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Nechells Neighbourhood Tasking Group 19 February 2013 at 1400 hours Carol Gethin House, Arthur Street, Small Heath West Midlands Police Sgt Dave Bates – in the Chair (DB) ASgt Kirsty Pattinson – Digbeth (KP) PC Gemma Currie –Small Heath (GC) Birmingham City Council Alex Warsama –LHM – (AW) Kay Thomas (KT)

West Midlands Fire Service Paul Johnson (PJ) Mark Crooke (MC) – Friends of Sara Park John Gordon (JG) – Digbeth Residents Assoc Emma Gardner (EG) – St Basils Kalsoom Zubedah Khan, Noran Flyn, Pam Pinski, John Street, Ayesha Choudhury, Gail Chamberlain, Val Woodward, Margaret Morcom, Eddie Howard, Inspector Dutton. Action WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS Introductions were made and the Chair welcomed all to the meeting.


Agenda Item 1.


NOTES OF LAST MEETING The notes of the previous meeting were agreed. MC said that he had requested an update from the public meeting held in December. He also added that he had questioned the effectiveness of the tiered system. Any issues arising from the notes would be picked up during the meeting.



West Midlands Fire Service PJ reported a significant reduction in accidental dwelling fires and injuries as a result were at zero level. However figures for arson fires in dwellings were not as satisfactory and work was being undertaken in this field. An update would be available for the next meeting. The Chair said that any arson fires to endanger life were flagged up at SEG and a way was needed to link into that information. There had been 15 arson fires (3 x the trend) in domestic premises and accidental fires were at an expected level. Considerable preventative work had been undertaken with the use of a new vehicle and crew working around non domestic premises and the trend had improved from 6 fires down to 2. Intervention work had also been done around arson vehicle fires to reduce the three year trend.



With regard to arson rubbish fires the 3 year average was down from 69 to 50. Rubbish referrals for the Coventry Road had been submitted and had some effect. Links with the housing officers would be pursued as discussed at the last meeting. Home fire safety checks would continue and bike crews had been out identifying derelict buildings that required securing but none had been identified this month. JG said that joint preventative working around Digbeth had in the past been very successful when looking at void properties and he queried the procedure for reporting such properties. PJ said that said that information could be passed directly to him but that referral forms assisted the Council in finding the owners of empty properties. KT to ascertain the appropriate officer to contact.


West Midlands Police The Chair provided a hand out relating to police performance from 15 January to 19 February and details of victims of crime. The year on year figures relating to recorded crime were reduced. MC thanked the Chair for the information as requested but said that crimes such as shop lifting, criminal damage, assault etc were not covered. The Group was advised that the figures related to the most serious crimes and the impact on the victim. JG said that the figures showed improvements and gave reassurance but asked that figures for violent/ non-violent crimes be provided and if possible average figures across the City so that Nechells could be compared. The Chair said that he could provide figures that compared the Ward to the rest of the LPU. In response to further discussion the Chair also undertook to provide information from the Feeling the Difference survey used by WMP.



Nechells a) Updates
Boy Racers – Update to be provided at next meeting, discussion ongoing regarding future options. The racing had reduced since measures introduced and prosecutions were still being made. The situation would continue to be monitored.



Nechells Parkway, children throwing stones at vehicles – work was progressing with the families of those identified and referrals had been made to Free@Last. Referral to the Aurora Project run by West Midlands Fire Service was being investigated and anti social behaviour contracts had been issued. Further update to the next meeting. MC asked for some data relating to the Aurora Project so that if considered successful support could be given for use of the project in the Nechells area. PJ undertook to investigate and update at the next meeting. Robberies – Heartlands School There had been two arrests but as the offenders had not been identified there had been no prosecution. The Police were however liaising with housing officers as one of the offenders had been carrying a weapon. b) New Issues


Burglaries – Following an increase in burglaries on the Nechells/Aston boarder patrols had been increased and flyers and home safety advice provided. There had been a similar increase in car crime so additional patrols were working in this connection. Anti Social Behaviour – Nechells Park Road – patrols had been increased in the area as a result of increased reports of asb. A walk about would be undertaken in the area during the month. Walk Abouts – AW referred to the District Conference and said that he was organising a coach trip with Councillors, Senior Officers etc to identify hot spots in March. It was agreed to organise two such trips a year to involve residents, police, housing, senior managers and those who can provide a solution. Hot spot areas for anti social behaviour, crime, the environment and identify areas from across the 3 neighbourhoods would be identified and prioritised. MC suggested that Hafton Grove be part of the coach trip.



SMALL HEATH a) Action Updates Environmental Issues Chair to request update from RD for next meeting. Group of Youths, Bordesley Green – Criminal Damage There had been no further issues but it was agreed to keep on the agenda and update at the next meeting. Talfourd Street, including Hafton Grove – The Chair said that there had been a walk about and a community litter pick with volunteers from Tilton Road Mosque. ASB had reduced and there had been a meeting with the owner of the Cosmos Club. The dome hawk camera had been redeployed to cover the entrance of Talfourd Street. It was agreed to retain for an update at the next meeting.



DB 3

Business robberies Coventry Road - the Chair said that businesses had been signed up to Business Watch and Birmingham East was deploying 4 dome hawk cameras and signs would be erected. b) New Issues

Pritchett Tower – MC reported rough sleepers sleeping on the rear stairs to the block and requested police patrols to assist. The caretaker had also found drugs and rubbish. The Chair undertook to alert the neighbourhood team. Environmental Issues – MC reported the poor state of the environment around the Coventry Road area with fly tipping, missed collections and a lack of street cleaning. AW asked that the issues be reported to the Council as soon as they arose. MC said that residents did report problems but no action was taken. It was agreed to request an update for the next meeting. 6. DIGBETH/ HIGHGATE a) Action Updates



Horton Square – KP said that the neighbourhood team was focusing on Horton Square as a priority and would be in the area on Friday dealing with parking and would update at the next meeting. Shawbury Grove – The situation would continue to be monitored although no further issues had occurred. Update to next meeting Burglary Reassurance JG undertook to assist with the leaflet drop on behalf of Digbeth Residents Association. St Patrick’s Day Update The Chair reported that last years issue with the Parade had resulted from the number of people drinking on the street after the parade had finished and then issues with dispersal. There had been no real policing problems but the number of people had lead to health and safety issues. Therefore for this years Parade staffing numbers had been increased and all leave cancelled. The event would be managed from the Control Suite at Tally Ho. The police were working with licensees and security companies and a voluntary door closure would be imposed between 46pm during which time the streets could be cleaned. b) New Issues




No new issues were identified. COMMUNITY PRIORITES The following priorities were agreed;  Boy Racers (Nechells)  Environmental Issues (Small Heath)  Illegal Parking around Horton Square (Highgate)



OTHER URGENT BUSINESS a) Community First Open Day – MC advised on the event. b) Regent Park Cultural Day – MC thanked the police for their handling of the event and that there had been no incidents. c) Crime Prevention Day for the Elderly – Trip to Stratford d) Football Coaching for 10-18 year olds every Saturday to June at St Albans School


DATE OF NEXT MEETING It was agreed to hold the next meeting on 19 March 2013 at 2pm. Venue to be confirmed.

Meeting ended 3.40pm


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