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(A Study conducted in Shantivan, Abu Road, Rajasthan)


Miss. B. K. Savitri Jeram Bhadra  ( M. A., M. Phil., D. H. E., Dip. Edu. )   

Ravi Chandra Sekara Javvaji    Enrolment No. 6641103155 






associate ship. Ravichandra Sekara Javvaji Shantivan Abu Road during the period of his study under my guidance and that the dissertation has not previously formed the basis for the award of any degree. fellowship or similar other titles and that is an independent work done by him.  4 CERTIFICATE Certified that the dissertation “ A Study on the effect of Rajyoga Meditation for the improvement of Positive Thinking and Self-esteem “ ( Study among the Inmates of Shantivan ) is a record of research work done by Mr. diploma. Signature of Guide Place: Abu Road Date: 20-06-2012 Miss. Savitri Jeram Bhadra Seal : .. K. B.

diploma. fellowship or similar other titles.: 6641103155  .  5 DECLARATION I hereby declare that the dissertation entitled “A STUDY ON THE EFFECT OF RAJYOGA MEDITATION FOR IMPROVEMENT OF POSITIVE THINKING AND SELF-ESTEEM” ( A Study amoung the Shantivan inmates) submitted for the Degree of Master of Science in Value Education and Spirituality is my original work and the dissertation has not formed the basis for the award of any degree. It has not been submitted to any other University or Institution for the award of any degree or diploma. associate ship. No.                                                                                  Signature of the Candidate  Place:  Abu Road  Date:   20‐06‐2012                               Name: Ravichandra Sekara Javvaji                           En.

. I record my indebtedness to my guide Miss. Chairman. Positive Thinking and Self-Esteem. Director. 6641103155 .K. BK Mrityunjay. conducive behavior and professional acumen showed by Rajyogi BK Ravi Bhai. PGDVES who gave an opportunity to work on the project relating to Spirituality.  6 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I must mention the gracious powerful showers of Almighty Authority enabled me to complete this study with a great vigor. No. It is with real pleasure that. This study may help in improving ones Positive Thinking and Self Esteem as far as “A STUDY ON THE EFFECT OF RAJYOGA MEDITATION FOR IMPROVEMENT OF POSITIVE THINKING AND SELF-ESTEEM” is concerned the study has provided an opportunity to gain useful insights into various transformational skills of different methodologies. B.Savitri Jeram Bhadra for his counsel and guidance during preparation of this dissertation. Signature of the candidate Place : Abu Road Date : 20-06-2012 Ravi Chandra Sekara Javvaji En. I am thankful to all the respondents who could spare their valuable time in providing with valuable information . I must mention the gesture. Brahmakumaris who supported me with their valuable blessings and cooperation. Incharge (Sound Department). Vice Chairman of Education Wing. BK Pandiamani. A deep sense of gratitude is owed to Rajyogi BK Nirwair.

2 1.  7 LIST OF CONTENTS Chapter Content Approval Letter Guide’s consent Certificate Declaration Acknowledgement List of Tables Graphical Representations 1 Introduction Positive Thinking Self Esteem Rajyog Meditation Selection of the Problem Page No I II III IV V 58-63 65-89 13 14 20 25 34 1.4 .3 1.1 1.

7 1. Conclusion and Suggestions Bibliography Sample Questionnaire 35 36 38 39 40 52 56 64 90 Annexure 1 Annexure 2 .9 2 3 4 5 Importance of Study Objective of Study Hypothesis Limitation of Study Chapterization Review of Related Literature Research and Methodology Analysis and Interpretation of Data Findings.8 1.6 1.  8 1.5 1.

  64 65 66 67 68 69 Rajyog practice Benefits of Rajyog Positive Thinking before Rajyog practice Positive Thinking after Rajyog practice Effect of Rajyog on Behavior Enhancement of Self-esteem Development of Self-esteem Brain Empowerment Experience of Powers from Rajyog Need of Spiritual powers Positive thought pattern 7 70 8 71 9 72 10 73 11 74 .  9 List of Tables and Graphs Table No 1 2 3 4 5 6 Title of the Tables and Graphs  Page No.

  10 12 Influence of Positive Thinking Mind Control Transformation of Sanskaras Effect of Positive Thinking on atmosphere Mind stability Good Relations Self Regard is Self-Esteem Self Esteem through acceptance of Self Peace and Purity True well wisher Self Esteem is invisible key Possibility of new things 75 13 76 14 77 15 78 16 79 17 80 18 81 19 82 20 83 21 84 22 85 23 86 .

  11 24 Self Confidence and Self Appreciation Development of Self Confidence and Self Esteem 87 25 88 .

  12 CHAPTER – 1 .

A Values based life is self capable life free of doubt or fear. mind & spirit to keep the rhythm going. One needs to have harmony between body. Love. enables us to develop our strengths of character and create new attitudes and responses to life. Purity. Rajayoga Meditation gives us a clear spiritual understanding of our self. Through practice of Rajyoga we can develop Positive Thinking and Self-Esteem to desirable extent. The 7 essential values are Knowledge. Living a value based life helps us to know who we are in the grand scheme of life. helps us to rediscover and use the qualities already latent within us. . Bliss and Power. Balance is the secret of life and attainment of success is synonymous to perfect balance. Peace. Happiness. Translations include joining uniting or union. Mere dynamic body or just an alert sharp mind would take one to nowhere. to yoke or to unite.  13 CHAPTER – 1 INTRODUCTION The Word yoga has many meanings and is derived from the Sanskrit root yoga meaning to control.

1. the thought in the creative and the constructive way. If you don’t identify it clearly. 2.e. Principles of Positive Thinking The following principles of Positive Thinking can help you determine whether your thoughts are indeed positive. circumstances and relationships. Positive Thinking is about seeing the negative for what it is and thereby neutralizing its power over you. They are reminders that your self-respect is the key to your approach to all situations. Self-respect means to be assertive and to set boundaries about what is acceptable and what is not.  14 1. Positive Thinking is the consistent refusal to engage in projection. in order to deal with situations.1 POSITIVE THINKING Positive Thinking is the ability to use the energy of the mind i. You are not deterred by negative appearances or falsehood but maintain an attitude of self-confidence and willingness to find benefit. then you are influenced by it. That means to refuse to project onto others the lures ad entrapments of negativity which lurk in . The aim is to reach a stage of neutrality where your mind is purely positive because your thoughts are completely free from the opposition or resistance of negativity. The foundation of Positive Thinking is to have self-respect and to be contented.

A Positive Thought is produced in the face of many things that are negative. You consider it cowardly to feel threatened by someone else. Sustained Positive Thinkings lead to neutrality. Self-respect is to affirm that you are a pure and peaceful soul. Positive Thinking is to develop an attitude of enlightened self interest. 4. A neutral thought is produced when there is no further negativity to contend with. 7. . Self respect means that you consider it inappropriate it criticize others. Spirituality identifies you as a pure. Projection distorts your perception and skews your vision of the world. It also means that you refrain from seeing world through rose colored glasses and getting dazzled and impressed. peaceful. powerful jewel in the heart of God. In this way you also avoid the powerful negative force of self-doubt. 5. This is the opposite of selfishness.  15 your inner world. 6. Positive thinking is to respect yourself by refusing to adopt someone else’s negative vision of you. From this spiritual sense of identity you resist prerogative thoughts about your personal value and integrity from within and from without. Positive Thinking is to be free from worrying about others. It means to come to terms with yourself and not be deceived by your own weaknesses. 8. 3. You view everyone as responsible for their own behavior.

You maintain regard for yourself independently of praise or defamation. 10. An honest person can detect when someone is lying. It is not a reaction to appearances or being dependent on people. enthusiasm and happiness. free from fear. Your contentment allows you to have a large heart. magnanimous feelings towards others and a comfortable relationship with the social environment. At the time of deception the other’s effort will be to persuade you to disregard what you know don’t exist. Unless you discern others elfish motives. when someone wants you to buy into a lie: but you don’t. 13. Respecting yourself gives you the power to discern. It occurs both within the self and through other people. faith. Negativity is subtle and invisible. . A Positive thinker has a personal ethical policy of honesty. 11. Your thoughts of contentment are not based on appearances. Self respect implies self confidence. This ensures that the faculties’ of intuition and perception are reliable. Thinking a positive thought in a simplistic way is form of denial because it ignores the web of negativity and the selfish motives of others around you. Positive Thinking is independent thinking based on higher principles and values. courage. You are not deceived by things that you feel Positive but in fact negative. perseverance. 12. you will get duped.  16 9. 14. peace. success or failure. places and things being as you expect. 15. You have regard for your discernment and therefore are hard to deceive. You maintain an attitude of love.

health. We create our feelings and experiences by the thoughts we choose to think. The quality of thoughts that we have will determine how we feel. . Thoughts have great power. Your mind radiates energy into the environment. anxiety and depression. relationships and therefore our future. our attitudes. Generating streams of Positive thoughts also promotes mental stability and this in turn enables you to cope successfully with the challenges of life. we are the one who has control over our life. Ultimately. then your mind will also be a very good friend and help you in every aspect of your life. It follows that you then become free from anxiety about the past and the future. We have the ability to actively guide our thoughts in a positive way. You generate habits of positive actions because thoughts always precede action. Often we are not aware of our thinking and feel that we are unable to control it. behavior. Your positive and optimistic state of mind dispels fears. We are responsible for our own thoughts. worries. If you are a good friend to your mind. The power and effects of thoughts Our thoughts are the seeds of the “tree” of our whole life. so you produce a positive atmosphere which paves the way for inner silence for yourself and others. yet thoughts are our own creation. personality.  17 Benefits of Positive Thinking In Self respect you are free. feelings and behavior. In this way you are doing what is necessary to care your mind.

guilt. We are in control. Positive thoughts are those of silence. Methods to keep outlook Positive • Think. They give us energy and strength. We decide what we put in there. others and situations. Our true nature is positive. These thoughts rob us the power and strength and make us feel tired and drained. jealousy. . love. Happiness is our decision. What we become is more important than what we get. Negativity is just a result of faulty thinking. Knowledge is the essential nourishment for the intellect. • Always visualize ourselves and our way of life the way we want it.  18 Frequent repetition of the same types of thoughts creates our belief and attitudes. Believe in our own worth. but remember we need goals not for what they get us but what they do to us. aggression. peace and happiness. We can control what is going on inside of us. Negative thoughts are those of doubt. • Set goals. What we believe. Dwell on what we want and then we will gravitate towards that. • Don’t place limits on ourselves. situations or circumstances. • See problems as opportunities to learn. The biggest limitation is the thought “ we can’t” • Discipline our mind and intellect. speak and feel positively about ourselves. so we determine what we get back. We can’t control other people. comes true for us. worry.

Pause on our path just like “music is the space between the notes. 4. 7. Always use only positive words while thinking and while talking. Refuse to think such thoughts and substitute them with constructive happy thoughts. people who support us and our efforts to change. Watch movies that make feel happy. Allow into your awareness only the feelings of happiness. visualize clearly in your mind its successful outcome. Associate yourself with people who think positively. This ensures our attention is on what we want. Make time for ourselves as a necessity not an objective. • Have an attitude of gratitude. ‘ I can’. If we visualize with concentration and faith. Try to disregard and ignore negative thoughts. ‘ I am able’. 2. Minimize the time you listen to the news and read the papers. happiness and success. Before starting with any plan or action. we will be amazed at the results.’ it can be done’. Few tips to develop Positive Thinking 1. strength and success. ‘ it is possible’. In conversation use words that evoke feelings and mental images of strength.  19 • Treat our self well. 8. Use words such as. . etc. 9. 6. 3. Read at least one page of some inspiring books every day. 5.” • Surround ourselves with good people.

2 SELF ESTEEM Self Esteem is one of the key aspects to success in life that most people pay zero attention to. . 1. This helps to develop a more positive attitude. When we raise Self Esteem new things in life becomes possible and new world of choices opens up and it will leads to whole new world of actions and it leads to destiny.  20 10. in our mind and trust in our judgment. trust in our self. swim or engage in some other physical activity. This will strengthen your confidence and inner strength. 11. trust in our ability to cope with change. Self Esteem is about selftrust. Always sit and walk with your back straight. How much better would it be If we approached life with certainty and confidence that we can cope with everything that comes to us. Walk.

5. 3. it is an honest assessment of our successes and the internal strengths that brought us those victories.  21 Seven Ways to Define Self Esteem 1. Self-Esteem is the conviction that you are competent to cope with life’s challenges and worthy of happiness. 4. Self-Esteem is the knowledge and awareness of your own intrinsic uniqueness. Self Esteem is how we think about ourself. regardless of whether the self is valued or respected externally. . Self Esteem is not boasting or bragging. the regard in whioch we hold our actions. our talents and our skills 2. 6. Self-Esteem is concient consciousness in which an individual constantly values the inner self. Self –Esteem is the way you talk yourself about yourself. when ever we try and fail and then have the courage to try again. beauty and value. 7. permeates our work and personal lives. instead. Self-Esteem or lack of it. how you feel about yourself and the extent to which you think and feel you can cope with the situation in front of you. It is where our we leave our mark. the innate qualities within.

In fact it is like sitting on the throne (becoming king= building Self Esteem) and giving the same seat to others. He is ready to serve the society without losing his self esteem. This develops unique and uninfluenced consciousness in him about himself as well as others. There is no loss at all in godly student life. In other words. He is both King and Servant of the society. Like parents are both owners of the family and also servants. He believes in karma philosophy. . As we realize God. He believes what is good/bad for him is also good/bad for others. it is like give respect and take ( have or maintain) respect. To the extent of coverage of the path.  22 Changes Occurring in Positive Lifestyle through Rajyoga : A Rajyogi realizes self and others as s soul. our purity increases due to charging. there is 100% coincidence in both goal and path in raja yoga. So. the goal is also achieved. similar attitude is of a Rajyogi. So he becomes capable of paying true respect and love to self and others. That is.there is fruit in every step of the effort.

Hence the real meaning of yoga is “being in close relation or communion”. When somebody passes away (dies). So breakdown of a relation is termed as vi-yoga.  23 Qualities of a Soul Truth Knowledge Peace Happiness Power 15 Purity Love Bliss 1. relatives’. wife.3 Meaning of Yog & Rajyoga Yog = yoga (in some language pronunciation is yoga. Indians say ‘the person got vi-yoga (= opposite of yoga) with/from his children. in some Yog) means relation. .

temporary. Hence Rajyoga means the greatest. Godfather becomes . There can be misunderstanding or lack of comfort between those persons. true. he cannot be mother. The soul gets purified by remembrance of God. Two friends may become enemies tomorrow let us see the spiritual or real relation. yoga means thinking. A child has its yoga (relation) with its mother. powerful. Raj = raja (pronounced as raaj or raaja) means king. everyone in the world is a yogi (= one who performs yoga). complete. but not doctor or lover to the same. eg: one may be father to another. etc) if one of them dies. All the relations in this world are limited. the relation ends. Two lovers love each other. They may be imperfect and may also have even ignorance. As there is no bodily relation. extra-ordinary.  24 In general. King means the greatest. Sometimes. there can be fights between father and children. the most powerful. he may not be able to look after his children properly. So the relation is temporary. But. knowledge full remembrance of god. let us see how it is. If the father is poor or less intelligent. So in simple terms. unlimited. the father may also give some disease to his children as property! And pass his disease to his children as heredity (diabetes. The real relation is based on God (real=truth). One may be teacher to somebody. the only one. A student thinks of his teacher. Even the father may not be able to perform his full duty to his child. faithful. A scientist’s yoga is deeply with the subject of his research. real relation. heart diseases. difference in opinions among friends. The sins of period of 2500 years (hell) can be cleared by continuous. King is the highest degree or qualification that can be achieved. This puts end to all the problems for 2500 years (heaven). unique. ordinary and incomplete. Sometimes. remembering or conscious of. love full.

etc.“Twameva maataascha pitaa twameva. lover. knowledge. twameva vidyaa dravinam twameva.”} This is the complete relation. {Hence.“Oh God.being in the soul conscious stage and to remember the most beloved. Meditation is to develop the ability to concentrate on a particular subject without being attracted and influenced by the five senses. That is to become soul conscious and Supreme conscious. friend. there is a saying. spiritual essence. father. everything to the soul. Relation between the Souls and the Supreme Soul has no beginning or ends. teacher. It is to have the ability to think of what you want and when you want. guru. Rajyoga Meditation Meditation simply means the management of your thoughts. . bodiless. refreshing and clearing the mind and heart. twameva sarvam mama deva deva” the meaning is . Rajyoga means. Rajayoga Meditation is a method of relaxing. companion. wealth. friend. relative.  25 (is) mother. It helps you look inside to rediscover and reconnect with your original. twameva bandhuscha sakhaa twameva. This satisfies a soul completely. without interference from other thoughts. It is present all the times. So. either directly or indirectly. you are my mother. You are everything (sarvam) to me. incorporeal Godfather. the five vices and the five elements.

you make the decision to meditate.  26 FOUR STAGES OF RAJA YOGA INITIATION MEDITATION CONCENTRATION REALIZATION Initiation :First of all. Carefully select you theme which needs to be of your interest. It is not a chant or a repeated prayer but an internal conversation and a communion with the Supreme Soul. Meditation is not a routine or something you do by rhythm alone. set up whatever accessories you would like and you sit with the intention of meditation for a particular period of time and on a particular theme. . You go to your meditation place.

At first it seems hard to focus on such thoughts as. That is what you look like. Your body is not you. This clear focus comes as your efforts to create thoughts about the soul. You can be in a meditative state of consciousness even while walking around and doing routine activities. What you see in the mirror is not you. Thoughts come in an inspiring . very subtle.’ Persist and evoke the deeper meaning of each word. invisible. think about all you know about “being a soul”. sitting in the centre of your forehead. Consider each descriptor. eternal. invisible point of spiritual light. Concentration :The next stage of meditation is concentration. You feel what it is like to be peaceful and immortal. What does it mean to you to be immortal? Can you think about yourself as never dying? Imagine it and evoke the feeling of what it would be like to be forever.  27 Meditation :In Meditation you begin by turning the mind within and considering yourself to be a soul. ‘I am immortal. What you are? A non-material. Imagine that. like a tiny star in the night sky. See how it feels. What does it mean to be invisible to the human eye? Can you think of being invisible? Your face is not you. You are an extraordinary star of consciousness. a point of light. cease to be strenuous. Try walking down the street as an invisible point of light energy. Imagine the tiniest point of light. Things will take you to a stage where you have an inner experience of the meaning. One by one.

You experience you are gaining power from supreme being and imbibing all the powers from him. restoring a functional and healthy balance between . You experience a natural states of detachment and dispassion towards the external world. your decision power increases which helps to be powerful in any kind of situation in our corporeal world. Meditation enables an integration of your spiritual identity with the social and physical realities around you. In this stage you will feel introverted. It comes once the circling of the concentration stage becomes completely stables.  28 flow in which you feel carried far beyond the pull of the everyday world and you soar in a flight of spiritual thoughts that seem to be creating themselves. In this stage you are completely soul absorbed. Realization :Realization is quite an advanced stage. This is the stage where you can make contract with Supreme Soul. Your intellect is in very stable state. Your complete stillness allows you to hold the subtle contact and you are filled with extraordinary. Distractions have no hold over you and your connection with the divine dimension remains uninterrupted and concentrated. You reach a point of such stability that you are able to lift off from the workings of the mind and enter a dimension when you are totally still. You are truly involved in the thought stream and experiencing the deeper meaning and feeling of the flow.

Meditation washes off all dirt from the soul.  29 your inner and outer worlds. The word Yoga or meditation means 'connection'. . bathing in a river may clean the body but a soul is cleansed only in the remembrance of the Supreme Soul through meditation. The mental connection between the soul and Supreme Soul or the remembrance of the Supreme Soul by the soul is called meditation or Rajyoga.

  30 .

Spiritual power gives you the power to choose creative thinking rather than automated thinking. This results in a conscious. Meditation stills the mind and empowers the intellect to achieve insight and . You begin to remember things about yourself that you once knew. Raja Yoga meditation gives you a clear spiritual understanding of yourself. where spiritual empowerment begins. Meditation also helps you disconnect from damaging habits of thought. actions. disconnecting from harmful habits. connecting to your innate spiritual resources. just beyond every day consciousness. You start to enjoy moments of silence and to savour periods of introspection and reflection. response rather than reaction. helps you re–discover and use the positive qualities already latent within you. love and harmony rather than stress. and reconnecting with your external life. Meditation enables you to embark on this inward journey. This is the place. is personally empowering in a lasting way. The process of going within.  31 The most important journey you can take is the journey within. but had long forgotten. positive release of energy which improves the quality of your attitude. conflict and chaos. and interactions. feeling and reaction. peace. Meditation is taught as a method of raising self-awareness leading to self– realisation. This is a journey to the truth of who you really are. enables you to develop your strengths of character and create new attitudes and responses to life.

or as ‘highest connection’. Raja Yoga can be translated as ‘supreme union’. . Every soul has a right to experience this ultimate relationship.  32 understanding of the spiritual laws and principles which sustain harmony and can bring natural renewal at all levels of life on earth. Why connect with the Supreme Soul? Recharge Battery of the Soul Experience being eternal and imperishable Purification Rajyoga meditation redefines the self as a soul and enables a direct connection and relationship with the Supreme Source of purest energy and highest consciousness.

Meditation is the only means through which soul gets link or association with God. without interference from other thoughts. which generously rewards you for the effort it involves. More and more people are adding some kind of meditation to their daily routine either as an effective antidote to stress. meditation requires practice to achieve satisfying results. Relationship is the lever that can lift us to the state of meditation. under its influence. man controls his otherwise fickle sense organs and overcomes diverse vile thoughts. it soon becomes a natural and easy habit. By doing a little meditation every day. It is to have the ability to think of what you want and when you want. Meditation simply means the management of your thoughts. who is the truth. or as a simple method of relaxation. By dint of Yoga or meditation. the five vices and the five elements. the soul gets immense joy of an extraordinary kind from it’s link with the Supreme Soul. Meditation has such great force that. Through the meditation or Raja Yoga. even the elements of nature are brought to elevated state and the right path and peace is established in the world. Meditation is to develop the ability to concentrate on a particular subject without being attracted and influenced by the five senses.  33 Experience of Rajyoga Meditation Like any skill. .

Such people become a burden to themselves and also to the world.4 SELECTION OF THE PROBLEM In this present world. which leads to gain power and raises the self confidence to overcome all sorts of situations and circumstances. Such thoughts also increases toxic chemicals to some extent. This lack of strength leads to Laziness. we have seen that there is lot of increase in negativity. . You waste lots of thoughts and mind power in process of negative thinking. lack of spiritual power. redundant. Positive Thinking. Thoughts related to disadvantages of various events and lose as being perceived by an individual. hopeless and useless lot. they tend to be dead end. So we have chooen.  34 1. Self Esteem in every individuals. They are a curse to the world. “A STUDY ON THE EFFECT OF RAJYOGA MEDITATION FOR IMPROVEMENT OF POSITIVE THINKING AND SELFESTEEM” it is very much necessary to practice Rajyog meditation for developing Positive Thinking and Self Esteem. self confidence. Negative thoughts come when our thought energy levels are low.

5 IMPORTANCE OF STUDY This study will be beneficial to the Analytical Study of factors responsible for ensuring successful integration of strategies of Positive Thinking and Self Esteem through Raj yoga Meditation to attain holistic goals and empower self. level of motivation. career development and attitude of self in relation to self and other coming in touch even by thoughts.  35 1. It transforms away the main causes and failures of Positive Thinking and Self esteem due to Stressful Situations. Rajayoga Meditation also helps in increase of concentration power which enhances the Positive Thinking Pattern by which Self Esteem raises. The Rajyoga Meditation will be effective for implementation of innovative methods of various functions of life. such as stress free life. . This study is thus expected to pave a way for the wider studies in the same discipline in due course of time in the interest of individual in particular and the whole world in general. This study reveals the innovative techniques of Positive Thinking & Self Esteem through Raj yoga with the Scope to increase or widen up the attainments. It will highlight the issues.

2. in the aspect of peace within.  36 1. Rajyoga Meditation helps all by reformation of the human moral ethics and . Normally. the stress levels among the people have directed them towards a search of better lifestyles and Rajyoga lifestyle surely an end to their discovery. many studies are conducted to overcome the problems faced by living with random lifestyles. The purpose of this study was to find out the effect of Rajyoga meditation on development of Positive Thinking and Self Esteem among reside of Shantivan complex. However.1 Objective. no strict following of laws and rules implemented are considered and as they say rules are made to be broken but here one enjoys keeping themselves within the line of control to achieve higher stages with delighting returns. A second aim was to elevate the beliefs and attitudes of Rajyoga lifestyle into practice. To enhance the same. The meditation is mostly dependent on the way of manipulating thoughts. It plays an important role in the effectiveness and success achieved in developing Positive Thinking and Self Esteem. teachings are just kept at a corner of mind but at Rajyoga lifestyle teachings are the practices not just preaching.6 OBJECTIVE OF STUDY Rajyoga lifestyle is an indifferent subject and a normal person can understand the common rationale into this. Presently. maintaining serenity of mind and achieving the totality of self.

5. To study the concept.  37 directs them to follow the ethical conduct in order to progress the self which will directly help the world to prosper. meaning and ways of Rajyoga. To create an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence. 1. The study is undertaken the following specific objectives. 3. To study the effect of Rajyoga in the lifestyle of the people. 4. To study about the present lifestyle of the people. To establish a better world by bringing a change in the consciousness of the people from body consciousness to soul consciousness . To know the effect of Rajyoga on developing Positive Thinking and Self Esteem. 2.

• It is hypothesized that practicing rajyog made them to feel free from stressful life. • It is hypothesized that before practicing rajyog most of time was simply wasted due to wasteful and negative thoughts.7 HYPOTHESIS • It is hypothesized that majority of the rajyog mediator experienced that there Self confidence level has raised to appreciable level. . • It is hypothesized that after regular practice of meditation they overcame anger. overcoming depression.  38 1. Arrogance. • It is hypothesized practicing rajyog leads to increase in self esteem which leads to path of success in there daily life. lack of will power and strengthened themselves. • It is hypothesized that all of them overcame with there negative attitude and improper behavior.



Since the theme of the study is quite broad in character, it involves the life of an individual of the world, but keeping in view of the lack of time and expenditure the research delimits study to the 30 inhabitants who are the regular practitioners of Rajyoga in the Shantivan complex of the Brahmakumaris International Head quarters. Abu road Rajasthan. This pilot study was conducted on 30 Normal Rajyoga meditation practitioners. All were vegetarians and led a sedentary lifestyle. Role of the Rajyoga in development of Positive  Thinking  and Self Esteem is the new concept introduced in various localities. As the respondents selected for the study is in and across Shantivan complex comprising of people from the various parts of India who came to study and practice Rajyoga in Brahmakumaris spiritual organisation and only thirty respondents are taken into consideration for the responses from the respondents at various departments i.e., Sound Section, engineering sector, medical sector, kitchen and cookery, students, IT, housing, educationalist, Rajyoga teachers, researchers for the response for the actual effect of the Rajyoga on Positive Thinking and Self Esteem.



• The first chapter consists with introduction, which includes objectives, need and importance of the study, hypothesis of the study conducted, limitation and chapterization of the study. • The second chapter deals review of related literature. • The third chapter reveals the research methodology. • The fourth chapter provides analysis and interpretation of data collected. • The fifth chapter identifies the finding, conclusion, suggestion & scope for the further research. • Last part of the report is bibliography & appendices.



Practices of Rajyoga improves thinking pattern from negative to positive and enhance Self Esteem of the practitioner. However those who practice they experience following benefits. The Benefits of Rajyoga Meditation The benefits of meditation are enormous. Meditation calms our mind and body. In these fast and frenetic times, meditation has the most important ability to replenish mental and emotional energy. Meditation enables you to create new attitudes and responses to life. Meditation gives you a clear spiritual understanding of Self. Meditation is the process of re-discovering, enjoying and using the positive qualities been within you but latent. Like any skill, meditation requires practice to achieve comprehensive and satisfying results. By doing a little every day, meditation soon becomes a natural and easy habit, which generously rewards you for the little effort it involves. Musical aid benefits to Meditation techniques. Due to regular practice of concentration of mind, elimination of wasteful thoughts and continual linkage to the supreme soul, the raj yogi attains higher self confidence which enables him to undertake more efforts on self transformation. The success of such efforts also strengthen the will power to overcome any negativity in his personality. A particular thought , feeling or action when repeated several times leaves a deep impression on once mind. One’s future thoughts, feelings and the actions are conditioned by these impressions.

  42 .

  43 .

When we demand love from the world around us. Such Rajyogi never be influenced by external situations. love enables us to feel great. Raj yoga helps us to build maturity and contentment . circumstances or relations act. . In essence. it needs to be tended with spirituality. but in order to flourish. Meditation dissolves many fears replacing them with lightness and freedom from anxiety. Raj yoga meditation helps us to strengthen the flow of Positive thoughts which leads to build Positive attitude. Meditation expands your capacity to love and heals broken hearts. Love is in all of us. Rajyoga meditation develops optimism. Due to this positive values naturally positive attitude develops which leads to increase in self esteem. This faith returns to us when we start to understand the wonderful tree of humanity and the eternal seed through which it is renewed. It helps us to create the thoughts more effective and creative. Meditation develops the power to be more alert and effective in our interaction with each other and with our precious world. revealing the secrets of consciousness and the treasures of the soul. Meditation is both the journey and the destination. We can learn that these qualities spring from faith in the goodness of the self and life. Raj yog helps us to achieve it.  44 What Does Rajyoga Meditation Do? Meditation energizes your awareness bringing both peace and wisdom to a busy mind. we destroy our ability to receive it. zeal and enthusiasm in the raj yogi practitioners.

  45 .

  46 The practice of Rajyoga meditation or intellectual communion with God brings into the soul many powers. Meditation develops self confidence and Self Esteem. Meditation helps us to develop good wishes and good feelings. Meditation develops the power of decision making . Meditation helps us to develop endurance and patience Meditation enhances the healing power . . Meditation increases mutual understanding. Powers attained from Meditation: Meditation develops the power to pack up. Meditation increases good relationship with every one. Meditation develops the power the Power of Discrimination Meditation develops the power to Face Meditation develops the power the Power to Co-Operate Meditation develops the power the Power to Withdraw Meditation develops the Power of Tolerance Meditation develops the power of accommodation. Meditation develops Positive Thinking ability.

  47 Rajyoga meditation Commentary  .

I radiate peace to the world...... Rajyoga Meditation Philosophy The basis for attaining an experience in raja yoga meditation is to understand the self and the mind....................... Peaceful thoughts flow through the mind and I feel the self becoming light........ I feel the gentle waves of peace flowing across my mind............ I radiate peace and light to the world.............. powerful and wonderful "instrument" we possess............... I realize my real nature is peace.. But have we found our true self? We have become the most educated and civilized society in our history.. My mind feels light and free from worries..I am the peaceful soul.. I am a peaceful loving soul.... As these peaceful thoughts emerge in my mind I feel the stillness and silence envelopes my mind .  48 Try to experience the stillness of mind of being a peaceful soul as other thoughts emerge in the mind do not judge or focus on them but repeat ........... My mind is filled with Peace………........... The human mind is the most creative........ send humans to the moon and scan the molecular fabric of the building blocks of nature.............. I am a peaceful soul............................. The light and peace envelopes me and the waves of peace and light shine like a lighthouse............. but are we civil towards each other? . I am a peaceful soul......... I am a being of light shining like a star................................ This is the wonderful journey of self discovery............... Using this energy called mind we have been able to search the deepest oceans.......

  49 The soul has three main faculties. The end result is a constant state of well being. the individual is able to strengthen and sharpen the intellect. the intellect and the subconscious. The intellect is the controller which is used to discriminate so that only positive and benevolent thoughts flow into our mind. it is necessary to selectively control the flow of thoughts that emerges from the sub conscious mind. then the following will become our aims. These meditations have been taken from the knowledge as taught by the Brahmakumaris Rajyoga meditation organization . and also with the feelings that we associate with those thoughts. With meditation or deep contemplation. Strengthen the intellect so that the individual can discriminate and thereby only allow positive and peaceful thoughts to flow into the mind. Therefore our state of mind at any given moment is determined by the thoughts in our consciousness. the mind or consciousness. If we are able to understand the self as the source of energy that creates our feelings. Thoughts flow from the sub conscious mind to the conscious mind. Through this process of self development the individual develops more control over the mind. Become aware of our state of mind and of the thoughts that flows into the mind from our subconscious. Feelings and emotions form in accordance with the montage of thoughts flowing in the mind. Since our sub consciousness contains all our previous thoughts and experiences.

Of course. and becoming one with the activity. Hindus practice karma yoga--the yoga of work--to maker work a meditative experience that brings them closer to God. . Buddhist and Sufi managers is maintaining a meditative state regardless of the nature of the work they are doing. Making work a meditative experience concerns many Hindus.  50 Rajyoga/Karma yoga Or Working with Meditation. There are many different types of meditation and so the specific meditative state differs according to the managers' spiritual practice. The spiritual problem facing many Hindu. Zen work meditation differs from the Hindu karma yoga meditation which differs from Sufi meditation and so on. Buddhists and Sufis. challenging work is easier to become absorbed in. losing any sense of self. Zen Buddhists practice samu--work meditation--which aims at the experience of being absorbed in work.


(Radiation oncology) in 1979 from medical college. . It has cleared about the three faculties of the soul. consultant and faculty for Brahmakumaris Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation at the Brahma kumaris international head quarters. Threats) and reflecting them in life. Rajasthan. Dr.D. He is honorary. Author cleared about that the mechanism of perception of our mind to know how we perceive through our five senses. From this reference it is highlighted to rediscover our own qualities by SWOT analysis( Strength. Gyanamrut bhavan. DR PREM MASAND BOOK : -POSITIVE. Shantivan. Abu Road. (Mind. Rajasthan.  52 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE WORK PLACE : SHANTIVAN COMPLEX INCLUDING MAJOR DEPARTMENTS LITERATURE REVIEW The  purpose  of  this  literature  review  is  to  determine  the  current  state  of  research as it relates to know the effect of rajyog for improvement of Positive Thinking  and Self Esteem. Intellect and Sub consciousness) and how they ate expressing through left and right hemisphere of the brain.  1. Weakness. Opportunities. Mount Abu. POWERFUL AND PURPOSEFUL THINKING. Prem Masand has passed his M. indore.

Rajasthan First Edition 2012. . Mount Abu. JAGADISH CHANDER HASSIJA BOOK : -SPRITUAL NECTOR AND CELIBECY Literature department. 2. feelings and behavior. Pandav Bhavan. It is said that self-Mastery is the DNA of Life-Mastery. • To. • To take more personal responsibility for your state of mind and emotions. • The author has cleared how to have more control of your own thoughts.   3. • To learn how to communicate better with people and to help manage major life changes with our innate qualities. Mount Abu. become a better leader through better self understanding and the practical application of spiritual knowledge and principles. K. B. • To take more responsibility for your own life and stop blaming others or circumstances.  53 Thoughts are seeds or software of human life from which our personality formation begins. K. B. Brahma Kumaris. Rajasthan. USHABEHEN – SELF MANAGING LEADERSHIP Literature Department.

• The main advantage of development of Positive  Thinking  and Self Esteem is to become free from all kind of bondages and feel free in all situations and circumstances. remain stable as well as inspired. introverted and cheerful. Never put of good tasks until tomorrow have a determination within the mind. treatment and medicine for the soul. maintain the highest ambition..  54 • He stated that yoga is the main subject of our Godly student life. Positive Thinking makes yoga as natural life style. remain contented in all conditions. situation come only to rectify us. • Positive  Thinking  improves our self esteem and self confidence. Godly knowledge is nourishment. to be trutheful in all circumstances. . becoming compassionate. The mother of desire is the desire itself and the only method for stopping desire is also the desire to stop desire itself. save and protect the power of thought. • Less your desires and keep your mind peace. • He has cleared that obstacles are the test papers in day to day life. Always have elevated thoughts. think with kindness about others.


The following methodology is observed in the study:(a) Tools of Data Collection. The tools of Data Collection required for this study is the observation by the scholar as he is associated with this institution for 13 years. when it serves a formulated research purpose. values. it makes use of the secondary data and emphasis is more on the analysis and interpretation of the existing available information. Questionnaire may be used for the obtaining valuable inputs from respondents of the every sect of the society. The questionnaire is designed in such a way that it may be filled by the respondents easily so as to find the actual responses and collected data from the primary sources. There are 25 questions on different lifestyle tracts. Since the exploratory study largely interprets already available information. habits of the people. is systematically planned and recorded is subjected to checks and controls on validity and reliability. “Observation method is the most commonly used method especially in studies relating to behavioral sciences. Observation becomes a scientific tool and the method of data collection for the researcher.  56 Methods of Data Collection. The questions are served on 30 respondents only. . According to CM Kothari. Participatory observation reveals many functional strategies observed in the success of the institution in various mega events. Following the main objective of this study is to look the effect of Rajyoga Meditation in developing Positive Thinking and Self Esteem.

M / F Place:- Read each statement below very carefully. then mention 'A' in columns (at right side) if you 'Agree' with it. 'D' if you 'Disagree' with it and 'NC' if you have 'No Comments' to make on it.  57 ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA Questionnaire Name:Qualification:Age:.   Sl. No Question A D NC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Are you practicing Rajyoga? Are you experiencing benefits from Rajyoga? Before Practice of Rajyoga your thinking was negative?  After practicing Rajyoga Do you have more Positive Thinking? Does your Positive Thinking has changed your words and actions? Does Rajyoga enhances Self Esteem? After practicing Rajyoga do you feel your self esteem has  increased? Does Rajyoga empowers your brain? 30  0 30  0 20  10 25  0  20  5  30  0 20  5  30  0 0 0 0  5  5  0 5  0 0  0 5 0 5 5 9 Through Rajyoga do you experience powers from Supreme God  30  0  Father? To protect Positive Thoughts Spiritual Powers are Needed? Do you most of the time feel Positive thought pattern? Do you like Positive Thinking? Do you feel control over your mind? 30  0 20  5 30  0 20  5 10 11 12 13 14 Do you feel change in your Sanskaras after Practice of Rajyoga?  20  5 .yrs Profession:Gender (Tick):.

  58 15 16 17 18 Can we change the atmosphere around us through Positive  Thinking? Does Positive Thinking improve our mind Stability? Do you accept Positive thinking maintains good relations? Do you think Self Esteem is Self Regard? Do you think that accepting the Self as the Soul increases the  Self Esteem?  Do you think that Soul’s Self Esteem is Purity & Peace? Do you accept God is Your True Well Wisher? Do you accept Self Esteem is invisible key to Personal.  Professional and Relationship Success?  Do you accept by raising Self Esteem. new things in life  becomes possible?  Do you accept Self‐confidence &Self‐appreciation raises Self  Esteem?  By practicing rajyoga does it helped you to develop Positive  Thinking and Self Esteem improved in your life ?  30  0  25  0 30  0 30  0  30  0  30  0 30  0 25  0  0  5 0 0  0  0 0 5  19 20 21 22 23 30  0  0  24 30  0  0  25     30  0  0  .

  59 DATA COMPILATION FOR SINGLE PERSON Question  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  Agree  30  30  20  25  20  30  20  30  30  30  20  30  20  20  30  25  30  30  Disagree  0  0  10  0  5  0  5  0  0  0  5  0  5  5  0  0  0  0  No comments  0  0  0  5  5  0  5  0  0  0  5  0  5  5  0  5  0  0  Total  30  30  30  30  30  30  30  30  30  30  30  30  30  30  30  30  30  30  .

  60 19  20  21  22  23  24  25  Total  30  30  30  25  30  30  30  675  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  35  0  0  0  5  0  0  0  40  30  30  30  30  30  30  30  750  .

  61 RESPONSE OF RESPONDENCE IN PERCENTAGE Question  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  Agree  100  100  66.33  66.66  0  16.66  0  0  0  0  No comments  0  0  0  16.33  100  100  Disagree  0  0  33.66  0  16.67  0  0  Total  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  .67  83.67  66.66  0  0  0  16.33  0  16.66  16.67  100  66.67  100  66.67  100  100  100  66.67  100  83.66  0  16.66  0  16.66  16.66  0  16.66  0  0  0  16.66  16.

33  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  Based on the above data collected. Soul becomes Self ruler and increases Self Esteem and Positive Thinking. researcher concluded that by practicing Rajyoga Meditation Emotions.67  0  0  0  16. . Attitude and Thoughts become elevated.33  100  100  100  90  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  4. We gain spiritual power.67  0  0  0  5.  62 19  20  21  22  23  24  25  Total  100  100  100  83.


which resulted 100%. habits of the people. values. Various questions put to the Rajyogi’s to know about their experience of Rajyog meditation are analyzed below one by one.  64 GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION There are 25 questions on different lifestyle tracts. RAJYOG PRACTISE   Question  1  Agree  Disagree No comments  100  0  0    Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation: It can be seen that all respondents 30 out of 30 are practicing Rajyog. . 1. The questions are served on 30 respondents only.

BENEFITS OF RAJYOG   Question  2    Agree  100  Disagree  0  No comments  0  Agree Disagree No comments Interpritation : It can be seen that all respondents 30 out of 30 are practicing Rajyog. has got tremendous benefits from Rajyog. . which resulted 100%. they also shared there experience.  65 2.

.67    Disagree 33. had agreed that the got suffered from negative thoughts for long duration.  66 3.33  No comments  0  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It can be seen that all respondents 20 out of 30. this resulted 20 agreed for this and 10 not agreed for the question. POSITIVE THINKING BEFORE RAJYOGA PRACTISE Question  Agree  3  66. After practicing rajyog they overcame from negative effects.

POSITIVE THINKING AFTER RAJYOGA PRACTISE   Question  4    Agree  83.  67 4.66    Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation: It has been seen that 25 out of 30 has agreed that there positive attitude developed and also Self Esteem raised and 5 people had no comments over this question.33%. . this resulted 83.33  Disagree  0  No comments  16.

5 persons not agreed for the same and 5 had no comments for it. .67  Disagree  16.66  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that 20 person agreed that their words and actions had changed. EFFECT OF RAJYOGA ON BEHAVIOUR Question  5  Agree  66.  68 5.66  No comments  16.

This result 100%. ENHANCEMENT OF SELF ESTEEM Question  6  Agree  100  Disagree  0  No comments  0  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been good result for this question. All 30 out of 30 Rajyogi has the experience that they have enhancement in self esteem. .  69 6.

DEVELOPMENT OF SELF ESTEEM Question  7  Agree  66. .  70 7.67  Disagree  16.66    Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that 20 out of 30 has agreed that they developed Positive Thinking and Self Esteem after practicing rajyog. 5 not agreed for it and 5 have no comments.66  No comments  16.

  71 8. . BRAIN EMPOWERMENT Question  8    Agree  100  Disagree  0  No comments  0  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that 30 out of 30 has got experienced that they had enhancement of their brain capability. It results 100%.

this results 100%. EXPERIENCE OF POWERS FROM RAJYOGA Question  9    Agree  100  Disagree  0  No comments  0  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that 30 person agreed they have got power from the supreme god. .  72 9.

NEED OF SPIRIRTUAL POWERS Question  10    Agree  100  Disagree  0  No comments  0  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that all the respondent had agreed that they need spiritual strength for developing Positive Thinking and Self Esteem. .  73 10. This results 100%.

66  No comments  16. 5 out of 30 not agreed with it.  74 11. 5 has no comments. This results 66. . POSITIVE THOUGHT PATTERN Question  11  Agree  66.66 %.67  Disagree  16.66    Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that 20out of 30 has agreed that they had positive thought pattern in their routine.

INFLUENCE OF POSITIVE THINKING Question  12    Agree  100  Disagree  0  No comments  0        Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : Yes. got 100% result. 30 out 30 has agreed. it has been seen that all the rajyogi’s like to be positive that helped them to feel free and happy.  75 12. .

5 has no comments.66  No comments  16.67 % result. Concluded 66.67  Disagree  16.  76 13. .66  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that 20 out 30 has agreed that they had control over their mind. 5 out of 30 disagreed and they need some more time. MIND CONTROL Question  13  Agree  66.

5 out of 30 disagreed. 5 has no coments.66  No comments  16. they still need some more time for it.67  Disagree  16. .66  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been concluded that our sanskars has changed in majority rajyogi’s.  77 14. TRANSFORMATION OF SANSKARAS Question  14  Agree  66. 20 out of 30 agreed.

. 100% result. EFFECT OF POSITIVE THINKING ON ATMOSPHERE Question  Agree  15  100    Disagree  0  No  comments  0                                                Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that all agreed that we can bring changes in atmosphere. 30 ut of 30 agreed.  78 15.

25 out of 30 agreed for it. MIND STABILITY Question  16    Agree  83.  79 16.33  Disagree  0  No comments  16. 5 has no comments. .66  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that practicing rajyog we can increase mind stability.

we got 100%. .  80 17 : GOOD RELATIONS Question  17    Agree  100  Disagree  0  No comments  0  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that positive thinking maintains good relationship and also develops self esteem.

Results 100%.  81 18 : SELF REGARD IS SELF ESTEEM Question  18    Agree  100  Disagree  0  No comments  0  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that Self Esteem Is nothing but self regard. which leads to self respect. .

SELF ESTEEM THROUGH ACCEPTANCE OF SELF Question  19  Agree  100  Disagree  0  No comments  0  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that all the rajyogi’s practices of being soul consciousness they agree that Self Esteem comes from self consideration .      82 19.

  83 20. 100% result. PEACE AND PURITY Question  20    Agree  100  Disagree  0  No comments  0  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that all agrees to this question. . It is the easiest way to develop Self Esteem.

it has been seen that every one accepts they gained powers from god and concluded that god is our true well wisher. . We concluded 100% result.  84 21. TRUE WELL WISHER Question  21    Agree  100  Disagree  0  No comments  0  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : Definitely.

. 25 out of 30 has agreed .33 % result.33  Disagree 0  No  comments  16. SELF ESTEEM IS INVISIBLE KEY Question  22    Agree  83.  85 22. 83.66                                Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that self esteem plays vital role in all types of work field which increases self confidence and Positive Thinking.

We got 100 % result.  86 23. . POSIBILITY OF NEW THINGS Question  23    Agree  100  Disagree  0  No comments  0  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : Since Self Esteem is the key factor for success it helps us to achieve new things and makes them possible.

.  87 24. SELF CONFIDENCE AND SELF APPRECIATION Question  24    Agree  100  Disagree  0  No comments  0  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : It has been seen that self confidence and self regard develops Self Esteem. We got 100% result.

  88 25. . We got 100% result. DEVELOPMENT OF SELF CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM Question  25    Agree  100  Disagree  0  No comments  0  Agree Disagree No comments Interpretation : Since all are regularly practicing rajyog they got lot of experience about the changes in their life through rajyog.


FINDINGS : • Many of the obstacles within the human mind are due to resentment. • Some were facing fear of low Self Esteem and fear of hardship. After practice of meditation they gained lot of power from the supreme being. supreme soul. • Every one wanted to be free from intoxicants but it was very hard for them to be independent from them. They experience super sensual joy which made them to become free from all kind of addiction. incorporeal and the son .  90 1. after practicing Rajyoga they saved themselves from becoming victims of resentment. Since Rajyog is the flow of Positive Thinking it was found easy to overcome resentment. dysfunctional behavior. After practicing Rajyog they overcame from this problem very easily. After not being successful they not feel about their success. • Some of the Rajyogi’s facing the problem of lack of trust in self and lack of stress in others. Since Rajyog deals with the self itself that we are the soul immortal.

They felt there are from one godly universal family. due to afraid of failure they don’t try again. • The very come problem for the majority of them was that they had not having good relationship with others. From the Rajyog meditation they realized universal brotherhood from which innate qualities invoked.  91 of supreme father. This kind of low Self Esteem made them to be away from the competition. They even not have a thought for participation. . This awareness made everyone to have faith in themselves and also trust on others. • Some were afraid of failures. Practicing Rajyog meditation they came over this problem by the awareness that whatever happens is good.

Feeling great begins with inner harmony. Self Esteem means feeling. Presently there is lack of Self Esteem in majority. Regular practice of meditation helped them to raise self confidence. friendship and peace. say. rather than having a good time or feeling good at any cost. Positivity begins to feel great we need to become more honest – to make what we think. honesty. attitudes and feelings with our outer world of actions. Feeling great is about putting our life in order. Without this “ oneness” in . words and relationships. self appreciation which leads to Self Esteem. This about bringing our inner world into harmony. developing the maturity to align our inner world of thoughts. Rajyog meditation is process of flow of Positive Thinking. Due to lack of positive attitude which was the result of low self esteem.  92 CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTIONS From the study conducted we concluded that Positive Thinking creates positive attitude and develops Self Esteem. feel and do as one.

guru. no outside event or other person can interrupt the flow.and that makes others feel Self Esteem. These keys are obtained by regular practice of Rajyoga Meditation. priest. To feel good. Rajyoga helps us to feel great and great feeling begins with stepping inside to meet our self. whether they be spouse. politician or doctor. positive or great.   Positive Thinking helps us to develop the feeling of peace and purity that remains constant. A better of way life is in my hands. child. . optimism and contentment. positive or great.   The keys to Positive Thinking and Self Esteem are enthusiasm. I realized that I need to change. Self Esteem must encompass the capacity to remain stable in whatever positive attitude we have . boss. not in the hands of others.  93 our personal lives no amount of distracting fun can make us feel good. Real freedom begins from Positive Thinking.



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Name:Qualification:Age:- yrs Profession:Gender (Tick):- M / F Place:-

Read each statement below very carefully, then mention 'A' in columns (at right side) if you 'Agree' with it, 'D' if you 'Disagree' with it and 'NC' if you have 'No Comments' to make on it.  Sl. Question A D NC No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Are you practicing Rajyoga? Are you experiencing benefits from Rajyoga? Before Practice of Rajyoga your thinking was negative? After practicing Rajyoga Do you have more Positive thinking? Does your Positive Thinking has changed your words and actions? Does Rajyoga enhances Self Esteem? After practicing Rajyoga do you feel your self esteem has increased? Does Rajyoga empowers your brain? Through Rajyoga do you experience powers from Supreme God  Father?

10 To protect Positive Thoughts Spiritual Powers are Needed? 11 Do you most of the time feel Positive thought pattern? 12 Do you like Positive Thinking? 13 Do you feel control over your mind? 14 Do you feel change in your Sanskaras after Practice of Rajyoga ?

 Professional  and Relationship Success?  Do you accept by raising Self Esteem. new things in life becomes  possible?  Do you accept Self‐confidence & Self‐appreciation raises Self  Esteem?  By practicing rajyoga does it helped you to develop Positive Thinking  and Self Esteem improved in your life ?  23 24 25     .  97 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Can we change the atmosphere around us through Positive Thinking? Does Positive Thinking improves our mind Stability? Do you accept Positive Thinking maintains good relations? Do you think Self Esteem is Self Regard? Do you think that accepting the Self as the Soul increases the Self  Esteem?  Do you think that Soul’s Self Esteem is Purity & Peace? Do you accept God is Your True Well Wisher? Do you accept Self Esteem is invisible key to Personal.