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How To Deal With Winter Depression And Schizophrenia?
Ne w De lhi : Ind ia | Mar 14, 20 13 at 4:31 AM PDT BY



1 0 VIEWS: 4

It is quite surprising that some health disorders are a mystery to scientists who study about these. Similar is the case with those seasonal blues that many people experience in the late autumn. What are the common signs and symptoms of winter depression? There are a variety of factors involved for the occurrence of such condition like ions in the environment, chemical changes in the brain and genetic factors. This can be categorized under a common term called seasonal affective disorder, i.e., SAD, a quite common term.

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The changes in the season are main culprits behind the caused illness. It can also be said that more number of holidays that people take during winters, is also one of the factors that add on to this issue. It is seen majorly in adult women, although can occur to any individual, irrespective of the sex. The various symptoms associated can be discussed as: • Sleeping for more hours than usual • Weight gain • Cravings for sugar, alcohol and starchy foods • Irritability • Heavy arms and legs • Conflicts with other • Disturbed behavior in kids What are the main causes of this health condition? • The chemical changes in the brain that are caused by varying amounts of sunlight may be involved. People who live in dark and cloudy areas are susceptible to such changes. • The tendency to acquire SAD is also due to the genes that run in families. • Low levels of Vitamin D have been associated with the mood disorders that occur in winter depression. Apart from such seasonal mental issues, there are some other conditions also that can be linked to the impaired emotions, behavior and thinking. Schizophrenia is referred to a psychotic disturbance in which patients may have some enhanced perceptions of colors and sounds. The course of this health issue can be classified as three different phases, acute, stabilization and maintenance phase. What are the various types in existence? • Paranoid- One can see this as the combination of false beliefs or delusions. • Disorganized- A jumbled thinking, speech or behavior coupled with some emotional responses can come under this section. • Catatonic- This can be characterized by the disturbed movements like agitation, rigidity, bizarre posture, etc. • Undifferentiated- The patients that don’t meet the criteria of the above mentioned types come under this classification. • Residual- People who have experienced the symptoms at least once, but currently don’t possess any positive psychotic signs have got such condition.

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Ne w Sun at t he Cat ho lic He ave n

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What are the symptoms of undif f erent iat ed schizophrenia? • Delusions- These belief can’t be a part of reality. Despite of the absence of all proofs, the person strongly believes such thinking. • Hallucinations- When people see or hear things that are non-existing, they suffer from these things. • Disorganized speech- You might have seen people who can’t stay on a particular topic. They are targeted by this type. • Extremely disorganized behavior- Some overly excited state can make a person do something strange. Can winter blues and schizophrenia be diagnosed? To get the diagnosis of undifferentiated schizophrenia, a doctor needs to make an observation to the outward observable aspects. As far as wint er depression is concerned, it can be only examined through the close assessment of signs. Medical history is the only factor that can prove helpful in this respect. For more information visit here. Alberd453 is based in New Delhi, Delhi, India, and is a Newbie for Allvoices.
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Is t he p o p e st o ry too good to be t rue ?

D ue ling b ud g e t s: C an yo u he ar t he b anjo s f e ud ing ag ain?

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