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Value added products from banana

Value added products from banana
Banana is the common name for a type of fruit and also the herbaceous plants of the genus Musa. Banana is amongst the most versatile and most widely eaten fruits in the world today. Bananas come in a variety of sizes and colours when ripe, including yellow, purple, and red. Bananas can be eaten raw though some varieties are generally cooked first. Depending upon cultivar and ripeness, the flesh can vary in taste from starchy to sweet, and texture from firm to mushy. Unripe or green bananas and plantains are used for cooking various dishes such as banana pudding and are the staple starch of many tropical populations. Banana sap is extremely sticky and can be used as a practical adhesive. Sap can be obtained from the pseudostem, from the fruit peelings, or from the fruit flesh. Nutritional value of banana Table 1 Energy90 Kcal (370 kj) Energy 90 kcal (370 kJ) Carbohydrates 22.84 g Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)


0.33 g

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Protein 1. confectionery jelly. Bananas help absorption of calcium from the gut thereby preventing osteoporosis. juice. vinegar. A wide range products can be processed from banana. They maintain kidney health and help in prevention of cancer of the kidney. canned or aseptically packed. snack foods. Bananas contain an amino acid called ‘tryptophan’ which is converted into serotonin helping to improve the mood of the depressed persons. Banana puree has an attractive colour. It is believed that banana milk shake controls the hang over syndrome in alcoholics. The puree is used for beverage industry.09 g Vitamin B1 0. 2 of 7 21/11/2010 05:39 . flour. breaded banana which have wide commercialization. The banana fruit peels relieve irritation and swelling of the mosquito bites if rubbed on the affected part. Blanched bananas are then cooled and peeled. Ripened bananas at colour index 6 and 7 are selected and washed thoroughly to remove adhering dirt and any chemical residue that may be present.665 mg Vitamin C 8. It maintains electrolyte balance of the body because of its content of potassium. Bananas are then blanched with either food grade steam or boiling water until a centre temperature of 93°C is reached. pectin.073 mg Vitamin B3 0. The puree is then obtained by passing peeled blanched bananas in communition machines. Among the products highlighted are puree.7 mg Potassium 358 mg Health benefits of banana Bananas are rich source of energy since it contains sugars such as fructose. Bananas control hyper acidity and heart Value added products of banana Short shelf life and increased production necessitates development of non-conventional products from banana. jam and sauces. Bananas are rich source of iron helpful in preventing anemia. A medium size. Because of its high content of potassium it controls high blood pressure. Because of its fiber (pectin) content it relieves constipation and diarrhoea. unpeeled banana requires 10 to 15 minutes to attain this temperature. baby foods.techno-preneur. glucose and sucrose. The puree can be frozen. fine texture and retain its fruity flavour.031 mg Vitamin B2 0. Eating banana reduce the risk strokes by 40%.. powder. Eating banana helps to alleviate the depressed mood. jam.Value added products from banana http://www.. Banana puree developed must be further treated to ensure their preservation until the moment of final utilization and processing. BANANA PUREE : Bananas for puree production ideally should be harvested at the point of maturity. It is found from research that bananas can prevent age related loss of sight to a certain degree.

Slicers. The proportion of banana puree.Value added products from banana http://www. Bottle Washing Machine BANANA SAUCE : Banana sauce is a ready-to-eat to sauce.0% but caking is easily developed in banana powder during storage if improper packaging materials are used for the purpose due to its high sugar content. Banana jam has a good shelf-life..6 respectively are the main ingredients used in the processing of banana jam.techno-preneur. The total soluble solid content varies from 39-40°Brix depending on the variety of bananas. It has a shelf-life of one year when stored in bottles. Good quality puree with proper drying produces good quality powder. These are affected by the varieties of bananas and processing operations specially blanching process. Its demand can be increased by proper marketing. BANANA POWDER : Banana powder has a great potential for commercialization. texture and moisture content. There is a good scope for a new entrepreneur wanting to start a new and novel enterprise. Banana puree processing is the first step in banana powder processing. Machinery to be installed and used: Pulper. sugar. Cap Sealing Machines. It has a high sugar and low starch content and can be used as a substitute for fresh banana in making traditional cakes or their premixes as well as in the processing of banana snacks. BANANA FLOUR : Banana flour is completely different from banana powder because it is the product which is obtained after drying and then grinding of the unripe banana at colour index 1 and 2. This product has high starch content but the starch contains no gluten. BANANA JAM : Banana with sweet taste. Good quality powder is produced from the bananas of right variety and degree of ripeness. fine flavour and texture can be processed into excellent It is used for moistening. Spoilage due to microbial and enzymic activity is greatly reduced at the moisture level of 7.. Blanching is an important step in banana powder processing for controlling discolouration in the product. Immature or overripe fruits should be excluded from the bulk. flavour control and as a garnish to make food more delicious. The quality of banana powder is determined by the colour. pectin and citric acid used in the processing of banana jam should be given special emphasis in order to produce a clear and fine texture jam. 3 of 7 21/11/2010 05:39 . The sauce has a strong banana taste and flavour and a dull yellow-red colour. The banana flour developed has no banana flavour but it can be used as flour in the processing of snack foods and bakery products with the addition of other flavourings. There are two main types of colour changes: discolouration caused by either tin or zinc present in the peel rags and browning due to a very active oxidative enzymes. The optimum activity of the enzymes responsible for discolouration is around pH 7.4-4. crackers or crisps. followed by drying. flavour. Mixer/Grinders. The processing of the product is basically similar to that of other fruit jam. Juice Extractors. Banana puree having total soluble solid and pH value in the range of 24-26° Brix and 4.

usually Saccharomyces cerevisiae to produce alcohol and carbondi-oxide. This is followed by the production of acetic acid and water from the alcohol by Acetobacter sp in the presence of oxygen. molds and yeasts before bottling. Vinegar should contain at least 4% acetic acid. It can also be canned or aseptically packed. The first involves the alcoholic fermentation of sugar substrate by yeast. The drink has the total soluble solid content of 12-13°Brix and pH of 4. The alcoholic fermentation normally takes about a week while the acetification stage takes 1-2 months.Value added products from banana http://www. This banana drink needs no dilution before consumption.techno-preneur. The sweetening agent used can either be sucrose or a combination of sucrose and HFGS. Vinegar is a commonly used condiment found in all homes as well as food industry for pickling and thus has a wide The product is pasteurized at 90°C to destroy microorganisms. The drink may or may not be sweetened. In the enzymatic treated banana drink.0. BANANA DRINK : Banana puree is used extensively in the processing of straight banana drink. pectinase and amylase are added after the acidification process to produce a clear drink. BANANA VINEGAR : Banana vinegar is processed by fermenting the banana juice.. 4 of 7 21/11/2010 05:39 . Commonly used strains of acetic acid bacteria for vinegar production are Acetobacter aceti and Acetobacter rancens. The production of vinegar by fermentation is a two-stage process..

.net/information-desk/sciencetech-magazine/20.000 Washing Tanks 2 15. vacuum filling machines.000 Vacuum Filling Machines 2 45. steam jacketed kettles.000 Pulper 1 35. bottle washing machines.Value added products from banana http://www. the following set of machineries will be needed : Baby boiler.000 5 of 7 21/11/2010 05:39 .techno-preneur.000 Stirrers 3 45. stirrers. crown corking machines.000 Bottle Washing Machines 2 30.. pulper.000 Steam Jacketed Kettles 3 90. Vinegar Banana Drink Machinery used for banana products processing Plant and Machinery Keeping in mind the overall size of the market and the financial viability or economics of the project. To facilitate installation of this capacity. washing tanks. Item Quantity Total Cost (Rs.) Baby Boiler 1 50. it is suggested to have rated production capacity of 300 tonnes per year with 300 working days and working of 2 shift every day.000 Crown Corking Machines 2 7. and concentration tank.

SS utensils etc Building: The main production block will cost around Rs.000 Other auxillary equipments like weighing scale. glassware. Disclaimer: Articles & information in the e-zine Science Tech Entrepreneur contain views expressed by individual authors or are taken from various sources Science Tech Entrepreneur does not own any responsibility for their authenticity. Kongu Engineering College. provide new scope for the expansion of the local fruit industry. For further details please contact him/her. 1. storage rack and bins. Testing equipments like jellmeter. plastic buckets/tubs. refractometer etc.. stainless steel Most potential products for commercialization will. but will also help to capture international markets. 6 of 7 21/11/2010 05:39 . Perundurai. III B. Erode – 638052 E-mail : swamygabrielajohn@yahoo.000 Precision Weighing Scale 1 10. 11. The development of a wide range of products from bananas will create more interest to the processors to diversify their processing lines and to produce banana products with their better presentation. packaging and improved overall appearance of the products. The entire building may be divided into zones for utilizing the facilities efficiently.Tech Food Technology. This will not only substitute or reduce the importance of other fruit products which have been flooding the Indian market for many years. working tables.00. storage racks considered for other assets like aluminium top working tables. Swamy Gabriela John. Ms. would be an additional requirement.Value added products from banana http://www. hand-gloves. cutters and graters.000/..techno-preneur. furniture and fixtures. canteen burners. are also Note: The author may have used various references in the preparation of this article. Concentration Tank 1 20.83 lakhs. therefore. Expenditure of Rs.

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