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Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 15:40:58 -0400
From: "" <>4?
To: Pat O'Brien| 9/ll Law Enforcement Privacy [
Subject: [No Subject]

As promised, here is my list of issues related to John Pistole's testimony

before the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs. I wanted to bring to your
attention some points in his prepared testimony which highlight some of the key
areas where we need documents we have sought in Commission Request 5.

1. He testified that ongoing investigation "has traced the origin of the

funding of 9/11 back to financial accounts in Pakistan, where high-ranking and
well-known Al-Qa'ida operatives played a major role in moving the money
forward, eventually into the hands of the hijackers in the U.S." To the extent
any documents exist summarizing, identifying or analyzing the financial
accounts in Pakistan or related transactions, they are responsive to our item

2. He testified that "TFOS has provided the operational support in the . . .

Al Haramain . . . case[]" and that operational support has also been provided
to Divisions investigating Benevolence International Foundation and Global
Relief Foundation." Assuming the FBI began its investigations of these
entities before 9/20/01, this testimony suggests the existence of substantial
documents repsonsive to our item 9 c-e, as modified by our agreement.

3. He testified, "There currently exist a much better understanding of

terrorist financing methods." To the extent significant documents exist
reflecting this understanding, they would be responsive to our item number 4.

4. He testified, "In 1996, the Kingdom [of Saudi Arabia] established a joint
Counter-Terrorism Committee with the United States to share information on Al-
Qaeda." To the extent that significant documents exist describing or
discussing the cooperation Saudi Arabia provided before 9/20/01 in the area of
terrorist financing, such documents are responsive to our item 5.b.

If you want to talk about anything, please give me a call. Per our discussion
yesterday, we look forward to a continuous, steady document flow from the FBI.


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