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The gold Ring of the Fisherman worn by the Pope has an image of St. Peter on it, along with the popes name in Latin. It is destroyed after each popes death. During a papal audience it is customary to kneel and kiss the ring. FISHERMANS RING

The Pectoral Cross containing a reliquary in which are enclosed relics of holy martyrs or a relic of the True Cross, is worn on the chest, usually from a cord or chain around the popes neck. PEC T ORAL CROSS

The Papal Cross or ferula is the pastoral staff used by the Pope. PAPAL CROSS

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The crossed keys symbolize the authority that Jesus gave Peter which has since been passed down to each pope. The keys are gold and silver to represent the power of loosing and binding. KEYS

The Mozzetta is a short cape-shaped garment, covering the shoulders and reaching only to the elbow. The Popes Mozzetta is always red, except during Easterweek when he wears white. MOZZE TT A

The white scull cap which is worn by the pope is called a zuchetto. ZUCHE TT O
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The pallium is a long woolen cloth, worn across the popes shoulders, representing his responsibility as pastor of Christs flock. PALLIUM

When the pope attends a religious ceremony but is not the celebrant, he wears choir dress including a white cassock, rochet, red silk mozzetta, red-and-gold embroidered stole with fringes and his pectoral cross hangs from a golden cord. CHOIR DRESS

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The popes ordinary dress, which is worn for daily use outside of liturgical functions, consists of a white simar (a cassock with a shoulder cape attached) girded with the fringed white fascia (often with the papal coat of arms embroidered on it), the pectoral cross suspended from a gold cord, red papal shoes, and his white zucchetto. On more formal occasions the pope may wear a red cape. Outdoors he may wear the cappello romano, a wide brimmed hat, which is usually red. ORD INARY DRESS
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The Papal Tiara is a crown that was worn by popes of the Roman Catholic Church as early as the 8th century. The three-tiered form that it took in the 14th century is known as the Triregnum or triple crown. The triple crown represents the popes three functions as Supreme Pastor, Supreme Teacher and Supreme Priest. The gold cross on globe surmounting the tiara symbolizes the sovereignty of Jesus. PAPAL T IARA

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