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March 17, 2013 9:30 AM – Practical Fatherhood

March 18 – (Monday) 7:30 PM Elders meeting. March 19 – (Tuesday) 7:30 PM Financial Peace University – This is the final week of class. The week’s lesson is The Great Misunderstanding: Unleashing the power of Generous Giving. March 23 - (Saturday) Office-Bearers’ Conference: All former and current office-bearers are welcome to the joint FRC and HRC Spring Elders and Deacons Conference to be held at London Free Reformed Church on Saturday, March 23th, beginning at 10:30 AM. Dr. Joel Hamstra, member of the FRCNA Ethics Committee, Ass't Clinical Professor of Anesthesia at McMaster University and Dir. of Obstetrical Anesthesia at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton, will give a presentation on “ Medical Ethics: A Reformed Perspective .” Lunch will be provided at noon with discussion time at 1:00 p.m. March 24 - (Sunday) 4:15 PM Youth Group meets. Snack: Hannah Kleyn March 26 – (Tuesday) 9:45 AM Ladies Bible Study. Coffee is at 9.45 and the lesson starts at 10. All ladies are welcome and nursery is provided. March 27 - (Wednesday) 7 PM Boys & Girls Club. There will be a regular meeting for all. March 29 – (Friday) 7 PM Good Friday service.

Scripture: Matthew 6

Text: Matthew 6:32 & Lord’s Day 9

5:50 PM - SONG SERVICE: Psalter 200:all 6:00 PM – The Wisest Winner

– Other News Scripture: Proverbs 11 Text: Proverbs 11:30 You are invited to a special concert on Friday, April 12 at 7:30 pm, featuring the Musica Sacra Chorus. This Ontario choir is under the direction of Johann VanIttersum and accompanied by pianist Stephanie MacDonald. The concert will be at East Congregational Church, 1005 Giddings SE, Grand Rapids. There will be a free will offering in support of the Girl’s Home in Tenjo, Colombia, a Word & Deed supported project.

“For what is the hope of the hypocrite, though he hath gained, when God taketh away his soul?” Job 27:8

- From The Consistory Visitors, welcome! We hope you are blessed through worshiping with us this Lord’s Day.   Today, Dr. David Murray will conduct our worship services. Next Sunday, Mr. Ian Macleod will lead our services, the Lord willing.

– Church Family Please Remember in Our Prayers: Mrs. Elsie Arnoudse, Mr. Bob Timmer, Mr. Trent Timmer, Mr. Howard Vanden Toorn, Mrs. Gertrude VanderGraaf, Mr. Rick Vander Veen, Mrs. Mina Van't Hof. Please pray for Kim Kleyn, who spent most of the week under doctor's care in the hospital with issues related to a hematoma. Pray also for Steve and the family, including the newborn, Eliza, in these unusual circumstances. Shut-ins: Mr. Everett Beute, Mrs. Dorothy Hitchcock, Mr. Cornelius Jobse, Mr. & Mrs. Al and Shirley VandenToorn and Mrs. Gertrude VanderGraaf Serviceman: Dan Arnoudse

 There will be a Good Friday service, led by Rev. Maurice Roberts, on Friday, March 29 at 7 PM.  The Sunday School & Catechism classes’ (beginners – 7 grade) Psalter of the month is #382: 1, 2, 5. Please review with your children.

From the Deacons: There is a box in the narthex for the Youth Group Mission trip. Your donations are appreciated.

- Calendar -

- Nursery -

March Mother In Charge – Lisa VanStrien Today: AM A: B: PM A: B: AM A: B: PM A: B: Jamie Beeke, Trienna Moerdyk Michelle Bilkes, Diane VanderZand Mary Cogbill, Alexia Pronk Belinda Pennings, Melanie Vander Boon Jen Pennings, Natalie Pennings Mary Jo Haab, Margot Timmer Meta Moerdyk, Naysi Pennings Heidi Pronk, Karen Vander Sloot

Next Week:

Good Friday: Cheryl Moerdyk, Marieke Ude, Maddie Prince

- Ushers Today: Next Week: AM Pete Van Strien PM Sam Moerdyk AM Andrew Bergsma PM Tom Karel, Jr.

- Offerings 1st collection: 2nd collection: Box at Exits: Good Friday: Today General Fund Denominational Fund Word & Deed Word & Deed Next Week Seminary Instructor Fund Family Camp Fund Come Over & Help


March 17, 2013 Morning Service Votum & Salutation Psalter: 288 Law Psalter: 179 Scripture Reading: Matthew 6 Text: Matthew 6: 32 & Lord’s Day 9 Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter: 28 Sermon: Practical Fatherhood Prayer Offertory Psalter: 90: 4 - 7 Benediction Doxology: Dox #1 Praise God from Whom all ******

LITURGY March 17, 2013 Evening Service Votum & Salutation Psalter: 174 Scripture Reading: Proverbs 11 Text: Proverbs 11:30 Apostles’ Creed Psalter: 109 Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter: 142 Sermon: The Wisest Winner Prayer Offertory Psalter: 311 Benediction Doxology: 315 ******

Song Service: Psalter 200: all

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