Introduction Ages and names of gang members Moyo ten sharp shooter with his catapult Rotimi ten

–two weeks artist and skateboarder notices things intuitive Segun 11.5 fast and strong leader serious Tuoyo and Tosan inventor’s engineers Benjamin cleverest 11 astrology Kabiru 9 naturist fisherman Emeka 10.6 of a nervous disposition Bike descriptions with extras for later Moyo rides a red grafter Rotimi rides a purple grafter Segun rides a silver chopper Tuoyo and Tosan ride blue choppers Benjamin rides a bmx Kabiru rides a tomahawk Emeka rides a x rated They find a portal to another world in a container (a metal box for storing goods during their journey on ships) besides a ship called the Qilin . THE QILIN IS AN IMPORTANT ANIMAL IN CHINESE MYTHOLOGIE it was said to have the body of a musk dear, the tail of an ox, the fore head of a wolf the hoofs of a horse, and a fleshy horn like a unicorn .In legend, a qilin had appeared before a young woman Yen Tschen- tsaii , in the sixth century bc it dropped a piece of jade into her hand on which was engraved a message ; she would bare a son ‘a king with out a throne’ the son she bore was Confucius whose philosophy of system and order was to dominate Chinese thought for over two millennia. Einstein is the name of the grant Moyo’s Dad has won ,which is a three year project as head of development in his field of specialisation at the university of Eleron a city on an island off the coast of west Africa . In 1986 moyo a young boy whose father has just relocated from California to Eleron A fictional city of the coast of west Africa where his father has just been appointed head of the department of aeronautic engineering on arriving they realise things are not as they had hoped and a lot of his dads days are spent gazing out of the window at the busstop just outside his office in the university campus there has recently being a coup and the military government is not keen on education Moyos dad is thinking of jacking in the job and moving back to the states but Moyo loves it here and wants to stay . Moyo falls ill and has fevers and goes of on an adventure and finds a portal in the ports that transfers them to 1436 where Olotu ‘the keeper’ who has waited all this years for the return of Haley’s comet in 1986 where he hopes to catch a ride back to the heavens he

has returned to retrieve the 4 graces. Together Olotu and the boys embark on a fantastic voyage and as they do, things in Moyo’s life back in the present 1986 improve, and the results are visible e.g. mobile phones since 1962 . They solve various wrongs e.g. slavery, environmental degradation educational imbalances, religious intolerance and finally arrive in 1986 in a world so sophisticated and advanced Moyo’s dad is leading a mission to the moon to send a probe to deep space to photograph Haley’s comet. In the past he meets Olotu his guide through the portal , who introduces him to his quest which is to save the world . He does this by helping Olotu and the white king retrieve all the graces which are gifts held by the four kings , The four kings are Aliens from another planet who have lived on earth for since 87 BC they are here to guide a treasure that was lost by their planet when Halley’s comet went by just before the ice age began. When the mythical city of Atlantis existed on the coast of west Africa. They have Protected the earth from the Four Horse Men of The Apocalypse who are trying to gain possession of the treasure enslave the earth and annihilate Olotu , the four Kings and their Planet and race .With the ultimate aim to rule the universe. Olotu wants to catch a lift on the space mission , with the four graces once again in his keep , he is able to harness this huge force which transforms him to a parcel of light which connects with Haley at the instant we take the picture hence the urgency. No picture no contact .

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