Civil Action File No. ________________




COMPLAINT INTRODUCTION This action exists to collect a judgment of default from the United States as for the very first time in history the US officially defaulted/plead out as Plaintiff/s filed a constitutional authority case of original jurisdiction to the Supreme

Court of the US directly twice over and won both times as first the US waived its right thereby waiving the never lawful 1871 incorporation of the “US” and then the US defaulted/plead out on November 5th, 2008 as no response came from the US or from Barack Obama Jr. within 30 days. Then clerks acting on behalf of the US as individuals and in their official capacity as federal clerks hid a Motion to Compel The US To Respond within the Court; they refused to file a good motion and then actually hid the physical pieces of paper inside the Court building so that The People (and other clerks acting in defense of The People not the US) never knew of its existence; later a Petition in Support of that Motion was mistakenly returned to The People thus the US absolutely and wholly violated the letter and the spirit of the law. Plaintiff/s directly filed what is both a civil and a criminal case as treason is named in our Constitution and no reasonably sane person can deny that treason has and now is transpiring; not only has every enumerated right been violated but so has the birthright and women have never, ever been accorded their full rights or been acknowledged as persons under the law; corrupted, unjust paid Officers say one thing but then act to do another or nothing at all and their ‘reasoning’ – their motive and intent - is always personal profit even if that profit is nothing but empty, meaningless flattery as the action or inaction of these Officers constitutes the absolute proof. Effectively the incorporated US existed only to enslave the citizens without the citizens ever truly realizing the nature of their enslavement and this conspiracy worked better than its designers ever anticipated as even they and their descendants came to be enslaved. Until In Re Susan Herbert shattered the illusion all of physical reality is not one single potential Harvard Law Grad thought to slap notice of suit in the Dean’s hand before he could hit them up with a law degree and only one American had the big idea to write the word “tribute” in the “for” space on her check when paying “court fees” as a federal appeals judge attempted to use money to prevent liberty and justice from proceeding.


This nation became a nation of willing victims and willing victimizers - of politicized manipulators and predators - who blindly believed anything at all as long as it felt good and as long as it was “easy” who insanely preyed upon The Creator, their own selves and each other but not always in that exact order. And often they confused The just Creator with a manmade judgmental God/Lucifer. The first lie the US told in order to enslave others via judgment and false fear that worked too successfully? That secrets exist when there is no such thing as an actual secret in reality but only what is private between you and your Creator as long as you in no way at all convey your idea to another homo sapien. In other words They, The US Government and those who inflicted it upon this planet thoroughly convinced you, people who are knowing hence sapient, that…you couldn’t know something, that it was humanly impossible to know the whole truth. You believed it as you wanted to believe it and as this lie forms a convenient excuse for you, you being anybody reading this filing. And the Defendants almost got away with it. Or so it seems. In reality nobody ever escapes the consequences of their own actions most especially the manifestation of their actual motive and intent. The contents of another person’s heart and mind – the actual reality of who and what another person is and what they do or do not actually, truly believe - is always a known quantity not a secret. Look around you for the planet is what The Creator wrought and the world is what man wrought; the difference that is this plastic, made in China, disposable, real world IS the manifestation of man’s actual motive and intent and it’s not constitutional. Plaintiff/s are made to be in an impossible legal situation as any Officers (including lawyers) who are in denial regarding their action/s to violate US Law and US Case Law i.e. their action/s to injure and harm The People cannot – cannot - acknowledge their personal truth or our collective truth or else: They


are sane and so temporary insanity is no longer a valid legal defense available to them. The jig is up so that unjust men are literally driven to deny reality. It is as Oliver Wendell Holmes said it is, as the Plaintiffs cannot reason with unreasonable persons as either they lack the human ability and capacity to reason or they can but will not reason. In addition to just compensation Plaintiff/s seek to have the whole truth of the American Founders and the original American governing documents known including the fact that Thomas Jefferson not Lord Calvert answered Isaac Newton’s question regarding the weight of the Earth and in so doing proved that liberty and sovereignty is the actual nature of this universe and of men and plaintiff/s seek an injunction ordering the parties who defaulted/pled out or who are physically sitting as President and Commander or as any paid Officer but who do not qualify to act as such as they are not natural born and/or they are mentally ill or insane to the point of incapacitation to immediately cease and desist forcibly collecting tribute from The People and/or promoting themselves in any way as Representatives of “They, The United States Government” as it was dissolved by right and according to the named process or of “America” as all authority belongs to The People and it is the Plaintiff/s who are the acting, legal Officers who hold the original jurisdiction seats that the paid Officers abandoned. In case it is yet lost upon the reader: This complaint? The paper chase has ended and with a big bang not a whimper as nothing but nothing in this universe is random or accidental and the three ships that sailed from England to Jamestown were deliberately named The Godspeed, The Discovery and The Susan Constant.

Betting on the institutions is frivolous as the House aka The People always win.


JURISDICTION This court has jurisdiction because the United States is the defendant (28 USC 1491), because the injury and harm is directly related to at least two Executive Orders, #100 and #13489 hence we may invoke admiralty law, as this court has jurisdiction of the Ft. Laramie Case thus control of the Black Hills Fund and as there are federal questions present relating to the reorganization of this court in 1982; this court may make the award and/or hear this claim as an original case thereby securing the current 16 judicial seats as original jurisdiction seats as Abraham Lincoln “created” this court, before 1871. It seems as if Lincoln like Jefferson predicted future events with 100% accuracy, as The People will not perish from this Earth. PARTIES Plaintiff/s are natural born and naturalized citizens of the united states for America and are legal residents of various states including FL, NM, AZ, NY and IL among others. They are men, women and children. There are two foreigners standing, a Romanian and a German, who seek citizenship as they were illegally transported here as minors thus they had no control over this decision and/or who were wrongly incarcerated here after lawfully entering or who seek return to their own nation. Except for the two foreign born persons the Plaintiff/s are Americans. The official, original name of this nation is “The united states of America” – small u, small s - as we are a Constitutional Republic; we are living Americans and America; the phrase “United States” became capitalized upon the 1871 incorporation when The Living People were unlawfully replaced by a dead business entity. A more accurate statement of fact is an attempt upon our lives was made in 1871 but it was not successful. Plaintiff/s are not the US or paid Officers of the US; they do not self-identify as being of the US.


Plaintiffs sue in their own right with the exception of Susan Herbert who sues as the next best friend of Jesse Johnson and Tommy Britchard who passed away during litigation, as the next best friend of Hugh Everett who died in 1982 and who’s work regarding the nature of time disproves Niels Bohr’s theory known as “On The Constitution Of The Atom” and who was never recognized for his accomplishment during his lifetime as Bohr deliberately acted to suppress Everett’s work and as the next best friend of logician Kurt Godel who, during his naturalization ceremony, attempted to warn a federal judge of the existent possibility of a European style dictatorship rising in America as our one leader holds two Offices but who was silenced and later labeled “paranoid” when he was not. Herbert also appears as the next best friend of James Madison who acted to take meticulous notes of the Constitutional Convention as he thought to ask the brilliant question “What exists at the founding of any formerly great government?” as we know what exists at the fall and of Thomas Jefferson, the author of “A Summary View On The Rights Of British America”, who correctly answered the question Isaac Newton asks in Principia regarding the weight of Earth and who absolutely proved that sovereignty is the actual reality of this universe in 1793 and Jefferson’s work led to the discovery of the smallest particle there is, the mean unit of time or consciousness. Naturalized American Albert Einstein doesn’t need Susan Herbert’s help although she did prove Relativity and that Relativity is found within US Law so that Einstein and Godel, in order to resolve Uniformity, should have looked inward not outward. They needed to revisit Jefferson’s work but did not as they did not recognize A Summary View for what it is. Also, if Herbert did appear as Einstein’s legal representative, she would prove that his theory regarding magnetic north is incorrect as the Earth’s core moving independently from its crust does not account for this total amount of energy or why it speeds up and slows down. As Herbert knows Einstein secured a modicum of justice when he was alive by making an appearance in person in the Court of Royal Astronomers and as Herbert knows an actual shaggy dog story about a talking dog named Einstein then she will let sleeping dogs lie.


All constitutional joking aside the Plaintiff/s are the next best friends of all of the original Founders and every actual American who did live, who is now alive or who will someday live. Defendant/s are Barack Obama Jr. and the United States, the physically sitting but not lawful or legal President of the US and the paid Officers of the business entity known as “DC” and “The United States” unlawfully organized in 1871. The Defendants are monkeys or so they have acted to prove. US sanctioned, government sponsored monkeys will do incredible things in order to secure a banana (believe Phil Silvers when he demonstrates why we call them a top banana) but no monkey is ever motivated to mimic his Creator only as he can so he will; only men can so they will. This court doesn’t need to worry about whether or not it has the intellectual capacity to conquer the involved science or if it has the ability to discern who is a monkey and who is a man as you can enter as a monkey as long as you’re willing to exit as a man and as there are a bunch Floridian aerospace engineers who were recently laid off by NASA who are looking for work and who will act for both the offense and the defense as they want to discover whatever the actual answer is. FACTUAL BACKGROUND We know you asked us not to cite case law and we know we are not to make our case in our filing but this case is unique among all US cases as it is first therefore we ARE the Law and the case law; due to the nature of the case it makes no sense to number the facts - due to simple, necessary repetition and to the reality of absolute and whole numbers it’s more confusing to number our facts - and we cannot possibly write them all down here as it would take up an encyclopedic length work; you already have the federal record on PACER and it’s huge as we secured every single solitary answer before we entered SCOTUS. And: it’s written in conversational, plain English as it’s for The People not only for a judge/s.


We’ll begin at 1774 as it is as Jefferson said, the fight is always the same, thus there are zero new ideas among monkeys but plenty of new ideas that are good among men: In 1774 Thomas Jefferson made the case for sovereignty when he authored and published “A Summary View On The Rights Of British America”; we made the case first and then we declared our Independence unlike any other nation. We served an actual Petition upon Britain. Every other nation on Earth merely took what is a popular vote. You can take a popular vote and claim that you are sovereign but are you in actuality? Jefferson nailed the case legally, scientifically and theologically but monkeys deliberately stonewalled you and play games at what is a dead end as if you tell the whole truth about Jefferson’s good work then your bad work doesn’t hold up, does it? Unjust men some of whom are women and all of whom are primates do not want to admit they have lied, cheated and stolen their way to the top of what is a dung heap as it’s not law or lawful – at times it’s not even true or truthful and it’s not anything our Founders meant or intended for us; all they did is create a teeny, tiny gene pool of insiders by incorporating and then vote for each other popularly. And women who are whole thinkers via biological distinction were shut out thus everything you were taught to believe about math and science is wrong as its skewed; you cannot possibly have the whole, correct answer if you have only half of the answer at best. Jefferson was also doing something else besides making the case for sovereignty: He was answering the question Isaac Newton asks in Principia regarding the weight of Earth as he cast his own weight against that of Earth’s; he would definitively answer this question in 1793 when he devised an experiment to then create an elegant system of weights and measures for America that would then become an elegant currency; Jefferson’s work was ignored and denied as people did not comprehend it nor did they want to and as Lord Calvert of Baltimore was erroneously given credit for an answer that is


no good by the Royal Astronomers. Jefferson work was entered to the Congressional record where it still sits. France adopted Jefferson’s work but changed his numbers as they abandoned his exacting method and turned it into the Metric system so the joke’s on France as the Metric system is incorrect. For over 200 years men have ‘believed’ a bad theory and bad answer but only as they wanted to believe it as they secured some form of profit by claiming they believed it. Unfortunately most modern work is based upon this bad answer. All men ever did is go back and check the math not the theory. The math is good but the theory is bad. There is no argument to be had where sovereignty is concerned as it is the actual reality of this universe thus this nation which is why we have triumphed and survived our own fall when other nations have not, as we fell at Bush V Gore but our fall was not permanent as at least one American knew the whole truth and acted upon it: In Re Susan Herbert. This case has already been won as first Jefferson won it and then we won it in 1783 and 1814 and then it has already entered the Supreme Court of the US directly; to directly enter is to win as adjudication occurs simultaneous to filing, as the first point of law you reason is that filing in SCOTUS is a right for you not a privilege. To do this you cite or challenge a case of constitutional authority and original jurisdiction in order to uphold it or overturn it thus then uphold or overturn US Law. To be directly filed alone is to automatically win and this then makes the Petitioner the acting, legal President and Commander as in this unique and rarest of all cases the Petitioner, Susan Herbert, cited two cases of authority and original jurisdiction one of which is no good as it is fiction: Marbury V Madison and Bush V Gore.


Herbert upheld Marbury via a test and overturned BVG. If men did not want a woman to overturn their work then they shouldn’t have gone here and the same applies to Obama, as even if he is natural born he would yet have to be the test case for Marbury or defend BVG to be lawfully elected and he failed. To be clear: Once BVG was brought before SCOTUS then the game was on – the war was about to be won – as now a person had to test Marbury in order to level the field forever as our Founders once did for as long as at least one American carried the torch then the incorporation was DOA as it was only a matter of time until a presidential election came to be called by SCOTUS. When Herbert first contacted SCOTUS in February of 2007 and told a Clerk calling himself “Will” that she had THE case he then acted to hear it over the phone and he lost. He made the mistake of asking Herbert to qualify herself in order to receive a copy of the rules when that is a violation of US Law and FL Law; in only 3 case citations Herbert won as she cited BVG, Lassiter and Marbury as this clerk’s opening proposition - his legal theory – is: SCOTUS does not hear original cases. Herbert said: BVG is an original case; YES you do hear original cases; he then countered that the Court never heard custody issues; YES you do as Lassiter began as a custody case and BVG is case regarding custody; finally he said that SCOTUS did not allow non-licensed lawyers to enter; YES you do: Marbury. He was out of gas. He then threatened to sink the case; later this threat was acted upon. He exactly said upon losing that he hated women, mothers and non-licensed lawyers; he exactly said that cases only entered upon HIS permission. Somebody gave this guy a JD and a badge and he came to believe he is King Clerk with the power to rule over a planet and then a universe; at this time “William Suter” sat as Chief Clerk of the US. William Suter has never denied that he himself heard the case and lost or that he made this threat.


It was an empty threat as every American possesses a commission derived from The Creator; no American needs the permission of another man however Suter or whoever Will is truly believed that he had this power and he was acting upon this true belief when he had motive as he lost, he expressed prejudice and he made a threat and that’s what counts. From this moment on you could never, ever deny the appearance of criminal activity in the clerk’s office and that appearance alone was enough to act upon as it rises to meet the burden of proof standard. As soon as Herbert hung up she then dialed the US Navy at Mayport and informed them: They had a new Commander and it was her and that she understood that now she had to follow through by appearing as you must issue the order out loud. Herbert was told: If anybody can then you will. Herbert issued the order to Jeff Atkins in March of 2008 who accepted the conference of constitutional authority and acting as Commander himself then stood down all other clerks including the Chief Clerk in order to file the case directly. The appearance of reality – of the paper - is deceptive as at that moment the case was won or lost, as now the outcome is entirely dependent upon Herbert following through. What you might not hear when you are first exposed to this case is a pre-existing point of law regarding the right to petition a court: Is your theory that ONLY lawyers possess this right, as if you can purchase the right or the vote or the office? Yes, that’s their theory, only licensed lawyers can. Hence: THIS IS ABOUT MONEY. Herbert invoked Marbury to secure filing and directly so as her right and invoked Bush V Gore (BVG) in order to overturn it as BVG the argument or theory is a lie while BVG the opinion is a tie any way you counted it as we pit wholes against wholes in America as we do not provide for a popular vote.


Herbert did everything at once as by making the largest point of law of all you then make every other point. Herbert called BVG in her favor thus in favor of The People as The living People are the government not the dead institutions. Upon filing Herbert then ascended to the Office becoming the first person to enter SCOTUS directly since its creation in 1803, the first non-licensed lawyer to enter the SCOTUS bar by successfully reasoning a constitutional point of law and winning since the advent of organized law schools and licensure and the first and only woman to reason and win her own case; Susan Herbert not only became the first woman and first citizen to ascend to the Office of President and Commander independently but she is the first woman to define and then absolutely prove an existent law of this universe, a law she named Intrinsicity in honor of John Marshall’s ruling as he is correct: Politics is intrinsic. Susan Herbert became the first and only female Founder and Signer as she wrote law by testing Marbury and by defining the process known as direct entry to SCOTUS. In America action or life itself is the proof and the absolute proof thus the only pieces of paper we ever accept as proof upon matters of exactly worded law – as written authorities and as law itself – are the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution for the united states of America (1789), The Federalist Papers and In Re Susan Herbert; the Supreme Court of the US accepts no other written authorities as proof and as actual law and neither does any other American court. This is why direct entry was believed to be impossible, as a person would have to define what is actual law of the US and then this universe; no person understood that US Law is based upon law of this universe and that the Founders did not make it up out of thin air. Herbert had preserved her right to appeal directly to SCOTUS by appearing in a Philadelphia County Court in December of 2000 during BVG and before Bush Jr.


was sworn into the Office illegally and unlawfully. Herbert was in West Palm when BVG transpired and she was denied her right to vote by the US. There is no clock ticking as once it became impossible for Herbert to enter via the process then no clock was running until it became possible; also Jefferson made what is the only actual pre-emptive strike in history when he entered his work but it was rejected w/o reason or cause and as this directly speaks to the nature of time as being whole not absolute. Herbert made certain to reason the point that no clock is yet ticking. Herbert possessed absolute and pure legal standing as every one of her enumerated rights had been violated and as she was told by several paid Officers not only a SCOTUS clerk that US Law was never, ever going to be applied to women and that the US never, ever meant or intended to accord women justice. Herbert was told the phrase emblazoned upon SCOTUS’ frieze, “Equal Justice For All” did not apply to exactly her. The truth of BVG’s math was lost on them: BVG is about absolutes versus wholes as we never pit absolutes against wholes or else the lone Voter could not triumph over injustice. US Government and Law is designed so that the lone Voter or any group of Voters may triumph over inequity and what is criminal. We pit a whole majority versus a whole minority; we count absolutes only to then discern who the whole majority is. As BVG is a case involving the installation of a person as President and Commander and SCOTUS has no power or authority to install one then it, the opinion not the argument, sat as 1 absolute Chief Justice versus 1 nation an/or 1 citizen, or, 1 whole court split as 5 as 1 versus 4 as 1 – 1 versus 1 - versus 1 nation and/or 1 citizen; it would also be 1 Electoral College versus 1 nation and/or 1 citizen; no matter how you count it BVG sat as a tie as you pit the whole majority versus the whole minority when all authority belongs to The


People therefore one absolute citizen had to rise to become the whole class to then represent the whole or greater class of People and Herbert did so. Who decides a tied Presidential election? The House and they failed miserably. BVG began life as Gore V FL; the reasoning the case caption was changed to BVG is to trick the reader into thinking BVG is an original case and that those involved did posses constitutional authority when they did not and to avoid a situation whereby Albert Gore would be challenging Jeb Bush the Governor of FL not George Bush Jr. for the seat. It was also changed in order to then enter SCOTUS as an Emergency Motion for a Stay when it was not an actual emergency so that those involved could circumvent the other federal court and other federal clerks i.e. The People as there is only one stay clerk; that is, instead of being summarized by the cert pool of clerks BVG went to the Stay Clerk who made the decision to enter the case when in actuality BVG is not a case and has no actual point of law as it is an overt act of treason. BVG violates all of US Law and all existent, relevant US Case Law except for the natural birth clause. BVG is nothing but fiction. BVG is the direct result of nasty lawyer tricks, the Missouri Compromise, EO #100 and the unlawful 1871 incorporation of the US, an action meant and intended to enslave all of The People via the false appearance of the pieces of paper fabricated by unjust men. Herbert entered SCOTUS on paper on March 12th, 2008; she was not on appeal from any lower court as proven by her ability and capacity to issue the order to Jeff Atkins; the case should have been delivered directly to the sitting Chief Justice but it was not as only the sitting Chief Justice may adjudicate such as case as Rehnquist spoke as one and as ALL authority cases of original jurisdiction go directly to the Chief Justice al la Marbury.


It also should have gone directly to the Chief Justice so that all 9 of the Justices had the opportunity to secure their own seats as original jurisdiction seats as in 1994 citizens began filling the state seats of original jurisdiction that were abandoned so the paid Officers of the US filed an inquiry with Congress and the Military in an attempt to obstruct them: “On review, Congress sent the matter to the National Security Council who handed the matter over to the Military’s Joint Chiefs for review. About two weeks later, the Chief of the Joint Chiefs responded, “What Governor Madsen is doing out there in Colorado is legal, lawful and correct; and, if they accomplish what they have set out to do we will recognize that President of The United States of America as the President of The United States of America, Commander in Chief of the military and give them full military support”. Eric Madsen. Woodrow Wilson abandoned the original jurisdiction seat of President and Commander; Herbert then would receive the full support of the military and each time she engaged Military Officers in a head to head kill or be killed stand off the US military stood aside. Fact and law is: you may not fill the abandoned original jurisdiction seat of President and Commander via election of Governors or the House as the wrong hasn’t been righted and an imbalance of power yet exists that makes filing impossible for every person except one and so it would constitute a popular vote; thus you can and may fill it only via lawsuit as that one person then absolutely proves that he or she can and will fulfill the oath of Office, that they possess the ability and capacity, exactly as the Justices would then absolutely prove by hearing the case in person. As SCOTUS did not exist as our founding as a court of constitutional authority and is not named in US Law as such a court then the only means to secure these seats as original seats is by testing Marbury to then test the constitutionality of the court as Jefferson acting as President checked John


Marshall and called Marbury V Madison as being good i.e. constitutional thus all that’s left is the test case: In Re Susan Herbert. It’s up to The People to voluntarily abide or not as we do not obey; The People ultimately sit as judge and jury of their own lives. To deny the case hearing is to deny all The People hearing. Jefferson warned you that Marbury was good but that it created the opportunity for an oligarchy to rise via the Judiciary; the potential for a dictator to rise always existed as that exists within the space between President and Commander as proven by John Adams who conferred command upon Hamilton. Now we know Jefferson is correct as the courts shut everyone out so an oligarchy of licensed lawyers arose. Herbert was filed and false entries appeared on the docket as these entries are irrational, illogical and unreasonable and this was the Clerk’s threat; Herbert then directly filed again as now the natural birth clause was at stake. Herbert entered directly a second time on October 6th, 2008 never having been to any other court at all; that is, she directly filed in SCOTUS and then immediately returned to SCOTUS directly. To overthrow The People permanently and to enslave Americans and all mankind forever, the unjust persons acting unchecked had to break the will of The People by violating the spirit of the law; to do this you first alienate The People and then foreignize them in order to break their will and permanently so; you must complete the overthrow of the government by foreignizing it as there is no other choice after a President and Commander is installed by a seeming “order” of the court that is in actuality nothing more or less than an opinion of the court based upon a filing that is a lie, that is propaganda and that is riddled with bad math.


Foreignization is a form of force; it is enforced powerlessness and helplessness inflicted upon us against our will; another name for enforced powerlessness and helplessness is “Battered Women’s Syndrome”. As men began to harm each other they inflicted what is known as battered women’s syndrome upon each other; the force used is a form of emasculation and a form of rape as rape has nothing to do with the act of sex but is about power and control as you use false, manufactured fear to then exercise control over a persons life and death. The victimizer creates the illusion that they have power and control over another person’s life and death; the victimizer causes the victim to fear for their life thus react; another name for this is: domestic violence. Today this violence is endemic and is being perpetrated by the sitting Legislature and President. See Art. 4 Sec. 4. After BVG rose every single solitary door was shut except for according women the protection of the law and their full rights or foreignization; basically the US had to choose sanity or insanity and they chose insanity: foreignization. The unjust persons seemingly in charge or seemingly in control could not accord women their rights as that then would mean A WOMAN WOULD SIT AS CHIEF JUSTICE OR COMMANDER and no unjust man is ever going to let a woman who he subjected to abject misery and suffering and even death then decided his fate; no unjust man who truly, actually believes that women are defective by their very nature is ever going to let a woman decide if he lives or dies as that’s what egomania is, a form of mental illness, and ego begets prejudice which is itself a form of insanity. The only choice these unjust men had if they wanted to preserve their ability to perpetrate crimes and escape the named penalty under the law – if they wanted to preserve their ability to lie and to place blame – was to foreignize the Office.


You might believe that we hold elections and that your vote determines the outcome but this is not the truth, as since 1871 a small group of men commonly known as a “banking cartel” but who in fact are related to one another biologically determined who will or will not become President as they mean and intend to control us by controlling that person. BVG and Obama 08 were predetermined judicial fates that Americans suffered as no vote has any actual power or authority once criminal corruption is endemic and it was at Bill Clinton’s installation as proven by his action to commit perjury while in Office and very his own testimony, as he said that until you become President that you do not know that the President does not make decisions. If any man or group of men besides the President and Commander is making the final decision on the issues then you are dictatorship or an oligarchy not a Constitutional Republic. Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr. and Barack Obama Jr. share several common denominators including a personality trait; it is common knowledge that long before Clinton was elected Harvard University began holding quasi-political meetings in which they advocated voting across party lines and for a personality trait – a character defect – that would then allow this same small group of men who endow Harvard (and fund Rhodes Scholarships) and their supporters to install socialism; socialism would be a lead in to global war and a dictatorship in the US; Bill Clinton was exactly named at one of these meetings as a “young hopeful” for the cause known as socialism and Obama Jr. secured a diploma from Harvard. A Harvard Professor testified to being at the meeting where Bill Clinton was exactly named. Pre-determining our judicial fate by filling the Offices with persons who share common facts such as abusive, absent, alcoholic fathers and traits such as egotism and narcissism that result in personality disorders is a way to


overthrow The People – to revoke The Constitution – without ever engaging the process; it’s thoroughly underhanded and sneaky in that before The People ever realize what has happened they are already shut out and cannot secure their safety. These men, particularly Clinton and Obama Jr., fall under very specific diagnoses in the DSM; Obama Jr. meets all of the elements listed under “sociopath” as a sociopath isn’t always violent; a sociopath does not have the ability or capacity to feel actual guilt and a sociopath feels entitled – they truly, actually believe it is their right - to behave as they do. Obama exerts and exudes what Herbert refers to as German precision engineering in people as he acts like a machine not like a man with a conscientious self; it’s almost as if he doesn’t know how to be human and must take his cues from those around him or read it from the piece of paper; it is why he utterly fails when he is dependent only upon himself in the moment as he can’t act independently; it’s why Americans refer to him as The TelePrompTer President. Herbert can easily prove that all anybody is feeling in the moment is a projection or an illusion only and that it is generated by the masses not by Obama, that Obama is manipulating people so they then react not act thus this illusion is created. It’s the same thing Hitler did and Americans never believed Hitler’s nonsense either. While Europeans saw 7 foot tall terrifying Nazi giants that they couldn’t defy Americans saw 4’11 sniveling cowards being led by Charlie Chaplin. Americans were Europeanized after WWII mostly due to the changes in our educational system. Fact is the PhD is largely a German invention and we began subjecting children to exacting, cookie cutter standards that aren’t universal and often aren’t even true via standardized, rote memorization and multiple choice testing; we stopped demanding that children think critically


and form their own opinions.

We taught them to rely and depend upon

machines like calculators and PC’s so they became like machines themselves. Herbert saw Obama Jr. coming and was in Chicago in or around spring or summer of 1999; she was stopped on the Dan Ryan Expressway when constitutional authority went off and so she acted as she must: She rolled her car window down and told those around her that she knew the names of some people in Chicago and that she would be back for them in about ten years as that is how long it takes on average to enter and exit SCOTUS; nobody except those present and Herbert herself could know who was on the road with her that day, why she was in Chicago, what was transpiring all around her or what exactly caused her to pull rank and execute chain of command theory according to US Law; Herbert’s testimony is: Barack Obama Jr. is a complete fabrication; he, that front that you perceive or experience, is not an actual person and all of his reputed facts are lies no matter who tells them as Obama himself is very careful – too careful - and he himself does not make certain statements; the ‘person’ propped up as a candidate is a manufactured legal entity that is meant and intended to cause WWIII as The People violently revolt against what is mentally ill and insane for NOBODY can reasonably claim that Barack Obama Jr. is an actual American citizen, a natural born citizen and/or an actual person who lived the life those around him claimed if for no other reasoning than this: There is no “Barack Obama Sr.” as he spelled his name “Barac” without a “k” thus Junior would be Barac Obama Jr. NOT Barack Obama Jr. which is why Obama Jr. uses a “II” at times as that “II” doesn’t always appear after his name on legal documents. That “II” is a legal technicality meant and intended to make you believe he is a Junior. This is why Americans speculate that Obama Sr. is not his biological father. This court does not have to accept our word although our word exists beyond a reasonable doubt: What led to WWI and WWII? Nationalism, the European form


of the natural birth argument. Two legal theories that are both bad were cited then and they are being cited here and now: Lex sanguinis and jus sanguinis. Both wars were fought to install and keep pretenders on the royal thrones thereby preserving them as the current holders of these titles are not the lawful holders but are puppets exactly as Obama Jr. is; bankers and their lawyers caused both of these wars as the current throne holders act as fronts for them. Both WWI & WWII were not our cause; we were dragged into these wars. Now we are about to be dragged into WWIII. Herbert knows who is or isn’t legally sitting upon a throne as absolute fact as she herself would be the lawful holder of both the Scottish and French thrones IF she would accept the title. She’s the closest living biological relative as precisely as she’s a woman she unseats any man as it’s her DNA that carries the gene not a man’s and she already produced two male children both of whom have demonstrated that they carry this gene. There is a castle in England with her name and her symbolism plastered all over it: Powis Castle sporting stars, a griffin and an elephant that once belonged to William Herbert of Troye; where was Herbert born and raised? Troy – NY. Who was her great grandfather? William Herbert. Her great grandmother? Susan Livingstone Herbert of Glasgow, Scotland. Herbert’s ancestors fought with King David I and Robert the Bruce (Herbert is what is known as a moramer) and there exists a direct biological connection between Herbert and Mary, Queen of Scots, thus James I; they are the people who landed in Duluth in 1362; they are the people that constantly pressed forward and who came to remain in America and who were here first, the Native Americans as Herbert can trace her DNA back to the Elohim and before them to The Creator and not via Lucifer as Herbert does not carry the genetic


defect that original sin is; the case is a direct line of reasoning in all ways including biology that goes back to The Creator. If you look the Elohim turned away from The Creator in order to follow Lucifer and then the Sumerians acted to enslave some of their own and when that failed to then create a race of slaves; the fight’s always the same as all unjust men do is act to enslave you over and over by introducing slavery in a new and improved form. Susan Marie Herbert is a third generation natural born American on her father’s side and is not only directly biological related to actual royalty tracing itself back to a time before the Pagans but to the named banking cartel as they are all biologically related AND then to the new rich of America i.e. the Rockefeller’s, Vanderbilt’s, Morgans, Gould’s etc. etc. as these two groups of people would otherwise not be genetically related if not through her. Herbert is also directly related to both Thomas Jefferson and Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson thus she would be born with knowledge and she would come to possess knowledge that other humans do not as it was genetically encoded upon her and/or as it was passed down to her after she was born; it is Herbert’s own family members that are now acting to enslave you via war and dictatorship. Having to choose sides Herbert chose herself and The People thus The Creator as those calling themselves the US and those who support them are atheist, agnostic and/or Satanists as they advocate what is commonly known as the Luciferian Doctrine. They are allegiant to everything under the Sun except US Law. Herbert’s DNA is now in possession of the State of FL so it has been entered to the record officially. The piece of paper with ink blotches symbolizing DNA on it isn’t the proof as she herself is. What is American is genetically encoded


upon Herbert thus you can’t remove it from her as it is her nature. It’s a quality of her person that is a term. Herbert informed The People that as the natural birth clause was already violated as Obama was never going to lose the election and as John McCain did not qualify nor did any person on the ballot even if they are naturally born as none could fulfill the oath thus there was no actual other choice – these unjust persons are on the same side, they are all for the US and for alien and foreign interests hence their obsession with Lucifer and foreign policy - that war was now upon us as the pattern you see across the Earth especially where her biological relatives are concerned is this: The star symbol, the winged disc symbol and the double-headed eagle symbol and what transpires each time the double-headed eagle symbol appears? War. The double-headed eagle symbol reappeared when Jacob Rothchild and David Rockefeller joined forces as Rothchild bought a 37% stake in Rockefeller’s private bank, his private wealth management firm, that exists only to evade taxation. Rothchild did so as he is broke no matter what you have been led to believe. “Private wealth management” was created for royals who never meant or intended to pay taxes but only unjustly levy them against their victims. The double R, the mirror image R? It’s a form that the double-headed eagle takes; if you look you will find that the Rothchilds sport this as their family crest but they stole it from the Russian royal family. Not only has the double-headed eagle reappeared but so has another pattern, changing the name to confuse the masses. Jacob isn’t Rothchild’s actual first name and Windsor isn’t QEII’s actual last name exactly as BVG isn’t the case’s original caption. Herbert is one of the only people on Earth who can tell you Jacob Rothchilds actual given first name,


as she’s an insider who is a family member. Who or what also underwent a name change? Our nation and our governing document as it isn’t “The US Constitution” or “The Constitution of The United States” as it’s original title is “The Constitution for the united states of America” – small “u”, small “s” and capital “A”. We are not the United States but America and Americans. Obama’s actual name? Barack Obama Jr. nee Blake nee Barack Hussein Obama (with or without the II) nee Barry Sortero nee Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah was conceived in Hawaii; He was born in Kenya; He entered North America as an infant via Canada who then holds the vault copies of his birth record and he, as an infant, entered the US by crossing the Canadian-US border into Washington State; He exited the US around age 6 and entered Indonesia where he became a citizen via adoption and choice hence the “Soebarkah” that was ultimately the result of his mother amending her passport; He entered a state run school that only Indonesian citizens and Muslims may attend thereby giving up any Canadian or British (or American) citizenship that he might have had (he never possessed the birthright) but did so only after first attending a private school; He re-entered the US at about age 10 or 11 via Hawaii where he attended a private school; He attended Occidental University and possibly Harvard upon a scholarship granted to foreign students or with aid granted to foreigners;


He traveled upon a foreign passport after age 18, a passport believed to be Indonesian; according to Obama’s own testimony he is British (he published this fact on his website before The People began to complain) and he once spent a length of time in Indonesia that no Visa would allow so he, if he was in Indonesian for this length of time, must have entered and remained in Indonesia based upon a passport or Indonesian citizenship and; Obama Jr. seems to have doctored his Selective Service Registration or never to have registered at all as he claimed that registered in 1979 but that was not possible and the document we have reads “1980” and; It is date and time stamped July 29th, 1980 but signed by hand on July 30th, 1980 and the NO ID box is checked so Obama himself may not have acted to Register. His name on this document is deliberately not accidentally or mistakenly misspelled as that too is a pattern: Obama and his mother deliberately misspelled their names repeatedly on all manner of documents so that they could then claim that technically they did not do it as that is not their exact name; it’s sneaky way to place blame and never, ever be held accountable. It is commonly known that the CIA via its business front paid for Obama’s tuition at Columbia and that the CIA also recruited Bill Clinton – no person on Earth becomes a Rhodes Scholar by accident - but nobody can place Obama at Columbia physically and only one piece of work that Obama signed to then justify billing the CIA exists and it is deplorable; it would not receive a passing grade in high school and it is not Obama’s original thinking. If all you do is the math then Obama was born four months too soon to be a lawful, legal voter according to the purported date of his birth and the Nationality Act and Obama apparently held two Social Security numbers, one in Hawaii and one in Connecticut, when he would have held ONLY a Hawaiian SS Number as he worked in Hawaii as a teen; the good math is he would hold a


Hawaiian SS number only if he is a citizen as he did not work in any other state before he worked in Hawaii and it is the CT social security number that is connected to the above named Selective Service Registration. If not treason this makes Obama guilty of several felonies and strikes his Senate election. Based upon actual reality and the record known as living eyewitnesses including his own grandmother, grammar and high school friends, a graduating class at Columbia, Canadians, a man who watched a satellite broadcast featuring Obama’s family members in real time testify to his Kenyan birth and who gave The People his satellite coordinates, Bill Ayers a member of the terrorist group the Weather Underground who is wanted for questioning in the death of a police officer and who admits that he authored Obama’s ‘autobiography’, Michelle Obama and Kenyan government Officials etc. etc. etc. as well as Susan Herbert who happens to know Barack Obama Jr. – she met him before he ran for President - no reasonably sane person can actually believe that Obama Jr. was naturally born here or that he ever had the right to vote. Simple, basic common sense precludes this; it’s not physically, legally, emotionally or metaphysically possible that Barack Obama Jr. has now or ever had the right to vote or the birthright to then be the President and Commander. The only relationship Barack Obama Jr. and Americans share? We are sharing the same physical space; that’s it. We possess a spatial relationship that is purely physical. You may not even claim that we share DNA as every American does not share DNA with Obama and as Obama has never once volunteered to assume the actual risk of death in defense of The People; fact is: Obama was unlawfully and illegally given Secret Service protection a full 18 months before the election which is unprecedented.


Obama spent a lifetime seeking special privilege and special favor based upon ever changing conditions that are lies and he never once voluntarily complied with the EP&DP clauses. A lie is any form of deception you engage in to then secure personal gain at another’s expense. We, Obama and/or the US and The Americans, share no common understanding so we have no contract and never did. Everything you have ever been told about Obama Jr. is a lie manufactured for the sole purpose and express intent of overthrow and world war; people blindly “believe” it as they WANT to believe it no matter how insane it is and how impossible it is as the alternative – the whole truth - is ugly: The US is nation of sexist, racist, ignoramuses who are their own worst enemies as Obama is not Negroid or black as the masses delusionally believe as he is Arab or White – Caucasian – according to his DNA, the legal constructs and the socio-political constructs; he appears to be beige. Barack Obama Jr.’s life is one long series of free passes and nasty lawyer tricks as well as conditioning and indoctrination for eyewitnesses including his own sister claim that from infancy that Obama was being harmed by his mother and grandparents who exerted wholly conditional love and the condition was they would love him if he became President of the US but by any means as they were avowed communists and atheists who despised and hated America and Americans. To secure love from his mother and later others he had to overthrow The People. Obama confused pride for love so he’s 100% pure ego; he’s a machine.


Everything Barack Obama Jr. has “achieved” has been handed to him upon a silver platter and unjustly so; he did not earn any of it but only bought it or lied – manipulated and preyed - his way into it. This is undeniable: Obama Jr. aligned himself with and worked for agencies that have a socialist agenda such as ACORN and for political groups that actively sought to buy votes; an Obama insider who has since left has publicly admitted ton national television to entering an agreement to call Obama a genius when he is not in order to profit personally; this person came forward as he could no longer tell who was delusional and who was not once he heard Obama truly believe these lies; he wondered if a contract ever existed or not; a biographer quoted Obama as saying, when he received a compliment about his demeanor, that he, Obama, “is LeBron” (the sports star) and that he “has game” or that he was acting and for profit and it was pure pride; Obama Jr. is not a constitutionalist or an American but whatever he needs to be in any given moment to secure the named payoff thus he is: nothing but a corporate shill. It is common knowledge that anarchists, socialists, fascists, despots and atheists meant to foment violent uprising in the US via oppressing The People; while they know that bankers are responsible they instead attacked The People who they hoped in turn would then attack each other and the bankers; read the transcript of Patty Hearsts own testimony as a member of the SLA. What’s not common knowledge is that these persons are then being played by the tiny group of men acting from behind the scenes who are the banking cartel; their ultimate goal is the installation of the Luciferian Doctrine as they worship Lucifer as they truly believe The Creator does not exist and that God/Lucifer are one and the same. These men truly believe that Lucifer is their sacred mother. Of course they do not publicly admit to this so the masses do not know this. People like the SLA and ACORN are their tools but the SLA and ACORN don’t know it either.


The method they intended to employ to meet this goal is foreignization as their plan is to cause a war and then as Americans become disillusioned and desperate to sweep in and assume absolute control via a dictatorship. Then they can inflict their Luciferian Doctrine upon you and you cannot object or fight back or so they mistakenly truly believed. It’s the same old plan the Nazi elite employed when they installed Hitler and Herbert was present when the ghost of Hitler came alive at a political rally in Jacksonville in 2004. It’s why the Nazis were fascinated with the occult and it’s where we get the idea of the Black Sun. It’s why so much religious imagery is so outrageously grotesque: Rule not law is enforced via manufactured or false fear so a gang mentality ensues. This is what politicization is – its polarization - and its meant to drive you insane by breaking your will thus your will is not your own as it becomes the will of the group. They have been running around since Pagan times worshipping Lucifer and advocating that unlimited profit or greed is good and is constitutional; they do not realize that unlimited benefit is good and is constitutional but that unlimited profit is anti-constitutional. The Hopi have a record of this as the Naga lived among them and taught them their ways; the Hopi believed that the Nagas were gods but they were not. The Nagas were sailors like the Phoenicians who (like bankers) believed that unlimited profit was good. This is what they taught the Hopis and the record still exists. What symbol did the Naga employ? The Swastika as that is an ancient symbol derived from the star symbol. The Hopi never adopted this belief, as they knew it is insane.


What symbol did the Nazis use? The Swastika; who funded both sides in WWII? The Rothchilds. Why? The Rothchilds self-identify as Ashkanazi Jews – nazi Jews - not Shephardic Jews and many of the banking families are crypto-Jews (Jews forced to publicly convert); they believe everything is for sale and they will fund anything that seems to be profitable. Not as they’re Jewish but as they’re bankers first. Biology is not nationality, ethnicity or religious affiliation. These people including the paid Officers of the US that they support slaughter Americans and slaughter women as they do not consider us to be their own kind and they do not think of us as anything they are. In a sick twist they hate women, as they want to be one as they worship Lucifer who they believe is woman when Lucifer is an it. It’s why so many of them are raging closet homosexuals and why Masonic Lodges have image of Baal as a goat with breasts, as they truly believe Lucifer is a woman: Isis - genesis – Ishtar – star – light – Lucifer. It matters not if you and I believe it as they, those at the very, very, very, top of this dung heap truly believe it. The Pagans called human sacrifice “religion” and today the Chinese call eating human babies a “cuisine”; the Nazi’s referred to it as “eugenics” but today politicians refer to it as “stem cell research”; there is no difference as only the appearance is different not the substance: Technically Obama Jr. is not a Nazi or the anti-Christ or a communist or a constitutionalist but an authoritarian ruler who is a Modern as that’s the name of his belief system and his perspective. This nation went off the deep end and installed a person who is not natural born, is not a voter and who is only a manufactured illusion meant and intended to be their ultimate downfall as a nation of People.


“Mental illness” is a medical term while “insanity” is a legal term; you’re mentally ill if your personal beliefs are incongruent with universal law and you become insane when those incongruent beliefs become inconsistent; this nation was mentally ill and this nation went insane as those in elected and appointed offices drove them there by ignoring and denying reality, by allowing their repeated petitions to fall on deaf ears. Upon filing a second time in SCOTUS Herbert was visited by the Secret Service in December of 2008. They actually admitted they had no cause and that they were there as they couldn’t distinguish what is rhetoric or what is law; all they had to act upon was a notice of suit. Everyone involved denied that a citizen could enter SCOTUS directly - they claimed it was humanly impossible - when the Senate’s own website reads: “Certain cases may be brought directly to the Supreme Court without having been heard by another court. Under statute, the Supreme Court also exercises appellate review, that is the right to review the decisions of a lower federal or state court.” To claim that direct entry exists but is humanly impossible to achieve is to act against humanity itself; it’s to claim that YOU’RE not human as YOU can’t do it not that we’re not human. It’s inhumane and it’s insane. Thus logic, reason and ration dictated that the US would default the second time direct filing occurred and that the US would want to default/plead out as they would expect the reader of the docket - their victim - to believe that SCOTUS, as “US” in within its name, responds to such a claim when SCOTUS does not as it is not the Respondent and as the US had no choice but to default. Proof that these unjust men are insane and that they truly believe that this claim rests upon pieces of paper not what is actual reality, pieces of paper that anybody can forge at home with Photoshop, their local Kinko’s and/or by merely securing paper and ink manufactured in the 50’s or 60’s, is Obama’s


action to issue Executive Order # 13489; the EO isn’t the proof as its evidence but Obama’s action to sign it is the proof; this EO states:
“Sec. 3. Claim of Executive Privilege by Incumbent President. (a) Upon receipt of a notice of intent to disclose Presidential records, the Attorney General (directly or through the Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel) and the Counsel to the President shall review as they deem appropriate the records covered by the notice and consult with each other, the Archivist, and such other executive agencies as they deem appropriate concerning whether invocation of executive privilege is justified. (b) The Attorney General and the Counsel to the President, in the exercise of their discretion and after appropriate review and consultation under subsection (a) of this section, may jointly determine that invocation of executive privilege is not justified. The Archivist shall be notified promptly of any such determination. (c) If either the Attorney General or the Counsel to the President believes that the circumstances justify invocation of executive privilege, the issue shall be presented to the President by the Counsel to the President and the Attorney General. (d) If the President decides to invoke executive privilege, the Counsel to the President shall notify the former President, the Archivist, and the Attorney General in writing of the claim of privilege and the specific Presidential records to which it relates. After receiving such notice, the Archivist shall not disclose the privileged records unless directed to do so by an incumbent President or by a final court order.”

Obama Jr. does not have the power or authority to issue an EO – any EO – and nobody on Earth needs to see his paperwork to know the truth as life is the proof nor do they need his permission as the commission IS; also EO’s are binding ONLY upon the Executive and the executive privilege is not yours if the birthright is not yours. This EO is not – is not – meant and intened to shed more light on Obama’s life.


Obama Jr. is a person attempting to seal records that evince his guilt and when he’s the unlawfully sitting incumbent; he’s sealing his records now not after he leaves the office and this EO is unenforceable. Obama deliberately pitted himself in a battle against the courts thus against The People. Barack Obama Jr. knows exactly what he is doing as Herbert served a warrant for his arrest upon him in or around February of 2010 in person unlike any other litigant and Obama Jr. responded by sending a US Marshall to her door who threatened to kill her if she ever told the truth again in federal court; Herbert has witnesses. Instead of defending himself against any of Herbert’s charges Obama Jr. threateneed her life and told her not to “tell the truth again in federal court” thereby admitting to the charges hence the class may state all of the above as fact for if it is false the burden is on Obama and the US as they must prove he is qualified. Herbert can easily prove that this order came form Obama Jr. himself; that is, Obama Jr. had to be present and had to agree when the decision was made to threaten Herbert’s life as this is chain of command theory in play. Herbert then told the truth in world court as she sued the UNH/IHRC in their own court for human rights violations, for unlawfully occupying America as we have no valid Treaty with the UN as it’s legally impossible to create the IMF first or to surrender our sovereignhty – us – to it as FDR attempted and as no member nation of the UN is soverign in actuality as they do not have an elegant form; Herbert won when the UN falsely counter charged the class, Americans, with being the agressors. Then Herbert sued again in the federal court in Dultuh, MN in mid to late 2010 in an attempt to collect and added something: Thomas Jefferson, Susan Herbert and Ray Morton weighed the Earth, time and a human mind, resolved Uniformity and defined or discovered the smallest particle man can neasure not


Lord Calvert and CERN or France; the clock that yet exists at Monticello that is seemingly measured incorrectly? It’s not as Jefferson enshrined the truth of this answer in this clock as he, Herbert and Morton answered the question that Newton asks in Principia; as Jefferson first published in 1774 as A Summary View is this scientific answer in legal terms and so did Calvert then Jefferson thus we win. Human ration does win the day as Jefferson correctly predicted. Herbert named this in 07-9804 as one of the jobs she had to do is beat CERN as this is the resolution to Uniformity; that is, she had to file her intellectual property and the truth of Jefferson’s intellectual property before CERN turned on its particle collider as it is considered to be the most valuable intellectual proeprty on Earth and it is; she did beat CERN; in Duluth all she did is present more of the science and more of the evidence and proof; Herbert named this particle the Thomas Jefferson Particle as that’s funny in all disciplines and upon every level. Herbert referred to this force as the Intrinsic Force and her theory regarding Uniformity as The Theory of Intrinsicity in honor of John Marshall; to satisfy the eggheads among us she then technically named this particle the Nanino as it is the basic building block that all of this is built upon as everything has a crystalline structure and it is made physically real in the vacuum that time is as there is a difference in power between you and The Creator as it’s not a true vacuum. Calvert attirbuted a error in one direction that Mason & Dixon discovered when surveying a circle they squared in order to form a line to the gravitational pull of a range of mountains plural; incorrect as the error was unidirectional as the Earth acts as if it’s a giant crystal as Lavosier demonstrated when he suspended a diamond in a solution of pure oxygen and focused sunlight upon it thereby producing carbon dioxide. Mason & Dixon’s circle? It resemebles the design of an atom bomb. You’re dealing with hydrogen carbon chain reactions.


Pateur did work in crytalline structure, symmetry and rotation. He seeingly grew organic material from what everyone thought was inorganic but it was not as they did not account for consciousness or time; they had no knowledge of the smallest particle or Jefferson’s work. Once you have the smallest particle you create elments and then minerals as two hydrogen atoms create an atom of helium and so on. All of physical reality is an illusion; it’s all symbolic. The smallest particle symbolizes the largest, the whole universe. This is why paper isn’t the proof or absolute proof. The fatal flaw in man’s ‘logic’ has been that the universe and life itself arises from the inorganic and that is what they have been desperate to prove, that all of this arose from what is dead or the inanimate, as they do not believe in a Creator; life cannot arise from what is dead; life can only arise from what is alive; the conscious arises from the conscious NOT the unconscious; The Creator is consciously aware of himself and us. The animate arises from the animate. Nobody accounted for consciousness which is why Newton told you that measuring an absolute mountain or a whole range of mountains would not yield a great enough difference as only men are possessed of a consciously aware mind. Mountains? They’re conscious as it’s the link that unites it all but: THEY LACK MOTIVE AND INTENT. This – the mean unit of consciousnes or time – has a crystalline structure and is the smallest particle man can measure here and now; someday we might be able to go smaller but not now. If you ask if an atom or a photon is aware? YES in that it’s conscious like a mountain but NO in that it is not the same, special arrangement of molecules that we are; it does not have a mind of its own, its exists and ‘acts’ or ‘behaves’ according to law without reasoning its position or its relationship to its Creator and no photon jumps up and declares its


independence. You can reason the case infinitely smaller or larger; zero point is the point whereby all is unified as the least becomes the greatest and vice versa; can any human being weigh and measure what is inifinite? Only within the terms of their own human capacity. Exactly as homo sapiens triumphed over homo neanderthalsis now homo Americanus has triumphed over homo sapien as our intellectual capacity has increased once more. The best way to say what Jefferson, Morton and Herbert know and what Newton suspected is: you can have form without spirit. In this way a person can have form but be dead inside as they are unconscienable. In 1793 when devising his unique system of weights and measures Jefferson accounted for magnetic north and polar north – it wasn’t a range of mountains that is the cause as men previously believed but magentic north and so consciousness – and he negated any error caused by the interaction of the electromagnetic fields by replacing the metal rod in his instruments with a wooden rod; Jefferson correctly answered Newton’s question but Jefferson never knew what he came to do in his lifetime as we did not begin tracking magnetic north until 1831, five years after his death. And then France abandoned Jefferson’s oscillating wooden rod method thereby changing his numbers. Herbert took one look at magnetic north’s path and knew how and why it moved including why it speeds up and slows down and that Jefferson is correct while Calvert is not as she used what is unique to America: original US Law and those first Americans including Jefferson himself. By predicting the behavior of magnetic north – by correctly predicting the

behavior of nature that is unknown – one can absolutely prove that US Law as originally written is also universal law; Herbert has been correctly predicting the behavior of magnetic north and of people as people are dipole and are


dynamos exactly like the Earth and nothing, not even human behavior is random, since early 2007. Herbert was subsequently subjected to wrongful arrest on October 29th, 2012 as Obama Jr. threatened when she added a secondary charge to the Duluth filing on October 26th, beaten bloody and unconscious by four police officers, held by the State of FL & the US for 8 months upon an impossible charge and Herbert was only released when she pled out to two misdemeanor charges in order to hold the judge as he attended two of the four colleges Herbert named and when the FL never had any jurisdiction over her as FL was acting as a part of the US. Herbert qucikly discovered that Duval County is deliberately overcrowding its jail, that the electrical doors malfunction upon a routine basis (asn electrical fire broke out whiel Herbert was incarcerated) and that women in Duval County are being deneid access to the law library and that this is common knowledge; Herbert was denied access to the library while men were not. Herbert was told women were being denied access to the law library as a guard not a woman was attacked; this makes zero sense. The one time Herbert was able to use a run down, beaten up, useless computer she was then not allowed to print out the doucment that she needed; she was told to file a greivance in order to retrieve the document but that grivance was ignored as were all of her requests to use the law library. Herbert also discovered that the police in Neptune Beach were deliberatey placign the handcuffs on women incorrectly so when they fell offf the cops would claim that the woman tried to esacape eventhough you must be in route accordign ot FL Statute; in one incredulous case the presiding judge told the female prisoner that he knew the police were doing this and that FL would never pursue the charge as it is false. This was common in DV cases; durign her first week of incarceration Herbert identified twowomen this happeend ot vesides herself. One is now a mmeber of the class.


The police are blaiming women for crimes men commit by manufacturing the charge thus the ‘right’ to vent their frustration by beating women up and to falsify felony charges that then cause women w/o records to be jailed for excessively long periods and with excessive bails thus women are being forced to plead out. If you refuse to plead out the State along with the US begin to threaten your life. In Herbert’s case FL and the US levied excessive bail and then spent 8 months attempting to use force and the threat of death via lethal injection (experiemntal classes of drugs that Herbert is allergic to but that FL insisted would control Herbert’s thinking when no drug does that was the exacting threat made in Herbert’s case, that FL would secure an order to kill her only do it seemingly legally and with the cooperation of the DOJ) in order to break Herbert and make her convict herself falsely by pleading out to a felony; they pursued what is a civil conviction and when they had zero jurisidiction over Herbert’s person and when they had no actual evidence or proof. Barck Obama Jr. then executed his threat, his exacting threat as FL merely executed it for him. As a result on April 5th, 2012 a FL judge heard the case in person and found for Herbert and the class as FL dragged Herbert before a kangaroo court that exists only in FL State Operating Procedure but not in FL Law, not in FL Statute and not in all of American jurisprudence. Herbert knew this and brought a copy of the Operating Procedure to Court; if you look Herbert previously named this exact harm in the Duluth federal filing, the filing that immediately caused her arrest and she named soemthing else: a person/s was being paid to harrass her. This would be the second time a person/s in Obama’s employ did this. Most citizens can’t prove such allegations; Herbert can so she presents a threat.


Herbert volunteered to be present at the April 5th, 2012 hearing and FL and the US attempted to hold the hearing without her by physcially preventing her from attending so the entire proceeding had to be held up for over 15 minutes while FL and the US then produced Herbert the person. FL claimed that Herbert was incompetant and had her unlawfully carted off to Chattahoochee when she not once spoke in court thus there was no proof and when she was never tested or evaluated thus there was no evidence but the assigned counsel that day in April knew she was not incompetant as he heard her make her case and as he read a letter written by a FL Officer that asked Herbert to do her job for her and that claimed that FL could not know and did not know if FL had issued a No Contact Order. FL cannot know what FL acted to do or not? FL cannot read the SCOTUS docket either? Herbert’s assigned counsel informed the judge that although this was unusual and never done that he believed theat Herbert could and would adequately represent herself (and the class) so that he was going to let her speak for herself. As soon as the judge agreed then Herbert was proven to be competant and FL and the US to be in the wrong as this is a federal case and a federal question was being asked and answered and when Chattahoochee is not any old ordinary hospital but THE hospital from which O’Connor V Donaldson rose that states that a person may hold individuals liable if their physical liberty is denied them unjustly and it is the oldest mental hospital in this nation; it sits in the disputed area of FL outside of Tallhassee when Tallahessassee was the only capital never taken in the War of Northern Agression as it survived a two year battle not siege. This part of FL has never been accurrately mapped as Ellicott abandoned his survey in 1799 and as federal court cases arose (1850) as nobody seemed to be able to map this part of FL; until the advent of fractal geometry mapping this part of FL wouldn’t be possible due to all of the conflicts and the terrain and to date not one person has undertaken this effort with the sole intent and express


purpose of acurrately and legally fractally mapping Western FL: did we buy it in the LA Purchase? Did we take it by force? Did we unlawfully annex FL? Herbert named the LA Purchase in 07-9804. She also named it as a contract with Natives exists within this purchase that no person knew of and couldn’t know of until 1905 as Spain’s Notes On Its Second Expedition sat upon a shelf in Spain untranslated. Only Herbert understood she had stumbled upon a good contract as the Natives and the King’s Representative shared a common understanding regarding The Creator – contract negotiations did not ensue until this common understanding had been established - and they each received something in exchange; this contract is allodial as it is derived from a royal charter that itself is the result of a papal grant. Jefferson bought this contract when he bought Louisisana. We are to have at least one opportunity to uphold this contract. The named state Officers kept identifying as being a part of the US and insisted that BVG was a good case that was resolved by order of the Court and that Obama Jr. had to be natural born and/or that a popular vote is US Law when it is not; today all of the states – all of the installed Officers local, state and federal - derive their power not from The People but from pieces of paper known as incorporation papers and paper dollars. As the State Governors abandoned their seats in 1968 then they are a part of the US as they claimed. Fact and law placed the case in international waters as well as in federal court, SCOTUS or US Claims, as an original case: The State of FL acted to set the actual, paper SCOTUS docket upon the table and argued that SCOTUS denied that US Law was reality therefore they, FL, did not have to abide by it or even so much as acknowledge it exists on paper; FL claimed that Herbert was “obssessed with US Law” when nobody on Earth is “obssessed with US Law” if they are a victim who successfully sued their victimizers and when US Law matches the reality of this universe.


Herbert countered that obviously FL is insane as they just acted to prove it and that once the US defaults then default is and always will be and that no person may default - fail to appear - and then deny that there ever was a court case and/or deny that law exists to avoid paying out and/or to avoid capeas; Herbert reasoned that default is and that it is good for all time as it is a matter of simple contract law. Herbert reasoned that equality is a matter of beign equal but distinct aqnd then unique not being exactly equal and that the process is: Herbert, the Petitioner then petitions the court and the US, the Respondent, then responds. SCOTUS never, ever responds on behalf of the US but only on behalf of its own self if she sues them as that’s constitutional authority. If she sues them then they, SCOTUS, would be the Respondent but as you can clearly read it is “In Re Susan Herbert” therefore the US preserves its right to respond or waives it and the US waived it and in so doing waived the 1871 version of US Law as the case entered upon a direct challenge. The SCOTUS Justices are nobody’s personal, hired counsel as they work for The People and they are compensated not paid and they may not profit as they may not collect millions in retirement as trading their expert knowledge upon money would constitute human trafficking and to do this they would first have to sell themselves into slavery. The Justices hold original jurisdiction seats; they can and may ajudicate a case involving their ownselves in order to secure those seats and they did so as two clerks accepted the transfer of constitutional authority. The issue involving SCOTUS only arose after the Petition was filed against BVG and Obama. In order to successfully sue both? You had to go head to head with SCOTUS clerks including the Chief Clerk in order to stand him down. They are completely separate issues.


Thus the US would respond to the filed Petition not SCOTUS as SCOTUS answers only for what are its own actions and SCOTUS can and may act only when it has the whole case not one side; if default occurrs? It has both sides so the only docket entry you would ever see is: SET FOR HEARING, or, JUDGMENT OF DEFAULT ENTERED IN FAVOR OF THE PETITIONER, SUSAN HERBERT. The judge agreed with Herbert; he said default IS. The April 5th, 2012 ruling is sealed. The federal question appears in the transcript as FL, in an attempt to reverse and rescind The Constitution without engaging the process, captioned its case “In Re Herbert Susan” (another confusing name change) and filed after she filed in SCOTUS and when she was in an other federal court, FL’s Middle District, seeking a Writ of Habeas that she should have been automatically granted but was not. In the event of an emergency such as an actual constituional crisis involving the election of a President or a SCOTUS authority case in which you must bypass the Chief Clerk of the US then the person who would deliver the commission is the Post Master General as he or she holds an original seat, is uniformed, is authorized to deliver commissions and they have tenure or immunity; the Post Office is funded by The People directly through the purchase of stamps thus it does not close in a budget crisis and the contract it has with us is honor bound and absolute; it is derived from The Creator. In this case federal court clerks including a DC District Court Clerk lied and falsely claimed that the Post Office failed to deliver documents in order to avoid the case when the Post Office did deliver them. Because of this obstruction of justice it became impossible for the class to employ the Post Master General or to enact the appropriate, lawful process at all. On Friday, February 15th, 2012 SCOTUS debated whether or not to hear a forged documents case against Obama; you can never, ever rationalize or justify


denying this class access to the Justices and a hearing in person while allowing a case based solely upon the paperwork to proceed as those documents are evidence not proof; that case is bad. Herbert was denied the right to vote and then in two elections in FL class member Brian Dobry’s ballot was tampered with once as a poll tax was charged by the Jacksonville City Council as they told the County to charge postage when Neptune Beach where Dobry lives has its own City Council and this is a violation of law – there was nonreflective tape placed over the prepaid postage so you had to pay a poll tax to vote and no City Council may charge more or all of the postage on an absetee ballot as such a request would have to be made through the Post Master General but still you do not tamper with the physical ballot - and then in this past Presidential primary when Dobry discovered that a different address was listed as his so he did not receive his absetee ballot on time; the only reason to change his address? To cast a phony ballot in his name w/o his knowing it. Foxnews is following a voter fraud case in Troy, NY where Herbert was raised in which four Officers pled guilty to felonies and 2 are being tried and in relationship to a party affiliated with ACORN that is Obama’s old employer; in NY Officers openly admitted this, forging signatures on absentee ballots, is a common tactic and a part of the accepted ‘process’. If the US doesn’t want to own up to what it did to women and to Herbert and to other members of the class then it can pay up as there are 3 named amounts to choose from: 1), The amount of the national debt as the paid Officers incurred this not The People thus they the paid Officers that are the US owe it 2), $27 billion named in protest and 3), the interest on the Black Hills Fund as “Ft. Laramie” is named in Petition 07-9804 as Herbert and the class correclty reasoned the case as the Sioux did not have adequate or effective counsel when they appeared and Herbert is part Native American.


The genius behind choice #3 is: The settlement doesn’t come out of anybody’s pockets as it is interest; the original $20 million is returned to The People and the persons who made the case – counsel and the class – receive the interest as the Sioux do not get both the money and the land nor does the US. Americans receive what is their due, that interest, as we vested it by refusing it over justice and in so doing turned paper money into actual currency. CONCLUSION

The Americans not the British won the Revolution whether anybody personally likes it or not and The Americans will always win the Revolution as universal law thus The Creator is on our side. You may have heard about it as the story goes something like this: ‘Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, and all the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put this rotten egg together again’. These men are claiming divine right via Lucifer/God thus via judgment and tribute and they have acted against the law to a point that all they can now do is begin killing you and they have as that’s what forcing women to suffer a denial of their rights caused and that’s what an unjust foreign war caused, death for no reason or cause; it is murder and it constitutes treason. All one need do is look up the DOD stats on persons missing or killed in war in the Middle East and the DOJ stats on how many women and children are missing or have been raped and murdered and that is only reported cases; the DOJ recently confirmed what counsel always knew: the US cannot account for this amount of missing energy. It is not possible to restore what is fatally, intrinsically flawed, what is is insane and what the Founders never meant or intended for us. Whatever caused you to lend your belief to Obama Jr. being Hawaiian or American when there is no good evidence or proof and then to vest your


interest and your right in him as such when the benefit of the doubt is not his? Is it Obama’s Polynesian looks or his polynesian accent? His love of poi, that he likes beans on his snowcones, that he calls it a plate lunch not a blue plate special or that his mouth waters whenever he hears the distinctive squirt SPAM makes as it squooshes out of a can? His mastery of the ukelele and the Hawaiian language? His knowledge of Hawaiian salvation history? That the University of Hawaii pulled out all of the stops in their attempt to recruit him? That he carries tiny instruments and a notebook to record his observations in his pocket as Jefferson did? There is nothing, no proof of life, that would cause any reasoanbly sane person to come to ‘believe’ that Obama is Hawaiian or American: Barack Obama carries a tiny statute of Hanuman the monkey god in his pocket and that is close to Barack Obama Jr.’s actual truth as the US is more monkey or animal than human or American and Obama, like the other paid Officers, is entirely dependent upon other people and outside things to create and maintain what is an illusion of power only and what is totally devoid of authority. The question as to who is natural born and who is not cannot be answered by any piece of paper as your actions define you and your state of mind. It is not about physical reality only. The case has already been won and lost and all that is left is for the settlement to be paid out. If you wish to act to answer the federal questions present then do so as you can and may; if not? Send the case back to SCOTUS via the actual, correct process not through the Office of the Clerk as that will never work and that is not the correct process in this case. The class would think that this court would want to answer the Ft. Laramie question at long last, the do vaccinations cause autism question at long last, and several others such as are Art. I military tribunals lawful? But then again you might want to throw the case back to the Chief Justice, John Roberts, as we have zero evidence and proof that any Justice ever saw it or a correct summary of it and no clerk would be qualified to handle it as they failed to stop BVG at the door.


The Chief Judge of this court has a decision to make: Is he willing to square off in a three way contest between himself or herself, Susan Herbert and Barck Obama Jr. thereby becoming either the Chief Justice or the President and Commander when the day is done or does that honor, that duty, that privilege and that right belong to the sitting Chief Justice who would ascend to the Presidentcy or remain the Chief Justice? If you fail to send it to Roberts directly are you then denying him his opportunity and his right? The only thing this court may not do is fail to act or continure to deny the reality of the SCOTUS docket and our exactly worded original US Law as all acts repugnant to The Constitution are automatically null and void. Thomas Jefferson said that nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude and nothing can help the man with the wrong mental attitude but Thomas Jefferson’s best legal and medical advice may be: Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you. That’s because our divine birthright is a commission; we never needed another man’s permission to act and neither do you. COUNTS Too numerous to mention; physical takings of liberty, homes, cars and all wordly goods; violation of every named right most espeically EP&DP, the vote, natural birth, Art. 4 Sec.4’s domestic violence as now the sitting Legislature and sitting President is perpetrating it against The People and Art. I Sec. 8’s right to benefit from intellectual property and scientific discovery; now the spirit of the law, sovereignty or will, is being broken. Voter fraud. Treason (We may accept damages).


DEMAND FOR RELIEF The award of the default judgment, either the amount of the deficit, $27 billion or the interest on the Black Hills Fund that is an estimated $2 billion and; An injunction against Obama Jr. and his Administration including Joe Biden that orders them to cease and desist acting in any legal capacity as they have none and never did and; Official, legal nullification of any and all prior court action against Susan Herbert and an order returning custody of her children to her and; A declaration that states that women and exactly Susan Herbert are persons with full rights under the law and that; Jefferson, Everett, Morton and Herbert resolved Uniformity and in so doing defined the smallest particle and answered Isaac Newton’s question regarding the weight of Earth not Lord Calvert and that; We are not beholden to British common law but to American common law and that; The only paper that is proof is the 4 original governing documents.

Susan Herbert Attorney of Record 1100 Seagate #101 Neptune Beach, FL 32266 ___________________________ ___________ Signed 47

February 26th, 2012 _________________ Date

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