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Mexico City, april2013

Dear reader: Welcome to the april edition of Travel Times Our travels continue and the joy of sharing our experiences is even greater. I thank you for the time you are dedicating to read these lines. In this issue we present three destinations every traveler must place on their “to do” list, visit Merida, Yucatan and its surroundings, travel to fun filled Anaheim in Orange County, California, and discover the principality of Asturias in Spain. As far as hotels, we will visit the Sunset World Hotels which are situated in Cancun and the Riviera Maya and discover many great surprises. Now, in all of our issues we include detailed gastronomical experiences as well as accommodation recommendations and airline connectivity with the area. I hope you enjoy the experiences here included and you decide to venture to some of these wonderful locations. The culmination will be the presentation of some shopping options with Premium and our travel application section, now for Android. We invite you to share our publication with your friends. Happy travels!

Lic. Luis Rubén Cuevas González Bravo Director General

Escape to


Orange County and its emblema c city, Anaheim, are located south of Los Angeles. They possess several tourist a rac ons and also offer facili es so that you can live a comfortable vaca on.
Luis Cuevas

World of Color, Disney California Adventure

Disneylad, Kno s Berry Farm and Medieval Times, enjoying delicious food or shopping at South Coast Plaza and the Orange Outlets are reason enough to travel to this des na on. It is also, however, very a rac ve to be able to land at a nearby airport which has li le traffic and allows you to pass through immigra on and customs in under a half an hour. You can also stay at a hotel which is at the center of the ac on a er only a very brief drive. All these advantages are offered by Interjet with their direct flight to John Wayne Orange County airport arriving from Mexico City and Guadalajara. A er the short flight, the quick unloading and the transportaon, you can stay at The Anabella Hotel which is located in front of Disneyland. It is also a good moment to grab lunch at the hotel’s Tangerine Grill. During the morning, you can enjoy delicious juice and be completely sa sfied by the “Hungry Tourist”, a breakfast dish which includes egg, hot cakes, sausage and potatoes, it is abundant and delicious.


Disney Fantasy Faire

Walt Disney en Disney California Adventute



To the east, Orange County meets with the Pacific Ocean which allows for beau ful beaches and a breathtaking coastal line. Proof of this is Laguna Beach which is not only an a rac ve loca on for its lovely banks but also has much ar s c and cultural ac vity. Walking through Heisler Park and on Main Beach is a gra fying experience because of the contact with nature it provides. Tours for whale and dolphin watching are available in the area. Once you are hungry, we recommend you visit the Las Brisas restaurant which offers seafood with Mexican ingredients and a touch of Californian Cuisine. Do not hesitate to try the seafood spaghe and chat a bit with Dante who is from Acapulco and gives all his dishes a special touch with his easy conversa on. You can con nue your visit with a walk down nearby Forest Avenue where you will find art galleries, exclusive shops, cafes and bars. A er res ng at the hotel, prepare to travel in me and witness jousts between feudal knights at the Medieval Times show. Kings, princesses, noblemen and commoners converge at the arena to present an equestrian show and to play out medieval duels. While they fight, you can enjoy
11 Archivo Travel Times

an abundant meal without utensils just like in medieval mes. You can use the ART (Anaheim Resort Transporta on), for transporta on in the Anaheim tourist area, it will comfortably move you to the main a rac ons, is inexpensive and frequent. A er a placid night´s sleep, fun heads to Disneyland. Start your day by having breakfast at “Minnie & Friends - Breakfast in the Park” at the Plaza Inn. You will be able to spend me alongside Minnie Mouse, Winnie Pool, Tigger and Captain Hook among others. Mickey shaped waffles and bacon are tops. The hot chocolate deserves to be men oned. If you like the Disney princesses and wish to interact with them you must visit the flamboyant Disney Fantasy Faire, a recently opened a rac on with a theater, stages and plenty of space where you will partake in ac vi es and listen to stories. This is a great opportunity for that once in a lifeme photo shot. Don’t forget to visit the classic a rac ons such as the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Tours. At the adjacent Disney California Adventure you will be able to enjoy several a rac ons in Cars Land, an area which opened its

Medieval Times

Outlets at Orange

Riadiator Springs Races

South Coast Plaza


doors last year, at which you can experience the ver go of speed at Radiator Spring Races alongside Lightning Mcqueen and his friends. Other a rac ons that you cannot miss are at this park are Soarin’ Over California, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and California Screamin’. Once a ernoon arrives, you can enjoy the Toy Story parade. A good place to eat or dine? We recommend the Wine Country Tra oria with its Californian cuisine and excellent wines, just like in Napa Valley. To end your day, you can enjoy a technological spectacle of images, lights, music, dancing fountains and pyrotechnics in World of Color. Impressive! If you are looking for adrenaline you can visit Kno s Berry Farm on the next day. What used to be a marmalade produc on farm, has now become a theme park where the Old West converges with rapid mechanical rides such as Montezooma´s Revenge, Silver Bullet and the Xcelerator. For a rest, you can find Snoopy and take a picture with him and his friends. Do not miss the fried chicken at Mrs. Kno ’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant, their juicy ancestral recipe dates back to 1934 and is now executed by several Mexican chefs. Give yourself some me to visit downtown Anaheim and walk down Center Street and the Packing district where you will find museums, restaurants, cultural centers, galleries and even homemade beer. Orange County is also an ideal place for shopping. Luxurious South Coast Plaza has more than 250 exclusive brand bou ques. For the complete experience, you can take a break from shopping and d rest at the comfortable Access Vip Lounge while you watch television, listen to music and sip champagne or another beverage of your choice. The mall offers several dining op ons which range e from fast food places to elegant interna onal cuisine restaurants. Another op on is the Outlets at Orange, where you will find great discounts at 120 brand name stores. At the end of the day you can have a great me at Dave & Busters where you can also eat dinner. At the end of your trip you can again enjoy the advantages the Orange ange County airport has to offer while documen ng and passing through ugh inspec ons quickly before finally taking your Interjet flight home ome a er several adventure filled days in Anaheim and Orange County. ounty. More informa on at: y

Kno ’s Berry Farm


México – Denver, CO México – Mérida México – Tuxtla Gu érrez Tijuana – Cancún México – Cd. Juárez (31 mayo) Guadalajara – Cd. Juárez (1º de Junio)

México – Orange County, CA Guadalajara – Orange County, CA Toluca – Las Vegas, NV

Monterrey – Las Vegas, NV

Novelties on the map
These last days several airlines have ini ated opera ons with new routes while others are about to start up, we created this informa on graph to be er inform you.

Toluca – Guadalajara Toluca – Monterrey Toluca Toluca – – Cancún Acapulco

Toluca – Atlanta, GA

Cd de México – McAllen, TX.



in essence

It is without a doubt one of Mexico’s most beautiful colonial cities. In its surroundings you can visit famous Mayan archaeological areas, enjoy nature and savor its incomparable cuisine. Staff


El Caracol, Chichén itzá


The Volaris airplane leaves the Gulf of Mexico behind and the Yucatan Peninsula coast line can be perfectly observed. We have arrived in Mayan lands. The Merida airport welcomes us and we head to the hotel which will be our headquarters during the weekend, it is the centrally located and recently renovated Presidente Intercontinental Villa Mercedes Mérida, it is a beautiful Porfirian mansion located only a short distance to the beautiful Paseo Montejo. The comfortable rooms allow us a rest after which we have our first contact with the local Yucatan cuisine. At the “Frutas y Flores” restaurant located at the hotel, we can taste new proposals with typical ingredients such as a delicious crème soup which is based on lime or a rum cocktail with sour orange. The meats are superb. Our first visit is to the Great Museum of the Mayan World in Merida. It was recently inaugurated and is known for its modern architecture, innovative exhibition rooms and themes


Gran Museo del Mundo Maya


that range from the dinosaur extinction, the evolution of the species in the peninsula, the appearance of man, the birth and splendor of the Mayan culture, the cross breeding of the races and the colony, all in an excellent museum. We recommend visiting this museum at sunset in order to enjoy the excellent light and sound show which will impress you. The brisk night is the ideal moment to explore the Paseo Montejo with its beautiful residences and finally arrive downtown to witness Merida´s beautiful colonial architecture. You can enjoy the “marquesitas” on the street, a type of crunchy crepe or you can enter a local restaurant to taste Yucatan plates. On weekends, the main downtown streets become pedestrian walkways so that you can calmly explore or if you like, sip a drink while you listen to live music. To top the night off, you can visit the adjacent “Nuevo Trovador Bohemio” bar where the famous Tony Espinoza sings his own songs

or lends his voice to hits from Armando Manzanero, Guty Cárdenas, Guadalupe Trigo and other famous composers who sing the Yucatan ballad. This is a tradition. The second day begins quite early with a varied buffet breakfast at the Presidente hotel, after which we leave for Chichén Itzá. It takes only one hour to arrive to this modern wonder. We recommend you take the guided tour so that you are able to discover every tiny detail, historic fact, myth and legend which this beautiful archaeological area has to offer. You will be surprised. The Castle, the Ball Game, the Observatory and the Snail are all buildings you don´t want to miss and will want to photograph. It is a great spot for handicraft shopping. Izamal rises only a short distance away, it is a magical town which welcomes travelers with houses which are all painted yellow. Its convent, named after Saint Antonio de Padua,


Convento de San Antonio de Padua en Izamal

Pirámide de Kinich Kakmo



dates back to 1549 and has the second largest atrium in the world, it is only surpassed by the Vatican´s St. Peter´s Cathedral. The mysticism will envelop you. Very nearby you will find the Kinich Kakmó which must be visited. It is with a good appetite that you can head to the Kinich restaurant which belongs to Miriam Azcorra. This is an excellent option for enjoying traditional Yucatecan food. Valladolid longaniza, deer Tzic, cochinita pibil and lime soup which are some of the delicious dishes one can enjoy here, do not miss the opportunity to watch part of their traditional kitchen such as women making tortillas on a griddle and cooking meat over a stove. Once your batteries have been recharged and your appetite has been satisfied, those who wish to further enter the Mayan world can head towards Uxmal to enjoy the sunset and watch the light and sound spectacle. Back in Merida, we have a dining recommendation for you which is located downtown. It offers good food, drinks, and ambiance under the moonlight, it is called Los Panchos. The following morning you can partake of different activities such as watching the flamingos, which live and nest by the hundreds in the Celestun biosphere, visiting the natural well route or reaching the Dzibilchaltún archaeological site with its famous Temple of the Seven Dolls. Later you can spend a couple of hours on nearby Progreso beach were you can taste delicious fried fish treats. After checking out of the comfortable Presidente hotel and taking your Volaris flight home, don´t forget to buy some famous cheese balls, the ideal dessert to top off your weekend in Yucatan.


8 Reasons to go to...

Playas de Rosarito


Beau ful des na on located north of Baja California, a short distance from Tijuana and Ensenada. We give you some reasons to visit: 1. Gastronomy. The lobster and other seafood are the specialty. Nearby is the Wine Route. 2. Aqua c ac vi es. It has great weather and beau ful beaches, fishing and surfing school all year. 3. Sports ac vi es. Ideal for hiking, biking, paragliding and off road routes for car and ATV. 4. Business. The new Baja California Center with everything you need for conferences and conven ons. 5. Events. As E.kinox (March), the Rosarito Art Fest (May) or the Lobster Fes val (October).
Photos: Oficina de Turismo Rosarito

6. Hotel infrastructure with 1,400 rooms and ample supply of condos and residences per season. 7. Ecotourism: The coast and mountains allow observa on of marine animals, birds and local wildlife. 8. Proximity to San Diego and Southern California.


Sunset World,
Fotos: Sunset World y archivo Travel Times


lodging and

Rafael Sánchez Vera


This hotel chain with six proper ed in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, is not only concerned with bringing their guests great comfort but also worries about sustainability through their Ethos Project.

Sunset Royal
Located in the hotel zone on one of Cancun´s most beau ful beaches, only a short distance from restaurants, bars and shopping malls. It has an all inclusive plan with personalized a en on as well as a gourmet kitchen and premium drinks. The hotel has 204 guest rooms with ocean or Nichupté lagoon views. The Spa Ya’ax Che, emblema c brand of the group, is located right next to the beach.


Sunset Marina Resort & Yacht Club
Recently renovated, the place used to be called Sunset Lagoon Resort & Marina. It is a comfortable resort with 177 suites which combine contemporary and tradi onal Mexican architecture in their design. Their excellence in service, their a rac ve all inclusive plan with luxury ameni es, and their open air theater shows are very recommendable. The Sunset Admiral Yacht, a five star marina, is right next door.

Laguna Suites Golf + Spa
A small and beau ful hotel. Located in an exclusive Cancun hotel zone, inside the magnificent Pok Ta Pok golf club, Laguna Suites Golf + Spa offers beau ful views of the golf course and incomparable sun sets over the Nichupté lagoon. The spa offers a total wellness experience in every sense of the word. It has ground transporta on to take guests to the beach and other Cancun a rac ons in only 10 minutes. It has 47 guest rooms.




Ocean Spa Hotel
It is located in the heart of Cancun´s hotel zone, very close to the city center, shopping malls, restaurants and other tourist a rac ons. It is a refuge for well being, a healthier way of life and total relaxa on. The hotel ac vi es and restaurants also promote the balance of mind and spirit with yoga classes, pilates, aerobics and juice therapy. It has wonderful views of the Caribbean Ocean and Isla Mujeres. The hotel has 158 guest rooms, 27 of them with spa type installa ons.

Sunset Fishermen Resort
This luxurious resort is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya in an exclusive private community, only 5 minutes from downtown Playa del Carmen, it is a reunion spot for European tourism. Purchased and renovated in 1999, Sunset Fishermen offers a great variety of renewing spa treatments on the Mexican Caribbean beach which serve to balance the body and spirit. With daily transporta on to Playa del Carmen, guests can choose from an endless number of ac vi es in the en re area or simply bask in the sun and swim on the tranquil and expansive resort beach.


Ethos, farm in the jungle
With the same commitment to sustainability, Sunset World created the organic farm, Ethos. It is located near Cancun. Here, agronomists and countrymen farm flowers, fruit and organic vegetables using alternative energy in the form of solar panels and wind turbines. Ethos produces several tons of lemon, papaya, tomato, cucumber and exotic flowers every year to stock the hotels with fresh produce. It also has an apiary which produces high quality honey. By following strict norms to achieve the highest quality while protecting nature, Ethos impels local economy and guarantees the freshness of their products.


Hacienda Tres Ríos
The group´s best kept secret. It opened its doors in 1998 and offers the All Inclusive Endless Luxury experience on the Riviera Maya. Prized by the Mexican government for being a sustainable tourism development, this resort, completely ecological, offers unique ac vi es and Mexican tradi ons with a perfect combina on between luxury and sustainability. Guests can experience a vaca on where nature´s beauty and the Mexican Caribbean culture are carefully guarded. Within the 132 hectares of natural reserve it possesses, there is a natural well that gives life to a beau ful river that crosses the Mayan jungle to flow into the Caribbean. Get to know it!


Photos: Jancaldeiro y archive.



enchantment and flavor

Wonderful scenery, opulent gastronomy, monumental ci es and picturesque towns, Asturias has it all
Guadalupe Domínguez / Correspondent

The best way to cover the province is by car, this will make it easier to enjoy the natural beauty and intui on the roads have to offer. The sea and the over two hundred beaches which make up the Asturian coast line will be a constant tempta on. The views from the bluffs and the sensa on of immensity which the ocean and the Cantabrian wind bring leave one breathless. If the day is sunny, it´s off to swim. Some of the most recommendable beaches are the Franca in Ribadedeva and the Ballota and Toro in Cudillero, just to men on a few. In order to penetrate the Asturian culture, Luarca is one of the most authen c coastal towns. Its bar and restaurant area enjoy great presge due to their culinary speciales which are a result of the great ocean richness they possess. The menu offers barnacles, crabs and lobsters in different presenta ons. On Aurelio Mar nez street you will be able to dine at the La Rueda restaurant, which is a sure bet. The stately neighborhood, which reached its splendor during the XIX century, is characterized by the “Indian” architecture


homes, meaning mansions which were built by those who migrated making their fortune in America. Caudillero is considered the coastal pearl because of its colorful enchantment. It was an important whaling town and it s ll keeps its spirit with the intense marine acvity which develops from day to day. Here, we recommend the Cabo Vidio Hotel. We suggest you enjoy the stupendous culinary experience it offers which is recognized by the Michelin Guide. Do not forget to taste the emblema c Asturian fabada. Oviedo is an obligated des na on. It is the capital, its visigothic past, medieval and gothic is reflected in its monumental old city. One of the most interes ng places is the majes c Oviedo cathedral. It is the maximum expression of Asturian gothic and it holds an important relic treasure which includes one of the denarius received by Judas, the virgin Mary´s maternal milk, and the s ck used by Moses to part the Red Sea waters. Another enigma c building is the Reconquista Hotel, an ancient hospice which is a luxury hotel today. Don´t forget to visit the street of Gascona also know and the “Cider Boulevard”.



While you reach your next des naon, Villaviciosa, you will begin to no ce the singular aroma of apple orchards and cider factories. Before entering the town, you will find the Gaitero installa ons (1890), one of the most representa ve brands in the elabora on of this beverage which is obtained by fermen ng apples in chestnut barrels. In this beau ful town, you can taste the cabrales cheese, seafood tapas and well scented cider, just as tradi on dictates. This is a curious form of serving non carbonated cider which insures that all of the flavor, aroma and texture are released. Custom indicates that the group must all drink from the same glass since this unites people. To be con nued...



If you are already planning to visit New York and Orlando during 2013, we present you our op ons for the best sopping experience.


Photos: Premium Outlets


New York
We all know the excellent shopping one can find in New York. If you are trying to save some money however, don´t hesitate to visit Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. This shopping mall is outside the metropolitan area in the tree lined Central Valley, NY. It is very worthwhile to visit the 220 brand name stores at this loca on. You can arrive by car or if you prefer, there are daily excursions depar ng from Manha an. Based upon our experience and to guarantee easy accessibility, we recommend depar ng from the Port Authority sta on and in only one hour you will reach this shopper´s Paradise.




Two Premium Outlets are located in Orlando. The first, Vineland Avenue, is close to the main theme parks and great resorts. It has 150 brand name stores as well as a large fast food area. If you have a rental car, ge ng there will be very easy. Using Linx public transporta on is also simple. The second op on offers 180 stores and is located on Internaonal Drive, there is easy access by car, taxi or public transportaon. Right next door is the recently inaugurated Outlet Market Place by Premium Outlets where there are even more discounts. We would like to remind you that there is a Disney Outlet at each one of these malls so that you may purchase that special present. Happy shopping!




Go with

On this occasion we share with you four of the best travel applica ons created for Android which will without a doubt help you on your travels. by Rafael Sánchez Vera


Feed your travel data and plans into this applica on and it will automa cally create an i nerary which will make your travels easier.

Fotos: Internet.

Ideal for business travelers who suffer with the verifica on of travel expenses. This applica on takes pictures, scans and classifies all receipt informa on by date, concept and amount which will ease the verifica on of travel expenses.


An applica on which is ideal for monitoring flight status. Thanks to this applica on, you will know where in the world the airplane you are interested in is located and will no fy you of arrival mes and if applicable, delays. No more long waits at airports.

A display of technology. This applica on allows you to point the camera phone in a certain direcon and discover nearby informaon and interest points. You can save whatever informa on you like in your own myWorld and share it with friends on social networks.


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