Full Mark: 30 Answer all the following questions Times: 1 Hr.

1. Select the correct definition of a market.
a. A market is a collection of buyers and sellers willing to exchange a product. b. A market is a mechanism that determines the price of products and services. c. A market is a collection of people who actually or potentially want or need a product,

and are able to exchange in order to acquire it. d. None of these 2. Which of the following statements about marketing is true?
a. b. c. d.

Marketing is only possible if exchange is possible. Marketing is concerned with making the sale; contract law is concerned with the exchange. Marketing is consumer exploitation It only needs one person willing to pay for a marketing exchange to take place.

3. Customer satisfaction occurs when: a. A successful transaction occurs. b. Customers make positive comments about a product or service. c. The value customers receive from a product equals or exceeds the expectation they had of that value. d. A customer repeats a purchase.

4. Competitors are part of the:
a. Target market. b. Micro-environment.

Customer markets. demographic environment d. d. Exchange rates. economic environment c. Which of the following is not part of the microenvironment? a. d. b.c. c. consumer environment 7. 5. The ______________ consists of the factors that affect consumer purchasing power and spending patterns. b. Donations to charities. Suppliers. . d. Macro-environment. Advertising agencies are an example of: a. cultural environment b. Inflation. c. Marketing channel firms. Cultural forces. Physical distribution firm. Financial intermediary. Which of the following factors do not affect the economic environment for organisations? a. 8. b. d. Marketing services agency. Supplier. a. c. Disposable income. Marketing mix. 6.

The increased cost of energy. b. b. Demographic forces. b. Purchase. Media. Which of the following is not a part of the macro-environment? a. Dealer choice. General. b. c. 10. Which of the following is not a stage in the consumer decision-making process? a. . A shortage of raw materials. Competitors' forces. Government. d. Which of the following is not one of the expected outcomes to a successful buying process? a. 12. d. Political forces. Stockholders are members of which of the following publics? a. Product choice. Post-purchase evaluation. Evaluation of alternatives. 13. c. d. Brand choice. Straight re-purchase. Financial. d. 11.9. Changing consumer spending patterns. c. Increased pollution. c. Which of the following is not a trend in the natural environment of concern to marketers? a. b. c. Natural forces.

The set of marketing tools a firm uses to implement its marketing strategy is called the ________. promotion mix 17. Primary and secondary. b. a. When backed by buying power. exchanges 16. wholesaler is a a) middleman b) producer c) manufacturer d) customer . c. Predictive and quantitative. a. marketing effort c. social needs c. wants become ________. demands b. Qualitative and predictive. d. self-esteem needs d. marketing mix d. Brand awareness. 14. TQM b. What are the two types of research data? a.d. 15. Qualitative and quantitative.

What is the name given to research that has already been conducted for another purpose ? a. c. Personal interviews . Which of the following is not a source of primary data? a. A nonprofit's records of past research b. Questionnaires c. Customers are a) Buyers b) Consumers c) Sellers d) Both a & b 20. Place Promotion and a) Advertisement b) Discount c) Product d) Gift 19. d.demand. a) Latent b) Unwholesome c) Declining d) Non-existent 21. Primary research Secondary Research Outdated research Secondary Tertiary research 22.18. Marketing mix is Price. User panels d. consumers may share a strong need that cannot be satisfied by an existing product. In --------. b.

Which statement is true? a.23. plans. and personnel. Price. Place. Competition c. Product. Apple money act d. The customer and the "four Ps. Gives the organization greater control over the data collected 24. All of these 28. Effective marketing begins with a good consumer_______________. controllable and uncontrollable. A marketing Mix consists of : a. Socio-economic b. American Marketing Association b. B2C – Business to Consumer c. a. Policies.Business to consumer b." c. b. Promotion c. B2B . All Marketing Association c. AMA Stands for: a. The Marketing Environment consists:-a. Database d. Price b. C2C –b Consumer to Consumer d. Service . d. Technology d. Low cost b. Non of these 27. Allows a variety of methods to be employed d. Which of the following is not an advantage of conducting primary research? a. Can be tailored to the organization's specific needs c. All variables. Promotion 25. procedures. All of these 26.

A context b. The internet is an example of: a. A marketing medium . None of these 30. Business to Board b. A promotional tool c. Board to Business c. Business to Business d. b2b stands for: a.29. A market place d.

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