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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Gratitude . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Respecting Beer, Respecting Youth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Oregon Brewers Festival Supports Diversity & Inclusion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Blogging Beer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Obscure Goes Mainstream with the Collaborator Project . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Festival Restaurants & Vendors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Do You Know Bob Farrell? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Entertainment Line-Up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Broadly Defined Beer Styles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Get Schooled in the World of Beer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 The Buzz Beer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Beers By Style . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Brewery Features Key & Beer Color Key . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Breweries and Their Brews . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Beer-O-Meter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69

Welcome to the 21st AnnuAl

oregon BreWers FestivAl!

the good old Days Are Back Again
The Roaring Twenties: The phrase evokes colorful images of an era of flappers, jazz clubs and art deco . But one of the darker aspects looming throughout that decade was the 18th Amendment, better known as Prohibition, which made illegal the manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages . It wasn’t until Dec . 5, 1933, that the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified, officially repealing the 18th Amendment . President Roosevelt signed the proclamation ending Prohibition on December 5, 1933 at 7 pm EST (4 pm PST) . Millions of gallons of beer began to flow as society celebrated the end of more than a decade of repression . As the Oregon Brewers Festival (OBF) turns 21 this year, the event fondly toasts to the history of the 21st Amendment, and encourages all attendees to raise their mugs each day at 4 pm and do the same . The OBF is one of the nation’s longest-running and most prestigious craft beer festivals . Situated on the west bank of the Willamette River, with towering Mt . Hood as a backdrop, it is the premier venue for anyone who loves craft beer . With a laid back attitude and scores of award-winning beers, the OBF captures the essence of Portland, and is the keystone event of Oregon Craft Beer Month . The OBF exists to provide an opportunity to sample and learn about a variety of craft beer styles from across the country . Styles range from ambers, Belgians, reds, pilsners and bocks to browns, pales, porters, stouts and wheat beers . This year’s lineup offers a superior balance of styles, with something for just about every taste . Nearly one-third of the breweries showcased at this year’s event were medal winners at the 2007 Great American Beer Festival . The festival’s focus is craft beer, but there’s more than sampling involved . Attendees can enjoy an eclectic display of beer memorabilia, meet beer writers, sign up to become a SNOB, or learn how to homebrew with the Oregon Brew Crew . The Portland Tribune Stage showcases some of the best high-energy talent the Northwest has to offer (see a complete schedule inside) . There’s lots of delicious food, and a root beer garden where minors and designated drivers can enjoy complimentary cups of Crater Lake handcrafted soda . After all these years, we’ve finally come “of age .” Thanks to all of you for helping us celebrate the 21st annual Oregon Brewers Festival . Cheers!


the governor’s Proclamation

the mayor’s Proclamation


We’d like to share our appreciation of the many people who work to make this event happen:
grand marshal Portland Mayor Tom Potter site managers Art Larrance, Teddy Peetz Assistant site managers Mike Akin, Bob Gale Beer engineers Mel Ancheta, Andy Andrews, Bryan Buckwalter, Dave Farah, Pat Herbert, Steve Katrina, Joe Keller, Les Kellum, and Teddy Peetz event services Production manager “Carpenter Carl” Hansen Bar supervisor Preston Weesner volunteer coordinator Chris Irwin Program Chris Crabb, Writer Gary Corbin, Beer Descriptions Mark Reber, Program Publisher Holly O’Leary, Program Art Director Brian Gurney, Festival Artwork oBF Web site David Parker, Webmaster Widmer Brothers Brewing co. Kurt Widmer, Rob Widmer, Nancy Deibert, David Volke, Mindy Green, Trent Tokos & the Brewers oregon Brew crew President Jeremie Landers, Festival Coordinator Abe Goldman-Armstrong, Noel Blake, and all the faithful Oregon Brew Crew supervisors and volunteers oregon hop growers Association Michelle Palacios, for the generous donation of beautiful hops from the Willamette Valley in Kind/sponsors Crater Lake Soda Company, Draft Magazine, KXL, Oregon Live, Oregon Lottery, Portland Tribune, Sierra Springs Water And… Brian Butenschoen, Ron Gansberg, Curt Governeur, Jessica La Brie, Alissa Larrance, Mary Zelda McCarthy, RJ Moore, Yarley Nystrom, Jim Pitkin, Paula Pitkin, Gary Schartz, Eric Schiewe, Leeann Stewart, Kate Stigdon, Alex Tyler, Andrea Tyler, Oregon Brewers Guild, PGE Park, Portland International Raceway, Portland Parks & Recreation, Rogue Ales, all of the media outlets who cover this event, our Beer Ambassadors, and all of our restaurants, vendors, brewers, musicians, and volunteers who return year after year with great enthusiasm!


respecting Beer, respecting Youth
Here at the Oregon Brewers Festival, we love beer . We also respect beer . The OBF promotes responsible drinking, and as a result, we have responsible attendees who come together to celebrate our local culture . This is why we have a long-standing history of being a family-friendly event . We will always strive to allow minors into our event when accompanied by a parent . We also believe in educating minors and parents about the potential dangers of underage drinking . As such, we are pleased to have with us members of the Wallowa Valley Together Project, including high-school students of TADA (Teens Against Drugs & Alcohol), promoting their “0b421” campaign . Located in the tiny town of Enterprise, Oregon, the Wallowa Valley Together Project exists to support efforts that promote healthy communities . Its purpose is to provide citizens with the necessary tools to create lasting, effective change within families, schools, neighborhoods, and communities . Needing to find a way to provide information and increase awareness locally to multiple target populations about the potential dangers, risks, and unhealthy community norms associated with underage drinking, WVTP developed the “none before 21” campaign . Local high school and elementary students helped with designing a single logo that would quickly communicate the message, look appealing, and be applicable to all audiences . Under the direction of Andrea Tyler, the campaign has been hugely successful, and has spawned an online store carrying a complete line of “0b421” items, from mouse pads to java jackets and car magnets to dog tags . “We are confident that together we can make tremendous strides in reducing underage drinking and the damage it causes youth, families, schools, and communities,” says Tyler . You can learn more about the WVTP and view some of its cool “0b421” items at the Root Beer Garden in the North end of the park . For more information, visit www .wvtp .org .


oregon Brewers Festival supports Diversity & inclusion
Each year, the Oregon Brewers Festival selects a deserving organization for which to make a contribution . This year, the Festival is pleased to pledge a donation of $10,000 to the Oregon Business Leadership Network (OBLN), a Portland-based organization that works to teach diversity and inclusion . The OBLN is an employer-led organization that seeks to improve employment prospects and consumer choices for people with disabilities by raising employer awareness about the positive benefits to business for actively including qualified people with disabilities in the workforce and as consumers . Whether it be because of the shrinking size of traditional labor pools, the need to comply with legislation, the recognition of the importance of minority customer bases, or the awareness that good talent comes in all kinds of different packages, most forward-thinking companies are investing in efforts to diversify their workforces - to find effective ways to include and accommodate people from non-traditional sources of talent . While women and visible minorities were some of the first groups to benefit from these more inclusionary hiring practices, many other groups, including people with disabilities, are adding new colors to the diversity spectrum . The OBLN provides Oregon businesses with networking opportunities, education, and resources to effectively increase understanding and awareness of disability issues in the workplace . The organization offers workshops, trainings, tools and resources to make it easier for employers to support current employees with disabilities as well as those who become diagnosed with a disability during their working years . The OBLN can also help recruit qualified candidates with disabilities and provide a comfortable and supportive workplace for everyone . To learn more about the OBLN, call 503-281-1424 or visit http://www.obln.org/ .



Blogging Beer
With so many craft breweries in the U .S ., tastings, brewer meetups, beer dinners and pairings can happen at the drop of a hop cone . Even the most diligent of beer aficionados can barely keep up . So how does a beer fan keep in the know? Enter the beer blog . Blogs can range from very personal diaries to community discourses and event announcements, depending on the subject matter and author . There are literally hundreds of blogs in the Internet with a focus on craft beer . The subject matter on these blogs can range from notations on new beer releases to what happened to the pub down the street . Most allow comments from readers so that lively discussion is encouraged, creating an environment in which new information spews forth more vociferously than an uncapped bottle of shaken beer – and all you need to access this community is a computer and the Internet . We couldn’t begin to list all of the beer blogs out there, but here is a sampler tray of some of our favorites: A good Beer Blog http://beerblog .genx40 .com/ Appellation Beer http://appellationbeer .com/blog/ A Pint of Knowledge http://apintofknowledge .wordpress .com/ Beaumont’s Beer Blog http://www .thatsthespirit .com/en/blog/ Beer 4 chicks http://www .beer4chicks .com/ the Beer geek http://www .thebeergeek .com/ the Beer here http://blog .oregonlive .com/thebeerhere/ Beervana http://beervana .blogspot .com/ Beer northwest http://beernorthwest .blogspot .com/ Beer retard http://beer-retard .livejournal .com/ Blog sober: the champagne of Blogs http://www .bsbrewing .com/blog/ the Brew site http://www .thebrewsite .com/

Brookston Beer Bulletin http://www .brookstonbeerbulletin .com/ BW Beer Blog http://bobwoodshed .org/beer/ Brew like A monk http://www .brewlikeamonk .com/ Dr. Wort’s Buzz-erk Beer Blog http://wortblog .blogspot .com/ hail the Ale http://www .hailtheale .com/ hop talk http://hop-talk .com/ oregon Brewers guild http://oregonbeer .org/blog/ oregon craft Beer http://oregoncraftbeer .com/ Pacific Brew news http://www .pacificbrewnews .blogspot .com/ Portland Beer Blog http://pdxbeer .blogspot .com/ Portland Beer http://www .portlandbeer .org/blog/index .html real Beer Blog http://www .realbeer .com/blog/ seen through a glass http://lewbryson .blogspot .com/ What’s on tap http://blog .seattlepi .nwsource .com/whatsontap/ An excellent option for keeping your pulse on Oregon’s beer scene is to listen to the Libation Station radio show every Saturday on KXL (AM 750) . Co-hosts Bruce “Mr . Barbecue” Bjorkman and Lisa “Beer Goddess” Morrison broadcast all the news that’s fit to drink from 3 to 4 pm; their podcast is available anytime . The Libation Station website also presents a detailed list of current events: http://www.kxl.com/KXltalkshows/libationstation/ tabid/85/Default.asp Can’t get your fill of beer blogs? Google offers a blog search at http://blogsearch.google.com/. Keep sampling until you find the ones that best suit your palate .

Love Beer?

Libation Station
with Lisa Morrison


Love Sports?

Live & Local

obscure goes mainstream with the collaborator Project
In 1997, a group of homebrewers was quaffing some beers with Rob Widmer at Widmer Bros . Brewing Co . in Portland . The discussion turned to beer styles that weren’t represented among the craft brewers in America . The brewers bemoaned the fact that they had to rely on European imports for esoteric styles . The Widmer brothers, Kurt and Rob – who both began their career as homebrewers – saw a unique opportunity . They went on to challenge the Oregon Brew Crew homebrewing club to hold an annual competition, in which the best of the club’s beers, regardless of style, would be brewed and served by Widmer Bros . Brewing . The concept was simple: The Oregon Brew Crew would supply the creativity, while Widmer would provide the industry expertise to take a homebrew recipe and make it in a commercial facility . The cooperative project became known as Collaborator . The first beer to be selected, a Milk Stout, was an appropriately collaborative effort by Ken Bietschek, Jeff Brinlee and Jeff Langleythat . Commercially brewed by Widmer, it was served in the summer of 1998 as the Collaborator Stout and was an instant success . Over the years, this Collaborator beer has been brewed more often than all of the subsequent Collaborator beers combined . Its popularity was further boosted when it became the American Homebrewing Association’s “Big Brew” recipe for National Homebrew Day in 1999 . In 2004, Widmer tweaked the original recipe and introduced the Collaborator Milk Stout as Snow Plow Stout, its annual winter seasonal . Snow Plow went on to win a gold medal at the 2002 and 2004 Great American Beer Festival . The Collaborator project has been going strong for a decade, producing such memorable products as Hallucinator, Pre-Prohibition Lager, Saison Cristophe, Zephyr Kölsch, Rawkin Bock, and Hopnosis . Collaborator beers are available at the Widmer Gasthaus and a handful of supporting pubs (with the exception of Snowplow, available in retail locations seasonally) . From every barrel of Collaborator beer sold, $1 is donated to the Bob McCracken Scholarship Fund, which supports students at the Oregon State University Fermentation Science program under the direction of Dr . Thomas Shellhammer . This scholarship was set up by the Oregon Brew Crew in memory of a past club president to ensure that future Oregon brewers get a thorough education . You are fortunate enough to be able to taste a Collaborator beer right here at the Oregon Brewers Festival (although be warned, it is usually one of the first beers to run out) . The 2008 Oregon Brewers Festival Collaborator beer is Resurrection Rye, a classic American pale ale that celebrates the communion of hops and rye . Created by Portland homebrewer Patrick Miller, Resurrection Rye features the distinct piney and spicy flavor of rye paired with big Northwest hops that quickly command your attention . This brew weighs in at 6 .6% abv, and with 80 bittering units, it’s not for the faint of palate . Resurrection Rye is located at the northernmost tap of trailer number four in the south end of the park . Get some while you can!


Festival restaurants
greek cusina 404 S .W . Washington St 503-224-2288 www .greekcusina .com Greek Cuisine horn of Africa 3939 N .E . MLK 503-331-9844 www .hornofafrica .net East African Cuisine madison’s grill 1109 S .E . Madison 503-230-2471 www .madisonsgrill .com Fish and Chips raccoon lodge & Brew Pub 7424 S .W . Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy 503-296-0110 www .raclodge .com Burgers, Sandwiches and Fries rheinlander & gustav’s 5035 N .E . Sandy Blvd 503-288-5503 www .gutenfoods .com German Cuisine rogue Ales Public house 1339 N .W . Flanders 503-222-5910 www .rogue .com Pizza truly med 503-227-0400 Seafood, Salads, Sandwiches, Curly Fries and Elephant Ears

Festival vendors
There’s more to do at the festival than just taste beer . Be sure to visit our vendors for a variety of beer related items and fun activities! Beer chips Potato chips made with beer! Need we say more? www .beerchips .com Don lewis Designs Beautiful hardwood drinking tankards, steins and mugs crafted by hand www .donlewisdesigns .com Fernhill glass One of a kind hand-blown glass artwork linda’s temporary tattoos What goes better with beer than a tattoo? Even better, you won’t regret these in the morning! lyfonda Farm Delicious flavored nuts, popcorns and beer bread www .pacificnwgourmetfoods .com Pge green mountain energy Promoting alternative energy sources www .greenmountainenergy .com/oregon/ oregon .shtml cascade cigar & tobacco Fine Cigars . Please note: smoking is highly discouraged in the tents www .cascadecigar .com crater lake soda co Truly gourmet sodas made in the Northwest . Free for minors and designated drivers, one token for everyone else . Children can have their faces painted Friday through Sunday from 1 to 5 pm . www .craterlakesoda .com


sierra springs Water Avoid dehydration at the festival and visit the Festival’s Water Sponsor, Sierra Springs Water . www .sierrasprings .com Portland international raceway When you need a break from the beer this weekend, take MAX Light Rail out to Portland International Raceway and take in the Mazda Grand Prix of Portland . Check out the Star Mazda Championship presented by Goodyear, plus the Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup, the Volkswagen Jetty TDI Cup, Formula Drift, Drag Racing, Driving Sports Time Attack, Motocross, and the Beaches Cruise In . Even better - PIR is the official off-site branch of the Oregon Brewers Festival, with a covered beer garden that promises great brews and premium views of the on-track action . Entry to the OBF beer garden at the racetrack is free with race admission . Show your OBF wristband to get $5 off the already cheap $15 admission . Oh, and did we mention the Playboy Bunnies that will be signing autographs at the PIR booth at the Festival? www .mazdagrandprix .com trident “strength in a smile… Pass it Along” tour The makers of Trident know a smile is powerful . Its Smile Movement hopes to create chains of good deeds as one simple

act leads to a smile, and another good deed . Stop by for a sample of gum and have your photo taken in the photo booths . www .strengthinasmile .com oregon lottery Oregon Lottery profits help fund Oregon’s public schools, state parks and salmon restoration projects . Lottery dollars have been directed to help where they are needed, when they are needed . Oregon Lottery: It Does Good Things . www .oregonlottery .com Portland tribune The Portland Tribune is proud to sponsor the Festival stage . Come by its booth and check out Portland’s daily online paper - and Thursday print edition - offering coverage of national and local news, sports, business, people and entertainment . www .portlandtribune .com Pat’s Acres racing complex Pats Acres Racing Complex in Canby, Oregon, is a full service kart racing complex . The track offers both the expert and first time racer a challenging paved circuit through a park-like setting with banked curves and high-speed straights . www .patsacres .com


Do You Know Bob Farrell?
Chances are you do if you've been to any beer festival in Portland . You probably saw him as he checked in as a volunteer at the Spring Beer & Wine Fest . You no doubt have purchased tokens from him at the Oregon Brewers Festival . You might even have giggled at his antics when he played Santa Claus at the Holiday Ale Festival . But no matter what season or reason, Bob Farrell has been an integral part of your fun . The ultimate volunteer, Bob always works in the background -- definitely not quietly if you're around him, but certainly consistently and efficiently . Never one to bask in the ordinary, Bob is always right at his covolunteers' shoulders with a quick (usually off-color and always funny) story or practical joke . A man with not only a nefarious sense of humor, but an equally wicked attention for detail, Bob, as former president of the Oregon Brew Crew homebrew club, can recite complete passages of the group's bylaws -- just in case of an emergency . Bob also was the first recipient of -- and inspiration for -- the coveted "Orange Bung,” awarded to an exemplary OBC volunteer each year . Bob is a dyed-in-the-wool fan of the Cleveland Indians -- as opposed to the "Cleveland Baseball Team" -- and an award-winning mead-maker -- creating rather unconventional meads that might include such adjuncts as Atomic Fireball candies, merlot and cranberries, or bourbon . It's safe to say that if you have been to a beer festival in Portland, Bob has made your beer experience a little better . For many of us, Bob is a whole lot more -- he's a funny, energetic, ornery friend, fellow homebrewer and co-volunteer . We raise a glass today to Bob Farrell .



“showcasing the best high-energy talent the northwest has to offer” thursday, July 24th
1:00 pm 2:30 pm 4:00pm 5:30 pm 7:00 pm LaRhonda Steel Band Crush UK Amadan Outpost Badfish Band

Portland tribune Presents the oBF stage

Friday, July 25th
2:00 pm 4:00 pm 6:00 pm Intervision Flowmotion Jujuba

saturday, July 26th
12:30 pm 2:30 pm 4:30 pm 6:30 pm Rolling Boil Blues Band Excellent Gentlemen Sauce Policy Eleven Eyes

sunday, July 27th
12:30 pm 2:30 pm 4:15 pm Black Lodge The Power of County Matt Butlers S .E .E .

larhonda steel Band – www.larhondasteele.com
Regarded as one of Portland’s most powerful front women, LaRhonda Steele, the fabulous former vocalist for Ocean 503 and for ‘Boogie Cat’ Norman Sylvester, hits the stage with her jazz and blues band .

crush uK – www.crushuk.com
Hailing from London, this band has developed a powerful, eclectic and lively mix of original and classic power rock-pop . Its versatility, excellent songs, charisma and sheer energy have earned the group a worldwide reputation as a not-to-miss live act .

Amadan – www.myspace.com/amadan
This group presents a mix of traditional Irish music infused with punk and rock, in the vein of the Pogues and Dropkick Murphys . It’s good drinking music!

outpost – www.myspace.com/outpostreggae
Outpost is a five-piece band out of Portland, OR that blends funk-hop and reggae to generate high-energy organic dance music .

Badfish Band – www.myspace.com/johnnydandhisbadfish
This band, which hails from Corvallis, Oregon, united for the sole purpose of spreading a love of funk, reggae, ska, and rock .


intervision – www.intervisionmusic.com
This soul, rock, jazz and pop quintet is one of the premier up-and-coming bands on the West Coast .

Flowmotion – www.flowmotion.net
Flowmotion’s live performances are renowned for stellar musicianship, contagious energy, packed dance floors and, courtesy of its two lead guitarists, smoking guitar riffs . Flowmotion’s expertly controlled grooves harness the power of its funky, percussion-driven rock and roll .

Jujuba – www.jujuba.org
With a massive percussion section, led by talking-drum conductor Nojeem Lasisi, and a wellrounded selection of horns, Jujuba is a Nigerian dynamo, bringing funk with the kind of authority that would make Fela proud . This 11-piece band is a real treat to have at the brewfest .

rolling Boil Blues Band – www.celebrator.com/rb3/
The Rolling Boil Blues Band is a group of beer industry veteran drinkers with a music problem who occasionally get together at beer festivals and events to play their brand of irreverent cheeky beer songs to popular rock and blues standards with an eye toward humor (if not an ear toward music) . Obviously, rehearsing is out of the question . . .

excellent gentlemen
Excellent Gentlemen is a great local talent that plays danceable, vocal Soul/Funk/R&B music .

sauce Policy – www.saucepolicytheband.com
Drawing from influences too numerous to name, the music - which at its heart is rock n roll – weaves its way in and out of many styles of music and reflects the different musical backgrounds of the band’s members . It is truly an East Coast meets West Coast musical experience .

eleven eyes – www.eleveneyes.org
Proclaiming “Our jazz is not standard,” this band submits an expertise in jazz, funk, drum n’ bass, electronica, hip-hop, Latin, dub, and improvisation, bringing original sounds to the music scene .

Black lodge
A fun bluegrass-folk infusion spearheaded by local brewmaster Ron Gansberg (Raccoon Lodge/Cascade Brewing) and his band of brothers .

the Power of county – www.myspace.com/thepowerofcounty
The Power of County brings the success and failures of turn of the century boomtowns into the forefront of its music . Highly-reminiscent of days gone by, with lyrics that reflect chaos, excess, lust and murder, mixed with hard hitting rock ‘n roll that is guaranteed to make any spectator want to buy a horse and start brandishing a six shooter .

matt Butlers s.e.e. (small ensemble experiment) – www.mattbutlermusic.com
Drummer Matt Butler of The Everyone Orchestra will be bringing some of the finest Northwest musicians through a sonic journey on stage .


Broadly Defined Beer styles
By noel Blake Amber ale is a general term used to describe copper-colored ales or lagers, which are more full-bodied than golden ales, often with a medium maltiness and moderate to strong hoppy bitterness . Belgian ales are an entire universe of beer from the most diverse brewing tradition in the world . They are typically complex and harmoniously balanced . Bocks are somewhat strong lagers with a pronounced malt character . A maibock is pale in color and has a somewhat more prominent hop character than a dark, rich doppelbock . Brown ales are malty, with a coffee-like flavor and a pleasing nuttiness . They may also be somewhat sweet or hoppy . cream ales are generally light colored and mild, lagered at cold temperatures or combined with a lager . esB stands for Extra Special Bitter . These traditional English-style ales feature a wellbalanced hoppiness and sweet maltiness . Fruit and honey Beers are usually very light-bodied ales with fresh fruit or honey added . They should be delicate, and therefore low in hops . The fruit flavor should be fresh, vibrant, and easily identifiable . Honey adds subtle flowery undertones and a honey flavor . Fruit and honey ferment very well, so these beers should not be overly sweet, but may present some malt flavor and apparent sweetness due to low bitterness . golden ales typically have an appearance similar to that of a Pilsner . Malt character is subdued and the hop profile ranges from spicy to citrus; common hop additions include Styrian Golding and Cascade . india Pale Ales, usually known as IPAs, were originally pale ales brewed extra strong and hoppy for shipment to the English colonies in India . American brewers are notorious hopheads, and they often use the IPA to show off their hopping prowess . IPAs should have a pronounced fruity or earthy hop aroma and flavor . A rich body from Pale malts, and sometimes Caramel malts, should be present as a foil for the hop flavor . They are often intensely bitter, and have a dry finish . Imperial IPAs are even stronger and hoppier . Kölsch is a pale, dry German ale that originated in the city of Cologne (Köln) . This style is light-bodied and refreshing . Although not bitter, Kölsch may present flowery flavors from subtle use of German hops . The malt flavors are delicate and sometimes reminiscent of Chardonnay .


lagers are malty and light-bodied with predominant flavors of toast and caramel . Pale Ales are based on the English bitter style, and are often not all that pale . They may encompass a wide range of types such as Golden, Amber, Red, or ESB . Pale Ales are characterized by yeast varieties that give fruity aromas, and may be either mildly or well hopped . Hops are usually apparent in the aroma, flavor, and the bitterness . Darker versions have caramel flavors from dark malts, and are usually more hopped than golden ales . Pilsners are pale straw to deep gold in color . The traditional German and Czech styles represented at the festival are crisp lagers with a smooth malty flavor . They are often well hopped with floral and spicy European hops such as Hallertau and Saaz . However, the hops should not overwhelm the malt flavor . The finish is clean and often fairly bitter . Porters are complex, dark, strongly flavored ales that are said to take their name from the dockhands for whom they were originally brewed . Porters are similar to stouts but without the bitterness . red ales are richly flavored, sweet, hoppy beers . They usually feature a reddish or orange color and a sweet malt flavor from the use of caramel malts, and a strong hop character often including grassy notes from dry-hopping . stouts are dark brown to inky black ales that feature the rich flavors of roasted malts that include chocolate, coffee, toffee, and charcoal . They can be light-bodied such as draft Guinness, or rich and thick . Although hop flavor and aroma are low, they sometimes display a noticeable bitterness from both hops and roasted grains . strong ale is a catchall style category for beers from seven-percent alcohol by volume and above . Characteristics will greatly vary, with some sharing similarities with Barleywines and Old Ales . Barrel aging is certainly not out of the question . Wheat beers are either in the Bavarian or American style . Compared to a Belgian Wit, the use of malted wheat in a Bavarian Weizen gives a more pronounced bready wheat flavor, and they are not spiced . They may be filtered and clear (“kristall”) or unfiltered and hazy (“hefe”) . The most remarkable aspect of these beers is the traditional yeast, which gives pronounced flavors of clove and banana . American interpretations may substitute hop flavors for the Bavarian yeast flavors . American wheat beers have a neutral yeast character that is often replaced by a gentle hop aroma . Wit is a wonderful summer wheat ale style from Belgium, sometimes referred to as a “white beer .” The use of unmalted wheat gives it a light body and a hazy, whitish color . These beers are usually spiced with coriander, with its characteristic grainy, citrus, and minty undertones, and orange peel, which gives a slightly bitter, tea-like palate . Other spices may be added, but hops are always very low .


get schooled in the World of Beer
Beer is made from water, yeast, malt and hops . Sounds simple enough . Yet there’s a lot to learn about beer: What exactly are hops? How do you brew beer? What is a Beer Snob? At the Oregon Brewers Festival, industry members and fans of the industry come together to celebrate and honor the revered beverage, and share their knowledge with those thirsty to learn more . Visit these organizations at the Festival for a real beer education .

oregon Brewers guild
In the early 1990s several local brewers met informally to discuss common issues, problems and opportunities . In 1992, this group evolved into the Oregon Brewers Guild, a dynamic trade organization that represents a majority of the state's craft breweries . Its primary mission is to promote the common interests of the members and the brewing industry in Oregon by supporting the marketing and promotional efforts of Oregon's breweries, and by educating beer enthusiasts about Oregon's indigenous craft beers . The Guild is also very involved with legislative work . The Oregon Brewers Guild, which represents 56 of the 60 brewing companies in the state, maintains an interactive website where craft beer enthusiasts can find the latest news from their favorite Oregon breweries and stay up to date on events happening around the state . One of the Guild’s most popular programs is its S .N .O .B . (Supporter of Native Oregon Beer) membership . This program for the general public allows SNOB members to show off their impeccable taste in craft beverages and at the same time get a backstage pass to what's going on behind the scenes in Oregon's craft brewing industry . Annual membership dues are $24 .20, which includes an official membership card, a T-shirt, a bumper sticker, an email newsletter, discounts on events, and invitations to regional gatherings . You can sign up for a S .N .O .B . membership at the Oregon Brewers Guild Booth . You can also learn how to win your own kegorator! www.oregonbeer.org

cascade Breweriana Association
In 1910, a brewer in Montana approached the American Can Company about canning beer, but it was not feasible at the time . In wasn’t until 25 years later that the beer can was introduced . The very first beer to ever sell in a can was Krueger's Ale and Krueger's Beer, sold in Richmond, Virginia in 1935 . It was an immediate success . Later than year, Pabst became the first major brewer to can, with its Pabst "Export" Beer . There is a local club dedicated to the collecting and enjoying of beer memorabilia . Founded in 1977, the Cascade Breweriana Association is comprised of more than 200 members who collect a vast array of items . One member has 5,000 beer bottles while another has 4,000 beer cans . One specializes in pre-prohibition brewery advertising, while others collect neons, signs, mirrors, crowns, steins, glasses, trays, coasters, and the like . At the festival, many of the CBA members will have their breweriana on display . www.cascadebeer.com

oregon Brew crew
Homebrewing is an easy hobby to get into, with minimal equipment required . Kits are available from many local homebrew shops, and easy to follow instructions let novices brew excellent beer . Whether you’re interested in re-creating an obscure beer style, want to experiment with herbal beers, or just want to make your own beer for less than the price of bottled beer, homebrewing is full of opportunities . The Oregon Brew Crew, the oldest homebrew club in Oregon, and with more than 150 members, one of the largest in North America, will be on-site at the festival offering homebrew displays . Founded in 1979, its members are brewers of all experience levels, from the extract brewer, just finishing his or her first batch, to brewers turned professional with successful microbreweries . The group’s monthly meetings, workshops and classes are great places to learn more about beer, brewing, judging and history . A not-for-profit organization, the Oregon Brew Crew donates beer books to local libraries, coordinates volunteers for numerous beer events in Portland such as the Oregon Brewers Festival, and supports the Bob McCracken Scholarship Fund for Oregon State University’s Fermentation Science students . www.oregonbrewcrew.com

oregon hop growers Association
Oregon is the second largest hop growing state in the nation behind Washington State, producing 16 percent of the nation's hops and four percent of the world's hops . Oregon's mild climate, similar to that of Europe's growing regions, is ideal for producing plentiful hop crops . Breweries throughout the United States and the world look to Oregon for hops that will satisfy the tastes of today's sophisticated beer drinker . Twenty-two different hop varieties are grown: The two most popular are Nugget and Willamette, both of which were developed in the United States under the direction of the USDA . Fourteen varieties of hops are grown in the Willamette Valley, which makes brewing freshhops beer (made from hops picked within the previous 24 hours) a sure thing for local brewmasters . Look for these beers in September and October . www.oregonhops.org

Beer media
Many of the industry’s elite media come out for the Oregon Brewers Festival . You can meet some of them here, and purchase books, subscriptions, and more . Beer Northwest Magazine, The Regional Guide to Everything Beer . www.beernw.com The Brewing Network, broadcasting podcasts live from the Festival . www.thebrewingnetwork.com Celebrator Beer News, the quintessential Brewspaper dedicated to all things beer-related . www.celebrator.com Draft Magazine, creative coverage of beer and other areas of life . www.draftmag.com Letters from the Monkey, Postmark: Muenchen on the Willamette: A guide to Portland pubs via mass transit, by J Mark Angelus

As you’re celebrating the 21st Amendment, come visit the Oregon Lottery® booth! Win prizes and reveal the fun with your very own souvenir photos!

Reveal the fun.

the Buzz Beer
The Buzz Beer . What is it and who defines it? It happens every year at the Oregon Brewers Festival . Eager beer drinkers eavesdrop on each other hoping to learn just which beer is acclaimed the Buzz Beer . Is it a true-to-style Weizen or a bitter, but balanced IPA? Or, is it perhaps a specialty beer brewed just for the festival? Can it be predicted before the festival by looking at the participating breweries? Who decides? The Buzz Beer seems to arise early in the festival, perhaps in the first few hours . True beer cognoscenti quickly decide which beer is the “must drink” of the festival . From that point on, perhaps on Friday afternoon, the word spreads through the tents and the shaded lawn areas about the beer you simply have to drink . Once determined, it can be a harrowing experience getting your tokens in the right basket . First, there are the whispers and the shouts about where to find the Buzz Beer . Festival guests who don’t overhear the discussions can look for the longest lines at the six beer trailers . That special beer is bound to be poured where the lines stretch back into the tents and drinkers are walking out with a mug in each hand . Once you know the Buzz Beer, there really is no sense in waiting . Many eager festival guests have waited to fill their mug with Buzz Beer, only to learn that it was gone . When you hear about the Buzz Beer, make sure you have plenty of tokens and get in line . It is helpful to read the program and look at the Beer-O-Meter, but the Buzz Beer defies conventional wisdom . It is never of one style or of one type . It is defined and decided on-site . Choosing it is democratic . It is proclaimed by acclamation of the Oregon Brewers Festival drinking public, though no quorum seems to be required . No public disclosure laws are required to notify beer lovers . The word spreads like gossip . Which beer will achieve the distinction of Buzz Beer and join the fraternity of the greats? No one yet knows . But, keep your ears and eyes open . Listen for the murmurs about a beer that just seems one step ahead of the rest . Look for streams of festival guests all headed in one direction, except those headed to the Porta-Potties . And be ready . When the Buzz Beer is determined, only those who act immediately will enjoy its pleasures .


Beers By style
Alameda Brewhouse East Village Amber oakshire Brewing Oakshire Brewing Amber sacramento Brewing Red Horse Ale stone Brewing co. Stone Levitation Ale Boulder Beer co. Hazed & Infused

lost coast Brewery Great White michigan Brewing co. Celis White

Full sail Brewing co. Full Sail LTD 02 sprecher Brewing co. Mai Bock

Kona Brewing co. Kona Mac Nut Brown Ale surly Brewing co. Coffee Bender standing stone Brewing co. Standing Stone Almond Brown Ale

Flying Fish Brewing co. Love Fish Abbey Dubbel golden valley Brewery Cote d’Or goose island Beer co. Matilda old market Pub & Brewery HopCask Triple Tripel rock Bottom Brewery Congo Queen

cream Ale
Fearless Brewing co. Clackamas Cream Ale

grand teton Brewing co Bitch Creek ESB

Fruit and honey
21st Amendment Brewery Hell or High Watermelon cascade Brewing Razberry Wheat roots organic Brewing co. Roots Calypso

Belgian Witbier
Allagash Brewing co. Allagash White Boulevard Brewing co. Zon Deschutes Brewery 20th Anniversary Wit Fifty Fifty Brewing co. Foggy Goggle White

caldera Brewing co. Caldera Ginger Ale


lucky labrador Brewing co. Solar Flare Ale Pelican Pub & Brewery Surfers Summer Ale Wildfire Brewing co. Wildfire Summer Seasonal

terminal gravity Brewing Terminal Gravity IPA

Alaskan Brewing co. Alaska Summer Ale hale’s Ales Brewery & Pub Hale’s Kolsch Wild river Brewing Harbor Lights

imperial iPA
BridgePort Brewing co. BridgePort Hop Czar lagunitas Brewing co. Sonoma Farmhouse Hop Stoopid mcmenamins hillsdale Brewery & Public house Madman Jack’s Insane Pale Ale russian river Brewing co. Pliny the Elder Widmer Brothers Brewing co. Full Nelson

electric Brewing Electric Beer sierra nevada Brewing co Summerfest

Pale Ale
Anderson valley Brewing co. Poleeko Gold Pale Ale Blue Frog grog & grill Blonde Frog Ale Boundary Bay Brewery Dry-hopped Crystal Pale Ale lompoc Brewing Lompoc Extra Special Pale mactarnahan’s Sling Shot Extra Pale Ale new Belgium Brewing co. Might Arrow Pale Ale redhook Ale Brewery Late Harvest Autumn Ale steelhead Brewing co. Bulldog Pale Ale summit Brewing co. Summit Extra Pale Ale

Amnesia Brewing Copacetic IPA Dick’s Brewing co. Dick’s India Pale Ale eel river Brewing co. Organic IPA great Divide Brewing co. Titan IPA hazel Dell Brewpub Vancouver IPA laurelwood Brewing co. Workhorse IPA ninkasi Brewing co. Total Domination IPA

Bayern Brewing Bayern Pilsener hopworks urban Brewery HUB Lager trumer Brauerei Berkeley Trumer Pils

Four + Brewing co. RYPE lang creek Brewery Mandarin Hefeweizen Pyramid Breweries Pyramid Crystal Wheat

Bell’s Brewery Bell’s Porter

red Ale
eugene city Brewery 100 Meter Ale green Flash Brewing co. Hop Head Red mad river Brewing co. Jamaica Red Ale

collaborator Resurrection Rye laughing Dog Brewing Rocket Dog

Bison Brewing co. Organic Chocolate Stout iron horse Brewery Quilter’s Irish Death

new holland Brewing co. Dragon’s Milk rogue Ales Glen


Brewery Features Key

Beer color Key
Pale Golden



Light Amber Dark Amber


Red Brown



Special thanks to the Quimby Corporation for providing gas for the 2008 Oregon Brewers Festival.

One of the most popular beers at the OBF for several years, this wheat beer is flavored with real watermelon, giving the beer a subtle aroma and a dry, tart flavor . Low hopping levels let the unique taste of wheat and watermelon shine through . The 21st Amendment Brewery offers a variety of award-winning brews and American grilled cuisine in a comfortable loft like setting, located a stone’s throw from Giants Park in San Francisco . The brewery offers its Brew Free or Die IPA and Hell or High Watermelon Wheat in cans; in fact, Hell or High Watermelon was named the Best Craft Beer in a can by Draft Magazine .

21st Amendment Brewery
San Francisco, CA 415-369-0900 21st-amendment .com

hell or high Watermelon
Wheat Beer with fruit OG: 1 .048 FG: 1 .010 ABV: 5 .2 IBUs: 17 Color: Golden

Alameda’s Alt beer is a bit of a hybrid fermented with ale yeast, but at a colder temperature, like a lager . This gives the beer a smoother taste . Dark, mellow, and highly drinkable, East Village is Alameda’s most popular seasonal brew . Located in the heart of Beaumont Village in Northeast Portland, Alameda Brewhouse serves up hand-crafted ales and freshly prepared food for the appreciative neighborhood . The brewery produces a wide lineup of distinctive year-round and seasonal beers such as Black Bear Double Stout and Klickitat Pale Ale .

Alameda Brewhouse
Portland, OR 503-460-9025 alamedabrewhouse .com

east village Amber
Amber OG: 1 .054 FG: 1 .014 ABV: 5 .2 IBUs: 33 Color: Dark Amber


The Kölsch beer style originated in Cologne (Koln), Germany . It is softly malty, low in hops and very light and refreshing - great for a hot summer day . Made with centuries-old glacier water, this beer has won six awards, including four at the Los Angeles County Fair, the California Brewers Festival, and the North American Beer Awards . Founded in 1986, Alaskan Brewing Co . is the most medaled brewery in the history of the Great American Beer Festival . In addition to making fantastic beers, the brewery is strongly committed to the environment, and was the first in the nation to install a carbon dioxide recovery system that captures and reuses the greenhouse gas naturally produced in the fermentation process .

Alaskan Brewing co
Juneau, AK 907-780-5866 alaskanbeer .com

Alaskan summer Ale
Kölsch OG: 1 .048 FG: 1 .010 ABV: 5 .3 IBUs: 18 Color: Golden

Allagash’s award-winning interpretation of a Belgian Style Wheat Beer - also its flagship ale - is brewed with a generous portion of wheat and a special blend of spices . Light and slightly cloudy in appearance, with a subtle spice aroma, this beer pairs well with a salad with vinaigrette dressing or fresh goat cheese, poultry and fish entrees, or a spicy apple pie . In 1995, when Rob Tod founded Allagash Brewing in that “other” Portland, Belgian style beers were scarcely heard of in the U .S . Nevertheless, Allagash focused on this style because of its unique brewing tradition, exciting flavors and potential for experimentation . Only three years later, Allagash White won the gold medal at the World Beer Cup in Rio de Janeiro . Today Allagash remains one of the few breweries in the country that brews only Belgian-style beers .

Allagash Brewing co
Portland, ME 207-878-5385 allagash .com

Allagash White
Belgian-Style Wheat Beer OG: 1 .048 FG: 1 .010 ABV: 5 .0 IBUs: 19 Color: Golden


One of several popular IPAs at Amnesia, Copacetic is well-balanced with a huge fruit aroma from the Amarillo hops used for dryhopping . Six different malts, including Munich, Vienna, English crystal and crisp two-row, provide the backbone and a slightly nutty caramel flavor . Outside the festival, there’s only one place to get this beer - at the brewery itself . Amnesia Brewing sports a mellow vibe on Mississippi Avenue in North Portland . An outdoor dog-friendly biergarten and airy interior all connect intimately with an open look brewhouse . Enjoy grilled burgers and dogs meat or veggie - as you surf using the free wi-fi on the strip . There is always a full range of handcrafted beers on tap, including at least two IPAs that are simply unforgettable .

Amnesia Brewing co
Portland, OR 503-281-7708

copacetic iPA
IPA OG: 1 .060 FG: 1 .012 ABV: 6 .2 IBUs: 87 Color: Light Amber

This honey-gold pale ale is crisp and clear, with an unusual lightness and dryness for such a fullflavored ale . The arousing abundance of Pacific Northwest hops adds both a floral bouquet and a lively, citrusy finish . It’s won several medals, and was quoted as being “Exceptionally Great; something special” by a Celebrator Beer News Blind Tasting Panel . This brewery is located in historic Boonville in the idyllic Anderson Valley of Northern California . It boasts of the world’s first (and so far only) 18-hole Disc Golf Course with a craft brewery for the clubhouse . Anderson Valley has won numerous awards for its quality beers, which are brewed in copper vessels salvaged from two defunct German breweries .

Anderson valley Brewing co
Boonville, CA 707-895-2337 avbc .co

Poleeko gold Pale Ale
Pale Ale OG: 1 .050 FG: 1 .009 ABV: 5 .5 IBUs: 36 Color: Golden


A perennial OBF favorite, this complex, refreshing pilsner is made in the traditional German style . Carefully chosen Noble hop varieties give it a floral, spicy hop aroma . Cold fermentation and extended lagering at 30 degrees accentuate its crisp, smooth malt flavor . The extra time taken to produce this beer shows in the glass, but won’t take any extra time to drink . One of the longest-running participants in the OBF, Bayern Brewing was founded in 1987 by Jürgen Knöller, a German-trained master brewer . Knöller brews all his beer according to the German Reinheitsgebot beer purity law of 1516 . Bayern Beer is now available locally in bottles and 5-liter pony kegs .

Bayern Brewing
Missoula, MT 406-721-1482 bayernbrewery .com

Bayern Pilsener
German Pilsener OG: 1 .047 FG: 1 .007 ABV: 5 .0 IBUs: 34 Color: Golden

Some people say porter is a winter beer; Bell’s means to show that it’s a beer for all seasons . A blend of dark malts and roasted barley imbues coffee and chocolate flavors with subtle roasted notes, hopped just to balance with Northern Brewer, Cascade and Fuggles . Bell’s Porter won a gold medal at the World Beer Cup earlier this year . Since it was established in 1985, brewing in a 15-gallon soup kettle, Bell’s spirit of curiosity and fun has never been filtered out of the company’s DNA . Now producing more than 90,000 barrels a year, Bell’s distributes to 15 states, building on its nationwide reputation as an innovative and talented brewery .

Bell’s Brewery
Comstock, MI 269-382-2338 bellsbeer .com

Bell’s Porter
Brown Porter OG: 1 .056 FG: 1 .016 ABV: 5 .6 IBUs: 33 Color: Black


This richly-textured, roasty dry stout gets a boost of bitterness and charisma from the addition of cocoa powder in the mash: The cocoa adds the flavor of chocolate without the sweetness . Bison blends five unique organic malts along with Magnum, Cascade, and Perle hops to create a stout that has won multiple awards, including silver at the Great American Beer Festival . Established in 1989, Bison went all-organic in 2002 because of its belief that sustainable and ecologically sound production is the best way to protect the environment, save energy, ensure sustainability - and brew great beers . Its Farmhouse Ale’s gold medal at the 2006 Great American Beer Festival proves the point . Bison has won numerous other awards as well .

Bison Brewing
Berkeley, CA 510-697-1537 bisonbrew .com

organic chocolate stout
Dry Foreign Style Stout OG: 1 .072 FG: 1 .008 ABV: 5 .0 IBUs: 36 Color: Black

This blonde won’t break your heart, and that color’s not from peroxide . German two-row and Cara-Helles malts and some flaked oats give this beer its malty character and, of course, great body . The judges seem to agree, as they gave this beer first place honors in the 2007 West Coast Brew Fest for the pale ale category . According to the Blue Frog brewers, the secret to the great taste of their ales is lots of great music and just enough Led Zeppelin to keep the yeast happy and active . Founded in 1999, the brewery gets its name from the Peter, Paul and Mary song, “I’m in love with a Big Blue Frog .” You’ll fall in love with the beers, the pub, and the pizzas, if you’re not careful .

Blue Frog grog & grill
Fairfield, CA 707-429-2337 bigbluefrog .com

Blonde Frog Ale
Pale Ale OG: 1 .060 FG: 1 .008 ABV: 7 .0 IBUs: 40 Color: Golden


This unfiltered ale is left in its naturally “hazy” state to keep as much of the flavor in as possible . It is then “infused” with a blend of Crystal and Centennial hops during cold fermentation . Cold dry-hopping gives Hazed & Infused a huge fresh hop aroma without adding bitterness . The Boulder Beer Co . was established in 1979, which makes it Colorado’s first microbrewery and also one of the first in the nation . Hazed & Infused is the flagship of its Looking Glass series, its leading edge line of innovative specialty brews that includes other favorites such as MoJo India Pale Ale and Sweaty Betty Blonde .

Boulder Beer co
Boulder, CO 303-444-8448 boulderbeer .com

hazed & infused
Dry-Hopped Amber Ale OG: 1 .054 FG: 1 .014 ABV: 4 .8 IBUs: 38 Color: Dark Amber

Z_n is a traditionally-styled Belgian Wit, an increasingly popular summertime beer . An orangey, slightly minty aroma courtesy of orange peel and coriander emerges from the cloudwhite head . The palate is gentle and fruity with undertones of spice and clove . Lively carbonation and very low bitterness lead to a quenching, dry finish . Founded in a turn-of-the-century brick building on Kansas City’s historic Southwest Boulevard in 1989, Boulevard Brewing Co . has grown to be the largest specialty brewer in the Midwest . The brewery is dedicated to producing fresh flavorful beers using the finest traditional ingredients and the best of both new and old brewing techniques .

Boulevard Brewing co
Kansas City, MO 816-474-7095 boulevard .com

Belgian Witbier OG: 1 .043 FG: 1 .011 ABV: 4 .2 IBUs: 15 Color: Golden





rom i pa f rial


orT dgep



This worThy heir has royal bloodlines.
Hop Czar, our new Imperial IPA, will not be appeased with even a king’s ration of hops. This Emperor of IBU’s is triple hopped which produces a crazy, big, aggressively bitter, yet drinkable flavor made only for those with a Royal palate. All Hail the new Emperor of the Beer World! sTop in aT The bridgeporT brew pub and pledge your allegiance To our laTesT big brew – hop czar imperial ipa. bridgeporT brew pub + bakery 1313 nw. marshall

hop czar now
available aT reTail

in 22 oz. boTTles.
and on draughT aT selecT esTablishmenTs.



Made especially for the Oregon Brewers Festival, this beer makes exclusive use of Crystal hops in four additions, including dry-hopping . A simple grain bill of premium two-row and Munich malts provide the perfect body to balance the soft floral flavor and aroma of this small batch ale . Painstakingly handcrafted beer made without compromise is Boundary Bay’s modus operandi . Founded in 1995, this 17-barrel brewery, located in a historic 1922 warehouse in downtown Bellingham, produces a wide range of beers that have won awards at the Great American Beer Festival, the World Beer Cup and the North American Beer Awards .

Boundary Bay Brewery
Bellingham, WA 360-647-5593 bbaybrewery .com

Dry hopped crystal Pale Ale
American Pale Ale OG: 1 .062 FG: 1 .011 ABV: 6 .0 IBUs: 45 Color: Light Amber

Hop Czar has a deep malt background supporting one huge kettle hop charge and two whole cone packed hop jack charges . This triple-hopped up IPA features an enthusiastic floral/citrus flavor coupled with an insultingly high level of hop bitterness . It’s a symphony of Northwest Nugget, Chinook, Cascade and Centennial hops in a glass . Oregon’s oldest craft brewery, BridgePort is conveniently located on the streetcar line in Portland’s historic Pearl District . Its beers consistently win awards worldwide . Its brewpub is both an architectural showcase and a gastronomic pleasure dome featuring a bakery, two bars and a restaurant . The beloved loading dock scene and beer crust pizza remain .

BridgePort Brewing co
Portland, OR 503-241-7179 bridgeportbrew .com

BridgePort hop czar
Imperial IPA OG: 1 .071 FG: 1 .014 ABV: 8 .0 IBUs: 100 Color: Light Amber


Organic ginger spices the nose and palate of this light, refreshing summer beer . Caldera keeps the Simcoe hop levels low so you can taste the ginger and the two-row and imported caramel malts . Founded in 1996 in Ashland, Caldera Brewing is the first and only craft brewery in Oregon to brew and can its own beer . Caldera uses only whole flower hops in its 10-barrel brewing system to provide the consumer a cleaner beer taste . Caldera has won numerous awards including two in 2007 for its Munich Dark lager and its “No Brown” Brown Ale .

caldera Brewing co
Ashland, OR 541-482-HOPS calderabrewing .com

caldera ginger Ale
Summer Ale OG: 1 .042 FG: 1 .007 ABV: 4 .7 IBUs: 10 Color: Golden

Put on your rose-colored beer goggles: This brew really is pretty in pink . Whole raspberries added to a sour mash Berlin-style wheat beer create a berry splash in this extremely refreshing beer . The raspberry is apparent on the nose, while the palate is tart and lemony with a hint of wheat . This is one of the most quenching brews at the fest . Cascade Brewing Co . is located on the first floor of the Raccoon Lodge & Brewpub . Brewmaster Ron Gansberg is recognized as one of Oregon’s most innovative brewer, producing flavors through yeast, blending and barrel-aging . The Raccoon Lodge offers comfort food alongside upscale pub fare, innovative handcrafted beers, and an beautiful outdoor patio for fair weather dining .

cascade Brewing co
Portland, OR 503-296-0110 raclodge .com

razberry Wheat
Fruit Beer OG: 1 .050 FG: 1 .011 ABV: 4 .5 IBUs: 15 Color: Golden


Created by Portland homebrewer Patrick Miller, Resurrection Rye is a classic American pale ale that celebrates the communion of hops and rye . A creamy tan head and tangerine orange color herald the caramel malt sweetness that awaits your first sip . But it’s the distinct piney and spicy flavor of rye paired with big Northwest hops that quickly command your attention . Rejoice! The Rye has Risen! collaborator
Portland, OR 503-281-2437 widmer .com

resurrection rye
American Pale Ale OG: 1 .056 FG: 1 .008 ABV: 6 .6 IBUs: 80 Color: Light Amber

The Collaborator Project is a joint venture between the Oregon Brew Crew homebrew club and Widmer Brothers Brewing Co . that identifies and re-creates unique and historical beer styles for the tasting public . Homebrewers design the beers and compete to win the opportunity to have their beer made and distributed by a worldclass craft brewery . Want to be famous? Fire up your brew kettle!

Deschutes continues its Bond Street Summer Series with this Belgian Wit . Malted and unmalted white wheat and Pilsner malts are sour mashed, then hopped with the soft and noble Czech Saaz . The beer is then flavored with fresh bitter orange zest, coriander, grains of paradise seed and fresh Curacao orange juice for a spicy, thirst-quenching summer refresher . Overlooking the wild and scenic Deschutes River in Central Oregon, Deschutes opened as a small brewpub in 1988, serving locals their favorite beers in downtown Bend . With its new Portland location near the Pearl District’s Brewery Blocks, Deschutes has brought its small-town brewery roots to the big city, while still producing a diverse lineup of flavorful, handcrafted ales .

Deschutes Brewery
Bend, OR 541-385-8606 deschutesbrewery .com

20th Anniversary Wit
Belgian-Style Wheat Beer OG: 1 .044 FG: 1 .010 ABV: 5 .5 IBUs: 26 Color: Golden


This pale ale is hopped to the extreme! The beer starts out as a mellow pale ale until it reaches the kettle . Throughout the course of the 90-minute boil, four massive additions of Chinook and Tomahawk hops from the Yakima Valley transform this beer into a hophead’s dream come true . It’s hops, hops, hops for maximum bitterness, flavor and aroma . Dick’s Brewery recalls the simplicity of an earlier age - an age when folks took pride in the pleasures of work and the joys of craftsmanship . Dick’s opened its 15-barrel brewhouse in 1994 next to Northwest Sausage & Deli, Dick’s other business, which prepares Old World style sausages in modern electric forced air smokehouses . Dick’s Brewing co
Centralia, WA 360-736-7760 dicksbeer .com

Dick’s iPA
IPA OG: 1 .055 FG: 1 .009 ABV: 5 .0 IBUs: 97 Color: Light Amber

eel river Brewing co

This India Pale Ale is brewed with the finest certified organic ingredients available . Brightminted copper in color, this full-bodied beer delivers a crisp hoppy bouquet from Pacific Hallertau and Centennial hops balanced by a distinctive rich malt taste from two-row, caramel and wheat malt . Eel River has the distinction of being America’s first certified organic brewery, and has won numerous awards for its brews . The next time you visit Humboldt County, take a break from all the camping and hiking and sample the brewery’s fine ales in the tap room “behind the Redwood curtain .”

Scotia, CA 707-725-2739 eelriverbrewing .com

organic iPA
IPA OG: 1 .064 FG: 1 .011 ABV: 7 .0 IBUs: 72 Color: Light Amber


Pilsner, Munich, and Cara-red malts are lightened with a bit of corn sugar to produce a light, golden lager . Highly quaffable for summer, it’s moderately hopped with delicate Mt . Hood hops in the boil for bitterness, Tettnanger toward the end for flavor, and the coveted Saaz hops at the finish for a delicate aroma and spicy finish . Arizona’s first microbrewery, Electric Brewing opened in 1988 in an isolated mountain town of 6,000, just five miles from the Mexican border . Visit its taproom to try its coffee-esque Electric Dark Stout or its OK Ale, a classic American Amber .

electric Brewing
Bisbee, AZ 520-432-5465 electricbrewing .com

electric Beer
American Lager OG: 1 .048 FG: ABV: 4 .5 IBUs: Color: Golden

Eugene City’s Red, like all Eugene City beers, is made without chemicals, additives or preservatives, using “free-range” Eugene City water . Awards for this beer include a Silver at the 2007 World Beer Championship, a Gold in 2006, and Silver at the 2007 Australian International Beer Awards . The newest Rogue Nation outpost, Eugene City opened in October 2004 . Eventual plans call for 34 taps, featuring a huge selection of Rogue Ales and Lagers, rotating guest beers and specialty imports .

eugene city Brewery
Eugene, OR 541-345-4155

100 meter Ale
Red Ale OG: 1 .059 FG: 1 .014 ABV: 5 .9 IBUs: 85 Color: Red


As part of Fearless’ research to create this beer, two local homebrew clubs submitted 26 different examples of the style to inspire the brewer . The result is a very light, crisp, thirst-quenching ale with all the premium aspects of a Northwest craft beer . The secret ingredient is love - can you taste it? When Portland homebrewer Ken Johnson decided to go pro, he set up shop in bucolic Estacada, on the scenic upper reaches of the Clackamas River . He serves up excellent pub standards plus rotating seasonal taps along with tasty pub fare in this down-home brewpub that’s a kayaker’s dream after a day on the rapids .


326 S. Broadway • Estacada, Oregon

Fearless Brewing co
Estacada, OR 503-630-2337 fearless1 .com

clackamas cream Ale
Cream Ale OG: 1 .043 FG: 1 .005 ABV: 5 .0 IBUs: 22 Color: Golden


Two types of sweet orange peel, lemon peel, chamomile, coriander and rose hips give this summer seasonal a spicy nose . A mini sour mash, a special blend of three Belgian yeasts, and a smidge of lactic acid lend a touch of tartness to the finished product . Lip-smacking refreshment! Fifty Fifty opened just last year, but brewer Todd Ashman boasts numerous Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup medals for his classic brews . Look for a Pale Ale, IPA, porter and Tripel in addition to the Wit - some aged in Jack Daniels barrels . Enjoy them with a burger or a nice seared Ahi at the pub and rock to music from the 60s, 80s - or punk, if that suits your mood .

Fifty Fifty Brewing co
Truckee, CA 530-587-2337 fiftyfiftybrewing .com

Foggy goggle White
Belgian Style Wit OG: 1 .062 FG: 1 .012 ABV: 6 .0 IBUs: 21 Color: Golden


Flying Fish makes this Belgian-Abbey Dubbel on a very limited basis - usually just for Valentine’s Day . But this year, the brewers have made it just for you . Complex with interwoven flavors accentuated by aging on dried cherries, it has an immense head, fruity nose and generous body . It’s malty in the middle with a clean, almond-like dry finish and a slight alcohol warmth . Fall in love all over again . Flying Fish Brewing co
Cherry Hill, NJ 856-489-0061 flyingfish .com

love Fish Abbey Dubbel
Beglian-Style Dubbel OG: 1 .066 FG: 1 .016 ABV: 7 .0 IBUs: 18 Color: Brown

Flying Fish Brewing Co . is the first brewery in southern New Jersey and the first new brewery built in that part of the state in more than half a century . From its opening in late 1996, Flying Fish has quadrupled its capacity and has become New Jersey’s largest craft brewery .

Rype, a new release from Four +, is a filtered American-style wheat beer with natural orange peel and coriander added in the whirlpool to impart a zesty, spicy flavor . Wasatch Mountain water helps give the beer its crisp, clean, refreshing taste . Light and highly quaffable for summer, this beer’s low alcohol level will keep you alert enough to taste its complex flavors . Four + not only brews organically - it goes the extra mile to protect the earth, using 100% wind power to run its 26,000 square-foot brewery in Salt Lake City . Parent company Uinta Brewing has won more than 60 national and international awards, including several Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup medals .

Four + Brewing
Salt Lake City, UT 801-467-0909 fourplusbrewing .com

Orange Wheat Beer OG: 1 .042 FG: 1 .011 ABV: 4 .0 IBUs: 22 Color: Golden


LTD 02, named for its “limited availability” (April to September), is a light-bodied lager . Soft malt undertones from Vienna, two-row pale, caramel and wheat malts are balanced by Czech Saaz and Styrian Golding hops for a nice, clean finish . LTD 02 won the Gold Medal at the World Beer Championships in 2006 and 2007 . Employee-owned Full Sail has been making great beer since 1987 . In fact, it was named one of the top 20 breweries in the world by ratebeer .com . Located in Hood River, “the adrenaline capital of the Northwest,” Full Sail brews beer as big as the scenery that surrounds it . Visit its tap room overlooking epic wind and kite surfing in the Columbia River Gorge .

Full sail Brewing co
Hood River, OR 541-386-2281 fullsailbrewing .com

Full sail ltd 02
Pale Bock OG: 1 .064 FG: 1 .013 ABV: 6 .4 IBUs: 32 Color: Golden

Cote d’Or is French for “golden slope,” and you might feel yourself slipping after too many of these . Strong yet refreshing, malt flavors predominate in this Belgian-style golden ale . Estery notes linger on the palate, and barrel aging on neutral Chard Barrels imparts soft notes of vanilla . Under brewmaster Mark Vickery, Golden Valley produces small batches of well-balanced, complex craft beer, including a brut IPA in champagne bottles and the wonderful Tannen Bomb winter warmer . The restaurant features high ceilings, a full bar and fine food, including Angus Springs beef fed with spent grain from the brewery .

golden valley Brewery
McMinnville, OR 503-472-2739 goldenvalleybrewery .com

cote d’or
Belgian Style Golden Ale OG: 1 .065 FG: 1 .018 ABV: 6 .3 IBUs: 22 Color: Golden


The brewers at Goose Island created Matilda based on the great legends and folklore they heard while sipping a wonderful pint in an old Belgian abbey . Part of Goose Island’s innovative Reserve Line, Matilda’s Belgian-style yeast and an infusion of Brettanomyces yeast give this unfiltered golden-hued ale a complex, spicy and earthy - yet fruity - profile . More, more, more - that’s what beer connoisseurs want from their craft ales, and Goose Island’s mission is to give them more . More aroma and flavor from the use of more hops - four pounds per barrel in its IPA . More craftsmanship, as exemplified by its five Great American Beer Festival gold medals . And more luxury in the fine dining experience at its Chicago pub . Don’t settle for less!

goose island Beer co
Chicago, IL 312-226-1119 gooseisland .com

Belgian Style OG: 1 .062 FG: 1 .013 ABV: 7 .0 IBUs: 32 Color: Golden

Bitch Creek ESB is Grand Teton’s flagship brew . Mahogany-colored, complex and balanced, both the hops (Galena, Chinook and Centennial) and malt (Idaho pale, German Carahell, Cara Aroma, Cara Munich and melanoidin) come through . Three Great American Beer Festival medals, including two golds, in the last four years prove that Bitch Creek is not just a pretty name . Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, Grand Teton Brewing of Jackson Hole was the first modern microbrewery in Wyoming . Its Bitch Creek ESB has won two gold medals from the Great American Beer Festival . Other favorites include Old Faithful Ale, Teton Ale, Workhorse Wheat and Sweetgrass IPA . A green company, the brewery runs on bio-diesel, and Grand Teton donates five percent of its production to environmental and community-friendly charities .

grand teton Brewing co
Victory, ID 208-787-9000 grandtetonbrewing .com

Bitch creek esB
ESB OG: 1 .062 FG: ABV: 6 .5 IBUs: 54 Color: Brown


Titan is brewed for disciples of gigantic hopping . Piney hop aromas and citrus hop flavors lead the way, reminiscent of grapefruit and orange zest . Its bracing finish balances a generous malt sweetness with crisp minerally bitterness . Great Divide has been brewing assertive, flavorful and balanced beers since it began operation in 1994 . From session beers to big brews, its lineup has a beer to please everyone . Maybe that’s why it has won numerous awards, including nine Great American Beer Festival and four World Beer Cup medals .

great Divide Brewing co
Denver, CO 303-296-9460 greatdivide .com

titan iPA
IPA OG: 1 .068 FG: 1 .014 ABV: 6 .8 IBUs: 60 Color: Light Amber

Hop Head Red has elevated hop levels to the point where some might consider it a “Red IPA .” Whether true or not, it pleased the judges at the Great American Beer Festival (Silver in 2007) and World Beer Championships (Gold in 2008) . Nugget hops for bittering and Amarillos in the finish balance the velvety malt flavor from tworow, caramel, Carafa and honey malts . Green Flash Brewing, founded in 2002, is named after the subtropical phenomenon in which the setting sun briefly changes color . Located in San Diego County, it produces traditional ales using modern equipment and techniques . Brewmaster Chuck Silva has won four World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festival awards since joining Green Flash .

green Flash Brewing co
Vista, CA 760-597-9012 greenflashbrew .com

hop head red
American Red Ale OG: 1 .062 FG: 1 .016 ABV: 6 .3 IBUs: 45 Color: Red


Brewed in the tradition of Cologne, Germany, this Kölsch is a light, crisp, refreshing beer that combines many of the attributes of a well-made pilsner with the rich flavors obtained from a top-fermenting ale yeast . Hale’s Kölsch is approachable, easy drinking, and subtle in flavor profile - a reminder that brewer’s finesse is as important as a giant hop bill . Hale’s Ales was founded by Mike Hale in 1983: At 25 years, it’s the longest-running continuously-operating independent brewery of any size in the Northwest . It continues to produce English and American style pub beers with an emphasis on cask-conditioned real ale and seasonal specialties . Try Hale’s small-batch specialties in its brewpub in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood .

hales Ales Brewery & Pub
Seattle, WA 206-706-1544 halesales .com

hale’s Kölsch
Kölsch OG: 1 .045 FG: 1 .008 ABV: 4 .5 IBUs: 15 Color: Golden

Vancouver IPA is a new beer at Hazel Dell Brewpub, the second IPA on tap distinguished by a new hop bill . Palisade, Rainier, Glacier and Centennial hop additions are spaced throughout the boil, balancing the two-row, wheat and Crystal 75 malts . Hazel Dell opened in 1983, earning it the mantle of Clark County’s first brewpub . Watch the brewers brew behind giant glass windows as you enjoy one of nearly a dozen different ales including seasonal specialties . The brewpub also serves up some good grub, including killer beer-battered fish and chips .

hazel Dell Brewpub
Vancouver, WA 360-576-0996 Vancouver IPA

OG: 1 .045 FG: 1 .008 ABV: 4 .9 IBUs: 25 Color: Golden


All malt, all the time, and organic at that! The delicate honey flavors of the organic Canadian grown Pilsner malt create a light golden beer with a depth of character . A huge whole-flower Czech Saaz bomb in the hopback complements the all-Saaz schedule for boiling (bittering) hops . This beer was winner of the Silver medal at the 2008 World Beer Cup . One of Portland’s newest craft breweries, HUB is the destination hop-spot for award-winning brewer Christian Ettinger . HUB is also Portland’s first Eco-Brewpub to offer all organic handcrafted beers, fresh local ingredients, and a sustainable building with a relaxed and casual atmosphere . Check out the bike-friendly pub for some great grub and 10 different organic beers - and two cask ales - on tap at all times .

hopworks urban Brewery
Portland, OR 503-232-HOPS hopworksbeer .com

huB lager
Czech Pilsner OG: 1 .046 FG: 1 .009 ABV: 5 .1 IBUs: 32 Color: Golden

Quilter’s Irish Death is an imperial sweet stout with a big malt body and balanced bitterness . Employing more than a half dozen varieties of malts, the taste of this ale is clearly stout . Flavor complexity is enhanced by a variety of hops, which nevertheless take a back seat to the malt . Making its OBF debut, Iron Horse has existed in its current form for just under a year . With an aim to creating balanced beers up and down the spectrum from light to dark, you’ll find hops, malt and yeast all vying for prominence in the brewery’s six year-round brews and various seasonal offerings .

iron horse Brewery
Ellensburg, WA 509-933-3134 ironhorsebrewery .com

Quilter’s irish Death
Dark Ale OG: FG: ABV: 7 .8 IBUs: Color: Black


A touch of pure macadamia nut honey from the Big Island of Hawaii lends a subtle sweetness to complement this beer’s toasted nut character . A tropical, earthy, spicy and citrusy blend of hops help round out this complex island treat . Try it here, or catch a flight to Hawaii - it’s not available anywhere else! Located in picturesque Kailua-Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island, Kona is Hawaii’s largest craft brewery . Its 10,000 barrel annual production covers a full spectrum of styles, flavors and colors, from the darkest - Da Grind Buzz Kona Coffee Imperial Stout - to Wailua Wheat . Oregonians Cameron Healy and Spoon Khalsa opened this brewery in 1994 .

Kona Brewing co
Kailua-Kona, HI 808-334-1133 konabrewingco .com

Kona mac nut Brown Ale
Specialty Nut Brown Ale OG: 1 .052 FG: 1 .013 ABV: 5 .3 IBUs: 35 Color: Dark Amber

Qan you imagine a wurld widdout Beer? Ever’thing ewe gnoe wood be diff’ernt . Phish mite phly, dawgs mite uze power touls, and prhyday nites mite be spent bilding treez out of leftover sour qreem and cheaze . And then dere’d be speling ishyous . Sip, sip, gulp, chug… aaah! Once again all is right with the world . Maybe we’re not so stoopid after all . The brewery with a sense of humor - and no sense of when to stop adding hops - brings you Hop Stoopid, probably the hoppiest beer at the festival . It’s no wonder the brewers can’t spell . Stoopid joins the Hairy Eyeball, Maximus, Brown Shugga and the immortal IPA in a long line of Lagunitas classics .

lagunitas Brewing co
Petaluma, CA 707-769-4495 lagunitas .com

lagunitas hop stoopid
Imperial IPA OG: 1 .085 FG: 1 .016 ABV: 8 .2 IBUs: 110 Color: Light Amber


Mandarin Orange Extract gives a unique citrusy twist to a style familiar to most Northwesterners . Light yet full-bodied, Mandarin Hefeweizen is a refreshing drink for hot summer nights, and a sustainable treat to get you through Montana’s long, cold winters . Billed as “America’s most remote brewery,” Lang Creek is nestled on a hill overlooking the Thompson River Valley in an old aircraft hangar . In 1993, founder John Campbell combined his two passions - flying and brewing - to produce flight themed ales in the English tradition . Several of Lang Creek’s beers are now available in bottles, including Skydiver Blond and the Mandarin Hefeweizen .

lang creek Brewery
Marion, MT 406-858-2200 langcreekbrewery .com

mandarin hefeweizen
American Wheat OG: 1 .048 FG: 1 .010 ABV: 4 .9 IBUs: 13 Color: Golden

No wonder there’s a hop shortage . Brewed special for the OBF, Rocket Dog launches four types of hops at five different intervals into this brew . Roasted barley and rye, pale and Munich malts give the beer a red tint . Fermented a little on the dry side, this thirst-quencher is a hoplover’s dream . Laughing Dog Brewing, founded in 2005, rests on the shores of beautiful Lake Pend’Orielle in the Idaho panhandle’s Selkirk Mountains . The brewery churns out 11 year-round award-winning brews ranging from a light cream ale to an imperial stout . Stop by to visit the Taproom, and perchance meet Ben, the original Laughing Dog, if he’s in the office for the day .

laughing Dog Brewing
Ponderay, ID 208-263-9222 laughingdogbrewing .com

rocket Dog
Rye IPA OG: 1 .062 FG: 1 .010 ABV: 6 .9 IBUs: 67 Color: Red


A true West Coast hop-lover’s dream come true! Introduced at Laurelwood’s “dream IPA” contest in 2006, brewmaster Chad Kennedy made it a permanent addition to the beer lineup when Laurelwood opened its newest brewery in 2007 . Columbus, Simcoe and Amarillo hops are added in the boil, in the whirlpool, and in the dryhopping stages . Laurelwood has the distinction for being the first in Oregon to brew certified organic beers . Its lineup of tasty beers have garnered the brewery dozens of awards - including Champion Brewery at the 2004 World Beer Cup . The series of family-friendly, non-smoking neighborhood pubs also serves up some killer grub .

laurelwood Brewing co
Portland, OR 503-282-4948 laurelwoodbrewpub .com

Workhorse iPA
American IPA OG: 1 .068 FG: 1 .012 ABV: 7 .5 IBUs: 80 Color: Golden

This beer’s golden color arises from the fact that 95 percent of the malt bill is good old-fashioned two-row pale . Flaked rye contributes to its dry, crisp flavor . It’s first-wort hopped with Cascades for an intensely citrusy hop flavor without all the bitterness . A triple dose of Saaz at flame-off enhances its floral, delicate, spicy nose . Lompoc Brewing features a family of cozy brewpubs in Portland, including the New Old Lompoc, Hedge House, Oaks Bottom Public House, and the newest addition, the 5th Quadrant . Each location has a diverse menu of fresh pub grub, a full bar, and a lineup of Lompoc brews including LSD, C-Note Imperial Pale and Sockeye Cream Stout .

lompoc Brewing co
Portland, OR 503-288-3997 newoldlompoc .com

lompoc extra special Pale
ESP OG: 1 .040 FG: 1 .006 ABV: 4 .6 IBUs: 12 Color: Golden


Malt, wheat and oats form the substance of this light bodied yet rich tasting American version of a Belgian white ale . Coriander, lime leaves and a “secret blend” of herbs add subtle citrusy nuances to this translucent, quaffable beer . This would be a perfect match for a falafel or hummus plate . The Lost Coast Brewery and Café has “herstory .” Founded in 1990 by Barbara Groom and Wendy Pound in a 100-year-old restored wood frame structure, the brewery has since outgrown the original facilities in the Pythian Castle . Lost Coast now produces nearly 30,000 barrels per year of English-style ales with a West Coast twist .

lost coast Brewery
Eureka, CA 707-445-4484 lostcoast .com

great White
Belgian Witbier OG: 1 .050 FG: 1 .010 ABV: 4 .8 IBUs: 11 Color: Golden

Solar Flare Ale is a light, refreshing ale, perfect for a hot summer day . That’s only fair, since the water used in the brewing process was heated by the sun in the Lucky Lab’s solar water heating system . Great Western and Scottish pale malts are joined by a light Briess Carapils to give the beer its golden hue, while Brewers Gold hops provide a moderate, balancing bitterness . The Lucky Labrador Brew Pub opened its doors 14 years ago in an old timbered warehouse just over the Hawthorne Bridge from downtown Portland . Now with a satellite pub in Multnomah Village and a second brewpub in Northwest Portland, brewer Alex Stiles and crew churned out 2,200 barrels of ale last year . Enjoy a pint with Fido in the dog-friendly outdoor beer garden!

lucky labrador Brewing co
Portland, OR 503-803-3658 luckylab .com

solar Flare Ale
Solar Powered Beer OG: 1 .052 FG: 1 .007 ABV: 5 .9 IBUs: 33 Color: Golden


MacTarnahan’s Sling Shot is a limited edition Extra Pale Ale with a rich golden color . Its lively hopped flavor, derived from Cascade and Nugget hops, makes for a mischievously good drinking beer . Founded in 1986, MacTarnahan’s Brewing marries old world brewing traditions with modern technology . One of Oregon’s brewing pioneers, MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale is Portland’s original Amber . MacTarnahan’s remains committed to making consistent, quality beers and contributes to the craft brewing landscape of Portland .

mactarnahan’s Brewing co
Portland, OR 503-226-7623 macsbeer .com

mactarnahan’s sling shot extra Pale Ale
Extra Pale Ale OG: 1 .062 FG: 1 .014 ABV: 6 .2 IBUs: 27 Color: Golden

This mahogany hued red ale brings an intense spectrum of spicy aromatic hop character balanced by a full-bodied caramel richness . Magnum, Chinook, Cascade and Willamette hops ride out the boil . More Cascades and Willamettes fill the hopback, giving it a fruity hop finish .
Handcrafted in Humboldt County, California since 1989

mad river Brewing co
Blue Lake, CA 707-668-4151 madriverbrewing .com

Jamaica red Ale
Amber OG: 1 .065 FG: 1 .015 ABV: 6 .6 IBUs: 45 Color: Red

Founded in 1989 in the small town of Blue Lake in the heart of Humboldt County, Mad River is committed to producing fine ales combining the most traditional brewing methods with an environmentally sound approach . Other beers include Steelhead Extra Pale, Steelhead Extra Stout, Steelhead Scotch Porter, Steelhead Double IPA, and Jamaica Sunset IPA .


An insane degree of hopping characterizes this well-named IPA . In addition to traditional hop additions at various stages of the boil, this one was first wort hopped, dry-hopped, run through a hopback - and even hopped in the mash . Winner of the annual McMenamins Hillsdale Brewfest by popular acclaim, this one will be a crowd-pleaser at the OBF as well . You’d never guess that this humble spot in Southwest Portland is full of beer history . A big, bowl-shaped planter in front of the bar was the pub’s original mash tun when it opened as one of the first brewpubs in the state in October 1985 . The recipe for that first batch is a scribbled-on piece of paper - framed and on display near the front door . Hillsdale Pub is a true Oregon brewing pioneer . mcmenamins hillsdale Brewery & Public house
Portland, OR 503-293-1753 mcmenamins .com

madman Jack’s insane Pale Ale
Double IPA OG: 1 .074 FG: 1 .012 ABV: 8 .0 IBUs: 113 Color: Light Amber

Celis White is a close replica to the original Hoegaarden Brewery’s Wit, and it should be - the two beers have the same creator, brewer Pierre Celis . Coriander seed and orange peel give this beer a light, refreshing taste . As is appropriate for an authentic Belgian wheat beer, it pours with a natural cloudy haze and a deep foaming head . Michigan Brewing, founded in 1995, revived Celis White with the blessing of Pierre himself when Celis Brewing went out of business . The reborn Celis White won a gold medal at the 2003 Great American Beer Festival . Try Michigan’s other fine craft brews, such as the Mackinac Pale Ale, a classic English bitter .

michigan Brewing co
Webberville, MI 517-521-3600 michiganbrewing .com

celis White
Belgian Wit OG: FG: ABV: 3 .9 IBUs: 16 Color: Golden


Brewed as a tribute to Arrow, the Aussie/border collie who quite literally “ran” New Belgium for 12 years, Mighty Arrow provides lots of pleasurable sniffs from Cascade and Amarillo hops . Balancing floral and citrus tones, this creamy ale quenches the thirst and intrigues the palate . From Fat Tire to Skinny Dip, New Belgium brews the gamut of rich-tasting beers friendly to your health and that of the planet’s . From wind-power to bio-diesel, and recycling heat to recycling water, it knows that it’s not just about brewing great beers, but making sure that future generations can, too!

new Belgium Brewing co
Fort Collins, CO 970-221-0524 newbelgium .com

mighty Arrow Pale Ale
Pale Ale OG: 1 .059 FG: 1 .010 ABV: 6 .0 IBUs: 35 Color: Golden

Bourbon barrel aged Dragon’s Milk is one of four medal-winning brews from New Holland’s “High Gravity” series . Dragon’s Milk has a soft, rich caramel malt character with vanilla oak undertones . This malt-forward beer is balanced with just the right touch of Nugget and Willamette hops . “Art in fermented form” - that’s New Holland’s mission . Established in 1996, New Holland has grown from a scrappy two-man startup to a thriving regional microbrewery, with two locations now producing more than 7,500 barrels of art per year . Dedicated to the community, its pub in downtown Holland is a great place to explore and share new ideas with friends .

new holland Brewing co
Holland, MI 616-355-6422 newhollandbrew .com

Dragon’s milk
Barrel Aged Strong Ale OG: 1 .076 FG: ABV: 8 .5 IBUs: Color: Black


Citrus, resin and downright dank describe the dominating hop flavor of this incredibly drinkable India Pale Ale made with Summit, Amarillo and Crystal hops . Eugene’s first production brewery, Ninkasi is proud to be the village brewers . Ninkasi, the goddess worshiped by the original brewing civilization of ancient Sumeria, turned grain mash to beer, and provided the foundation for progressive society . A more benevolent deity would be hard to find .

ninkasi Brewing co
Eugene, OR 541-344-2739 ninkasibrewing .com

total Domination iPA
IPA OG: 1 .062 FG: 1 .012 ABV: 6 .7 IBUs: 65 Color: Light Amber

This balanced Amber Ale is brewed with three different organic malts and three different Northwest hop varieties . Chinook hops provide earthy bitterness while Cascade and Crystal hops give it a crisp, citrusy nose . Two-row, crystal, Munich, chocolate and roasted malts balance the moderate hop bitterness with mild sweetness . Founded in 2006, Oakshire Brewing (formerly known as Willamette Brewery) of Eugene brews very small batches of artisan beer . While not certified organic, Oakshire uses only 100% organic base malt in all of its beers .

oakshire Brewing
Eugene, OR 541-688-4555 willamettebrewery .com

oakshire Brewing Amber
Amber OG: 1 .051 FG: 1 .010 ABV: 5 .4 IBUs: 30 Color: Dark Amber


Hopcask is proudly described as an “overlyhopped” Belgian Tripel, dry-hopped with a triple blend of Amarillo, Simcoe and Centennial hops Noble Saaz and Tettnanger hops give this beer a spicy, floral nose . Bourbon barrel aging with even more hops adds a rich complexity to this big but surprisingly light beer . The Old Market Pub and Brewery, located in the Garden Home neighborhood of Southwest Portland, has a new 15 BBL brewery that is cranking out enough beer to also accommodate its satellite pub in Northeast Portland . The original pub’s huge dining room, bar and fairweather deck provide a relaxing environment to try its all-organic house-made beers .

old market Pub & Brewery
Portland, OR 503-244-0450 drinkbeerhere .com

“hopcask” triple tripel organic
Overly Hopped Belgian Tripel OG: 1 .075 FG: 1 .015 ABV: 8 .1 IBUs: 39 Color: Golden

Like the sun on a summer’s day, this beer is brilliantly golden in color, with a fruity, floral aroma lent by a generous dose of Glacier hops . The breadlike toasted malt flavor comes from Golden Promise malt and torrefied wheat . Full-bodied but finishing smooth and clean, Surfer’s Summer Ale is a balanced, refreshing hot-weather treat . Located on the Oregon coast beside beautiful Cape Kiwanda, Pelican Pub has one of the most inspirational settings of any brewpub . Perhaps that’s what motivates head brewer Darron Welch, whose beers perennially win awards . Most recently, the brewery and brewer were respectively crowned the World Beer Cup 2008 Champion Brewery and Brewmaster for Large Brewpub .

Pelican Pub & Brewery
Pacific City, OR 503-965-7007 pelicanbrewery .com

surfer’s summer Ale
English Style Summer Ale OG: 1 .049 FG: 1 .600 ABV: 5 .5 IBUs: 20 Color: Golden


Inspired by Pyramid’s first beer in 1984 - Wheaten Ale, the first year-round wheat beer brewed in America since Prohibition - Crystal is light-bodied and refreshing, yet still full of flavor . Maybe that’s why the Great American Beer Festival awarded this beer back to back gold medals in 2006 and 2007 . Pyramid has been brewing quality craft ales and lagers in Seattle for nearly 25 years, winning more than 30 Great American Beer Festival medals in that time . The brewery has since expanded, adding new breweries in California, and continued to brew award-winning wheat beers inspired by Bavarian tradition as well as a variety of craft and seasonal brews .

Pyramid Breweries
Seattle, WA 206-682-8322 pyramidbrew .com

Pyramid crystal Wheat
American Style Wheat Beer OG: 1 .049 FG: 1 .010 ABV: 5 .3 IBUs: 17 Color: Golden

Late Harvest Autumn Ale falls outside of traditional categories . Starting as a conventional bitter, the heavier use of darker crystal malts and a touch of German smoked malt add complexity . Willamette and Chinook hops impart moderate bitterness while giving the beer its clean, crisp finish . Pioneering Northwest microbrewery Redhook has been brewing quality beers for more than 20 years . From its humble origins in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood to two state-of-the-art breweries in Washington and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Redhook is a true microbrewing success story .

redhook Ale Brewery
Woodinville, WA 425-483-3232 redhook .com

lat harvest Autumn Ale
American Bitter OG: 1 .059 FG: 1 .015 ABV: 6 .0 IBUs: 33 Color: Light Amber


Spicy Belgian yeast from LaChouffe lends this unique ale a spicy and mildly phenolic flavor . Sorghum, ginger, coriander, juniper berries, grains of paradise, lime zest and lime juice combine to create a complex and unique flavor profile unlike any other at the festival . It’s a “concept beer” that got a little out of control . And now it’s 27% gluten-free! rock Bottom Brewery
Portland, OR 503-796-2739 rockbottom .com Congo Queen

Belgian style colonial golden spiced sorghum Ale
OG: 1 .048 FG: 1 .006 ABV: 5 .5 IBUs: 20 Color: Golden

Rock Bottom is located just a few stumbles away from the festival grounds . It puts together a wide-ranging lineup of distinctive, well-made beers to complement its informal American cuisine and lively bar scene . The brewers, under the direction of head brewer Van Havig, have wide latitude to create inventive brews such as Congo Queen .

True to Rogue form, this beer doesn’t fit any known beer style guidelines . A strong ale named in honor of Glen Hay Falconer, a beloved brewer who passed away, Glen is amber-hued, sporting a dense creamy head with a fruity, hoppy aroma . Big malt flavors expand on the palate . Glen finishes with a moderate hop bitterness that lingers deliciously . Hedonistic! Master brewer John Maier produces awesome beers at the Rogue Brewery in Newport . The brewery is known for creativity, flavor and variety – producing more than 30 beers! Many of its beers are available the Flanders Street Pub, about a mile from the festival grounds, which also houses a microdistillery .

rogue Ales
Newport, OR 541-867-3660 rogue .com

Strong Ale OG: 1 .073 FG: 1 .013 ABV: 8 .7 IBUs: 74 Color: Brown


Brewed with 70% organic red wheat, lightly hopped with German Hallertaur and inoculated with locally grown apricot and scotch bonnet peppers, this superior fruit ale has a great palate and a fresh, perfumey nose reminiscent of spring . Founded in 2005, Roots is Oregon’s first certified all-organic brewery . Its pub, just a stroll across the Hawthorne Bridge from the festival, serves hearty and healthy pub food and an array of its hand-crafted award-winning ales . Year-round favorites include the Burghead Heather Ale, Woody IPA and eXXXcalibur Imperial Stout . Seasonals include a Gruit Kölsch and a Toasted Coconut Porter .

roots organic Brewing co
Portland, OR 503-235-7668 rootsorganicbrewing .com

calypso Ale
Hybrid OG: 1 .044 FG: 1 .010 ABV: 4 .4 IBUs: 14 Color: Golden

This one’s for the chief among the brave . Even its hops - which include Warrior and Simcoe - hint at its Native American roots . CTZ, Centennial and Cascade hops also help give it a very fruitforward hoppiness, while a touch of caramel malt provides the requisite silky texture . The finish is intensely bitter, yet also smooth and dry . It pairs well with either burgers or brie . Russian River Brewing is a fantastic brewery from California’s Sonoma County . It has won numerous awards, including Small Brewpub of the Year from the Great American Beer Festival . Its convivial pub in Santa Rosa features great food, knowledgeable servers and live music . Look for Russian River locally, as it’s now available in Portland!

P liny E lder

russian river Brewing co
Santa Rosa, CA 707-545-2337 russianriverbrewing .com

Pliny the elder
Double IPA OG: 1 .070 FG: 1 .011 ABV: 8 .0 IBUs: 92 Color: Light Amber

the the


Red Horse Ale, Sacramento Brewing’s flagship beer, won a bronze medal at the 2008 World Beer Cup, and you’ll soon see why . A balanced amber ale, its firm hop character derived from Amarillo, Centennial and Summit hops balances its caramel-like sweetness . Dry-hopping adds a pungent pine and citrus aroma and complexity to this rich red ale . Sacramento Brewing opened its original location in 1995 and expanded into its second, the Oasis, in 1996 . Now the largest brewery in Sacramento, its award-winning brews include Red Horse Ale and Imperial Stout, winner of the bronze medal at the 2007 Great American Beer Festival .

sacramento Brewing co
Sacramento, CA 916-485-4677 sacbrew .com

red horse Ale
American Amber OG: 1 .058 FG: 1 .013 ABV: 6 .2 IBUs: 35 Color: Red

Sierra Nevada Summerfest is a refreshing pilsner-style lager . Lighter in body than most ales, Summerfest displays significant hop aroma and a tangy hop bite from Perle, Saaz and Spalt Select hops . The long lagering period adds a smoothness that accentuates the flavor of its two-row pale, Munich and Europils malts . Founded in 1980 and still under original ownership, Sierra Nevada has grown to become one of the largest craft breweries in the country . It uses only whole hops - no pellets or extracts - in its beers . The brewery takes environmental stewardship seriously, running on a one megawatt hydrogen fuel cell complex, complemented by seven acres of solar panels . It is the second largest privately owned solar array in the country .

sierra nevada Brewing co
Chico, CA 530-893-3520 sierranevada .com

Pilsner Style Lager OG: 1 .048 FG: 1 .011 ABV: 5 .0 IBUs: 30 Color: Golden


Pale malt flavors balance a rich hop character and a light fruit bouquet in this seasonal spring lager . Traditional dry-hopping and eight weeks of aging give this strong blonde bock a distinctive flowery aroma and a potent kick . Since its founding in 1985, Sprecher Brewing has made a name for itself by crafting Old World beer styles under the Reinheitsgebot German beer purity laws . Its wide range of German, English and Belgian style lagers and ales earned it Small Brewery of the Year honors at the 2004 Great American Beer Festival .

sprecher Brewing co
Glendale, WI 414-964-7837 sprecherbrewery .com

mai Bock
Blonde Bock OG: 1 .056 FG: 1 .016 ABV: 6 .0 IBUs: 24 Color: Dark Amber

Made with six different malts - five of them organic - and house ground almond flour, this English brown ale has a roasted, nutty flavor . A neutral Nottingham yeast, low levels of English hops, and Edinburgh-style water allow the beer’s malty characteristics to shine . Founded in 1996, Standing Stone is Ashland’s only full service restaurant and brewery, located downtown in the Whittle Garage, a National Historic Registered building . All Standing Stone ales are made in 10 BBL batches using more than 80 percent organic malts . The brewery makes every effort to operate sustainably, and the Oregon Department of Energy has called Standing Stone a leader in restaurant energy conservation .

standing stone Brewing co
Ashland, OR 541-482-2448 standingstonebrewing .com

standing stone Almond Brown Ale
English Nut Brown Ale OG: 1 .050 FG: 1 .016 ABV: 4 .3 IBUs: 20 Color: Brown


Bulldog is an easy-drinking brew with a big hoppy kick . Kick back with one after a long day’s work in summer, and see for yourself how the pale, crystal, Carapils, and Vienna malts blend smoothly with the Chinook, Cascade, and Centennial hops . Dry hopping makes it just that much more thirst-quenching . Steelhead has won many awards since opening its original brewhouse in Eugene in 1991 . Now with three operating breweries, it has distinguished itself by creating flavorful, fullbodied brews that have won over fans all the way to Southern California, amassing a total of 24 medals in the process at the Great American Beer Festival .

steelhead Brewing co
Eugene, OR 541-341-1330 steelheadbrewery .com

Bulldog Pale Ale
American Pale Ale OG: 1 .056 FG: 1 .014 ABV: 5 .8 IBUs: 37 Color: Golden

In defiance of gravity, Stone brings you Levitation Ale . This deep amber ale has rich malt flavors, a big hoppy character, and citrus overtones, courtesy of Magnum, Simcoe, Crystal and Amarillo hops and Stone’s special brewers yeast . First released in 2002, Levitation Ale is modest on the alcohol and big on flavor . Greg Koch and Steve Wagner founded Stone Brewing Co . in 1996 so they could make beers they liked - and they have stuck to that philosophy . The company now brews 12 different beers in its Escondido brewery, including its esteemed IPA and Arrogant Bastard Ales . Special Release beers, made in a single batch only once a year, include Old Guardian Barely Wine, Imperial Russian Stout, and the coveted Vertical Epic Ale .

stone Brewing co
Escondido, CA 760-471-4999 stonebrew .com

stone levitation Ale
Amber Ale OG: 1 .048 FG: 1 .013 ABV: 4 .4 IBUs: 45 Color: Dark Amber


Summit is proud to present its flagship beer, Extra Pale Ale, to the Oregon Brewers Festival . Summit’s first-born child, this beer made Papa proud by taking the bronze medal at the 2007 Great American Beer Festival . Brewed in the British style, it balances malt and hops with notes of citrus in the aroma . Founded in 1986, Summit Brewing’s goal is to bring back the remarkable craft beers once brewed throughout the upper Midwest . Summit’s 11 European-inspired beers, available in 13 states, are all brewed with traditional ingredients and methods in small batches .

summit Brewing co
St Paul, MN 651-265-7800 summitbrewing .com

summit extra Pale Ale
Classic English Style Pale Ale OG: 1 .048 FG: 1 .008 ABV: 5 .3 IBUs: 38 Color: Light Amber

This one will both help you relax, and wake you up in the morning! Guatemalan coffee beans roasted by Minneapolis local Coffee and Tea Ltd . are added post-fermentation, utilizing a cold extraction process . Coffee Bender took the Gold at the 2007 Great American Beer Festival . It’s not just for breakfast anymore . Homebrewer Omar Ansari’s hobby outgrew his garage, and in 2005, he and former Rock Bottom brewer Todd Haug opened Minnesota’s first new brewery west of the Mississippi since 1987 . Try their summer CynicAle, the uber-hoppy Furious, or Darkness Russian Imperial Stout . Get Surly!

surly Brewing co
Brooklyn Center, MN 763-535-3330 surlybrewing .com

coffee Bender
Coffee Flavored American Brown OG: 1 .058 FG: 1 .015 ABV: 5 .6 IBUs: 40 Color: Brown


Terminal Gravity’s IPA is pale copper in color but big in flavor with a heady hop character . TG uses spring water and snow melt from high in the Eagle Cap Wilderness . Complex maltiness balances the hoppy bite, as do the peachy notes imparted by the yeast . This beer was named Beer of the Year by the Oregonian . Like an oasis in the desert, Terminal Gravity serves quality, flavorful beers from its home base in tiny Enterprise . Its beers are as big as the scenery of the beautiful Wallowa Mountains under whose shadow they are brewed . TG industriously pumps out enough beer to be in the top 10 Oregon breweries from its tiny homemade five BBL brewhouse .

terminal gravity
Enterprise, OR 541-426-0158 terminalgravitybrewing .com

Northwest IPA OG: 1 .061 FG: 1 .012 ABV: 6 .9 IBUs: 69 Color: Light Amber

Trumer Pils is a traditional European Pilsner brewed to the exacting standards of Salzburg’s 400-year-old Trumer Brauerei . It has a creamy head, effervescent mouthfeel and a slightly hoppy nose that gives way to its signature clean, dry finish . The finest German and Austrian malts and Austrian and Hallertauer hops give this pilsner its crisp, bitter flavor . Now operating a sister brewery in Berkeley, this historic Austrian brewery brings its Old-World traditions to the progressive brewing environs of the US West Coast . Brewed exactly as it is in the old country, Trumer Pils won a Gold medal at the 2006 European Beer Star Awards and again at the 2007 Australian International Beer Awards .

trumer Brauerei
Berkeley, CA 510-526-1160 trumer-international .com

trumer Pils
Pilsner OG: 1 .046 FG: 1 .008 ABV: 4 .9 IBUs: 26 Color: Golden


Alchemy? Is it just this beer’s hop variety, or have the Widmer Brothers discovered a way to turn grain into gold? This beer gets its name from the town of Nelson, New Zealand, from whence another of its hop varieties hails amidst worldclass Sauvignon grapes . The slight spiciness and berry-like fruitiness come from the Nelson soil . The alcohol level may turn you down under . Widmer Brothers defined the style for “American Hefeweizen” and since then have continued to push the envelope to create new, interesting beers and revive forgotten styles of yore . Try its Drop Top Amber, “W” beers, or Collaborator series, made from recipes designed by homebrewers .

Widmer Bros. Brewing co
Portland, OR 503-281-2437 widmer .com

Full nelson
OG: 1 .088 FG: 1 .017 ABV: 10 .0 IBUs: 70 Color: Light Amber

A proprietary yeast originally from the Paffgen brewery in Koln makes this pilsner-esque ale ferment clean with a subtle fruitiness and white wine character . Very pale in color, with aromas of German Hallertauer and Perle hops, this beer begins slightly sweet on the palate and blends through spicy hop flavors to a spicy finish . Wild River Brewing was established in 1990 . The original seven BBL brewhouse in Cave Junction still produces many of its seasonal and specialty brews, such as Cave Bear Barley Wine, Hibernator Dopple Bock and Blackberry Porter . Its big brother in Grants Pass brews up yearrounders such as Double Eagle Russian Imperial Stout, Honeywheat and this Kölsch .

Wild river Brewing
Grants Pass, OR 541-471-7487 wildriverbrewing .com

harbor lights
Kölsch Style Ale OG: 1 .047 FG: 1 .007 ABV: 5 .0 IBUs: 20 Color: Golden


This light yet flavorful ale is thirst-quenching . Golden in color and moderately hopped, its relatively low alcohol content means you can enjoy a couple of tasters, or even a full mug, while waiting for the lines to subside . Cascade and two doses of Sterling hops balance the tworow and honey malt base . One of the newer breweries at the festival, this 10 BBL facility is committed to brewing only unfiltered ales on draught . In spite of its small size, it pumped out 400 barrels in 2007 .

Wildfire Brewing co
Bend, OR 541-585-1007 wildfirebrewingco .com

Wildfire summer seasonal
Golden Blonde Ale OG: 1 .044 FG: 1 .008 ABV: 4 .6 IBUs: 26 Color: Golden

Holly O’Leary


503.539.7610 hollyo@opusnet.com www.hollyolearydesign.com


Available at Rogue pubs in Newport, Astoria, Portland, Eugene, and Wherever Fine Beer is Sold.


We’re just a stone’s throw away from the festival!
Morrison St. Alder

SW 2nd Burnside

Rock Bottom offers fresh handcrafted beers brewed on-premise, and a full menu. Stop by for a Brewery Tour during the festival.



Front Ave.

✪ BreW FeStivAl

live music at 9pm. no cover!


Serious about our food. Crazy about our beer.

Corner of 2nd and Morrison | 503.796.2739 | www.rockbottom.com

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Caldera Brewing Co Lost Coast Brewery Lompoc Brewing Co Lang Creek Brewing Roots Organic Brewing Boulevard Brewing Co Cascade Brewing Co Hales Ales Brewery & Pub Michigan Brewing Co 21st Amendment Brewery Pyramid Breweries Alaskan Brewing Co Allagash Brewing Co Pelican Pub & Brewery Rock Bottom Brewery Wild River Brewing Fifty Fifty Brewing Co Fearless Brewing Co Four + Brewing Golden Valley Brewery Hazel Dell Brewpub Deschutes Brewery Trumer Brauerei Wild re Brewing Co MacTarnahan's Brewing Co Sierra Nevada Brewing Co Full Sail Brewing Co Goose Island Beer Co Hopworks Urban Brewery Electric Brewing Lucky Labrador Brewing Co Bayern Brewing New Belgium Brewing Co Anderson Valley Brewing Co Steelhead Brewing Co Old Market Pub & Brewery Blue Frog Grog & Grill Caldera Ginger Ale Great White Lompoc Extra Special Pale Mandarin Hefeweizen Calypso Ale Zon Razberry Wheat Hale's Kölsch Celis White Hell or High Watermelon Pyramid Crystal Wheat Alaskan Summer Ale Allagash White Surfer's Summer Ale Congo Queen Harbor Lights Foggy Goggle White Clackamas Cream Ale Rype Cote d’Or Vancouver IPA 20th Anniversary Wit Trumer Pils Wild re Summer Seasonal MacTarnahan's Sling Shot Extra Pale Ale Summerfest Full Sail Ltd 02 Matilda HUB Lager Electric Beer Solar Flare Ale Bayern Pilsner Mighty Arrow Pale Ale Poleeko Gold Pale Ale Bulldog Pale Ale "Hopcask" Triple Tripel Organic Blonde Frog Ale

Laurelwood Brewing Co Redhook Ale Brewery Summit Brewing Co Boundary Bay Brewery Great Divide Brewing Co Ninkasi Brewing Co Terminal Gravity Widmer Bros. Brewing Co Eel River Brewing Co Collaborator Amnesia Brewing Co Russian River Brewing Co Dick's Brewing Co BridgePort Brewing Co Lagunitas Brewing Co McMenamins Hillsdale Brewery & Public House Sprecher Brewing Co Oakshire Brewing Alameda Brewhouse Kona Brewing Co Boulder Beer Co Stone Brewing Co Sacramento Brewing Co Green Flash Brewing Co Mad River Brewing Co Laughing Dog Brewing Eugene City Brewery Flying Fish Brewing Co Standing Stone Brewing Co Surly Brewing Co Grand Teton Brewing Co Rogue Ales Bell's Brewery Bison Brewing Iron Horse Brewery New Holland Brewing Co Bell's Porter Organic Chocolate Stout Quilter's Irish Death Dragon's Milk Love Fish Abbey Dubbel Standing Stone Almond Brown Ale Coffee Bender Mai Bock Oakshire Brewing Amber East Village Amber Kona Mac Nut Brown Ale Hazed & Infused Stone Levitation Ale Red Horse Ale Hop Head Red Jamaica Red Ale Late Harvest Autumn Ale Summit Extra Pale Ale

Workhorse IPA

Dry Hopped Crystal Pale Ale Titan IPA Total Domination IPA IPA Full Nelson Organic IPA Resurrection Rye Copacetic IPA Pliny the Elder Dick's IPA BridgePort Hop Czar Lagunitas Hop Stoopid Madman Jack’s Insane Pale Ale

Rocket Dog
100 Meter Ale

Bitch Creek ESB Glen

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