F ebruary 1 1162 AD Today was the day when I payed money to the king and be a knight!

I was waiting for this since I was a boy. It took a lot of training on a lot on wooden dummies to be a strong knight. It also took me a lot of time making the money for the payment but it will be worth it. I still have money for a warhorse, armour, and some weapons. It is very expensive! I chose to be a knight, not archer, or foot soldier because I would like to show my bravery in front of my king and fight the opponent right in front of them. Also I could take all the valuables when we take over a city or a village. Heh... heh…I got up as quickly as I could and wolfed down my coarse black bread and some ale. I got out of my good old grass hut in a hurry with all my money. I went to the blacksmiths and bought some brand new hard metal armour. It was so cool! Then I went to the blacksmiths shop to get some weapons. It was hard to choose out of maces, swords, spears, and daggers. I chose a sword because it feels like the strongest and it is easy to wield it. This sword is very shiny and sharp. Every time I wield the sword I keep on wanting to stab someone to death! I went back home to put away my armour and sword because they are too heavy to walk around with it. I can’t imagine wearing all that and going to fight in a war. Then I went to the stables and to bye a white warhorse. I chose white because it matches my new shiny silver armour. Just in case, I bought armour for the horse too, because the horse might die really easy in the war. Afterwards I went up to the king’s estate on my new horse in my shiny armour and paid him all the money to become a real knight! I look so cool with everything on what I bought today. I saw other knights at the gathering walking around with huge maces. I thought to my self “ah, I

should have bought the mace…” I am so happy that I’m a knight now! Today was the tournament!!! I was so happy that I got to use my armour in a battle it’s a shame we aren’t really fighting for I’m not allowed to use my sharp sword for it is only practice. I wanted to win really badly because I could get a huge amount of money. It was the first round. We fought in teams. I was on the red team. We won because the opponents were mostly archers and the arrows didn’t hurt me because I had armour on. I was in the second round. I fought this knight with a sword just like my sword except this one had been blunt. I was almost going to lose but at the last part I used my power to push him away. Then I got into the third round. I was nervous every round. Again I won in the third round. The same thing happened until the final round. The opponent at the last round looked very strong. He didn’t have any armour on except a huge shield and he had a huge axe resting on his shoulder. I was so nervous that I couldn’t use all my power. After the long fight I fainted and lost… I was very sad that I didn’t get the money but I think it was a good session training for me. Man, that knight no armour was extremely strong. I wonder where he got that huge axe. Man being a knight rocks, everything seems so much better even my wife’s vegetable soup tastes better!! 6 a.m – Breakfast. We ate coarse black bread, with ale to drink. 10 a.m – Dinner. Coarse black bread, eggs and cheese, With ale to drink. 4 p.m – Supper. Coarse black bread, pottage (a thick soup Of vegetables and sometimes meat), with ale to drink. Villeins lived on the manor in cruck-houses. Their house would have a small garden, where

Vegetables like carrots and cabbages could be grown. The villeins usually built their own House, and had very few possessions. They would have some animals like pigs, sheep, and cows And chickens, but other than their day-to-day tools and equipment, they owned very little. Kyle Ivory 9S 3/8/2009 10:52:17 AM

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