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Lightning Protection in India

By Isha Parmar Project Executive, Philanthrope New Delhi, India

Training for Safety

Lightning Protection in India
1 2 3 4 Basic Concepts of Lightning Phenomenon Lightning Threats Essentials of Lightning Protection Safety Measures

Training for Safety

To recommend certain safety measures that should be taken to minimize lightning hazards. Philanthrope www.Lightning Protection in India Aim Aim of this presentation is to bring out the basic concepts of lightning .themegallery. the lightning threats and essentials of lightning protection.

watches. If you touch them. attract lightning If trapped outside and lightning is about to strike. If you are in a house. Structures with metal. If outside in a thunderstorm.Top-10 Myths of Lightning Safety TopLightning never strikes the same place twice If it’s not raining. you are safe from lightning When playing sports and thunderstorms threaten. it’s okay to finish the game before seeking shelter. etc. backpacks. lie flat on the ground Go near a tall pointy isolated object when thunderstorms threaten. glasses. or if clouds aren’t overhead. go under a tree to stay dry. you are safe from lightning Rubber tires protect you from lightning in a car by insulating you from the ground A lightning victim is electrified.). or metal on the body (jewellery. you’ll be electrocuted. to be within the 45°“cone of protection” Philanthrope Training for Safety .

PARTPART-1 Basic Concept of Lightning Phenomenon Philanthrope .

Types of Strikes and Lightning Different Types of Strikes: Strikes: Cloud to Ground Ground to Cloud Cloud to Cloud Types of Lightning Normal lightning Sheet lightning Heat lightning Ball lightning Red sprite Blue jet Philanthrope .

Colours of Lightning Red Orange Yellow What does it Mean White Blue Philanthrope .

Yellow or orange lightning occurs when there is a large concentration of dust in the air. Philanthrope . Red lightning within a cloud indicates the presence of rain. White lightning is a sign of low humidity.Colours of Lightning Blue lightning within a cloud indicates the presence of hail. White is the colour of lightning that most often ignites forest fires.

Lightning Hazards Philanthrope .

explosion.Direct Effects Physical damage (fire. mechanical destruction) Injuries/ death to living being Philanthrope .

Damage (loss of equipment) Philanthrope .Indirect Effects Surges or transit over voltage Problem caused by it: 1.Degradation (life span) 3.Disruption of data 2.

What is Lightning Protection? Provides a means by which electric discharge may enter or leave earth without passing through and damaging nonconducting parts of a structure Does not prevent lightning from striking It provides a means for controlling and preventing damage by providing a low resistance path for the discharge of lightning energy. Philanthrope .

com .themegallery.Monsoon Map of India Philanthrope www.

themegallery.City Delhi Mumbai Kerala Chennai Ahemdabad ATD 30 18 70 47 11 Philanthrope .

Kerala Philanthrope .Case Study.themegallery.

Lightning in Kerala Spatial distribution of lightning in Kerala between 1986 and .themegallery. Philanthrope www.

Lightning death.themegallery. injury Death Injuries Events 71 112 188 (Average/ year) Philanthrope .

Economic losses Year 12/04/ .04/04/02 30/09/02.47.themegallery.18/11/02 Repair and Replacement (in Rs) 13.65.706 Subscriber affected 1308 4323 Philanthrope www.237 4.

8 million ) Lack of awareness Accident by Ground conduction which is a special feature of Kerala Philanthrope www. Population density and vegetation .Driving Force Western Ghat influencing Cumulonimbus Cloud (Cb) formation. (Population = 31.themegallery.

com .themegallery.Philanthrope www.

Protection Against Lightning in INDIA The protection and safety against lightning can be achieved in two ways Protection through Scientific and technical Methods Mitigation through safety measures Philanthrope .

Protection through Scientific and technical Methods 1. Air Termination NetworkIt includes: Traditional Air Terminal ESE lightning arrestor/ Air Terminal 2. Protective Angle 3. Faraday Cage Method Philanthrope .

professionals (architects. house financing institutions) and NGOs and voluntary organizations. insurance. school education.Mitigation through safety measures Creating Awareness among masses for risk reduction is needed amongst policy makers. engineers and others at various levels) financial institutions (banks. Creating awareness amongst masses. decision makers. street play etc Capacity building at local and regional levels. administrators. using media. Philanthrope .

Philanthrope .Medical Recommendations Timely medical treatment required. the rescuer should continue ventilation with rescue breathing. Those in cardiac or respiratory arrest should receive the greatest efforts. dilated pupils should not be used to establish death. put a protective layer between the victim and the ground to decrease hypothermia. Anyone who has signs of life is highly likely to survive. If the pulse returns. Individuals struck by lightning do not carry a charge. follow advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) In cold and wet situations. If victim is not breathing. Fixed. has no pulse.

Prompt CPR may prevent secondary hypoxia. Artificial Respiration (AR) . Most victims survive if they receive prompt CPR.Post CPR Artificial respiration may be needed for good outcome.Basic survival techniques Cardiac pulmonary respiration (CPR) .The main cause of death is cardiopulmonary arrest. Philanthrope . brain damage and death.

There is The Need For Inculcating: Culture of Preparedness Culture of Quick Response Culture of Emphatic Thinking Culture of Prevention Philanthrope .

Creating Awareness Policy formulation Protection of Power Systems and Communication Networks and Army base. .themegallery. 3. 2. Data Gaps Absence of concerned authority.Recommendation 1. Philanthrope www. Protection of National Heritage Sites . 4. 5.

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