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BHUPESH SHARMA 45363 . Selection Tool: Selection tool helps to select and modify the object shape.12. Subselection tool: When we need modification to make different shape of the drown graphic in the document. press Ctrl + B key). we have different type of tool to make graphic and modification in that. 2.PRACTICAL 01 AIM:-To study the various tools used in flash. All the tools are fully describe below. 1. DATE:.02.2013 Fig: TOOLBAR In the tool section in the toolbar. It highlight the anchor point of the graphic by click on that to arrange point and get different shape as required. we need a tool that is Subselection tool. We can move any object which we have imported and drawn. We can delete the any part of any formatted picture but remember the picture should be break (To make break picture.

Gradient Transform Tool : With the help of this tool you can scale and rotate of the Gradient. reflect of the picture and we can rotate the object from the particle point. 5. increase and decrease of gradient. then you can work this bounding box Ex. 4. BHUPESH SHARMA 45363 .). 7. Lasso Tool : Lasso tool is a free hand selection tool. Add Anchor Point: We can add the more anchor point on the path and any graphic drawn by any tool by clicking on the path. click on the document with selected text tool a text area will appeared on the document. Moving the gradient. you can change the setting of this tool. when you select lasso option one magic wand tool and magic wand setting also appear down of the tool pallet. Line Tool: With the help of line tool we can also make the curve path and draw straight line. write the text on the box. Free Transform tool: Free Transform tool is very important tool. As you click on Gradient Transform tool a bounding box will appear on the objects. Pen Tool: Pen tool used to draw graphics by the anchor points and create line path in the document. Select the Gradient Transform tool or pres F. move the focal point. Delete Anchor Point: We can delete the anchor point on the same way by Clicking on the Anchor Points Convert Anchor Point: We can modify the path with the help of this tool. When you fill the Gradient on object. 8. Text Tool: Select the text tool to type text on the document. you can use this tool to select the object as you required and delete. To make curve graphic we should draw a straight line then make curve by the help of Subselection tool. You can scale the text area by scaling and more options will appear on the properties panel. 6. this tool helps us to scale. rotate the gradient as required.3. (focal point applicable only Radial gradient. we can also skew of object as per our requirement.

10. Pencil Tool: This is a freehand tool that's used to drawing. open colored picture and pick color by eye dropper tool and fill anywhere in the document as required. Paint Bucket: The paint bucket helps us to fill selected color in the selected area and graphic. 11. Eye Dropper Tool: Eye Dropper tool helps to pick any color from the picture and graphic. 12. BHUPESH SHARMA 45363 . Oval primitive and polyStar shapes. choose any color from the color pallate and fill by the paint bucket tool. 13. Brush Tool: It's also a freehand tool and used to crate drawing and lines in the document. 15. 14. the list is given below. Rectangle Primitive. Eraser Tool: This is a eraser tool we can erase the object and unwanted area in the document by five different way. As you want to fill a color that is not in the color pallate. Oval. Rectangle Tool: This section has different type of shape tool to draw shape on the document like Rectangle. Ink Bottle: This tool is used to change the color of stroke color and other options. select brush tool some more option will appear on the bottom of the toolbar make setting and apply on. You can also modify the tool property to get different type of shapes. The different mode of the tool are also available in the flash to get different brush effect. you can create those shapes also.9. when you click on the pencil tool more option will appear bottom of the tool pallet.

The tools are described below.The view section in the toolbox. 17. select stroke color before drawing. Zoom tool: With the help of zoom tool. Hand Tool: With the help of hand tool. it can also change after the drawing but the tool is given in the toolbar so make first color setting. If we want to draw graphic with different stroke color. 16. we have two tool those are used to move the document and zoom picture. in the zoom mode of the document it is used to move document on any side or just hold down the space bar and move file with the help of the mouse. the stroke automatically appear with the graphic with same graphic color. we can see the the object and picture in the zoom mode and modify on the right place as required and come back to actual size press double click on the zoom tool. the tools are described below. The color section in the toolbox. 19. Stroke color: When we draw any graphic by the help of any tool. BHUPESH SHARMA 45363 . we have two tool those are used to fill stroke and foreground. 18. Fill Color: First choose foreground color as you want to fill in the graphic then draw graphic on the document.

12. Theory :Step 1:.Open flash and select Flash Document.2013 AIM:.02.Now insert key frame and insert and object as shown in fig. BHUPESH SHARMA 45363 .PRACTICAL 02 DATE:.Program to show how a object is move using flash. Step 2:.

Step 3:.Now click on file and select publish preview to check the output and save it from save option.Now again insert a key frame but at some distance from a first key frame and then move the object with the help of selection tool as shown in fig. BHUPESH SHARMA 45363 . Step 4:.

Result:- BHUPESH SHARMA 45363 .