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Merrylands High School Science Faculty 2014 Stage 5 (Year 9) Assessment The Search for Better Health

How can we make the MHS community healthier?

Young Australians today are facing many health issues such as obesity, drug use and Type 2 diabetes. The Merrylands High School community also face health issues. As a young scientist, you can make a difference to the health of our school community. What are the health issues facing Merrylands High School students and staff? What can YOU do about it? In this assessment task, you will be creating a public health campaign for the school community. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of the health issue and change peoples behaviour and habits. To help you create a successful campaign, this assessment task is divided into 4 parts: Part 1 - Finding out the health issues concerning MHS In Part 1, you will create a survey to find out a health issue of concern at MHS. Some examples include smoking, drug use, drinking energy drinks, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Part 2 - Evaluating an existing public health campaign In order to make sure your campaign is successful, you need to find out what others have done to make their campaigns successful. In Part 2, you will evaluate what makes an effective public health campaign by looking at others health campaigns including Slip Slop Slap, Crunch and Sip and smoking commercials. Part 3 - Campaign proposal In Part 3, you will write a campaign proposal which describes what you plan to do for your health campaign. Part 4 - The campaign In Part 4, you will create and implement the campaign.