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We, the incoming University Student Council officers, together with the students, the faculty, and the whole UP Manila community, are deeply saddened by the passing of Ms. Kristel Tejada, a freshie under the BA Behavioral Sciences program. We request everyone to be united in prayer as we remember her, who, like any Iskolar ng Bayan, dreamed of graduating in this premier university and use her education to help her family and be of service to the Filipino people. We encourage everyone to extend his/her help and condolences to the Tejada family in any way as we all mourn with them for their loss. A week-long commemoration for Kristel through the efforts of your incoming and incumbent USC, Department of Behavioral Sciences, Freshman Block Coordination Program, Freshie Student Council, and other organizations is also in place and we enjoin everyone to participate. As we remember and pay our respects to Kristel, we must also not let sadness weaken our resolve. Instead, use this to fuel our calls for a meaningful change. Let us not forget that she was a victim of repressive anti-student policies that every UP student is subjected to. As the incoming USC, we shall represent the interests of the students we are mandated to serve. It is our duty to be the voice of the students to the administration. We maintain that quality education must be accessible to all, regardless of financial status. We stand firm in our position that money should not hinder any student from studying in UP, the premier state university, the university of the people. We strongly condemn the No Late Payment Policy. Although UP President Pascual, as per his statement, has instructed the Chancellors of all UP units not to deny access to qualified students who cannot enrol because of financial constraints, we will remain vigilant until this be evidently implemented. We call for the relaxation of tuition fee payment deadlines, and the implementation of countermeasures such as withholding of grades/records/clearance as an alternative to ensure financial accountability to the university. No student must be dropped from the class list solely because of the inability to pay for education. We do not wish to blame or to point fingers, but we must raise the issue of accountability. After all, we must seek justice. We merely want to point out the fault of the administration in the implementation of certain policies that restrict our right to education and have brought about dire consequences so these will be duly corrected and never repeated. We challenge Chancellor Manuel Agulto, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs de Luna and the rest of the administration to truly listen to students in their appeals, to truly engage in policies that will promote the welfare of their main constituents, and to truly work with the students in the advancement of genuine and uncompromised student interest. It is not our desire to antagonize the administration. Instead, we wish to reach out with them as we call to the government for appropriate and prompt action regarding this crisis in education. For immediate solutions, we shall work to strengthen scholarships, loans, counselling, and other financial assistance programs that are pro-student. We shall propose improvements to the current Student Loan Board procedures to make it more accessible and appealing to the students in need. Nonetheless, acknowledging that we must not resort to band-aid programs, we must continue to engage in policy construction and implementation. We shall ensure proper student consultation on all policies that will impact students through regular and constructive dialogues. We recognize that it is your voice and opinion that matter most and it is your interests and circumstances that must be taken into account in the creation of such measures. We must not waver in our fight for sufficient state subsidy. The No Late Payment Policy and the faulty STFAP system are some of the many challenges we face as Iskolars ng Bayan. Our right to education and the public character of UP is being debased by the 300%

tuition fee increase last 2007 and the aforementioned policies. Indeed, if they fail to cater to student welfare. Therefore, we must stand firm and question its true purpose in the university. UP Manila, this is more than a call for unity; this is a call to collective action. This is a call to consolidate our efforts, regardless of political and ideological differences, as we continuously strive for sufficient state subsidy. As your next set of student leaders, our actions will be of naught without you walking and working with us. Let us end the culture of apathy. Let us break the boundaries of the seven colleges and let us break the barrier between the university and the rest of the society. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LINE UP OF ACTIVITIES FOR WEEK LONG COMMEMORATION (In partnership with BestSoc, USC, FBC, FSC, and other organizations that will participate in the following activities) Monday (White shirt day) 9-11am Handpainting Activity at the CAS gate 12:15pm PGH Mass 5:30pm Interfaith Vigil at the RH Steps Tuesday (Black shirt day) 12nn Unity March to 8th floor to demand dialogue 3-5pm Forum on FLOA, STFAP, and TOFI @TBA 5pm Cultural night at the RH Steps Wednesday (Black Shirt day) 12nn Noise barrage near PGH Flagpole 5pm Eulogy Night at the wake Thursday (Black Shirt day) 10am Public Viewing at UP PGH Chapel and The Chaplaincy 6pm Tribute Night and Vigil Friday (Red Shirt day) 10am Unity protest march --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For extending financial assistance, you may contact the following persons: CAMP Henni Braga- 09178714722 Iska Dalangin- 09177155009 CAS Reggie Soriano-09066154161 Tina Tabag- 09052863151 CD RA Umayam- 09175767272 Bekai Tuparan- 09278678675 CM Kurt Asperas- 09179630525 Bords Albano- 09151106680

CN Dena Desabille- 09059624779 Ven Dee- 09273005500 CP Jerson Taguibao- 09228221515 Romeo Ramirez- 09228295877 CPH Jocel Leong-09175847362 Cham Cabana- 09178299356 Or you may deposit to Account Name University Student Council UP Manila, BDO Savings Account No. 003530163362 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mariz Zubiri/Adrian Sampang/John Tanchuco/Mark Romero/Charca Manilay/ Raymart Macasaet/ Allia Acosta/ Nikolai Mappatao/ Carlo Lorenzo/ Iska Dalangin/ Tina Tabag/ Bekai Tuparan/ Bords Albano/ Ven Dee/ Romeo Ramirez/ Cham Cabana