Did you know that the average age of dabarkadz members (adults & kids) combined is 30 years old? Did you know that empty cans of Red Horse if collected from Dabarkadz drinking spree will piled up to 1,183 kilograms, and if sold to junk shop: 1,183 x 0.700 BD/kg = BD 828/- in 5 years…then I suggest, start to collect now!!! Did you know that our very own Dabarkadz Paul Rangel, Robert Simon,** Jack Guevarra, Marge Villaflores got their first names with the following personalities: Paul Masson, King Roberts, Jack Daniels & Margarita respectively. *Did you know that Clover Chips (a popular snack food in the Philippines) is once owned by our very own Dabarkadz?... Leslie Jabonete (buy one and see the evidence in the packaging) Did you know that one of our founding member is Ricky Martin?...That was derived from his full name Ricardo Martin Santiago Did you know that Jerlyn’s name was derived from our own Dabarkadz Jerson and Herlyn? (FYI: “Jerson” is Capt. Jake’s real name) Did you know that most of male Dabarkadz’s name starts with letter “R”…Randy, Rommel, Rodel, Rogelio, Ricardo, Ruzzel, Ramyr, Rodrigo, Rex, Ryan, Reynaldo, R-ries, R-Vin. Did you know that Dabarkadz often called Mr. Arthur Gabon as the “Savior”? - do not ask why, you know the answer Did you know that some of our Dabarkadz names are Christmas-inspired?...Corazon, Belen, Noel, Gabriel, Liana Angel, Advento and Emmanuel. Did you know that the real first names of your Dabarkadz’s (Yubby, Cezz, kuya Boyet, Pedro, Kuya Andy, Manager, Rod and Randy E. as they are often called by nicknames and aliases)?… Real names are Belen, Celestina, Maximo, Peter John, Candido, Rogelio Jr., Rodrigo and Conrado, respectively. Did you know that Leslie Jabonete’s jersey number “6” got it from Lebron James?...because they have the same initials. Did you know that we have two Madels, two Rogelios, two Randy’s, two Noels, two Beths and then we have 3 Cherrys, 3 Joans, 3 Michaels, 3 Marks and 3 Jay-Rs in our group? Did you know that some of Dabarkadz names are biblical in nature? St. Mark, St. Peter, St. Gabriel, St. Michael, Santiago, Dela Cruz, San Bartolome and San Isidro Labrador. Did you you know that dabarkads is for “EB” Eat Bulaga and Dabarkadz is also for “EB”?... Eat Bokhari. Did you know that Dabarkadz’s Rex and Ely tied with the least letters on their names?...but “Ty” will knocked them off I guess. Did you know that Dabarkadz favorite part of the house is the KITCHEN?…What’s in there? Did you know that Aradous Hotel’s Cyclone Bar is the favorite hang-out of Dabarkadz?...That was in the early days, now… it’s in V-Palace at Al-Adliya. Did you know that Dabarkadz owns three villas?...Villa-NUEVA, Villa-LUZ and Villa-FLORES Did you know that one of our *rich Dabarkadz is residing in one of the above villa?...it’s DON Guillermo living at Villa-NUEVA.

Dabarkadz 2008-2013 5th Year Anniversary

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Andong. Kuya Ahl-LEE pogi. Surname. Did you know that Dabarkadz have a good Pinoy-nicknames?. Taming. Eh-LEE Celis. Weng. VISAYAS & MINDANAO.... Perez. Alyssa. Caldejon. Did you know that Dabarkadz member’s Religions are Roman Catholic. Did you know that some towns in the Philippines were named after Dabarkadz names?. San Pedro-Laguna.Actually. Did you know that Dabarkadz ancestors were also Spanished-blooded?. George Pantaleon. Did you know that Dabarkadz pioneer players who are still playing for Dabarkadz Team are Ricky Santiago. Gab.00 = Php 124. Vince Dela Cruz and Daniel Dela Cruz... Villaflores. Nuestro. Mariveles-Bataan.. Escobar. Vanessa NG Labrador. Mark Umnas. Boyet Mendoza and Leslie Jabonete?. Jasmin... Gudaibiya – Good Idea. Kitek. Jeng and Cherry Umnas have in common?. Same with kuya Boyet Mendoza and Peter Mendoza..Isabela. Did you know that Cora. the black pairs and the red pairs..” Did you know that Dabarkadz started when the exchange rate of dinar to peso is still BD 1. Rhan-DY Lagera.. but they are all “tong-its” addict.Ruzzel Did you know that Dabarkadz will choose to eat Bokhari rice than to eat hamburgers at lunch time? Dabarkadz 2008-2013 5th Year Anniversary Page 2 . Angela Jade and still counting. Boyet.65. Peter Mendoza. Jerlyn and Ate Marlyn have in common?. LabradorPangasinan.. Shawn. Did you know that we have plenty of Chinese-blooded Dabarkadz?.nope. Ashley. Jun Labrador. and singers: Jake Villanueva... Smirnoff…Oh yeah…ABSOLUTely correct.. YES . Don Guillermo.Fernandez. Precious. Santiago. Iglesia and Islam? Did you know that Pepito Ramos. Johanna GO Santiago. Reynaldo Ramos and Thelma Ramos Santiago have in common?. Grants. Miranda. Rex Da-MING. Kenzie.namely Michael LIM. and Jay SY-pat. another JC mostly praised by Dabarkadz is?…The tequila guy Mr. Svedka. Noel Carreon. Did you know that 70% of Dabarkadz are residing in Gudaibiya or nearby Gudaibiya?”... Amir Souza.... Buboy..but they are not related at all. Jake Villanueva.. Jasmin. Jeng Perez and Wendy Did you know that the correct spelling of our Dabarkadz Russel is the one with double “z”?. S-May.. Sarah. Did you know that beside Jesus Christ. Carreon.. L. Justin. Vladivar. Did you know that there were many PAIRS/ partners in Dabarkadz?. Jose Cuervo Did you know that Dabarkadz have many friends outside Bahrain especially in Russia? They are Rostov. Did you know that Cora. John SY Basto.DABARKADZ KALABASA TRIVIA: Did you know that Dabarkadz members hailed from different provinces in the Philippines. Year 2008 Did you know that Dabarkadz have plenty of sing & dance talents?. Vicente. Aries Lan-TAO.. Villanueva. Did you know that there are 11 Dabarkadz kiddos made in Bahrain?. Pedro.They are pregnant during Bahrain Unrest. Vanessa Labrador. and they can represent all areas in LUZON... they are not pregnant. Nuñez. Madel.They played for Shaw Nass Team (the 1st Dabarkadz Team assembled) who won the best in uniform award in FCBG 2008.They are dancers Elmer Gabat. Guillermo. Rhan-DY Esquivel. Aldo and Omeng. there are only two. Villaluz and Jimenez.Santiago.A.

No other teams have done this peat. Reynaldo “Yummy” Ramos? Did you know that Dabarkadz is the back-to-back Champions in FCBG Division-1 for BWS and Mang Gurio Team?.. Elmer Gabat and Rommel Agne? Did you know that Dabarkadz boast off their basketball supremacy with 6 titles in their belt?. mislead or create confusion to the reader and to the people’s names mentioned above. All information above is fictional. Division2 (2 Nos). Did you know that Dabarkadz have 4 season MVPs namely.ex member Dabarkadz 2008-2013 5th Year Anniversary Page 3 .. The author will acknowledge scrutiny. we also grabbed the Best in Uniform award and Best Muse – Madeline Despi (Mang Gurio Team).The author has no intention of providing information that may embarrassed. libel and copyrights issue due to some words contained herein. ammendment and corrections of the above informations and will not be liable to any defamation. This is not implied to be factual that may give negative or inferior image to people. Vince Dela Cruz. Commercial (1 No) and FIBAG-L (1 No) and 1 runner-up from last season. DISCLAIMER: This document is exclusive for Dabarkadz group members only.not factual info ** ... Author: Junlab * .Rex Daming. fabricated and limited only to the author’s ideas and information. Jancey Basto. Did you know that Dabarkadz also got individual awards for FCBG mythical five selection?.FCBG Division-1 (2 Nos). Arvin Rañada and Jake Villanueva for FCBG and FIBAG-L? Did you know that Dabarkadz also have 2 finals MVPs namely.DABARKADZ KALABASA TRIVIA: Did you know that Dabarkadz walking phone directory is Mr. George Pantaleon...

DABARKADZ KALABASA TRIVIA: Dabarkadz 2008-2013 5th Year Anniversary Page 4 .

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