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Further Adventures in Dowsing - the Charts
Compiled, written and conceived by Dave Cowan, Boulder, CO

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Disclaimer The information in this Manual is for Educational and Entertainment purposes only. It is in no way intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or otherwise affect any mental, physical or psychological disease, disorder or illness. Anyone seeking medical treatment or diagnosis should consult with a Licensed Health Professional. Given the regrettable track record of misdiagnosis and over prescription of dangerous drugs by the medical establishment, however, anyone deciding to do this is further encouraged to always seek at least a second opinion. Do your own preventative homework. Educate yourself, take responsibility, live fully and freely. 2

3 . We share this kind of survival reflex with all living things. This occurs in part because of certain physical structures in the body that respond to ‘subtle’. which operates beneath conscious awareness. Given this proportion. Using visual charts is easier for many people than navigating text or auditory modalities of learning alone. or non-physical. forms of energy. but actually makes up 90% of our brain capacity. When you make a conscious decision to act upon the physical world. or ‘ANS’. rather than just relying on it as a ‘fire alarm’. or pick up a glass of water. which aspect of Intelligence would you put more confidence in to give you more complete information on a situation? When we put a question to the Superconscious Mind. How do the charts work? Let us review for a moment the dynamics of Dowsing. This is very convenient! The ANS also responds automatically to what it perceives as threat…the so-called ‘fight or flight’ response. for example you type on a keyboard. With Dowsing. However. About three fourths of us are ‘visual learners’. The most obvious of these structures would be the Autonomic Nervous System. ‘Adventures in Dowsing’ (available as a download from www. It is part of what is also called ‘electrophysiological reactivity’. we experience an interface between the physical and non-physical dimensions. down to the smallest microbe. it will respond through the ANS and the smaller or ‘micro’ muscles of the body…the same way it would respond to a life stressor through the ‘fight or flight’ response.net) a quick and easy way to get helpful information from your Superconcious Mind is through the use of Dowsing Charts. You do this when. heart rate and countless physical processes so you don’t have to consciously think of these things. The ANS is designed to operate automatically to regulate body functions like breathing. Charts are ‘hands on’ tools. the ANS is wired into the Superconscious Mind.INTRODUCTION A s outlined briefly in the first volume. The difference with Dowsing is that you are consciously tapping into this deeper intelligence. compared to the 10% capacity used by the Conscious Mind. and can be made quickly and easily to measure and affect practically any issue imaginable. you can move your body to act on your command. the ability to instantaneously react in order to adjust to changes in our environment. These kinds of actions involve the conscious mind sending information through the Central Nervous System to the larger ‘motor muscles’ in the body.bluesunenergetics.

or your Superconscious Mind which retains the memory of and communication potential with ‘all that is’? 4 . This infers a Divine ‘Thinker’. but is involved in nonlocal reality and can affect matter and energy through the power of attention and intention. while many still hold on to the wish that we are still somehow the foundational Cause of the Mind…in other words. Many researchers have observed the strong correlations between Quantum functions and traditional views of Metaphysics and Spirituality. or Oneness. preceding the material universe and thus the brain. ‘we made ourselves’. has ‘stepped out of the mirror’ enough to appreciate the possibility that a pre-existing Intelligence. your Superconscious Mind is holographically ‘wired’ into not only all possible knowledge. Of course this computer. the time-bound conditioned and fearful. Somehow we evolved a biological computer we call the brain. but also into appreciating your true Self as One with that Intelligence. The experiencer of Non Dual reality. ‘Non-local’ also infers not being limited to linear time or space. Again. time or space. As an expression of this Prime Intelligence. We find that the brain is the vehicle for the Mind. The Quantum Physicists. and is thus chained to the physical world…thus the ‘Empiricist’s Oath’: ‘Anything measurable is real. individuation and the fears this imaginary condition fosters. anything not measurable is imagination’. is at the causal root of even the Mind itself. to what aspect of your self would you prefer to refer to for accurate and helpful information? The choice is limited to two. As such. The Mind fills the Universe. although ‘logical’ (in its own terms) ego. The Quantum Physicist would offer that we now can demonstrate that the brain supports Quantum Functions as well as physical ones.What is the Superconscious Mind then? A traditional Materialist scientist would say it is the product of millions of years of physical evolution. though amazing. Dare we say ‘God’? If this were true. or Creator. the brain is not limited to operating within the sensory world. which can exist without a brain! The Mind is a non-local point of awareness not limited by the body. This wish represents one of the final defensive bastions of the ego. then all seemingly separate aspects of the Universe are unified in this Prime Intelligence. is pretty much limited to perceiving sensory data. the ego being a set of conditioned beliefs built on the false foundation of separation. have not quite yet made the leap to acknowledging the causal directionality of these processes. although recognizing Oneness in the form of ‘entanglement’.

or can be taken up by the ego for its own purposes of keeping up the illusion of separation. optimal frequency. the practice of Dowsing can be offered in the service of Spirit for true healing. and allowing the Superconscious Mind to direct the movement toward the answer. or bringing in. a word on the value of ‘non attachment to outcomes’. Dowsing works best when it is used for Healing or a return to Wholeness. I also acknowledge the work of Doreen Virtue and all the teachers I have met along the way. Thank You! And finally. As with any Healing Art. All of the charts involve holding pendulum over the fulcrum or center point. There are explanations with suggested questions and approaches for shifting energies with each of the charts. Most of the charts will provide information that will lead to the opportunity to either remove or improve something. but consider building you own personal set as well. of energies. This is a form of Dowsing I like to call ‘Active Dowsing’ that goes above and beyond just getting information. based on your own learning and what is revealed to you. I also want to thank my friend and colleague Montgomery Young who generously provided his skill and time in putting these charts together from my rough sketches. accuracy. Be sure to be coming from a clear place when approaching the charts. I again refer you to the first manual on techniques for removal and enhancement. etc. or were modified from other’s work. this could be Dowsed”. These charts represent the accumulation of ‘dowsable’ issues that came to me over the years. assured of your protection. I would like to acknowledge my teacher. a new chart would result. “Hey. . for introducing me to this way of working.USING THE CHARTS – MIND SET P lease refer to ‘Adventures in Dowsing’ for the preliminaries and basic clearings involved in a typical Dowsing session. or ‘Passive Dowsing’. which is ‘wholeness’ or returning to Oneness. Nobody has the patent on ‘the right way’ to Dowse! I have provided a set of dowsing template blanks in the back that you may duplicate for your own (non-commercial) use. Raymon Grace. Use these charts for as much as they are helpful. asking the appropriate question. Trust your intuition and Guides to help you. Whenever I would read about or hear of a new set of variables or way of seeing something and it would occur to me. These charts are to be used as an appendix or in addition to the protocol outlined there. I highly recommend you do the same. Some of these evolved out of workshops. as this is the common solution to all perceived ‘problems’.

time. and the Universe is our relationships with each other’ is one of my favorite quotes from Golas’ ‘The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment’. May your Dowsing be an assist to you on your Path of Knowing who you really are! And you are amazing beyond words! 6 . space and the world. we are moving from the age of ‘belief’ to the age of ‘knowing’. the body. Give the power of your Superconscious Mind back to its source. So please don’t take what you think of as ‘your self’ too seriously. any feeling or idea that makes us feel better or worse than anyone is coming from ego. confidence and knowing. and leave the results up to Spirit (God. It is only on the level of form. or the Divine. especially as the first results from Dowsing begin to manifest. So there is nothing really to be accomplished here.There is a tendency. Actually. We are all operating within the One Mind of the Divine. where it is possible to suffer. And let’s help each along the way as best we can by sharing whatever we do from this place of inner peace. All we as healers can ever do is shorten the time it takes to come back to this understanding…this is called ‘Awakening to our True Self. other than realizing that who we really are is not ‘here’ at all! We are One with the One.’ Eventually. It is said that with the movement from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. ‘We are all equal beings. or whatever word or symbol works for you). we all will Awaken. for the ego to jump in by making us feel somehow ‘special’ or particularly powerful. Our wholeness and Healing are already accomplished on the level of Spirit.

and access the appropriate charts that way. You may also enquire about sponsoring a Dowsing event in your area. etc. E.APPROACHES H ere are some suggestions how best to use the charts. This is an amazingly transformative course aimed at deepening your Spiritual awareness which leads to a recognized License as a Spiritual Healer. “Is this an appropriate chart to use for (person. After a number of clearings. Physical or Environmental Domains. Ask from the Contents page.net Consider signing on to the Newsletter and be kept updated on our events. 3. using these materials in your classes. and then ask for the number of the first chart. situation)?” Go down the list of charts and wait for a ‘Yes’ response. There will be some variation of focus within certain charts. Simply open each to each chart and ask. or. Please direct any questions or comments (success stories!) to: info@bluesunenergetics. don’t for get to fill any voids with 5th Dimensional energies. Spiritual. so please don’t limit your search by this criteria only. the second one. You may want to ask if an issue is ‘at root’ pertaining to one or more of these areas. En’ as pertaining to either Mental. or use your ‘Hand Chart’ to dowse out how many charts on the page or in the list apply. if you are a Trainer. . 1. P. Earn the recognition and legal protection you deserve! The Charts have been coded ‘M. Also note our ‘Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Healer Coach Licensing’ program. situation)?” Wait for a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ response 2. S. Emotional. Dowse ou t the number of digits in the answer. “How many of these charts would be helpful today for (person.

......................................................... 12 3..................... 24 [ ME ] 8............................................................................................................................................................. CHALLENGES 1 ................................................ 28 (MESP) 10...................... BLOCKAGES AND DOORWAYS .......................................... AURA FREQUENCY IN HERTZ ................................................................................. 34 (MES) 13....................... 40 (MES) 15........................................................... DARK ENTITIES 1 ................................. 44 (MES) 8 ........... IDENTITY FOCUS .............................................................. 22 [ MES ] 7............... BLOCKAGES .............................................................................................................................................................. BALANCE CHART................................. 20 [ MES ] 6.................................................. MEGA HERTZ SCALE .......................... 11 2...................... 14 4........................................................................................................................................................ LIFE ARENAS .................................. CHALLENGES 2 ............ 36 (MS) 14..................................... 32 (SP) 12. 16 [ MES ] 5............... DARK ENTITIES 2 ......................... 26 (MESPEN) 9.................................................................................................. CHART OF TEN ................................................... EXPANDED IDENTITY ............................................ STARTING POINT ........................ 30 (MES) 11..............................................................................................................................................CONTENTS – LIST OF CHARTS PAGE | DOMAINS 1............ BRAIN WAVE FREQUENCIES .............................................

................................................ POSITIVE ARCHETYPES ........................... 59 (MES) 26...... 55 (S) 23........................................................... WHO YOU GONNA CALL? ....................................................................................................................... 61 (MES) 27................ NON BENEFICIAL ENERGY PATTERNS ........................................................................ 70 ( P) 9 .. 49 (SP) 18.......................................... PH ACID ALKALINE SCALE ........................... 54 (S) 22.. WATER SURFACE TENSION ............................... 53 (S) 21................................................................................................. ASCENDED MASTERS 2 .. ORGAN OF CONCERN ........... 63 (MES) 28............. CHAKRA LEAKAGE ...... 51 (MESP) 20........................... 65 (MES) 29................................................................. 57 (S) 25..................................................................................16................. BENEVOLENT ETS ........ 68 (P) 31..................................... 56 (S) 24....................... COLORS ............................. 50 (MEP) 19....................................................................................................... MORE ANGELIC HELPERS ........................................................................................................................................................................................ 67 (P) 30............................................................................................................................................................................. LIMITING ARCHETYPE ........................ ASCENDED MASTERS 1 ....................................................................................................... IMPLANTS ...................................... 47 (MESP) 17................... MUSICAL TONES .............................................................. SOURCES OF ENERGY AND INFORMATION ........

CORE FEARS 2 .. 84 (PS) 39............................................................................................................ SOLFEGGIOS........... WEIGHT CONTROL ... MENTAL..................................................................... CORE FEARS 1 .................................. SPIRITUAL EXTRAS ............................................................32........... 98-101 10 ................................... 76 (P) 36.................................. 80 (EP) 37................................... PARIETAL LOBE ACTIVITY ....................................... 90 (EP) 42......... CELL TRANS MEMBRANE ELECTRICAL POTENTIAL ............................ 86 (P) 40........................... 5 ELEMENTS........................ MERIDIANS ....................... CUSTOM BLANK CHARTS ......................................... HOMEOPATHIC POTENCIES ...................................................................... HEALING FREQUENCIES .............. 72 (ME) 34............................................................................ 71 (ME) 33............................................................................................................................. 94 (PEN) 43........... 82 (M) 38......................................................................... 88 (P) 41.................... MIASMS ................... EARTH ENERGIES AND GEOPATHIC STRESS ..................................................................................... PHYSICAL.................. 74 (MSP) 35...

etc. You can see the numbers as they are. It can be used for counting. It can also be used (cautiously) for predicative information. With Probability (as a Percent) always qualify. etc. miles. as the Future is wide open. years. pounds. light years. “Under current conditions…what is the Probability that…?” See ‘Adventures’ for more. or ‘Probability”. 1000’s. How you set it up in your Mind determines how you use it. You can also use it as a ‘Percentage’ scale.1. or as 10’s. 100’s. and we are creating it as we go. It can be used to measure practically anything that can be measured. EG: “What percentage of the population can learn to Dowse?” or ‘”What percent of my income should I donate to charity?” etc. gallons. inches. BASIC CHART OF 10 T his chart is the most universal of all charts. 11 . I say ‘cautiously’.

person or situation affect my energy?” Corrective procedure: If an organ measures ‘weak’ (Yin side) use a Right Spin to raise the energy. Deficit’. Ask. You can ask about the energetic state of the body or organ this way. “What is the effect of this food or supplement on my body?” or ‘How does this place. 12 . If an issue measures on the right side (Yang. No matter what the application. EG: any kind of issue measured as “Yin’ or ‘Yang’. or over energized) use a Left Spin to reduce the energy or Stress. BASIC BALANCE CHART -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 -8 -9 +8 +9 -10 © +10 Blue Sun Energetics T his chart addresses measuring anything or issue that can be looked at from a ‘Balance’ point of view. Left of center (negative zone) could represent ‘Yin’.2. the right side ‘Yang’. the intent is to bring the energy back to ‘0’ which represents Balance. Another use is ‘Benefit vs.

The Rate. “I am now sending this Rate to (person) at the most appropriate strengths and potencies for their optimal benefit. Radionic Rates are number values that can be Dowsed on the chart of 10 for any issue imaginable. however. I ask that this rate continue to resonate with (person) at full strength and potency until no longer needed. command. M. Ask “Is this issue at its root Physical. The notion of Past or Parallel lives is consistent with the idea of Oneness. Ask. We seem to resonate. Emotional or Environmental?” You can then refer to the charts coded with either ‘P. If this is so. I often ask “Is this issue a present life issue? Past Life? or Future life?” It seems many issues these days are coming up from Parallel lives to be cleared once and for all. The Primary Domain is not necessarily consistent with how the issue may appear. which will be a number of any length. as it were. can also be copied on a piece of paper and carried. necessary or beneficial. Mental. 13 . as we design our experiences here. Once you have the Rate. S or En’ and go through each asking if they are relevant. with specific expressions of individuality within the greater Oneness that we are. E. with a Right Spin.” Whenever a new issue comes forward. or slapped on a bottle of water to infuse the water with that energy. you may want to refer back to this chart. “Is there a Radionic Rate for this issue for (person)?” I have never gotten a ‘no’ response! How many digits in the Rate? And the first digit is? The second?” etc. then all lives are shared! It seems. STARTING POINT U se this chart whenever you want to start an investigation. that we are all seemingly individual expressions of the One Mind.3. we tend to manifest or identify with lives of a similar theme or Karmic flavor over time in order to best learn our forgiveness lessons.


we expand by stages from awareness of our connection to Mother Earth (Terran Chakra below the feet) to our Solar. When we over-spiritualize everything. Bear in mind. We are moving toward a ’12 Chakra’ system. or God. or get ungrounded. They are more like ‘stations’ or concepts in our awareness where we may be lingering. and so may feel somewhat detached or naïve when it comes to understanding human affairs. none of these identities are ‘real’. The Pain Body is explained elegantly by Eckhard Tolle as a Parasitic Emotional memory that creates suffering to feed its addiction. The ‘Planetary Ascension Team’ describes those volunteers who are here to raise the frequency and thus the consciousness of the Planet and Humanity through their Presence and what they may do as healers. A good definition of the Ego! Even Spirit Identification can be out of balance. Galactic and ultimately Universal connection. as in when we fail to integrate all the dimensions. IDENTITY FOCUS T his chart has to do with what the Superconcious knows about the client’s Identity…or. 15 . Some are ‘first timers’ on the Planet or in human incarnation. As the extra chakras come on line as a natural part of the evolution of the 5th Dimensional Light Body. and a Time Frame if possible. aside from Divine Love or Universal Consciousness. that we ARE the universe of our experience. what areas the client is currently Identifying with. You may need to release some old contracts. this is another Ego ploy to create an Identity around being more ‘Spiritual’ than others. Find out which one. karmic issues or interfering spirits or ETs. and even our awareness of that is a stage in our growth toward total awareness of Oneness with the Divine.4. artists or educators. Prime Creator. They may even feel a sense of ‘not belonging here’ until they become aware of their higher purpose. As such. vows. we can get stuck in the station…figuring this out can motivate us to hop back on the train of Awakening! Soul Imprisonment implies something causing limitation is likely going on in another Dimension. This is how we come to realize that all within our awareness is US.

[M E S] Planetary C ss onsciousne ing Spirit Awaken usne ss Spir scio Con Sola r lac tic Co n sc iou sn e ss Em oti on al Ide nti ation ntific it Ide Id en tifi Di M ind vin e M es s en ge r Di e vin Lo ve ca tio n Pai nB ody Ga Bo dy e Id a ific nt n tio Fear ati fic on t Ava ar rsal Unive Concio usnes s Soul Imprisonment © Blue Sun Energetics Planetary Ascension Team 4. IDENTITY FOCUS 16 .

Frankly. Many Native and Aboriginals would qualify here. everyone is. EXPANDED IDENTITY W e are all multidimensional beings. We need folks like that to keep us light…and from taking ourselves too seriously! A person from the Galactic Federation is tied into the council of Beings overseeing the Planetary Ascension process. The different Planets and Cosmic places are simply locations where we have. We are also ‘One’ with the Divine. It’s also fun to know ourselves on other levels. and there are good books channeled from these places. Knowing these other ‘hidden’ identities can help us better understand and accept parts of ourselves that may leave us confused us or make us feel like we ‘don’t belong’. They don’t need to be here like the rest of us to learn lessons…they did already. A ‘Human Human’ is one whose primary focus has always been evolving on the Earth. you’re right! But self acceptance can be part of our total Healing…and it leads to ‘other acceptance’ as well. especially for ‘Pleiadians’. There’s a lot coming through now…this is the ‘big show’ they’ve been waiting for! 17 . As such. they carry a lot of Light in the form of good humor and sociability. An Ascended Master is a 5th Dimensional Being here by free-will choice to help the Planet and Humanity. and no-one is! “We are equal beings”…having a Human experience. but Love you enough to come back and help. They will be very close to Nature. we don’t…so. a feeling of confidence in the ‘Plan’ and a sense of participating in something big… it helps to put our problems in perspective when we can see the ‘big picture’. Barbara Marciniak’s ‘Bringers of the Dawn’ is a good one to start with. ‘We the Arcturians’ by Norma Milanovich is another. People with Fairy connections are often inspiring to be around. and do not feel the need to venture into esoteric worlds. we are having multiple experiences simultaneously. or 2D. These folks will be drawn to information on ‘2012’ and the Planetary Ascension.5. or are having. You may feel a connection to some of these societies. Within that Oneness. they can hold a sense of the ‘bigger picture’. A Fairy would be someone closing aligned with the Elemental Kingdom. another experience…part of our total education in this quadrant. Just don’t let the Ego suck you into thinking you are ‘special’. They can become ‘Earthbound Spirits’ when they die because they are happy just to be here with Mother Earth. if this is you.

usually toward a more altruistic ‘service to others’ orientation. well. you will most likely ‘pass’ the test with flying colors! 18 . They live from the Heart. and feel more at home here. They are prone to showing up ‘at the right place and the right time’ to do some good…give a hand or encouragement. See Ruth Montgomery’s ‘Strangers Among Us’ . whether old. though. or even a healing touch or prayer. be on the lookout for your ‘final forgiveness lesson’…it could be a biggy…a crowning achievement in forgiveness drawn from the deepest recesses of your being. A Wizard is someone who is likely playing that role in a Parallel life. It’s ok. As such. as this being your final incarnation.Incarnate Angels are Humans operating from the upper 4th Dimension with a strong connection to the higher 5th Dimension. They will be drawn to ‘magical’ possibilities…perhaps healing arts like Energy Work or Homeopathy. in-between or very young. and do not tolerate this kind of energy very well…it makes them sick. they are often able to turn ‘lead into Gold’ in the form of amazing Healing Skills. as they want to ‘graduate’ along with Earth and all 3D life forms during the ‘Shift the Ages’ due to culminate in 2012. you’ve been ‘touched by an Angel’! An Elemental often has a pixie or gnome-like appearance. Knowing one is a walk-in can be helpful in explaining life events especially if you Dowse the year of ‘transition’. they can consciously decide to align more with Nature. This was usually a time of significant change in Life direction. Many here at this time have waited until now for their final incarnation. crystals. Keep your eyes open…they will shine through the eyes of that loving person. They have a hard time in Cities. invention or use of new Healing technologies. A Final Incarnation is a reason for celebration. as a Walk In is usually a more mature soul with a higher purpose in service to mankind. sacred geometry and other ancient arts. They are often very sensitive to things like cruelty and violence. They may have an ‘impish’ personality and love to play tricks. ‘Walk-ins’ are the ‘positive’ versions of entity possession. however. If you are one. and an affinity for Nature. and leave you feeling like. Once one has been identified. One goal of a Wizard is to Master the Transmutation of Elements. It means a Soul has neared the end of its 3D ‘life lessons’.

8th Dimensional Beings come from highly developed non-material civilizations located much closer to the Galactic Center than Earth. 19 . This does not carry with it any form or level of judgment. Support your body with Light. If a Soul chooses to remain with 3D Earth. the destination is the same. The paths may vary. there would be less pollution. which can be temporarily weird. we all make it home. I imagine. They would be here as ‘Ascension’ helpers. Eventually. water and patience! Trust that you will be guided to be at the right places at the right time! Remaining on 3D Earth implies not making it through the Ascension to a 5D expression. it may be that with a diminished population. too.Ascending with Terra means you will be among those who move into the 5th Dimension with the Earth in your current physical form. As we are nearing the end of the current dispensation of Time. A Time Lord 9D being would be part of the ‘planning executive’ for our experience of Time. it is because it knows what kinds of experiences it needs on its sojourn home to Oneness. This means your physical form will be going through some fundamental re-designing. As this is the Dimension of the ‘Mind of God’ these would be pretty highly developed beings. more available resources and a new perspective on the lessons of history to draw upon. It may be these are simply ‘young souls’ going through the same curriculum as all of us! Although a future 3D Earth may be dealing with some of the same challenges we see today on Earth. They just represent different kinds of experience. Research ‘Light Body Activation’ for more insight. a 9D Being would likely be here to help usher in the next Time Wave and help us adjust to the next Cosmic Plan. rest. One Dimension is not ‘better’ than another. or incarnate onto another 3D Planet.


or course. just have them bring the person or situation to mind. or other Spirit Guides or Angels. their Body or Spirit. or have mis-identified themselves.6. True Forgiveness eventually leads to the realization ‘there is nothing to Forgive’. we realize we too are Forgiven on this level. “Is this person aware of their Spiritual Identity?” If you get ‘no’. asking which Helper will work on specific aspects of the career change. There are two kinds of Forgiveness. or in their Highest Purpose?” and “Is starting this new job. See what kind of questions come to mind and trust your intuitive sense. Maybe they are in denial of their Spiritual Identify. ask if there are other charts that can help bring forward this information. 21 . only the radiance of the Divine Creator behind the face of the ‘criminal’. You may want to Dowse in a team of Helpers (see below) to lead the client to the perfect Occupation. even if the person is deceased. When we get there. Do they have any unfulfilled vows or agreements keeping them in an unpleasant situation that could be cleared? Use the probability chart to ask “What is the probability they could find an occupation more in line with their Highest Purpose in a week…a month…2 months…?” etc. True Forgiveness sees no fault at all. you may want to use the Balance Chart to see the overall effect of their current occupation on their Mind. ‘Zero Limits’ by Joe Vitale is a good book on this technique. The rest of the items are fairly self explanatory. Please forgive me. I am sorry. Consider introducing them to the simple ‘H’oponopono’ forgiveness method. you may ask “Is this person aware of. The old style looks at the fault. Thank you’ until the feeling becomes lighter. Ask how many apply. ‘Forgiveness Lesson’ invites the client to look at areas where they may be holding a grievance. Think of these Helpers as the ‘job committee’. and then forgives. For example if you Dowse ‘Spiritual Identity’ it may bring up the question. and tell that person ‘I love you. Or if ‘Highest Purpose’ comes up. or a relationship where the thought of it brings a loss of Peace. Ask. relationship or ______ a part of their Highest Purpose?” If ‘Occupation’ comes up. and it works to permanently shift relationships. LIFE ARENAS T his chart can be used to focus on specific areas for deeper investigation. This idea of Helper ‘Committees’ can be applied to any project. Without necessarily feeling it. thus making it real.

[M E S] 6. LIFE ARENAS 22 .

For some reason. thus ensuring its own survival. loud music…anything to give the experience of ‘more’. the client will recognize what is being referred to. They do not have to become blockages. Of course this is the insatiable Ego once again doing it’s best to obscure the fact that we already have everything! The ego realizes our endless need for ‘more’ perpetuates our sense of Separation and lack. Approach these issues with sensitivity. and reduce it to zero (left spin) at that time. endlessly talking on the phone. The egoic mind chops up reality into little bits ‘promising’ someday we’ll have enough information to ‘put it all together’. month and/or day) that the challenge became a blockage. Hey… you know what! The ego is sooo boring! Cognitive Dissonance occurs when we try to hold onto contradictory ideas or beliefs. their Superconscious Mind is well aware of what’s going on. the ego would rather destroy you than have you see it for what it is…which is nothing at all! It is just a sick joke…not even a funny one. You can ask to what degree. Learn to meditate and become the detached observer of your thoughts. Boredom is a challenge that seems to come up for lots of teens. so we work with it on a level it can accept. the conscious or operative mind still believes in Time as an absolute. when you Dowse a Challenge (and there can be more than one here). Even if the conscious Mind does not want to ‘go there’. Yes. ‘More’ of anything will do. fulfillment. You can also ask to go back to the time (year. addiction to TV. measure it’s intensity on a scale of 10. Knowing these things can provide some motivation for change. this seems to give better results than doing the same for the current time frame. or percentage. they grow larger in our imagination. Because it knows it is an imaginary being. but can if we give into fear or denial. all events are happening at once. is this challenge impacting happiness. even at the cost of your life. relationships or financial success. Maybe it’s ‘cool’ to be bored…I forget! Boredom is a sign the person is stuck in their egoic mind…which has an insatiable appetite for ‘more’. When we repress issues.7. Remember that all conflict is between illusions. None of our ideas are ultimately ‘true’ or ‘real’ as perception is always incomplete. Although we understand that in Quantum Time. Usually. right! This is another ego game to keep us stuck in the head and away from our True Nature : Peace. the ego has a program to avoid its own dissolution at all costs. CHALLENGES 1 I think of Challenges as ‘Life Lessons in Process’. Yeah. You’ll soon appreciate their unreality! 23 . This is the root of Bulimia.

CHALLENGES 1 24 .[M E] 7.

Clear the Astral energy by asking your guides to take it higher. When these come up. ‘Negative Energy Beacons/Objects’ are things that have some kind of connection to a lower Astral entity or thought form. Obviously. then ask (Left Spin) that all aspects of the Guides. Higher Self or Consciousness that are not 100% of the Light be cleared and replaced with aspects of 100% Light…in a manner easily acceptable to the client. ask if the source is natural or manmade. For ‘EMF Interference’.com). Just send them to a higher dimension for purification. You may want to Dowse in (RS) a protective. Often there can be an emotional attachment to work through…like getting rid of an old family portrait or gift. Higher Self and Consciousness comes from Lynn Grabhorn’s work. Stay awake and open…you are surrounded with energy and information all the time! A ‘Critter’ is some kind of lower Astral form…often bug-like. as noted in ‘Adventures in Dowsing’. Even old record albums and books can carry these energies. T 25 . the more informed questions you can ask. the more you learn on these topics. Maybe that junk car out back. or shift the Scalar wave to a healthy frequency. Often they are old antiques. and in (RS –right spin) protection and healthy adaptation to EMF’s. creepy pictures or objects. Ask to be guided to sources of information that will expand your understanding of some of these things. They are like homing beacons for negative energy. ‘Surveillance device’ implies some kind of tracking device. Ask if it is of Human or ET origin…is it material or etheric…are there other charts here than can shed more light…is it in the Highest Good to keep this implant…is it part of an agreement or contract…is the contract complete…is the contract in (the client’s) Highest Good…can it be neutralized with Dowsing…do I need to ask a specific Guide. or the cow skull hanging on the fence (I had that one!). May I and Should I proceed?’). Angel or Master to do this…is this Guide in one of the charts in this book…? This is an example of a chain of questions you can ask once you identify an issue. You will have wanted to check yourself on these before attempting to help anyone else. ask your Guides permission (‘Can I. One of my personal favorites is Nexus Magazine (. if you see one. Dowse out (LS – left spin) all negative effects. Chuck it! You’ll feel much better.8. CHALLENGES 2 he notion of Compromised Guides. reflective shield. and ask to be shown what objects do not belong in the home or property. ‘Scalar Interference’ is likely of Human source. family ‘heirlooms’ or garage sale ‘treasures’.

CHALLENGES 2 26 .[ M E S P En ] 8.

One of the ways these things affect us is by paralyzing the Will. and then projected out and reflecting back to us as ‘negative experiences’ like illness. awareness of the problem. vows. because it serves to keep us in perpetual isolation.. When we are aware of our brother and sister as equal expressions of the One Holy (Whole) Self. denied. ‘bad luck’. or more. In other words. and you would appreciate all the help you can get ! Ask to be made aware of when the blockage is operative…a solid clue is whenever you feel a loss of Peace or Joy. we do not need conscious recall of the details when one of these patterns comes up. Clarify which one is appropriate for the situation. ethics become spontaneous and natural. Ask (LS) to break all contracts. ask to Dowse out the year ‘according to my current understanding of years’. you get the picture! Again. Likely they were established a long time ago. Ask if you are dealing with a past or future Life. The first step in clearing anything is. karmic issues and non-beneficial psychic cords with that Life. S*** happens to me all the time! No point in trying to change it!” The first one ‘Guilt’. but repressed.that’s ‘just me’. however. is the worst of all. we just need the willingness to acknowledge the possibility it exists. When ‘Parallel Lives’ come up. Why would I hurt myself? Morality.. mental and emotional memories that 27 . agreements. Turn the process over to the Divine…tell the Divine you are determined to be free of this blockage. separation and suffering. Ethics are the internally motivated sense of ‘right and wrong’…the conscience. and to remove the cellular. as in “What’s the use. This is a necessary starting point. Culture. ask if it is ‘AD’ or ‘BC’? Measure the degree of influence of this other Time experience on the current life (scale of 10). ‘enemies’. Religion).2. Emotional or Spiritual. Mental. Is it directly associated with the overall issue you are Dowsing today? Ask permission to Dowse out (LS) that issue from whatever value out of 10 it measures at to ‘0’. Clearing Guilt or any of these other Blockages may not be a one shot deal… you may have to be happy with clearing it layer by layer. and it is not real! It’s rather a collective hallucination that runs deep in the Human Psyche. When you get the year. 3. I’ve made a distinction between Morality and Ethics. BLOCKAGES Y ou can think of a Blockage as a Challenge that’s moved underground. can be the basis of useless guilt and mental and emotional slavery. Morality implies ‘rules established by others’ which come from outside of us (Nation. on the other hand. 4 digits. it is much more likely to be a persistent pattern. ask if it is measured in 1. and to ask to have it cleared is enough.9. Ask if the Parallel Life issue is at root Physical. if you like.

no longer serve the highest good. Bring True Forgiveness (RS) to all relationships implied by the issue at hand in all Time Frames and Dimensions. [M E S P] 9. BLOCKAGES 28 .

Fasting. they are issues needing attention so we can move forward on our Path. habits. media and each other. Belief implies you don’t know. and Study are suggesting practices and disciplines to consider making friends with. time. And we would be right! When you see how these beliefs are like Distractions and just cause suffering. As Doorways. 29 . we have an opportunity to chuck them. and it will. ask if you can tap into that aspect of yourself to help cultivate the skill here. parents. or how we use a lot of our time for clues. 99% of our thoughts are conditioned. The choices coming up here are advice from your Higher Self. Knowing you don’t know is where you start on the Path to Wisdom. picked up from the culture. We need some kind of practice that brings us closer to Oneness or the Divine on a regular basis. personal and collective. Don’t be afraid to be without beliefs…this will be temporary…as what you are doing by chucking the fake ones is telling the Universe you’re ready for something Real and lasting to arrive. and we might not ‘exist’ as a separate being. and if so. As Blockages. or we simply get lost in the ‘dream’ of the body. Mantra Work. these issues represent new directions or choices we can choose to follow. Distractions are anything we are using to keep us stuck. it is time to look at our assumptions about what is ‘true’ for us. If a certain behavior or activity keeps bringing us around to the same old form of suffering…like being addicted to abusive relationships. like Breath Work. space and the world. because the Truth is within you all along. we might look at that pattern as simply something our ego has set up to keep us ‘looping’ back into suffering and staying unaware of our True Self. you no longer need belief. Maybe you are practicing these things in a Parallel life…ask if this is so. When Adopted Beliefs come up. teachers.10. these may represent themes needing ongoing attention to completely heal. Look at behavior patterns. Measure the degree of interference for any of these in percentage. The old Age of Pisces was the Age of Belief…welcome the Age of Aquarius…the Age of Knowing. When you Know. who knows what will work best for you. Again. BLOCKAGES / DOORWAYS Y ou could say these issues represent ‘transitional opportunities’. for example. We hold onto these adopted beliefs because we are afraid that without them we would have no beliefs. Some of these Doorways.


and ‘know’ beyond the cognitive prison of judgment and perception. We must be able to ‘see’ beyond the narrow range of our senses. As Happiness lies at ‘70’ which is also the 3D Limit’. That is. and looking to a Higher Power to carry us. Spinning up the frequency can hasten the shift to expanded awareness. “Where is my client on this scale today?” The answer can provide a thread of questions around these issues. MEGA HERTZ SCALE his chart captures an average of the vibrational speed of the energy field. but show their overall frequency would be supportive of these states. T 31 . This kind of Knowing is more ‘feeling based’ that ‘information based’. For a ‘quick fix’. who says’ “Now you’re getting it! Let’s do this life together from here on!” The White Brotherhood refers to a council of Ascended Masters playing a major role in the Planetary Ascension. to get to the point of throwing up our hands and giving up…on our own strength. The beginning of the inner shift is the awakening of the Will…the desire to see things differently. the implication here is that in order to be Happy. Below 68 it would be difficult to maintain any consistent degree of Happiness. Simply ask. this would be it.11. simply raise (RS) the value to optimal. Candida and Flu are not diagnostic. If there were any value in suffering. The Soul can be salvaged from a ‘dead end’ situation and start over on the evolutionary journey. Something wonderful happens when we get to this place. we must transcend limited Material consciousness. Soul Re-absorption refers to a lastditch effort to salvage the soul substance of a being totally committed to its own destruction. Our emptiness makes room for the Divine. Notice as the 12 Strand DNA begins to manifest (a natural part of the evolution of the 5D Light Body) the frequency rises. The physical issues like Cancer. which are reflective of a variety issues both physical and non-physical.


The ruling class has no provision for gracefully stepping down. in exemplifying the qualities of the ‘wounded male’ such as greed. Further up we have Annunaki 4D Access/Ego Dominant consciousness resonating from 400 Hz and below. You may need to ‘Time Travel’ to specific emotional events the Pain Body is still ‘feeding’ off. Pain Body identification is another Ego ploy to keep us in separation and suffering. Encourage self forgiveness through Ho’oponopono. 33 . The frequency of the aura does change. A big part of the Shift of 2102 is the return of the ‘Divine Feminine’ in the hearts of mankind and the nations. rather than allow the Self to awaken. The ‘Annunaki’ are 4D ET’s who symbolize polarization in the Male psyche. or the ‘wounded male’ archetype. Right Spin the frequency to the optimal. Our misguided ‘leaders’ have done this because they know the Ascension marks the end of the need for control by authorities. For that matter. too. they can’t admit fault or apologize because they don’t know how. It was polarization in the Male energy 400. feel free to Right Spin the Aura up to the optimal frequency. It is the result of denied and suppressed Guilt building up to intolerable levels. cell phone towers and 60 cycle EMF’s) in order to stall or prevent the Ascension. work on releasing Guilt in this and other lifetimes. Re-measure in the Hertz scale. assumptions and desire to identify with the Pain Body. Another frequency ‘hurdle’ at this time is that of Uranium. or Royal lineages. AURA FREQUENCY IN HERTZ T his chart is based on a measurement scale used by Valerie Hunt. you can ask for the aura frequency at any point in time. beliefs. The 177 above ground nuclear bomb tests done before the test ban have saturated the planet with this toxic radioactive element. power-mongering. In order to Ascend with the Planet into a 4D or 5D level of existence. governments and experts. Suicide is the lowest frequency. the ‘dark forces’ have attempted to create a ‘frequency fence’ around the planet (along with Haarp.12. we will need to speed up our Auras past 400 Hz. Western society.000 years ago that led to the colonization of Earth by these ‘supernatural’ ET’s. They went on to become the ‘God – Kings’ of early western civilizations. Just like the ‘wounded male’. so be aware you’re just getting a ‘snapshot’ of the aura ‘at the time of asking’. Dowse out (LS) the emotions. who still feel they are licensed to rule the planet by ‘Divine Right’. and psychic cords or entities. If this shows up. They were responsible for ‘finishing off’ the evolution of Mankind by upgrading rudimentary Hominids into Modern Humans for the purpose of slave labor. In doing so. according the well-documented work of Zecheria Sitchin. Suicidal feelings are the last ditch attempt of the Ego to destroy the form (body). domination and the need to wage war is now paying the price for this imbalance. and established the lineage of human-‘God’ rulers. From any point registered on the scale.


elevate your field of vision about 20 degrees up wards. and thus limited. is our awareness. You can ask. “What would be my ideal dominant brain wave frequency?” and then Dowse in the frequency (RS) as your ‘default’ frequency. However. rather awareness or consciousness causes the brain and body and uses the brain as a medium of communication. You can cultivate ‘Alpha’ states by imagining tracing a large horizontal figure eight over your eyes. Even better. Notice also the role of TV and the Media in keeping us out of the more expansive lower frequencies. which can also be read with standard Biofeedback equipment. the deeper our connection to ‘all that is’. or doing something that requires a lot of clear. Contrary to the Materialist Scientific view. doesn’t it? The more it’s out of the way. Generally. Notice we have the same ‘Annunaki Access’ Range as on the last chart with the higher Brainwave frequencies here. The higher the brain waves. the more focused. the brain does not cause the Mind. Kind of puts the brain in context. you will also drop into Alpha. the lower the brainwaves. BRAIN WAVE FREQUENCY T his chart measures the electrical activity of the brain. you could dowse in an Ideal Beta frequency of 13 Hz into that future time period. Notice how this calms you down and puts you in a relaxed. the greater we expand our awareness! With this chart. focused attention. If you close your eyes and imagine a full-sensory experience.13. pre-meditative state. 35 . This connects the hemispheres so they are operating in an equally balanced fashion. if you will be writing an exam in the future. you will find it beneficial in most cases to lower (LS) the brain waves to facilitate higher states of awareness. This measurement reflects the quality of Consciousness moving through the brain.


Possessed requires digging deeper to find out ‘by what?’ Ask if the possessing entity is identified on the page. be sure to ask for the most appropriate Helper or Helpers starting two charts forward (Who You Gonna Call?. If you encounter one. so you don’t see it for what it is. Silently ask if you can Dowse out any negative programming or communication systems. etc. Negative Spirit Guides can be upgraded as per the protocol in ‘Adventures’. Having said this. Ask. Remember there is nothing to fear. And that’s what we clear by Divine Grace when we simply ask. which is NOTHING! It’s just a bad idea…or nightmare. All ‘outer’ experience is a projection of the ‘inner’ world. Being a Victim ‘hurts so good’! Trouble is. Either way. So when we detect and clear these ‘beings’ we are simply looking at a form of projection that embodies our deep denied fears. as the Light in you is the most powerful force in the Universe. and nothing else. as the conscious Mind of the client may be taken over. and as you send them (LS) out. or not. We all experience ontological Guilt by virtue of being here in the 3D World in a body. They can also be associated with Geopathic Stress. Attempting to clear these with inadequate or inappropriate Helpers could backfire. This is why we feel Guilt at the deepest of levels. It can be helpful to ask from which Dimension are these beings operating from. or another chart elsewhere. Just proceed without too much dialogue. the language we use in discussing Entities is necessarily Dualistic. Negative Elementals can be associated with Heavy Metal poisoning. but it’s there! Rather than face this painful Guilt. and whether 37 . this doesn’t work…the cycle of Guilt. DARK ENTITIES 1 A llow me to interject the Non Dual Perspective here before discussing these. and just create more resistance. treat them with kindness and respect. but now you know better! There is nothing outside of your self that does not come from within! Repeat after me…”All I ever experience is myself!” Before attempting to clear any of these issues.14. Be careful with the Potential Killer. Dangerous or Suicidal energies. Most of our Guilt is Unconscious. You can do the same with the metals. we project it out in the form of ‘others’ who we can then blame for our suffering and avoid the unbearable Guilt inside. Every Entity has shown up for healing. ask they be taken to ‘the most appropriate Dimension for the highest good of all’. guilt and pain. The Ego is your belief in separation. even if they don’t act like it! A Weak Entity is often associated with Drug or alcohol use. It has a lot invested in keeping you down.). A Machine/Artificial Intelligence being is a ‘biological robot’ and may not be ensouled. Pain and Suffering just keeps going around…thanks to the Ego. send them with assistance to the 2nd Dimension…this is where they belong and are harmless. The ‘cost’ of individuating was a loss of the memory of Oneness.

they think it is their ‘God given’ right to rule. Predatory STS (Service to Self ) are self-absorbed energy vampires who can leave everyone in their path drained of Life Force. Call in the Divine Light (RS) to bring them the Memory of Oneness and their original Innocence. A Re-animated Human implies a Zombie-like situation.this is in the Highest Good. The Soul is eternal and cannot be sold! All that can happen is you forget you have one. These are Human – ET hybrids acting as mindless agents for negative ETs 38 . I would politely tell them the session is over. Call on the Record Keeper of the Akashic Record of all their relationships. Ask to cut all ties. They say so right on their Dollar Bill! If I encountered one of these. Do so with a left spin. *Special Case: this is RARE. and whether that can be ‘recalled’ and cancelled. and ask the Record Keeper to stamp the book of that relationship ‘COMPLETED” on the last page in RED. All you may be able to do is place them in a cocoon of Light to protect them and others from them. Some Dark Entities must complete their agreement to suffer or rebel completely before ascending to the Light. Dowse to render them harmless (LS) by removing all survival fears and aggressive reflexes. A Negative Energy Agent is acting on behalf of someone or thing at a distance. Check out whether they are possessed. agreements. Ask if they have a Karmic Contract with the ‘controller’. and theirs was free of charge! Afterwards. or are convinced by some negative propaganda that you are beyond forgiveness. this was what was needed for that Entity to ‘bounce back’ immediately to the Light! A Controlled Victim – Food Source STS is someone likely possessed or targeted by a vampirish being literally ‘sucking the life out of them’. Same with an M. A Government NWO (‘New World Order’) Clone is someone given over to the small cabal of Planetary controllers. These families have enjoyed a free ride on the Planet for so long. I wouldn’t even wash a Hog in that!. Ask if you can send the possessing being to the Light. Total hogwash…no. Life Force and splintered Soul fragments (RS). you can Dowse to see if there is any remedial approach you can take for the original Soul taken over. Assign them a ‘Spiritual Policeman’ as a Spirit Guide (RS) to protect them and others. If this is the case.B. vows or contracts with the source (LS). which is not true. nor do I care to know. connections. or ‘Man in Black’. This technique works for clearing up any ‘old’ relationships that hang in there despite the ending of learning. but can happen. They can be subject to negative survival reflexes.I. ask your Guides to send the Entity to ‘the furthest reach of outer darkness’ (LS). Bring back their Vitality.. They are a food source. and are primarily Sex Motivated. Ask if the original Soul is safe at home. They are operating from the ‘Lizard’ or ‘survival brain’. A Primal Animal is operating at a Bestial level. These folks are usually convinced they have ‘sold their soul’ to the devil. But. I don’t know where this is. and thus are easily controlled by the ego. just like in the Matrix movie. before they can heal they have to ‘go the limit’ in their suffering. in one case at least.

Indications are that these and other ‘negative’ ET races cannot handle the rising frequencies on earth at this time.and their Human cronies. and so they are exiting… abandoning ship as it were. Ask if this is so. If you are in their scope. you have done a service. It is best to avoid them entirely. This should get them transferred off the Earth to some nice holiday resort planet! Same for an ET Clone. or Illuminati. As all Matter is Energy. in their perception. we need compassion for all beings. remember LOVE NEVER FAILS. into their territory. and is thus ‘alive’ in some sense. This will leave a lot of disempowered ‘leaders’ wondering why it is they no longer can command the fear or respect of the masses…”Look! The Emperor has no clothes!” 39 . it is because you have intruded. like those in the NWO. It may be that one of your clients is considered their ‘property’. no matter at what stage of growth or evolution. Even if Love sparks some degree of curiosity. They can be the negative ‘power’ behind world leaders and other powerful humans. Negative Dracos are the remnants of an ET race who have enjoyed some degree of autonomous power on the planet. Surround the MIB in Angelic Light and prevent them from doing any harm to anyone. With all these forms and manifestations of thought. and support the client in gaining their freedom.

DARK ENTITIES 1 40 .[M E S] 14.

DARK ENTITIES 2 H ere are some more issues to check into. as they along with other lower Astral ‘riff raff’ jump ship. A Henchman is a particularly nasty Demonic entity. gulags. do the contract completion exercise mentioned earlier. Some can get fixated on Dark Energies. or Dowse in a speedy completion if the idea freaks you out! Of course. genocide. couch. or wherever you spend a lot of time. These are the beings associated with the more heinous crimes of humanity. You cannot expect a lot of sophistication from a Bestial energy. wars and the ‘holocaust’…even love of horror movies! Ask the Spirit Doctors to handle these boys! They are being unleashed from the lower Astral plane these days as Earth’s frequency rises. They have text books of disease profiles associated with these energy lines passing over beds. Ask if you can request an ‘upgrade’ on behalf of the Beast essence. Ask to have it neutralized and dissolved in Divine Light. As such. not the Hollywood type! Ask to be made aware of any unhealthy relationships which may be a focus for this kind of sick energy. like being mesmerized by the flame! The point is to detect. They are like a repressed symptom that is forced to the surface as a natural part of the Healing. 41 . my first advice is “Move the bed!” Then check into the office. Ask for the reversal (LS) of all negative effects and symptoms associated with the entity. A Beast is similar to the Primal Animal energy on the last page. An ET Surgical Contract may involve a higher agreement to work with positive ET races as they attempt to improve their own DNA or species characteristics. Maybe you can help them to accelerate their evolutionary soul path and save them a few lifetimes! Teach Forgiveness. but you can help render it harmless by Dowsing down it’s aggressive instincts and reflexes. if you get it is of the non-beneficial type.15. some of these can represent life-long challenges that can easily be lifted. A Black Spiral is some kind of negative vortex lodged in the field. You may want to leave this alone. This can contribute to the increase of horrific things happening on the Planet as we continue to move to the Higher and Lighter Dimensions. like plagues. A Vampire is more likely to be of the energetic type. Send the Entity to ‘the most appropriate Dimension for the Highest Good of All’ with the aid of your Guides or Helpers. If Geo Stress itself shows up. I don’t like to give these things too much attention. clear and move on! That said. These lines are recognized causes of Disease in progressive countries like Germany. Geopathic Entities are likely negative elementals who ‘hitch hike’ along Geopathic Stress lines. a contract of this order may involve a level of service you have made on a Soul level. Some of these can also follow us from Past or Future lives.

Most. Again. Ask. then magically showing up after a frantic search. If this comes up. and don’t necessarily mean you harm. This has the advantage of clearing multiple lives at once. Take a kind and patient attitude toward these beings. In the meantime. and addiction to Ego power to name a few. Ask the Dowsing system which type you have in front of you before proceeding. and clear it there. they were just upset themselves! A Draco Shapeshifter is similar to the Negative Draco above. either in this life or other lives. You may even feel led to broach to topic. do not assume this is referring to this life. only these guys like to put on human form. Suspect this when familiar objects are lost. Vows or unresolved Karmic games. Clear the negative programming from the DNA. presently or in the past. Dracos are beings of a Lizard evolutionary path. psychic cords. If a client shows up as a Murderer. They really didn’t mean to upset you. A Tengu Spirit is an energy most likely to afflict those on a Buddhist path. Find out what is at the root of the taking on of the Identity of a Black Witch or Warlock. Ask your Spirit Guides to approach them in a manner acceptable to them and to accompany them to ‘the most appropriate Dimension for the Highest Good of All’. if not all of us have had lives where we have played both murderer and victim. Dowse to render them harmless in this life and to reduce the Fear of Light and Love. noises. Ask if this applies to your 42 . You will find upon asking that a poltergeist is usually upset over some perceived slight or offense in the past. treat them with respect if you discover one! Be comforted to know they are mainly here as observers. You may need to revisit this one. Extend them forgiveness. as there can be a lot of ‘baggage’ here…drugs. and is acting like a spoiled child seeking attention. A False Light Being implies some kind of imposter. A Poltergeist is a playful. Look for old Contracts. Ask to heal all relationships in all time frames and dimensions harmed by this energy. Falling objects. Such an unconscious memory implies a deep pattern of guilt and regret coming up for Healing. and are miserable themselves. They are caught in the lower 4th Dimension. You may need to go to the ‘source life’ and clear the possessing entity there. literally ‘disappearing’ from where they were put. even things flying off shelves can be indicative of a Poltergeist. Find the best helper to bind and clear this energy. You may need to visit the life of original contact. and learn something! Not all Dracos are of the nasty type. These are not to be confused with ‘White Witch or Warlocks’ of the Wiccan / Elemental type. impish energy curiously associated with ‘troubled young women’ in the home. ask if there is some healing or Forgiveness due.The BlackWitch and Warlock entities often reflect beings that have been playing these roles over many lives. Lead the client in an exercise of H’oponopono directed to themselves.

you do not have permission to interfere with this life. then this is actually a sad mission…trying to correct the mistakes of the past by manipulating free will beings cannot be incurring positive Karma! Like any suffering being. arrow. Dowse out (LS) all negative effects of False Light on the Mind. Nevertheless. rebellious ‘creator Gods’ charged with managing civilizations. but corrupted by their own egos. the Greys need our forgiveness. they lost touch with their emotions…hmm… more ‘wounded male’ fall-out? If true. send the Greys a message… (RS) ’In the name of the Light. A Psychic Weapon can be at the root of chronic pain or organ weakness. You may want to clear the DNA of any negative traits or traces from interbreeding…again. Fill the voids. guillotine) still held in the energy field from previous trauma in past lives. or is it about someone who has ‘duped’ them on some level. However. A Psychic Weapon is the etheric trace of a projectile (spear. Other say they are here from our future. If the projectile was the cause of death. Return in Peace to your home Dimension. Historically. (True Forgiveness recognizes there is no ‘crime’ or ‘sin’ to forgive. They are like the Annunaki of Sumerian lore. Some have reported they are more of a vegetable form of life than animal. You are forgiven’. future versions of humanity who are attempting to come back and ‘correct’ their DNA for the benefit of their own future generations. Apparently. Spirit or Body. We are all equally innocent creations of the One Divine Source). Greys provide the predominant image of ‘ET’ in the popular imagination. Go there and Dowse out the energy pattern of the weapon(LS) and send the energy into the most appropriate dimension. go back to the ‘source life’. they were regarded as fierce and ruthless Warriors.client. if you Dowse your client is being interfered with against their will. bullet. If they come up for a client. knife. caution them to qualify any ‘truth’ that comes their way as coming from ‘100 % Pure Light of the Divine’ or not. Identify the year of the trauma. it is more imaginable that one might carry that energy forward. they got so cerebral. look for an historical life period of ‘first contact’ and deal with the issue there. along with the emotional charge around the event. The Nordics are an ET race responsible for the Aryan ‘ideal’ racial type worshipped by the Nazis. Dowse out the emotional and cellular memory of the trauma. 43 . You may need to investigate other charts to discover the imposter.

DARK ENTITIES 2 44 .[M E S] 15.

there can be influences or ‘bleed throughs’ from parallel dimensions of time that can be helpful as foci for clearing. Disease and Illness are favorite ego devices to keep us focused on the body. and clear the location while you are at it! Fill (RS) with 5th Dimensional energy. As above. from the ‘lightness’ that can result as move through these layers of illusion toward the Light of our Being. A basic tenet of awakening is ‘this is not done to me. The Place: Negative Emotional Imprint is like an expansion of the ‘Past Homes’ issue. we accept the ability to make another choice. and accepting. It is part and parcel of our awakening to Oneness and in becoming whole to heal these remnants rooted in the belief in time and separation. Please do not make these issues any more ‘real’ than that! Benefit. however. NON BENEFICIAL ENERGY PATTERNS H ere we find a set of patterns and issues for further clearing. all lives are being lived simultaneously. please don’t give away your power to the notion of Past Lives. The same can go for Past Acquaintances. in the experience of linear time. and none is more ‘special’ than the other. In Quantum Time. etc. emotional trauma. As long as we in the world in a body. This is acknowledgement that on some level we made the decision to have the disease in the first place. However. When we Scramble (the) Reproductive Intelligence & Survival Instinct of (a)Disease Spirit (LS) we are sending a clear message to our own Mind that we no longer subscribe to the need for a disease. which is Perfection as the Divine. Clear (LS) all negative symptoms and effects of the past location. It may be helpful to establish the time period of the experience coming up. Past Homes can leave an energetic trace or imprint. we will have ‘stuff’ to clear. If Past Archetypes show up. check against the two Archetype charts below. clearing the Spirit of Disease is reclaiming any Life Force that we have given to the Illness. Check for Etheric Cords to the Chakras if this one comes up. current challenges as part of a ‘bigger picture’. especially if the home was the scene of strong negative emotions. Go back to the time and place (if recognized) and reduce the influence then and there to ‘0’. Once we accept this level of responsibility.16. perhaps. which is a symbol of separation. You may need to go into what exactly was happening there (entity. physical trauma. Likewise.) 45 . but is done by me’ (A Course In Miracles). but can apply to any location in prior experience.

clear any an all contracts or agreements with the source of the Program. remove all ill effects.’ 46 . The Rejection of God is getting down to the bedrock of the human condition. Send them back to their source (LS) transmuted into 100% Pure Light. then integrate (RS) back into the ‘whole person’. but it can be split. Go sensitively with this. It is because we are holding out for Separation at all costs…and the cost is our own health. The Soul cannot truly be damaged. Dowse these issues up or down accordingly. with ‘10’ as life threatening. loved or supported. Sub Personalities are like programs running on the ‘task bar’…you don’t see them. It is a self-destructive program. Non-Beneficial Guides refers to your own Spirit Guides. Accept: We all do the best we can. given our chosen experiences and consciousness at the time’. as this makes us ‘special’ (the ego loves it!) and gets us ‘perks’ we may not be willing to give up in being healed. Dowse up the probability for awakening to our True Identity to 100% ‘at the most appropriate time for the Highest Good of All’. or to self-destruct if they ‘break’ the hypnotic contract. or God’s creation. Not healthy! Remove the Program (LS) at the point and time of connection. and to ‘Reintegrate (RS) all damaged aspects into 100% integrity with the original Soul’. Dowse out the resistance to and fear of the Light of Truth. Measure the month of the imprinted pattern. This is equally true for you in all circumstances. I am safe. Measure on a scale of ‘10’. or coming from Space or other dimensions. Just ask. emotional or spiritual stress. happiness and peace of mind. Accept: We choose our parents as the best possible teachers for this lifetime… Disease Payoff can indicate an unconscious wish to suffer. it is because we do not know ourselves as God. No one harms themselves knowingly. as in Geopathic Stress.Noxious Rays can be earthly. denied or ignored. If we reject God. convincing the person to do something (usually harmful) at a given command. Deal with this as per the suggestions in ‘Adventures in Dowsing’. but they run all the time! Forgive the sub-personality as you would anyone else. and replace with the program. or the ‘death wish’. the degree of mental. Former Soul Damage can occur at any point in our total evolution. ‘I am Loved. Rejection in the Womb can be corrected. Dowse out the preference for illusion over Truth. A Wernicke Program is a thought form induced in a hypnotic state during times of extreme abuse or mind control situations. I am as God Created me. Extend Forgiveness to the parents. Ask to go to the point of origin of the damage. or the degree of feeling wanted. as the conscious mind may not believe it! Dowse out (LS) the unconscious belief in the benefits of suffering.



contracts or vows involved.com) to neutralize it. deactivated and neutralized at the point of origin. You can ask for return of the Memory if it is in your highest good to do so. I just accept if they show up. blockages. I frankly don’t know what most of these are. I guess! Check into vows. IMPLANTS I mplants are usually etheric (non-material) but you will want to check if it is physical if one comes up. A Neutral Tracking implant suggest benign intentions. Some say the NWO (New World Odor…not a typo!) has plans to ‘microchip’ us all. agreements or contracts needing voiding. If you check ‘positive’ for one of these. If you have a good idea where it may be on the body. ask if its presence is of any benefit to the client. agreements or contracts made with the source of the implant. sometimes experienced as ‘missing time’ episodes. It’s like a regular appointment with the Mafia. or ‘ETs’. you may want to just ‘scramble’ its electrical polarity. If it is not benign. simply remove (LS) and cancel any non-beneficial agreements. consider using a ‘magnetic pulser’ (www.sotainstruments. these encounters may be benign or not. Ask. Not being sure what all these are. and they are not beneficial. and to reverse any and all associated negative symptoms. As such. as well as vows. If not. They are generally markers or data transmitters which keep us ‘connected’ to beings interested in tracking us. I would suggest if one shows up. 10 minutes exposure should do it. 48 . then it’s nobody’s business what I do! Between Life Report Station means you might find yourself giving a ‘report’ to somebody between lives instead of the usual procedure. An NWO Physical implant is more on the order of what is injected into livestock and soldiers these days.17. Again. ask to have it scrambled. they could be benign and represent some kind of agreement we have with beings in another dimension. Memory Erased could mean that you’ve had some encounters that were erased from your memory. This is what people with ‘flashbacks’ or dreams of ET involvement have reported.

IMPLANTS 49 .[ SP ] 17.

I have also sat down at a keyboard and played the chosen tones back in multiple octaves…it feels good! Ask for which tones are out of balance. then use the Balance Chart to determine if there’s too little or too much of that tone. MUSICAL TONES T hese are another set of frequencies that relate. A tone can be out of balance either way. among other things. If a tone comes up significantly deficient. to the Chakras. bring it in (RS) ‘at the most appropriate strengths and potencies for as long as needed or beneficial’. MUSICAL TONES 50 .18. but is usually deficient. The ‘sharps and flats’ indicate communication or harmonization between the Chakras. [M E P] 18.

Suggest the client follow up by wearing a garment . COLORS 51 . COLORS [M ES P] S imilar to the above. eating foods or exposing themselves somehow to their deficient color. Ask how many are out of Balance. Spin in or out as needed.19. 19.

ask to be shown who.” The Spirit Guides here would mean you or your client’s personal Spirit Guides. As you Dowse out the issue. call in the Sylphs! The rest of the Helpers are specific Archangels. If the Spirit Guides ever say ‘no’ to a clearing. I’ve never been turned down. before dealing with the kind of issues on the last few pages. Ascended Masters and More Helpers . Henchmen. sometimes looking like feathers or angel wings. It is good manners to thank the being/energy for doing the work after Dowsing…just like you. he was only recently called to serve this Planet in 2001. The Buddha of the Ruby Ray is such a powerful force of Compassion. ask the Spirit Doctors. rendering it harmless. The Spirit Doctors are a group of Archangels equipped to handle Demons. They are described as jolly beings who can take on human form. They appear as wispy clouds. You can see them move in and begin to clean up the mess! If you see Chemtrails. we couldn’t handle such Love! See him as a Ruby colored Buddha with a White Light radiating from the Heart. come here and ask. ask “Is there someone on this chart willing and able to help with the task? How many? Show me the first…” etc. Remove all negative effects of this energy in all time Frames and Dimensions and heal all relationships affected. if called on. They often show up after a dose of Chemtrails has been dropped.20. At each chart. “Is there someone here who can and will help resolve this issue?” If you get ‘Yes’. Sylphs are the Nature Spirits of the sky. The ‘Flying Rods’ are shape-shifting ET’s mentioned in William Gammills’ ‘The Gathering’. Before that time. They love to help. and other ‘super-baddies’. WHO YOU GONNA CALL? SPIRIT HELPERS A s noted. Don’t take them for granted. They draw near when we recognize them with thanks. They can handle most. they like being recognized! 52 . If you get ‘other’ refer to the next four charts: Benevolent ET’s. say something like (LS) “I now ask the Spirit Doctors to bind this Demonic entity and take it to most appropriate Dimension for the Highest Good of All. but not all situations.

[S] 20. WHO YOU GONNA CALL? 53 .



23. creative inspiration. etc. 23. That is. Ask for help with clearings. understanding. Many have chosen to act as helpers and guides from the Spirit realm. ASCENDED MASTERS 1 56 . Some may actually re-incarnate and become beacons and examples to all humanity of living in Grace. 24. beyond the ego. beings who have transcended the cycle of re-incarnation and are free to exist as higher dimensional beings. ASCENDED MASTERS T [S] hese are a group of upper 4th and 5th Dimensional helpers similar to the idea of “Bodhisattvas’ in Buddhism.


If you have access to a piano. We are evolving a 12 Chakra system. teachers or others in the public view. The different Chakras also have their correct direction of Spin. Planet. They can also be entry points for energetic connections to others. as are the four ‘extra’ Chakras connecting us with the Earth. Ask if this chart is an issue…it very often is. Every cell has a Chakra by virtual of the electrical spin of the RNA/DNA. “Are these. Ask how many Chakras have ‘leaks’…you can also ask what percentage of the Chakra energy is being drained. Dowse it in or out as needed. which can be the means whereby others can access and ‘drain’ our energy at a distance. We call these ‘psychic cords’.25. There is a musical note or tone associated with each Chakra. if the ‘draining’ is involving Past or Future lives. especially those with whom we may have had a prior intimate relationship. or generally. Sun and Galaxy. consistent with the evolving 12 strands of DNA. as the optimal direction can change depending on what the Superconscious Mind is up to! Ask also what percentage of the leak is going to the Past or Future. either beneficial or non-beneficial. CHAKRA LEAKAGE T he main Chakras are energetic vortexes centered over the endocrine glands. or is this. They extend in front of and out from behind the body. It is a recently developing Chakra. the Thymus. There are actually many secondary and ‘micro’ chakras in the body such as in the palms and soles of the feet. or a relationship from this life. Chakra Spinning Correctly?” You can then ask to be shown the direction of correct spin for that Chakra at this time. reflecting the evolutionary changes humanity is experiencing at this time. Chakra #5. especially for healers. and can hold or give access to stored memories from other Time frames and existences. After removal of the Cord (LS transmuting it to Pure Light and bringing Forgiveness into the Relationship) ask to recover (RS) all lost energies and restore the Chakra to full functioning. if there is a Cord involved. you can also play the note of major chord to yourself as ‘sound therapy’. has also been called the ‘Energetic’ or New Heart’ Chakra. for example. You may want to inquire as these ‘extra’ and ‘cellular’ Chakras as well. They connect us as ‘vortex portals’ to all Dimensions of existence. behind the knees and at the back of the head. simply ask for each Chakra. People who ‘want what you have’ may unconsciously send out a psychic cord. As there are different schools of thought here. Ask if it is deficient or over-energized (Balance Chart). 58 .


as in “No wonder I can’t hold down a job! In another life. and everyone works for me!” It may be helpful to go back or forward in time and address the imbalance in personality at the that time. if you wish. removing the Karmic agreements and ill effects of the personality ‘in all time frames and dimensions’. 60 . I’m a King. or to wait until they get the lesson. then bringing forward the Archetype insures that we will continue to project and experience similar issues as an opportunity to get the forgiveness lesson. even stipulating a time frame. LIMITING PERSONALITY ARCHETYPES T hese refer to personality imprints that we carry forward from Parallel lives. After detecting an Archetype. If the challenges and lessons in the lifetime were not completed. the next question should be. You can Dowse up (RS) the probability they will learn it to 100%.26. Sometimes just the awareness of a limiting Archetype can provide mental relief. “Has (the person) learned the lesson implied by the Archetype?” Ask if it is in the highest good to clear the Archetype.


Here’s a suggested dialogue: ‘(RS) I now call to my present Self and experience of time all disconnected parts of myself entrapped in alternate time frames. knowledge and experiences of these personalities into the present day awareness. these would be personality patterns from lifetimes where we able to progress in our Soul’s path to Oneness. or situations that would benefit from them. After retrieval. As a matter of interest. measure again! Knowing your Positive Archetypes may also help in motivating you or your client in bringing attention towards a new career or job change. knowledge and abilities from these parts of myself to be applied to my present life in service to the Light and my Highest Purpose at this time”. Ask what percentage of your total being is dispersed in other time frames. Knowing these patterns are in our fields and memories. Calling these Archetypes in is one way we can experience ‘Soul Retrieval’. I call upon all skills. and call on that specific essence. Direct these energies into projects. Begin by asking how many apply to your subject. we can call them forward to assist us now. as we pull together all the scattered aspects of our Selves into one experience. you could also Dowse out the year of the Parallel life where this Archetype is the strongest. and raise it to 100% in order to fully draw on that aspect of your Self.27. POSITIVE PERSONALITY ARCHETYPES A s above. then identify them one by one. talents. relationships. Measure the degree (percentage) of current resonance with yourself in that life. Dowse in (RS) the positive influence. 62 .


you may want to check and see if it’s coming through from a Higher Source. the communication potential between you or your client and this source. a book. and if this Source is reliable! Use this chart when you know the information is significant. Like a dream. 64 . prayers. Especially if the information has the potential to make you do something where later you’ll look really dumb! …or really insane. like mean older brothers. “Is there a source of information here that could benefit me at this time?” Measure and raise. or whatever means you use to ‘connect’. a psychic…anything. Lower or ‘dark’ energies find it entertaining to ‘play’ with humans sometime. SOURCE OF ENERGY OR INFORMATION I f you are receiving information from any source that deeply resonates with you. There could be a rich source or information and inspiration that you are missing out on because you’re simply not tuned to that station! Ask. whether it be from a person.28. a billboard. yet you are not sure if you should act on it. for example. if necessary. You can also look here to see what sources of information you can appeal to in your meditation.


29. Water is the ‘universal solvent’ and is necessary for the completion of the trillions of biochemical events that occur in your body every second! Water is critical to nutrient transport and toxin release. temperature. Re-test to see the results. local or at a distance. It’s like it’s so bound up in itself. People literally feel a rush of oxygen to the brain. Are you getting the picture? Therefore. thus. Do a pre-test measurement on the scale. it can’t easily bond with other molecules. PH is directly related to Oxygenation. of all the ‘Physical’ things that can be Dowsed for. The two strongest predictors of cancerous cellular changes are…acidic PH and low Oxygen. WATER SURFACE TENSION T he surface tension of water molecules is relative to the amount of electrical charge held by the molecule. Therefore. sound. measured in this case in ‘Dynes’. High surface tension = Acidic PH. You can do this for any body of water. “How do you feel?” Radionic Homeos were added just to give you an idea of how bondable. and thus absorbable are these remedies. is to typically ‘reduce the water surface tension to the optimal minimal charge’. Our work. There’s something about water that makes it an ideal ‘subspace antenna’. Surface Tension is directly related to Oxygenation. forms a crystalline lattice that is sensitive to overt and subtle energies of light. or ‘clustered’ water molecule. Surface tension is directly related to PH. Low surface tension = greater oxygen transport potential. or affected by excretion. Left Spin the Surface Tension of the water in the body to the optimal minimum level. Ask your client. creating calming and mental clarity. The stronger the charge. bottled water. the less ‘bondable’ is the molecule. Dowse in the memory (RS) of this level to be remembered and communicated to every water molecule introduced into the body. this one seems to produce some of the most tangible results. pressure and even thought (scalar energy). They can be made on a device such as the ‘Sulis Remedy Maker’ from the UK. 66 . only 3 without water. The perfected water molecule. You can survive 40 days without food.

[ P]




his is fairly self explanatory. Once you have identified a prime concern, ask about ‘co-organs’ that may be involved or affected. Measure the stressed Organ on the Balance scale for ‘yin – yang’ status. Check the organ’s frequency, life force and functional status (percent). As organs, like cells, can be considered ‘beings’ in and of themselves, treat an unbalanced organ like a client. Ask about emotional trauma, toxicity, mental stress, circulation and oxygenation. Some organs still retain the memory of childhood diseases, vaccinations, surgery or injuries, or drug use. Check also for Miasms or Etheric weapons and entities.


Most typical is over-all hyperacidity. You may want to pinpoint the time of the habit formation and Spin it out there. and/or holding on to emotions of ‘loss’. Right Spin it toward Alkaline if need be. determine what percentage of the imbalance is due to either the first or second factor. Bicarb of Soda is normally secreted to neutralize digestive HCl. cooked food (or typical) diet. If a client measures below 6. PH is closely related to water surface tension and oxygenation. The Pancreas can be either exhausted from over stimulation of insulin and enzymes from a grain-based. so we pass our own digestive acid onto the bloodstream and body. PH SCALE A s noted.6 or Overall Ideal. go back and recheck the overall PH level. 69 . Shallow breathing is a ‘Fight of Flight’ response to stress when we try to ‘disappear’ to avoid threat. Aside form a sugar/grain/meat based diet. Once these issues are covered. but an exhausted Pancreas can’t keep up. This response is transferred to mental and emotional as well as physical threat. Teach the client deep. You may also want to Spin in a ‘memory’ program for the ideal PH.31. Check the Pancreas as per the ‘Organ Chart’ above. the top causes of Acidosis are dysfunctional shallow breathing (stress response) and suppression of the Pancreatic secretion of Bicarb of Soda. abdominal breathing while you spin out (LS) the memories of stress or trauma that started the unhealthy breathing pattern.





hese often have to do with Past Life memories , DNA memories when we were in non-human form, or even back to the level of elemental memory. Going to the point of origin to clear is advised. Remove (LS) the DNA, cellular, mental, emotional, muscle, tissue, and organ memories associated with each fear. Fill voids with Divine Light and Love.

[M E]


[M E]


possessions. Blood Flow to the Brain may require a schedule of regular Dowsings to ‘stick’. I could never give up my (beliefs. religion or media and begin thinking for oneself. you can then get a ‘before and after’ reading after doing a removal or correction.mercola. Use the Balance Chart to check and correct. Heart Brain Balance is another issue some say needs to be corrected in order to Ascend. By getting specific measurable data on any item. Investigating our feelings around these areas might help us see how we have become inadvertently ‘attached’. or you just want to cut back your grocery bill! The set of Dark Side influence Through items identify areas where we are being negatively affected through secondary means. receive all of their nutritional needs from the air or sunlight. friends…)” may be a clue as to these things keeping us in an energetic trap. and ‘survivalist’ paranoia. LS it out at its source in Time.emofree. fear-based religious beliefs…like ‘Armageddon’. especially if we note an emotional charge around any one of these areas. family.com and www. Programmed Death has to do with our belief of ‘when my time is up’. As such. measure your progress on the scale. If one comes up. With ‘10’ as optimal. Dowse it up if this interests you. Ask to release the negative thought form or entity working through these means. This may have to do with family patterns.com. MENTAL. Effect of Mass Consciousness implies the effects of the ‘hypnosis of social conditioning’ (Chopra). Elemental Transmutation is a latent ability in Humans to transmute elements within their bodies. PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL EXTRAS ach of these will imply its own set of further questions.34. E 73 . revisit the ‘Dark Energy’ pages to identify and clear the issue. These infer ‘attachment’ issues. Catastrophobia (Barbara Clow) refers to the unconscious cellular memory of prior planetary cataclysms. ultimately. Raise it to ‘10’ if it is below. Surrender the belief (LS) and give ‘your time’ to the Divine! The Love Index of the Home can be measured on a scale of 10. and thus. tradition. We all carry this information buried deep in our memories. EFT implies the benefit of learning the ‘Emotional Freedom Technique. Catastrophobia can be triggered by media influence. “Oh. This simple and effective method of clearing old emotions is outline at www. education. This shows a need to break away from beliefs which are often the effects of friends.


CM and MM are fixed potencies. Let’s say your husband or wife calls you up and they have just been stung by a wasp. you can measure and send a Sarcode remedy for the skin. “I now send (RS) the inverted form of Refined Sugar at __ potency for my sugaraddicted grandson Billy”…etc. Ask the Dowsing system for permission to send a Homeopathic remedy. “How many digits in the potency?.” This is an example of ‘non-local virtual Nosode homeopathy’ in action. fungus or other infectious agent. Dowsing Specific Potency in Range is asking you to Dowse an item to identify ‘x’ or ‘c’ or ‘m’ potencies. HOMEOPATHIC POTENCIES A nything under the sun can be ‘broadcast’ or sent at a distance as a remedy to a known target with Dowsing. but then Dowsing the number value of the potency yourself. and is no longer needful. which can also be bacteria.35. You can send an ‘inverted’ pattern of a toxin. After clearing the Nosode. ‘Sarcode’ homeopathy is to support the tissue once the Nosode is clear. but KM and KLM require you dowse a specific number to go with them. with a Right Spin. The principle here is that ‘like treats like’. say “I am now sending the frequency and energy signature of the specific wasp that caused the sting to (name) at a potency of __.and first digit is…? the second is…?” 75 . necessary or beneficial. The potencies listed are the most commonly made ones.. A homeopathic of wasp venom. virus. This can also help with Allergies and toxins. at the right potency can reverse the symptoms caused by the same! Once the potency is identified. organ or muscle affected. I request that the remedy will continue to resonate in (the person’s) field until the symptoms subside.. allergen or addictive substance in the same manner. Use the chart to determine the best potency. For example.


Stressed Adrenals also put out too much Cortisone with abdominal weight gain a primary symptom. parasites. I would suggest writing up a little ‘plan’ and teach your client how to Dowse these things for themselves.36. genuine Starvation can be the result of Malnutrition or Malabsorption of nutrients. Suggesting a good ‘Green Foods’ product and a Liquid Colloidal Mineral supplement can compensate for a typical modern diet. You then will want to ask which of these need to be Dowsed for daily. or Past Life memories. Starvation Fears may stem from early upbringing. weekly or monthly. If ‘10’ check for Celiac Disease 77 . grain based diet). The Pituitary. among numerous other things. Ask to be shown the issues in order of priority. On another note. Check the levels for ‘Leaky Gut’ with ‘0’ as ideal. Damage from fungus (sugary. tied into the Pituitary and Pineal glands. An example may be guilt-laden programming to ‘finish everything on your plate…what about those starving people in China!’ Another common pattern is gobbling your food ‘coz there’s too many mouths and not enough food. especially if you want ‘seconds’. stimulates the Thyroid. and ‘10’ as ‘lethal’. Identify the Time frame of the acceptance of the belief and go there to remove it. Measure the vitality and functional efficacy of the Thyroid on a scale of ‘10’. as well as make the lifestyle changes implied. The Hypothalamus is a master regulator. Use the Balance chart to measure and bring back Cortisone levels to normal. You may also Dowse in (RS) the ‘memory of the ideal levels into the cellular and tissue memories for as long as beneficial’ to support ongoing results. Ask how many issues on this list apply to your subject. Modern foods are depleted of many important trace minerals. a low Thyroid can contribute to weight gain as well as sluggish digestion and elimination. over the counter pain medications and gluten can seriously damage this organ. and how many days. WEIGHT CONTROL T here are multiple factors that can go into weight issues…either too much or not enough body weight. As it regulates body temperature and the rate of ‘burning’ nutrients. weeks or months. The Thyroid requires adequate Iodine and Selenium. The two biggest dietary stressors on the Adrenals are Sugar and Caffeine. Check it on a Balance scale. Check for the integrity and vitality of the Small Intestine. Low Thyroid is fairly common. Stressed Adrenals are another reason for a Low Thyroid as the Thyroid will try to compensate for low hormone production by the Adrenals. leading to ‘Leaky Gut’ syndrome. Family Patterns and Conditioning can be handled the same.

and reverse all ill effects of the pathogen. or gluten free grains.or extreme gluten damage and intolerance. Watch the video ‘Supersize Me’. as Fungus loves an acidic body. Stay away from all ‘fast foods’. bacteria. along with all associated symptoms and effects’. and a ‘bread free’ diet. as Fungus. especially Candidas. Encourage self-education or refer to a good Nutritional Consultant. “I’m not ready to check out yet!” 78 . and hates Oxygen! It is actually just doing its job as a recycler of dead bodies. Rebounding is fun and convenient if you can’t get outdoors. Left Spin out ‘all stressors affecting the Small Intestine. scramble and de-active it’s reproductive intelligence. along with Dowsing in the Motivation to make basic lifestyle and dietary changes. veggies) and reduction of dense animal proteins (meat. It causes a release of glucose from fat cells. pastas. Insulin does the opposite. A Sedentary Lifestyle seriously limits proper Digestion and Elimination. They are relatively new foods for our ‘hunter-gatherer’ digestions. Constipation must be addressed for proper digestion and Detox. Neutralize virus’ and pathogens (LS) by ‘sending the Life Force and collective consciousness of the (virus. worm) back to the most appropriate dimension. stimulate the brain to crave sugar. Encourage at least a vigorous daily walk. You may need to Dowse this for a number of days. and reverse the symptoms and ill effects of excess Insulin on the body. cheese). Look for junk food addictions. etc. refined carbs (grains. fungus. Dowse the Insulin response down to optimal levels. You’ll also find an acidic PH here. causing the storage of glucose and swelling fat cells in response to eating sugar. Sugar Addiction and Fungus issues usually go hand-in-hand. and send an inverted virtual homeopathic. The Obesity Virus implies contagion…check other family members if this comes up. Grains are not suited for the Human Digestion. The exceptions are ‘sprouted’ grain products. Glycogen is the hormone secreted when we eat proteins. which in turn ‘feeds’ the Fungus (and Cancer!).) and alcohol. Right Spin ‘the ability of the Small Intestine to recognize and conform to its ideal within the energetic template of the body’.’ MSG has been called the ‘nicotine of the food supply’. Suggest a return to more water based foods (Fruits. Best to send it a message. white potatoes. Dowse it up to optimal levels and efficacy.

The “Light Beyond the Light’ exercise involves forming a triangle with your thumbs and forefingers laid over a chakra while you stand in the sunlight and get ‘filled up’ with Solar Light ‘food’. How can you love others if you don’t start loving yourself by ensuring you meet your needs? Live life from the inside out. Unrecognized emotional pain creates of pattern of selfdefense. Left Spin the emotions around the beliefs. or some kind of creative outlet can be the beginning of a new self respect. Take time to go within…perhaps a vacation or learning meditation or yoga. It works! 79 . Understanding this can be a first step in learning to self-nurture in other ways. The author goes on to say any pain is a cry for water! And a glass of water will satisfy ‘hunger’ in most cases. people and food around us. Increasing (RS) the Water Awareness and Motivation index can help remind us of this basic misinterpreted impulse. we feel inadequate within. What we really want is to feel ‘full’ at all times…full of Love. will demand less of your attention. with the ‘ideal’ at ‘10’. objects. Food Addiction. and reverse it there. Restore (RS) Self love and forgiveness. but in truly giving yourself what you need to be truly happy. Weight gain implies taking more energy in than we need because. Fall in love with your self. and finding the riches of our Inner Resources. impressions and false decisions made at that time. According to the author of ‘Your Body’s Many Cries for Water’. not in a selfish egoic manner. Without these things. go to the time of the emotional trauma or decision. or Divine Self. and you may find your needs from the ‘outside’. on some level.Emotions of Holding On have been associated with weight gain. and ask for the healing of all relationships implied by this event. Oral Stage refers to unfulfilled oral satisfaction in infancy. we can’t help but look for satisfaction ‘out there’ in the things. Being put on a formula too soon or not bonding with Mother by being able to suckle naturally or failure to bond emotionally with Mother in infancy may set up a pattern of gratification needs such as compulsive eating or smoking later in life. Not enough can be said for reducing stress generally. One definition of an addiction is ‘You can’t get enough of what you don’t really want’. Check the levels on these things. what we label ‘hunger’ in many cases is thirst. If this shows up. Self Respect with a positive outlook on tomorrow. memories. Joy. including food.


Thus the drive to individuate is subsumed into an identity that now serves the ‘greater good’ (tribe. PARIETAL LOBE ACTIVITY / DEGREE OF ‘SEPARATION’ CONSCIOUSNESS B efore the age of two. culture). suicide and psychosomatic diseases. if not before. or ‘OAA’. 81 . campus fraternity rites. the age of 18. To balance the situation. Hence. Meanwhile. This time is often marked by some kind of ritual welcoming the person into a new phase of maturity and involving absorption into some kind of collective identity…as a hunter. Use a chart of ‘10’ for the LFLobe with ‘10’ as optimal and ‘0’ as ‘dormant’. We felt like an extension of whatever we experienced. In many. induction into service clubs or the military). Neuroscientists call this part of the brain the Orientation Association Area. In most cases. the beginning of a sense of a ‘separate me’. You could say all our suffering stems from our sense of separation. medicine man. this is under activated. there will be a benefit to reducing (LS) the over activity of the OAA. and gained some basic cooperative skills.37. we did not have clear sense of separation between ourselves and our primary caretakers or our environment. along the side behind the ears. we learned to temper that period. we learned to say ‘no’ and ‘mine’ and entered the ‘terrible twos’. You may raise (RS) it up to optimal. Trouble is. Hopefully. ‘kicked in’ to begin the natural trend toward individuation. Western Cultural values exemplify the virtues of the ‘rugged individual’ (‘I’ve got be meee’) while at the same time many suffer from existential angst in epidemic proportions in the forms of depression. we grow up without the benefit of being able to shed the ‘separate self’ in a clear. In Western society we do see weak versions of this ritual (family gatherings. contributing to an ongoing sense of alienation and a ‘separate me’ into adulthood. craftsperson. Around age 2. from each other and our Divine Source. consider the role of the Left Frontal Lobe in facilitating states of union or ‘oneness’. Measure your client on the Scale. Anthropologists point out that a natural transitional point of maturation occurs in ‘primitive’ cultures around. the Temporal Lobes continue to affect us in the same way. warrior. but by and large. etc. transformative ritual setting. the Parietal Lobes of the brain.


Dr. We have all been exposed with the Chemtrail problem.quantumbalancing. are effective at neutralizing ‘manmade’ pathogens. Yes. SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES – HEALING FREQUENCIES T he Solfeggio frequencies are derived from the musical tones of antiquity. with all the biological benefits thereof’. but this is the source of commonly known health issues like Lymes Disease and Aids. It turns out that these frequencies.com . Len Horowitz (‘DNA and The Pirates of the Sacred Spiral’ Tetrahedron Press) points out that these same frequencies have ‘appeared’ lately in numerological studies of ancient sacred texts. when applied to the body as electrical frequencies at biological levels. Included in this chart are some other more ‘esoteric’ frequencies. I know this may be hard to believe.38. and identify them. Horowitz has the documentation! (See his ‘Emerging Viruses’) The 528 frequency is apparently used in DNA research as it has been seen to ‘reset’ the DNA back to its ideal template. However. you can still Dowse in (RS) ‘all the benefits of the frequency of ___ at the most appropriate potencies and strengths. I would suspect that ‘Chronic Fatigue’ and ‘Fibromyalgia’ are simply default diagnosis for sets of chronic symptoms associated with these mad creations of the ‘military-industrial-congressional complex’ that Eisenhower tried to warn us of as he left office. Ideally. These are normal bacterial and viral forms that have been deliberately altered in Human laboratories for the express purpose of Biological Warfare. Unexplained syndromes and symptoms may have a basis in bio-warfare microbes. Ask if any of these frequencies would benefit your client. 83 . Dr. you would want to use these with a Frequency Generator like the ‘GB 4000’ available from www.


at all points in the lineage. You may need to call in a specialized Helper for this. would leave an energetic imprint in the cells of future generations which would predict a greater probability or predisposition to disease for some in the lineage. and ask that it also be cleared at the point of origin.39. who looked at the effects of Stress on biology. A Miasm for Cholera may predict a tendency toward Bowel weakness. You may want to identify the year of the establishment of the Miasm in your lineage and go there to clear it at that time. According to Hans Selye. or it could ruin your tractor! Dowse out the Miasm (LS) on a cellular memory level. present and future. 85 . and then it needs to be dealt with. A Miasm for Tetanus (or ‘lockjaw’) can be part of a profile for TMJ (temporal mandibular joint disorder). the ‘father of Homeopathy’ almost 300 years ago. if survived. Miasms are more likely to manifest when we are in a state of Exhaustion or depletion from too many accumulated life stressors leading to a weakening of immunity and regenerative potential. He observed that diseases in the family lineage. Think of Miasms like rocks in a farmer’s field. MIASMS T hese are energetically inherited patterns of pre-disposition to disease identified by Hahnemann. etc. As long as they are underground…no problem! But you never know when one will pop up. past.

[P] 39. MIASMS 86 .

The electrical charge on the Cell Membrane is reflective of its overall function and vitality. Another ‘emergency first aid’ tip: get a 9V battery. you want your client in the Healthy Range. Spiritual or Environmental. In Chinese Medicine. Again. all of the internal Cellular processes and exchanges with the body are mediated by the Cell Well Membrane. Do a separate reading for each. these are considered the ‘batteries’ of the body. the Cell Nucleus is no longer considered the ‘brain’ of the Cell. as well as exposure to Sunlight. Emotional. and tap the other terminal with your right.40. Find out if what is stressing them is Physical. because it is! Obviously. small doses of Bicarb of Soda can do the same. you can treat an organ is if it were a ‘being’. hold one terminal with a finger on your left hand. as one can be functioning quite differently than the other. The normal electrical voltage in the body is a function of the Kidney/Adrenal complex. provide an abundant supply of ‘free electrons’ to the body. This is sending an electrical ‘transfusion’ into the body that can temporarily ‘top up’ your battery! 87 . Fresh and raw foods. CELLULAR TRANS-MEMBRANE POTENTIAL – MILLIVOLTS A ccording to Bruce Lipton’s recent work. Rather. or a Balance chart. This structure requires adequate Fatty Acids and Water in diet. Check on their status on a chart of ‘10’. In the short term. Mental.


Simply raise or lower the Element accordingly. Tip: repressed emotions can ‘clog’ the Meridians or specific points. You’ll need to study Basic Chinese Medicine to appreciate the value of Dowsing these issues. FIVE ELEMENTS – MERIDIANS C hinese Medicine has a 6000 year history of research and success.41. Ask to be shown any imbalanced Meridian. there is some balancing you can do with the help of your Guides and the ‘Dowsing System’. Don’t over-do. check on a Balance chart (left – Yin. However. The same with the Meridians. and investigate. and charge up the Meridians. ask if there are any ‘decompensating’ Elements. Ask if this is a cause of any imbalance. with the Elements in mind. right – Yang) and correct accordingly. Running the laser over the finger tips along the bottom line of the nails can give you an energetic boost. Do you think they are on to something? Compared to Western Drugs and Surgery Medicine with maybe 300 years history…I’m inclined to say ‘yes’. a Laser Pen available at most big box office supply stores can balance the Meridians at the terminal points in the corner of each fingernail. If ‘yes’ identify and measure them on a Balance Scale. and avoid exposing the eyes! 89 . First. Also.


If your home or property tests positive for either of these lines. like the grid map you see on a typical globe. Do this for every entry and exit point you have identified. consider the following protocol: Dowse the outer perimeter of the home looking for a ‘Yes’ response to ‘non-beneficial Geopathic energy lines’. ask if it is going into the home. That will re-direct the energy back into the Earth and keep your home clear. Traditional Dowser s will use ‘L Rods’ for this purpose. or coming out of the home at this point. Geopathic Stress may be involved in as many as ½ of all ‘diseases’ and medical conditions. as sometimes the lines can ‘drift’. and has streams of energy flowing throughout her body much as we do. is where many of these influences can be strongest.42. like the site of a massacre or battle. Toxic Bed Springs occur when the metals get magnetized through repeated movement over time. or is multi-generational involving the same home and property. Suspect and check this chart when there is any kind of chronic health issue. EARTH ENERGIES AND GEOPATHIC FACTORS T hese factors are often ‘unseen’ and thus overlooked. Make some giant ‘staples’ with the ends 3 or 4 inches each. Continue around the entire perimeter of the building or property. will be attracted to places that are good for humans…so take my advice. an office. Where we spend a lot of time. which you can make by bending some wire coat hangers. One way to find out if Geopathic Stress is an issue is to simply move the bed. Mark the spot. Cats are natural ‘Geopathic Stress detectors’ as they seem to be drawn to and like places that would be unhealthy for humans. It can be insulated or not. and drive or plant the staple in the ground at the point you want to intercept the line. especially if you are in a seismically active area like near a volcano or a place prone to earthquakes. especially when the issue is associated with moving to a specific location. or living room couch. the office chair or favorite easy chair…and see what happens. such in bed. Ask to trace the line to its’ start and clear the energies at the source as you would ‘entities at a distance’. A Spirit Line indicates some kind of connection to a gravesite or site involving earth-bound spirits. You may need to re-check the place in a few weeks or months. It is rooted in the idea that Mother Earth is a living entity. on the other hand. Geopathic Stress is a recognized disease causing factor in many European countries. boys…it’s better to be in the doghouse than the cathouse! The Hartmaan and Curry lines are named after the medical doctors who first identified these many years ago. Get some 18 inch lengths of copper wire. but it needs to be bendable and hold its shape. But a normal pendulum will work. This is more referring to 91 . Dogs. When you detect such a line. with the Haartman lines associated with cancers. They run in latitudinal and longitudinal lines over the entire planet. multi strand electrical wire is fine. Where they intersect can create a point of energy that is stressful to human life.

but I would suggest if there are other Geopathic or chronic Health issues. it can be under or over activated. Suggestion: find another place to live. Suggest placing an Orgonite Grid around the home and property. and is part and parcel of the shift to 5D Earth. This marked the start of a 25 year transition period referred to in the Mayan Calendar as ‘The Time of No Time’. cell towers and microwave devices. It was anchored in 1987 as part of the Harmonic Convergence. and can be produced around devices of high electrical output like transformers. 92 . I would look at raising their frequency beyond the range of Haarp. it may also be part of what is inhibiting Ascension. or can the energy be diverted from your home and grounded back into the Earth? Hydro Lines are a documented source of cancer-causing (immune suppressing) frequencies. Likewise is the HAARP project located in Alaska. see if you can discover its’ source. but a Negative Ionic Field is actually healthy. and Dowse a Radionic Rate for their protection. this is reason to celebrate. although flat metal springs can also be a problem. You’ll have to check the ‘Balance Chart’ to determine its effects. If it shows up in a profile.littlemountainsmudge. The Gravitational Grid plays a part in the stabilization of 3D Earth’s Dualistic nature. As such. Ask the 2D Elementals to help direct or tone down this energy if too high or stimulating. can your Guides go there and negate or reverse the pattern. Ask how close is the source. The towers are literally creating a ‘frequency fence’ in an attempt to keep us from Ascending at this pivotal time. for footstools. If this shows up in a client’s profile. or if you simply may need to move away from or avoid this limiting factor. The Light Grid. An Apex Grid Point is a focal point of a larger energetic planetary grid. The Electromagnetic Grid may be viewed as Earth’s nervous system. you need to do everyone a favor and learn about simple ‘Orgonite’ tools to protect life from these invasive energies. is associated with the planetary Light Body.actual spiral springs. Need I say more? A major source of ‘DO’ is Cell Phone Towers. The language is confusing. Microwave ovens are banned in Japan and Russia…why not here? They are just right. on the other hand. and can ‘bounce’ psycho-active data off the upper atmosphere literally affecting the mental state of targeted populations. A Positive Ionic Field is producing unhealthy charges that can contribute to many chronic imbalances . but in the meantime we can do our part! See my friend Jon’s site www. or the time when time as we know it will be over. Metal spirals are ideal ‘antennas’ for picking up and amplifying energies indiscriminately. or Merkaba. Don’t worry… it’s not working. although suppressed. If you live near one. As such. You may be able to ‘de-gauss’ them with the appropriate equipment. and can stimulate some helpful conversation in that harmless role! Factoid: Microwave ovens were invented by the Nazis. This ‘experimental’ array of powerful transmitters can literally tear holes in the ionosphere. and may need some ‘stress reduction’ of its own! Use the Balance Chart to determine influence. consider switching to a non-metallic sleeping system. particularly implicated with Leukemia. The research is there.com for info and products. Ask your Guides if this can be shifted. Deadly Orgone was Wilhelm Reich’s term for ‘chi gone bad’. If a Positive Field shows up. It can make you ill. however. or the rise to a 5D experience.

they tend to be stimulating. They may be places to help imbalances in ‘yin and yang’ energies. Iron or Copper veins may be close by. Perhaps this is because many clay sites are in river beds or deltas where moving water creates an electrical charge buildup. A Quartz Field can indicate a ‘power place’ situated over an underground concentration of quartz crystal or granite. Remove the negative influence and raise the adaptation levels as needed. and is associated with increased incidence of cancers. however. downloading of information. many major towns and cities are built in just these kind of sites. ask if the client is being negatively affected by the field. Clay is regarded as an unhealthy medium in which to build a home. A Conductive Energy Field simply indicates the presence of highly electrically conductive minerals or water in the area. It is another reason to celebrate if you are living over one. and also a place to ‘ground’ and make a deeper connection with Mother Earth. or needs to seek one out for healing. The healthy variety of these is the White Ley Lines and Spirals. 93 . tumors or other ‘yang’ conditions. especially if a bed is situated over one. A Dome Energy Spiral is generally considered beneficial. although the high energies can be taxing on the nervous system. which has a high proportion of quartz.although adjusting to this Grid may be stressful! A Portal indicates some kind of dimensional doorway or rift. These can be mentally and emotionally stimulating areas. where thousands come for miraculous healings every year. It is best to be in this energy with your eyes open. Unfortunately. A Black Ley Line is the result of unhealthy radiations form minerals or polluted water underground. and known as ‘dolmens’ or ‘menhirs’. Gold. An Electromagnetic Vortex exhibits both inward and outward spins of energy or ‘male and female’ energies. which can be either beneficial or stressful. Electrical Vortexes are ‘right spin’ spiraling energies from within the Earth in a ‘male’ or yang’ polarity. This may create a zone of electrical stimulation. which may not be noticeable on the surface. Check for overall effects. As such. they can also stimulate creative ideas and visions. and being fully grounded in your body. or even time and space travel! If unaware. If it shows up. These are often granite structures. this can be a place of deep insight. On the other hand. In Europe. as in the location of John of God in Brazil. and divert as needed. These can be very powerful healing places. If encountered consciously. Use the Balance Chart to determine the overall effect. one may experience disorientation or even fear-invoking experiences. they are found commonly associated with sacred sites. An Overground Standing Stone indicates some kind of radiation from a standing stone at a distance. like a ‘vortex within a vortex’. and can exacerbate things like inflammation. and is the result of underwater springs radiating out from a natural vertical underground ‘well’. You will need to ground yourself after being in this kind of energy for very long. They will concentrate as Black Spirals which can be major causes of ill health. A Lateral Flow simply indicates an earth energy line with a horizontal pathway. Raise the Adaptation Level to 100%. infection.


indeed that past would become a reality. and your destiny is not a linear one way dynamic. and such changes are far from uncommon. Now. Your creation of your past is just as important as the creation of your present and future. We share a great truth for you to ponder. and that is that everything you do effects your past. We tell you that if the next generation were all to be taught from an early age that the Roman Empire ruled the world until the 17th century. and there are as many valid versions of the past as there are of the future. present and past are always re-created by each individual as beliefs. and in fact are in constant flux. and uniquely so. Both would be separate yet valid files within the hologramic programs of time. and you can accordingly remove what you may term traumas and mis-actions that occurred years ago or lifetimes ago from your present stance. You can now learn to do this consciously. your mental process and beliefs create your past. all of you are required to do so! The electromagnetic crystallographic portals within the human brain are forged and mantled totally and completely by each of you.DC ‘The Past Is Not Fixed’ T he past and future as you 'believe it to be' exists as a series of electromagnetic receptors held in the crystalline portion of the physical brain and in the nonphysical mind within the ultra violet field. So. It is a constant metamorphosis from the instant of any given experiential event. you take it for granted that present action can change the future. Your hypnotherapists are aware that pseudo-memories of fictitious or altered past events can be implanted in the minds of humans through deep state inducement. These changes happen spontaneously on a subconscious basis. And take note that what occurs is a real-time actual 95 . and in a very real sense these memories and they way they effect the subjects present become quite real. each new occurrence. But BOTH would be true. As humans in duality. Furthermore. The past is no more detached or uninvolved from your present than the decisions you make today. The past then. and evidence would be found to confirm it. attitudes and associations evolve and change. The linear aspect of the past is rarely what you remember it to be. Yet it would be a completely different past from which the older generation constructed.THE FOLLOWING IS AN AMAZING ARTICLE EXPLAINING AND VALIDATING MANY OF THE CONCEPTS LAID OUT IN THIS MANUAL . it follows to reason that the future. In fact you constantly rearrange your memory of the past with the experience of each new moment. You script your destiny. but present actions can and do change the past as well.  These electromagnetic codlings can be changed. is quite malleable and no more fixed than your future. The probable past can be changed.

as does the teenager. the channel has some close associates who at times sense a great panic of claustrophobia and paranoia in large crowds. Within the NOW. similar experience. and realize that you can and must change the past. That is a sacred Universal Truth. not a metaphoric one. The small inner child is indeed still within the adult human as you progress in years. He is aware that this is due to the associates having a traumatic past life bleed thru of escaping the chaotic rampage of Athens with children in hand hours before the invading Turks destroyed the city. with children in tow. you can Merkabically convert to the MerKiVa and as such gain the controls of all within our multidimensionality. We tell you that personal issues and blockages can and do arise when appropriate evolvement of the past are stymied and not allowed to spontaneously take place. But that inner child  is also dynamic. Such is the power of extreme emotion and fear. your individual past. If that probable past is faced and deliberately changed. and attract by its intensity.  This is a perfect example of past life trauma occurring and osmotically effecting the present in the simultaneous NOW. The Law of Attraction works in all of your Earthly sojourns. The child within the human constantly changes every day. Literally leaving all behind and running in terror for their lives. it can and will eliminate the panic disorder and the resulting neurosis. were pulled into the re-enactment because the trauma they felt when desperately attempting to escape the shaking earth of Atlantis along the land bridge that connected to the Yucatan created such an electrical charge in their multidimensional self that it became a recurring energy. Re-Scripting the Past Accordingly.  Now we tell you that many of the souls that were drawn into this experience in Athens. In some scenarios serious neurosis occurs precisely because an individual has not changed his or her past. to grasp the power of NOW. above linear time and hologramic sojourns within time in the Omni Earth. Any event can bleed over into another. from the stance of Now. The changes you make are quite real. it is now incumbent on you as you enter the Ascension energies. As an example. not molded into a permanent version that remains as it was. It expands into power that allows you the fulcrum of co-creation in the singular moment of NOW. young adult and elderly you in your future.recreation. and that Truth expands when you enter into it. It does 96 .

You have the ability to remove trauma from the past at anytime. When you rescript your past and change the experience of the past. It is as if the trauma never occurred.com 97 . This is but one example. the fear behind it is eliminate.so by changing the past. So regardless of the specific details. and in a subconscious level you have done it many times in dream state. Channeled from Archangel Metatron through James Tyberon www. all of you have traumas in the past that can and will be altered in order for you to gain the perfection required in enlightened co-creation. And precisely because the past.Earth-Keepers. present and future exist simultaneously. this is quite do-able. We assure you it can consciously be done in the Merkiva within the NOW. Do not be dismayed. there is no reason why you cannot react to an event and alter it whether or not it happens to fall within the limited scope of reality in which you normally participate. and from an over view that is the completing portion of the lesson of why you chose the experience in the first place. and that is exactly what happens.

BLANK CHARTS You are free to copy and use these templates to make your own charts for non-commercial use. 98 .

99 .

100 .

101 .

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