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Multiple Perspectives on Meaningful Coincidence

Ed: Lance Storm
ISBN 978-88-95604-02-2 210 x 150 mm ~ 352 pp ~ £13.99 pb

 Connecting the meanings of our inner life to the outer world.
Synchronicities or “meaningful coincidences” represent one of Carl Jung’s most exciting, controversial and far-reaching ideas. When our inner world of dreams and fantasies suddenly connect to events in the outer world it can herald a major turning point in our lives. The book brings together the key articles on synchronicity written by leaders in the field of parapsychology and Jungian psychology, as well as new chapters specially produced for this volume. Synchronicity will be an invaluable reference for all those interested in Jungian ideas, parapsychology, the limits to consciousness and the mysterious nature of our inner worlds. The book explores the nature of synchronicities from a wide variety of perspectives including science, religion, extra-sensory perception and psychokinesis. It investigates the role of the archetypes, the limits to scientific causality and the way in which synchronicities can open a door into the numinous and speak to the unification of humanity and the world. Synchronicity also reveals how we have forgotten our interconnectedness to the cosmos at the expense of our desire for limited and reductionist explanations. Contributions by psychologists, parapsychologists, psychiatrists, physicists, philosophers and information theorists including Victor Mansfield, Joseph Cambray, John Beloff, F. David Peat, Marialuisa Donati, Lila L. Gatlin, Roderick Main, Shantena Sabbadini. This collection includes: · Wolfgang Pauli and Carl JungDivine contenders · Religion, science and synchronicity · Synchronicity, and the I Ching · The limits to causality · Psi and parapsychology · Archetypes and meaning · Virtual realities and the Self

Lance Storm, Ph.D., is Research Fellow in psychology at the University of Adelaide, Australia. He has published dozens of articles in prestigious journals such as Psychological Bulletin, the Journal of Parapsychology, Journal of Scientific Exploration and the Jungian journal Quadrant. His books include The Survival of Human Consciousness, Parapsychology in the Twenty-First Century and The Enigma of Numbers.

Psychology/Parapsychology/New Age

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