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Introduction In January 2002, Godrej Industries Ltd. (GIL) bought a 26% stake i n "Personalitree Academy Ltd.

" Personalitree provided interactive soft skillstraining programmes online to corporates. Personalitree's training moduleshave since been a part of Godrej's training and development initiatives.It all started in 1996 with the break-up of the joint venture between GodrejSoaps Ltd (GSL) and P r o c t o r a n d G a m b l e ( P & G ) . P o s t b r e a k - u p , G S L w a s bereft of a distribution system and had to start from scratch. As part of therebuilding exercise, GSL recruited about 250 new employees who had to bea l i g n e d w i t h i t s c o r p o r a t e c u l t u r e . I n 1 9 9 7 , G S L c o n d u c t e d a T o t a l Q u a l i t y Management (TQM) workshop for all its 5000 employees to help them connectto their job.P a r i v a r t a n w a s l a u n c h e d i n S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 0 i n G S L t o t r a i n n e w a s w e l l a s existing employees on various aspects of the business and to motivate them. In2001, new initiatives like Young Entrepreneurs Board (YEB), Red and Blue T e a m s , M e n t o r i n g a n d R e v e r s e M e n t o r i n g w e r e i n t r o d u c e d i n t h e G o d r e j Group, (Godrej) to encourage the involvement of youth in strategic decision-making.I n e a r l y 2 0 0 2 , a n e e d w a s f e l t a m o n g t h e t o p b r a s s o f G o d r e j t o i n s t i l a performance- driven culture in the company. In addition to upgrading the talentsof existing employees, Godrej had to train new recruits.Thus, Godrej developed a comprehensive and innovative training programme f o r m a n a g e m e n t t r a i n e e s a n d n a m e d i t Godrej Accelerated LearningL e a d e r s h i p a n d O r i e n t a t i o n P r o g r a m m e ( G A L L O P ) . The objective of GALLOP was to develop a newcomer into a professional by giving him or her exposure to various departments and inculcate in him or her

Agenda 1 • Company Brief 2 • Training and development atGodrej 3 • Criticisms faced Godrej Group Of Companies Name Year of Inception Nature of Business Godrej & BoyceManufacturing Ltd(GBML)1897 Manufactures wide range ofconsumer durables andindustrial products, securityequipments and solutions.Godrej Properties &Investments Ltd1990 Provides meticulously plannedtownships.Godrej Agrovet Ltd 1991 Animal feeds, agriculturalinputs, horticulture and tissueculture productsGeometric SoftwareSolutions1994 PLM solutionsGodrej Sara Lee Ltd 1995 Home insecticidesGodrej Infotech Ltd 1999 Software development, e-solution developmentGodrej Industries Ltd 2001 Chemicals, food products etcGodrej ConsumerProducts Ltd2001 Personal, hair, household andfabric careGodrej Upstream Ltd 2003 BPO

Mission Statement To operate in existing and new businesses, which capitalize on the Godrej brand.To delight customers both in India and abroad through improvement in quality, cost and customer service.To strive for excellence by nurturing, developing and empowering employees and suppliers.To encourage an open atmosphere conducive to learning and team work.