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Jakson Limited
Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Year of Establishment: 1945 IndiaMART Member Since: 2003 Products [12] Phone: +(91)-(120)-4302600






Products & Services
DG Sets (8)
Silent DG Sets (QSK Series) Silent DG Sets (N Series) Silent DG Sets (S Series) Silent DG Sets ( X Series) Silent DG Sets (B Series) Silent DG Sets (K Series) Silent DD Sets (C Series) Silent DG Sets (V 28 Series)

Power Generation System
Captive Power Plants
Captive Power refers to generation from a unit set up by industry for its exclusive consumption. Industrial sector is one of the largest consumers of electrical energy in India. Number of industries are now increasingly relying on their own captive generation rather than on grid supply primarily because of non-availability of adequate grid supply or poor quality and reliability of grid supply. Reliability and quality of power are two major driving forces behind captive power projects. Beyond the precincts of Conventional Power from the grid, power generated by captive power plants not only helps you overcome power deficit but also saves your input costs.

Power Generation System (4)
Captive Power Plants Bus Ducts Motor Control Center Switchboard (MCC) Power Control Center Switchboards (PCC) Jakson setup ensures Power Continuity for your heavy-duty application Improved power quality Excellent performance of your sensitive equipment saving them from damages occurring due to frequent power cuts. So you save on a. Maintenance Cost b. Repair Time c. Down Time Minimum production losses arising out of poor power quality Environmental protection by complying to all mandatory norms Backed by strong engineering, Jakson provides one-stop solution to its customers for their captive power needs.

Custom engineered to suit the needs of each customer, our capability goes beyond merely providing power generation equipment to include project design, engineering, operation and maintenance. Delivering power from 1MW to 15MW, we have we have demonstrated the performance with installations across North India. Stringent quality standards were followed to ensure an enduring and flawless performance all across.

Bus Ducts
In line with the vision of the company to offer complete Power Solutions, Jakson actively

supplies high quality Bus Ducts to its clients.

Features of Sandwich Bus Ducts An advanced alternative to cumbersome

conventional cable distribution system, for electrical distribution Eliminates separate requirement of distribution & panel boards Loads can be fed from Plug-in Boxes unlike cables where each floor /machine is to be fed separately from the main switchboard Require minimum technical expertise for installation & have good aesthetics Super compact, Light weight & Saves Space Low Noise (Bus Bars are tightly encased)

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17-03-2013 15:47

It is flexible enough to accommodate varying requirements of customers.com/jakson-engineers/power-generation-system..Power Generation System.F Width 800 800 Height 2430 2430 Depth 644 944 Power Control Center Switchboards (PCC) JAKSON sets a new standard of service.indiamart. reliability and convenience in the field of low voltage power distribution. with type TF. high mechanical and short circuit strength Fast & easy installation or re-installation Virtually no maintenance and system is totally re-usable Joints for easy installation Flexible connections to avoid vibrations Advantages: Compact design to suit tight plant room space Low noise level Maintenance free and easy to install Designed for better heat dissipation Higher short circuit capacity Smoke barriers Mechanical interlocking for plug-in tap-off units Expansion flexibility Neutral upto 200% Internal ground Higher efficiency in power distribution Low cost of installation Motor Control Center Switchboard (MCC) MCC has been designed to satisfy most rigorous demands of modern industries. its latest Power Control Centre... The design conforms to national and international switchgear standards. Type TF switchboard can withstand extreme 2 of 3 17-03-2013 15:47 . http://www.. Captive Power Plants. Its flexible design facilitates adaptation to suit diverse requirements. Motor Co. Constructional Features: Fully Compartmentalized Separate chambers for Busbar Droppers Auxiliary busbars Unit compartments Cables Versions: Single front Double front Overall Dimensions (mm) : S.F D. Type TF crystallizes the knowledge and experience gained from over 35 years in key industry sectors. Tight housing acts as a heat sink to yield improved thermal characteristic. Bus Ducts. Its unique features make it the most desirable MCC of Indian industry.

electrical hot air generators. Bus Ducts. steam generators. generator sets. single phase AC tachogenerators. steam boiler fully automatic. R. All rights reserved worldwide.com/jakson-engineers/power-generation-system. Dynaspede Integrated Systems Private Limited Supplying and manufacturing testing AC tachogenerators. digital AC tachogenerators. Delta Navigation Company Related Categories Automatic Generator Silent Generators Generator Digital Inverter Generator View more details >> View more details >> View more details >> Looking for "Power Generators & Alternators" Suppliers? Receive response from genuine & pre-verified suppliers only Enter Your Contact Details India --Select Unit-- +91 About Us | Success Stories | Press Section | Feedback | Help Freelist your Company | Advertise with Us | Contact Us Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Link to Us © 1996-2013 IndiaMART InterMESH Limited. Enterprises Caterpillar Commercial Private Limited Thermal Boiler System Manufacturer of electric generators.Power Generation System.. 3 of 3 17-03-2013 15:47 . http://www.. Motor Co. The design of TF meets the latest national and international standards. eL-Sol Energy Systems Established in 2003 we are a leading manufacturer of miracle solar geyser and solar geysers from India.. hot water generators. precision steam generators and power hot water generators. mounted AC tachogenerators. electrical ac tachogenerators. Captive Power Plants. industrial AC tachogenerators and customized AC tachogenerators. ambient and provide greater safety.indiamart. accessibility and ease of installation. Related Product Catalogs Suggested Companies Keshav Generators Power Engineering India Private Limited B..

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