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an estimated 1. During the last decade. consumption pattern of medical tourism products and gap analysis in the present delivery system STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM As medical tourism become more attractive. making it a Rs.There are several synonyms accepted across the globe for medical tourism.500 crores(2008) and is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 30 percent. Asia represents the most potential medical tourism market in the world.32 million medical tourists come to Asia from all over the world. international competition and rivalry increases to a great extent.’ medical travel. The International Trade Commission in Geneva says that medical tourism could grow into a US$ 188 billion global business by 2013. Currently.’ healthcare travel. This study therefore intends to understand the problems being faced by medical .INTRODUCTION Medical tourism can be defined as Provision of cost-effective private medical care in collaboration with the tourism industry for patients needing surgical and other forms of specialized treatment (India Medical Care. 2007). the medical travel movement has accelerated sharply.’ global healthcare’ and ‘value medical travel. including the U. Medical tourism in India is growing particularly the ayurveda sector This study covers the major driving factors behind medical tourism in India specifically Kerala. a trend commonly referred to as medical outsourcing It is generally estimated that the present global medical tourism market is estimated to be approximately US$ 40 billion with an annual growth rate of 20 percent. with the most prominent being ‘health tourism. The present phase of modern medical travel is characterized by an industry approach whereby uninsured and underinsured consumers from industrialized countries seek first-class quality at developing country prices.S. represents the fastest growing Market.500 crore industry by 2015. 1. 9. To cut down competition it is essential to understand and address the concerns of the customers. and Europe. Medical tourism is a growing sector in India with an industry size of around Rs. with its low cost advantage and emergence of several private players. India.

ayurveda. This study will act as a check on Kerala’s potential for medical tourism. yoga. trends. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY . 2. allopathy etc. SCOPE OF THE STUDY The study aims to communicate the views on various aspects of medical tourism and related issues that are frequently flagged up by industry professionals and require attention. 3. To compare the medical tourists inflow across the leading multispecialty hospitals in Kerala 4. the growth of hospitals in Kerala in line with this is something that matters. this study with special emphasis on allopathy thus offers a great scope for Amrita. and potential for improvements. The project also aims to assist the hospital in developing an international market for patients by having a clear understanding of their expectations and identify the gaps in the present delivery. challenges. gaps on present marketing system and scope for improvement. Even though the medical tourism industry is growing at a rate of 20% pa. consumption pattern of medical tourism products. To identify the key driving factors of medical tourism in India and Kerala. driving forces behind medical tourism etc as it measures the potential of AMRITA as a medical tourism destination. meditation. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. It is worth studying the aspects such as marketing gap analysis. Adoption of an effective competitive strategy is also the need of the project. its terms. To identify the gaps in the present marketing system and develop strategies against them SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY Kerala is unique as it offers holistic medical service. They include the industry’s status. To examine the consumption pattern of medical tourism products in Kerala.tourists visiting India specifically Kerala. concerns. opportunities.

journals. Sampling design  Sample Unit     Sampling method Research instrument contact method Sample size 4. hospital reports. this study is almost an empirical one. A detailed questionnaire will be administrated. The study is confined only to Ernakulam. The various elements are as follows. The information provided by the respondents may not be fully accurate due to some unavoidable biases . Questionnaires are used together data from medical tourists who are availing treatment from major super specialty hospitals in Kerala 2. Appropriate scaling will be used 3.The research is Descriptive in nature. appropriate statistical tools will be administered : medical tourists : simple Random sampling method : questionnaire : direct contact : 70 LIMITATION 1. Questionnaire is prepared keeping the objective of research in mind. So. 1. Measurement design  Questionnaire is used as the measurement design. Statistical Design Depending on the data collected. Database design a. as far as possible and attempt was made to gather primary data. research reports and web sources. 2. b. secondary data  The secondary data are collected from various sources such as publications. Primary data  As a matter of fact. Calicut and Trivandrum. magazines.