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I have had many dreams in my life. That voice tries to guide us to our destinies. our inner spirit becomes happier. After visiting more than 12 different countries. I am essentially a happy person. Some have been fulfilled because the seeds have been watered. The unfulfilled dreams in your life represent the need to nuture your inner spirit so that you can become the person you yearn to be. the seeds will die and your inner spirit will be unable to find the happiness and peace it seeks. On the contrary. Yes. It is written to encourage you to follow your dreams and become the individual you were meant to be. I am happy. . Everyone of us has dreams. Having dreams are important but there is something even more important. Even if I don’t. I reflect upon my life . Maybe it’s a dream to travel to exotic places. My inner spirit is more at peace with itself. There are others that I am in the process of trying to fulfill. and that is attempting to make your dreams come true. I can now say that this seed has been sufficiently watered and I have accomplished that dream. Often that purpose is not understood by many. there are still seeds within me that need to be watered. These days. One of those seeds was to travel to other parts of the world and to experience other people and cultures. It hopes to lead us to happiness. There are dreams I still have but have never tried to achieve. Maybe your dream is to be a famous actor. However.where I have been .Don’t Cry if You Don’t Try Despite its title this story is not out to chastise you. Why? Because we do not listen to our inner voice. Perhaps it is a dream to get married and have a family. It is true that I would like to travel some more and I hope to do so.where I am going. If you don’t water those seeds. Before we were born I believe seeds were planted in everyone one of us and they cry out to be watered so that they can grow. When they grow. you do have a purpose in life. after recently passing my sixtieth birthday.

often to the chagrin of my American friends. None of the figures are staggering but they are sufficient to encourage me to keep watering that seed. I am succeeding to some extent. This article that you are reading right now is another attempt by me to follow two of my dreams. I wrote “funny” stories. I saw many people writing novels and short stories. Life can end at any moment and the time to fulfill your dream is today. Along with the quizzes. That is usually the case with most things I write. When I started to write it. To become better known in the writing community and to help others. I will also be publishing another story soon which is called “The Diary of Moses Jenkins”. It is time to water those seeds and allow them to grow. I currently have four short stories on Smashwords and judging by the stats that they send me. I then discovered Smashwords. I began writing quizzes on Squidoo using the name Zut Moon and stealing ALF’s image as my avatar. why couldn’t I? I have never had visions of being a John Grisham or a Dean Koontz but maybe. I am trying to see if I can write something with enough substance to be interesting to somebody other than myself. Just the writing of them was enough to start that seed growing. I had no idea where it was going. The Internet has given me the opportunity to follow that dream and it is now up to me to try.One of those dreams is to write articles . Time continues to move forward whether you do or not. “Now is the time to stop dreaming! It is time to turn your dreams into realities. I became known somewhat throughout the Squidoo community and received some nice comments from people who read the articles. I figured if they could write on Smashwords. Smashwords statistics show me that people are downloading my stories. They appeared to be following their dreams as well. I am very pleased with how it is turning out.some of a serious nature. I have given many copies away free but have been able to sell some of them for real cash. my reader is. What I am trying to say to you. So I have begun to follow my dream. I could be some kind of author even if it is only in a small way. Your inner spirit will not be truly happy . others not so. I wrote some serious articles there as well. just maybe. Tomorrow may not come. I have received many “thumbs up” that have been posted to Facebook. The end often surprises me and it did in this case.

Moonfish) September. I know the writing of it has helped me. and without further delay. Zut Moon.a.until you do. I honestly hope that this will help you is some small way to become the person you were meant to be. start trying to fulfill your dreams. Best Wishes.a.k. Mark Goodwin (a. a. 2011 .” As soon as you finish reading this article.k.

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