by Michael James Martin

FADE IN: EXT. DONUT SHOP - DAY Neon flickers OPEN 24 HRS. Then sputters out.

EXT. BANK ATM - DAY DARREN holds a REVOLVER dead level with PETER’s right eye. Anyone living in America would notice Darren is black and Peter is white. Darren’s clothes are bummy looking -- repaid their cost and then some. Peter wears his suit like he was born in it. DARREN Just give it up -PETER Don’t do this man, you? You don’t gotta do this. Better guy than this right? You are, aren’t you? CUT TO BLACK. BOOM!

INT. DARREN’S PLACE - BEDROOM - DAY Alarm clocks BEEPS, BEEPS, BEEPS -- DARREN’s straining EYE is superimposed over the clock changing from: 8:02 to 8:03. DARREN (V.O.) They lied. The bastards lied.

INT. DARREN’S PLACE - BEDROOM - DAY Darren sits up in his bed. DARREN (V.O.) Dying isn’t like going to sleep.


CLOSE UP: Darren’s hands smacks the snooze. CUT TO: SHOT of a REVOLVER CHAMBER SNAPPING OPEN.

INT. PETER’S PLACE - BEDROOM - DAY Peter buttons his shirt in the mirror, mirror reflecting a sheet covered form on the bed. The form moves, an ARM sliding over the bed’s edge, drawing our attention away from him.

INT. DARREN’S PLACE - BEDROOM - DAY Darren sitting on his bed, alone.

INT. PETER’S PLACE - BEDROOM - DAY Kneeling by the bed, Peter pulls the sheet away revealing a GREASY DIRTY BLONDE WOMAN. She groans. Peter ruffles her hair. Then starts to remove the tubing around her bicep.

EXT. DARREN’S PLACE - DAY MYSTERY POV: We stumble, nearly fall, catch a glimpse of SOMEONE’S FEET, SOMEONE’S SHADOW.

EXT. BANK ATM - DAY PETER AIMS the revolver at DARREN’s wide-eyed face. CLOSE UP: Peter’s free hand signaling: hurry up, hurry up, hurry the hell up. Peter doesn’t look patient, but carries a strange calmness. While Darren could piss his pants. Darren shakes his head.


INT. DARREN’S PLACE - HALL - DAY Watching Darren taking a piss.

INT. DARREN’S PLACE - REFRIGERATOR - DAY Refrigerator door swings open, light pops on, Darren’s face hovers, scanning empty shelves, except for a jar of mustard and a couple rolls of film.

EXT. BANK ATM - DAY DARREN’s hand nervously clenching and reclenching the revolver’s grip. CLOSE UP: Peter’s EYE. PETER (V.O.) This ain’t you man -DARREN This ain’t me? ON DARREN as he moves closer. DARREN Who is it then?

INT. PETER’S PLACE - DAY Fingers snuffing a cigarette on the table -- Peter’s fingers.

INT. DARREN’S PLACE - DAY Darren on the phone. DARREN Yeah, large pep ... How much?


INT. PETER’S PLACE - BEDROOM - DAY Drawers rummaged through, contents poured out.

INT. DARREN’S PLACE - DAY ON AN EMPTY WALLET -- a butterfly flutters out. DARREN How much? Someone bangs on the front door.

EXT. DARREN’S PLACE - DAY MYSTERY POV: Stumbling still, closer to the door than before. CUT TO: SHOT of bullets scattered on the floor.

EXT. BANK ATM - DAY Peter throws a wallet to the ground, jaw clenched, mind made up, gun trained on Darren’s eye -CUT TO BLACK. BOOM!

EXT. BANK ATM - DAY CLOSE UP: Darren’s LEFT EYE blinking. CLOSE UP: his RIGHT CHEEK, blood running down. CLOSE UP: THE GROUND as blood-drops splatter. Darren’s knees fall into the shot -ANGLE ON Darren as he falls to his knees, his RIGHT EYE a mangled bloody mess.


INT. PETER’S PLACE - DAY A drawer pulls out, contents tumbling to the floor -- papers, pens, miscellaneous items, a REVOLVER.

EXT. DARREN’S PLACE - PORCH MYSTERY POV: As we make it to the door. An open hand clangs on the door; forms a fist and bangs.

EXT. BANK ATM - DAY On DARREN & PETER -- Darren with the revolver. DARREN I know what you do -- I know what you do.

INT. PETER’S PLACE - DAY Peter loads the revolver.

INT. DARREN’S PLACE - DAY Darren answers the door; we WHITE-OUT TO --

INT. PETER’S PLACE - DAY Peter flicks the chamber closed.

INT. DARREN’S PLACE - DAY And the person at the doorstep is Darren himself, except with a bloodied eyepatch made of white gauze. DARREN #2 They lied, it isn’t like going to sleep.



INT. PETER’S PLACE - BEDROOM - DAY Peter grabs a pillow. PETER No money just a gun? Peter places the pillow over the Greasy Dirty Blonde Woman’s head, the revolver following suit. PETER What kind of a druggie are you?

INT. PETER’S PLACE - HALL - DAY Slowly pulling back, there’s a FLASH synchronized with a single muffled gunshot.

EXT. BANK ATM - DAY Darren steps in front of the ATM. Peter spots him from his car and gets out, moving in on Darren like raptor and prey. ANGLE ON Peter’s gun-hand rocking as he jogs towards Darren weapon drawn.

INT. DARREN’S PLACE - DAY The two Darren’s sit at a table. DARREN #2 He’s gonna kill us, he’s gonna kill us, so you gotta kill him.

EXT. BANK ATM - DAY Darren grips the gun tighter.



INT. DARREN’S PLACE - DAY DARREN No, no -- no one has to die --

EXT. BANK ATM - DAY Darren relaxes his grip and lowers the revolver. Not completely, just enough. DARREN (V.O.) We can get through this, no one dies. Peter relaxes somewhat -- then snatches the revolver, aims at Darren’s LEFT EYE. Peter smiles, chuckles even. DARREN #2 (V.O.) Except you. CLOSE UP: DARREN’s eyes widening -- BOOM!

EXT. FIELD - DAY (TO BE SHOT IN 8MM) A black kid running through a field.

EXT. OUTSIDE A SCHOOL - DAY A black teenager and his date pose for prom pictures.

EXT. PLAYGROUND - DAY A black kid on swings.


EXT. PLAYGROUND - SAME Darren on the same swing.

INT. HOUSE - TABLE - DAY A black kid with cake on his face smiles into the camera as it flicker-flickers -DARREN (O.S.) They lied. BLEED TO:

INT. DARREN’S PLACE - BEDROOM - DAY DARREN’s surprised EYES superimposed over the clock changing from: 7:58 to 7:59. And as he sits up, we sit up with him. DARREN (V.O.) Death isn’t like going to sleep. Not at all, not at all. It’s more like waking up. Beat. CUT TO BLACK.

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