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R EINSTA L L IO NC H E C K S : A c T 5 d iff (O V ) P AT

Befo you install any of the AC•T 5diff instruments, verify the following conditions are met. re

E n viro n m en t
The AC•T 5diff instrument should be operated in an indoor location only. A ltitudeR an ge The AC•T 5diff instrument can be operated at any altitude up to 3,000 m (9,843 ft). Operation at an altitude over 3,000 m (9,843 ft) is not recommended. A m bent Tem pe ture i ra The ambient operating temperatu re is 16 to 34°C (61 to 93°F). If the AC•T 5diff instrument is kept at a temperatu re less than 10°C (50°F), the Analyzer should be allowed to set at a proper room temperature for one hour before use.

S p acean d Acc essib ility Requirem ents V Instrum ent] [O

WARNIN G R isk of operatorinjury if only one person lifts the A naly er. T he A nalyzer z weighsmore than 18 kg (40 lbs.) and has no lifting handles.To preventinjury, at leasttwo peoplefollowingnecessay safety r precauti shouldlift the analyzer ons together.

The Analyzer should be placed on a clean and level table. Note that the Analyzer, Printer, and reagents weigh about 37 kg (81 lbs). The diluent container may be placed on the same level as the Analyzer or below. If placed on the floor, the top of the diluent container cannot be lower than 80 cm (31.5 in.) from the table level of the Analyzer and the diluent and waste tubes are limited in length to a maximum of 2 m (78 in.). Check the site for proper space allocation (Figure 3.1-1).
Figure 3.1-1 S pace Requirements [O V Ins trument]
18.0 k g (40.0 lb.)

58.0 cm (23.0 in.) 80.0 cm (< 31.5 in.)

44.4 cm (17.5 in.)

50.1 cm (19.8 in.)

20.0 cm (8.0 in.)

Electrical equirem ents R
ElectricalIn put
IMPORTA NT R isk of erroneous results.If an extensioncord is used,electricalinterference could affectthe A nalyzer operationand results.Locatethe A nalyzer ’s close enoughto a poweroutlet that an extensioncord is not necessary.

Check for the availability of a power connector. Make sure the Analyzer is close enough to a power outlet that the ac power cord safely reaches it. The ac power cord is 1.8 m (6 ft) long and is attached to the back of the Analyzer, in the lower right corner. P ow erRequirem e nts Verify the wall socket is an outlet capable of supplying 100 Vac to 240 Vac, from 50 Hz to 60 Hz. G ro undin g Proper grounding is required. Verify the ground (earth) for the wall plug is correctly connected to the laboratory grounding electricity installation. If there is no ground, use a ground stake. Current electricity standards must be applied. In stallationC ateg ry o The Analyzer is designed to be safe for transient voltages according to Installation Category II and Pollution Degree 2.

E lectrom agneticn viro n m e n th e c k E C
The Analyzer produces less than the acceptable level of electromagnetic interference when properly placed. Electromagnetic interferences are limited to levels that allow the correct operation of other analyzers conforming to their placement. To avoid problems, make sure the Analyzer is not placed near electromagnetic fields or shortwave emissions (such as radar, X-ray machines, scanners, and so forth).

SrNo Description 1 Altitude range

Actual Up to 3000 meter 16- 34 C Width 2ft Depth 2ft Height 3ft (Includes ventilation)

Checked Sign/date

Verified Sign/date

2 3

Ambient Temp. Minimum Required Space and accessibility