India. 2005.V. Design with PIC Micro controller. DIGITAL CIRCUITS AND INTEGRATED CIRCUITS LABORATORY L 0 T 0 P 3 C 2 EEE383 (a) 1. 2. 2nd edition..8:1 Mux and 1:4.B.. (b) Integrated Circuits 7. 3. Peatman. Rafiquzzaman M. 2. Prentice Hall of India. 2006. 2nd edition. New Delhi. Advanced Microprocessors. 4.S. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company.SIPO. Small AM Transmitter Circuit using Logic Gates. 2005. 3. 2 Simple toggle touch switch using two inverter Gates. D. 4. TEXT BOOKS 1. YuCheng Liu & Glenn A Gibson. Microprocessor and Interfacing Programming and Hardware. inc. Microprocessor Architecture Programming and Application.

2. Arithmetic operation with 8051 micro controller execution. ADC and DAC interfacing 7.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 10. Traffic Light Controller using 8255 and 8085 8–bit Micro controller 4.non-inverter amplifier and summer. ADC and DAC interfacing 3. Sine wave and Square wave generation 6. Data acquisition system using 8051. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 50 . Traffic light control 10. Stepper motor control 8. 4. Applications of operational–amplifiers.B. Study of micro controllers with flash memory. Seven segment display 11. Additional Experiments 1. 3. Simple Digital Voltmeter using 8051. Temperature controlled Fan. 5. Temperature Regulator. Simple arithmetic operations 2. High Impedance Voltmeter. Servomotor control 9. Basic programming using keil 12. Additional Experiments 1. 5. Inverter amplifier . EEE384 8–bit Microprocessor MICRO CONTROLLER LABORATORY L 0 T 0 P 3 C 2 1. VHDL and PSPICE code. 4. 2. Experiments with Filter (Low pass and High pass). 3. Experiments with CPLD. Digital lock using AT89C2051 with LCD and keypad assembly.

protection schemes – transformer protection – generator protection – motor protection – bus zone protection – auto reclosing –methods of testing protective gear – current transformer tests – potential transformer tests. STATIC RELAYS Basis for static relay development – classification – components of static relays – elements of a static relay – over current relay – differential protection – static distance relay – microprocessor based relays – concepts of digital relaying. Vacuum CB. Power Systems Protection and Switch Gear. Chander.Rao.SF6 CB – basic steps for design of circuit breaker – testing of circuit breakers. II POWER SYSTEM APPARATUS PROTECTION Over current.. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 51 .Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 5. 7. OVER VOLTAGE PROTECTION Causes of over voltages – lightning – switching – insulation failure and arcing grounds – methods of protection – ground wires. surge absorbers and diverters – location of protective apparatus – insulation coordination – neutral earthing. 6. Khanna Publishers.. Microcontroller based caller ID. Auto Control of 3-phase Induction Motor. 1999. distance.. Bio medical monitoring system. Oil CB. Peterson coils. New Delhi. N. SEMESTER VII EEE401 PROTECTION AND SWITCH GEAR L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 PROTECTIVE RELAYS Principles and need for protective schemes – nature and causes of faults – types of faults – essential qualities of protection – zones of protection – primary and back up protection – relay classification – principle types of electromagnetic relays – theory of induction disc relay – relay design – relay construction – general equation for electromagnetic relays – over current relays – directional relays – distance relays – differential relays. Wiley Eastern (P) Ltd. 2. TEXT BOOKS 1. Ravindranath B.B. Air blast CB. pilot feeder.. 2001. Protective Switch Gear. CIRCUIT BREAKERS Physics of arc phenomena – maintenance of the arc – losses – arc interruption theories – circuit breaker rating – characteristics of restriking voltage – current chopping – types of circuit breakers – air break CB. Sunil S.

Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives. Badri Ram. 2.L. Khanna Publishers. Uppal. DESIGN OF CONTROLLERS FOR DRIVES Transfer function for DC motor.. current fed inverters – block diagram of closed loop drive .. Power system protection and switchgear.R. New Delhi. Electrical Power. deceleration.B. Pearson Education. constant slip-speed control and constant air–gap flux control – principle of vector control – methods of improving power factor – basics of voltage.. 2002. CONVERTER / CHOPPER FED DC MOTOR DRIVE Phase controlled drives – four quadrant DC motor drive – steady state analysis of the single and three phase fully controlled converter fed separately excited DC motor drive: continuous and discontinuous -conduction mode – chopper fed DC drive – time ratio control and current limit control – four quadrant chopper. D. Bose. 2.N. TEXT BOOKS 1. load and converter – closed loop control with current and speed feedback – armature voltage control and field weakening mode control – design of controllers – current controller and speed controller – converter selection and characteristics–Simulation of AC and DC drives using MATLAB/SIMULINK. Krishnan. S. Bimal K. Tata Mc Graw Hill publishing company Ltd. SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR DRIVES Open loop v/f control and self – control of synchronous motor – marginal angle control and power factor control – need for leading power factor operation – excitation system – permanent magnet synchronous motor. 2004. Analysis and Control. starting and stopping.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 REFERENCE BOOKS 1. 2005. INDUCTION MOTOR DRIVES Stator voltage control – braking and energy saving – slip-power recovery drives – adjustable frequency drives – v/f control. Vishwakarma.. Prentice Hall of India.. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 52 . EEE415 SOLID STATE DRIVES L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 DRIVE CHARACTERISTICS Introduction – classification and advantages – equations governing motor load dynamics – equilibrium operating point and its steady state stability – mathematical condition for steady state stability and numerical problems – multi quadrant dynamics in the speed torque plane – basics of regenerative braking – typical load torque characteristics – acceleration. Electric Motor & Drives: Modelling.

S. system voltage control and security control. weekly and annual. forward dynamic programming approach. Dubey. G. Turnbull. EDC. J. Prentice Hall of India. Pillai. REFERENCE BOOKS 1.M. static analysis and dynamic analysis of two area system – uncontrolled case-tie line with frequency bias control of two-area system derivation – state variable model. cold reserves. hot reserves – overview of system operation – load forecasting. unit commitment. 2002. A First Course on Electrical Drives.F. load dispatching – overview of system control – governor control.1989.B.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 2005. Power Semi–conductor Controlled Drives. 2. static KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 53 . Thyristor control of AC motors.K. load-duration curve – load factor – diversity factor – reserve requirements– installed reserves.D. REACTIVE POWER–VOLTAGE CONTROL Typical excitation system – modeling. LFC.. ACTIVE POWER – FREQUENCY CONTROL Fundamentals of speed governing mechanism and modeling – speed-load characteristics – load sharing between two synchronous machines in parallel – concept of control area – LFC control of a single-area system – static and dynamic analysis of uncontrolled and controlled cases. static and dynamic analysis – stability compensation.K. power and reactive power – method of voltage control – injection of reactive power – numerical problems – system level control – generator voltage magnitude setting.G. economic dispatch control – multi-area systems – modelling of two-area system. ECONOMIC DISPATCH AND UNIT COMMITMENT Incremental cost curve – co-ordination equations – without loss and with loss – solution by direct method and λ-iteration method – base point and participation factors – economic dispatch controller added to LFC control – Statement of Unit Commitment (UC) problem – constraints in UC – spinning reserve. Wiley Eastern Limited.1988.. fuel constraints and other constraints – UC solution methods – priority -list methods. thermal unit constraints. POWER SYSTEM OPERATION AND CONTROL L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 EEE403 LOADS ON POWER SYSTEM System load variation – system load characteristics – load curves – daily.. generation and absorption of reactive power – relation between voltage. hydro constraints.. Pergamon press. AVR. Murphy. spinning reserves. 3.

L 0 T 0 P 3 C 2 EEE481 POWER SYSTEM SIMULATION LABORATORY 1. Load flow solution using Gauss – Seidal method 6. New Delhi. Solution of Sparse matrix Equation AX=b 2.. TEXT BOOKS 1.P.tap setting of OLTC transformer and MVAR injection of switched capacitors to maintain acceptable voltage profile and to minimize transmission loss. 2005. 13. ZBUS formation using bus building algorithm 4. Olle.Wollenberg.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 var capacitor-basic concepts. COMPUTER CONTROL OF POWER SYSTEMS Energy control centre – functions. Allen.B. YBUS formation using singular transformation method 3. John Wiley and Sons. REFERENC BOOKS 1. 2006. Modern Power System Analysis.J. inextremis and restorative – state transition diagram showing various state transitions and control strategies. Load flow solution using Newton – Rapson method 7.. Transient stability analysis using MiPower. Solution of two area load frequency control 12.J. Operation and Control.. MAJOR ELECTIVES EEE307 HIGH VOLTAGE ENGINEERING L 4 T 0 P 0 54 C 4 KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY . data acquisition and control – system hardware configuration – SCADA and EMS functions – network topology determination – state estimation. Inc. Transient stability analysis using ETAP 10.Wood and Bruce F. Revised edition. Simulation of faults and analysis of faults on power system using MATLAB 9. Power Generation.. Electric Energy Systems Theory – An Introduction.. alert. Load flow solution using Fast Decoupled load flow method 8. I. 2. Elgerd. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited. monitoring. Relay co-ordination using MiPower. I.. security analysis and control – various operating states – normal.D. 3rd edition. Kothari . Solution of economic dispatch control 11. Determination of Transmission line parameters 5. and Nagrath. 2004. emergency. New Delhi. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd.

Gallghar. TEXT BOOKS 1.B.PI. cables – standards and specifications – non-destructive high voltage tests. PD and PID controllers – characteristics – design – tuning – manual and automatic – robust control system design. Pearmain A. bushings and surge diverters. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 55 .M. SOLIDS AND LIQUIDS Break down in gases – liquids and solids – partial discharges – dielectric breakdown. High Voltage Engineering.. Pergamon press.. Wadhwa. transformers. GENERATION OF HIGH VOLTAGES AND HIGH CURRENTS Generation of high alternating and direct voltages.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 MEASUREMENT OF HIGH VOLTAGES AND HIGH CURRENTS Measurement of high alternating and direct impulse voltages – digital recorders for impulse measurements – measurement of high currents. TRANSIENTS IN ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEM Basic concepts of transients – classification – lightning over voltage – switching over voltages – transformer winding behaviour under transient conditions – lightning discharge. Kamaraju. High Voltage measurement.V. impulse and switching voltages – generation of high impulse currents. tests on lightning arrestors – insulation coordination. 2.C. insulators. 2. London. EEE309 CONTROL SYSTEM DESIGN L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 INTRODUCTION TO DESIGN System performance and specification – P.1982. HIGH VOLTAGE TESTING AND INSULATION COORDINATION High voltage testing – testing of circuit breakers.J. 2002. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Kuffel..S. 2004. New Delhi. New Age International (P) Limited. New Delhi.S.E. High Voltage Engineering Fundamentals .causes of overvoltages and its effect on power system-protection against overvoltages. 2001. Testing and Design.. High Voltage Engineering.John Wiley and Sons... Naidu.L. Zaengl W.J. ELECTRICAL BREAKDOWN IN GASES. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company. Oxford..Newyork.P.

.C. Optimal Control – LQ Methods. B. 2002. M. Tata McGraw Hill 1986. Tata McGraw Hill. Moore. lag.D. Tannenbaum. Thomson effect – thermodynamics of fuel cells – selection of fuel cells – selection of fuels based on constructional features – practical problems. TEXT BOOKS 1. 1992. New Delhi. Feedback Control Theory. et al.. 2003.B. REFERENCE BOOKS 1.B.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 FREQUENCY DOMAIN DESIGN Realization of compensators – design of lead. A. J. 1991.. 2. Francis. B.R. Prentice Hall of India. New Delhi. J. EEE310 NON CONVENTIONAL ENERGY SOURCES L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 PHOTOELECTRIC AND DIRECT ENERGY CONVERSION SYSTEM Photoelectric energy conversion – concept and description of photovoltaic effect –solar cell – material and prospects – thermoelectric and thermionic generation –Seeback. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 56 . Pearson education. Gopal.B. Control System Design. Goodwin.. Control system Principles and Design. Friedland.. frequency domain interpretation – linear quadratic regulator (LQR) – statistical descriptions of noise. MAGNETO STATIC ENERGY CONVERSION MHD generation – principle – Faraday and Hall effect generators – choice of generation parameters – magnetic field requirements – conductivity and ionization –recent development in MHD power systems.. Anderson.O.. Maxwell Macmilan International. stability margins. asymmetric observers. 3. Doyle..C. 2. Peltiar. G. Control system Design. lead-lag compensators – design using Bode plots – polar plots – Nichol’s chart – MIMIO design – feedback compensation..A. Kalman filter. STATE VARIABLE DESIGN Design by state feedback – output feedback – MIMO pole assignment technique –design of state and output regulators – design of reduced and full order observer – parameter optimization – Hα control. CASE STUDIES Inverted pendulum – robo arm control – RADAR tracking control – satellite attitude control – process control. STATE ESTIMATION TECHNIQUES Introduction – state observers.

NETWORK ANALYSIS AND SYNTHESIS L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 EEE311 INTRODUCTION TO NETWORK ANALYSIS Network elements – one port and two port networks – driving point immittance – transfer function – necessary conditions for driving point function and transfer function – poles and zeros – significance of poles and zeros – restriction and the location of poles KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 57 . industrial.. Tata McGraw Hill Publication. refrigerators – solar pond – thermal storage – Geothermal energy – sources of geo thermal power –electrical power production – geo. fabrication and performance – solar thermal power generation systems – solar air heating and cooling – solar thermal devices – solar stills. John wiley and sons. TEXT BOOKS 1. municipal and agricultural waste – methods of beneficiation and utilization – biogas production – factors affecting biogas production – gasification – types of gasifiers – advantages and disadvantages – pyrolysis.B.2001.W. construction – wind energy conversion systems – wind energy collectors – performance – wind energy storage – applications – hydro electric systems – schematic layout –generation and efficiency – tidal power – single and double basin systems – ocean Thermal energy conversion systems – wave energy. WIND ENERGY AND HYDRO ELECTRIC SYSTEMS Energy from wind – theory of wind mills – site selection. briquetting – liquefaction – energy plantations and fast growing varities – significance of energy plantations.. 2. Non–conventional Energy Sources. Solar energy thermal process. 2..Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 SOLAR ENERGY AND GEOTHERMAL ENERGY Data collectors – flat plate collectors and parabolic concentrators – design.2003. human. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. types. wood distillation. Sathyajith Mathew. CulpA.D. New Delhi.2002. Rai. Springer. ENERGY FROM BIOMASS Biomass – sources of biomass – animal.thermal power efficiency. Wind energy–Fundamentals. Resource Analysis and Economics. New Delhi. furnaces – cookers. Principles of Energy Conversion. 2006. Duffy and Buckman. G. Khanna Publishers.

John Wiley 1996. Lawrence P. S..1993. Circuit Analysis with computer applications to problem– sovling.. Wiley–Eastern Ltd.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 and zeros – time domain behavior from pole zero plot – stability criterion for active network – solved problems. Huelsman. PHI learning education REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Ravi R Singh . Network Analysis and Synthesis. Network analysis and synthesis . FILTERS DEISGN Filters-Classification of filters –Characteristics of ideal filters –Image impedance – constant K low pass .K Chakrabarthy. Network Theory and Filter Design . Louis Weinberg. Tata McGraw-Hill . FREQUENCY DOMAIN ANALYSIS Admittance-Loci of RLC network-Frequency.. Someshwar C.. 2001. TWO–PORT NETWORKS Two port network – open circuit impedance (Z)parameters – short circuit admittance(Y) parameters – transmission(ABCD)parameters – inverse transmission (A’B’C’D’)parameters – hybrid(h)parameters – inverse hybrid(g)parameters – inter relationship of different parameters – inter connection of two port networks– T and  representation – terminated two port networks – lattice networks – image parameters. Prentice Hall of India (P) Ltd. et.Wiley–Eastern Ltd. Tata McGraw Hill Book Company Inc. Network Analysis and Synthesis. Kuo. McGraw Hill. A. Aartre. al. RL & LC networks – Foster and Cauer forms of realization (Synthesis of RL and RC Network) – transmission zeroes – synthesis of transfer functions. NETWORK SYNTHESIS Network reliability – Hurwitz polynomials – positive real functions – properties of RC. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 58 . Network Analysis.RLC networks-Frequency response from pole –zero –Bode plots. Electrical networks . 2nd edition. Vasudev K. Vanvalkenburg. 4. Active and Passive Analog Filter Design.P Ghosh . 2009 EEE312 SPECIAL ELECTRICAL MACHINES L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 SYNCHRONOUS RELUCTANCE MOTORS Constructional features – types – axial and radial air gap motors – operating principle – reluctance – phasor diagram – characteristics – Vernier motor. 3. 2.B. 1962.1989 4. high pass and band pass filter-M derived low pass . New Delhi. 1993. 3.... Franklin F. 2. high pass and band pass filter TEXT BOOKS 1..Gupta..

REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Miller. Kenjo. EEE313 ENERGY MANAGEMENT AND ENERGY AUDIT L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 ENERGY SCENARIO AND ITS FORMS Introduction . Aearnley P.. PERMANENT MAGNET SYNCHRONOUS MOTORS Principle of operation – EMF and torque equations – reactance – phasor diagram – power controllers – converter – volt–ampere requirements – torque speed characteristics – microprocessor based control. Kenjo. London. London... 1989.. SWITCHED RELUCTANCE MOTORS Constructional features – principle of operation – torque prediction – power controllers – non-linear analysis – microprocessor based control – characteristics – computer control. Clarendon Press London.Energy KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 59 .B. 1982.S.Commercial Energy and Non commercial Energy -Renewable and Non Renewable Energy .Energy Security -Energy Conservation and its Importance . TEXT BOOKS 1. PeterPerengrinus. PERMANENT MAGNET BRUSHLESS DC MOTORS AND INDUCTION MACHINES Principle of operation – types – magnetic circuit analysis – EMF and torque equations – power controllers – motor characteristics and control – induction voltage regulator – synchronous induction motor – power selsyn – position selsyn – linear motors.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 STEPPING MOTORS Constructional features – principle of operation – variable reluctance motor – hybrid motor – single and multi stack configurations – theory of torque predictions – linear and non-linear analysis – characteristics – drive circuits..Energy Sector Reforms -Energy and Environment . Stepping Motors and Their Microprocessor Controls.Primary and Secondary Energy .Energy Pricing in India . Stepping Motors – A Guide to Motor Theory and Practice. 2.T. 2. 1988. Oxford. Clarendon Press. Nagamori. Permanent Magnet and Brushless DC Motors.Global Primary Energy Reserves -Indian Energy Scenario -Energy Needs of Growing Economy -Long Term Energy Scenario for India .E. Clarendon Press. T.J. 1984. T. Brushless Permanent Magnet and Reluctance Motor Drives.

Energy Balances . New Delhi. India.Prototype Carbon Fund (PCF) .Understanding Energy Costs Benchmarking and Energy Performance .Ozone Layer Depletion .Steps in Project Management . DC DRIVES Speed control of dc motors – Ward – Leonard scheme – drawbacks – thyristor converter fed dc drives – single.The Conference of the Parties (COP) .Energy Conservation Act. Project Management: Introduction .B. ENERGY MANAGEMENT AND AUDIT Definition & Objectives of Energy Management . two and four quadrant operations – SRM drive – micro motor drive – chopper fed DC Drives – time ratio control and current limit control – single.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Strategy for the Future . Targeting and Reporting .Matching Energy Usage to Requirement Maximising System Efficiency . PROJECT AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Introduction .Climate Change Problem and Response . Text Book Book-1:General Aspects of Energy Management and Energy Audit.Energy Audit Reporting Format .Sankey Diagram and its Use .Fuel and Energy Substitution .How to Carryout Material and Energy (M & E) Balance . braking and reversing operations.Sensitivity and Risk Analysis .Global Warming . KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 60 .Financial Management : Introduction Investment Need.Elements of Monitoring & Targeting System . ENERGY MONITORING AND TARGETING Definition . Bureau of Energy Efficiency.Loss of BioDiversity . 2001 and its Features.Financing Options.Various Forms of Energy .Electrical Energy Basics Thermal Energy Basics -Units and Conversions .Energy Management System .Method for Preparing Process Flow Chart Facility as an Energy System .9.Financial Analysis .Energy Audit: Types and Methodology .CUSUM .Material Balances . Appraisal and Criteria . ENERGY ACTION PLANNING.8 Sustainable Development. two and four quadrant operations – effect of ripples on the dc motor performance.Case Study.Basic Principles of Materialand Energy Balance .Energy Audit Instruments .Data and Information Analysis .Energy and its Various Forms: Definition .II edition 2005 L T P C EEE402 ELECTRICAL DRIVES 3 1 0 4 CHARACTERISTICS OF ELECTRIC DRIVES Speed – torque characteristics of various types of loads and drive motors – joint speed – torque characteristics – selection of power rating for drive motors with regard to thermal overloading and load variation factors – load equalization – starting.Financial Analysis Techniques .Rationale for Monitoring.Relating Energy Consumption and Production . GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS Global Environmental Issues .

rotor control – rotor resistance control and slip power recovery schemes – static control of rotor resistance using dc chopper – static Kramer. 2.V. THREE PHASE SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR DRIVES Speed control of three phase synchronous motors – voltage source and current source inverter fed synchronous motors – commutatorless DC motors – cycloconverter fed synchronous motors – effects of harmonics on the performance of AC motors – closed loop control of drive motors. ANALYSIS OF CONVERTERS AND HVDC SYSTEM CONTROL Thyristor converter circuits – choice of converter configurations – control characteristics – simplified analysis of Graetz circuit – system control hierarchy –firing angle contro – current and extinction angle control. Thyristor control of Electrical Drives. Pillai. An Introduction to Thyristor and their Application. Thyristor drives.. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing company Ltd. 1991. inverter and cycloconverter fed induction motor drives. M. 2002. S. P..C... 2nd Edition. A First Course on Electrical Drives. paper mills. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 61 . 2. NewDelhi. John wiley & sons. Ramamoorthy. Affiliated East West Press (P) Ltd.B. Subhramanyam.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 THREE PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR DRIVES Speed control of three phase induction motors – stator control – stator voltage and frequency control – AC chopper. New Age International Publishers. Sen. 1993. lifts and cranes. TEXT BOOKS 1. 2002. New york.K. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. 2nd Edition. EEE404 HVDC AND FACTS L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 DC POWER TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGY Introduction – comparison of HVAC and HVDC –application of DC transmission – description of DC transmission system planning for HVDC transmission – modern trends in DC transmission – limitations. DIGITAL CONTROL AND DRIVE APPLICATIONS Digital techniques in speed control – advantages and limitations – microprocessor based control of drives – selection of drives and control schemes for steel rolling mills. Scherbius drives.

2.Hingorani. April 1993. Wiley inerscience. 3. saturated reactor (SR). types of excitation systems. thyristors switched reactor (TSR). Flexible AC Transmission.1971. IEEE press. 2002.B. VSC BASED FACTS DEVICES Basic concepts of VSC – STATCOM – principle of operation – V-I characteristics – static synchronous series capacitor (SSSC) – unified power flow controller (UPFC) – principle of operation – applications – modeling of UPFC for power flow. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. THRISTOR BASED FACTS DEVICES Classification – thyristor controlled reactor (TCR). 2.typical excitation system configuration . Narin G.saturation function .K.Sydney.1983. Varma. and fixed capacitor (FC) thyristor controlled series capacitor (TCSC). IEEE Spectrum. HVDC Power Transmission System. Padiyar.NewYork. EEE405 POWER SYSTEM DYNAMICS L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 MODELING OF SYNCHRONOUS MACHINE Mathematical description of synchronous machine – dqo transformation – per unit representation – equivalent circuit for d and q axis – steady state analysis – magnetic saturation – simplified model with amortisseurs neglected – classical model – constant flux linkage model including the effect of sub transient circuits – reactive capability limits MODELING OF EXCITATION SYSTEM Exciter and voltage regulators . block diagram and state space representation of IEEE type1 excitation system .1990. R.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 BASIC CONCEPTS OF FACTS Lack of control on active reactive power flow – conventional control mechanisms – Need for FACTS Devices – Advances in power semiconductor devices – types of FACTS controllers – importance of facts controllers – operating principles. Thyristor based FACTS controllers for Electrical transmission systems.London...R.. thyristor switched capacitor (TSC). Peter Pregrinus.London. Wiley Eastern Limited. High Voltage Direct Current Transmission. static var compensator (SVC). & Rajiv k. Direct Current Transmission. Mohan Mathur. TEXT BOOKS 1.function of excitation systems.J.1st edition. New Delhi. Edward Wilson Kimbark.stabilizing circuit KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 62 . wiley Inter Science. Arrilaga..

Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 SMALL SIGNAL STABILITY ANALYSIS Basic concepts and definitions-Principle behind small signal stability improvement methods – classification of stability – stability of dynamic system – state-space representation – eigen properties of state matrix – participation factor – SMIB configuration – effects of field circuit dynamics – effect of field flux variation on system stability – analysis with numeric examples. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Classical optimization Techniques. Direct substitution method. 2002. EEE406 POWER SYSTEM OPTIMIZATION L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUES Introduction. KunhTucker conditions. Lagrange Multiplier method. Padiyar. constraint surface. Kundur. Wiley Eastern Limited. classification of optimization problem. New Delhi 1979. Power system dynamics. VOLTAGE STABILITY Basic concepts related to voltage stability – voltage collapse – classification of voltage stability – voltage stability analysis – prevention of voltage collapse – system design & measures – system operating measures. multivariable optimization with equality constraints. Computer techniques in power system analysis. TEXT BOOKS 1. 2. M. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 63 . design vector.. design constraints. TRANSIENT STABILITY ANALYSIS Factors influencing transient stability – numerical integration method – Euler and Runge Kutta method – simulation of power system dynamic response – structure of power system model – synchronous machine representation – transmission network and load representation – overall system equation and their solution – simplified transient stability simulation using simultaneous implicit method – principle behind transient stability enhancement method – regulated shunt compensation – dynamic braking – reactive switching – high speed excitation system. Tata McGraw Hill. constrained variation method. P. single variable optimization.2006. objective function.B. formulation of multivariable optimization..New Delhi.K.. Power system stability and control.A.R. Tata McGraw Hill. Pai. Statement of an optimization problem.

adjusting. Kothari. pumped storage schemes. thermal unit constraints.D.. MAINTENANCE SCHEDULING Factors considered in maintenance scheduling – generator units.J. TEXT BOOK 1. incremental losses and penalty factorsConstraints in unit commitment – spinning reserve. ELECTRIC ENERGY GENERATION. et.. geothermal and solar sources – concept of distributed generation – effect on system operation. John Wiley and sons.K. Allen J. MHD.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 ECONOMIC DISPATCH AND UNIT COMMITMENT Incremental cost curve – co-ordination equations with loss and without loss– solution by direct method and  Iteration method – base point and participation factors method – two generator system.Wood. turbines. Prentice Hall India. REFERENCE BOOKS 1.. 2004. other constraints – solution using priority list method. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 64 . Bruce F Wollenberg. Newton’s method. Computer Aided Power System Analysis and Control. Newyork.2004. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. Power Generation... Operation and control. OPTIMAL POWER FLOW Solution of optimal power flow (OPF) – Gradient method. Dhillon.B.. GENERATION SCHEDULING–THERMAL AND HYDROTHERMAL SYSTEM Long range hydro scheduling – short range hydro scheduling – hydro electric plant models – scheduling problems – short term hydrothermal scheduling problem – solution using lamda iteration method – dynamic programming. NewDelhi 1988. wind.P.A. coordination equations. dynamic programming method – forward DP approach – Lagrangian relaxation linear sensitivity analysis – LP methods with real power variables only – LP method with AC power flow variables and detailed cost functions – security constrained optimal power flow – interior point algorithm – bus incremental costs. Power System Optimization. 2. boilers– maintenance scheduling using mathematical programming. Ltd. Mahalanabis. UTILISATION AND CONSERVATION L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 EEE407 GENERATION Generation of electrical power by conventional methods – brief review – generation from tidal.

New age International. Wadhwa. TEXT BOOKS 1. Utilization of Electric Power and Electric Traction. Eurasia Publishing House (P) Ltd.. industrial. DRIVES AND THEIR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS Motor selection and related factors – loads – types – characteristics – steady state and transient characteristics – load equalization – Industrial applications – modern methods of speed control of industrial drives. Art and Science of Utilisation of Electrical Energy. New Delhi. 2. C.L. J. EEE408 MODERN CONTROL THEORY L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 STATE VARIABLE ANALYSIS KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 65 .Utilisation and Distribution.Kataria and Sons. Gupta. Dhanpat Rai and Co. B. 3. ELECTRIC TRACTION Requirements of an ideal traction system – supply systems – mechanics of train movement – traction motors and control – multiple units – braking – current collection systems – recent trends in electric traction. E. ILLUMINATION. 2004. Orient Longman (P) Ltd. S. street lighting – types of lamps – energy efficient lamps – Methods of heating. requirement of heating material – design of heating element – furnaces – welding generator – welding transformer and its characteristics. 2003. health care. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. New Delhi. Gupta.. Generation of Electrical Energy. Partab. HEATING AND WELDING Nature of radiation – definition – laws of photometry – lighting calculations – design of illumination systems – residential.. Generation.B. 2002.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 CONSERVATION Economics of generation – definitions – load curves – number and size of units – cost of electrical energy – tariff – need for electrical energy conservation – methods – energy efficient equipment – energy management – energy auditing – economics of power factor improvement – design for improvement of power factor using power capacitors – power quality – effect on conservation. 2003. commercial. 2003.B. sports and administrative complexes. H.R.K... Openshaw Taylor. 2. Utilization of Electrical Energy.

. Modern Control System theory and Design.. K. STABILITY Stability of linear time invariant system – stability of non-linear systems by describing function method – Liapunov’s method of stability studies – Popov’s criterion. Control Systems. 1992. Ogata.Shiners.1982. INTRODUCTION Definition of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) – applicable processes – elements of SCADA systems – SCADA Architecture – operation and control using SCADA – development from telemetry – dependence on communications and computers . COMPONENTS OF AUTOMATED SYSTEMS Sensors..plane method – construction of phase trajectories – describing functions – derivation.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 State variable systems – description – state equations for dynamic systems – state estimation in the presence of noise – solution of state equations – linear time varying – time invarying – linear discrete time systems – controllability and observability . PHASE PLANE AND DESCRIBING FUNCTION ANALYSIS Common types of non-linear phenomena – linearization – singular points – phase. STATE SPACE DESIGN Design methods – state feedbacks – output feedback – pole placement techniques –full order and reduced order – observers – dead beat control – MIMO system. REFERENCE BOOKS EEE409 INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION L T 3 0 reprint. New Delhi. Stanley M. Modern Control Engineering. 2. ADVANCE TOPICS IN CONTROL SYSTEM Optimal control. transducers and actuators – forgotten cost – special considerations – standardization and maintenance – remote terminal unit – communication interface – protocol detailed – discrete control – analog control – pulse control .B. robust control and intelligent control methods – model predictive control. 1995. Singapore. TEXT BOOKS 1. Wiley Eastern. P 0 C 3 1. Prentice Hall of India. Gopal. serial control – monitor discrete and analog signals – monitor pulse count and serial signals – master KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 66 . John Wiley and Sons. adaptive control.

COMMUNICATIONS Analog to digital conversion – communication models and types – communication standards – communications system components – protocol – modems – field buses – synchronous or asynchronous protocols –ethernet . EEE410 NEURAL NETWORK AND FUZZY LOGIC L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 INTRODUCTION TO NEURAL NETWORKS Overview of biological neuro-system – mathematical models of neurons – learning rules – learning paradigms – supervised – unsupervised and reinforcement learning.B. Maintenance of Instrumentation and systems – 2nd Edition (2005). Analytical Instrumentation (1996). KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 67 . Stuart A. token ring-project 802networking devices.. Boyer. FEEDFORWARD AND FEEDBACK NETWORKS Perceptron networks – training rules – multilayer perceptron – back propagation algorithm – associative memories – Hopfield networks – Boltzman machine – self organizing map. ISA’s Practical Guide Series. 3rd Edition. TEXT BOOK 1.token bus. SUBSTATIONS AND DISTRIBUTION AUTOMATION Substation automation – structure of subsystem automation – substation communications – substation functions through SCADA – distribution automation– functions of distribution automation – distribution automation for improved energy management – relative rating of communication media for DA – automation in process industries – SCADA systems in industries – requirements of industrial automation system – SCADA system in sugar industries– purification systems – evaporation – crystallization – centrifugation and sugar handling. PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLERS Structure of PLC – control program – programming – simple relay layouts and schematics – PLC connections – ladder logic inputs – ladder logic outputs – tutorial problems – case studies. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. ISA–The instrumentation systems and Automation Society. SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. Fundamentals of Industrial Control – 2nd Edition (2006).Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 terminal unit – communication interface – configuring a picture of the process – data storage – applications.

Allied Publication Ltd. N. Laurance Fausett.. 3. Sumathi S.C. Neuro-Fuzzy and Soft Computing . Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications.. John Yen & Reza Langari. Sivanandam S. Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications.Yegnanarayana.. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Deepa.R. 1996. 2003.2005. Fuzzy Logic – Intelligence Control & Information. Tata Mgraw Hill.. Prentice Hall of India (P) Ltd. Englewood cliffs. 2009. Pearson Education.S.B. 5. TEXT BOOKS 1. 2. 2004. New Delhi.. 4.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 FUZZY LOGIC Overview of classical sets – introduction to fuzzy logic – membership function – fuzzy rule generation – operations on fuzzy sets – compliment – intersections – unions – combinations of operations – fuzzy if-then rule – fuzzy inferencing –Mamdani.J.. Timothy J. John Wiley & Sons. NEURO FUZZY SYSTEM Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference systems (ANFIS) – architecture – hybrid learning algorithm – parameter identification – rule base structure identification – input selection – input space partitioning – neuro-fuzzy control.0 . Prentice-hall Of India Pvt Ltd..New Delhi. Jang.Mizutani. H. APPLICATIONS OF NEURAL NETWORK AND FUZZY LOGIC Applications of neural network – pattern recognition – fuzzy logic control – inverted pendulum – image processing – home heating system – biomedical applications – applications of neuro fuzzy system – character recognition – channel equalization – noise cancellation. Tata McGraw Hill. Introduction To Neural Networks Using Matlab 6. 1992. 2. Pearson Education. Fundamentals of NeuralNetworks. Sun.. correlation with a KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 68 . EEE411 DIGITAL PROTECTION L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 NUMERICAL PROTECTION Introduction – block diagram of numerical relay– sampling theorem. Fuzzy Set Theory & its Applications. Artificial neural networks. B.T.J. Timothy Ross. 3. Ross. Second Edition. Ltd. Zimmermann. 1997. E. 2008.J. TSK – defuzzification.

Fundamentals of Power System Protection. New Age International PvtLimited Publishers. computer graphics display–man-machine interface subsystem. traveling wave relays– digital protection scheme based upon fundamental signal. Digital Protection. Ltd. 2.. 2. New Delhi. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. hardware design. P. New York). Singh. Rao. Tata Mc Graw Hill.C. studies. co-ordination of over current relays. Paithankar (Marcel & Dekker. Ultra high speed protective relays for high voltage long transmission line. New Delhi. DISTANCE AND OVER CURRENT RELAY SETTING AND CO-ORDINATION Directional instantaneous IDMT over current relay.C.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 reference wave–least error squared (LES) technique–digital filtering. L. Stanley Horowitz IEEE press . 2nd Edition. DIGITAL PROTECTION OF SYNCHRONOUS GENERATOR AND POWER TRANSFORMER Introduction–faults in synchronous generator. digital protection of synchronous generator. L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 EEE412 VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTATION KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 69 . development of algorithm for S.M. Paithankar & Bhide Prentice Hall of India Pvt. integrated operation of national power system. Digital Relay / Numerical relays – T. studies–PC based integrated software for S.B. numerical over current protection. application of computer graphics. studies of multiphase systems. S.S. New York Transmission Network Protection.C. Protective Relaying for Power System II. transformation to component quantities. DIGITAL PROTECTION OF TRANSMISSION LINE Introduction–protection scheme of transmission line–distance relays. new relaying scheme using amplitude comparison. directional multizone distance relay– distance relay setting–co-ordination of distance relays. New Delhi. PC APPLICATIONS IN SHORT CIRCUIT STUDIES FOR DESIGNING RELAYING SCHEME Types of faults– assumptions. – Faults in a transformer. protection schemes for synchronous generator. software design–digital protection of EHV/UHV transmission line based upon travelling wave phenomenon. schemes used for transformer protection–digital protection of transformer. TEXT BOOKS 1.

DATA FLOW TECHNIQUES Graphical programming in data flow– comparison with conventional programming. L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 EEE413 SCADA AND DCS INTRODUCTION TO SCADA Data acquisition systems. Lab View for everyone.P. Instrument Society of America. PC Interfacing And Data Acquisition Techniques for Measurement . REFERENCE BOOKS 1.Instrumentation And Control . evolution of SCADA. industries. New york. New Nes . and Gupta J. TEXT BOOKS 1. 1994.Wells and Jeffrey travels. Fourier transform-power spectrum-correlation methods–windowing–filtering-VI applications in various fields–visa and ivi–image acquisition–processing. Lisa K .B. communication technologies–monitoring and supervisory functions –SCADA applications in utility automation. Kevin James . SCADA SYSTEM COMPONENTS KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 70 . PC interfacing for Data Acquisition & Process Control. 2.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 REVIEW OF VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTATION Historical perspective– advantages–block diagram–architecture of a virtual instrument. PROGRAMMING TECHNIQUES VIs–sub. Prentice Hall.. Lab View graphical programming Mc Graw Hill.1997.2nd Edition.1997. 2. ANALYSIS TOOLS AND APPLICATION Some tools from the advanced analysis tools relevant to the discipline may be included e. DATA ACQUISITION AND INSTRUMENT INTERFACE ADC–DAC–DIO–counters–timers–PC hardware structure–timing–interrupts–DMA– software–hardware installation–current loop–RS232/RS485–GPIB-USB-PCMCIA. Gary Johnson.New Jersey.g.VIs –loops–charts–arrays–clusters–graphs–case–sequence structures–formula nodes–local –global variables–string–file I/O. 2000. 2nd Edition. Gupta S.

ISA Press. programmable logic controller (PLC). LCU languages. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 71 . configuration of DCS. Elements Of Process Control Applications. FFT algorithms – radix-2 FFT algorithms – decimation in time – decimation in frequency algorithms – applications of FFT algorithms.H. SCADA communication–various industrial communication technologies –wired and wireless methods and fiber optics– open standard communication protocols. TEXT BOOKS 1.Newness Publications. 2. Industries–oil. Lukras M. Case studies. analysis and improvement.USA..UK. simulation exercises.60870. SCADA ARCHITECTURE AND COMMUNICATION SCADA architecture – various SCADA architectures. LCU process interfacing issues.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Schemes.remote terminal unit (RTU). Deon Reynders:Modern SCADA Protocols: DNP3. SCADA APPLICATIONS Utility applications– transmission and distribution sector –operations.2004. gas and water. Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEMS Definition. intelligent electronic devices (IED).5 and Related Systems. REFERENCE BOOKS 1.B. 2.B. SCADA/HMI systems. communication facilities.1995. Distributed Control Systems. SCADA server. communication network. Deshpande P.New York.Oxford. Gordon Clarke. implementation.New York. applications of DSP. and Ash R.1986. MINOR ELECTIVES ECE301 DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 INTRODUCTION Basic elements of a digital signal processing system – advantages of digital over analog signal processing. monitoring. local control (LCU) architecture. redundancy concept– case studies in DCS. displays.1999.P. Staurt A Boyer:SCADA–Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Instrument Society Of America Publications . advantages and disadvantages of each system–single unified standard architecture.

Tata McGraw Hill. coefficient quantization. interpolation by a factor I. impulse invariant transformation – frequency transformation in analog and digital domain FIR FILTERS Design of linear phase FIR filters using rectangular. Algorithms and Application. MULTIRATE DSP Decimation by a factor D. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 72 . IIR filter design using bilinear transformation. Schafer. Digital Signal Processing .Signed operand multiplication and fast multiplication – Integer division – Floating point numbers and operations. limit cycle oscillation – signal scaling. multistage implementation of sampling rate conversion – sampling rate conversion by an arbitrary factor – applications of multirate signal processing. G.B. REFERENCES 1... 1992. FINITE WORD LENGTH EFFECTS Number representations – fixed point and floating point numbers. Prentice Hall of India. TEXT BOOK 1.. CSE210 COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE AND ORGANISATION L 3 T 0 P 0 C 4 BASIC STRUCTURE OF COMPUTERS Functional units .K. 1998. 3rd Edition. Digital Signal Processing Principles. 2000. John G Proakis.Bus structures . over flow error – truncation error – co-efficient quantization error.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 IIR FILTERS Design of Butterworth filters. Dimtris Manolakis. ARITHMETIC UNIT Addition and subtraction of signed numbers – Design of fast adders – Multiplication of positive numbers .Software performance – Memory locations and addresses – Memory operations – Instruction and instruction sequencing – Addressing modes – Assembly language – Basic I/O operations – Stacks and queues. Prentice Hall of India. Chebyshev Type I and Type II filters... 2.Basic operational concepts . Kaiser Windows – design of linear phase FIR filters using frequency sampling techniques. Discrete Time Signal Processing. hamming.A Computer based approach. S. filter design and implementation for sampling rate conversion. Oppenheim. quantization of fixed and floating point numbers.Mitra.

TEXT BOOK 1. Computer Organization and Design: The hardware software interface. frequency translation. MEMORY SYSTEM Basic concepts – Semiconductor RAMs . AM receiver. SSB–SC. . I/O ORGANIZATION Accessing I/O devices – Interrupts – Direct Memory Access – Buses – Interface circuits – Standard I/O Interfaces (PCI. William Stallings. David A. Computer Organization. VSB signals. filtering of sidebands. John P. frequency division multiplexing. FM broadcast receivers. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 73 . Computer Architecture and Organization. 2002. generation of FM signal – direct FM – indirect FM. AM transmitters –superhetrodyne receiver.Performance consideration – Virtual memory . McGraw Hill. FM stereo multiplexing. narrowband and wideband FM.B.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 BASIC PROCESSING UNIT Fundamental concepts – Execution of a complete instruction – Multiple bus organization – Hardwired control – Microprogrammed control . USB). comparison of amplitude modulation systems. transmission bandwidth of FM signals. 2. 1998.ROMs – Speed . frequency modulation. ANGLE MODULATION Angle modulation. 2003. 2002.Pipelining – Basic concepts – Data hazards – Instruction hazards – Influence on Instruction sets – Data path and control consideration – Superscalar operation.. L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 ECE356 COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING AMPLITUDE MODULATIONS Generation and demodulation of AM.. FM stereo receives. 2nd Edition. McGraw-Hill. 5th Edition. 6th Edition. 3.size and cost – Cache memories . 3rd Edition.Hennessy. demodulation of FM signals.. non-linear effects in FM systems. Computer Organization and Architecture – Designing for Performance. Morgan Kaufmann. Carl Hamacher. SCSI.Memory Management requirements – Secondary storage. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Zvonko Vranesic and Safwat Zaky. PLL – non-linear model and linear model of PLL.Patterson and John L... Pearson Education. DSB–SC.Hayes.

TEXT BOOK 1.. Prentice Hall of India. information capacity theorem. Communication Systems. NOISE PERFORMANCE OF AM AND FM RECEIVERS Noise in AM receivers threshold effect. noise in SSB receiver. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing company. FM threshold reduction. rate distortion theory. comparison of performance of AM and FM systems. Electronic communication. representation of narrowband noise in terms of envelope and phase components. pre-emphasis and de-emphasis in FM. noise in DSB-SC receiver. 4th edition. New York. 3.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 NOISE PERFORMANCE OF DSB. source coding theorem. REFERENCES 1. mutual information. Roddy. 2001. narrowband noise. FM threshold effect. receiver model. Drawing the lines – curves – ellipse – polygons and other shapes . INFORMATION THEORY Uncertainty. differential entropy. 4th Edition. Schilling. Bruce Carlson et al. channel capacity. noise in FM receivers capture effect. 2002... Coolen. Taub. and mutual information for continuous ensembles. imon Haykin. information and entropy.B. 4th edition. discrete memory less channels. white noise. Communication systems. implication of the information capacity theorem. noise equivalent bandwidth. data compaction. Principles of communication systems. thermal noise. SSB RECEIVERS Noise – shot noise. 2. 2003.GDI pens – brushes – GDI fonts – deleting GDI objects and deselecting GDI objects–getting input from the KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 74 . dompression of information. John wiley & sons. CSE366 VISUAL LANGUAGES AND APPLICATIONS L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 FUNDAMENTALS OF WINDOWS AND MFC Messages – windows programming – SDK style – Hungarian notation and windows data types – SDK programming in perspective – benefits of C++ and MFC – MFC design philosophy – document/view architecture – MFC class hierarchy – AFX functions – application object – frame window object – message map. New Delhi. sinewave plus narrowband noise. Tata McGraw Hill International. New Delhi. 1995. channel coding theorem.

B.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 mouse-client and non-client – area mouse messages – mouse wheel – cursor– getting input from the keyboard – input focus – keystroke messages – virtual key codes – character and dead key messages. update ranges –keyboard accelerators – creating menus programmatically – modifying menus programmatically – The system menu – owner draw menus – cascading menus – context menus. synchronizing multiple views of a document – mid squares application – supporting multiple document types – alternatives to MDI – splitter windows – dynamic splitter window – static splitter windows. Variables – declaration – types – converting variable types – user defined data types – lifetime of a variable. query def object. mapping databases: database object – table def object. DATABASE PROGRAMMING WITH VB Record sets – data control – data control properties. Programming the active database objects – ADO object model – establishing a connection – executing SQL statements – cursor types and locking mechanism – manipulating the record set object – simple record editing and updating. methods – visual data manager: specifying indices with the visual data manager – entering data with the visual data manager – data bound list control – data bound combo box – data bound grid control. DOCUMENT / VIEW ARCHITECTURE The inexistence function revisited – document object – view object – frame window object – dynamic object creation – SDI document template – command routing. RESOURCES AND CONTROLS Creating a menu – loading and displaying a menu – responding to menu commands – command ranges – updating the items in menu. FUNDAMENTALS OF VISUAL BASIC Menu bar – tool bar – project explorer – toolbox – properties window – form designer – form layout – intermediate window – designing the user interface – aligning the controls – running the application – visual development and event driven programming. The C button class – C list box class – C static class – The font view application – C edit class – C combo box class – C scrollbar class– model dialog boxes – modeless dialog boxes. closing and creating the files – reading & writing – C file derivatives – serialization basics – writing serializable classes. constants – arrays – types of arrays – procedures – subroutines – functions – calling procedures – text box controls – list box and combo box controls – scroll bar and slider controls – file controls. Creating and initializing a toolbar – controlling the toolbar’s visibility – creating and initializing a status bar – creating custom status bar panes – status bar support in appwizard – opening. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 75 .

. Visual C++ 6 From the Ground Up Second Edition.Electronic Mail and Network Management .0.TCP/IP .Protocol Architecture .Voice over IP .Routing in Switched Networks . Data And Computer Communication. Tata McGraw Hill. TEXT BOOK 1. BPB Publications.Packet Switching .Data Link Control – Multiplexing. Reprinted 2002. John Paul Muller. DATA COMMUNICATION Data Transmission .Digital Data Communication Techniques .Real Time Transport Protocol.Session Initiation Protocol . LOCAL AREA NETWORKS AND TRANSPORT PROTOCOLS Local Area Network Overview . L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 CSE306 DATA COMMUNICATION AND NETWORKS DATA COMMUNICATION OVERVIEW Data Communications. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. 2005. MFC Programming from the Ground Up.Transport Protocols INTERNETWORK APPLICATIONS Internet Applications . 3. reprinted 2002. Second Edition. Jeff Prosise. 2.High-Speed LANs .Internet Directory Service and World Wide Web ..Cellular Wireless Networks. WIDE AREA NETWORKS Circuit Switching . 8th Edition. 2.the Internet . 1999. William Stallings.Internet Applications .Internetwork Protocols .B. Programming Windows With MFC. Reprinted 2002.. Curtis Smith and Micheal Amundsen.Wireless LANs . Mastering Visual Basic 6. Evangelos Petroutsos. .Congestion Control in Switched Data Networks .. 2002. REFERENCE BOOKS KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 76 .Guided and Wireless Transmission .Internetwork Operation . WP Publishers & Distributors [P] Ltd. Techmedia Publications.Data Networking .Internet based Application. Teach Yourself Database Programming with Visual Basic 6 in 21 days. Tata McGraw Hill. Second Edition. Herbert Schildt.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 TEXT BOOKS 1.

2004. Greg Gagne. STORAGE MANAGEMENT Virtual memory – demand paging – copy-on–write – page replacement – allocation of frames – thrashing – memory mapped files – allocating kernel memory– file concept – access methods – directory structure – file system mounting – file sharing – protection – file system structure – file system implementation – directory implementation – allocation methods – free-space management. Computer Networks. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 77 . Tanenbaum A. TEXT BOOK 1. Operating System Concepts. DISK MANAGEMENT Mass storage structure – disk structure – disk scheduling – disk management – swap– space management – raid structure – stable–storage implementation – tertiary–storage structure – i / o hardware – kernel i/o subsystem – protection and security – case study: the linux system. PROCESS MANAGEMENT Process concept – process scheduling – operations on processes – interprocess communication – examples of IPC – communication in client-server systems – threads – overview – multithreading – CPU scheduling – concepts – scheduling criteria – scheduling algorithms – multiple–processor scheduling – process synchronization – the critical-section problem – synchronization hardware – semaphores – classic problems of synchronization – critical regions – monitors. Abraham Silberschatz .. Peter Galvin. 2. 4th Edition.B. Communication Networks: Fundamental 3. Leon-Garcia A. Prentice Hall. S. Concepts and Key Architectures.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 1.. 2003. John Wiley & Sons . and Widjaja I. DEADLOCKS System model – deadlock characterization – methods for handling deadlocks – deadlock prevention – deadlock avoidance – deadlock detection – recovery from deadlocks – memory management – main memory – swapping – contiguous memory allocation – paging– segmentation – segmentation with paging. windows xp – introduction real time and multimedia systems. McGraw-Hill.2004. 7th Edition .. 2nd Edition. CSE207 OPERATING SYSTEMS L 3 T 1 P 0 C 4 INTRODUCTION Computer – system organization – computer–system architecture – operating-system structure – user operating–system interface – system calls – types of system calls – system programs – operating-system design and implementation – operating-system structure – operating-system generation.

Application Specific Integrated Circuits Addison Wesley Press. Operating Systems.flip flops .device models for simulation . Prentice Hall.CMOS device fabrication principles.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Stephen Brown and Zvonko Vranesic.PMOS .signal.bulk effect capacitance . case . New Delhi. William Stallings. K. M. 2005. PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC DEVICES AND FPGAs Programmable logic interconnect principles – types . BASIC CIRCUITS DIGITAL SYSTEMS CMOS inverter .data path circuits .wait. Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design. Weste. Principles of CMOS VLSI Design: A Design Perspective. Addison Wesley.. Gary Nutt.E.CMOS devices characteristics .brief comparison with VHDL. 3rd Edition 2004.linear. Addison–Wesley.B.routing procedures in FPGAs and CPLD . Andrew S. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 78 . 2. 3rd Edition 2006.programming methods for FPGAs and CPLDs .1999. port and variable statements .design principles – design layout rules . 1996. and Ershingian.sequential logic circuits .test branch creation . Albert S of multiplexers transmission gates – latches .block.adder multiplier architecture – accumulators.J.Comparison of ACTEL. 5th Edition 2004.programmable logic elements AND-OR arrays . REFERENCE BOOKS 1. process component and generate descriptions .Operating Systems: A Modern Perspective. BUILDING BLOCKS OF DIGITAL SYSTEMS Combinational logic . Operating Systems Design and Implementation. 3. EIE420 VLSI DESIGN L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 BASIC DEVICE CHARACTERISTICS NMOS .other sequential statements .principles of operation of VHDL simulator – verilog . Smith. Prentice Hall.. Tata McGraw-Hill. Tanenbaum. Altera AND Xilinx FPGAs PRINCIPLES OF HDL Introduction to VHDL – sequential . N. saturation modes .concurrent descriptions .fan-out considerations. TEXT BOOKS 1. 2..timing .H.

Prentice Hall 1995. Digital System Design using VHDL. Mechatronics. position and proximity-velocity and motion-fluid pressure-temperature sensors-light sensors-selection of sensors-signal processing. internal relays and counters-data handling-analog input/output-selection of a PLC.. configuration .traditional and mechatronic design -possible design solutions-case studies of mechatronic systems . DESIGN OF MECHATRONIC SYSTEMS Stages in designing mechatronic systems . Digital to Analog Conversion.automatic car park system -engine management system. Michael. and David. Decimal addition of two 8-bit numbers Sum: 16 bits Multi-byte Subtraction.. MEC403 MECHATRONICS L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 INTRODUCTION TO MECHATRONICS Introduction to mechatronics systems .. G. 1999. LAB PRACTISE Addition of Two 8-bit numbers. McGraw Hill International Editions. Introduction to Mechatronics and measurement systems. Thomson Asia Pte. 1999.instruction set . PROGRAMMING LOGIC CONTROLLERS Introduction-basic structure-input / output processing-programming . 8085 MICROPROCESSOR Introduction – architecture .measurement systems-control systems.A. Longman. Chales H. W..programming of microprocessors using 8085instructions-interfacing input and output devices-interfacing D/A converters and A/D converters-applications-temperature control-stepper motor control-traffic light controller. Bhasker.H.B. VHDL Primer. SENSORS AND TRANSDUCERS Introduction-performance terminology-displacement.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 3. Sum of 8-bits and 16bits. Analog to Digital Conversion. B. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 79 . TEXT BOOK 1.pick and place robot . Second Edition. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Roth Jr.. Stepper Motor Controller. Bolton.

R.B.. . D. Chapman and Hall. 1990. Fourth Revised Edition. MEASUREMENT OF BIOPOTENTIAL AND PHYSIOLOGICAL PARAMETERS ECG – Phonocardiography – Neurophysiology – Central nervous system – EEG – Respiratory system – Muscular system .microwave diathermy – Laser surgical unit – Anesthesia machine – Pacemakers – Total artificial heart (TAH) – Dialyser – Heart lung machine – Defibrillators – Ventilators – Nerve stimulators – centralized and Bedside patient monitoring system ..Cardiac output measurement – heart rate – respiration rate – measurement of lung volume – Oximeters – Audiometer. Merrill publishing company. Dawson.S. analysis – sterilizers – Electrical safety hazards in hospitals. and Loader. Richard Aston. Dhanpat Rai Publications.C.EMG. TEXT BOOKS 1. Principles of Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurement..A. Buru. PHYSIOLOGY AND TRANSDUCERS Brief review of human physiology .anatomy – cell structures – electrical activities mechanical activities . Kandpur. Ram.resting potential – different types of electrodes – sensors used in biomedicine – selection criteria for transducers electrodes – necessity for low noise pre-amplifiers – difference amplifiers – difference amplifiers – chopper amplifiers – electrical safety – grounding – isolation. N. 2003 2. K.. Handbook of Biomedical Instrumentation. 2. 1999. Fundamentals of Microprocessors and Microcomputers. D. 1993.J. IMAGING SYSTEMS AND TELEMETRY Computerized Tomography (CT) – MRI instrumentation – Ultrasound scanner – X-ray machine – Fluroscopic techniques – angiography – Cardiac catherisation lab – Echo cardiograph – vector cardiograph – Biotelemetry.chemical activities – action potential . Mechatronics. pCO2. Physiological Transducers Measurement of Blood pressure – Blood flow . A. TMH. THERAPEUTIC AND SURGICAL EQUIPMENTS Electro Surgical unit – short wave . KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 80 .Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Bradley.. BIOMEDICAL EQUIPMENTS AND ELECTRICAL SAFETY -Flame photometer – spectrophotometer – chromatography – pH.. EIE409 BIO–MEDICAL INSTRUMENTATION L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 ANATOMY.Eye – ERG.

Lee.. Wireless Communication Technology. Wireless Communications: Principles and Practice.parameters of mobile multipath channels – small scale fading types. M. Biomedical Instrumentation. Principles of Applied Biomedical Instrumentation. McGraw-Hill International. RADIO PROPAGATION Free Space Propagation Model – propagation Mechanisms – reflection. 2003. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Blake. DIVERSITY AND CODING Linear and nonlinear equalization – adaptive equalization – diversity techniques – RAKE Receiver – fundamentals of channel coding – Block codes and finite fields – convolutional codes – coding gain – Trellis coded Modulation – Turbo Codes. 1989. EQUALIZATION.. Kumbakonam. Arumugam.S.B.C.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 REFERENCE BOOKS 1.E. R. L.Y. ECE431 WIRELESS COMMUNICATION L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 CELLULAR CONCEPT Frequency reuse – channel assignment strategies – hand off strategies – interference and system capacity – Trunking and grade of Service – improving coverage and capacity in cellular systems. Pearson Education. L. Publishers. 2nd Edition. 2. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 81 . 2nd Edition. 1998. 2. T. WIRELESS STANDARDS GSM – IS-95 –UMTS – IMT-2000 – signaling – call control – mobility management and location tracing.. 2003. Mobile Communications Engineering: Theory and applications. multipath propagation . Geddes. W. Thomson Delmar. 1992.Rappaport. Anuradha Agencies. John wiley and Sons. and Baker. TEXT BOOK 1. diffraction and scattering – models for path loss – small scale. MULTIPLE ACCESS TECHNIQUES FDMA – TDMA – CDMA – spread spectrum multiple access – multiplexing and OFDM – Packet Radio protocols – capture effect – capacity of cellular systems.A.

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challenges in embedded computing system design. input/output devices. challenges in validating timing constraints in priority driven systems. system performance analysis.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 ECE366 EMBEDDED SYSTEMS L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 EMBEDDED ARCHITECTURE Embedded computers. designing hardware and software components. REAL-TIME CHARACTERISTICS Clock driven approach. ethernet. specification. system analysis and architecture design. flow of control. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 83 . Pearson Education Asia. 2. personal digital assistants. SYSTEM DESIGN TECHNIQUES Design methodologies. requirement analysis. Jane. specification. TEXT BOOKS 1. memory devices. optimality of the earliest deadline first (EDF) algorithm. design example: model train controller. 2001.W. design example : alarm clock. allocation and scheduling. effective release times and deadlines.S. design example: elevator Controller. Wayne Wolf. behavioral description. Liu Real–Time systems. characteristics of embedded computing applications. weighted round robin approach. Morgan Kaufman Publishers. networks for embedded systems – I2C. SHARC link p ports. quality assurance. off-line versus on-line scheduling. embedded system design process – requirements. 2000. priority driven approach. Computers as Components: Principles of Embedded Computing System Design. myrinet. architectural design.B. dynamic versus static systems. CAN Bus. component interfacing. data operations. design example: telephone pbx – system architecture. hardware platform design. network – based design – communication analysis. NETWORKS Distributed embedded architecture – hardware and software architectures. system integration. set-top boxes. designing with microprocessor development and debugging. EMBEDDED PROCESSOR AND COMPUTING PLATFORM ARM processor – processor and memory organization. internet. formalism for system design – structural description. ink jet printer – hardware design and software design.

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Data Mining.Categorization Of Major Clustering Methods: Partitioning Methods –Hierarchical Methods DATA WAREHOUSING Data Warehousing Components -Multi Dimensional Data Model. Transformation. Databases. Tata Mcgraw. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 2. Ralph Kimball. 2004.Data Warehouse Architecture-Data Warehouse Implementation.& OLAP. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.B. Micheline Kamber.Stephen J.Overview Of Data Mining Techniques. APPLICATIONS Applications of Data Mining-Social Impacts Of Data Mining-Tools-An Introduction To DB Miner-Case Studies-Mining WWW-Mining. Text Database-Mining Spatial Databases.Categorization Of OLAP Tools..Hill.Classification Of Data Mining Systems . 2002. TEXT BOOK 1. Reduction.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 CSE404 DATA MINING AND DATA WAREHOUSING L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 INTRODUCTION Relation To Statistics. Alex Berson. Smith. Integration.Data Mining Functionalities-Steps In Data Mining rocess-Architecture Of A Typical Data Mining Systems. 1998. The Data Warehouse Life Cycle Toolkit. DATA PREPROCESSING AND ASSOCIATION RULES Data Preprocessing-Data Cleaning.Mapping The Data Warehouse To Multiprocessor Architecture OLAP-Need. Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques. Data Warehousing. PREDICTIVE MODELING Classification And Prediction: Issues Regarding Classification And PredictionClassification By Decision Tree Induction-Bayesian Classification-Other Classification Methods-rediction-Clusters Analysis: Types Of Data In Cluster Analysis. Discretization Concept Hierarchies-Concept Description: Data Generalization And Summarization Based Characterization. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 85 .Mining Association Rules In Large Databases. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Jiawei Han.

JAVA DATA STRUCTURES Lists – Linear Structures – Ordered Structures – Sorting – Trees. Translating needs into requirements. 1999. Campione. Duane A. 1999. McGraw-Hill Publications. “Java Unleashed”. Cost of quality. benefits. Customer Focus – customer perception of quality. TEXT BOOK 1. Tata Mcw-Hill.Bailey. SAMS Techmedia Publications. 2.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 EEE414 ADVANCED JAVA PROGRAMMING L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 JAVA BASICS-REVIEW Java Streaming – Components and events handling – Threading concepts – Networking features – Byte code interpretation – Media Techniques. Quality – vision. JAVA DATABASE PROGRAMMING Connecting to Databases – JDBC principles – Databases access – Interacting – Database search – Accessing Multimedia databases – Database support in Web applications. “The Java Tutorial”. “Java Structures”. RELATED JAVA TECHNIQUES 3D graphics – JAR file format and creation – Internationalization – Swing Programming – Advanced Java Scripting Techniques. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. ADVANCED NETWORKING AND BEANS Client-Sever computing – Sockets – Content and Protocols handlers – Developing distributed applications – RMI – Remote objects – Object serialization – Bean Concepts – Events in Bean Box – Bean customization and persistence.B. 1999. mission and policy statements. 1999. 3. awareness and obstacles. HUMANITIES ELECTIVES HSS001 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 Introduction to Quality Management Definitions – TOM framework. Jeff Frentzen and Sobotka. Walrath and Huml. customer retention. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 86 . Dimensions of product and service quality. Addison Wesley. Jame Jaworski. ‘Java Script”.

Demand Forecasting . Mcgraw Hill. Seven new management tools. Dale H. Reliability concepts – definitions. Ishikawa. Juran Crosby.Demand and Revenue Analysis . building a HOQ.Besterfield et al. Taguchi. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 87 .Kolarii. reengineering process.Cost and Supply Analysis. Poornima M. Japanese 5S principles and 8D methodology. process and documentation. design. Voice of customer. Feigenbaum. Perarson Education (First Indian Reprints 2004). product life characteristics curve.Economic Optimization. HSS002 ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 Introduction . Pearson Education. Business process re-engineering (BPR) – principles. Creating quality. Statistical Process Control and Process Capability Meaning and significance of statistical process control (SPC) – construction of control charts for variables and attributed. applications. Forms. Price and output Determination . Himalaya Publishing House. benefits and limitations. 3. House of quality (HOQ).Coordination.. Shridhara Bhat K. parameter and tolerance design. Concepts of Quality circle. 2.Investment Analysis . failure rate. Taguchi techniques Taguchi techniques – introduction.Designing effective organisations . First Indian Reprint 2003. Shingeo and Walter Shewhart. QFD process. Planning . References: 1. signal to noise ratio. FMEA stages. Bench marking and POKA YOKE. Total Quality Management – Text and Cases. Process capability – meaning.Plant Location . Failure mode effect analysis (FMEA) – requirements of reliability. Tools And Techniques for Quality Management Quality functions development (QFD) – Benefits. Seven old (statistical) tools. reliability in series and parallel. Masaaki Imai. significance and measurement – Six sigma concepts of process capability. loss function.B. Total Quality Management.Production Analysis . Types of Business Organisation.Organizing . Total quality management.Charantimath. information organization. William J. Thrid edition.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Principles and Philosophies of Quality Management Overview of the contributions of Deming. First Edition 2002. 1995 4.

L. 5. placement. Placement. promotion. Efficiency at work: the concept of efficiency.Just-in-Time. job satisfaction . Hampton – Management Tata McGraw Hill publishing company Ltd. Managing World Economic Change . 4. Weihrich& Aryasri – Priniciples of Management Tata McGraw Hill publishing company Ltd.Motivating individuals and workgroups . its characteristics. Koontz.Management techniques in product development . The field of occupational Psychology: Study of behaviour in work situation and applications of Psychological principles to problems of selection.M. age abilities. Special Study of problem of fatigue. illumination.Managerial Communication Personal Management – Time Management .Product development . The work methods. References: 1. Social environment.Nature of controlling . The personal factors. job satisfaction The working environment: noise. hours of work. fatigue and boredom. boredom and accidents.Priniciples of Management Tata McGraw Hill publishing company Ltd.B. its application to industry. Counseling and training Design of work environments: Human engineering and physical environment techniques of job analysis. Industrial morale The nature and scope of engineering psychology.The global environment . rest pauses. Tripathi& Reddy . improving KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 88 . 3.Essentials of Management Tata McGraw Hill publishing company Ltd. Consumer behaviour. Harold Koontz& Heinz Weihrich .Stores Management . the work curve.Operations Management .Career Planning. Increasing efficiency at work.Principles of Management HSS004 INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 The role of the psychologist in industry. nature of work. 2.Prasad . interest.Team working and Creativity . training.Change and Organisation Development Managerial Ethics and Social responsibilities. job motivations.Multinational Strategies Economic Cycles and Director Investment . counseling. atmospheric conditions. study of consumer preference.Group dynamics in Industry Personal psychology: Selection.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Human Resource Development . Financial Management .Leadership for Managerial Effectiveness . effects of advertising.

human factors in job design. (Prentice Hall). input processes.. job design.J and McCormic E.J.R. accident record and statistics.J. Myer: Industrial Psychology 6.D.F. Work and equipment design: Criteria in evaluation of job-related factor. Ethical treatment of employees . need for allowances in time and motion study. Dunnete. Engineering information. Time and motion study.1976 Mair.: Human Factors engineering and design (McGraw Hill). stake holder theory and systems thinking. 4th Edn. One approach to management Decision – making Leadership KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 89 . methods design. Moral Autonomy – Kohlberg’s theory – Gilligan’s theory – Consensus and Controversy – Professions and Professionalism – Professional ideals and virtues – Theories about right action – Self-interest – Customs and religion – Use of Ethical Theories Corporate social responsibility. its contribution and failure resistance to time and motion studies. Blum & Taylor: Industrial Psychology HSS006 PROFESSIONAL ETHICS L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 Functions of Being a Manager – Stock holder and stakeholder management.. M.ethical treatment of customers. Collegiality and loyalty – Respect for Authority – Collective Bargaining – Confidentiality – Conflicts of Interest – Occupational Crime – Professional Rights – Employee Rights – Discrimination Moral chain management and other issues Senses of Ethics – Variety of moral issues – Types of inquiry – Moral dilemmas. 6th Edn. work space and its arrangement.: Industrial Psychology. human factors. the causes of accidents situational and individual factors related to accident reduction References: 1. mediation processes.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 the work methods. Tiffin.: Principles of Human relations 3. McCormic E.: Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology 7. N.B. Ghiselli & Brown: Personnel and Industrial Psychology 5. action processes. Accident and Safety: The human and economic costs of accidents. Gilmer: Industrial Psychology 4. 1975 2.

Integrity.Media strategy . Courage.Types of Channel flows . labeling.Marketing environment – Market Segmentation and consumer behaviour – Influencing factors. and Conscience. 1999. Laura Schlesinger. publicity and direct marketing References: 1. conflict and competition .Product planning .Message . References: 1.copy writing .Direct Marketing Telemarketing. 1993 INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING MANAGEMENT L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 HSS014 Marketing: Meaning .Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Multinational Corporations – Environmental Ethics – Computer Ethics – Weapons Development – Engineers as Managers – Consulting Engineers – Engineers as Expert Witnesses and Advisors – Moral Leadership – Sample code of conduct. Ethics in Engineering. McGraw Hill. Promotion: Promotion Mix .positioning . Cundiff.Measuring advertisement effectiveness . Planning & implementation marketing Programmes . New Delhi 2. How Could You Do That: The Abdication of Character. Still & Govoni: FUNDAMENTALS OF MODERN MARKETING.sales promotion Personal selling. Product: Meaning .Advertisement budgeting . Basic Books. Internet shopping. New York.ANALYSIS PLANNING AND CONTROL" Prentice Hall of India.New product development Product life cycle – BCG Matrix-branding. New York.Channel co-operation.B. Philip Kotler: MARKETING MANAGEMENT. Stephen Carter. Packing.Advertisement . Tom Rusk. Engineering Ethics. The Power of Ethical Persuasion: From Conflict to Partnership at Work and in Private Life. 1996.concept . Harper Collins. New York 1996.Channel functions . Prentice Hall of India.policies .functions . 4. New Mexico. 3. Prentice Hall. New York. 2. Pricing: Pricing objectives – Setting and modifying the price – Different pricing method Product line pricing and new product pricing Distribution: Nature of Marketing channels . Viking. New Delhi KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 90 . Decision process – Marketing mix – Marketing department. 1996 Charles D Fledderman. Mike Martin and Roland Schinzinger.

Development of Management Thought Scientific Management Movement. Management Audit. S: Marketing Management-Planning Implementation And Control. Tripathi& Reddy . Creativity in Decision-Making.Essentials of Management Tata McGraw Hill publishing company Ltd. Qualities of a Good Control System. need and importance of organizational Behaviour – nature and scope – frame work. Systems Movement.Prasad . Cost Benefit Analysis. Forecasting and Strategy to Formulation. V S & Namakumari. 4. Koontz. Organizational Conflict Communication & Control Communication Process Evaluation. Bureaucracy and Adhocracy. Jobber. L. Macmillan Business Books.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Ramaswamy. Behavioral Movement. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 91 . HumanRelations Movement. Mcgraw-Hill. References: 1.Principles of Management HSS016 ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 Focus and Purpose Definition.B. Departmentation. Hampton – Management Tata McGraw Hill publishing company Ltd 5. Principles and Practice of Marketing. Administrative Movement. Human – Offset Accounting. Responsibility. HSS015 MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS AND TECHNIQUES L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 3. DecisionMaking. Weihrich& Aryasri – Principles of Management Tata McGraw Hill publishing company Ltd.M. 2. Harold Koontz& Heinz Weihrich . Control Process. Group Dynamics Realities of Organizational Life Organizational Politics. goals. Contingency Movement Essentials of Planning Objectives. 3. Decision-Science Movement. Programmed Decisions and Un programmed Decisions. Effective Organizing Span of Control. Authority. 2002 4. Organizational Power.Principles of Management Tata McGraw Hill publishing company Ltd.

7. Perceptions – importance – factors influencing perception – interpersonal perception. 2001. Hellriegel. Power Leadership styles – theories – leaders Vs managers – sources of power – power centers – power and politics. South-Western. Job satisfaction – determinants – measurements – influence on behavior. New Theories of International Trade and Industrial Policies KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 92 Model. Schermerhorn. Attitudes – characteristics – components – formation – measurement. McGraw Hill. 2001. 9th edition. 5. Prentice Hall of India. 2002. 2001.B. Organizational change – importance – stability Vs change – proactive Vs reaction change – the change process – resistance to change – managing change.Robins. 2001. Vikas publishing House Pvt. 2. 2nd edition. Organisational Behavior. Organisational Behavior. Ltd. 1998. L T P C HSS017 INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS 3 0 0 3 Introduction: The Traditional Theory of International Trade. Organisational behaviour. Organisational behavior. 4. Organisational Behavior. Factor 1.. Jaffa Harris and Sandra Hartman. McGraw Hill Book Co. hunt and Osborn. Jit S. Dynamics of Organizational Behaviours Organizational climate – factors affecting organizational climate – importance. 6. 9th edition. Organisational Behavior.Chand. 2001. The Basic Trade Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson Model. . 3. Theory of Movements. Slocum and Woodman. Organisational Behaviour. Jaico. Effects of Tariffs & Quotas. New Strom & Davis. Organizational effectiveness – perspective – effectiveness Vs efficiency – approaches – the time dimension – achieving organizational effectiveness. References: Stephen P. John Wiley.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 Individual Behaviour Personality – types – factors influencing personality – theories – learning – types of learners – learning theories – organizational Behaviour modification. Thomson Learning. Group Behaviour Organization structure – formation – groups in organizations – influence – group dynamics – emergence of informal leaders and working norms – group decision making techniques – interpersonal relations – communication – control. Fred Luthans. 7th edition. Organizational development – characteristics – objectives – team building.

International Macroeconomics European Monetary Unification and the Euro Preferential Trading Arrangements and the NAFTA International Policies for Economic Development. forms of business communication. Lectures on International Trade. MIT Press. McGraw Hill. participating in discussions. persuasion.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 The Balance of Payments and National Accounts. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 93 .B. Romer. management and communication. agendas. factors facilitating communication. the FTA and the WTO. feedback. paralinguistic features. enquiries. attending and conducting interviews. M. Advanced Macroeconomics. Bhagwati. letter of complaints. N. orders. tenders. Foundation of International Macroeconomics. minutes. coherence and cohesion. Panagariya and T. Export and import policies. Political Economy of Trade Disputes. 2. N. HSS018 COMMUNICATION SKILLS L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3 Communication in Business Systems approach. D. McGraw-Hill. selective attention. Srinivasan. sales letters. organization. Technical Reports Format. debates and conferences. Rogoff. International Debt and Currency Crises. variables. Business Correspondence Business letter. Communication Process Interpersonal perception. Obstfeld and K. The role of the IMF and other International Financial Organizations. Reasons for Protection World Trade. Determinants of Exchange Rates The Exchange-Rate Regime Choice and a Common Currency Area. listening barriers to listening. 1998. Trade Outsourcing and Offshoring References: 1. notice. oral fluency development. paragraph writing. letters of application. Choice of vocabulary. A. 3. Memos. (1996). 2nd edition. The Balance of Trade and Other Measures of International Transactions. 1996. International Movements of Capital. presentation skills.




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C 3

Introduction to Linear Programming Introduction to applications of operations research in functional areas of management. Linear Programming-formulation, solution by graphical and simplex methods (Primal Penalty, Two Phase), Special cases. Dual simplex method. Transportation Models and Assignment Models Transportation Models (Minimising and Maximising Cases) – Balanced and unbalanced cases – Initial Basic feasible solution by N-W Corner Rule, Least cost and Vogel’s approximation methods. Check for optimality. Solution by MODI / Stepping Stone method. Cases of degeneracy. Transshipment Models. Assignment Models (Minimising and Maximising Cases) – Balanced and Unbalanced Cases. Solution by Hungarian and Branch and Bound Algorithms. Travelling Salesman problem. Crew Assignment Models. Integer Linear Programming and Game Theory Solution to pure and mixed integer programming problem by Branch and Bound and cutting plane algorithms. Game Theory-Two person Zero sum games-Saddle point, Dominance Rule, graphical and LP solutions. Replacement Models and Decision Theory






Replacement Models-Individuals replacement Models (With and without time value of money) – Group Replacement Models. Decision making under risk – Decision trees – Decision making under uncertainty. Project Management Method and Simulation PERT / CPM – Drawing the network, computation of processing time, floats and critical path. Resource leveling techniques. Application of simulation techniques for decision making. References: 1. Kalavathy S, Operations Research, Second Edition, third Reprint 2004, Vikas Publishing House. 2. Paneerselvam R., Operations Research, Prentice Hall of India, Fourth Print, August 2003. 3. Tulsian P.C, Vishal Pandey, Quantitative Techniques (Theory and Problems), Pearson Education (Asia), First Indian Reprint, 2002. HSS020 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT L 3 T 0 P 0 C 3

Functions of a human resources manager - recruitment and selection processes interview methods. Performance appraisal, Training and development, disciplinary procedures, collective bargaining and employee welfare. The recent methods and trends in HRM with a few case studies in the context of globalization. Strategic role of human resource management Job analysis Personnel planning and recruiting Employee testing and selection, interviewing candidates, Appraising performance. Managing careers Compensation Benefits and services Labor relations and collective bargaining Employee safety and health References: 1. Decenzo and Robbins, Human Resource Management, Wiley, 6th edition, 2001. 2. Biswajeet Pattanayak, Human Resource Management, Prentice Hall of India, 2001.






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Rehabilitation of



‘Handbook for New Entrepreneurs’.). Bhopal. P. Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd. 1999.Jain (ed. Manila and Centre for Research and Industrial Staff Performance. 1998. EDII..B. New Delhi.Tech ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING REGULATIONS 2011 5. Oxford University Press. ‘Entrepreneurship Development’. Staff College for Technical Education.C. KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY 97 . New Delhi. 6.