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Advantages of Prolog

_ Declarative style of programming _ Concise way of expressing algorithms and data structures _ Intrinsic search & re-try mechanisms _ Navigation abilities _ Rapid prototyping _ (More near to model abstract concepts) Disadvantages of prolog _ It can be very difficult to design a database that accurately represent a relationship _ It is not best suited to solve complex arithmetical computation. _Its programs are not best for current pc architecture. _ are best optimized on parallel architecture.

Advantages of Haskell _ A very powerful language (in terms of features and capabilities) It has functionally the power of C++, Ada and awk i.e. goodness of Object oriented programming, easy Algorithm designing and pattern matching.

there is no commercial Haskell implementation available. It would take much more time. X M L. it's unlikely to be implemented on older platforms. Java isn't available on all platforms. which means lack of support in case any problem is there in the compiler 3 Advantages of java _ Imperative style of programming _ M ore easy for the typical programmer _ More efficient than Prolog _ Wide availability of libraries _ Graphic s. For one thing. for most programs that students write. Network. Moreover. Java is not without drawbacks. _ Learning time is high: Haskell is not as easy to grasp as other languages such as C or Pascal. so programs written in Java won't be speed demons. Still. _ Lack of widespread implementations : This means that there are less platforms where the code written on Haskell can be run. . speed is secondary. _Other problems stem from Java's youth. Disadvantages of java _Like any programming language. File-System. Disadvantages of Haskell _ Performance overhead : This language is not suitable for making time critical applications. That will cause problems for institutions that lack funds for hardware and software upgrades. Java should be fast enough for all but the most time-intensive programs. With ever-faster computers available at bargain prices. Although Java will likely spread to more as time goes on. that barrier should be only a temporary one.Java is an interpreted language. Still._ Development time is less: If you intend to implement the same functionalities in C/C++.

_The graphical user interface of the VB-IDE provides intuitively appealing views for the management of the program structure in the large and the various types of entities (classes. _VB provides a comprehensive interactive and context-sensitive online help system. _VB is not only a language but primarily an integrated. . _Java is also hampered by a shortage of genuine textbooks. Disadvantages of visual basic _Visual basic is a proprietary programming language written by Microsoft. modules. _When editing program texts the “IntelliSense” technology informs you in a little popup window about the types of constructs that may be entered at the current cursor location. interactive development environment (“IDE“). Although the language itself is unlikely to change dramatically. be transferred to other operating systems. 4 Advantages of visual basic _The structure of the Basic programming language is very simple.). easily. C has better declaration of arrays – its possible to initialize an array of structures in C at declaration time. so programs written in Visual basic cannot. particularly as to the executable code. this is impossible in VB. _There are some. forms. This problem should also take care of itself within a short time._Java is relatively immature. we can expect significant changes in the Java API and associated technology. procedures. fairly minor disadvantages compared with C.