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MVP Playbook Guide
Congratulations on your personal commitment to winning for the rest of your life. This program represents a special investment of personal time and dedication that will separate you from the average performers. And the line separating the top five percent — the real achievers — from the rest of society is very fine. On the PGA tour, only a few strokes per year separate the top-money tournament champions from the rest of the touring professionals. In the Olympic Games, the only difference between the gold-medal winners and the nonmedal winners is a fraction of time, distance, or points. So it is in the arenas of life. The consistent, enduring leaders in business, the professions, education, and home draw upon special cutting-edge knowledge and skills that make them slightly, but significantly, different. Their advantage is not based on talent,

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IQ, or luck, but rather on attitudes and habits that have become an integral part of their daily lives. This program is designed to show you how to gain this advantage in your own life — to become a true MVP. The audio provides you with critical self-management skills and actions. Following along with the exercises and assignments in this printed guide will help you internalize the material and make it a natural part of your life. The richness of the dividends you reap from this program will be directly proportional to the depth of personal dedication you choose to invest in it. If you expect this program to be an overnight cure, you’ll be disappointed. But if you commit yourself wholeheartedly to the program, it will change your life forever.

Attitude. There never was a winner who wasn’t first a beginner. and excellence under pressure. friendships. The edge is attitude. Las Vegas would be a ghost town. Winning comes down to inches. Many of today’s multimillionaires started building their fortunes with under $5. My goal is for this program to help you get and keep the winner’s edge and be the MVP in every area of your life. If it were. The edge is not academic degrees. fractions of seconds. is the criterion for success.000. Your goal is to be front and center in the winner’s circle. but also how you build. The world is full of wasted talent. The edge is not the gifted birth. .Becoming an Authentic MV P   5 The Game of Life Winning is not just how much you score. Education is important. but the world is full of educated misfits. The edge is not capital. much more than aptitude. The edge is not luck. family. Winning Winning is a feeling you have no ceiling. and community. nurture and edify other winning teammates in your business.

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. winners discover a talent within. . It’s not what happens to you in life that counts: it’s how you take it and what you make of it. There is little difference between winners and the rest of the pack. First. You must recognize that you’re already an Olympian Within. it’s what you think you’re not. they learn the fundamentals that need to be rehearsed and internalized on a daily basis. They find coaches and mentors who help them train that talent into skills and habits. The Inner Winner The secret to wearing the gold medal around your neck in the external world is that first you must be an Inner Winner. The difference is attitude and the little difference is whether it is positive or negative. They find something they love that they’re good at doing. You have been given the greatest power in the world — the power to choose.6   Denis Waitle y It’s not who you are that holds you back. By working with a coach with a proven track record of success.

If you feel you have potential or talent. you’ll put in the time and energy. You must believe in your potential. .Two non-profit foundations are your best bet: The Ball Foundation in Chicago. and The Johnson O’Connor Foundation in New York City.Becoming an Authentic MV P   7 You’re a Natural. But at What? The secret to being an MVP is to play to your core competencies.com/tests. If you think you can. Both have solid reputations and The Ball Foundation offers an online version that is user-friendly and convenient. To be your best. If you believe you’re worth the effort. There are 19 innate talents that are identified and can be tested. If you believe in your dreams when they’re all you have to hang onto. For a series of selfawareness tests and exercises go to DenisWaitley. you need to do what you love and love what you do. But how do you know what it is? Take a Talent Test . you’ll invest in it. and deliver more in value than you expect to receive in payment. Google their names for information. you’ll learn how. The Key to Winning Believing you deserve to win is the key. you begin to try.

You don’t have to be the best-looking in any group. Open and modest. Confidence Builders Here are action tips to enhance your self-confidence and that of the significant others in your life: Be more aware of your physical appearance. Being clean says you care about yourself. Self-trust is confidence in your ability to manage life’s challenges. Self-esteem is a belief that you deserve to be happy. they have no need for conceit. Make a commitment to join a support group with a proven program that will overcome . constantly seeking to empower others. just look your best. the opposite of core value. Value-centered individuals give of themselves freely and graciously.8   Denis Waitle y Core Values You are as good as the best. You always project on the outside how you feel on the inside. but not necessarily better than the rest. Self-centered people constantly seek approval from and power over others.

Help your associates and family members do the same. It takes about a month of repetition to develop a new habit. voice. about a year of practice to make it permanent. Things. Always extend your hand and offer your own name first in any personal encounter — and offer your name first in phone conversations. Write down and define the success qualities you want to acquire.Becoming an Authentic MV P   9 any habit that reduces the quality of your life. such as freedom. List all the people and things for which you are grateful. and opportunity. health. Write “I am thankful for the following” at the top of a page. Smile with your eyes. a smile is a light in your window that says a caring person resides within. consider items we tend to take for granted. and body language. Dwell on your strengths and talents. Become comfortable giving and receiving . Make a thanks list. and Other. You may want to focus on one quality a month. In every language. Read your list twice a day for a week and discuss it with associates and significant family members. Keep a video record or Facebook photo scrapbook of your professional and personal milestones and achievements — positive memories for reinforcement during difficult times. In the Other column. face. then three columns for People.

This I Believe Belief in yourself is the fundamental ingredient for success.10   Denis Waitle y compliments and expressions of affection. I believe that all people have the  equal right to become all they are willing and able to become. No opinion is as crucial as the one you hold of yourself. Accepting value paid and paying value are authentic markers of core value. Make it a habit no less important than brushing your teeth. Always say “Thank you” when you are given a compliment. Feeling worthy of the best is not the same as being egotistic. insecure people. When you talk to yourself. Big egos hide small. Here’s what you want to say. every day: I believe in myself. although you may have grown up with a great deal of criticism by others. you should talk with all due respect. An ability to accept appreciation is a sign of healthy self-esteem. Make the first and last fifteen minutes of your day at home and at the office — the time I call sign-on and sign-off signatures — the most important for all around you. to start and end your day on a positive note. I believe that I am as good as anyone in . No one is as critical of you as you are.

because it deals with another critical key to winning in every arena of your life: self-determination. There are two primary choices in our lives: to accept conditions as they exist or to assume the responsibility for changing them. This is one of the universe’s eternal. I believe of all the people I see. “there is always opposed an equal reaction. Winning Is a Decision This message is meant to be a moment of truth. which I have referred to as The Unfailing Boomerang or the Law of Cause and Effect. our actions cause rewards and consequences.” as Sir Isaac Newton observed. fundamental truths. Although I may never be on the cover of Time magazine. I believe in caring and sharing. still I’d rather be me. I believe good health means more than wealth.” Good begets good and evil leads to more evil. “To every action. I still have time to make a really positive difference in my life. . One way or another. I believe in this and the next generation. or personal responsibility. and believe we’ll build a better nation. rather than comparing.Becoming an Authentic M V P   11 the world.

But in fact. And all that he left here when his life was through was a mountain of things he intended to do — TOMORROW. The world would have hailed him had he ever seen — tomorrow.” The greatest of leaders this man would have been — tomorrow.12   Denis Waitle y Action TNT: Today Not Tomorrow He was going to be what he wanted to be — tomorrow.” he’d say — “tomorrow. on him he would call and see what he could do — tomorrow. Today. he passed on. Don’t put success and happiness on layaway. tablet or smartphone and schedule one important appointment or call you have been putting off. “More time I will give to others. And thought of the clients he’d fill with delight — tomorrow. who’d be glad for a lift and needed it too. Not Tomorrow. Action Step: Go to your laptop. None would be kinder and braver than he — tomorrow. Do it now! . But he hadn’t a minute to stop on his way. called Someday I’ll. And don’t live on a fantasy island. Each morning he’d stack up the letters he’d write — tomorrow. A friend who was troubled and weary he knew. and he faded from view.

. The more successful you are. if it means being cleaner. if it means to take the calculated risk. especially prime time. Be different. Your TV is an appliance. and people as brothers and sisters. Be different. and better groomed than the group. if it means higher personal and professional standards of behavior. The rest of your time is spent on earning your living.Becoming an Authentic M V P   13 Self-Reliance Guidelines Be different. Be different. and helping others. the more desirable you’ll be. if it means giving more in service than you expect to receive in payment. When others are watching TV or chatting online. neater. if it means treating animals like people. raising a family. limit your Facebook or online chat time. Treat it like one. work on your personal goals. Action Idea: Take more control of your time. Be different. Evenings and weekends are really the only spare time you have for yourself. Unless you’re a lonely heart. Turn it off unless what you’re watching is incredibly informative or entertaining.

Put up the dream. It’s what you do every day and night. after a career of contribution.14   Denis Waitle y Self-Determination The most important three words you can say to yourself are “Yes I can!” Success is a process. Put out the effort. . Without a sense of urgency. at what future date. Losers let it happen. to live the lifestyle you deserve. after taxes. desire loses its value. Put in the knowledge. not a status. Winners make it happen. How much in savings will you have to accumulate. in order to have the monthly income. Action Step: Depending on the government for your future financial security is like hiring a CPA who is a compulsive gambler. The only secret to success is that you have to get out of your comfort zone and take a risk. LUCK as an acronym: Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. Your attitude is either the lock on or the key to your door of success.

treating everyone you meet as a potential customer. someone with whom you may develop a strategic alliance in the future. this month. Social Security is an oxymoron! You’re the CEO Start thinking of yourself as a service company with a single employee. but that doesn’t matter — that puts your services to work for a larger company. you may be uncomfortable in some kind of bread line. you should become interdependent. Tomorrow you may sell those services to a different organization. Ask yourself how vulnerable you are and what you can do about it. You’re a small company — very small. you soon may be not working.Becoming an Authentic M V P   15 without continuing to work? You should figure this out. . But rather than become dependent on others. but that doesn’t mean you’re any less loyal to your current employer. Unless you are networking. “What trends must I watch? What information must I gain? What knowledge do I lack?” Unless you’re really comfortable online.

16   Denis Waitle y Taking Action as Your Own CEO Here are some action steps to help you gain more personal responsibility in your business and personal life: Believe in the maxim: My rewards in life will be in proportion to the value of my service and contribution. Don’t rely on other people. If a commitment can’t be met. always call immediately with a reason instead of making excuses after the fact. material rewards. Learn to depend on yourself. Take fifteen minutes each day for yourself alone. Set your own standards rather than comparing yourself to others. No one can take away your self-respect when it comes from within. Successful people know they must compete with themselves. not with others. The only real security in life is inside us. When you make a mistake or fail at an assignment. avoid making excuses or blaming others. . or a prestigious job title to give you your self-worth. They run their own races. Use them to ponder how you can best spend your time for achieving what’s most important to you. Invest in developing your own knowledge and skills.

Observe nature’s wonder and abundance. Let your teammates and subordinates make mistakes without fear of punishment or rejection.Becoming an Authentic M V P   17 Use another motto for your self-analysis: Life is a do-it-yourself project. Resist taking the easy way out by doing it for them. unless they are helping your business. Seek out and gain counsel from the most successful people in your profession. Be more curious about your world. and follow the tweets of proven experts. Subscribe to online newsletters and blogs. first ask them what they think should be done to resolve it. Scan important articles and lifestyle tips directly from online sources into your data files. When your subordinates or teammates bring you a problem. exercising. Take a different route or . or doing chores. Be certain to assign responsibility for the solution and follow through to the subordinate or team member. Spend less time online on Facebook or chat rooms. Listen to audiobooks while driving. Break your daily and weekly routine. Get out of your comfortable rut. Show them that mistakes are learning devices that become stepping stones to success. Unplug the TV for a month.

We can’t concentrate on the reverse of an idea. you must earn  them again. And finally. For every hope you entertain. There never has been a consistent winner in any profession who didn’t have that burning desire to win… internalized. We are moved in the direction of what we dwell on. you must sacrifice a comfort. For every right you cherish.18   Denis Waitle y different mode of transportation to work. For every privilege you would preserve. you have a duty to fulfill. Rockefeller Jr.: “If you take good things for granted. Winners in every field in the game of life are driven by desire. Fear usually looks through the rearview mirror at missed opportunities and . you have a task to perform. Freedom will always carry the price of individual responsibility and the just rewards of your own choices. internalize the inscription on a plaque at the entrance of Rockefeller Center in New York City authored many years ago by John D. Have lunch with people in totally different industries and read publications in totally different fields than your current one.” Motivation by Desire Positive self-motivation is the inner drive that keeps you moving forward in pursuit of your goals.

I suggest you write an agreement with yourself. Desire is like a strong. Failure is only a detour. Fear breeds compulsion. So make a pact with yourself. Winners have learned how to concentrate on the desired results. View failure as target correction. Fear breeds inhibition. positive magnet. It beckons and welcomes us toward our goals. Use the experience as growth material. Whether you’re at . What the mind harbors. Promise that you won’t allow a failure to be more than a learning experience that allows you to move more quickly to the place you want to be. Focus your mind (which I call your software program) on your desired goals that you want your brain and body (your hard drive and hardware) to achieve. Look at failure as the fertilizer of success. rather than possible problems. not a dead end.Becoming an Authentic M V P   19 problems. Remember. Desire creates positive propulsion. we become what we think about. and with apprehension to the future. Motivation into Motive-Action Here are some motivation actions you can take to become the MVP at work and at home. the body manifests in some way. Keep your self-talk affirmative. Desire triggers ignition. Don’t roll in it.

but” ask “Why not?” Instead of “problem” say “opportunity. What habits have changed? Chart your progress.” We too frequently become adept at identifying our flaws and failures. I’m succeeding. Getting into a positive routine or groove. Instead of “should have” say “will do. Become equally adept at recognizing your achievements. your subconscious is recording every word. instead of a negative rut.” Instead of “if only” say “next time. To win you must continuously motivate yourself toward your goals. Be willing to say to yourself.2 0   Denis Waitle y work. Why is the subway the most energy-efficient means of transportation? . or on the golf course or tennis court. negative people.” Forget perfection. at home.” Instead of “Yes. I’m doing OK. Declare a moratorium on negatives — negative thoughts. will help you become more effective. Only the saints are perfect — and “sainthood is acceptable only in saints. negative forms of entertainment. What are you doing now that you weren’t doing one month ago… six months ago… a year ago.” Accept the flaws and count your blessings instead of your blemishes. Keep your desire to succeed strong by erasing thoughts of the downside. “I’m on the right road.” Instead of “difficult” say “challenging. Set up a dynamic daily routine.

daily routine and discover how much more control you’ll gain in your life. Order frees you up. You’re on your way to becoming an MVP! . Get into the swing of a healthy. not taking on more than you can manage. Don’t worry about sameness. neatness. Order is being able to do what you really choose. or everything exactly in its place. Think of the order in your day. instead of the routine.Becoming an Authentic M V P   21 Because it runs on a track.

what would I really love to do with my life?” Be specific.2 2   Denis Waitle y Your Magnificent Obsession A magnificent obsession is the way you want to live. A magnificent obsession is the person you want to be. Ask yourself. It is the worldview you claim as your own. time. not the collection of stamps on your passport. A magnificent obsession is the mindset that you have. “If it weren’t for money. “What do I really get excited about? Five years from now. not just the things you want to own. like your fingerprint or handwriting. and personal responsibilities. not the diplomas or awards you earn. It is uniquely yours. what will my days and nights look like? How will I spend my time and with whom? Where will I live? What will I have accomplished?” Take a look at your childhood dreams. not the title next to your name. What did you dream about when you were young? .

under which I. your how will be taken care of. Yes. The values I leave in my children. It is thriving and arriving at your chosen destiny. energy. myself. especially when the roadblocks to achievement are the greatest. It will be the basis for your long. This compelling why will usually be connected to a magnificent obsession. grandchildren and great-grandchildren are more important to me than any wealth I create or valuables I leave to them in my estate. Here is my why: “To plant shade trees for future generations.Becoming an Authentic M V P   23 Finding Your “Why” If your why is big enough.” What is your “Why”? .and short-term goals. But life isn’t just surviving. My life is dedicated to coaching other winners. and staying power. MVPs can identify and tap into the power of a compelling why. we all work to make ends meet. may never sit. priorities. which becomes your personal mission statement.

most “limits” are psychological . that refreshing high that comes from knowing we have done the very best we can do. we never lose. and the man who wanted to see how good he was pushed himself to a new level. The woman did better her best time by a few seconds. with each runner having a different finish line — the goal each person has set. We feel that special exhilaration. Competition keeps raising the bar on standards of excellence.24   Denis Waitle y Running Your Own Race Life is like a marathon. but to run the race itself. For all three. the race was a process of achievement. But each of us runs our own race according to our internal standards. When we do our best. Breaking Invisible Barriers Although there are certain “physical” limitations to performance. We all know the real prize in the race is not to come in first place. of reaching an objective and creating the potential to move on to an ever-greater goal. All three of the runners on whom we have focused won. No runner is a loser. the man who just wanted to finish did. as well as the dozens of others who participated.

. People rise to the expectation level of the significant role models in their lives. expectation is equal to motivation. You will be motivated only to attempt that which you expect to be able to achieve. and yourself. your teammates and your children. but not out of sight.Becoming an Authentic M V P   25 and self-imposed. your teammates. Always remember. caused by feelings of uncertainty and inadequacy. Action Idea 1: Always expect better health and speak well about your health. Expect more of your children. Winners are motivated by the rewards of success. Losers are motivated by the penalties of failure. A positive explanatory style gives you a psychosomatic edge. but in the long run you will get what you expect. Successes give us confidence. What the mind harbors. Make your expectations just out of present reach. You may not always get what you want in life. Disappointments and failures become thorny reminders that history is bound to repeat itself. the body manifests! Action Idea 2: Expect more from yourself. combined with nutrition and exercise.

But first you must know where you are right now. especially weight control.2 6   Denis Waitle y Your GPS (Goal Positioning System) Think of your mind as a marvelous GPS system. Plan more quality time with loved ones. Action Idea: What specifically are the obstacles standing in the way of you moving up to the next level in your business and life? Who will help you go over and around them. Tell your internal GPS where you want to go. Be as specific as possible. nutrition and exercise. Get focused about better health habits. What you see is who you’ll be. either hand-held or in your car. And where you want to go. and how? . Get a written plan for increasing both immediate and residual income. Schedule it like a critical business meeting. but instead of a Global Positioning Satellite system. The more inputs the better. your brain is like a GPS system where GPS means Goal Positioning System. And it will guide you there. and what you set is what you’ll get.

your frustration level is up and you just can’t seem to muster the enthusiasm to face a challenge. If you ever begin to feel that you are losing your drive. The reason loan officers want to see a detailed business plan in writing is that they know that the entrepreneurs who are precise and specific are the ones who will succeed and pay off their loans.Becoming an Authentic M V P   27 The Power of Focused Goals The mind cannot begin to formulate the strategies and actions required without specific information. Your goals should be framed in positive terms. Here are five “powers” that will help you create more-focused goals to achieve your dreams: The Power of the Positive. Raise your sights and challenge yourself with some goals that are farther out on the horizon. do better or make money. have more. Written goals are like contracts with yourself. You may have outgrown your current targets and present lifestyle. It may be time for motivation by elevation. Your mind will simply not respond to a request to get rich. check the pulling power of your goals. Winners dwell on the rewards of . You must act like a bank loan officer with your goals. if you feel that your energy level is down.

In other words.” “I am lean and in great shape.2 8   Denis Waitle y success. The Power of the Personal. such as “I’m an on-time person. commitment. .” “not being fat. Goals that are created by others for you have very little staying power. Your long-term memory stores information in real time.” and “I am creating wealth and success in my business.” “I am financially free.” or “not working in my regular job. They also cannot be goals that the media or filmmakers are placing in front of you. which is critically important to you. or your friend’s goals. instead of focusing on “not being late.” “not being in debt. Your goals should be framed as images of achievement in the present tense as you affirm them in your own self-talk. I cannot stress this enough: Your images of achievement must be yours. effort. your spouse’s goals. They cannot be your boss’s goals. No goal set for you by others will ever be sought with the same passion.” you want to concentrate on images of achievement. while losers dwell on the penalties of failure. or motivation as the one you set for yourself.” The Power of the Present.

checked. you will rarely succeed. “Can this goal be timed. Another way to state that is that your goals should be realistic. incremental action steps. your mind will set one to get through the day. check. realistic goals with small. The Power of the Possible. A formula that works well is that your goals should be just out of reach but not out of sight. but not achievable by ordinary means. doable action steps. or measure your performance. Remember. Make your images of achievement specific and precise. Your goals should also be broken down into small. the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. But when you talk about your goals with specificity. Most people spend more time planning a vacation . when you talk about goals in generalities. A good way for you to determine if your images of achievement are focused enough is to simply ask yourself. or measured?” If you cannot time.Becoming an Authentic M V P   29 The Power of Precision. So set challenging. your goals are not specific enough. you will rarely fail. Remember. Go for Your Goals If you don’t set goals.

If you don’t know where you’re going. often. Written goals are contracts you make with yourself. Purpose is the engine that powers our lives. Television is technology that lets you watch other people having fun. tablet or smartphone calendar. Here are some exercises that you should block out some time to work . yearly or five-year goals are so distant that it’s easy to get discouraged and give up on them in frustration. only focus problems that steal time from priorities. What you can clearly visualize. making money reaching their goals. When your goals are proximate and before your eyes on your computer. you can realize. it doesn’t matter if your alarm doesn’t go off in the morning. Focus always precedes success. you are more likely to muster the motivation necessary to achieve them. The Magic of 90 Days Your 90-day season of success will build your motivation because. With focused.3 0   Denis Waitle y or a party than they spend planning their lives. concentrated goals you have the power of a laser beam. There is no such thing as a time management problem.

You will almost guarantee success in goal achievement by stair-stepping your 90-day goals into the smallest . Personal. and Possible. meetings.Becoming an Authentic M V P   31 on. Now review your list of things you believe you must do and spend another 20 minutes adding activities to the list that you really want to do. such as appointments. Create a personal mission statement around it. and events. Write down your core passion. Now go to your calendar and put an action date on addressing that event. Write down both “to-dos” and commitments. using Positive. Take ten minutes and record three things that you keep putting off and tend to let slip through the cracks in both your professional and personal life. Go beyond educating your children and saving for retirement. Precision. Take 30 minutes to an hour to write down the key things you must do professionally and personally in the next 90 days. Take time to review and write down your lifetime “magnificent obsession” we discussed earlier on this audio. Present. Now re-listen to “The Power of Focused Goals” track on this audio about the five powers of stating your goals as images of achievement.

We and our children are scarcely aware that role modeling is taking place and that our behaviors are being imbedded like the muscle memory of Olympic and professional athletes.3 2   Denis Waitle y increments possible. and repetition. You must admit your need. stop denying your problem. This is what Olympians do. knowing that your new ways can last a lifetime. but replaced — by layering new behavior patterns on top of the old ones. By the yard they start to get hard. but difficult to get out of. I call this LGST: Low Goals. Short Term. By the inch goals are a cinch. Rule 2: Habits aren’t broken. Give your skills training a year and stick with it. Make the next 90 days your season of success! Winning Is Habit Forming Habits are learned by observation. Here are four rules to make your habits winning reflexes. This usually takes at least a year of practice. in that they’re easy to get into. imitation. Repetition leads to internalization. They run silent and deep. They also are like comfortable beds. So don’t expect immediate. and accept responsibility for changing yourself. . amazing results. Habits are like submarines. Rule 1: No one can change you and you can’t really change anyone else.

like riding a bicycle. This point is so obvious that it’s often completely overlooked. they should steer clear of buffets! To remain optimistic and successful. It . you’ll do it right in life. You deserve as much happiness and success as anyone. destructive environment. and habit training. positive behavior to a winning lifestyle. Always remember that practice makes permanent. attitude. skills. You control your thoughts. Negative behavior leads to a losing lifestyle. Network with people with similar goals and those who already are succeeding. Dieters who reach their desired weight usually slip back into their former eating patterns because the new ones haven’t been imbedded long enough to make them stronger than the temptations. You’re worth the price. and your thoughts control your habits. Your mind can’t distinguish a vividly repeated simulation from a real experience. If you do it right in drill. Meanwhile. Rule 4: Having changed a habit. which is knowledge.Becoming an Authentic M V P   33 Rule 3: A daily routine adhered to over time will become second nature. stay away from the old. Practice makes permanent in both cases. you must avoid neighborhoods and Internet chat groups of pessimists and quick-fix pushers.

The software drives the hardware. which is true for losers and for MVPs.3 4   Denis Waitle y stores as fact whatever you rehearse. Close your eyes and dream! Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook did in his dorm room! Carpe Diem! Seize This Day! There are two days in every week about which we . They rarely occur when you are anxious and frustrated. Become a Change Agent Ask yourself: What can I offer that “they” aren’t offering? Where’s the niche that hasn’t been developed? How can I add value to the service or products I promote? Where is the market inefficiency? What would make this process more convenient? How can I do this less expensively? What would people pay for that isn’t available now? Which consumer groups and Internet communities are the most likely prospects who want what I provide? What trends will change my and their assumptions about the quality of life? Breakthrough ideas often occur when you are calmly searching for opportunities.

Yesterday is gone. but it will rise. two days which should be kept free from fear and apprehension. . Yesterday has passed forever beyond our control. its faults and blunders. its burdens. Until it does. it is remorse and bitterness for something which happened Yesterday and the dread of what Tomorrow may bring. The other day we should not worry about is Tomorrow. with its mistakes and cares. Tomorrow’s sun will rise. its aches and pains. we have no stake in tomorrow. All the money in the world cannot bring back Yesterday. It is only when you and I add the burdens of those two awful eternities — Yesterday and Tomorrow — that we break down. and poor performance. we cannot erase a single word we said. This leaves only one day: Today. with its possible adversities. its large promise.Becoming an Authentic M V P   35 should not worry. Anyone can fight the battles of just one day. One of these days is Yesterday. for it is as yet unborn. Tomorrow is also beyond our immediate control. either in splendor or behind a mask of clouds. Let us therefore live this one full day… Today. We cannot undo a single act we performed. It is not the experience of Today that drives us mad.

Twelve percent of all sales representatives call three times. Forty-eight percent of all salespersons make one call. I can live with rejection and look for ways to get a positive response more often. you have to interpret the “no” as “No. in the country.” We also can interpret “no” as meaning. The 10 percent who persist get the real payoff. . When I can separate my self-esteem from offering the products or business opportunity. But what is being rejected is the presentation. this is not right for me now. then cross off the prospect. you need to handle the word “no” in a constructive way.3 6   Denis Waitle y Overcoming Rejection To conquer your fear of rejection. Twenty-five percent quit after the second call. in all industries. When people turn you down after a presentation. not the presenter. “I need to know more about this opportunity or the products before I can say yes. then quit. I look at the service I offer to others as a gift that almost everyone desires. The sales reps in what I call the top ten percent club are among the highest paid professionals. Did you know: Eighty percent of all new sales are made after the fifth call to the same prospect. Ten percent keep calling and networking until they succeed.

Don’t put anyone off or be too busy to listen to and answer questions. In this whitewater global marketplace. The command and control management style is obsolete.Becoming an Authentic M V P   37 Winning Teamwork The most successful business leaders today are like great coaches who manage by inspiration instead of intimidation. there is no such distinction as superior and subordinate. founder of giant advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather. and try to do so without prejudgment. and to succeed in the 21st century. A message inside the smallest one read: “If each of us hires people we consider smaller than ourselves. look up to those beneath you! Consider these action ideas as you lead your team: Listen often and openly to what others say. But if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are.” To become a giant in the eyes of others. Use praise frequently and sincerely. The key to getting and staying on top is to provide a resilient. used to give each new manager a Russian doll. which contained five progressively smaller dolls inside. . we shall become a company of dwarves. positive working environment. David Ogilvy. we will become a company of giants.

That is the ultimate value you can pay anyone. even if you disagree with them. Exercise or take a walk first. focus your supervision on teaching effective habits and skills. and make sure you say something encouraging after the reprimand. Encourage everyone in both your personal and professional life to speak up and express their own ideas. not in pointing out mistakes. showing up for team members in person is one of the greatest compliments you can give.” The four most important are “What is your opinion?” The three most important are “If . then communicate when you are relaxed. More than emails and phone calls. The five most important words a leader can speak are “I am proud of you. Don’t make rash promises and be consistent. Don’t meet with people in person or on the phone when you are angry. Be firm and be fair. Don’t be afraid or hesitant to share your concerns with others. Whenever you are in a leadership role.3 8   Denis Waitle y If you feel that criticism is warranted. Far better to discuss a molehill than to wait until it festers into Mount Everest. do it in private.

Becoming an Authentic M V P   39 you please.” And the most important single word of all is “You!” Living in Balance Time management contains one great paradox: No one has enough time. Endless urgent details will always beg for attention. Nor have I ever been subpoenaed by the ocean or the mountains to appear for relaxation and solitude. the problem is separating the urgent from the important. You see. it’s the easiest thing in the world to neglect the important and give in to the urgent. time and energy. The local university doesn’t call us to advance our education and improve our life skills. One of the greatest skills you can ever . Time is not the problem. My bathroom scale has never insisted that I lose thirty pounds.” The two most important are “Thank you. I have never received a call or email from the health club I joined insisting that I show up and work out for thirty minutes each day. Yet I receive hundreds of urgent phone messages and emails each week from people with deadlines. What we seldom realize is that the really important things in our life don’t make such strict demands on us. and therefore we usually assign them a lower priority. and yet everyone while living has all there is.

goals. Beginning tomorrow. An Authentic MVP How do you measure success? For me. and . not in the fleeting moment of recognition of having arrived. success and winning are very personal. and for my loved ones?” Your affirmative answer will free you forever from the tyranny of the urgent. stop and ask yourself this question: “Is what I’m doing right now important to my health. seek to do something that is beautiful. or dollars. Instead of achieving or performing to impress the world or your peers. throughout the day. but to be able to assign the correct amount of time to each. For me. who builds other winners and is the catalyst for peak performance. Some people associate an MVP as one who scores the most points. They mean something different to each of us. well-being and mission in life. it is what you are continuing to do with what you’ve got. it’s not what you get that makes you successful.4 0   Denis Waitle y develop in your life is not only to tell the two apart. excellent. and every day thereafter. Happiness and fulfillment seem to be associated with the richness of the experience in the journey. Others think an MVP is the best team player.

but that isn’t why you seek to master it. a satisfied customer. Victory is not gained . but our minutes to enjoy and appreciate life’s small successes are not. You need no one else to measure you or your skill. for example. Real success comes in small portions day by day: a smile. a hug.Becoming an Authentic M V P   41 heartwarming. You do it for the sheer exhilaration of doing your best. a phone call from a friend. it is to take pleasure in life’s daily little treasures. In these messages. It is one of the most important things I have discovered about winning and measuring success. You practice hard and long on the difficult concerto. The list is endless. and then you play it. a sunrise or sunset. Suppose. I have tried to distill the essence of what I have been seeking to communicate for the past four decades. plus timely tips based on benchmarking champions in every field today. a tasty meal eaten without haste. Your gallery is your private relationship with your Creator and your own self-respect. a hand extended. beach sand between your toes. a tree. You may play the piece one day for an audience of one or many. you set out to learn to play a certain piece on the piano. If there is one thing I want my children and grandchildren to learn from me. a child’s happy squeal. the smell of lilacs.

It will take you nowhere unless you use it. money and knowledge are very much the same. we will understand success and winning the game of life. They mean nothing when you simply collect them. Success is not a matter of simply gaining financial wealth. But money is like a plane ticket. happiness. I believe we can master the skills. . I believe we all should seek financial security. Money is also like a library card.42   Denis Waitle y only at someone’s expense. and put them to work. They mean everything when you employ them. purposefully. I believe there are keys that unlock the door to all our dreams of satisfaction. Every victory does not result in a defeat. in fact. and gracefully. attitudes. and contentment. effectively. We can be whole persons who function more completely. and disciplines needed to be the best we can be. I believe there is a way to be happy and contented. A ticket does you no good if it is preserved and worshipped for its own sake. Being the best is identifying the talent or potential you were born with and using it as fully as possible toward a purpose that makes you feel worthwhile and at the same time benefits others. And when we can do that. Actually. share them. it ensures that our golden years can be spent with freedom of choice and dignity.

I wished upon a star and saw myself go everywhere throughout the world. were simply childhood fears. Then. finally.Becoming an Authentic M V P   43 Don’t Wait for the Future When I was very young I dreamed I could do anything. without a care. a moment of truth. But somehow in between I asked myself: Could it be? Should I see? All this for me? And now at last I know what kept my sights too low. be anything. So many hours of working and waiting. . How do we know that the vision. we see for ourselves is real? How does that face in your mirror ref lect how you truly feel? When do our doubts and our fears disappear? When do we know that the harvest is near? Who can we turn to? Who do we trust? To lift us up year after year? So many questions searching for answers. have everything. The secret to be the MVP who’s inside you is really quite simple to find. I learned so long ago. So many voices from youth.

Imagine that all you desire and hold dear is asking permission from you to appear. Dream as big as you possibly dare.4 4   Denis Waitle y Give all your attention to the goals here before you. Leave all of your failures behind. It’s here. Don’t wait for the future…. Stay true to the friendships you share. This is your year. This is your moment. Cherish the loved ones around you. . Let health and abundance surround you.

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informed and enlightened millions of people worldwide. professional coaches. politicians and Fortune 500 executives. /OfficialDenisWaitley /WinWinMan FREE eNewsletter: Sign up at www. including the international bestsellers The Psychology of Winning and Seeds of Greatness.About Denis Waitley Described by his peers as the poet laureate of modern-day philosophers. He is the author of 15 books.com . from astronauts and returning prisoners of war to Olympic athletes. over the course of more than 45 years. Denis has counseled leaders in a variety of fields. For information on more Denis Waitley products or to subscribe to his email newsletter. please visit: Stay CONNECTED with Denis and let him help COACH & MOTIVATE you. Denis Waitley has. As one of the most sought-after speakers and productivity consultants in the world today. inspired.DenisWaitley.

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