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English Translation Prof N.N. Krishna Rau (1905-1964) & V.B. Choudhary

Udu Dasa Phala Padhati
(Nakshatra Dasanam Pratyeka Anter Dasa Phalani)

The 11 books plus Acharya Vararuch’s Jataka Ashta Varga, Sarwartha Chintamani and few other bound together into one volume (size of half the modern Dictionary) came into possession of the above mentioned translators from a practicing Sidhanti Astrologer of Andra Pradesh during the latter half of the 19th century. These books are: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) Gopala Ratnakara, Graha Samaya Cheshta, Bhava Chandrika, Udu Dasa Phala Padhati, Bhaskara Bhava Deepika, Jataka Yogavali, Kerala Sutras, Note on Angaraka Dosha, Dasa Nirnaya, Sarwajna Bhooshana, Jataka Chandrika, Hora Anubhava Darpana.

This book contains full English Translation of Udu Dasa Phala Padhati out of the eleven small books under possession of translators. Udu Dasa Phala Padhati details the Major & Sub-period effects, in a cut and dry fashion. Translators hope that the public will appreciate their usefulness and importance and therefore published on a web site.

In the Major Period of Lord of 4th & in the sub-period of Saturn o Loss of dear relatives or mother. fear from implements. Mars o Professiona/financial losses. inability to follow religious pursuits/charities. In the Major Period of Lord of 11th & in the sub-period of malefics -1- . sorrow on account of wife/women.Special Note In the Major Period of Lord of Ascendant & in malefic sub-periods o There will be bodily sufferings. the native would be depending on others for help. mental agony. In the Major Period of Lord of 5th & in the sub-period of Mars o Fever due to upset of bile. In the Major Period of lord of 9th & in the sub-period of malefics o Death of father/Preceptor. ailments. In the Major Period of Lord of 10th & in the sub-period of Saturn. the effects of the house(s) of which the former is the lord. In the Major Period of Lord of 3rd & in the sub-period of Mars o Adversities to brothers including death of brother/sister. troubles from enemy. even death. In the Major Period of Lord of 8th & in the sub-period of Saturn o Death. will be lost during the major period of lord of 8th. sorrows. loss of position etc. In the Major Period of Lord of 2nd & in the sub-period of Saturn o Financial losses. separation. loss of children. In the Major Period of Lord of 7th & in the sub-period of Sun. In the Major Period of Lord of 6th & in the sub-period of Rahu Dragon's Head o Increased circle of enemies. diseases. sufferings from wounds. Mars & Saturn o Loss of happiness from wife. If there is a planet in conjunction with lord of 8th.

In such major periods. the sub-periods of lords of 2nd/7th cause death of a native. The author seems to throw a hint that the effect of a Raja Yoga held by a major period lord would result in the birth of son during such major period for a native in ordinary circumstances and that the same Yoga would confer Raja Yoga and Raja Bhoga for one already in affluent circumstances. Effects arising as a result of lord of major period's relation with various Yogas should also be taken into account. So also. there may be birth of a son. 8 or 12. if the 6th in birth chart is not occupied by lord of 6. -2- . In the Major Period of Lord of 12th & in the sub-period of malefics o Loss of position. more so. If they happen to be enemies and/or standing in 6. Major Period effects are also subject to the significations of the lord of the major period. the Major Period of Lord Ascendant is considered broadly benefic. Death has to be considered in the sub-periods of lords of 2nd and 7th in the major period of lord of 8th. under identical circumstances. A strong benefic in 10th is bound to improve profession. The major periods of lords of 8th and 12th are malefic. The malefic effects concerning the 6th house will be suffered by the native during the major period of lord of 6th. Death of mother and father has to be thought of in major periods of lords of 4th/9th respectively. more so. treat the sign occupied by lord of the major period as the Ascendant for the time being. and see what planets occupy the 12 houses therefrom and shape your predictions accordingly. may cause the native's marriage.o Stoppage of income from righteous means and allied troubles. During the currency of a benefic's major period. a native in already prosperous circumstances would be enjoying Raja Yoga or kingly life. if the 8th/12th is also occupied by a malefic. 8 or 12th. mental agony. Generally speaking. malefic results flow. For predicting the Major Period effects. ailments. the country in which the native may be living and the age/century in which the native thrives and whether the native is a boy/youth/adult. dissensions and losses. If the Lords of Major Period and the sub-period are friends between themselves and/or standing in quadrants/trines of each other. and the Major Period operating at the time of birth. loss of everything. if lord of 8th is a malefic. the sub-period will yield fruitful results. there will be diseases. a strong benefic in 5th may award a son and a strong Venus in 7th of the lord of major period. the Major Period of Lord of the Moon sign. instead of death. Birth of a son in the good old days was considered to be the most auspicious. If these major period lords are just nominally malefic. for a native born in poverty.

have to be delineated after taking into account all the benefic and malefic aspects. there will be loss of pleasure and increased number of enemies. -3- . there will be troubles of various sorts. and Yogas with which the lord of major period may be connected with. In the major period or sub-period of the dispositor of Mars. Loss of luck and even life is possible in the major period or sub-period of lord of 12th in conjunction with a malefic. In the major of malefics in 6.Major Period effects should to be adjusted directly in proportion to the strength of the lord of a house. If lords of 6th and 7th are together in one sign. in their major periods. if malefic. 8 or 12. There will be changes in environments or death in the sub-period of a planet in the 6th/8th of lord of major period. aspected also by malefic. Major Period effects. as a whole. there will be loss of the effects of the house(s) owned by the dispositor of Mars. including death.

2. SUN MOON MARS RAHU JUPITER SATURN MERCURY KETU VENUS -4- . 3. 5. 4. 9.MAHADAS of Planets: 1. 8. 7. 6.

adversities to relatives. worries. wandering. good health. eye diseases. Sub-Period Effects Sun's sub-period 3 months 18 days When SUN is malefic o Fear from enemies and King. upset of health. upset of health due to excess of heat or upset of bile. -5- . honour. When SUN is benefic o Favours from King/superiors. respect. starvation or being put on a restricted diet. obstacles to professional progress. influence in higher circles. enjoying tasty dishes. cattle and cereals/grain. well being of father. ill health due to being haunted by ghosts/spirits. good health.6 years Major Period Effects When SUN is malefic o Getting into bad books of powerful persons/King. Mars' sub-period 4 months 6 days o Worries. aimless travels. increase in powers being wielded by the native. fever due to upset of bile. lustre. conveyance. tight finances. quarrels. adversities to father. fear from fire and implements. When SUN is benefic o Gain of wealth and gold.Major Period of SUN . loss of respect. respect. well being of father. seeing new places and sight-seeing. diseases of head. sight-seeing. financial losses. stomach disorders. love and affection from many. financial gains. loss of respect. fear from fire and quadrupeds. Moon's sub-period 6 months o Good dress and ornaments.

Saturn’s sub-period 11 months 12 days o Great sorrow. agricultural and financial losses. consideration should be the lord thereof. conveyance. earning a bad name. fire and poison. courage. academic gains. change in environments. Venus' sub-period 12 months o Professional betterment. favours from King. dress and ornaments. paraphernalia. happiness.Rahu's sub-period 10 months 24 days o Stinginess. While giving out effects of a major period. Mercury's sub-period 10 months 6 days o Gains. paraphernalia. disgust with worldly life. financial loss. its nature. wealth increases. dissensions with relatives. thieves and diseases. favours from highly placed persons. the above effects should be modified according to the strength and lordship of the Lord of the Major Period and sub-periods. fear from animals. For individual cases. -6- . impediments in profession. fear from King. income. respect. aspects thereon etc. being cheated. reputation. lordship. Jupiter's sub-period 9 months 18 days o Reputation. gains. charities. Ketu's sub-period 4 months 6 days o Loss of position. The above effects are general.

Major Period of MOON . greater agricultural yield. birth of children. dissensions amongst relatives.10 years Major Period Effects When MOON is benefic o Devotion to God and Preceptor. sweet smelling articles and cosmetics. suffering water scarcity. When MOON is malefic o Bad name. flower garlands. dress. poison. untidy in dressing. implements. ornaments. Jupiter's sub-period 16 months -7- . income. tight finances. fainting. ornaments. conveyance. sufferings from wounds. fear from thieves and poison. unsteadiness mentally. loss of respect. influence in higher circles. Rahu's sub-period 18 months o Skin diseases. help from women. sacrifices for peace and prosperity of a religious nature. ill health. gain of house and wealth. restriction on diet/starvation. fear from fire. peace of mind and contentment. untimely meals and illcooked food. bacterial and skin diseases. adversities to mother and relatives on the maternal side. increased circle of friends. goo health. secluded or lonely life. failures in agricultural pursuits. happiness to mother. Sub-period Effects Moon's sub-period 10 months o Good health. gain of precious stones. marriage. Mars' sub-period 7 months o Fever. adversities to mother and father. fainting. thieves and quadrupeds. disorders of the blood. income from various sources. troubles from ghosts/spirits.

delays and obstacles. skin diseases and respiratory disorders. enjoying tasty dishes. travels. blessings of God. comforts etc. improved health. adversities to parents. incentive to gamble. thirst. ill cooked food.o Financial gains due to favours from high officials. adversities to friends and relatives. blameworthy. blood disorder. weakness. favours from King and superiors. family happiness. upset of bile. Mercury's sub-period 17 months o Academic. forgetfulness or blurred intelligence. untimely meals. -8- . Saturn's sub-period 19 months o Poor digestion. improper and ungentlemanly actions and attitude. agricultural and business gains. eye diseases. happiness from women folk. Venus' sub-period 20 months o Matrimonial and other auspicious functions at home. birth of children and grand children. conveyance and paraphernalia. pain in joints. loss of wealth. reputation and happiness with and in the matter of children. Sun's sub-period 6 months o Fever. loss of body-weight or loss of lustre. wiping off sins through religious sacrifices. financial loss and dissensions with wife and relatives. charities and pilgrimages. adversities to children/subjects. Ketu's sub-period 7 months o Adversities to mother and children and to people of similar status. mathematical and financial gains. success in undertakings. ill health.

fear of fever.7 years Major Period Effects When MARS is malefic o Loss regarding house. wasting diseases. financial loss.Major Period of MARS . increased power/authority. fear from animals. respect. fear from poison. actions unbecoming of native's status. slipping or fall from a height. loss of cattle. bondage. birth of son. blameworthy. gain of finance and success. troubled by ghosts/spirits. implements and cuts. charities. dissensions with friends and brothers. fistula. fear from thieves and beasts. adversities to women folk. travels to far off places. ignorance. thirst. fear from fire. adversities to brother. Jupiter's sub-period 11 months 6 days o Greater agricultural yield and financial gains. o Gain of land. dissensions with relatives. financial losses. Rahu's sub-period 12 months 18 days o Fear of death. loss of relatives. conveyance and other auspicious effects. fear from poisonous creatures. abortion for wife. blood disorders. loss of position. fire risk concerning native's house. good health. prosperity to brothers. diseases. more servants and sub-ordinates. being attacked. bodily strength. diseases due to upset of bile. adversities to women folk. When MARS is benefic has good lordship & good aspects. diseases due to excess of heat or diabetes. -9- . dysentery. sufferings from wounds. Sub-Period Effects Mars' sub-period 4 months 27 days o Fainting. skin disorders. misunderstandings with relatives.

success in encounters. Mercury's sub-period 11 months 27 days o Knack in netting-in an income.Saturn's sub-period 13 months 9 days o Sorrow. financial losses due to folly or forgetfulness. destruction of enemy. income from questionable sources. diseases. . gains through water or fire. gain of authority through help from women. failures on pilgrimage. financial gains. occasions for use of vulgar words. fame. loss of body weight or getting leaner. outwitting and clever. help from brothers and friends in profession. enjoyments with women. gain of money and grain through unfair means.10 - . financial income. proficiency in calligraphy. Ketu's sub-period 4 months 27 days o Enmity with menials and quarrels all round. adversities to relatives and cattle. injuries from implements. Moon's sub-period 7 months o Gain of costly dress and ornaments. Sun's sub-period 4 months 6 days o Travels to new places. ungentlemanly actions on the part of the native. Venus' sub-period 14 months o Gain of gold and precious stones.

financial losses. depending on others for money. success. happiness with wife and children. Sub-period Effects Rahu's sub-period 32 months 12 days o Fear from King/Govt. reduced belief in God. courage. loss of respect. increased gains. Saturn's sub-period 34 months 6 days o Sorrow. fear from poison. some reputation derived through sinful actions. increased circle of enemies and quarrels. fear of poison and quick relief therefrom. fear from poison/water. fear as a result of fall from a tree or a height. diseases due to excess of heat. quarrels with a number of persons. abortion. fainting/epilepsy and wasting diseases. sickly. acquisition of studded jewels. acquaintance with people in low walks of life. committing adultery. suffering from diseases especially when away from native place.18 years Major Period Effects When RAHU is malefic o Being compelled to stay in others' houses and take food and comforts there. Jupiter's sub-period 28 months 24 days o Acquaintance with highly placed persons. being deceived/cheated.Major Period of RAHU . fear from implements. death of relatives and children.11 - . bitterness with relatives. particularly with parents. Mercury's sub-period 30 months 18 days . wielding power. travels. courage. When RAHU is benefic o Financial gains and happiness. suffering poverty. pilgrimage. ungentlemanly actions and attitude. stomach disorders.

business gains. vertigo. company of relatives. underhand deals. fear from poison. vainglorious results to his efforts. fear from ghosts/spirits. Venus' sub-period 36 months o Gain of land OR agricultural gains. conveyances. King. heavy expenses due to distant relative. work done by hands of an artistic nature. financial gains and happiness. Mars' sub-period 12 months 18 days o Crookedness. happy life in a well-furnished house. thieves. loss of reputation. birth of son. craving for company of girl-friends. sorrow. irreligious tendency. Sun's sub-period 10 months 24 days o Fever and sufferings accompanied by thirst. being put to shame. financial gains. adopting unfair tactics. fear. Ketu's sub-period 12 months 18 days o Diseases on throat and anus.o Matrimonial functions. increased cattle holding. bodily troubles and troubles arising from the place/township/country. unsteady health throughout the sub-period.12 - . . bitterness with many. fear from fire. minor adversities to wife and children. pride. financial gains. Moon's sub-period 18 months o Travels over water. discontentment with regards to food/drink. birth of son.

acquaintance with well placed persons. acquisition of jewels of various sorts.13 - . income from questionable sources. giving false statements concerning cohabitants. enjoying good food. unrighteous deeds. discussions and achievements in the academic field. Mercury's sub-period 27 months 6 days o Colourful dress and environment. gain of reputation. dissensions with friends and relatives. mathematical proficiency. seeking favours. sorrow. financial losses. reputation. dissensions with children. performing obsequies for others. delays and obstacles. Sub-Period Effects Jupiter's sub-period 25 months 18 days o Acquisition of jewels. relatives and particularly children prosper. When JUPITER is malefic o Tight finances and conditions nearer to poverty. gains. taking food and drinks at others' places. gain of house. running after girl-friends. good health. Saturn's sub-period 30 months 12 days o If sub-period Lord Saturn is in enemy classification in the shad-varga. bodily pains and restlessness mentally would result. pure heart.16 years Major Period Effects When JUPITER is benefic o Wealth. well being of family members. wielding powers. pilgrimage. native's words carry more weight than before. charities and good deeds. abundance of food stuff at home. birth of son. misunderstandings within family including partition. well being of family members and relatives. greater agricultural . Fear and quarrels.Major Period of JUPITER . intelligently wins his way through. being laughed at and blamed. auspicious functions at home.

Sun's sub-period 9 months 18 days o Success in endeavours. Moon's sub-period 16 months o Company of good looking women. happiness. better luck and wealth. gains importance amongst rogues. birth of daughter. academic and financial gains after great effort. push. .yield. reputation. business gains. success in endeavours. enjoying tasty dishes and sweets. matrimonial and other auspicious functions at home. favours. enjoying costly dishes and drinks. courage. Ketu's sub-period 11 months 6 days o friends. company of conveyance. sufferings from wounds. financial gains. gain of finance. acquisition of jewels and studded ornaments. helpful to others. Mars' sub-period 11 months 6 days o High position professionally.14 - . favours from high officials. birth of son and grand sons. inability to do charities. enjoyments. blameworthy. success in undertakings. blessings of Lord. some fame in the educational field. Suffering from auto-poison. getting tired. weakness. decreased circle of friends. failures in all directions. being respected by many. servants. efforts concerning horses. Rahu's sub-period 28 months 24 days o Financial gains in inferior lines. paraphernalia including conveyance. respect. irreligious. financial and agricultural losses. good dress. foolishness. Venus sub-period 32 months o Wielding powers.

bad dreams and bad omens. loss by theft. Ketu's sub-period 13 months 9 days o Upset of wind and bile. dissensions with relatives. impediments in profession. enjoyments with wife. happiness in various directions. financial and agricultural gains. birth of son. committing sins. deaths in family. enjoyments in full as a householder. dissensions in family. fear from fire. poverty. diseases due to upset of wind/bile. helping mentality. temporary separation from wife and children. When SATURN is benefic o Strength. forgetfulness. supports servants. destitution.15 - . Mercury's sub-period 32 months 9 days o Religious sacrifices. renounces rogues. bondage. loss of money.Major Period of SATURN . Sun's sub-period 11 months 12 days . Sub-Period Effects Saturn's sub-period 36 months 3 days o Diseases arising due to upset of bile and disorders of blood.19 years Major Period Effects When SATURN is malefic o False allegations against native. heavy expenses. bad name. sickness. wealth. increased finance and gold holdings. Venus' sub-period 38 months o Company of family members.

loss of happiness. fear from poison. loss of quadrupeds. big efforts and small gains. diseases due to cold & rheumatism. birth of son. Major Period Effects . diseases due to excess of heat and rheumatism. Jupiter's sub-period 30 months 12 days o Devotion. dysentery and fever.o Adversities to wife and children. gain of money. Rahu's sub-period 34 months 6 days o Fracture on hand/feet/thighs. fear on account of diseases. Moon's sub-period 19 months o Increased holding of cattle and pet animals. Mars' sub-period 13 months 9 days o Travels. company of wife. dissensions with friends and relatives.16 - . success in encounters. greater respect than before.

growth of family. bitterness with big wigs. change of place/environment. Moon's sub-period 17 months . nice dress. adversities. ample finance and respect. loss of respect. dislike for feminine company. Venus' sub-period 34 months o Good health. good health and longevity. obstacles and impediments in profession. Sun's sub-period 10 months 6 days o Diseases on head. When MERCURY is malefic o Losses. fear from poison. mean mentality.Major Period of MERCURY . fairly good agricultural yields. sickness.17 years Major Period Effects When MERCURY is benefic o Company of a number of girl friends. tendency to help others. stomach disorders.17 - . success in business. dissensions with relatives. in mathematics and astronomy. engaged in charitable undertakings. proficiency in work done by hands. uncharitable disposition. loss of comforts. ornaments. upset of bile. conveyance. vain worries. various people hurl blame at the native. Sub-Period Effects Mercury's sub-period 28 months 27 days o Good thoughts. financial losses. Ketu's sub-period 11 months 27 days o Sorrow.

gains through women. untimely and illcooked food. birth of son. success in endeavours. earning a bad name. heavy financial income. being punished by King/Govt. company of women/wife. good income. selling medicine.18 - . doing the work of a servant. agricultural gains. Jupiter's sub-period 27 months 6 days o Freedom from diseases. income from questionable sources. delusion.o All round gains. fear from implements and wounds. endeavours in unrighteous directions. committing sins as head of a religious institution. gain of land. great happiness. . Saturn's sub-period 32 months 9 days o Diseases. Rahu's sub-period 30 months 18 days o Intimacy with widows and girl friends of questionable character. dissensions in the political fields. being hated by many. receiving gratification where none is called for. happiness and good health. troubles from enemies. travels through villages and forests and troubles therefrom. sometimes earns a good name by evil machinations. Mars' sub-period 11 months 27 days o Inclination to gamble. itches due to excess of heat. skin diseases and wounds. drink and have company of women. loss of son and relatives due to curse of deity/God.

Major Period of KETU . Venus' sub-period 14 months o Great liking for wife and children. moderate gains after great effort. bitterness with pious people. Moon's sub-period 7 months o Sufferings from cold and upset of bile.19 - . fear of death. opportunities of taking advice from women. Sun's sub-period 4 months 6 days o Knowledge and belief in God. obstacles to profession. adversities to relatives and loss of finance.7 years Major Period Effects When KETU is malefic o Tendency to incite quarrels and inclination to kickup a row on the slightest pretext. cruel deeds at home or misbehaviour by the native at home. Sun-Period Effects Ketu's sub-period 4 months 27 days o Skin troubles and diseases like pox. loss . untoward happenings. Mars' sub-period 4 months 27 days o Fear from superiors unfavourably disposed towards the native and poisonous creatures. covetous. respected by unrighteous persons. earnings as a result of great effort. blames are hurled at the native. foolishness and loss. When KETU is benefic o Happiness. harsh actions. bondage and relief therefrom. diseases.

renunciation due to disgust. worship of lord Siva. fits. bondage. Mercury's sub-period 11 months 27 days o Worship of Lord Vishnu. loss of conveyance. gain of land. earnings through rightful means. change in environment. agricultural gains through foul means. forgetfulness. indigestion.20 - . Jupiter's sub-period 11 months 6 days o Auspicious functions like marriage at home. additions to family. Rahu's sub-period 12 months 18 days o Losses in connection with land holdings. vomiting. urinary disorders. bitterness with friends. jealousy. Saturn's sub-period 13 months 9 days o Fear from superiors/King. troubles from others' wives. loss. . motions. cunning. fear of death. wins over enemies.by theft. tendency to deceive others. adversities to wife. bondage.

studded ornaments. delays. charities. dissensions. interest in music. and in following one's religion. respect. chariot and white umbrella as a mark of honour. weakness. loss of body weight. Moon's sub-period 20 months o Happiness with opposite sex. . professional betterment with distinction. paraphernalia. fear from weapons. acquisition of knowledge. conveyance. Sub-Period Effects Venus' sub-period 40 months o Gain of high class conveyances. carefree life. adversities or death while travelling. contacts with women other than wife. birth of children. enjoyments with wife. incentive to write books. worship of God. failures in undertakings. company of woman and girl friends and enjoyments. success in desired directions. fruitless efforts and aimless wanderings. reputation. in other words. wielding powers. agricultural gains. When VENUS is malefic o Loss of respect. strength. financial losses. academic achievements. playful and humorous disposition. Mars' sub-period 14 months o Diabetes. studies. bitterness with employer or in the political field. stomach disorders.Major Period of VENUS .20 years Major Period Effects When VENUS is benefic o Abundance of finance. good health. freedom from diseases and ample enjoyments.21 - . Sun's sub-period 12 months o Diseases of head. obstacles and impediments in profession.

loss discriminating power. opportunities of using poison. native suffers heavy losses. interest in music. Mercury's sub-period 34 months o Agricultural gains. troubles from enemies. success in encounters. enjoyments when planetary transits are favourable during the sub-period. being deceived/cheated in respect of large sums of money. due to native's foolhardiness. travels. enjoyments. exercising authority in temples/churches/places of charity. company of girl friends. respect. academic discussions. rheumatic pains etc. reputation. unrighteous undertakings. . loss of wealth. impotency due to overindulgence. crookedness. eating meat or inferior quality food. unexpected losses. miserliness. financial income. Jupiter's sub-period 32 months o Opposition from Brahmins/pious people and women folk. growth of cattle holding. academic pursuits with obstacles. authority coupled with ministerial professions.22 - . increased wealth.Rahu's sub-period 36 months o Evincing interest in black magic. irreligious disposition. and like inauspicious results. illness. knack and trickery. prosperity. profession comparable to that of priest. aggressive attitude amounting to tyranny. diseases like piles. servitude. opposition especially from Vaishnava. business gains. gets mad after sex. failures in undertakings. depending on persons who are not disposed towards helping the native. charity. middleman in gambling. depend on others for assistance. Saturn's sub-period 38 months o Service under a hysterical and cunning master. losses due to disputes in regard to metals. laziness. interest in studies and mathematics. due to his aloofness from women. evil company. worshipping a new deity which brings in unfavourable results. delays.

reduced income. adversities to relatives. bad company. happiness. END .23 - . at the end of this sub-period. loss of quadrupeds as sub-period progresses. diseases arising due to more than one cause/reason. sorrow and uneasiness in many directions. losses. pursuit of pleasure (pleasureseeker). forgetfulness.Ketu's sub-period 14 months o Fever with delirium. lonely life.

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