0 Note: This guide doesn’t teach you the way to write pornographic short stories. There’s no single way to write about sex, and since sex is such an emotional and often spontaneous activity the topic lends itself to free-flowing, spontaneous writing. Having said that, good stories tend to follow a logical progression of events based on cause and effect. Good writing also caters to human psychology; readers want realistic characters with reasonable motivation, rising action, a climax and closure at the end. The guide that follows takes all of these elements and more into consideration and lays out a useful formula to writing short pornographic stories. This guide won’t teach you how to write full length romance novels. This guide is actually a modified version of my general formula plot template, which I reverse engineered from analyzing dozens of novels, short stories, sitcoms, movies. I adapted my original template to work for pornography after analyzing a selection of highly rated pornographic vignettes. Getting Started Before you can write a story you need to decide what the story is going to be about. The trick to picking the right story isn’t to have a million brilliant ideas. The trick is to eliminate 999,999 of those ideas until you’re down to one. In order to do that you need to ask yourself two questions: 1. What do you want to write about? 2. What do your readers want to read about? I would advise any writer in any genre to write about what they, themselves want to read about. Trying to guess what other people want to read can drive you mad with confusion, but since we’re all humans with the same brains and hormones that means someone out there wants to read the same thing as you. If you write about your interests you’ll be able to flesh out your story with details that express your passion and make your story more genuine, and since you’ll be speaking from your own experiences and fantasies you won’t have to think too long and hard about how to express yourself. Plus, you’ll have more fun writing for yourself, and the more fun you have writing the more fun others will have reading your work. Having said that, people tend to read fiction in order to experience something that could never happen to them in real life. People want to live out impossible fantasies; they don’t generally want to relive their own love life. So as a general rule you don’t want to write stories about how you took your long term significant other to your favourite restaurant for a nice dinner and then went home and had sex in your favourite position. People want to read about normal (but attractive) people having sex with extraordinary, very attractive people under exciting, unusual circumstances. So ask yourself what fantasies you have that fit that description and then use that as the topic of your story. Or , if you’re just really, really passionate about writing love stories about ordinary couples then write about that and worry about finding the market for it later.

Introduction Every sitcom or movie you watch will begin by introducing the main character. Pornography is no different. While movies can spend twenty minutes illustrating who the main characters are, what they want, where they live and what they’re doing with their lives, sitcoms have to do all of that in less than one minute. Pornographic vignettes have to do that in a few paragraphs. There’s no set length for how long each segment of a story needs to be. It needs to be as long as it needs to be to say what you need to say. So don’t get hung up on the length of your writing. Just make sure you say what needs to be said. Understand though that people read pornographic vignettes to live out a quick fantasy. They don’t need or want to know the characters’ entire life stories. They just need you to set the stage for their fantasy and move on towards the climax. Here are the details you do need to include in the first couple of paragraphs of your story: A physical description of the main character. His/her name, location and maybe their occupation. You also need to relate the state of your character’s sex life. Chances are there’s something missing in your main character’s sex life. They could be lonely, just getting over an ex, taking their relationship to a new level, looking for their next fling or even avoiding sex for some reason. Whatever the case may be the reader needs to know what the main character wants and how they feel about their sex life. This brings your characters to life, makes them easier to relate to and gives them credible motivation for whatever they’re going to do for the rest of the story. If your story starts with your main character leaving the house and having sex with some random person for no reason your story won’t flow; it might not even make any sense. Another very important reason to get into the main character’s mind is because sex is as emotional as it is physical. Half the eroticism of pornographic writing is exploring the emotional aspect of sex. In order to relate that you need to explore your characters’ thoughts, desires, expectations, insecurities and reactions. Since every pornography story revolves around the main characters you need to write believable characters. The best way to do this is to use yourself as the main character, and have the person “you” have sex with be someone you actually know (or at least have seen). It might help you to use your real names when writing the first draft. Then change the names when you’re finished. When you write about real people they’ll feel like real people and you won’t have to worry about inventing every detail out of thin air. Of course, since fantasies are exaggerations of real life you don’t want the detai ls to be completely based on reality. You can and should tweak the descriptions, thoughts and behaviours to meet the needs of the fantasy (and to protect the real identities of the people the characters are based on). Cataclysm Once you’ve established who your main character is, where they’re at in life, what they’re missing and what they want then you’ve set the stage to give it to them. During the introduction segment of the story the main character was going on about their life as normal. In the cataclysm segment the main

character goes somewhere or meets someone that opens up the opportunity for the main character to fulfil their unfulfilled desire. In an action movie the cataclysm would be an intense event that completely throws the main character’s life of track such as an alien invasion or the death of a loved one. In a sitcom the cataclysm would be an idiosyncratic opportunity or inconvenience. In pornography you don’t have to get so creative. The cataclysm is usually nothing more than the main character meeting the person they’re about to have sex with. If the main character already knows the person they’re about to have sex with then the cataclysm needs to be some event that changes the nature of their relationship. The easiest way to orchestrate this is to have one of the characters take a chance and hit on the other one either for the first time or harder than usual. Whatever happens both characters need to have a reason for doing whatever it is they’re doing. Usually the reason they’re stepping out of their comfort zone is usually simply because they’re really, really horny. You can get a little more philosophical, and sometimes you need to. If you’re writing about two characters who have been in a committed BDSM relati onship for a long time you’re going to need a better cataclysm than “We were extra horny today. So we tried something different.” Decision Your story began by introducing your character, and then something happened to your character that opened up the opportunity to fulfil their sexual fantasy. It goes without saying that your character is going to accept this opportunity, but it’s important to tell the reader why. At the moment when the main character accepts the opportunity you need to get into the character’s head and explain their though process. It may only take a sentence or two, and the reason may be as simple as the character being uncontrollably horny, but the reader needs to know this in order for the events that follow to flow logically and for the reader to fully empathize with the character they’re living through vicariously. Your story can still be successful without this detail, but details are the difference between a good story and a great story. Approach Now that your main character has been introduced, found themself faced with an opportunity to fulfil their fantasy and decided to accept the opportunity, now they need to engage the opportunity… one step at a time. You can’t lead your story up to a point where two people have decided to let go of their inhibitions and then immediately start having skin slapping sex. There are still logical steps that need to be taken before they get to that point. They need to touch each other. They need to kiss. They need to take their clothes off. They need to find a place and a way to have sex. There needs to be a scene that transitions them from what they were doing to what they’re going to do. This segment of the story should also raise the emotional and physical energy in your story. If they just had full-on sex right now the story would be over. The reader wants to be teased and aroused before

getting to the climax. Since your reader wants to be teased and aroused your character needs to be teased and aroused. So it pays to dwell on this phase of the courting ritual long enough to build some sexual tension. Have your characters make out and pet each other, and make sure to explain how the main character/s feel and think about the situation they’re in. Rising Action #1 Once you’ve built up the sexual tension a bit while your characters still have their clothes on (or at least most of their clothes) then you’ve set the stage for the clothes to come off and the characters to finally get their hands on each other’s flesh. Typically this segment of the story involves oral sex, hand jobs, fingering or whatever it is your characters are into. Not only do you want to raise the physical action between the characters, but you want to raise the emotional aspect to. Tell the reader that your female character is wet or your male character is dribbling cum. Get inside their heads and elaborate on how elated they are and how they can’t believe what’s happening. Tell the reader how badly your character wants more. Rising Action #2 After your characters are on the verge of bursting emotionally and physically you can finally allow them to have penetrating sex. Describe the physical act in detail. Describe how it feels inside and out. Make the action go faster and faster. Let the characters lose control emotionally and tell the readers how the characters feel and what they’re thinking. Climax The climax of the story is when the main character orgasms. They can have multiple orgasms. Just be aware that once the characters have achieved sexual satisfaction the reader has also. So don’t plan on having much else happen in the story after this. The story has achieved its purpose. The only thing left to do is bring closure to the narrative. There’s no one right way to write an orgasm. The important thing is that it’s logical for the characters. You have to ask yourself how and where you and your character would have wanted the orgasm to happen: inside a vagina, an ass, a mouth, on someone’s face, etc. This segment of the story isn’t just about bodily fluids. This is the fulfilment of someone’s wildest dream. That’s a huge occasion that’s going to affect them emotionally. Take a moment to dwell on how emotionally and physically satisfying the experience is to the characters. Say how it affects them. Say how relieved and fulfilled it’s made them. Illustrate the emotional impact by how the characters act. Sunset Your readers don’t care where your characters are going to be ten years down the road. So you don’t need to dwell on the post-sex events of their lives too much, but at the same time you can’t just end your story with, “…and then he came. The End.” Your readers are human beings, and human beings

expect narratives to have closure. Bringing closure to the narrative is simple when the entire plot has revolved around a sexual encounter. You could have one character put their clothes back on and walk out the door. You could have your characters embrace each other and leave them snuggling and basking in the afterglow. The ending of the story will almost write itself. Since you already know who your characters are you just need to have them do the next logical thing that that person would do in the situation you’ve created for them. Like every other segment in the story it’s not enough just to say wh at the characters physically do with their bodies. You need to tell the reader what the main character thinks and feels about the experience. How has it changed them inside? How has it changed their life? How happy did it make them? How will the experience change their life? What are the chances they’ll do it again?

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