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MODULE II Software Requirement Analysis Of Hotel management system

1. Individual phases/Modules 1.1 Phase 1 1.2 Phase 2 1.3 Phase 3 Developer and client communication Software development Checking and delivering

1.1 Phase 1: Developer and client communication
The software product to be produced is a Hotel Management System which will automate the major hotel operations. The first subsystem is a Reservation and Booking System to keep track of reservations and room availability. The second subsystem is the Tracking and Selling Food System that charges the current room. The third subsystem is a General Management Services and Automated Tasks System which generates reports to audit all hotel operations and allows modification of subsystem information. These three subsystems’ functionality will be described in detail in section 2-Overall Description. There are two end users for the HMS. The end users are the hotel staff (customer service representative) and hotel managers. Both user types can access the Reservation and Booking System and the Food Tracking and Selling System. The General Management System will be restricted to management users.

The Hotel Management System’s objectives is to provide a system to manage a hotel that has increased in size to a total of 100 rooms. Without automation the management of the hotel has become an unwieldy task. The end users’ day-to-day jobs of managing a hotel will be simplified by a considerable amount through the automated system. The system will be able to handle
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provide easy recovery of errors and have an overall end user high subjective satisfaction. future occupancy. and food revenue  Exception reports listing exceptions to the normal cost  Allows addition. menu items and prices. room revenue.many services to take care of all customers in a quick manner. 1. the room number will be changed to occupied in the database  Ability to modify a reservation  When no rooms are available and a customer would like to extend their reservation their information will be placed in a database and when there are rooms available the first customer on the list will have the room  When a customer checks out the amount owed is displayed  If the internal clock states that is a customer’s time to have checked out and customer has not checked out. user profiles  Creation of users and assigning passwords G. adds an extra night to amount owed and provides a report  Records that room is vacant  Records payment  Allows for space to write customer’s feedback Tracking and Selling Food System  Tracks all meals purchased  Charges the current room as necessary General Management Services and Automated Tasks System  Reports generated to audit hotel occupancy. deletion and modification of information on rooms and rates. The system should be user appropriate. easy to use.2 Phase 2: Software development The hotel management system software should be designed and modeled according to the following specifications and for these specifications suitable process model is chosen and the project is implemented in that particular process model Reservation and Booking System  Allows for typing in customer information  Has a default room rate that is adjustable  Includes a description field for the changed rate  When a customer checks in.YOUSUF IBRAHIM 110081101064 .

Reception clicks on the button " Search ". check-out date and the first six rooms that have been chosen will upper automatically. The reception add room type. e-mail. telephone number and finally the guest identification number" .e whether the software is working correctly according to the specifications without any errors after the test is completed the software is ready to be implemented before it is implemented it has to be delivered to the client until it is delivered it is has to be maintained the software is maintained by the software maintainers FUNCTIONAL REQUIRMENTS: Search available room      The reception specify the check-in and check-out date. The reception choose the rooms the customer prefer depends on the floor number and the view and clicks the button "Booking"  System will take the reception to the booking details page Booking Details  Check-in date. The system will show the available rooms with their type on the determined dates.The code for developing the software is generated using c++ and according to the above specified specifications of the software 1. credit card holder name. G. Address.3Phase 3: Checking and delivering The code generated is tested by the testers using the necessary testing softwaresi.  The reception fill the Guest Details " First and last name. and the credit card expire date".  The system will check the information before saving it in case the reception forget to insert any of the important information.YOUSUF IBRAHIM 110081101064 .  Then the reception clicks on "Save" to save all the information in the database.  Then the reception must fill the guest credit card information " Credit card number.

 There will be a booking number so the reception can do motivation for the booking on the future.Payment  The booking details will upper on a table automatically.  System confirms deletion of selected guest.  System displays home page.  System prompts the Administrator to select a guest by searching using the guest identification or viewing a list of guests.  The reception will specify the payment date and the mood " Cash.  There are two options either to modify the customer information or to delete the customer. Change Guest Information  Reception clicks the button to initiate change guest properties process. Remainder Email  The Reception clicks to view a list with the entire guest who will check in after 2 days.  After completing all the payment details the reception clicks on confirm Delete Guest  Reception clicks button to initiate the delete process. or credit card"  The credit card number and the total cost will upper automatically on the page. check.  System alters the guest properties.  System displays the home page.  System displays the guest properties.YOUSUF IBRAHIM 110081101064 .  System display guest information. telephone number. address. Customer Search  After the reception search's for a customer his information will upper on the page "First and last name.  System prompts the Administrator to a guest by searching using the guest identification or viewing a list of guest. and his email".  The Reception clicks "Send" to send a remainder email to each guest  The reception clicks the button " Search "  Reception click on the button " Save"  Reception clicks button "Confirm"  Reception clicks button "Delete Guest"  Reception clicks button "Change Guest Properties" G.

 System confirms deletion of selected room.YOUSUF IBRAHIM 110081101064 .  System prompts the Administrator to select a room by searching using the room number or viewing a list of rooms. System creates a new room.  System displays account home page to administrator G. Login Administrator     Administrator clicks button to initiate process.  Reception clicks button "Reminder Email". view.  System display room information. System display rooms details home page to Administrator. System prompts the Administrator for User name and password. Add Room      Administrator clicks the button to initiate Add room process.  Administrator clicks button to "Login" Logout Administrator  Administrator clicks button "Logout"  Administrator clicks button to initiate logout process. The reception searches for customer by his ID or view all the customers list. System prompts the Administrator to fill out Room number.  System displays home page.  Administrator clicks button to "Add Room" Delete Room  Administrator clicks button "Remove Room"  Administrator clicks button to initiate the remove process. System displays account home page to Administrator. System verifies information. System validates new room information. and type.

 System alters the room properties.  System will display the revenue for that specific time Nonfunctional Requirements Functional requirements define the needs in terms of performance.YOUSUF IBRAHIM 110081101064 . maintainability.  System prompts the Administrator to select a room by searching using the room number or viewing a list of rooms. Standards Compliance There shall be consistency in variable names within the system. The graphical user interface shall have a consistent look and feel. The system shall be developed using Java and an Access or Oracle database.    The load time for user interface screens shall take no longer than two seconds.  System displays the room properties.  System displays the account home page to Administrator. Performance Requirements Performance requirements define acceptable response times for system functionality. The log in information shall be verified within five seconds.  System prompts the Administrator to select two dates. standards compliance. Design Constraints The Hotel Management System shall be a stand-alone system running in a Windows environment. design constraints. reliability.Change Room Properties  Administrator clicks button "Change room Properties"  Administrator clicks the button to initiate change room properties process. availability. and portability. G. logical database requirements. security. Queries shall return results within five seconds. View Financial Report  Administrator clicks button " Report".

YOUSUF IBRAHIM 110081101064 .Reliability Specify the factors required to establish the required reliability of the software system at time of delivery. Maintainability The Hotel Management System is being developed in Java.The cost is also be low since it uses object oriented programming Portability The Hotel Management System shall run in any Microsoft Windows environment that contains Java Runtime and the Microsoft Access database. Managers will have access to the Management subsystem as well as the Reservation/Booking and Food subsystems. Customer Service Representatives will have access to the Reservation/Booking and Food subsystems. The given by the system should be accessable through any software the should be transferable to other softwares G. The software is reliable in all areas where it works it has a good backup system so that if the system fails the data can be recovered and the software works properly without any malfunction Security Customer Service Representatives and Managers will be able to log in to the Hotel Management System. Access to the various subsystems will be protected by a user log in screen that requires a user name and password. Java is an object oriented programming language and shall be easy to maintain.