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It’s an XO – knows it won’t pass in congress. Lean 2/14- Environmental Correspondent (Geoffrey, ―Obama is Going to Combat Climate
Change with or without Congress‖, 2/14/13, http://www.businessinsider.com/obama-executiveorder-climate-change-2013-2, Busines Insider)
He then made it a centrepiece of his inauguration address last month. And this week he devoted a sizeable chunk of his State of the Union address to promising he will ―act soon to protect future generations‖. As mentioned here before, the US President privately regards the lack of effective action on climate change to be his biggest first-term failure and, prodded by his daughters, has thought ―long and hard about the issue‖ since winning his new one. ―He understands that this is the central problem his administration has to deal with in the second term‖ John Podesta,- a former Clinton White House Chief of Staff, who led Obama's transition team four years ago – told Rolling Stone magazine. ―He knows the judgment of history

is riding on this.‖ But he has a substantial problem – the Republican controlled House of Representatives, which is less inclined to cooperate over climate change than on any other issue, partly because an uncompromising rejection of global warming helps attract funding from oil-rich tycoons. So it was particularly interesting that he radically switched strategy in this week's address. Whereas in the first year he waited for Congress to take the initiative he is now warning that he will act if it fails to do so. He gave notice that in his address that he would effectively bypass Capitol Hill, directing his cabinet ―to come up with executive actions we can take, now and in the future, to reduce pollution, prepare our communities for the consequences of climate change, and speed the transition to more sustainable sources of energy‖.

Obama not pushing climate change now – no bill available. Bump 12/15- Policy analyst (Philip, ―Hot Air from Obama on Climate Change?‖, Mother Jones,
2/15/13, http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2013/02/obamas-empty-threat-to-act-onclimate-change)
Some good news for congressional Republicans: The president’s threat to take unilateral

action on climate isn't looking all that threatening. White House officials are talking about small steps the administration could take, but aren't currently pushing forward on the big executive action that advocates have wanted to see: EPA regulation
of greenhouse gases from existing power plants. During Tuesday night's State of the Union address, the president issued a challenge to Congress to act on climate change. He pointed at previous efforts to pass market-based, cap-and-trade legislation as an example. "If Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations" from the threat of climate change, he warned, "I will." Prior to the speech, there was some speculation that Obama might announce support for carbon regulations on existing power plants. Last week, the EPA reported that such facilities are the primary source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., which means new rules for the plants would be a powerful step in fighting climate change. The EPA has had the power to impose such regulations for a while, but has so far only proposed measures limiting emissions from brand-new power plants. A threat to regulate old plants, many of which have been belching out carbon and particulate pollution for decades, could be potent. "We're not in a position to say, 'These are the 15 things we're going to do,'" Zichal said, "but I think the point here is that we have demonstrated an ability to really use our existing authority—permitting-wise, what we can do through the budget—to make progress." She noted that the administration has opened up federal land to renewable-energy development and reduced greenhouse gas emissions from the government itself. And don't forget the work done to improve the energy efficiency of walk-in freezers and battery chargers. Which is all fine—but it seems unlikely that Congress will feel is it forced to address the

problem when faced with the prospect of Obama mandating even tighter efficiency standards for commercial appliances. What about existing power plants, I asked? Why wasn't
that mentioned? "The president demonstrated last night that his preference, his stated goal, is that he would welcome an opportunity to work with Congress on a bipartisan, market-based approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions," Zichal replied. "Whether or not that's a reality certainly remains a question." (No, it really doesn't.) Zichal repeated Obama's commitment to the issue, and then said, "At

this point in time, it would be a little premature to put the cart before the horse on

not delay it. Zichal noted that the EPA has been wading through more than 2 million public comments—many of which were solicited by activist groups to encourage action." She also said that industry had not voiced strong opposition to the standard for new plants. Zichal did note that many of the comments they'd received were "largely supportive. because we have yet to even finalize the proposal on new." As for why they hadn't finalized the standard for new power plants. .existing sources.

Aides expect it will take about two months to write a bipartisan bill.columbian.washingtonpost. But another question may be even more relevant: Do Republicans really have the . "because Senate Republicans balked.the fight will drain the Republicans more. 1-4-2013. Debt ceiling fight won’t cost Obama capital --. despite the widespread belief that this Congress will be no more productive than the last one. Recently on NBC's "Meet the Press. the newspaper said. That reluctance is a major reason the president needs to invest in this fight. despite debt ceiling. Bush's efforts failed. With those bitter battles ahead. Perhaps this is the year that progress can be made toward changing our nation's bizarre and haphazard approach to dealing with illegal immigrants. Immigration will be first. "It's not like you can be multi-tasking -. although they are still in the early stages. A bipartisan group of senators are already working on a deal. "The negative effect of this fiscal cliff fiasco is that every time we become engaged in one of these fights.html Apparently. who asked for anonymity to speak candidly. there's no oxygen for anything else. an expiring continuing resolution to fund the government and a debt ceiling that will soon be hit. increasing the chances of immigration. it won’t affect him. www.americanthinker. Bush's noble and valid attempt to change immigration laws back in 2006. p. p. 1-6-2013. I asked what ―not negotiating‖ would look like in the real world.with something like this.A2 – Debt Ceiling/Sequestration This is a neg arg --. Rep. and whether it‘s even possible. then another few months before it goes up for a vote.com/blog/2013/01/despite_looming_debt_ceiling_fight_gun_control_immigr ation_reform_on_obamas_agenda. but turning them into law could be a long process." It remains unclear what type of immigration policies the White House plans to push in January. He must figure out how to bring enough Democrats along. www. The Columbian. and they might just be more receptive to immigration reform. www. Labor-friendly Democrats didn't want a bill. Washington Post. American Thinker.wont’ be involved. it's still unclear which of them plan to join the push. possibly in June. The dirty little secret in the 2006 and 2007 immigration battles was that some Democrats were content to let Senate Republicans kill the effort. Congress just comes to a complete standstill. who have privately expressed fears that Obama's second term will be drowned out in seemingly unending showdowns between parties. The just-completed fiscal cliff deal is giving way to a twomonth deadline to resolve delayed sequestration cuts. the possibility of passing other complicated legislation would seem diminished." One possible tactic: Exhaust the combatants . and even if he’s involved. the president isn't going to let his agenda get bogged down in fights over the debt ceiling and sequestration that hang over the heads of congressmen the first quarter of the year: The timeframe is likely to be cheered by Democrats and immigration reform advocates alike. Get the extremist conservatives and the far-left liberals so fatigued from fiscal fights. while also reaching out to Republicans." President Obama said he is serious about immigration reform and will introduce an immigration reform bill this year. This morning. Republicans will cave. But the opposition didn't stop the Bush White House from fully engaging Congress. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.com/news/2013/jan/06/immigration-reform-in-13/ Fortunately. While many Republicans have expressed interest in piecemeal reform. there is the reasonable hope that immigration reform could be addressed again this year. p.) will likely lead on the Democratic side in the House. In a Wednesday editorial." said a Senate Democratic aide.com/blogs/plum-line/wp/2013/01/04/thedebt-ceiling-isnt-obamas-problem-its-the-gops-problem/ Obama and Dems have vowed not to negotiate with the GOP over the debt ceiling. the Dallas Morning News astutely pointed to former President George W. Obama may have a similar problem with his own party. either. And they may not want one this year. including recalcitrant Republicans. 1-3-2013.

is that Republicans can again play the debt ceiling card. but if GOP leaders aren‘t. in the House. and that’s what Obama will spend capital on. here comes the debt ceiling.print. www. And now that the messy and embarrassing slog over the tax issue has been resolved. After the House vote. 1--3--13. then all of a sudden the G OP position doesn‘t look so strong. by claiming it can‘t pay Social Security benefits. Everybody‘s now talking about. You guys will be held responsible. you know it‘s gonna happen. and say: ‗Oh my God. The whole national financial system is going to come in to Washington and on television. http://livewire. Still.‖ And here‘s the Wall Street Journal editorial page. when the final deadline is at hand. "I will not have another debate with this Congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they’ve already racked up through the laws that they passed. after all. Daily Beast. Obama won’t invest capital in the debt ceiling. telling Republicans that a debt ceiling fight is a ―loser‖ for them: ―They‘ve got to find. Here’s Newt Gingrich. in the sense that it will be engaged in talks over the sequester. You can see that framing already in this comment from the White House today (emphasis mine): ‖It is quite clear that the economy will be better if Congress does its job and does what it routinely has done historically which is raise the debt limit without problem. he will retreat from his line-in-the-sand position. "Report: Obama to Make Push for Immigration Reform this Month. this was his moment of greatest political leverage. The threat of a government default in late February will bring enormous pressure on the president to reach an accommodation on spending cuts.com/articles/2013/01/01/obama-fiscal-cliff-victory-could-inviteyears-of-warfare-with-the-gop." Immigration first. the entire economy of the world will collapse. this doesn’t necessarily mean the White House has to be held hostage over the debt ceiling . Republicans will opt to agree to a somewhat balanced deal rather than risk taking the blame for cratering the economy. and the next compromise can be passed through the House with mostly Democratic votes. a dead loser." TPM LIVEWIRE. ‗Oh. but the political result will be far worse if Republicans start this fight only to cave in the end. tax reform. and it’s really quite possible that in the end.html Obama also signaled that when push comes to shove.‘ I think that’s. Because in the end. Obama served notice that he does not want to be drawn into another game of fiscal chicken over the debt ceiling. Obama will say Republicans are risking national default and recession. the White House will inevitably be negotiating on the debt ceiling. as they did in the summer of 2011. Obama Fiscal Cliff Victory Could Invite Years of Warfare With the GOP.talkingpointsmemo. maybe some Tea Party Republicans are. We‘ll support efforts to cut spending and reform entitlements. Howard Kurtz. this will be a gigantic heart attack. after all." he said. most of Wall Street will echo him. which is this: Are Republicans really prepared to let the country go into default and take the blame for crashing the economy? Sure.com/entry/report-obama-to-make-push-forimmigration-reform . This gets right to the heart of the matter. from the White House point of view. the playing field will be more favorable to Republicans in 2013.leverage in the debt ceiling fight they think they have? Some Republicans are now coming out and acknowledging that the GOP may not be in a strong position in the debt ceiling battle. frankly. just as the fiscal cliff essentially forced the Republicans to sacrifice wealthier taxpayers to avoid blame for higher levies on 98 percent of Americans. on Morning Joe today. 1-1-13.‖ It‘s true that in one way. a totally new strategy. warning against it in similar terms: Mr.thedailybeast. Even more troublesome. "While I will negotiate over many things. Tom Kludt. You can‘t take a hostage you aren‘t prepared to shoot.‘ And they’ll cave. But as Ezra Klein notes. The administration has little left to trade now that the debate will focus on the $110 billion in automatic spending cuts that Tuesday‘s voting delayed for two months. And so maybe the question of what ―not negotiating‖ on the debt ceiling looks like has a simpler answer than you might think: The White House just treats this as Congress’ problem . although the White House would call it reasonable compromise that spared most people a nasty tax hike. and the Treasury will maneuver to apply maximum political pressure — for example. and spending cuts that Republicans will insist must be resolved before they agree to raise it.

President Barack Obama is prepared to use his political capital to pursue immigration reform this month. The report cited an anonymous official in the Obama administration. who suggested that the president is unlikely to be deterred by the protracted fiscal cliff debate that will be revisited in the coming months. according to a report published Wednesday in the Huffington Post. . As such. the administration will reportedly move quickly on both immigration reform and gun control.

An analogy is what happened with same-sex marriage. when he ended eight years as a liberal Democratic member of the U. Moffett said . Moffett said he is close with a number of Democratic members of Congress who support gun-control." he said he meant that when a new generation of younger people come to think about an issue differently — which takes time — it is easier to change long-entrenched attitudes and laws. and beefed-up background checks.full. and it's going to take time. http://www.‖ US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT. This logical qualification was an admission that the legislative fight over new federal gun control regulations has already been lost. it will probably take a sustained effort for years to overcome the powerful opposition to stronger gun restrictions. "Now. and the other things he can do under those executive orders.C. He understands that the Democrats in the Senate are split . Assistant Professor of Political Science. constituents oppose broad based gun control. he might have mentioned specific proposals in his speech — which he didn't — and probably would have pushed harder for passage than merely asking that they come to a vote." Supporters of gun control hailed the ringing call for action and said Newtown has given historic momentum to the effort to pass federal firearms restrictions – but not every advocate found encouragement in the president's words." Obama said.S. ―State of the Union Was an Appeal for Gun Control Votes.A2 – Gun Control No gun control push – Obama only wants a vote. If Obama thought he had the votes to get his legislation through Congress." The way to begin that process is to "start taking names. with the budget being as tight as it is. the best Obama could do was try to get opponents to go on the record as voting "no. By "generational. "Within those executive orders there are a lot of good things about stepped-up enforcement. Jon Lender. http://www. Lara Brown. But these proposals deserve a vote.‖ THE HARTFORD COURANT. "The families of Newtown deserve a vote." Obama not spending PC on gun control – push is ONLY rhetorical. "If you want to vote no. that's your choice.. Moffett talked by phone from Washington." "Thank goodness that we have a President who issued … 29 executive orders" last month to impose gun restrictions.courant. where he has been a lobbyist most of the time since 1983. [See a collection of political cartoons on gun control and gun rights. that's your choice. and so Obama's challenge.story. Now it has to be followed by funding. State of the Union proves.6142239.usnews." Moffett said — because. He has been giving free strategic advice on gun control to church leaders since the Newtown massacre. and they tell him candidly that initial constituent comments in favor of gun restrictions after Dec." he argued.com/news/politics/hc-guns-congress-newtown20130216. The most powerful moment in President Barack Obama's State of the Union address last Tuesday came when he told members of Congress that the victims of the Dec. "This is a multi-year fight. Villano va University." said President Obama last night." he said. he said.] The president does not have the votes to pass his gun control proposals and he knows it. The families of Aurora deserve a vote. 14 had been replaced weeks later by "mail and emails … all running against doing anything. D. and a big part of that will be "to make votes against gun control into a political liability. 14 Newtown school massacre and other killings "deserve a vote" on his legislative proposals to curb gun violence. Lacking the needed votes. 2-132013.com/debate-club/did-obamas-state-of-the-union-gun-rhetoriceffectively-sell-gun-control-to-congress/state-of-the-union-was-an-appeal-for-gun-control-votesnot-laws. is to try to shift money over to the appropriate enforcement. Not Laws. ―Obama‘s Candid Admission of Defeat on Gun Control. if you want to vote no. House representing the former 6th District in central Connecticut. in his view. He understands that the Republican House is waiting on the Democratic Senate to act.0. to tumultuous applause. 2-16-2013. Moffett said in an interview two days after Obama's speech. and a generational fight.

some are concerned that the heated atmosphere could spoil the early signs of bipartisan cooperation on immigration that emerged after the election. It's one thing to try and fail. The shift would push the debate in Congress over immigration reform into the spring. His repetitive use of the phrase "they deserve a vote…" moved the crowd to standing ovation. [Check out our editorial cartoons on President Obama. With the exception of expanded background checks. WASHINGTON — The window to pass immigration laws next year is narrowing as the effort competes with a renewed debate over gun laws and the lingering fight over taxes and the budget. Staff Writer. Jamie Chandler. Obama went out on a limb. That's why Obama's appeals were aimed at having votes. If our representatives deliberate the president's plan. the numbers—60 senators to get legislation to a vote and 20 Democratic seats up in 2014—don't work in his favor. Obama pulled out all of the emotional stops in his speech.com/2012/dec/30/nation/la-na-immigration-20121230. "They deserve a vote" makes the vote the goal. The uncertainty is feeding jitters that Obama may be unable to deliver on his long-standing promise to create a path to citizenship for the 11 million people in the .between moderates from progun states and liberals from both coasts. White House officials sought to reassure advocates that the push for gun control won't distract President Obama from his promise to stump for new immigration legislation early in the year. "They deserve a vote" concedes that the president doesn't believe he'll win this battle. as a former member of the Senate. Still. and engaged the shooting victims' families seated in the chamber. "they deserve a vote" does nothing to push Congress to make his proposals law. his command should have been "pass this law. However heartfelt his sentiments and passionate his pleas. not passage. and as lobbyists take to their corners over gun laws. Hunter College. 2-13-2013. Ads by Google But as budget negotiations continue to stir tensions between Republicans and Democrats. And he knows that the Republicans in the Senate aren't going to come to his rescue. Key congressional committees are preparing for a package of gun control laws to be negotiated and possibly introduced in Congress during the first few months of next year.‖ US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT. The president's rhetoric was emotionally moving. those faces will be in their thoughts." No gun control thumper – gun control and immigration running on parallel. If the president is indeed committed to navigating the hard road ahead. the words he used showed concession to the reality of American gun politics. President Obama's State of the Union gun control rhetoric will fail to compel Congress to pass his "now is the time" plan to reduce gun violence. He knows.] But as much as the president succeeded in emphasizing the human cost of gun violence. substantive gun control measures are not likely to be enacted now or at any time during the president's term. That strong commitment he so forcefully mustered a few weeks ago when he signed his gun control executive orders has dissipated. Brian Bennett. Those people are the real faces behind what may otherwise be perceived by most of the public as existential tragedies. Votes. Second Amendment advocates have already won the debate.usnews. there are no arms to twist and there are no deals to cut because there is no policy consensus.‖ LA TIMES. http://www. Professor of Political Science. Obama’s rhetoric on gun control is disconnected from legislation – only wants a vote. Simply put. Rather. He showed skillful use of the rhetorical technique of antistrophe. In phone calls over the holidays. it's another to not seemingly have tried at all. Rhetoric was all he had left. He understands. He was asking his fellow Democrats in the Senate to risk their 2014 electoral prospects for his historical legacy. according to congressional staffers and outside advocates. ―The lingering tax fight and the renewed debate on gun control may push the immigration effort into the spring. As seemingly minimal a request as this was. 12-30-2012. complimentary tracks. http://articles. not laws.com/debate-club/did-obamas-state-of-the-union-gun-rhetoric-effectively-sellgun-control-to-congress/obamas-speech-showed-concessions-on-gun-control. ―Obama‘s Speech Showed Concessions on Gun Control.latimes. [Photos: President Obama's 2013 State of the Union Address] No longer a political novice. he should know that change moves more slowly in that chamber than in any other part of the federal government.

Too many of our children are being taken away from us. Wilkie and Bendery 2-15 (Christina and Jennifer." After the Dec. creating educational opportunities and reviving the nation's hardest-hit communities." she said. Kevin Bogardus. ―I don’t think Sen.. "They are not in competition.. among other items. which would set up a highprofile and time-consuming nomination process that could overshadow the immigration issue. "No law or set of laws can prevent every senseless act of violence . the same committee that would work on an immigration bill that could be hundreds of pages long. a liberal think tank in Washington." said Angela Kelley.‖ Obama not pushing independent gun control legislation. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.html. The tough work of hammering out a compromise over immigration in the committee would best be wrapped up by the end of June. "The question is: Would the Congress love to have something come along that would sidetrack immigration reform? I believe there are some members of Congress who would like that."¶ The president's speeches on gun violence have started to . The crowded agenda has not changed plans by advocacy groups to launch a nationwide publicity and lobbying campaign early next year to put pressure on lawmakers to support changing immigration laws.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/278207-barrasso-senate-vote-onobama-gun-control-proposals-unlikely. Huffington Post." said Clarissa Martinez de Castro. http://thehill. President Barack Obama described gun violence as only one part of a web of economic and social challenges facing the nation. head of civic engagement and immigration for the National Council of La Raza. "The White House can walk and chew gum. they are complementary. http://www. as can lawmakers. unlawfully." said Eliseo Medina.huffingtonpost. an expert on immigration at the Center for American Progress. Harry Reid [D-Nev..¶ Speaking before students and faculty of Hyde Park Academy.¶ "What happened to Hadiya is not unique. " As horrific as the tragedy was in Connecticut. including those killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and Hadiya Pendleton. Obama tapped Vice President Joe Biden to head a task force that is expected to propose new gun control measures by the end of January. When a child opens fire on another child. a think tank based in Washington. director of the Immigration Policy Center. 14 school shooting that killed 20 children and six adults in Newtown. Obama said. the 15-year-old from Chicago who was killed just days after she performed with her high school band at Obama's inauguration festivities. Obama began by recognizing victims of gun violence. they won't have the luxury of ignoring it. focusing on strengthening families. He proposed new strategies. "I am concerned that an issue such as immigration where we can find strong bipartisan consensus will be demagogued and politicized." said Alfonso Aguilar. Conn. in case one of the Supreme Court justices retires. ―He doesn’t want his Democrats to have to choose between their own constituents and the president’s positions. "It's not unique to Chicago." he said.) said Sunday that he does not believe President Obama’s gun-control proposals will be brought to the Senate floor for a vote. Staff Writers. which represents more than 2 million workers.com/2013/02/15/obama-chicago_n_2697856." the president said. they should be able to get both done.‖ Barrasso said election worries among Democrats will sideline legislation that could restrict gun ownership. Won’t even come to the floor for a vote. Sen. these issues can run on parallel tracks. secretary-treasurer of the Service Employees International Union.‖ THE HILL. Speaking on CNN‘s ―State of the Union. because that is the environment.In a broad and moving speech Friday. a Washington-based nonprofit. there is a hole in that child's heart that government can't fill. 1-20-2013. "If the American public every day has to grapple with multiple priorities. accessed: 15 February 2013) WASHINGTON -.] even brings it to the Senate floor because he has six Democrats up for election in two years in states where the president received fewer than 42 percent of the votes. Obama has called on Congress to institute universal background checks for all gun sales as well as bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.‖ Barrasso said. ―Barrasso: Senate vote on Obama gun-control proposals unlikely.U. in the grand scheme of things. in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago. New gun laws would probably have to pass through the Senate Judiciary Committee. congressional staffers said. "But the fact is.S. and it's not unique to this country. " Voters want to see action. a Republican strategist at the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles."¶ Nevertheless." "If [lawmakers] are working 40 hours a week." said Mary Giovagnoli. that is the least they expect from their members of Congress.

who are in a position to support families and be held up and respected. reporter.¶ "This is not just a gun issue.and preventing a child from sliding into a life of crime -. calling single moms "heroic" and worthy of praise.¶ "And by the way. We all share a responsibility to move this country closer to our founding vision: that no matter who you are or where you come from. I wish I'd had a father who was around and involved. But Friday's speech had a different feel to it: Obama veered into more personal territory and talked about growing up without a father -. Obama said he also chose Mr. the best place to start is within individual communities and families. Biden will get it through Kaster 12/30 (Carolyn. and make it a wage you can live on.com/cheats/2012/12/30/biden-and-nra-butt-heads. with the help of my grandparents."¶ So when it comes to tackling gun violence.html ."¶ The president said there are neighborhoods all over the country where young people don't see adults succeeding and where they come to think the future "only extends to the end of the street corner or the outskirts of town. "U. Yet the biggest factor in determining a child's success -."¶ Young boys and young men. school massacre. The move was credited with renewing lagging support for Obama in the Latino community before the November elections." he said. Obama said the national conversation was just starting and he was waiting for the special commission chaired by Vice President Joe Biden to come in with proposals in January. in particular. and turning the United States into an exporter of energy. "I've said that fixing our broken immigration system is a top priority. we all share responsibility as citizens to fix it. President Puts Immigration Reform at Top of 2013 Agenda. here in America you can decide your own destiny.html Mr. "Those parents supporting kids. http://en.com/article/SB10001424127887324461604578188680585236550. ―Obama Backs Push For New Gun Laws‖ Wall Street Journal) http://online. Unconditional love for your child. Biden could be essential to getting any changes to gun and mental-health laws through Congress. Biden pushes the gun bill. that order could be cancelled by a future president." 12--31--12." During the 2012 election year.Obama put through an executive order that opened the door for immigrant children who have grown up in the United States to apply for extended legal resident status. however. And for that. Asked about his vow to push through changes in gun regulation after the Newtown." he said. that includes grandparents. "I think we have talked about it long enough. uncles.html US President Barack Obama Sunday named immigration reform as his top priority in the coming year. reporter. supportive family. if those who work in low-wage jobs can find economic stability. Biden because he wrote a 1994 crime bill that led to a drop in violence. "That's why we should raise the minimum wage to $9.wsj. Mr. 12/30/12. That includes gay or straight parents. that's the single most important thing. That includes foster parents. Connecticut. ¶ But he added." Obama declared. he said. Obama's go-to person to build support on Capitol Hill.is having a "loving. that makes a difference. as he has decades of experience as a senator and often is Mr." Immigration first TREND. But without legislative action. cannot support their children on what they earn from minimum-wage jobs. "don't see an example of fathers or grandfathers.thedailybeast. ―Biden and NRA Butt Heads‖ The Daily Beast) http://www. "It's also an issue of the kinds of communities that we're building. Obama put the issue at the top of three issues that he will turn his attention to after the White House and Congress have solved the looming fiscal cliff crisis. and vowed he will introduce legislation in 2013 "to get it done". I turned out OK. DPA reported. that's all kinds of parents. We know how we can fix it."¶ Obama emphasized that violence prevention and community development are only possible.¶ Too many parents. "At the same time.az/regions/world/usa/2104727. In a rare Sunday talk show interview. not Obama Favole 12/19 (Jared." Obama added to applause. Obama said his other priorities were stabilizing the economy through deficit reduction and infrastructure spending.S.a situation that he said reflected the reality of many of today's youth.feel routine as he travels around the country advocating for his gun safety package. extended families. 12/19/12." Obama continued.trend. ¶ "As the son of a single mom who gave everything she had to raise me. We can do it in a comprehensive way that the American people support." Obama said. he said.

" he said." said Mary Giovagnoli. Biden. including labour unions and Hispanic groups. they won't have the luxury of ignoring it. The shift would push the debate in Congress over immigration reform into the spring. 14 school shooting that killed 20 children and six adults in Newtown. p." said Angela Kelley. unlawfully. an expert on immigration at the Center for American Progress. as can lawmakers. who clashed with a voter who displayed semiautomatic rifle in a video question at a 2007 presidential-primary debate. "The question is: Would the Congress love to have something come along that would sidetrack immigration reform? I believe there are some members of Congress who would like that. "They are not in competition. Although the continued fiscal uncertainty is taking precedence and gun control has . they are complementary.latimes. secretary-treasurer of the Service Employees International Union. 15 that would reinstate his expired ban on assault weapons. The crowded agenda has not changed plans by advocacy groups to launch a nationwide publicity and lobbying campaign early next year to put pressure on lawmakers to support changing immigration laws. a think tank based in Washington." After the Dec. 12-30-2012. some are concerned that the heated atmosphere could spoil the early signs of bipartisan cooperation on immigration that emerged after the election. The NRA says he‘s a ideologue who isn‘t fit to have a ―conversation‖ on guns. in case one of the Supreme Court justices retires. and as lobbyists take to their corners over gun laws.com/2012/dec/30/nation/la-na-immigration20121230?utm_source=E-mail+Updates&utm_campaign=73c6e86edaCIS_Daily_Immigration_News_1_2_131_2_2013&utm_medium=email The window to pass immigration laws next year is narrowing as the effort competes with a renewed debate over gun laws and the lingering fight over taxes and the budget. which represents more than 2 million workers. Obama tapped Vice President Joe Biden to head a task force that is expected to propose new gun control measures by the end of January. a liberal think tank in Washington." said Alfonso Aguilar. Vice President Joe Biden will attempt to push through legislation on gun control by Jan. The tough work of hammering out a compromise over immigration in the committee would best be wrapped up by the end of June.We’re all watching." said Clarissa Martinez de Castro. "I am concerned that an issue such as immigration where we can find strong bipartisan consensus will be demagogued and politicized. that is the least they expect from their members of Congress. head of civic engagement and immigration for the National Council of La Raza. the same committee that would work on an immigration bill that could be hundreds of pages long. who’s been fighting for 30 years. White House officials sought to reassure advocates that the push for gun control won't distract President Obama from his promise to stump for new immigration legislation early in the year. New gun laws would probably have to pass through the Senate Judiciary Committee. articles. Key congressional committees are preparing for a package of gun control laws to be negotiated and possibly introduced in Congress during the first few months of next year. massacre. director of the Immigration Policy Center. capitalising on the grassroots network that helped President Barack Obama defeat Republican Mitt Romney in November. according to congressional staffers and outside advocates. www. "The White House can walk and chew gum. a Republican strategist at the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles. "Voters want to see action. has been vocal in his fight with the NRA. "If the American public every day has to grapple with multiple priorities. LA Times. But as budget negotiations continue to stir tensions between Republicans and Democrats. 1-2-2013. in the grand scheme of things. After the Newtown. "As horrific as the tragedy was in Connecticut." said Eliseo Medina. which would set up a highprofile and time-consuming nomination process that could overshadow the immigration issue. In phone calls over the holidays.." Gun control won’t derail push for immigration reform.. Conn.com/intl/cms/s/0/e6b2805c-4ac9-11e2-929d00144feab49a.ft. a Washington-based nonprofit. Those in favor of restrictions say there’s no better man than Biden. Biden owns two shotguns. Gun control won’t divert attention from immigration reform. "But the fact is. congressional staffers said.S. to help generate support for comprehensive immigration reform. Conn. Joe.html#axzz2Gs6PlVXz The White House is building a coalition of allies. because that is the environment. these issues can run on parallel tracks. Financial Times. The uncertainty is feeding jitters that Obama may be unable to deliver on his long-standing promise to create a path to citizenship for the 11 million people in the U. p.

preparations to launch an allencompassing immigration bill are proceeding apace. .been catapulted to the top of the agenda.

So I look forward to Republican crocodile tears on gay rights — seemingly in large part over something Hagel said in the 90s in support of the Senate Republican caucus‘s efforts to pillory an openly gay nominee.‖ PBS NEWSHOUR.. and -. assuming President Obama nominates him tomorrow. that he has some problematic views. perhaps it really will pave the way for a LGBT upsurge of support for Richard Grinnell for President in 2016. he said at the beginning of the week that Chuck Hagel had answered all the queries that were put before him. All that said..html.php I’m watching a lot of neoconservative policy activists and a lot of people in the press telling me that it’s a very up in the air thing whether Chuck Hagel gets confirmed as Secretary of Defense. Nobody can find them. first of all. there is no Friends of Hamas. that the Friends of Hamas have endorsed Chuck Hagel.or Saudi Arabia -.A2 – Hagel Nomination Hagel will pass on an up-or-down vote – only PC hit taken by McCain and the GOP. Will Democratic senators deny a reelected President Obama his choice for one of the top four cabinet positions when he is quite popular and the expansion of their caucus is due in significant measure to his popularity? Please. Hagel won’t be a fight---DC press analysis doesn’t reflect reality Josh Marshall 1-6. 2-15-2013. and Republicans have been talking about this and answering questions about it. No. this is just a delay in the vote. He will be confirmed. John McCain has -. JUDY WOODRUFF: Terrible for whom? MARK SHIELDS: For the country. Judy. Appointments don’t drain PC---empirics Hutchinson 12/2 Earl Ofari. JUDY WOODRUFF: Does somebody pay the price. There is no such organization. Chuck Schumer will oppose the President? Not likely.pbs.‖ http://talkingpointsmemo. though. They are going through a terrible exercise. it is a very serious thing. 2012. I mean. And yes. Because crack isn’t good for you. Otherwise. But I doubt it. Looming Sequester.the senator from Texas. It is a terrible.but for the Republican Party. He also didn't do well in his own confirmation hearing. ―Shields and Gerson Discuss GOP Hold Up on Hagel. I mean. Bill Cohen. which I think is an affirmation the president generally gets his choice for a nominee. Mark Shields and Michael Gerson. for suggesting that Hagel may have had some money from North Korea. Then he berated Ted Cruz for -. Israel and what he calls the Jewish lobby.com/archives/2013/01/crack_pipe_1. terrible chapter. http://www. ―Crack Pipe. with absolutely -. 1/6/13. Maybe I‘m just out of the loop because I‘m not reporting aggressively myself. Republican secretary of defense . now the charge. And Rand Paul is saying. even if they are a second-rate nominee. Chuck Hagel's problem here is.and made some serious gaffes. editor of Talking Points Memo. if this is true. Syndicated Political Columnist and Washington Post Political Columnist. These folks should stop smoking crack. Or maybe — I think much more likely — I‘m not in the same crack den with the rest of these good people so the air I‘m breathing is clear and I know what is happening in the real world.with absolutely no basis in fact.com/2012/12/rice-nomination-fight-wont-drain-president-obamaspolitical-capital/ It won’t hurt him.eurweb. www. not the long term. "Rice Nomination Fight Won't Drain President Obama's Political Capital. get ready for a Hagel Pentagon. Will Republicans uniformly oppose a former member of their own caucus when the issues at stake are complaints that look comical when held up to the light of day? One who was one of the top foreign policy Republicans in the Senate? I doubt it. All presidents from time to time face some backlash from real or manufactured controversies by opponents over a potential nominee to the Supreme . I think -.and others have promised to support an up-or-down vote on Hagel.I think that John McCain has paid a price already this week. or Iran. for all this? MARK SHIELDS: Yes. on Iran. from a Republican perspective.org/newshour/bb/politics/janjune13/shieldsgerson_02-15. JUDY WOODRUFF: Do you agree the Republicans are hurt over this episode? MICHAEL GERSON: I think in the short term. looked dazed and confused in his own -.

conniving Bush falsehood on Iraq‘s weapons of mass destruction. He will as all presidents see a small revolving door of some cabinet members and agency heads that will leave.¶ Susan Rice will continue to be a handy and cynical whipping person for the GOP to hector Obama.Court.¶ The Rice flap won‘t interfere in any way with other White House pursuits for another reason. the GOP would badly shoot itself in the foot. It would open the gate wide to the blatant politicizing of presidential appointments by subjecting every presidential appointment to a litmus test. Rice was slammed hard by some Democratic senators for being up to her eyeballs in selling the phony. The threat to delay Rice’s confirmation in the Senate quickly fizzled out. In the end he was confirmed.¶ This was true three years earlier when then President Bush nominated Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State. This would hopelessly blur the legislative process and ultimately could be turned against a future GOP president. The mild tiff over Holder didn’t dampen.¶ Rice will not be Obama’s only appointment at the start of his second term. Obama faced backlash when he nominated Eric Holder as Attorney General. and must be replaced. and standing behind her in the face of Democrats grumbles about her would threaten his push of his administration‘s larger agenda items. or tarnish Obama in his hard pursuit of his major first term initiative. Just as other presidents. but on whether the appointee could be a bargaining chip to oppose a vital piece of legislation or a major White House initiative. This did not distract or dampen Bush in his pursuit of his key initiatives. namely health care reform. In 2008. A pack of GOP senators huffed and puffed at Holder for alleged transgressions involving presidential pardons he signed off on as Clinton’s Deputy Attorney General. But the political reality is that the legislative business that Congress and the White House must do never has been shut down by any political squabble over a presidential appointee. and she was confirmed. not on the fitness of the nominee for the job. . This is a slippery slope that Democrats and the GOP dare not risk going down. The fiscal cliff is an issue that‘s too critical to the fiscal and economic well -being of too many interest groups to think that Rice‘s possible nomination will be any kind of impediment to an eventual deal brokered by the GOP and the White House. By holding Rice hostage to a resolution of the fiscal cliff peril and other crucial legislative issues. a cabinet or diplomatic post. diminish. There almost certainly will be another Obama pick that will raise some eyebrows and draw inevitable fire from either the GOP or some interests groups. Obama will have to weigh carefully the political fall-out if any from his pick. But as is usually the case the likelihood of any lasting harm to the administration will be minimal to nonexistent. There was not the slightest inference that in nominating Rice.

GMA News.A2 – Thumpers (Generic) Obama’s focusing on immigration now. Dreamers in particular who serve the military or complete two years of higher education that they would get an expedited path to citizenship.‖ she said. http://www. Lugay 2/12 –Policy analyst (Elton. ―Elvie‖ confided. learning English. Munoz said she would not venture to advice Dream Act youth on whether they should apply now or wait for the comprehensive law to be enacted. providing clients with representation in the areas of Immigration. ―If all of this goes well very successfully for the immigration debate which will finally allow us to fix our broken immigration system in a commonsense way that advances the economy. 1/12/13. according to White House Director of Domestic Policy Council Cecilia Muñoz. something that he has a great deal of urgency about. She spoke at a February 5th conference call with journalists.‖ She said young immigrants applying under the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) make their own decisions. paying taxes and getting in the back of the line behind people who are waiting in the legal immigration system. Criminal Defense.‖ she said in response to a question from The FilAm. Employment Law. ―He is eager to get this done. Obama‘s policy proposals revolved around three major areas. ―He‘s also reserving the right to introduce his own bill if this process gets bogged down in the Senate. Elvie is one of 11 million undocumented immigrants the Obama administration is hoping to legalize through a law that would plug loopholes in the program. as well as to create a reliable mechanism for employers to verify that they hire legally. a full-service law firm. She added the President welcomed the fact that a bi-partisan group in the Senate appears to be coming around to crafting a new law. The right thing to do is to look at the Deferred Action program and make an individual decision. ―He talked about this as his top priority. and more. President Obama presented his principles for immigration reform in Las Vegas Last month. I would say for folks who would otherwise qualify for the Dream Act. ―He is eager to see a bill introduced within the next month to six weeks.‖ ―The President’s sense of urgency on this should be clear in a very straightforward kind of way.‖ • The 11 million people without papers: ―The President is proposing to hold those individuals accountable as well for getting on the right side of the law. LLC. Foreclosure Defense.com/news/story/294562/pinoyabroad/news/immigration-on-obama-smust-do-list-white-house-exec) An undocumented sex worker said she would walk away from her underground trade once an immigration reform bill is approved in Congress. said Munoz: • Immigration Enforcement: ‖It is important that we continue and strengthen this administration‘s strong record of border as well as the interior. ―The president has a great sense of urgency around this legislation. We’re expecting a debate to be moving in to the Senate in the spring. They would be required to fulfill a host of responsibilities including getting a background check. Suggested links: Lubiner & Schmidt.gmanetwork. ―I wouldn‘t presume to offer advice to individuals whether or not to apply. That law is almost within reach. Collections. is a stop-gap not the means to an end. ―This is to ensure that American families are reunited swiftly consistent with our values and needs as a nation.‖ she said.‖ she said. “Immigration on Obama’s Must-Do List – White House Exec”.‖ • The Family Immigration System: Munoz said there is a proposal to add visas in order to clear out the backlog and to update the Family Immigration System which hasn‘t been updated since 1991.‖ She quickly added.‖ said Munoz. that advances our values as a nation in particular a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.‖ . Prostitution.

―If things really do truly stall and we can‘t get the bipartisan agreement to fix a really broken system. these may be the kinds of tools to look for. 1. 25 that the president violated the Constitution when he bypassed the Senate last year to appoint three members to the National Labor Relations Board. Obama says he still prefers legislation when possible. contrasting their records with that of Lyndon Johnson. ―President Obama’s frustration with our republic and the way it works doesn’t give him license to ignore the Constitution. And executive orders can be overturned by a future president a lot easier than can legislation. ―It is something that will be long lasting and sturdier and more stable. http://www. Obama‘s gun proposals. And even as the president pushes for legislation revising immigration laws. a dire ctor of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. he has emphasized his efforts to get tough with Congress. and the Pentagon to benefit undocumented immigrants and their families. and the Dodd-Frank law. it is on firmer ground. Advisers say the president -. released on Jan.‖The White House assertiveness has sparked complaints from Republicans.‖ It’s not just Republicans who have objected to Obama’s efforts to wield executive power. Firmer Ground To be sure. Obama won’t use XO’s – unconstitutional.‖ BLOOMBERG.html. Backlash from Congressional Republicans Fears backlash over overbroad executive power Fears getting too far ahead of public opinion XO easily overturned by future presidents Needs Congress for comprehensive immigration reform --THIS CARD IS THE NEXT PARAGRAPH AFTER THE LERER CARD THEY PROBABLY READ.A2 – XO Solves Immigration President will not use XO – 5 reasons.html. When he announced details of his immigration plan in Las Vegas last month. in a statement released after Obama‘s announcement. http://www.remains cautious about getting too far ahead of public opinion.com/news/2013-02-11/obama-poised-to-skirtcongress-to-seal-legacy-in-new-term-agenda. 2-11-2013.bloomberg.the expansion of health-care coverage to tens of millions of Americans. a former Senate majority leader known for his ability to push legislation through Congress.‖ said Bob Deasy. ―Obama Poised to Skirt Congress to Seal Legacy in New Term Agenda. Court of Appeals in Washington ruled on Jan. ―President Obama is again abusing his power by imposing his policies via executive fiat instead of allowing them to be debated in Congress. ―The pres ident recognized . What’s more. Lisa Lerer. the most sweeping new regulations of the financial industry since the Great Depression. The tactic carries political risk.‖ said Florida Senator Marco Rubio.‖ he told the New Republic magazine in an interview last month.who already faces charges from Republicans that he is concentrating too much power in the White House -. Obama will still need to work through Congress to deal with some of the nation‘s biggest concerns. his aides and advocates have a menu of actions that can be taken unilaterally by the White House. 2. he said: ―If Congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion. including tax and spending issues as well as any comprehensive changes in the immigration system.bloomberg. the Department of Homeland Security. ―Whenever we can codify something through legislation. The U. beyond the backlash it will spark from congressional Republicans. drew a sharp response from one lawmaker mentioned as a possible 2016 presidential contender. ―Obama Poised to Skirt Congress to Seal Legacy in New Term Agenda. I will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away. 4.‖ BLOOMBERG. Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt to be among the presidents who relied most heavily on executive power.com/news/2013-02-11/obama-poised-to-skirtcongress-to-seal-legacy-in-new-term-agenda. 3. 16.S. 2-11-2013.‖ Yet he‘s in good company in using presidential authority: Scholars consider Abraham Lincoln. recognizing that it gives his agenda deeper legal roots. according to congressional staff members and immigration activists. Republican Complaints Even in areas where the president is trying to work with lawmakers. Lisa Lerer. Rules also need to be written to carry out much of the president‘s signature first-term domestic policy initiatives -. 5.

I think. debt ceiling two months later. "So that would be.that he might not be able to be the Lyndon Johnson president with legislative achievements. one with the executive team working on the issue and. Estimates for rules headed for completion in a second Obama administration already approach that figure. according to Office of Management and Budget data. ―We can’t simply ignore the law. who heads the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Lillis 2/16 . that he might have to become an executive-power president.S. In his second term.). Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz." Crowley said Wednesday.‖ Obama said in a Jan. according to a review of regulatory filings by Bloomberg Government.Policy Analyst for Hill (Mike. Rules approved during the first 32 months of his presidency will cost an estimated $19.Y. when Democrats won control of Congress after two years. meaning the government will shut down if Congress doesn‘t act. he said. Only Congress can pass legislation halting automatic reductions in domestic and defense spending. the president has been frank about the limitations of his new strategy. ―If we can find a solution that is … short of a pathway to citizenship. Becerra . "He's ready to move forward if we're not. why is that not a good solution?‖ Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) asked during the hearing. "I don't think the president will be hands off on immigration for any moment in time. a broadcasting network. when the House Judiciary Committee met earlier this month on immigration reform. which could cost between $22 billion and $93 billion in 2020. Outpacing BushPending regulations in the White House pipeline position Obama to outpace Bush with second-term rulemaking. but there's also a labor flow issue." Rep. "So let‘s get this done. they say the administration has the tools to move unilaterally if the bipartisan talks on Capitol Hill break down. 30 interview with Telemundo. "Four million of the undocumented [immigrants] are people who overstayed their visas to stay with family." Obama said." for immigration reform. scheduled to go into effect next month. ―Dems: Obama Can Unilaterally Act on Immigration Reform‖. "he's actually the drum major. saying Obama is "not just beating the drum. Obama delayed until after the election decisions on regulating ozone levels and requiring rearview cameras for cars. echoed that message." The administration could also waive visa caps." "We know what needs to be done. Central to that package. Still.‖ said Brinkley. with Obama himself." Grijalva said. On budget issues. "but he did say that if Congress continued to fail to act that he would take steps and measures to enact common-sense executive orders to move this country forward. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.com/blogs/regwatch/administration/283583 -demsrecognize-that-obama-can-act-unilaterally-on-immigration-reform) While the Democrats are hoping Congress will preclude any executive action by enacting reforms legislatively.9 billion and yield net benefits of more than $91 billion in monetary savings and deaths and injuries avoided." for "establishing a responsible pathway to earned citizenship" and for "fixing the legal immigration system to cut waiting periods and attract the highly-skilled entrepreneurs and engineers that will help create jobs and grow our economy. House Republicans have been loath to accept one of the central elements of Obama's strategy: A pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11- 12 million undocumented people currently living in the country – a move which many conservatives deem "amnesty. Grijalva said.). known as the sequester. should be provisions for "strong border security. No King That record aside. much of the discussion focused on whether there is some middle ground between citizenship and mass deportation. when asked why he couldn’t unilaterally legalize undocumented immigrants. but better than just kicking 12 million people out. There is another deadline to raise the U." Indeed. is "the waiving of deportation" in order to keep families together. the head of the House Democratic Caucus." Becerra said he and other immigration reformers have had two meetings with the White House on immigration this month. Obama and congressional Democrats would prefer the reforms to come through Congress – both because that route would solidify the changes into law and because it would require bipartisan buy-in." "There are limitations as to what he can do with executive order. To be sure. said there are "plenty" of executive steps Obama could take if Congress fails to pass a reform package. Furthermore." Rep. The Hill.). Bush‘s new regulations cost the U." Rep. to ensure that industries like agriculture have ample access to low-skilled labor.S. a series of fiscal deadlines will force him to work with lawmakers. Obama on Tuesday spent a good portion of his State of the Union address urging Congress to send him a comprehensive immigration reform bill this year.‖ XO fails and at best solves low – skilled labor. ―I’m not a king. an area in which … there's a great deal of executive authority that he could deal with. Joseph Crowley (N. A continuing resolution funding the government expires in late March. http://thehill. 2/16/13. "The huge one. according to the White House. "Everybody's for getting the smart and the talented in. vice chairman of the Democratic Caucus." he said. Obama stands poised to use them. more recently. they say." he said Friday. told reporters this week. economy at least $30 billion. according to OMB figures.

said the president has some license to make border security moves and spending decisions. Obama has already shown a willingness to do just that." "It'd be better for the president to wait for us. but it'd be better for us to come up with our own proposal and let the legislative process work itself. as the president won more than 70 percent of the Hispanic vote at the polls – a margin that has fueled the drive for immigration reform this year. I have no doubt. "The president will move forward where he can if Congress doesn't act. "But … I don't think he's going to wait too long. Last summer. bipartisanly" – but they also want Congress to take the lead. "and after that it's up to Congress to address the rest of the issues. "If you were to ask him would he be prepared to submit a bill if Congress isn't ready … he would tell you." he said. Not all immigration-reform supporters think Obama has so much space to move on immigration without Congress. "But pretty much he's done what he can do right now. Grijalva said the expansion of the deferred action program represents another opportunity for Obama to move immigration reform administratively." Cuellar said Friday. Obama shocked political observers when he launched a program through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) allowing undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children to remain without threat of deportation. The two-year "deferred action" was modeled on the Dream Act legislation that has been unable to pass Congress. 'I can do it in a heartbeat. Henry Cuellar (Texas). "Like the deferred action that was taken with the Dream Act." ." Cuellar said. Rep. as GOP leaders are anxious to avoid a similar divide in 2016." Indeed.said administration officials "essentially" know what reforms they want – "and they have communicated that to both House and Senate members. I think that can be done for family members. The change was not an executive order. just months before November's elections.'" Becerra added. "He can urge us [to act]. but an extension of "prosecutorial discretion" on the part of the DHS. vice-chairman of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. Obama's gamble paid off." Becerra said. Although conservatives howled about administrative overreach. "They're giving Congress a chance to work its will to move this.

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