Recruitment job description

I/ Key tasks of recruitment specialist 1. Maintain an updated roster of participant placements and potential job opportunities 2. Responsible for effective and fast recruitment processes both internally and externally. 3. Responsible for providing current recruitment knowledge and trends within the market overall and also for multinationals. 4. Active use of recruitment tools: job flow – hire system …. 5. Work closely with assigned business’ HRMs to deliver recruitment needs 6. Suggest proper medias for approaching the right caliber candidates. 7. Follow up and coordinate with recruitment channels. 8. Execute prescreening and/or final phone/face to face interviews for junior & mid level posts & supports all parties in concern with SCs & assessment 9. Submit candidates offers and follow up on software until placing 10. Coordinate with universities, events in relation to targeted hires ….. 11. Proactive coordination with departments for interviews 12. Supervise & interact closely with staffing coordinator in charge of assigned hires as well as continuous follow up with on-boarding. 13. Support HRMs with weekly update on recruitment progress 14. Report weekly and when required to recruitment & staffing regional management for progress update and further instructions 15. Update and deliver weekly metrics for assigned hires 16. Undertake further responsibilities that may evolve in the future

II / Job specification of recruitment specialist 1. Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Communications, Public Relations or a related field. 2. 2-3 years experience in recruitment or a related field with a proven track record of success. 3. Acquaintance with the local employment market and community resources 4. Familiarity with city, state and federal laws, regulations and codes related to employment and Equal Employment Opportunity regulations. 5. Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills. 6. Computer literacy, including knowledge of basic software applications and familiarity with the internet and email communications.

7. Knowledge of criminal justice system and/or experience with ex-prisoners is preferred. 8. Ability to travel within city and surrounding communities.

HR job descriptions include JDs as follows:.
1. General HR job description It include job description of positions as follows: • HR director • HR manager • HR coordinator • HR officer • HR executive • HR assistant. 2. Recruitment job description It include job description of positions as follows: • Recruitment manager • Recruitment specialist • Recruitment officer • Recruitment coordinator • Recruitment assistant 3. Compensation and benefits job description It include job description of positions as follows: • Compensation and benefits manager • Compensation and benefits officer • Compensation and benefits specialist • Compensation and benefits coordinator • Compensation and benefits assistant 4. Training job description It include job description of positions as follows: • Training director • Training manager • Training officer • Training coordinator

• Training specialist • Training assistant Source:

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