How The New Pope is Selected…

Selecting a New Pope

What is a Conclave?

The election of a pope takes place at a meeting of the ________ of __________ called a Conclave. The name “Conclave” comes from the Latin cum clavis which means “______ __ ______.” The conclave is held within ________ City, behind the locked doors of the ________ ________. Only the cardinals are allowed to be present after the Master of Papal Ceremonies speaks the phrase “_______ _______” which means “__________ _____!”
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Which Cardinals


In 1996, Pope ___________________ issued Universi Dominici Gregis, a constitution on papal elections that limited the number of electors to ________ cardinals. While there are currently ________ cardinals, only cardinals under the age of ________ when the Sede Vacante period begins are eligible to enter the conclave and vote for the next pope. The number of cardinals expected to vote —the current cardinal electors— is _________________.

Voting Procedures

All of the cardinals participating in the conclave take an _______ of _________. If anyone breaks the oath in any way, he is automatically ________________ from the Church. Any _______ male ________ can be elected pope, but current church law says he must become a ________ before taking office; since the 15th century, the electors have always have chosen a fellow _______. The Cardinals vote on a piece of paper for who they want to be the next pope to be. The votes will be counted and for someone to be elected they will have to have ______________ of the votes. Two ballots are taken every morning and evening until a selection is made.
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Black or White Smoke?

After a ballot has been taken, if the required two-thirds majority is not obtained, all the ballots are burned immediately in a stove whose chimney extends from the Sistine Chapel. Straw or a chemical that causes thick ________ ________ is added. This is a signal that the ballot did not result in a newly- elected pope. If a candidate has been elected by a two-thirds majority, the ballots are burned without the addition of straw or chemicals. The ________ ________ notifies the eager public that they have a new Holy Father.
Habemus PapAm!

Once a Pope has been elected he is asked by the head Cardinal if he accepts. He then chooses as his Papal ______. If the man elected is already a ________, upon acceptance he immediately becomes Bishop of ______ and Pope. If not, he is ordained one on the spot. The new Pope makes his way to the “_______ ___ _______” to change into Papal ____________. From the balcony of St. Peter’s the new Pope is introduced to the world “___________ ___________!" which means “We have a Pope!” He delivers a quick speech, and then gives his first very first blessing ___________ ____ _________ “to the city (of Rome) and to the world.”
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Answer  Key:   What  Is  A  Conclave?    -­‐  College,  Cardinals,  with  a  key,  Vatican,  Sistine  Chapel,  Extra  Omnes,   Everybody  Out   Which  Cardinals  Are  Included?  -­‐    John  Paul  II,  120,  208,  80,  115   Voting  Procedures  –  oath,  secrecy,  excommunicated,  baptized,  Catholic,  bishop,  cardinal,   two-­‐thirds   Black  or  White  Smoke?  –  black  smoke,  white  smoke   Habemus  Papam!  -­‐    name,    Bishop,    Rome,  room  of  tears,  vestments,  Habemus  Papam,   Urbi  et  Orbi    


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