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Superfil product limited is functioning with the Great deal to the customer with the co-ordinates hands of different types of department which are the Heart Beat of the Company. Department functioning are maintained by the department head. Inter link between different department and the management to plan for the future prospective and co-ordination between the management and the personnel make the concern to get the world wide popularity or the industry. These are the different types of department such as







Purchasing the raw material plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of products to ensure customer satisfaction. Superfil Products Limited purchasing Nylon Chips. Purchasing function thus implies planning material, supplies and service needed for the production and maintenance of the concern. During the time of purchase the concept to be borne in minds in the 6Rs. Right price Right time Right Quality Right Quantity Right place Right mode The main duty of the purchase department into prepares and update list of material required by difficult department and organization with a specified span of time. Purchasing department has to maintain records of all purchase. It is the duty of the department to keep an uninterrupted supply of material. So that production process will continue without any stoppage at work. General purchase procedure: Issue of purchase order dated on pre-released. Quotation for the non-items and non-availability of raises for the existing items. Negotiations against quotations record from party supplies. Follow up of purchase order and ensure the material reaches as per commitment. Receipt of material with invoices duty stamped and part on or stores.

Production is a process of connecting the raw-material in to finished products. Production process must be carefully planned to ensure that proper methods are used and the amount of work center etc. also to be planned properly. Only if the production is done there can be sales and the company can earn profit. The production department has to give regular report to the accounts department of their expenses. This helps the accounts departments to prepare its statements of income and expenditure. So that production sales and accounts departments are interrelated. The purchase department plays a very important role in an organisation because purchasing has its effect on every vital factor concerning the manufacture, quality, cost, efficiency and prompt delivery of goods to customers. Its function is to procure materials, supplies, services, machines and tools at the most favorable terms consistent with maintaining the desired standard of quality. Objectives of Production: Right Quality, Quantity. Maximize profitability. Fixation of production target. To ensure optimum utilization of resource. To avoid breakdown. To ensure the positive feedback is obtained from the customer. To develop good supplier relationship this will ensure the best terms of supply of materials. To make continuous availability of materials so that there may be uninterrupted flow of materials for production.

The motive of every company is to achieve profit. This can be done only if production and sales are taking place. It is not enough if the company produces that product but it is equally important to sell those products. This process is done only by sales departments look after the Quality of products produced and distribution of goods to various customers. The transpiration responsibility is take care by the sales departments. This department is held responsible to have the records of the stock available. The anticipation of sales is also done by the sales research executives based on depend sustaining in the market. According to the analysis given by the executions, the productions department produces the products. Higher the sales turnover, higher the companies efficiency. Lower the sales turnover, lower is the companies officer. When there is high sales turnover the credit are paid off, employees are given high bonus. Superfil Products Limited sales Nylon threads. Attaching Sales Statistical Data for five years

80 70 60 In Cr o r es 50 40 30 20 10 0 2008 2009 2010 Year s 2011 2012 Sales

The marketing department is often seen as of prime importance within the functional level of an organization. Information from an organization's marketing department would be used to guide the actions of other departments within the firm. As an example, a marketing department could ascertain (via marketing research) that consumers desired a new type of product, or a new usage for an existing product. With this in mind, the marketing department would inform the R&D (research and development) department to create a prototype of a product or service based on the consumers' new desires. The production department would then start to manufacture the product, while the marketing department would focus on the promotion, distribution, pricing, etc. of the product. Additionally, a firm's finance department would be consulted, with respect to securing appropriate funding for the development, production and promotion of the product. Inter-departmental conflicts may occur, should a firm adhere to the marketing orientation. Production may oppose the installation, support and servicing of new capital stock, which may be needed to manufacture a new product. Aims of Marketing department: Marketing involves a range of processes concerned with finding out what consumers want, and then providing it for them. This involves four key elements, which are referred to as the 4 P's (the marketing mix). A useful starting point therefore is to carry out market research to find out about customer requirements in relation to the 4 Ps. Right Product Right Price Right Place Right Promotions

Market research There are two main types of market research: Quantitative research involves collecting a lot of information by using techniques such as questionnaires and other forms of survey. Qualitative research involves working with smaller samples of consumers, often asking them to discuss products and services while researchers take notes about what they have to say. The marketing department will usually combine both forms of research. The marketing department will seek to make sure that the company has a marketing focus in everything that it does. It will work very closely with production to make sure that new and existing product development is tied in closely with the needs and expectations of customers. Modern market focused organisations will seek to find out what their customers want. For example, financial service organisations will want to find out about what sort of accounts customers want to open and the standard of service they expect to get. Retailers like Argos and Homebase will seek to find out about customer preferences for store layouts and the range of goods on offer. Airlines will find out about the levels of comfort that customers desire and the special treatment that they prefer to receive. A useful definition of marketing is the anticipation and identification of customer needs and requirements so as to be able to meet them, make a profit or achieve other key organisational objectives.

As the use of electronic communication has become more common for businesses of all sizes, so has the need for the creation and staffing of IT department in Superfils company that employs telephony and Internet devices to conduct business. Information technology is all about allowing for the most effective and competent forms of electronic communication to take place. These communications may come in the form of telephony, such as point to point phone calls or audio conference calls. They may also be provided as video and web conferences, internal communications such as common network drives or server access, and external devices such as electronic mail that is sent through a secure server. Obviously, there has to be someone within the organization that understands how these forms of communication work, and can ensure they remain in proper working order at all times. This is where the concept of an IT department comes into play. Essentially, the IT department is a collection of persons who are experts when it comes to electronic communications of all kinds. In addition to understanding what forms of electronic data, visual, and audio communication are available, the IT department will be able to evaluate available services and determine which services and vendors can provide the best equipment and service support for the company. Along with making determinations about what equipment to use and which vendors to work with, the IT department will also oversee the day to day operations of all electronic communication devices within the company. Oversight of all equipment would include configuring network access, setting up and making changes to existing workstations, and assigning access rights at various levels to key personnel within the company. The competent IT

technology would also ensure there is a workable disaster recovery backup in the event that some section of the network should happen to fail. The best IT department teams understand the importance of network redundancy to the continued healthy operations of the company. The IT department plays a valuable role in making all other departments productive and successful in their endeavors. CLOVE Network connects the branches and factory locations of Superfil Products Ltd.






Superfil Products Ltd uses (ERP) ORACLE server for Database Administration (DBA). It also uses mail server and FOXPRO for other

administration purposes and linking the user accounts.


A human resources department is a critical component of employee well being in any business, no matter how small. HR responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to date with state and federal tax laws. In regard to how individuals respond to the changes in a labour market, the following must be understood: Geographical spread: how far is the job from the individual? The distance to travel to work should be in line with the pay offered, and the transportation and infrastructure of the area also influence who applies for a post. Occupational structure: the norms and values of the different careers within an organization. Mahoney 1989 developed 3 different types of occupational structure, namely, craft (loyalty to the profession), organization career (promotion through the firm) and unstructured (lower/unskilled workers who work when needed). Generational difference: different age categories of employees have certain characteristics, for example, their behavior and their expectations of the organization. Functions of the Human Resources: Payroll administration, including produce checks, handling taxes, and dealing with sick time and vacation time. Employee benefits, including health, medical and life insurance and cafeteria plans. HR management, including recruiting, hiring and firing. This also includes background interviews, exit interviews and wage reviews.

Risk management, including workers' compensation, dispute resolution,

safety inspection, office policies and handbooks.

Accounts department is regarding the day-to-day transactions of the company and posting into the ledger accounts and preparing trial balance, profit and loss account and balance sheet of the company. To know the profit it the company preparing the account of the company is to find out the tax liability of the company. Accounting is the development and communication of the financial and operational information necessary for management decisions. Accounting seeks to measure the results of an organization's economic activities and convey this information to management, investors, creditors, regulatory agencies, consumers, and employees. Accounts department is said to be an Arms of the Company Functions of the accounts department: To find out the financial position of the company The accounts department also undertakes the function of maintaining the cost records and preparing the cost accounts. It records in connection with banking transactions. The increase and expenditure of the company must be checked frequently. It cannot become by of the company. Accounts of the company consists of profit and loss account, balance sheet etc. there has to be prepared with proper care so that accurate profit can determine. The accounts department helps in the ascertainment at profit and loss of the business after taking into accounts all expenses and incomes, paid and received during the accounting period. It plays a dominant role valuing the stocks of the company, as it helps and effective control and equipment. All the department transactions are reported to the accounts department.