Spring 2009

Gifted & Talented Update Spring Term 2009
erm, all year groups were involved in ENTERPRISE activities.

STEM TOYOTA CHALLENGE Students were given an YEAR 8 9 had a to their opportunity drugs YEAR completed manufacture their own solar powered vehicle for a national competition make project, design and hosted awareness activity which had been spread supported by outside by Rapid Electronics. They researched different mechanisms and usedagencies the laser over 3 half day periods of cutter to produce the bodywork. time; working in small
industries or product and made a participated ELECTRONICS Students are given an opportunity to use a new range of with in activities delivered by the winning team from integrated circuits called PIC chips, which are programmed fromtheform group going a computer. each Armed Forces. forward to the grand final This allows pupils to reach the top GCSE grades. They canYEAR 11produce final even did their (April 20 ) whichthe preparation for was circuits playing down-loaded theme tunes. judged by 10 visitors into

YEAR pupils designed groups,10 visited local

YEAR 11 visited PA News in Howden and worked hard to produce a Newspaper all about The Snaith School. 2,500 copies of the completed newspaper were distributed throughout the community. ENTERPRISE WEEK Top English sets had a session with a journalist looking at the ‘Language of Media’ and discussing career paths in the media.

qualification of “Certificate school, for Working in Preparation from Life”, worth 1/2 GCSE at YOUNG ENTERPRISE, level 1 or 2. Last year we LOCAL BUSINESS and had COMMERCE and at a 90% success rate level 2 HULL UNIVERSITY STAFF AND STUDENTS. Parents of successful teams were also present. The overall winners will go on to the area competition at Hull University Business School.


T h e S n a it h S c h o ol

Year 11 pupils with their copies of the school newspaper

YEAR 11 UK Mathematics Trust Lawns in Cottingham. Nik Moore, Thornton took part.

It’s a competition for Years 11, 12 entered had pupils a lot older in their teams.

cessful. As well as encouraging future Entrepreneurs, we also anticipate an increase in our Our Business numbers studying Senior Team Challenge was held at day for The awareness related Business Danny Bates, Ewan McNeil and focused on YEAR 9 Adrian subjects at KS4. Entrepreneurship. The day was supported by & 13 so most of the other schools company; an outside who YOUNG BIZ

Thirteen schools took part in four rounds - some in pairs, sameand proved and very individual to be th some in teams. The Snaith School came 4 overall (more importantly we were 1st in the schools taking part that only had up to Year 11 pupils). Nik Moore recently sat the Maths Olympiad paper. Entry to this paper is by invitation only (as Nik had attended Summer School last year).

YEAR 9 Proposed WWI Battlefields trip to Belgium in December 2009. We are taking 44 pupils on a tour of WWI Battlefields in Ypres. The trip will be run in conjunction with the English Department. Pupils will experience the living conditions in the trenches and the destruction power, waste and futility of war. They will relate to history and reflect on past times events through visits to war museums and memorial parks.

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The Menin Gate, Ypres

YEAR 7 Pupils have started cross-curricular thinking skills group work recently. Check website for photos coming soon. YEAR 10 Pupils took part in an ACE day enrichment visit to York Minster where they learnt about the history of the Minster.

YEAR 10 Café Science – Mary Arber Pam Junior Café Science visited during Business and Enterprise week to give pupils information on how to start their own Science debating group. The first meeting is due to start soon. New recruits needed for STEM club – to be launched to Year 7 at the new time of Wednesday lunchtime. All year groups visited Brainiac Live in Hull on 12 February 2009.

YEARS 7 – 9 Drama Club meetings are held every Thursday lunchtime. Improvisations have been created and discussion of next term’s performance which will be “Bugsy Malone”. Reading through and preparation for auditions are underway. YEARS 10 & 11 In November GCSE pupils went to York Theatre Royal to see ‘Death of a Salesman’.

YEAR 8 William Wilberforce Museum – understanding slavery. 35 students attended a ‘handson’ session focusing on the role of William Wilberforce in history, his life, his motivations for becoming involved in the Abolitions of the British Slave Trade and his work.

ALL YEARS Pupils were selected from the school after taking part in the School’s Cross Country Race. They went to Central Park, Scunthorpe.

The School Cross Country Team

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