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Midwest Serving - OH, IN, IL, MI Southeast Serving - KY, WV, TN, GA

Worldwide Sales and Support Meters, Controls, Telemetry Calibration and Repairs IT / Video /Security Consulting & Optimization

Meters | Controls | Equipment | Sales | 24/7 Service Industrial | Environmental | Water | Wastewater | Energy | Agriculture Campbell Scientific Water Samplers, Wastewater Samplers, Dataloggers, Data
Acquisition, Weather Stations, Sensors, Telemetry, Measurement & Control Peripherals, Communications, Weather, Water, Energy, Machines, Structures, Earth

Nivelco Pressure, Level, Flow, Temp, Process Analyzers.

Ultrasonic, Microwave, Radar, Guided Wave, Capacitive, Magnetostrictive, Hydrostatic, Float, Conductive, Magnetic Coupling, Vibrating Rod, Vibrating Fork, Rotary Paddle, Temperature, Open Channel, Controls

Dwyer- Pressure, Air Velocity, Flow, Level, Temperature, Process Control, Data
Loggers, Recorders, Humidity, Air Quality, Test Equipment, Valves, Magmeters, Ultrasonic Flowmeters. Love, Mercoid, W.E. Anderson, Proximity

HF Scientific Chlorine Monitors and Reagents, Turbidity Monitors and

Standards, UV%T, pH, DO Conductivity, Lab and Portable, Streaming Current

Hanna Instruments-pH, ORP, DO, Conductivity, TDS, Ion Selective,

COD, Turbidity, Temp, RH, Reagents, Solutions, Test kits, Process, Pumps


- Float Switches, Indoor / Outdoor Water Alarms, Base

Elbow Rail Systems, Alarms, Anchor Kits, Valves, Check Valves, SS Chain and Kits, SS Float Brackets, and Pump Station Components

AC/DC Equipment Enclosures, Lights, Alarms, Timers and

Hour Meters, Batteries and Chargers, Terminals, Toggle Switches

Cerus VFDs, VFD Bypasses, VFD Packages, Soft Starts, Motor

Controls, Breakers, Overloads, Manual Starters, Industrial Starters, HVAC Controls, Pump Controls, Cooling Tower Controls,

Saginaw Full Line Electrical Enclosures, Stainless Steel,

Painted Steel, Fiberglass, Wall Mount, Free Standing, Operator System Enclosures, Modular Enclosures, NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12

Generac Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Standby

Generators, Portable, Towable, Transfer Switches, Inverters

Orion Power Systems UPS and Battery Backup Systems. Power Distribution Units (PDU), Communications VPC Fiberglass Fiberglass Shelters, Manholes, Manhole
Covers, Flumes, Staff Gauges, Chemical Feed Buildings, Railing, Platforms, Sewer Rate Reduction Systems, Metering Manholes

Mace Portable Waterproof Flowmeters for Collection Systems, Sewers, Wastewater, Stormwater and Industrial Discharge. Doppler and Ultrasonic Flow Sensors. Solar Powered Flow Metering, Flow Monitoring and Data Logging. Wastewater, Stormwater and Industrial Flows, Agricultural B&B Electronics-Remote I/O, Wireless Bridge, Ethernet, Serial,
Switches, Wireless, Cellular, Automation, USB, Cables, Controllers, Relays, Timers, Operator Interface, Power, Surge Arrestors

Graphic Controls Chart Recorder Charts, Pens, Markers,

Industrial Recorder Supplies

IMO Power Supplies, Terminal Blocks, Fuse Blocks, Industrial

Control Relays, Slimline Relays, AC Disconnects, DC Disconnects, Solar Energy, Power Disconnects, Solar Connectors, Distribution

LMI Liquid Metering Pumps, Controllers and Accessories Walchem Liquid Metering Pumps, Controllers Pulsafeeder Liquid Metering Pumps, Controllers Stenner Liquid Metering Pumps, Controllers, Accessories Regal - Chlorinators, Sulphonators, Ammoniators, Chemical Feed, Smartvalves, Gas Leak Detectors, Electronic Scales, Chlorine Analyzers Troemner -Talboys Calibration Weights, Lab Equipment, Hotplates and Stirrers, Laboratory Mixers, Dry Block Heaters, Homogenizers, Stability Chambers, Shakers Red Lion Panel Meters, Process Controllers, HMI Keller America - Pressure and Level Transmitters Longwatch - Video System with tight integration into SCADA
ClearSCADA - SCADA software for telemetry and remote SCADA Schneider Electric SCADAPack PLCs & RTUs, FlowStation, Licensed and License-free Radios, Wireless Instruments, Gas Flow
FLOW - Magmeters, Propeller, Vortex, Ultrasonic, Microwave, Clamp on transit time, Doppler, Air & Gas Flow Thermal Mass, Turbine, Insertion, Inline, Steam, Air, Gas, Flumes, Weirs, Open Channel, Turbine and Compound, Area Velocity, Variable Area, Transit Time, Staff Gauges LEVEL Hydrostatic, Float, Ultrasonic, Microwave, Capacitive, Magnetostrictive, Vibrating, Rotary Paddle, Sight, Radar, Level Controllers, Level Controllers, Level Loggers ANALYTICAL pH, DO, ORP, TSS, Conductivity, Sludge Depth, Ammonia, BOD, COD, Chlorine Dioxide, Fluoride, Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron, Manganese, Nitrogen, Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP), Salinity, Suspended Solids, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), UV254, Oils GAUGES Pressure, Diaphragm Seal, Digital Pressure Gauges, Altitude, Well Depth SAMPLING Wastewater and Stormwater Samplers, Portable and Stationary Samplers TANKS Liquid storage, Day Tanks, Pre-Engineered TREATMENT RO, Microfiltration, Nanofiltration, CDI Systems, Aeration and Advanced Process Controls ELECTRICAL Pre-Engineered Panels, Stainless Steel Panels, Panel Components RECORDERS - Circular & Strip Chart Recorders, Chart Paper and Pens, Dataloggers, Indicators, Batchers