Grade 12 ELA Mr.


Utopia / Dystopia unit

Pandora and Eve comparison

The purpose of comparing the myth to the story from the Bible, which we are reading from a secular point of view, is to see if there are some common threads in literature that discuss the loss of utopia / why the world is a difficult place.

Greek myth

Hebrew story

What do their names mean? What is the world like before they are created

Night Imperfect, cold

Gift giver Perfect, Edenic (ha)

Why were they created?

Revenge for Prometheus stealing fire Prometheus (not Zeus!) Hephaestus Pandora opens the box

Companion for Adam

How, by whom was man created How / by whom was woman created? How is evil brought into the world?

God God (from Adam’s rib) Eve takes the apple

from the Matrix to V for Vendetta. Pandora’s or Eve’s. is more blameworthy?:_________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ In both cases. Deucalion. In quarter #1.” . i. from love to beauty – safety and health. to The Hunger Games. and the deities (seeing their failed attempts) think “Wipe them out and start from scratch.e. we will look at many in order to see the dystopia as a satirical tool and a revelatory one – one that shows us what we (to quote the Spice Girls. Dystopias are broken.nightmarish futures we want to avoid. Noah. ha) “really reall really want. utopia? __________________________________________________________________________ What do you think of that?____________________________________________________ ___ After looking tomorrow at the Flood myths.g. we will transition to looking at the world we have. to the real world dystopia of North Korea.” e. and the idea of people are (almost instinctively) capable of evil. but is no longer. evil worlds that artists present to us . one with flaws. who is left to suffer for their decisions and therefore inherits a world that was. Heinegg Utopia / Dystopia unit What happens after Pandora opens the box:________________________________________ What punishments do people suffer for Eve’s decision?________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ What’s elements do both stories say about men being able to resist women?_______________ Which god loves people more (before the falls)? Circle one: Which God creates the woman with good intentions: Zeus Zeus God God Which decision. So: Utopias describe perfected worlds that give us everything we’d want.Grade 12 ELA Mr. from 1984 to Fahrenheit 451.

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