Education Project for Kibuku Community by Ebenezer Need: Kibuku is small growing town where we have found a challenge

to get a Good, Christian and English teaching SCHOOL with qualified teachers which can train our children. Most school here are training their children in vernacular yet at the end of the day the national exams are set in English. The only schools with good results where our children have attended school in the past is at a distance that it needs transport for the children to reach school. Most times when they walk our children get tired and sleep in class. Objective: Ebenezer Children’s ministry of providing quality Education to the orphans (infected and affected by HIV/AIDS) and to the community. Goals: • Have a Christian background for our children and other children in the community so that they are groomed in a God fearing manner. • Teach English and provide quality education for our children. • That our children will easily access education without getting weak and much transport being spent This shall also help us to properly monitor the progress of our children academically, health wise. Staff: We already had one nursery teacher in the current staff and we are looking forward to recruiting one or two more depending on the Number of pupils we shall have. Tuition: 1st Term (Feb to early May):

60,000UGX Includes tuition, uniforms, admission fee, toilet paper and exam fee nd 2 Term (End of May-August): 35,000UGX tuition rd 3 Term (September-December): 35000UGX tuition

Current Enrollment: 18 Ebenezer students

LIST OF CHILDREN TO BE ENROLLED FOR SCHOOL IN THIS NEXT ACADEMIC YEAR 2013 NAME Naguti Ruth. B Mwanain Nicholas Naulele Emma Travice Diana Mbawele Logose Patricia Gabiri Bruklan Twalo Manjeri Patience Nakola Emmanuel Ziada Logose Namulemeri Shamira Scovia. E. Naunga Zaake Sadi George Pera Moses kakungulu Musa Hussein Pande Vivian .A .mwagale Eveline Akiling GROUND TOTAL SEX F M M F F M F M F F F M M M M M F F ClASS Primary three Middle Primary two Baby Middle Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby AMOUNT AT $2700 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 22.2 400 DOLLARS

Tuiti on 35,00 0

Uniform -17,000 Admissions - 3000 Toilet paper and examination fee -5000 Total =60,000 ==22.222 dollars for the begging term.
A term is THREE months and there are THREE terms in one year. we call them, first term (Feb to earlier May) ,Second term (end of May - August), third term (September to December ). This means every child pays 35,000 per term which is 105,000 Tuition for one child

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