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Case Study in Ship Services & Repair Industry

Profile Founded in 1988, Lintech Engineering Pte Ltd ("Lintech") has been a leading Singapore firm that specializes in marine engineering, marine welding, manufacturing and reconditioning of oil rig tools, engine parts and components, as well as chrome plating. With an extensive experience in ship services and repairs, Lintech has developed proprietary knowledge in production procedures for welding of various types of metals and
Customer: Lintech Engineering Pte Ltd Website: Country: Singapore Industry: Marine - Ship Services & Repair Partner: Asterisk Computer (FE) Pte Ltd

alloys. With a strong profile of global customers, Lintech has proven itself to be at the top of its game and is more committed than ever to provide the best possible service and products to its rich portfolio of clients.

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Lintech Engineering Pte Ltd offers ship services &

repair services, specializing in marine engineering, marine welding, manufacturing and reconditioning of oil rig tools, engine parts and components as well as chrome plating. Servicing global customers, Lintech is one of the leading ship services & repair business in Singapore.

Heavy Paper-based Workflow Receiving loads and loads of paper work was an everyday occurrence at Lintech. Its staff had to handle long trails of paper-based process. The amount of paper works that had to be filed, sorted and arranged was too many then for the team. From following up with customer inquiries, sending request for quotations to suppliers and clients, giving an approximate delivery time, locating vessel details, etc., methods used then was too time-consuming for the Lintech team.

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Numerous Manual Processes There was also a complex manual process in fulfilling some requirements and tasks for the Lintech team then. The data needed to identify materials that were already used for ship repairing and building were often hard to locate. Procurement of raw materials was also a complicated system. Since there was no effective system to track and monitor every important phase in the ship repair project, schedule planning became

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difficult as well as forecasting of the completion of orders. Tracking of the engineering progress was also a complex activity as there was no easy way to follow the production stages. Not even the checking and scrutinizing of available slots for equipment is a smooth sailing process. Fulfilling promises to customers has been hard, in terms of advising on delivery dates and updating them on the progress of the projects at hand. Fragmented Information Data within the company was also divided, as there were no single repository of

Asterisk Marine Ship Services & Repair Solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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information that the entire staff of Lintech can share and access relevant data from. Transparency was also an issue as not all departments were readily able to share updated and pertinent information that would be useful to another involved team. Gaining a clear comparison of each production stage was hard as information was not integrated with each and every one of the departments. Lack of integrated information, an ineffective tracking and monitoring process and a teeming amount of paper-based workflows were just one of the many things the staff of Lintech had to go through on an everyday basis.

department in Lintech. The response rate for customer inquiries, the sending of RFQs to suppliers and customers and other necessary activities became noticeably faster and better. The simplest of work such as locating vessel information and even the calculation of a delivery time for a job order has also been automated. Recording and storing of information about raw materials has also been implemented and automated, making it easy for the Lintech staff to carry on with their other, more complicated work issues. Automated Processes An orderly system of procuring and recording of raw materials has been successfully implemented and added, reducing the

Solution It was quite clear that Lintech was in need of an effective system that would be able to handle the storing and sharing of information within the company and to also comply with the best practices in their industry. An ERP system became an urgent need to maximize the productivity of the Lintech organization and to maintain their success in the business. Asterisk Marine Ship Services & Repair Solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV became the top ERP system choice and Asterisk Computer (FE) Pte Ltd became the selected vendor to implement and deploy it. Having 20 years in Computer (FE) became the topmost trusted vendor by Lintech to implement a marine-industry solution. Paperless System A paper based-work flow has significantly decreased with the implementation of an automated process in each and every

the search for raw material data. Since the method was meticulously followed, other activities became easier as well such as the tracking and monitoring of the important phases in the ship repair project, comparing and modifying them when needed. Even the processing of delivery schedules and the forecasting of the completion and/or production orders has greatly improved, since calculating the completion time for each job process became easier as well. The monitoring of the storage capacity for the equipment has also lifted a huge burden from the shoulders of the Lintech staff. Integrated Information Since a proficient system that can readily provide transparent information from a variety of department has been also added (from sales, production, manufacturing, etc.) , response rate to customers has also increased, allowing the Lintech organization to act quickly on urgent matters and issues. Comprehensive comparisons for each production stage are also readily

available. Turn-around time for each order has tremendously increased and even an advanced reporting system that immediately sends notifications and updates to each and every customer has also been implemented.

Product Overview Asterisk Marine Ship Services & Repair Solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you the following functions: Seamless Integration of Information Data flows smoothly within the different departments; from

Benefits Now, the Lintech Engineering Pte Ltd organization not only enjoys a prestigious place in the ship services and repair industry, they are also happily content with the best practices methods in the marine industry provided completely within their ERP system, the Asterisk Marine Ship Services & Repair Solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Turn-around time has greatly improved, budget overruns and relevant issues have decreased and customer satisfaction rating has been an all-time high. Lintech Engineering Pte Ltd continually enjoys success in their business, simplifying and speeding up the staffs work process and over-all increasing the turn-around time for each job order, all with the help of Asterisk Marine Ship Services & Repair Solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

sales, production, manufacturing, etc., making it easy to record data and store raw materials. As information is easily shared within relevant departments, tracking of vessel details is made easier. Even storing job history for standardization of work schedules is effectively done. Management is immediately updated about the status if each job process and budget overruns without having to go through a lengthy process. An advanced reporting system is also included, sending immediate notifications and updates to customers. Paper-based workflows are significantly lessened as automated processes are provided. Effective Tracking and Monitoring Methods Turnaround time for each order is greatly improved as a more efficient way of tracking and comparing each of the produc-

-tion stages is implemented. Manufacturing route is handled with ease and efficiency as well as monitoring the capacity of equipment for quick shifting tasks to other plants and handling and usage of the machinery equipment. Theres an over-all advancement when it comes to schedule planning and tracking available slots. Improved Production Process Over-all production is maximized in all involved departments as a function that enables to provide an estimated time completion/requirement for each job process is available. Scheduling and modifying of job tasks is also included, giving careful advices to customers on delivery dates. Delivery schedules are processed quickly, creating priorities and sub-priorities for efficiently following delivery schedules. Forecast of completion/production orders is also included within the system.

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